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ZOOM Uber Clone Script Review

In the recent times, Uber has emerged to be one of the most innovative technology company in the world. The way it has gained popularity with only less than a decade of its existence is itself exemplary. One of the reasons for their success is their commitment to innovation and unparalleled leadership.

uber clone script

One of the major factors for the sudden rise of Uber is their groundbreaking software. The software is not only elegant but also one of its kind. Uber is one of the few companies in the world that spends millions of dollars on research and development. Their passion for bringing out the best product in the market is incomparable.

The success of Uber has led many companies to follow its path. As the taxi dispatch business is a billion-dollar business, there is a lot of competition in this field. Most of the companies that are new to this domain and has just started to build a successful enterprise have started to look for a software that is a clone of the original uber app.

The emergence of these mid-level companies has led to the growth in demand for a quality uber clone script.

A brief history of Zoom

Zoom is a UK based company founded in 2013 when there was a turmoil in taxi business in Manchester. In the midst of all the mayhem, Zoom has managed to create a brand of its own that is also reflected from its legendary taxi dispatch app. The company has sustained all these years with only a single motto, helping thriving private taxi dispatch companies to survive in a post-Uber era.

What is different about the Uber Clone Script from Zoom?

Every software is different in some way or the other from that of its peers. Let’s explore all the cool features of the uber clone script from Zoom one by one. Every feature will be explained keeping in mind its use and necessity.

  • Customized Website : A website is available for the client that can be customized and branded with company logo. The customers can create an account and log in to the account to view trip details and expenses right from the website. The website is integrated with dispatch software. You can manage all your business customers from the website.
  • Online Booking : A customer can make a booking from the company’s website with the help of integrated payment options like credit card and Paypal. A customer can also schedule a ride from the website.
  • 2-Click Booking : The 2-click booking feature allows the customer to book a taxi with just two taps from the app.
  • Book and Track Multiple Bookings : A customer can do multiple bookings and even keep track of each booking at the same time.
  • Rebooking : A passenger can rebook a ride which was previously canceled.
  • Ride Later : It is possible to schedule a ride for the future from the app.
  • Push Notifications : During the course of the trip the passenger is notified with push notifications.
  • Rate the Driver : Every driver needs to be rated. Based on the rating the drivers get some incentives. The passenger can rate the driver from the app.
  • 3D Mapping and Turn by Turn Navigation : The navigation is interactive with full support for 3D maps and voice based guiding.
  • Built-In Fare Meter : The driver app has a built-in fare meter that shows all the details of the trip like distance travelled and time of journey etc.
  • Emergency Button Alert : In case of an emergency all the driver has to do is press the button and the admin will be notified instantly.
  • Override Fare and Charge : The driver can override the base fare anytime as he sees fit.
  • Intelligent Dispatcher : The dispatcher is supported with an auto-dispatch algorithm.
  • Electronic Invoice : After a trip is complete an invoice is sent to the customer’s email.
  • Reports : It is easy to view and download all the reports with just a click.

What else can be added

Every software at some time or the other need to get updated. These updations are based on the demand of the customers. The uber clone script from Zoom is loaded with awesome features, but there are certain features that are found to be missing. Let’s have a look at those features that are found to be missing from the software.

  • Surge Pricing : What is the importance of surge pricing? Well, at the time when there is a heavy demand for the vehicles, the admin increases the base fare to a certain percentage so that the driver will be motivated to serve the passenger.
  • Corporate Accounts : What are these corporate accounts? When the business grows there comes the need for additional resources which in this case is the need for extra drivers. In that situation, the company hires extra personnel from some agency. Now, all the details of this hired personnel are stored in the corporate accounts.
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