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UNICO TAXI Uber Clone Script Review

We have been so much addicted to the cosmopolitan way of life that we have never given an actual thought that how our lives are been influenced by the global tech companies. The reason is obvious, it is our busy working schedule. We might have taken the ride on a cab like a thousand times but have never bothered to know about the uber clone scripts that powers these vehicles around the globe.

uber clone scripts

Well, one of the reasons for this has been the user-friendly interface of the application. The popularity of the taxi dispatch companies like Uber and Lyft have been partly due to their state of the art software. This has resulted in the demand for the uber clone scripts in the market. The uber clone scripts are nothing but the replicas of the original software.

But to be frank replicating the original software is not an easy task. Uber has been spending millions of dollars on research and development. Their developers are among the best in the industry.

What inspired UNICO to come up with an Uber Clone Script of their own?

Unico Taxi is a mobile application development company that specializes in a lot of verticals which includes logistics, car rental, and geospatial projects. Creating a better product and providing the best support and solution to the clients has been the motto of the company.

Their team of developers hails from some of the most reputed IT backgrounds, serving some of the most prestigious companies and years of experience behind them. Unico Taxi has its offices in India, USA, and Nigeria.

What is so special about their software?

As there have been a lot of companies that are into this uber clone script making business, getting one distinguished is very challenging. After a lot of considerable efforts and years of hard work spent on research and development, a company brings its product to the market. Let’s see what are the features that make the uber clone script from Unico different from that of its peers.

  • Social Media Login : The customer can log into the app with the help of social media accounts like Facebook or G+.
  • Panic Button : In case of emergencies the app lets the friends and relatives of the passenger know the whereabouts.
  • Wallet : The integrated wallet helps the customer to go completely cashless. All he has to do is transfer the amount from his bank account to the wallet and make the booking. Security and authentication are taken care of the payment gateway.
  • Referrals : Referral coupons are available to avail discounts by referring friends and closest relatives.
  • Fare Estimate : The smart fare estimator calculates the amount taking into consideration all kinds of surcharge and additional overheads right before booking a ride.
  • Favorite Location : The passenger can store certain locations into the app as the favorite location. While taking the next ride it will be handy to use the stored locations directly.
  • Rate and Comment : The passenger can rate the driver and leave necessary comments for future review.
  • Shift In/Out : The driver can take breaks in the middle of the ride by switching in/out the shift button on the app.
  • Statistical Earning Report : The driver can view all his earnings with a statistical report from his app.
  • Ride History : The driver, as well as the passenger, can view all the previous rides for future reference.
  • Real Time Notification : The passenger is notified with push notifications during the course of the trip.
  • Street Pick Up : This is quite an interesting feature. The driver can pick up anyone who whistles the driver from the street. After the trip is complete the rider will be notified of the app.  
  • Surge Pricing : The surge pricing can be automated by the admin to provide some sorts of motivation to the driver. With the chance to earn a little extra the driver will be motivated to attend the customer when there is a heavy demand for the vehicles.
  • Call Center Booking : The customer can book a ride by making a call to the call center at the time of emergencies. The customer care executive can make the booking on behalf of the rider and send all the details to the nearby driver.
  • Automatic and Manual Dispatch : The app is fully supported by automatic and manual mode of dispatch.

What else could have been there?

No software is complete from the early days of its development. It keeps on changing and evolving over time. This change refines the software on a continuous basis. Although the uber clone script from Unico is unique but there are certain features that are found to be missing. Let’s have a look at some of the important features that would make a good addition to the original software.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : Why do you need an Airport Ride Sharing feature? As we all know it is very difficult to get a ride to the airport at peak hour. Even though a passenger manages to get a cab, the journey is delayed by the presence of numerous toll gates. Every time a customer comes across the toll gate, he has to pay the required toll amount to carry on with the ride. All this is taken care of with the airport ride sharing feature. Not only the customer can get rid of the toll gates but also can schedule a ride and even share the ride with a fellow passenger.  
  • Corporate Accounts : What is the importance of Corporate Accounts? When the business grows there becomes the need for additional resources or let’s say extra personnel. All the details of the extra personnel hired from some affiliate partner need to be properly maintained. The corporate accounts are used for the sole purpose to keep track of all the details of this personnel.
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