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TSD Car Rental Software review

TSD is #1 Provider of Car Rental Software and Technology and it has focused on solutions for your vehicle rental and fleet management business for over 25 years or so.  TSD’s web-based fleet management software includes TSD LOANER, TSD RENTAL, TSD REZ, TSD DRIVE, electronic insurance replacement reservation system, and REZCENTRAL, a rate management tool. TSD provides on-demand hosted solutions, providing rental operators and dealerships with application and database access on the internet.

An online rental software TSD RENTAL. With this particular tool I do believe your business will be able to take on other rental businesses. Automates the process and you will immediately manage any possible customers and cater them there needs. Simply because this a cloud based tool it is possible to navigate it anywhere. It steer clear of the manual processing and provide your customer the satisfaction.

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What was the best part about using TSD RENTAL ?

TSD Rental is the best management software to the franchise business. The software has lots of features which has greatly helped to streamline the operations and discover more customers within a short amount of time. We’ve  been able to get back a great deal time that has been spent manually processing documents and agreements. This enables the salesmen to simply determine what vehicles are available with just a few clicks of a button! The program has been specifically a great help in managing expenses and achieving loaners returned as a result of its superb reporting tools.

TSD Rental has also been a tremendous in cutting liability because it will help to create professional looking agreements. It saves much more time  by automatically looking for expired licenses or underage drivers before it prints out your agreement. TSD rental is really a secure and stable platform including TSD LOANER , TSD RENTAL, TSD REZ and TSD DRIVE .

TDS Car Rental Software

TSD Car Rental Software Review

The pros of TSD Car Rental Software :

  • TSD Rental is a reasonable car rental management software that is capable of doing all necessary aspects to deal with ratings. TSD rental software has created a fantastic user interface that is certainly so sleek and as well as simple to navigate. TSD Rental is not hard to deploy and discover since it is all totally self-explanatory , quite often you will have to check tutorials or request for assistance.
  • An amazing rental software stands out because of its performance and availability for use, and also the excellence of the tech support service and training provided. TSD Rental offers you high quality software that actually works. It is the best among others since it offers good functionality and accessibility to use within defiance of experiencing great technical support service and provided training.
  • The product is internet based so when the signed sales quote and payment are received. They feature online interactive training which has a live trainer. The good thing about TSD is the opportunity to help out with  the management and operational tasks with the rental.
  • It lets you do what it takes and count the mileage of the cars is accurate. It provides a fast response time for it to access reports as well as the organization of the information is great and functional. TSD Rental offers quick execution of processes, it is just a complete software and could be accessed from anywhere that has the internet. This is a modern interface and user friendly, with simple features and incredibly effective. Ideal for large companies and also for those starting out in business.
  • TSD offers excellent customer service and free support within all pricing plans. The support staff is very good, responsive and knowledgeable. TSD has produced training material available. TSD RENTAL can be the mobile friendly platform so that it is accessible out and about. TSD Rental is priced adequately taking into consideration its features along with the competition.

The cons of TSD Car Rental Software :

  • The TSD site is very informative shows plenty of software information. A low price application that doesn’t give you a free trial version. It offers a product or service  free demo ( it will help a lot for brand spanking new users with this application). They have got two available support to get hold of for sales and tech support team.
  • TSD Rental has few errors, however the support staff is quick to solve the bugs and also the existing errors are minimal. It offers a superior quick response time for you to enter reports and they organized the reports well and efficient. However, these remained minimal and didn’t cost any cash nor did it put our privacy in danger. TSD Rental gives fast eliminations of processes, it’s all regulated-in-one software and accessible providing you have internet connection.

TSD Rental is working like a charm since it doesn’t show downtime or slow performance. TSD rental software is used by lots of franchise rental companies and automobile renting small businesses.

My overall feedback to TSD rental is always that, there is absolutely no trial version of the software. But in totally it will also help to experience a precise count of the distance of the cars. It possesses a quick response time for it to access reports and the organization of the details are amazing and operational. TSD Rental offers fast accomplishment of processes; this software might be access with your browser or whatever it is, just be sure you have got internet connectivity. This is a new interface and simple to use, with mere features and extremely effective.




6.6 out of 10
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