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Taxi Pickr by Agriya Car rental software review

Agriya’s Taxi pickr is a car rental software .There is not just a rise in car rental companies but also in the number of companies providing software for the same.This brings up a constant fight over new and improved UI/UX of the software.In such a race these per-developed softwares prove to be really handy.But how good is Agriya’s Taxi pickr car rental software? What are it’s pro’s and con’s these are the questions we would try and answer in this review.


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Why Taxi Pickr?

Online taxi dispatch service has been revolutionized by Uber based applications.One of the key advantages of using such applications is that one really doesn’t have to start form the scratch to build such applications.  Agriya’s Taxi Pickr is an Uber clone script. It aims to provide an escape from the hassle of having to wait for a taxi,to bargain for a reasonable fair for the ride,and many more issues concerning people at the time of travel.Taxi Pickr is made for both the platforms ie. Android &s iOS. Its features include some the most compelling aspects of an online Taxi booking application such as Exclusive Signup option , Signup through other Social Media , Multiple Login option , Profile settings , Email Templates , Profile Settings , Car Type ,  Car Search , Availability , Request Car , Wallet , Currency , Map facility , Tracking  facility ,etcAgriya claims to have built this taxi booking application to perfection using the finest technologies.


Car Rental Software


Taxi Pickr by Agriya Car rental software review :


Pro’s of Agriya’s Taxi Pickr 

-The feature to convert currency is definitely an asset to different individuals using this application.

-Once the application enters maintenance it notifies its user.

-The option to add cars and cities is very handy.


Con’s of Agriya’s Taxi Pickr

-Be it  user or the driver has to click on the tracking option to track each other.It should be visible on the screen automatically.

-One should be able to use the application on Windows platform too.



1. Is it possible to book a ride without using any account ?

No one needs to have an account to book a ride.Although it is possible to use an account made on any other social media and not to create a unique account for this application.

2. Can the source code of the Taxi Pickr modifiable ?

Yes , Agriya’s Taxi Pickr’s source code can be modified . As per the requirements of the online taxi dispatching company they can customize the source code of Taxi Pickr .

3. Is there any option for the client to get a demo of Taxi Pickr ?

Yes, the client needs to fill the inquiry form. Once this is done the development team of Agriya contacts the client for the demo .

4. Why there is a currency option ?

This to facilitate  the customers who have a different currency setting as from the one being used at the current location of the customer .

5. How is different payment gateway useful ?

This comes handy when the customer wishes to use a different method to pay his bills instead of the conventional methods . The costumer has the liberty to use credit card or debit card or electronic gateway for the payment .

7.6 out of 10
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