Yamaha’s new weapons explored – YZF R1 & R1M 2015

2015 Yamaha R1

The year 2014 is coming to an end like every other year in the calendar has, but some motorbike manufacturers( Especially the Japanese)  want it to end differently. After Kawasaki came out with H2R & H2, Yamaha has now joined the club with its latest offering to the market. Presenting to you the all new Yamaha YZF-R1 2015 and its steroid-ed big brother  R1M 😀 . 2015-Yamaha-YZF-R1-00001

2015-Yamaha-R1M_2 It all started in 1998 when Yamaha launched the YZF-R1 in the market and since then it has been a phenomenal journey for the company and the R1 owners as well. The bike has evolved over time. With not so major changes in its successor, the R1 kept evolving slowly and gradually. But what Yamaha has showcased is a drastic change in the previous year R1 and the new one is COMPLETELY different. Scroll down and have a look at it . ( Will definitely keep you drooling over it 😛 😛 )
2015-Yamaha-YZF-R1-005 A look at this beauty and you’ll keep looking at it - all the more. It wont be incorrect to term the R1 as a beauty with brains( and lots of muscle too :P). Over the years Yamaha had been fiddling with this power figure . The power range it used to play within was 130-160 hp . But the case with the new r1 is different. It is expected to churn out 200hp. After Kawasaki , its Yamaha that’s joining the 200bhp club. With that much power, the bike weighs 199kg. Now that’s some real good power to weight . But things are a bit different with Yamaha.  Unlike Kawasaki which has different power figures for the H2R and H2, both the R1 and R1M will have same engine specification. Lets find out then , where they differ.R1 vs R1mBefore pointing out the differences in the duo, let me introduce the new bad boy from Yamaha- The R1M. We all know what Yamaha does on track and the street as well. Inspired by the great M1, Yamaha blended the street bike genes and the track bike genes and came up with the R1m ( You could say that for the new R1 too ) Both the r1 and r1m are expected to have the same basic engine configuration with Yamaha’s 1000cc cross plane Inline 4 engines churning out 200bhp at 13500rpm and 83ft-lbs of torque at 10000rpm.Major differences between the R1 and the R1m are the carbon fiber body in the latter. Also the R1m uses  Öhlins electronically adjustable suspension. It also differs in the loads of electronics that Yamaha has put in the R1M. Yamaha has used its own MotoGP race technology in the r1m, which is why it can be called the street version of the great M1.Adaptive Slide ControlStraight from Yamaha’s race technology , it will prevent low slides by cutting down power to the wheel, when you are busy taking down corners.Adaptive Lift ControlGoing bang on the throttle after the signal turns green or while exiting a corner and want your nose to stay on the ground ??? Well, adaptive lift control is here [ For all you wheelie enthusiasts out there, don’t be disheartened. This feature can be turned off 😉  ]Adaptive Launch ControlThis will keep the rpm fixed while launching preventing tire spins ( You should have for sure seen a Lamborghini Aventador or a BMW S1000 launch control video?? )Quick ShiftWith quick shift, you don’t need to go light on the gas when shifting, just keep shifting, save time and eventually break your own track records!Track Developed ABSThis is here to transfer braking appropriately to both the front and the rear wheels no matter which brake you apply thus helping you to brake hard.If we talk about looks, the European bike makers ( BMW, Ducati, Aprillia to name a few) have been successful in making beautiful bikes and cars as well. Its not that other manufacturers don’t make such artistic products, however compared to the Europeans, they are bit down rated. But Yamaha is keen to change it and has changed this mentality with its duo. If you compare the new R1 with the previous R1, it has had a complete makeover. Firstly Yamaha changed the headlights in the R1 which it had been using since the first model,maybe R1’s signature head lamps. Its nose somewhat resembles an M1.It dropped the indicators in the front and got them fitted in the mirrors As quoted by none other than Mr Valentino Rossi – “It is just like my M1 but with wing mirrors and  a number plate”.
2015-Yamaha-R1Yamaha has always been rolling out motorbikes that have been loved by all. The same thing goes with its fellow Japanese motorbike giants, However there has been a stereotype that the European sports bikes are premium class and the Japanese are low budget bikes. But if you put them on the track,  both go neck to neck (at times the Japanese outruns the European). Maybe it is because how the bike looks from the outside that has made this stereotype to come up. Nonetheless, the Japs seem to be very keen to kill this stereotype With Kawasaki launching H2/H2R , Yamaha launching R1/R1M and Honda following them with its MotoGP RC213V ( Next article 😉 ) in its prototype stage.
2015-Yamaha_odoSo now the real competition to watch out for is between the H2R and the R1M. When we put H2 and R1 against each other, the h2 is heavier than the r1 with nearby same power figures. The final judgement will come when these mean machines are actually put against each other on road. Yamaha is going to launch the 2015 R1 at Sydney in February 2015 and Kawasaki has not yet disclosed its launch date. So what we can do is wait till these giants go head to head with each other. Stay tuned to Turbozens for updates on these speed monsters 🙂

Yamaha RX135-Longterm review

Yamaha RX is a widely known motorcycle in India. There are different variants like the Rx100, RXZ, and RX135. The one that I own is the Yamaha RX135, 2002 model. It is the best two stroke motorcycle in India. When the Yamaha RX variants were sold it was a golden period for Yamaha, the company had sold vast number of motorcycles back then.

Yamaha RX135
I have used RX100 Side panels 🙂

The people of the present generation who know nothing about motorcycles might consider it as a dirty oil burning two stroke, but for the biking community it is a priced possession. Even today bikers are ready to spend huge sums of money for the restoration of the motorcycle.

Advantages of owning two stroke motorcycle over the four stroke

I am sure not many people know that a two stroke has a good part to play as well. So let’s make it clear. A two stroke engine is lubricated by the fuel, which means we need to mix oil with petrol. You might say “ hoo its causing pollution what is the good part in it”. Here are the advantages, to start with we will consider the silencer. The silencer of the motorcycle is prevented from rust, as oil deposits in the inner sides of the silencer preventing corrosion. In the four stroke motorcycle you are sure to encounter rust in the silencer. Next, this attribute also prevents rust in the fuel tank and the fuel line. So in a way you are preserving your motorcycle.

Next, the engine, the two stroke has only two moving parts, which is the piston and the crank, so the wear and tear is limited to these components, unlike the four stroke which has may be more than 10 moving parts, which are subjected to wear and tear, and will run you pocket dry in case you rebuild your  engine.

Service and maintenance

You don’t have to worry about the vehicle, it does not require much attention like the four stroke bikes. There are not many moving parts so you don’t have the problem of adjusting the engine timing, valve opening etc. The service will not cost you as much as the four stroke, and it is very simple and can be performed by any individual with a little knowledge. The gear oil does not require frequent changing as it is separate from the engine. I spend Rs:400 per service in the local mechanic shop, and if I want to replace the oil I have to pay 300 more for the oil. The bike gives a decent mileage of 40Kmlp in the city and 30 to 35Kmpl in the highway.The production of the bike is stopped and the availability of original spare parts is limited, this is the only major setback, most of the parts are of very bad quality and destroy the harmony of the motorcycle when installed.Yamaha RX135Ride experienceThe bike is capable of achieving a top speed of 110kmph. It’s got a very good acceleration but does not have good braking, this is because it is light weight. There is solution to this problem, you could install a disk brake in the front, which will improve the capacity of the bike to break better. If you apply the brakes to hard you might end up locking the front tire and the situation may turn out to be dangerous.If you bike comes with a CAT silencer, do not uninstall it, because it helps in braking. “What!! Breaking, how does a CAT silencer help” confused right… so this is how it works, the CAT silencer is a lot heavy than the previous one, so it adds more weight to the bike and helps to stop better. The silencer also helps in achieving good suspension action as the silencer contributes to sprung mass of the bike. So if you bike comes with a CAT silencer do not remove it just because you are not getting enough sound.Most of the people do not use the side oil tank, they prefer to mix oil directly into the petrol tank. This is not a good option, if you want your bike to run better and the engine to last longer make it a point to use the side oil tank.Build qualityThe quality of the bike is very great. When you compare the bike with other bikes of the same category this bike stands apart in every aspect. The materials used for the build are of a very good standard which saves bike from the problem of rust. The bikes of the present generation do not last as long as the old bikes. The sound is another major factor that makes the bike more adorable. The bike has got a very distinctive sound and gives you the racing feel. This motorcycle is built to last a life time.Conclusion Overall the bike feels very refined to ride even though if it is from the past. The bike harmonizes with the rider and gives the rider superior feel when he/she rides it. The Motorcycle is sure to bring a smile on the riders face 🙂