Yamaha Saluto: Test drive

Yamaha Saluto
Yamaha Saluto


Yamaha Saluto Test Ride

 Yamaha is well known for its stylish and superior technology bikes. With the latest trend of stylish bikes on-road that come with high price tag, there is rise in demand for bikes with blend of stylish features and offering equally good utility and mileage. The latest version of 125cc bike from Yamaha i.e. Saluto has gained good popularity with perfect blend of utility, mileage and styling features. I took a test ride of Saluto and here is the article about the same.

Yamaha Saluto
Yamaha Saluto



Yamaha has replaced the earlier 125cc engine with the new one featuring ‘Yamaha’s New generation Engine Development Concept’ of Blue Core technology aimed at providing advanced engine with higher combustion efficiency making maximum out of every unit of fuel supplied. In specifications,it has 125cc single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled petrol engine delivering power of 8.3PS/7000RPM, torque of 10.1Nm/4500RPM. The engine is mated with constant mesh 4 speed gearbox.  There is change in gear shift mechanism as compared to earlier version such as SS125 and Gladiator. Unlike first gear down and higher gear up shift as in earlier bikes, here all gear up mechanism is used. It is technically a good development as one had to take special care while shifting gears in the earlier version. The beginners always found it difficult to bring  gear to nutural as compared to other make bikes.

Yamaha Saluto Engine Bay
Yamaha Saluto Engine Bay



The ARAI claimed mileage is 78KMPL. Mileage can vary depending upon traffic conditions, road conditions , riding habits, maintenance. In general, one can rely upon an average of 70kmpl.

Yamaha Saluto Speedometer
Yamaha Saluto Speedometer


Dimensional features

Saluto has excellent dimensional features.  Special focus is given for seat design. It is designed to provide perfect position for the rider with ample cushioning and support for the hip. Making way for comfortable long ride. Further, the pillion rider is also provided with extra space and offers comfortable seating for any person. Yamaha engineers have thought well of  what best can be provided for the common pillion riders in Indian scenario.  Ground clearance of 180mm does make ride easier in any road conditions.

Suspension and wheels

Saluto features telescopic fork suspension for front and swing arm suspension at the rear. The double swing arm suspension is positioned nicely to take up load of the rider and pillion rider. There is perfect balance with respect to dimensions of the bike and probable load distribution depending upon profile of rider and pillion rider. Instead of conventional tubes tyres as in earlier versions, here Tubeless tyres are fitted  with alloy wheels for better ride quality and longer life.  Saluto features drum brakes at front and rear. Disc brake version is available but there is waiting time for the same.

Yamaha Saluto Front View
Yamaha Saluto Front View



The major boosting factor about Saluto is its design. The design reminds Fazer series of bikes from Yamaha. The stylish fuel tank, positioning of the handle bar, seating position of rider makes one feel like riding a sports bike. New instrument cluster has eco mode feature with which rider is constantly reminded of best speed for getting maximum mileage. Clear lens front cowl with wind screen gives perfect modern look for the otherwise simple image of earlier versions.Halogen bulb used for the headlights gets best illumination during night time riding.

Special Features

Along with the regular kick start, there is electric start switch for quick and easy access to  ON/OFF of the engine. The pillion rider is provided with convenient grab bar for safety on the move and Saree guard and foot rest  assures safety and comfortable seating for women.

Variant and Price

Yamaha Saluto is available in only one variant with drum brakes at front and rear. The customers have options to choose from two colors Victory Red and Brave Black. Ex showroom price at Bangalore is Rs 54,600 and on-road price cost Rs 66,309.

Test Ride

In the test ride I took, I really enjoyed the seating and handle bar positioning. There is no  compromise in rider position and is in par with sports bikes . The click of the button starts the engine and there is kick start feature as well. The conventional gear change mechanism is an added advantage enabling for easy gear shifting. The engine is very responsive to acceleration inputs and I could easily reach speeds of 50 to 60KMPH.  As it was a brand new bike, there was no much provision for really testing hard to check the maximum speeds it can reach.  However one can be sure of crossing  90KMPH mark once the engine is set. The ground clearance of 180mm plays a significant role in coping with unplanned road humps and pits created due to rains.Braking efficiency is excellent in bringing the vehicle to a halt from high speed to stop in minimum time and distance. The rider position is perfect and assure comfort during long  rides.


Yamaha Saluto has all that a normal family person opting  to own a bike with perfect blend of styling and utility. Yamaha has done a good job in introducing latest technology for the engine assuring superior quality of ride. There is ample space on seats for two persons (probably a kid in between if situation demands)to ride comfortably. In short, if you are a Yamaha bike enthusiast but thought the Yamaha bikes are meant for youngsters with racing attitude, taking a test ride would reveal its beauty. Maybe you could also win special prizes by sending test ride photos to Yamaha India!

Yamaha RX135-Longterm review

Yamaha RX is a widely known motorcycle in India. There are different variants like the Rx100, RXZ, and RX135. The one that I own is the Yamaha RX135, 2002 model. It is the best two stroke motorcycle in India. When the Yamaha RX variants were sold it was a golden period for Yamaha, the company had sold vast number of motorcycles back then.

Yamaha RX135
I have used RX100 Side panels 🙂

The people of the present generation who know nothing about motorcycles might consider it as a dirty oil burning two stroke, but for the biking community it is a priced possession. Even today bikers are ready to spend huge sums of money for the restoration of the motorcycle.

Advantages of owning two stroke motorcycle over the four stroke

I am sure not many people know that a two stroke has a good part to play as well. So let’s make it clear. A two stroke engine is lubricated by the fuel, which means we need to mix oil with petrol. You might say “ hoo its causing pollution what is the good part in it”. Here are the advantages, to start with we will consider the silencer. The silencer of the motorcycle is prevented from rust, as oil deposits in the inner sides of the silencer preventing corrosion. In the four stroke motorcycle you are sure to encounter rust in the silencer. Next, this attribute also prevents rust in the fuel tank and the fuel line. So in a way you are preserving your motorcycle.

Next, the engine, the two stroke has only two moving parts, which is the piston and the crank, so the wear and tear is limited to these components, unlike the four stroke which has may be more than 10 moving parts, which are subjected to wear and tear, and will run you pocket dry in case you rebuild your  engine.

Service and maintenance

You don’t have to worry about the vehicle, it does not require much attention like the four stroke bikes. There are not many moving parts so you don’t have the problem of adjusting the engine timing, valve opening etc. The service will not cost you as much as the four stroke, and it is very simple and can be performed by any individual with a little knowledge. The gear oil does not require frequent changing as it is separate from the engine. I spend Rs:400 per service in the local mechanic shop, and if I want to replace the oil I have to pay 300 more for the oil. The bike gives a decent mileage of 40Kmlp in the city and 30 to 35Kmpl in the highway.The production of the bike is stopped and the availability of original spare parts is limited, this is the only major setback, most of the parts are of very bad quality and destroy the harmony of the motorcycle when installed.Yamaha RX135Ride experienceThe bike is capable of achieving a top speed of 110kmph. It’s got a very good acceleration but does not have good braking, this is because it is light weight. There is solution to this problem, you could install a disk brake in the front, which will improve the capacity of the bike to break better. If you apply the brakes to hard you might end up locking the front tire and the situation may turn out to be dangerous.If you bike comes with a CAT silencer, do not uninstall it, because it helps in braking. “What!! Breaking, how does a CAT silencer help” confused right… so this is how it works, the CAT silencer is a lot heavy than the previous one, so it adds more weight to the bike and helps to stop better. The silencer also helps in achieving good suspension action as the silencer contributes to sprung mass of the bike. So if you bike comes with a CAT silencer do not remove it just because you are not getting enough sound.Most of the people do not use the side oil tank, they prefer to mix oil directly into the petrol tank. This is not a good option, if you want your bike to run better and the engine to last longer make it a point to use the side oil tank.Build qualityThe quality of the bike is very great. When you compare the bike with other bikes of the same category this bike stands apart in every aspect. The materials used for the build are of a very good standard which saves bike from the problem of rust. The bikes of the present generation do not last as long as the old bikes. The sound is another major factor that makes the bike more adorable. The bike has got a very distinctive sound and gives you the racing feel. This motorcycle is built to last a life time.Conclusion Overall the bike feels very refined to ride even though if it is from the past. The bike harmonizes with the rider and gives the rider superior feel when he/she rides it. The Motorcycle is sure to bring a smile on the riders face 🙂