Toyota Corolla Altis Limited Edition: A Silent Entrant

"Toyota Corolla Altis"

Toyota has fabricated a beautiful picture in India. With the launch of some of the most promising cars, the company takes a shot at launching a limited edition. Known for making simple quality and reliable cars, it has introduced a no nonsense limited edition called the Toyota Corolla Altis Limited Edition. Yes, that’s right no fancy names either, such simplicity.

Limited Edition Altis comes with a host of upgrades inside but outside changes are bare minimum. When it comes to interiors, the highlight is the smart link infotainment system which gets air and hand gesture controls. Bluetooth and smart phone connectivity are also available with this system. Illuminated scuff plates on the doorsills, puddle lamp with Toyota name on it is also there on the Toyota Corolla Altis Limited edition.


"Toyota Corolla Altis"
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 The new Limited edition Corolla Altis Limited edition happens to be a beauty. Although it might be a little difficult to differentiate from the regular Altis, the limited edition version has a little more up its sleeves. This car has been derived from the Furia design philosophy. It has an aggressive appearance, stylish design and a lot of promise. This car has a square design in front with sharp lines for bumpers, grille and the hood. The blacked-out headlamps are LED enabled and flow upward into the sloping bonnet, which has prominent creases on its sides.

This vehicle has limited edition badges on C-pillar and on the right side of the boot. These are the obvious differentiating changes in this vehicle. All the four wheels on this car have extremely flared arches and the doors slope forward on the side. At the back, Toyota has retained some of the aggressiveness from the American-spec car due to the wrap-around tail lamps. The rest of the rear looks like it has been designed based on the current Camry sedan and features a large number of bulging lines. This car surely seems like a limited edition if you look close. The changes might not be so prominent from afar.

"Toyota Corolla Altis Limited Edition"
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The Corolla Altis Limited Edition gets some of the high-end features suited best to be called a limited edition. This car has illuminated scuff plates and puddle lamps with Toyota written on it. This looks pretty prominent in the dark and seems pretty cool. The interiors of this car feature leather seats with “Limited” emblems embossed on them and faux wood inserts on the door pads, armrest panels, and gear lever boot bezel. Additionally, this car also has wood finish trim on doors that add much flair to its interiors and it also has a Smart Link Infotainment system with air and hand gesture controls, voice function, Bluetooth and Smartphone enabled navigation.

This vehicle also has a wood finish armrest panel around the power window switches. Leather seats on top trims are visible and have limited edition badges on them at the rear. There is also wood finish around the knob, which makes the black beige and wood combination look slick for luxury car buyers. Standard features across variants include driver and passenger airbags, ABS with EBD, rear AC vents, parking sensors and electronically internally adjustable OVRMs. On the higher specs, there is a front parking sensors, Xenon lamps, touch screen infotainment system as well as electronically adjustable seats.

"Toyota Corolla Altus Limited Edition"
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Inside the hood, the Corolla Altis Limited Edition has no mechanical changes. The engine remains the same just like any other Corolla. The engine line-up is the same as before- a 1.8-litre petrol unit and a 1.4-litre diesel engine. The former produces 138bhp and 173Nm of torque while the latter produces 87bhp and 205Nm of torque.

  • 1,798cc, 4-cylinder petrol, 138 BHP @ 6,400 rpm, 173 Nm @ 4,000 rpm, 6-speed manual transmission
  • 1,364cc, 4-cylinder diesel, 87 BHP @ 3,800 rpm, 205 Nm @ 1,800-2,800 rpm, 6-speed manual transmission

The diesel has a six-speed manual while the petrol can also be had with a seven-speed automatic gearbox.


Competition and price:

The Toyota Corolla Altis competes with Skoda Octavia, Chevrolet Cruze, VW Jetta and the Hyundai Elantra. This car, being a limited edition is expected to get more likes and more bookings than the normal ones.

Prices for the Toyota Corolla Altis Limited edition petrol starts at Rs. 14,68,324 and diesel starts at Rs. 16,00,324 (ex-showroom Delhi)

"Toyota Corolla Limited Edition Altis"
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Bottom Line:

This vehicle definitely came as a surprise and its launch was kept in the dark and this strategy might not have been the best by Toyota. That said, there should have been more offerings with the Corolla Altis than just focusing on the interiors. The company should have added a more sportier look, and a couple of freebies to make this one tough vehicle to book and one tough competitor to beat.

Toyota Etios Ownership Review

Future concept cars

It started off with a lot of tyro level research into the famous sedans offered in India. The battle is no longer about the price; in fact the spryness counts more than the Gandhi’s you offer. So started the rumination process of getting a new car.

The rifeness of Maruti is suffused all across India. But the year was 2012 and there weren’t any interesting models that attracted my attention. After various pretexts in order to elicit information came the name Etios. Surely enough Toyota has been prudent with its vehicles and service, but was the Toyota Etios really a great choice?

After loitering around the Toyota showroom and getting to know the Etios better, the car seemed a better choice than the usual Maruti addition in the garage. After several months, and numerous lists, Etios was the only name that was left on my list.

There was a bit of speculation about the diesel model over the petrol one. The Diesel model was pretty good to drive and the Silent yet powerful Japanese technology managed to create awe. But since we were more in favor of the Petrol model, we bought the Etios V.

After shooting out a million questions and inquiring about the Toyota Etios, the showroom people had shown a lot of interest. It is essential that you remain omniscient about the vehicle you get. It is always recommended that you get a Pre Delivery Inspection of your car. Once that was taken care of, the Car was delivered along with 2 keys and a wireless remote. The car has performed quite well and served my purpose really well till date.

Engine and Performance:

The Etios V is a mid range petrol sedan that is built with a lot of stability and power. A 1.5-liter petrol engine powers the car and produces 88.76 HP. The car also goes commando with a torque of 132 Nm. The Etios has an electronic fuel injection supply system which makes it quite a smooth sailor across the bumpy roads. The car has a double overhead clam shaft valve configuration along with 4-cylinders and 16 valves.

It is a 5-speed manual transmission sedan, which serves the family’s purpose quite well. I tried testing the car’s mileage performance too, sadly this is not as fuel efficient as the Maruti car but, it some how managed to give me a mileage of 9 kmpl in the city area (although the company claims that it should give me a mileage of 12-14, my car is always thirsty for petrol). I wouldn’t vouch completely on this but it has been my experience. I tried to put the pedal on the metal on a deserted road (to my surprise, the road had not even a single pot hole, may be because some politician lives close by :P)

The Etios took me from 0-100 in around 17 seconds. Although it can touch a 150 kmpl speed, I did not want to experiment that speed, considering the damages I would have to face at home 😀Exteriors:

"Toyotal Etios V review"The Etios stands strong like nobody’s business and looks quite refreshing. Thanks to the new and refreshed radiator grille and the prominent Toyota logo. The vehicle has pretty neat looking headlights that dazzle the car’s front fascia. On the rear side of the Etios’ sturdy looking body is the radiant tail light that has turn indicators as well as courtesy lamp along with brake lamps.
"Toyota Etios V review"On the rear side, the company has left its insignia too. The Etios looks quite masculine and houses the right concoction of looks, elegance and appeal. At first glance, the Etios did look something different and it felt the same while driving. No matter how I spin this across, it completely depends upon your preference, mine lays with the Etios.Interiors and features:One reason I like the Etios over any other sedans that I had considered was its space. It easily fits in my family without having to worry about cramming up. The interior has decent fabric upholstery. Although it isn't the best, it feels comfortable on long drives. The boot space as well as the accommodation of the car is quite pleasing.
"Toyota Etios V Interior Space"My seat (driver) has height adjustment facility as well as a center armrest. What I like about the interiors is the dashboard placement. Its central placement has a spacious glove box along with an AC unit along with a music system. The music system is the right amount of disappointing, meaning that I would have to shell out a couple of grand’s on a better music system (what a rip off right?)
"Toyota Etios V Interior"There is an LCD fuel meter that features a digital clock along with a few informatics including a speedometer, tachometer and the digital trip meter. The music system houses a CD player along with FM radio support as well as USB connectivity. With a better music system and the right kind of subwoofers, the Etios would echo craziness.The electric power steering on the Etios makes driving simple. Owing to the heavy traffic and its perturbing conditions, the electric power steering helps a lot.The car has dual front airbags as well as the driver seatbelt notification system as a part of passenger safety (thankfully they have not popped out yet :D) the car also features key less entry, central locking as well as anti lock braking (the electronic brake’s force is equally distributed) and this makes it quite safe. My dad likes the advanced engine immobilizer device that safeguards the car and restricts unauthorized entry.Service:I get the car serviced once it touched 2000 Kilometers. I haven’t faced too many expenses. The car came with a 3 year or 1,00,000 km warranty along with 3 free services. The first service was done when the car had completed a month after getting the car, the car had not done 1000 kms then. The second service was done the succeeding year, although the car had touched 9400 kms then, the service was on the basis of duration. The Third service was done a few months earlier.  The services were supposedly free, then again a few negligible expenditures that were less than Rs. 3000 were incurred.
"Toyota Etios V side profile"Wrap up:I like the Etios for its safety features as well as the interior space of this car as opposed to competing cars in its category. What I dislike is the existing audio system that comes along with the car. A better audio system would have been spryer. Overall, this car is a great transition from my old Maruti Swift.

Toyota Vios: Honda City Rival?

2015 Toyota Vios

Rumors are abound that Toyota will soon be unveiling a C segment sedan in 2015 to compete against the incredibly popular Hyundai Verna and the Honda City. Japanese car maker Toyota hasn’t seen the best of days.

Falling behind in sales in various segments, Toyota has succumbed to models from other manufacturers that constantly revamp their entire lineup to stay ahead of the game. One of the primary reasons for Toyota’s rapidly declining market share is the lack of models in some of the biggest segments of the Indian market.

2015 Toyota Vios
The Toyota Vios Will Be Slotted Between The Etios and Corolla Altis And Will Compete Against The Honda City and Hyundai Verna

A wide gap in its lineup between the Etios and the Corolla Altis has much potential and Toyota may finally be filling it with the Vios. Set to compete against segment best sellers such as the Honda City and Hyundai Verna in 2015, the Vios has a long and difficult road ahead. We take a look at what the Vios has to offer against some of the biggest names currently in the Indian car market.


The Toyota Vios is far more aggressive in terms of character when compared to its more expensive siblings, the Corolla Altis and the Camry. Although the Vios borrows numerous elements from the Altis, the sedan’s angular front bumper and distinct headlight detail endow the Toyota with a much stronger road presence. The Vios’ heavily sculpted sides provide the car with a bit of flair reminiscent of Toyotas of yesteryear. The overall design of the upcoming sedan may be just the thing for the car maker to drop it’s image as a boring and safe option.

The model currently on sale in the Philippines is also sold in an interesting colour palette such as florescent orange and classic blue. Toyota’s in house racing division TRD, also offers a sporty body kit as an ption.

2015 Toyota Vios rear
Rear View of the Toyota Vios


While the exteriors of the Vios demand for attention, the interiors of the car play it safe. Toyota had made use of a beige and black cabin similar to most cars in its range. However, it is also available in a sportier all black cabin as well.

2015 Toyota Vios Interior
Interiors of the Upcoming Vios Sedan

The three spoke steering wheel features silver accents along with a minimal amount of steering mounted controls. A welcome change in an era where steering mounted controls have become a little too obtrusive.

The infotainment system is rather dated for the international model but expect an updated system for the India bound variants. To match the upcoming Ciaz’s touch screen system, Toyota will need to pack the Vios with a fully loaded system capable of standing it’s own even against D segment vehicles.


The Japanese are renowned for their engineering prowess and the team over at Toyota are no exception. The car maker’s focus on drive dynamics has generated a youth cult following over cars such as the Celica and the massively impressive Supra. Japan’s Tokyo Auto Salon is a yearly event that showcases Toyota’s incredible presence in the world of tuners and modders.

2015 Toyota Vios trd
The Toyota Vios Fitted With The Optional TRD Kit

Powering the Vios internationally are a pair of petrol and diesel engines. The 1.8 l dual VVTi engine churns out an impressive 140 PS of power and a max torque of 173 Nm. The Japanese car maker also offers the Vios with a more frugal 1.4 l turbocharged oil burner. The diesel engine puts out 88 PS of power. While the the diesel mill may seem underpowered, the main objective of the Vios diesel will be fuel economy and the 1.4 l turbo may just trump the segment leading City’s mileage of 26km/l. Both engines come mated to a six speed manual while the petrol variant is also offered with a seven speed CVT (automatic) gearbox.

Toyota has been missing in action for quite some time now and the manufacturer has slowly been reduced to selling commercial vehicles. With its entry into the C segment, the Japanese automaker may be able to regain its position here in India. Incredibly popular in markets such as Thailand and the Philippines, the sedan has seen great success in markets mirroring factors of our own. All in all, 2015 should be an exciting year for Toyota.