Tata Kite Preview – Will it take Tata Motors to New Heights?

"Tata Kite"

Tata Motors seems firm on launching the Kite soon. With plenty of emerging reports floating around the internet, it is imminent that the Kite is to launch soon. The compact sedan from Tata that is believed to be named kite will hit showrooms as soon as the Kite hatchback is launched.

Auto heads are certain to get a taste of hatchback power. Sure enough, the Tata Kite sedan and hatchback cars are going to defend Tata’s honor and are certain to become strong contenders in the hatchback and sedan segments.

Kite is supposedly a sub-four meter sedan of the brand that should hit the showrooms pretty soon. Meanwhile, here is a small preview of the Kite:


It was 2012 when Tata Indica eV2 was refreshed with a better look and better features. The company has completely replaced this car and the revamped version is under the project name “Kite”. The revised car is still expected to offer Indian consumers everything that they need from a hatchback and that too at an affordable price.

"Tata Kite"
Image Source: www.ibtimes.co.in


The Kite seems to be a pretty awesomely designed, revamped version of its predecessor. The vehicle is an updated version of the Indica’s XO platform. The spy shots make it look similar to the bolt. The headlamps and restyled bumpers seem new. It also has revised tail lamps that are placed horizontally unlike the existing traffic-signal arrangement on the Indica.


"Tata Kite"
Image Source: www.carwale.com

At the back, revised tail lamps will be placed horizontally unlike the Christmas-tree arrangement on the Indica. There have been plenty of test mules that have been spotted by a lot of people. The preliminary stages of testing and makeshift components are on. There might be new alloys, better curves and a lot more. The prototype seems to have a roofline tapering towards its rear and makes it look like a classy notchback.


The Tata Kite is supposedly going to be equipped with some of the high tech features that are going to be similar to the ones found on the Bolt. This vehicle boasts a better cabin space, better interiors and plush upholstery. That said, the company might add more goodies with an upgraded infotainment system along with Bluetooth and upgraded features that are going to be better than the existing ones. The cabin might be made out of upgraded upholstery, a new and upgraded dashboard and a new instrument panel. The top end vehicle might come equipped with features similar to the ones on the Zest.

Engine and gearbox:

The upcoming Tata Kite hatchback is expected to have a similar power train from its current cousins. However, there are anticipations that Tata might have a new three-cylinder petrol and diesel mill option for this new car. The compact sedan will also be available in petrol and diesel versions. Reports suggest that Tata might power the new cars with a new three-cylinder petrol motor and a diesel engine. While the engines will come mated to a five-speed manual transmission, we can also expect the AMT gearbox to be offered.


"Tata Kite"
Image Source: www.carwale.com

Price and Competition:

The upcoming Kite hatchback might be priced in the range of Rs. 3.9 lakh to Rs. 4.5 lakh. The vehicle should be one of the most aggressively priced vehicle from Tata.  This revamped version is expected to offer good value for money for consumers on a budget. The vehicle will be priced lesser than the Zest and at this price point for a budget sedan segment, it will create a huge impact on the sub-four metre sedans like the Honda Amaze, Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and the Hyundai Xcent. This could also mean that manufacturers like Maruti and Hyundai would need to quickly whip up cheaper compact sedans based on their entry level hatchbacks in order to combat the Kite compact sedan.

Bottom Line:

Tata holds a neat reputation in India, this brand is suited best for consumers belonging to all walks of life. Tata vehicles have been popular, ever since the introduction of cars like Nano and Indica.

But, there have been plenty of complaints about the Tata engines. The vehicles are very noisy and they might seem disturbing while going on a peaceful drive. Also, there have been plenty of complaints about the after sales service standard of Tata cars.

It seems expensive and the service standard does not seem up to the mark. With the launch of a new breed of cars, Tata might have to reconsider working on the quality of service they provide.

On the flipside, the mileage offered by Tata cars is quite pleasing. Also, since the introduction of Zest, the competitors have not been able to compete with such features till date. The Kite hold’s a lot of anticipation and there are plenty of enthusiasts waiting to fly the Kite.

So, let’s wait and watch how the kite flies 🙂

Land Rover- Discover your Vision

Land Rover is a brand of Jaguar Land Rover and is known for its rugged, premium and luxurious SUV’s. It was acquired by TATA Motors in 2008. All the SUV’s from this brand have been a huge success in the automotive markets across the globe. Land Rover has showcased its discovery concept at 2014 Newyork Auto show and will come with a sport model early next year. It will join the family of SUV’s built on the Land Rover platform and has new features, keeping customer- vehicle interaction in mind.

New Land Rover
Land Rover Discover Vision Concept

Land Rover discover defines itself as a rugged SUV with luxurious space for seven along with premium exterior styling.  Discover is unique in the technologies which are applied to easily surpass the off-road challenges often faced during adventure rides. Now, we will go through the latest technologies installed in this concept SUV.


Being a SUV, it is important that this car should easily pass through all type of road conditions. It is important for the driver to interact with the vehicle during off-road conditions, be it sand or snow. Land Rover has already pioneered this in its previous SUV’s where a knob can be adjusted by the driver in order to change the suspension and power train settings depending on the road surfaces. In the discovery sport concept,  laser scanning technology has replaced the knob. The infrared lasers are installed in the fog lamps to view the terrain ahead and automate the terrain response settings. Also, in addition to that a high resolution screen is installed for getting a topographical look ahead and finding a best possible way out of it.

The next generation response system which will involve road surface texture detection. A water depth sensing system making use of lasers will help in identifying the depth of water bodies and thereby giving the green signal for the under body clearance available for crossing it. Other technologies include the wet grass traction control and high or low speed steering assist.

Land Rover Discover features

A more sophisticated cruise control feature for off-road drive is introduced. If the off-road terrain is not predictable, a semi- automatic cruise control will take over, where the vehicle will be operated at low speeds with appropriate torque vectoring. A guide mode is also installed which will allow the driver to select the type on in-built off-road conditions like muddy, sand, snow, rocks etc. Thus there will always be a  balance between the automatic off-road cruise control and the driver’s involvement in it.


A new technology named “Transparent Hood” is introduced in Land Rover Discovery. As the name suggests , you might think of it as a transparent body but is not. The transparency is due to the projection of the images captured by road texture detecting cameras. The images are projected on the heads up display on the windshield. Thus the driver sees the road and not the hood. It makes him feel as if the hood is transparent. The projection can also be made onto the exterior windows. These glasses are named as smart glasses, hence all the glass surfaces actually behave as a multi screen display.


Gesture controls have the tendency to impose risk while driving and are thus under the development stage.As of now they are commonly used for infotainment systems. The motion sensors capable of recognizing the finger and hand movements. Apart from infotainment, they will be made to sense gear shifting, opening and closing of doors and activating lights. These technologies are surely going to take human-vehicle interaction to a new level.


Four of the interior seats have infotainment screens. The vehicle is equipped with laser headlamps and are 10% in size of LED’s. Thus there is huge potential in exploring the front end design of the vehicle. There is no compromise in terms of light output range which is upto 300m. In order to prevent the blinding of the drivers in the coming cars, smart automatic dimming is added to the laser headlamps. Cameras will detect the traffic and accordingly activate dimming of the light and proper visibility will be maintained for driving.

Land Rover Discovery Light features


All the above mentioned technologies are pave way to reduce driver’s work in the vehicle. If the technologies are applied with proper validation and testing in all driving scenarios, this would definitely start a new era of driver-less cars. It will also help in reduction of driver fatigue occurring during long drives. Land Rover Discovery certainly has the potential to demonstrate such technologies on road and drive a new era of human oriented engineering in automobiles.

Jaguar F-type convertible – Owners pride !

Panthera Onca is a species found commonly in the western hemisphere. There is another brand of Panthera Onca also known as “Jaguar” which has its presence all over the world and more powerful than any beast. Yeah, you’re right -We are taking about the Tata Motors owned Jaguar car company. Staying true to its sporting bloodline the Tata Motors owned Jaguar’s F-type convertible is any racers dream. Showcased in the Paris Motor Show, the F-type found its way to the top of the food chain and it rivals the likes of Porsche 911 and Porsche Boxster.

Jaguar F-Type @Paris Auto Show:

It’s here in India and its here for good. The first thing that one would notice is all the beautiful curves and creases, Jaguar has incorporated in this beast. Gazing at this you would be totally lost for memory to try and remember the next best magnificent thing that you have ever seen. Jaguar has put a lot into this car to make it one of the best car there is, also it is notable that this is the first Jaguar without the oval grille.

This jaguar is such a car that switches between a Sunday evening parties to Monday morning track day car with no problem at all. Get behind the drivers wheel and you will know the true purpose that this car has been built for. A foot on the Accelerator pad has the capacity to release the grunt stored in this 3.0 litre V6 supercharged power house producing 340 Horse power. The exhaust is designed in such a way that the sound coming out would put even a thunder storm to shame. Amazingly enough the people at jaguar have added an option which upon the flick of a switch makes this noise even louder. Yes, you heard it right LOUDER!

Jaguar f-type convertible



Not for the faint hearted. 340Bhp is just for starters, Jaguar offers more options under the F-type hood with a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 producing 380Bhp @ 6500 revs and  460Nm torque between 3500-5000 rpm. And then there is a third option, a barking mad V8, more powerful more torque than the V6, I’m talking in terms of light years…This V8 produces 495Bhp @ 6500 rpm and 625Nm torque between 2500-5500. 1 Jaguar having 495 horses… now that’s truly something! Jaguar has tried to make the F-type convertible, light by crafting it with light weight aluminum body. The outcome? Light and nimble, extremely responsive piece of machine which clobbers any straights or corner and this F-type is extremely good at what it does!


Obviously no driver of a convertible would drive around in all the hot spots of the city with the roof on (except when the rain gods thinks otherwise). So when you do let the roof down, it is so very clear the interiors have been given attention in order to look as smacking as the exterior. The F-type pampers its buyers by handing them with a choice of 14 color themes and three finishers for the interior including its-n-bits like bronzed switches.  Thus making you want to flaunt the cockpit to the less fortunate ones who can only glance, while you strike by. One of the good part is that a convertible offers you the privacy you need when you need it. Want the roof back on? The F-type does it with the minimal of efforts, so much so that you can have it on even when you are driving at 50km/hr. Practical? Yes indeed.

Though the base V6 is the least powerful of the lot, Jaguar has crafted it in a way never at any point of time drivers will feel short of breath or the crazy need for extra horse power. It’s just a very exciting machine, switch the roof down let the hurling thump of the exhaust haunt your ears as you watch every poles, trees, buildings, people and places in just an instant even before you could say F-type with its heart stopping acceleration of 0-100 in 5.1 seconds. Drive it to the max and this jag can treat you to a top speed of 260 km/hr, if that doesn’t sound much the more powerful F-type 5.0 supercharged V8 will accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 4.3 seconds and this will max out in a blinding top speed of 300 km/hr, such an incredible feat to reach and the jaguar should do it in style.

Bottom-line: Looks + Powerful engine + Rich interiors + Expertise of Jaguar = F-Type

Jaguar f-type Convertible

Visit India Website: www.jaguar.in