Suzuki Alto RS Turbo-Charged!!!

"Suzuki ALto RS Turbo"

Big or small, all the Suzuki cars have been favorites worldwide. Japanese technology is hence, the best, affordable and popular.

The name Alto is not an unfamiliar one in the automobile world. The instant recollection of a cozy compact affordable car comes to mind. But what if the alto you’ve imagined met a sports car and they decided to have a kid.

Well, the Alto Turbo RS is the product of that reproductive thought you just had. It is definitely not the cuddly and harmless kind of alto that was known to drive people from point A to Z.

The new Alto is a whole new breed of Japanese technology thrusting massive power on the roads. Find out more about this car below.

Turbo Insanity Alto size:

Suzuki had revealed the new Alto Kei hatch back a few days ago. The company has released the images and information about the sportier and faster version named the Alto RS Turbo. This is a turbocharged version of the standard Alto of the Japanese market and is going to be a debutant during the Tokyo Auto Salon, which is going to happen in January 2015.

The Japanese company has performed this feat earlier too. During the 80’s and 90’s, Suzuki had injected the tiny Alto with whole new performance flair. The turbocharged versions from Alto Works in the Japanese market are not new. The cars were sold with both Front Wheel Drive as well as Rear Wheel Drive options.

"Suzuki ALto Turbo RS"
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The name suggests the raging power that the Alto will supposedly have. The car will be powerful and sporty. Although it will have a few design dynamics adapted from the Kei, this will be racing specific model. The new Alto RS Turbo will hence, follow a long line of Alto RS Turbos that are regarded very highly amongst auto enthusiasts.


The Alto RS Turbo will have a powerful 660 cc petrol engine. However, the power output is unconfirmed. The engine will churn out 51 bhp of power along with 63 Nm of torque. This car is said to be 60 kilos lighter than its predecessor and will be based on a new platform. The RS Turbo will come wither with a five-speed manual or a five-speed AMT gearbox. There is uncertainty whether Suzuki will have an all-wheel-drive version of the car but, let’s keep that option open too. Suzuki is known to have launched such versions too. So, the New Year might have a few hidden surprises too.

The car will have the 3-cylinder engine along with the power of a turbocharger.

Design language:

The Alto Turbo RS will have red accents for bumpers and red mirror caps on its exterior front. It will also include 17-inch red alloy wheels. The RS will also have side decals and a racing stripe to accentuate the looks. This car will join the league of some of the quick sporty Kei cars such as: Daihatsu Charade Turbo and the Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart. These cars are known to offer the masses a taste of speed combined with a touch of affordable performance.

The company has given the car a retro look on purpose. The retro style is intended to pay homage to the first Alto RS Turbo that was presented in 1987.

The Turbo RS has abundant usage of chrome combined with Recaro seats and RS stickers. The bumper-lip, decals and wing mirrors are finished in the same color as the alloys to further enhance the car’s sporty appeal.

The fascia of the car sports up a retro looking grille with the straightforward bumper. The asymmetrical slats on the grille of the car will be mostly embellished in chrome.

Awkwardly, the quadrilateral-shaped headlamps are projector units with a chrome garnish. They have quite a weird looking shape, but then this is a sporty car, performance matters more. The front bumper gets modified fog lamps while the OVRMs and alloy wheels are painted in red. The car also boasts of an RS decal near the rear window.


The interiors on the Alto RS include the dual tone paint scheme along with Recaro Seats. The interiors have a slightly different shape than the regular models. The interiors on the RS feature a combination of circular as well as rectangular AC vents.

"Suzuki ALto RS Turbo"
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Bottom Line:

Suzuki stated that the Alto Turbo RS is definitely going to be a fun to drive car. Its responsive handling combined with high cornering performance is definitely a must have. Sadly, this car is going to be restricted to only the Japanese car market. The Tokyo Auto Salon has been scheduled between the 9th– 11th of January 2015 in China. Let’s hope that India gets a taste of the RS too.

Faceoff:Suzuki Hayate vs Mahindra Centuro Rockstar


With the raising competition in the two wheeler’s market, it is important for the manufacturers to come up with changes in their existing models which can attract customers in terms of technology, design and styling and cost effectiveness. Updates in bikes involves slight changes which involves rendering of the bikes and new features installation.Here we will look at two such updated models, Facelifted Suzuki Hayate and Mahindra Centuro Rockstar.


Mahindra Centuro has a unique style in its range of bikes. Its frontal golden ribs provides it a rugged style and tough look. Chisled like body and tattoo like decals makes it watchable anywhere. The bike from Mahindra two wheelers look very fresh in its design and definitely stands itself out of the conventional designs.  The Rockstar model will come with combination of bright red, black and gold colour which adds premium looks to the bike. The bike is equipped with  LED brake lights.

Mahindra Centuro Ribs
Golden Ribs in Mahindra Centuro (Source:
Mahindra Centuro Rockstar brake lights
LED Brake Lights of Mahindra Centuro (Source:
Decals in Mahindra Centuro Rockstar
Tattoo like decals in Mahindra Centuro (Source:

When we come to Suzuki Hayate, it looks like a slim designed bike with all systems arranged in a compact manner. The face lift model comes with a fully painted side cowls which adds to the styling. The vehicle will be offered in Glass Sparkle Black- Red Graphic Glass Sparkle Black- Blue Graphic, Pearl Mirage White, Pearl Mira Red/Glass Sparkle Black and Pearl Moon Stone Grey. The bike with its styling and colour options does not give a tougher body language when compared to Mahindra Centuro Rockstar. Thus here Mahindra Centuro comes higher in design and styling.


Comfort and eergonomics play a vital role in the minds of customers. Mahindra Centuro Rockstar has been designed keeping that in mind with extra large seats for comfort. Hayate has its own way of sleek styling of seats. Build quality of both the bikes are appreciable and are comparable to each other.


Centuro Rockstar is powered by Mahindra’s indigenously developed 100 cc intelligent Mci (Micro chip ignited 5-curve) Engine which delivers a power output of 8.6 PS @ 7500 RPM. It also has a patented lubrication system which helps it in achieving mileage of 85.4 kmpl as per ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) . It provides a smart balance between power and fuel economy and is coupled with 4 speed manual transmission.

Centuro Rockstar engine
Mahindra Centuro Rockstar: Micro Chip 5-Curve Ignited Engine (Source:

Suzuki Hayate comes with a 112cc engine with a mileage of around 75-80 kmpl at standard test conditions.  It comes with a 4 speed manual transmission for powering the rear wheels.  The engine provides a maximum power of 8.4 PS @ 7500 RPM.

Indigenous and fuel efficient engine of Centuro comes up in the higher position.


Centuro Rockstar is having telescopic coiled spring dampers in the front and five step adjustable damper in the rear. Drum brakes are installed in both front and rear wheels allowing comfortable braking responses to the rider. Alloy wheels make the bike look new and also reduces weight of the bike.

Suzuki Hayate is also equipped with telescopic coiled spring dampers in the front  and coiled spring damper in the rear with swing arm. The swing arm helps in maintaining stability at higher speeds. Drum brakes are installed in both front and rear wheels and is also equipped with alloy wheels same as that of Centuro Rockstar.


Suzuki Hayate self start model costs Rs. 47,727 on -road at Gurgaon and Centuro Rockstar costs Rs. 43,774 on-road a Gurgaon. This shows the cost effectiveness of Mahindra Centuro.

Also Centuro is equipped with features like stylish flip key, anti-theft system, easy pass switch and handle mounted choke. Suzuki Hayate comes with maintainence free battery, and tubeless tyres as its major features.

Considering all the above mentioned parameters, Mahidnra Centuro has taken lead in front of Suzuki Hayate. Mahindra is new to the two wheelers market, but still its Centuro Rockstar definetly has the potential of taking on many bikes in major aspects. Mahindra two wheelers has also shown an aggressive futuristic display of products in 2014 Auto Show with Mojo being the latest to be launched.

Recent sales report from Mahindra two wheelers shows that they have sold 2 lakh units of Centuro till day.