Cabily by Zoplay – Car Rental Software review.

Traditionally hiring a taxi has been a chore waiting for a long, long time leading to frustration and waste of money and time. Travelling with a stranger to a destination unknown is one another frightening affair, especially for women.The Taxi owners too had the problem of idle taxis and drivers, hampering productivity. The Technology has transformed this scene altogether making the taxi ride the most preferable mode of commute for everyone. The smartphones with smart technology has revolutionized the taxi booking system making it easy-peasy. This Era of Smartphones have prompted Companies like UBER to come up with Apps and software that can take care of every aspect of On-Demand Taxi Business. Car Rental Software have evolved at a quick pace resulting in great products that has changed the way people look at car rental services. These software have made renting cars accessible to all sections of people from economical to luxury car customers. Recent enhancements in car rental software have gone even further in promoting taxi business by revolutionary ideas like car pooling which make it even more affordable. Mobile software Technology has eased out processes involved in various niche car rental businesses that were previously considered risky like self driven car rentals, car pooling etc., Moreover these software are available at a cheaper price, and can be business-ready in minutes. Such is the ease of implementation these software promise.


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Cabily by Zoplay is one of the UBER clone scripts available in the market.Lets have a look at the Pros and cons of this script.


1.Zoplay uses latest technologies for their database resulting in good response times of the software.

2. The admin Dashboard is well laid out and easy to understand and provides all the graphical data including ride stats, driver stats and earnings month on month over one year period.

3. Software includes SOS emergency calling feature that calls emergency contacts in case of accidents. This is a distinguishing feature of the platform.

4. Multi-lingual capability makes it usable in all major languages enabling use by customers all over the world.

5. The car rental software is available in three price packages, lite, premium and ultimate depending on the amount of features and customization options that we opt for.

6. Surge pricing option gives flexibility in pricing strategy according to the situations like late night, early morning trips, rainy days etc.,

7. Some of the features worth mentioning are separate dashboard for drivers, reporting feature, social media sharing, future ride bookings, auto-fill forms etc.,

8. Review system for both drivers and passengers are provided in a more informative way which encourages drivers to improve their customer services. Passengers can rate the ride based on Driver’s timing, courteousness, neatness of the car etc.,

9. They have a dedicated blog and knowledge base integrated in their website for support purpose.


1. Base price of $1999 for either android or ios app limits its functionality compared to some of the competition.

2. Free upgrades are not available on lite and premium editions while the competition are giving them free.

TaxiMobility by NDOT – Car Rental Software review.

Gone are the days when people have to wait for a long, long time and wave their hands to stop a taxi, negotiate the rent and take a ride. Nowadays, thanks to the Mobile App Revolution, taxi ride as a whole, from booking to drop has become a piece of cake. Car rental software either on-demand or standalone is the way to go. No painstaking waits, no negotiations just cool rides!. Mobile Apps give the added edge by allowing the customers to choose the driver, choose the time of ride if it happens later, choose the type of vehicle, if you like a bigger or luxurious car, the type of payment etc., These mobile Apps work seamlessly for any size of businesses, small, medium or large. Hence the scalability of a business is greatly increased. The Mobile Apps in addition to core Business provides new marketing channels to be explored.


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The drivers in turn are benefited by reduced idle time and increased profits. The Mobile Apps let you analyse the business trend through graphical representation and even heat maps in some Apps give information about the most profitable areas of the town.

Today the market is flooded by many software solutions that attempt to bridge the gap between the car rental companies or taxi owners or fleet operators and the customers. The on-demand services have become the current trend in car rental software owing to the success of UBER . They are easy to implement and since they are location-based, you can track the business activity anytime.


TaxiMobility by NDOT is one of the better providers of on-demand car rental software. The software is pretty intuitive to use. Lets list the pros and cons of the software.


1. The administrator dashboard is in the admin panel is well laid out with complete details on business activity, including live status of taxis on maps.

2. In addition to regular login, social network logins are provided for easy sign ins.

3. Add Favorites feature is helpful for quick bookings in the future of our favorite trips.

4. Its a complete platform that includes an admin panel, driver and passenger apps for ios and android, a web panel, ride-later bookings which makes it usable on any device, be it a mobile or a PC.

5. Social network sharing of passenger experiences about rides is a unique feature of Taximobility.

6. Promo code feature is in-built for those limited time promotions and freebies to boost the Business.

7. Some of the features that make the software user-friendly are auto-fill option for forms and card details for payment.

8. In addition to the Master admin panel , separate admin panels for corporate companies that enroll into the system are given. This feature is a distinguishing feature of the TaxiMobility.

9.  It has nice reporting capabilities for generating monthly reports on revenue, commission splits etc., This helps to monitor and improve the business knowing the problem areas.

10. They provide white paper and product presentation downloadable on their website. They provide full documentation and 24×7 support for the product.


The price of the bundle that they are quoting is higher compared the some of the competition.


Wheels Car Rental by Invensys – Car Rental Software review.

Owning a car has been a dream for many, though only some manage to get their hands on one. This is mainly attributed to fact that own cars give you convenience of using anytime at will. But the upfront buying cost, cumulative running costs and periodical maintenance costs hinder people from owning a car. Car rental software companies have decided to fathom this opportunity by automating the processes involved in car rental Business to make car rides accessible to everyone. This has made taxis to be available at a cheaper rate with door step service convenience. On-Demand Platforms on the likes of UBER and other enterprise-level car rental software have made the car rental business as one the booming businesses today. Today’s car rental software  combine Individual drivers and fleet operators together and bring them under one platform making life easier for themselves.

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Wheels Car Rental System by Invensys is a web-based car rental system that is powerful enough to handle a huge fleet of cars in a car rental service. Wheel car rental system is an ERP solution that will be able to manage, book, generate invoice and perform all functions all from one place. Lets examine the pros and cons of the software.



1. It  integrates features like Reservations, Rental Agreements, Fleet Management, Customer & Agent Management and  Financial Back-office etc., This makes it a complete car rental management system.

2. The software is multi-lingual and tax conforming. So it is available in 12 languages and it is conforming to a country’s taxation rules and regulations.

3. The software can generate reports which can be exported to MS Excel or PDF or can be sent as email.

4. The Fleet maintanence feature will help monitoring effectively of the vehicle servicing, parts inventory management,  inspection reports, Sundry expenses on a vehicle or a model for more accurate analysis of maintenance costs.

5. sundry expenses management helps to keep track of other expenses in a car rental business like Insurance, Road Assistance, Parking Fees, Fuel expenses, Vehicle Certificates etc.,

6. Separate garage and inventory management module is provided in the software. This feature is a boon for large fleet operators who keep a constant stock of frequently replaced parts.

7. Wheels Car Rental system supports unlimited rate plans and rate codes. Rate management can be done through the system or imported from MS Excel sheets. Promotions and discounts can be introduced through discount coupons, gift cards and special offers.

8. Agreements management that controls car pickup or booking date, for one or more stops and various payment methods like Pre-paid, full credit, pay on arrival etc.,

9. Daily, weekly or monthly invoices can be automatically generated and emailed to customers which is a handy feature.

10. Availabilty of cars in a specific location will be updated by the respective agents of that place which will get reflected in the Dashboard of the software Administrator.


1. Tracking of vehicles through GPS is a feature thats found missing compared to a few other competing software products. This is where on-demand solutions come in handy offering peace of mind.

Speed Car Rental System by karzansoft – Car Rental Software review.

Car Rental Software solutions have come a long way transforming drivers into fleet operators. These software accomplish the task of easing out complex operations in a car rental Business from asset management to maintenance to payments and so on. Car rental software nowadays are including complex features like Fleet Management for use in their software in a more intuitive way. Without Car rental software it would be impossible to own and manage a huge fleet of cars sometimes in hundreds. Car rental software makes the Business more efficient, reducing expenses and can save you a lot of time. Using the right car rental software can increase your revenue exponentially.

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Speed Car Rental System by Karzansoft is an all-in-one car rental system that incorporates features including a powerful Fleet Management system. Karzansoft provides their software customized specifically to the demands of the vehicle rental companies. The following are the pros and cons of Speed car rental system by karzansoft.


1. The software is built both as an installation software on a PC as well as on the cloud for easy access from anywhere on any device.

2. The software provides a comprehensive look at the business activities for easy management of assets.

3. It features a Dashboard that shows the real time status of vehicles currently on rental, used by staff, in workshop or overdue of vehicles with customers etc.,

4. Powerful Fleet Management features include alerts for vehicles that are due for renewal of insurance,registration etc., and those that are due for scheduled maintenance. This makes the software a complete fleet management system.

5. Daily operations report feature shows details about car rental agreements that are open, closed or extended, vehicle replacements done etc.,

6. Reporting feature is built in a comprehensive manner enabling daily, weekly and monthly reports of operations, banking, accounting etc.,

7. Powerful Accounts Management system provides all kinds of accounting related reports like trial balance, balance sheet, journal, ledger, profit and loss etc., This eliminates the need for a separate accounting software.

8. Profitability of the Business can be tracked in-depth by the system’s analyzer pertaining to a particular car or a particular model, if it is generating profit or loss. This features helps evaluating vehicles producing loss and eliminating them.

9. A few distinguishing features of the software include traffic fines automation, Toll expenses management that makes the software more customer friendly.

10. The Asset Management system lets you add or dispose an asset, provides details about various assets, their value calculating depreciation over time, which helps to prevent unexpected losses.

11. The software is multi-lingual meaning that it supports all important languages. overall the software, though loaded with tons of features is pretty user-friendly in spite of a few important omissions.


1. Features like GPS tracking of the vehicles are sorely missed in an era of connected vehicles. It would have made the software more efficient in monitoring the Business operations.

2. There are no native Android and iOS Apps available for smartphones, though the software can be implemented to run on the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere.

MobilitySum – Car Rental Software review.

People are looking for a faster, cheaper, safer, more comfortable ways to travel. So car rental Business has become an ever-growing one in spite of a heavy competition. Car Rental Business has seen terrific development over the past few years owing to the developments in software Technology. Automation of processes involved in car rental Business is taken care of by car rental software.  Car rental software provide solutions to ease out car booking, driver allocation, car maintenance, payments etc., through standalone, web-based or through mobile apps. Car rental software have raised the bar for rental companies enabling them to increase the size of their fleet multi-fold, without worrying about management and maintenance tasks involved in running a car rental Business effectively. Car rental services work as normal all-purpose rental services or for a particular event-based or location-based (e.g) airport trips. There are customers who want experienced drivers to take them to places safer or customers wanting to drive vehicles on their own. Either way the car rental companies will need a proper system to communicate their requirement to the companies in an easier way. The companies too require a medium to communicate with the customers to streamline their vehicle flow, avoiding idle vehicles and drivers, reducing their expenses.


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MobilitySum is one of the car rental software that works by using a smartphone’s location service to locate, search and communicate with drivers for efficient running of car rental Business.   Lets have a look at the pros and cons of this software.



1. Mobilitysum is a fully corporate level car rental software, for automating processes in a car rental company, managing drivers, vehicles, Mobilitysum utilizes latest technology to connect drivers and corporate owners using mobile Apps.

2. They provide an Android App for driver and Travel desk App for fleet operator for easy communication and monitoring of the vehicles and drivers.

3. Live booking tracking, driver tracking features(whether they are online or offline) through mobile App differentiate this software from some of the Enterprise level car rental softwares available in the market.

4. The Reporting feature of the software lets us to generate and print bill details, payment dues and revenue reports etc.,

5. The software includes an admin Panel with admin and super admin capabilities for use by more users of the company.

6. The software is cloud-based and so it is not resource intensive and lets you access it from anywhere, anytime. No downloads, no installs means you get to start seeing results from the day one.

7. The software is available in two versions as Professional and Enterprise. Both the versions are almost similar, except for the Android App which is available as a custom version for the car rental company in Enterprise edition as opposed to a normal App available with the Professional edition.


1. The success of companies like UBER has prompted many software developers to build a system wherein customers can interact with the nearest driver based on his location from an App installed in his mobile device. Mobilitysum doesnt integrate features like these which makes for a complete peace of mind for the corporate car rental Business owner because it automates all processes from customer pick-up to drop including payments and commissions.

2. Moreover MobilitySum App usage is charged at $30 per driver per month and $30 for one user of TravelDesk App. This calls for recurring charges month on month as compared to the competition offering as onetime upfront cost.

Car Rental Management system – Car Rental Software review.

Nowadays Car Rental Services are available as a self-driven rental service or as a chauffeur driven service and even driver-less technology is in the works. These services are getting accomplished by advances in software technologies that enable seamless integration of processes involved in car rental Business. Car Rental Software’s are advancing in a rapid pace that enables Business operators to enjoy a worry-free Business in a fully automated process. A car rental software to be successful should have features that work online and one that is accessible from any kind of device through browser based applications or as a standalone mobile App for ease of use anywhere in the world. The software must include powerful features like asset Management, route management, reservation management, billing and invoicing, reporting etc.,


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Car Rental Management System(CRMS) is a fully cloud-based, device independent car rental software that can handle tasks scalable from a small to large car rental Businesses. They offer software that is fully customizable according to the needs of the customer. Car Rental Management system can be used by any car rental supplier or a broker or even an online travel agency.


Lets check out the pros and cons of the Car Rental Management System.


1. It is another web-based car rental software solution that does not require any executable files to download and install. It works on any device with an internet connection. So it is not resource intensive and is pretty efficient.

2. The software is highly customizable  and has a scalable architecture allowing for application on any business size.

3. A feature to select a driver based on his age is a good one. The customer can be charged extra for a driver less than 30 years or over 65 years of age. This feature is unique to Car Rental management System.

4. The software allows to select the type of vehicle like sedan, SUV, sports, Family car, minivan etc., its brand and model, which gives more choice to the customers to choose.

5. The fuel policy can be set in the software. It can be set as full tank to full tank or on the basis of the distance run.

6. The system can be used not just for car rental services, but also for other vehicles and fleet operators.

7. A complete invoicing and reporting system is built into the system without needing for a separate accounting software.

8. They provide online training and documentation of the product for support instances including 24×7 customer support.

9. A separate discounts management system helps to introduce discounts and promotions for rides.


1.  The Car Rental Management System doesnt have a fleet management system inbuilt. Features like vehicle maintenance management, parts inventory, fuel management are lacking when compared to the competition.

2. Real time GPS Tracking feature is missing. That would have made it convenient to monitor vehicles that are misused by drivers.

3. There are no mobile Apps available to give ease of use to customers, though the interface is browser-based.

4. Overall the Car Rental Management system has limited features compared to the competition who are imparting on-demand services based on location.

Rental Car Manager – Car Rental Software review.

Rental Car Manager software is one of the main contenders in the race for the best car rental software. It has all the functionalities required to operate a car hire business. Minimizing the costs involved in running a car rental business is a must to avoid unexpected maintenance costs, increased running costs, and idle cars in the fleet.  A proper car rental software should integrate Fleet Management features. To run a successful fleet requires features like Vehicle maintenance Management, Fuel Management, Parts inventory Management, GPS Tracking features etc., There are many car rental systems available in the market that are feature rich and pocket-friendly.  Rental Car Manager incorporates features that cater to fleets ranging from a few cars to thousands of cars.


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Lets analyse the pros and cons of this software.


1. The interface looks very simple and easy to use for any non technical person to use. The menus are clear and the software has a quick menu that enable users access to most used functions.

2. The Fleet Manager tool lets keep track of scheduled maintenance of vehicles, minimising the risk of breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs. It alerts in advance of the maintenance schedule and keeps record of the service costs, which is a handy feature.

3. Rental car Manager is a cloud based software enabling usage on all devices,be it a PC, Tablet or Mobile, all over the World. The software is Business-ready from day one without needing for any installation on any device. Any device having an active internet connection, from any place can access the resources. This helps in real-time monitoring of the Business.

4.  The Reporting feature of the Software gives information on the daily operations. Monthly reports and sales data are shown in a graphical representation just like in a typical Dashboard. This gives an easier way to compare the growth of the Business month on month.

5. The software is built on an API-driven architecture. This allows for any Developer to integrate the software on other platforms. This is the trending feature now enabling any App to communicate and sandwich on their platform.

6. Rental Car Manager has security features that enables to allow restriction of users accessing the software, since it is built on a cloud-based architecture.

7. They provide full documentation of the product and they offer extensive knowledge base of the product. This proves so valuable a support feature for future references.


1. Rental Car Manager lacks features like GPS tracking which allows to monitor the vehicle’s current location, routes travelled, total distance run, enabling smooth and efficient business. Nowadays Technology has advanced to a level that managing all the tasks is done in mobile platforms on-the-go. GPS tracking and monitoring through maps integration is  a must in car rental softwares.

2. Car Rental Softwares are moving towards location based on-demand solutions to streamline the processes in an easy and convenient way.

3. They dont have a native Android and iOS Apps for customers to easily use in their smartphones. It can only be accessed through mobile browsers.


FleetProXL by Car Pro Systems Car Rental Software review.

Car Pro Systems the smashing headstrong car rental software experts who have more than 30 years of vehicle rental software development. FleetProXL is an highly administrative car rental software, the magical innovation hosted by Car Pro Systems in the global auto rental industry. FleetProXL may help strengthen your car hire service to make it more bankable than ever before. It is usually accessed on the computer and contains countless possibilities which you can use to customize your FleetProXL experience. Some of its outstanding features will include a impressive pricing and rate engine, extensive and robust reporting to stay up on your fleet, car disposal and much more. FleetProXL really a great choice?

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FleetProXL is what you have been looking for ?

FleetProXL is hosted by Car Pro Systems can be a reliable and completely functional car rental software. It can be used effectively for managing car hiring and fleet management. FleetProXL carries a simple and user-intuitive design. It also helps to reduce draggy tasks and remove errors. FleetProXL supports many currencies and languages. Car Pro Systems will help strengthen your car rental business to make it more profitable over your expectations.



Mostly preferred choice by most of the weighty car rental companies on the globe, FleetProXL is currently the best brand among the independent software for auto rental and automation system. What I like in FleetProXL car rental system is that it has FleetProXL suite of product’s core application, where virtually all of the rental business needs will probably be the served. Additionally it is also adaptable because its interface is character based, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is optional in fact it is required for “occasional” system users due to its restricted functions.

Car Pro Systems Car Rental Software Review

FleetProXL manages most of the task that bogs you down: invoicing, billing formats, franchises, email documents, cash receivable, accounts receivable, and more. This can also be capable of integrating along with your other systems to ensure that everything you required can easily be accessed in one login, so FleetProXL is highly recommended. This is a cloud-based software that integrates adequately. FleetProXL software is extremely customizable; you could be able to set it up based on your specific requirements and needs. The setup is not complicated. With simply few clicks, you will be ready to start using the software.

This software comes with an inbuilt graphical user interface. They offer an extremely detailed documentation that may help you know how the software program works. The customer support services are available 24/7. You can reach them via email or direct telephone call.

The technical staff for FleetProXL is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. FleetProXL is pretty affordable which is being employed by many companies around the world. This complete car rental system will make your business grow quickly. You’ll make more profits. FleetProXL is lowly prices thus very reasonable to even starting firms. The customer support can be acquired on a regular basis to help you whenever need arises.

Cons of Auto Car Pro Systems

FleetProXL surprisingly includes a DOS-like out-of-date user interface and that I could not discover why they still use this type of technology. Otherwise, the software by Car Pro Systems is working normally for those who are frequent to DOS fashioned software. In recent times, Car Pro Systems has launched FleetProXL iR an intrinsic application that actually works on iPhone, iPAD and also iPod Touch.An advanced local operator, you may take time to mellow down the applications and adjusting to the operations. But, in the end by using this software provides you with a good edge in the market place: You will end up viewed as a car rental service who values their commitments because this tracking service will not gobble up your supply and demand.

Simply because the software provides a great deal of features such as for the safety and several finance related ones, it is perfectly normal to only be familiar with it especially an advanced local operator to get a car rental business. It may be a frightening task to be familiar with the system very quickly, however it is all definitely worth the efforts simply because this system will certainly keep up owner, the customers can use along with the business.

Just like other software, you might encounter some glitches while using FleetProXL Internet. There are no major issues noted but if you ever come across any, you can easily contact the customer support service for help.