GenZe: Mahindra’s first electric two wheeler

Innovative urban mobility has been in the spotlight for the automotive industry. This is mainly due to the increasing traffic, safety issues, emissions degrading the environment etc . Products like compact cars, electric bikes and other innovative urban mobility vehicles are taking their place on roads. Many players in the industry are making products which defines urban mobility between two points in a comfortable and simpler manner. Based on the similar concept, Mahindra has come up with their first electric two wheeler named ” GenZe” in USA. “GenZe” refers to the new generation mobility with zero emissions. The vision of GenZe is to transform urban lifestyles by developing highly efficient and fun vehicles.

GenZe 2.0 by Mahindra (Source:
GenZe 2.0 by Mahindra (Source:

Form here, we will go through about the technology, features, specifications and many more things about GenZe 2.0.


All the features of GenZe 2.0 are made to make drive simple and lots of fun for the rider. This vehicle has the ability to make the rider interact with the vehicle and this is what makes these type of vehicles smart. Here are some of the key technologies and features involved in the making of this vehicle:

  • Touch Pad display:

Commonly two wheelers will have a conventional speedometer, with limited interaction with the rider. However, GenZe 2.0 has a 7 inch Cruise Connect Touch screen display which shows speed, range, battery charge level, CO2 reduction. Additionally, the rider can choose the three driving modes based on type of drive. One of the modes is dedicated for new learners of GenZe. All these keep the drivers interaction with vehicle at all time and thus make driving a fun activity.

7 inch Touch Screen of GenZe 2.0 (Source: www.
7 inch Touch Screen of GenZe 2.0 (Source: www.
  • Aluminum Chassis:

For a smart vehicle, it needs to be light and Aluminum provides it the strength along with lesser weight. Light weight aluminium chassis enhances performance of GenZe 2.0. The one piece chassis is stronger, lighter, corrosion and dent resistant. With compact design, it also adds to the aesthetics of the vehicle. The looks are definitely different from the conventional two wheeler and the build quality of GenZe 2.0 clearly shows it.

Aluminium Chassis Built of GenZe 2.0 (Source:
Aluminium Chassis Built of GenZe 2.0 (Source:
  • Smart Power Module:

For higher efficiency of any electric vehicle, the power module needs to be efficient. It can be charged from any 110 volt outlet. Also there is flexibility in charging of the power module, as you can take the Lithium Ion Batteries pack anywhere you want. It easily comes out of the vehicle with little effort.

Smart Power Module of GenZe 2.0 (Source:
  • Power-Port:

It is not always to charge the batteries of the vehicle. With the on-board power ports, you can go for easily charging of your personal electronics like Smartphone. The ports are available in the under seat storage area.

  • Switch and Go System:

This allows the rider to go on a GenZe 2.0 without any effort. A key less system requires only a throttle for a comfortable and relaxing ride of the day.

  • Slant Seat:

If you are stuck in a heavy traffic, you definitely want to know whether this will be there for a longer time or will get clear soon. You can look over the traffic on your ride with GenZe 2.0 through the slant seat feature. Here you can adjust the seat position very easily.

  • LED Lighting:

The most efficient LED lights are installed considering the safety aspects of the rider as well as the people on roads. LED lights also make the vehicle to look beautiful on roads with its sleek design and light glow.

  • Larger Front Wheel:

It allows stability at higher speeds and also absorbs obstructions from the roads and un-smooth surfaces. This results in a smoother and a comfortable ride.


Technical Specifications of GenZe 2.0 (
Technical Specifications of GenZe 2.0 (Source:


Apart from all the above mentioned exciting features, GenZe 2.0 can be customized based on rider requirements. You can opt for various options which include Cargo Covers, Cargo units and Windshield.

  • Cargo units can be installed on the rear of the vehicle and are removable. They can be preferred by the riders going for a long journey and these units are durable, UV resistant and also rain proof. Thus allows the rider to go for ride of the lie with an ease and comfort.
Cargo Units in GenZe 2.0 (Source :
Rear Placed Cargo Units in GenZe 2.0 (Source:
  • Some rider look for longer windshields for aesthetics as wells as to keep themselves safe from road elements.
Windshield in GenZe 2.0 (Source :
Windshield in GenZe 2.0 (Source :

With GenZe 2.0, Mahindra has definitely taken a step towards the development of urban mobility in an efficient manner. This vehicle has the promise of stability, aesthetics and range with adequate power which would make any urban commuter curious to take a ride in one of the advanced systems in urban mobility. These vehicles are making the foundation for the futuristic vehicles and thus they play a major role in their existence for the future.


Mahindra Thar-ownership review

Mahindra Thar CRDe is a vehicle for adventures people who would like to explore. And I am sorry to say that it does not meet the needs for the other category of people. It is an affordable four wheel drive vehicle by the Indian middle class. I bought the vehicle in Sep 2013 since then it has completed 14500 km. Back then the vehicle had come with an on road price tag of Rs8,30,000.

Exterior design

The beauty of the car is indescribable. It is an admirable piece of architecture. The suv looks pretty much as its predecessor the mm540 DP, there is nothing much changed in terms of exterior design, apart from broad tyres. The car can be customized as desired by the owner, and you can keep doing it as long as you run out of money, because there are a lot many custom parts available in the market to meet your taste. Buying the vehicle is only a small part, customizing it is the major challenge. When you open the doors of the vehicle you get the same sound like in the old jeeps, and I am happy that Mahindra has made it a point to keep it in the present model.

Mahidra Thar front view

Undesirable Interiors

The Thar CRDE has the same dashboard as the Bolero, which is a bit disappointing as people would like something different for a vehicle that looks so appealing from the outside. The vehicle comes with air conditioning and heater as standard. The Thar looks very outdated from the inside. To feel like you are in the 21th century, you have to customize your interiors as well.

The dashboard is made of poor quality plastic and it has a very bad finish quality. The air blower cannot be adjusted for the flow of air to the driver and the co-driver, it is a major setback in the vehicle. It has no electric windows, no cigarette lighter, and it has no indication when the doors are opened, and it has no indication for the seat belt. The steering cannot be adjusted. To say it in one word its “rubbish” on the inside. It is a very bad impression for Mahindra. Jeep is a vehicle that owns a great reputation all around the world, and it’s not very pleasant to see Mahindra destroying it.

The rubber is out of place in the period of just six months.
The rubber is out of place in the period of just six months.
poor interior quality
poor interior quality

Driving experience


The Thar has a 2400cc engine which has good torque and in no time you are into higher speeds as and when you press the accelerator. This attribute comes at the cost of greater fuel consumption. Overall the engine feels very refined and smooth. The braking characters are very good, the vehicle comes with front discs and rear drum brakes. If you would ask me what I like about the vehicle it would be the front end, because it has individual front double wishbone suspension which keeps the vehicle planted to the ground while off road. The vehicle has good off road ability, it handles any terrain with ease and it is gives you the that adventures feeling while you drive.


It handles very well at high speeds on the tarmac unless you meet pot holes or obstacles on the road, because it goes uncontrollable when you come across obstacles. When you travel at speeds above 50 kph, you come across hearing the soft top battering, no matter how many speakers you install you just wont be able to hear your music. The rear suspension is a leaf spring suspension. It is not very comfortable for occupants while traveling on uneven surfaces or bumpy roads. When you come across bumps while traveling at descent speeds you feel as though there are many loose components.

As the vehicle has a powerful engine you end up getting very poor mileage. On the highway you might get around 12 to 13 kmpl if drive below 80kmph, in the city will get 8 to 9 kmpl. If you have money constrains this might worry you a lot.


Mahindra does not  have the facility to service the Thar in most of its centers, you have to be prepared to go miles to service your vehicle if you would like to own one. I am not very satisfied with the quality of service that Mahindra offers. The only thing that is done is the replacement and toping up of fluids, the vehicle is not washed, in fact the service station where I service my car does not even have a hydraulic facility to wash the vehicle. As it has been free service so far I am not sure what might turn out to be the Maintenance cost.

Overall vehicle build quality

The material and the paint job is done brilliantly, but there are many small details that is not very pleasant to view. The door beading’s are not of good quality, and during rain, water seeps through the door beading’s. The window seals are not of good quality either. The car’s hood beading is also not good and it is not fitted properly.

My car had coolant leaking in the first 1000kms itself. The clutch pedal rubber had come off the pedal. The quality of material used is very poor, they tend to fail very often. Mahindra has not taken good care in building the vehicle, and not taken any efforts in testing it before it reaches the customer. This vehicle is not built as rugged as the mm540, and I can tell you that because we had owned one.

Mahindra Thar CRDE


This vehicle is not worth the price tag, since it has no competition I believe Mahindra is taking this car leniently. Producing cars of such low standards is a bad reputation for the company. I had already sent an email stating the problems but the company has not given any response so far. I would be happy if Mahindra considers customer feedback and rectifies the problems. For people who would like to buy the Thar I would suggest you take a detailed inspection, and if it meets your needs, you can go ahead in buying the vehicle.

Faceoff:Suzuki Hayate vs Mahindra Centuro Rockstar


With the raising competition in the two wheeler’s market, it is important for the manufacturers to come up with changes in their existing models which can attract customers in terms of technology, design and styling and cost effectiveness. Updates in bikes involves slight changes which involves rendering of the bikes and new features installation.Here we will look at two such updated models, Facelifted Suzuki Hayate and Mahindra Centuro Rockstar.


Mahindra Centuro has a unique style in its range of bikes. Its frontal golden ribs provides it a rugged style and tough look. Chisled like body and tattoo like decals makes it watchable anywhere. The bike from Mahindra two wheelers look very fresh in its design and definitely stands itself out of the conventional designs.  The Rockstar model will come with combination of bright red, black and gold colour which adds premium looks to the bike. The bike is equipped with  LED brake lights.

Mahindra Centuro Ribs
Golden Ribs in Mahindra Centuro (Source:
Mahindra Centuro Rockstar brake lights
LED Brake Lights of Mahindra Centuro (Source:
Decals in Mahindra Centuro Rockstar
Tattoo like decals in Mahindra Centuro (Source:

When we come to Suzuki Hayate, it looks like a slim designed bike with all systems arranged in a compact manner. The face lift model comes with a fully painted side cowls which adds to the styling. The vehicle will be offered in Glass Sparkle Black- Red Graphic Glass Sparkle Black- Blue Graphic, Pearl Mirage White, Pearl Mira Red/Glass Sparkle Black and Pearl Moon Stone Grey. The bike with its styling and colour options does not give a tougher body language when compared to Mahindra Centuro Rockstar. Thus here Mahindra Centuro comes higher in design and styling.


Comfort and eergonomics play a vital role in the minds of customers. Mahindra Centuro Rockstar has been designed keeping that in mind with extra large seats for comfort. Hayate has its own way of sleek styling of seats. Build quality of both the bikes are appreciable and are comparable to each other.


Centuro Rockstar is powered by Mahindra’s indigenously developed 100 cc intelligent Mci (Micro chip ignited 5-curve) Engine which delivers a power output of 8.6 PS @ 7500 RPM. It also has a patented lubrication system which helps it in achieving mileage of 85.4 kmpl as per ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) . It provides a smart balance between power and fuel economy and is coupled with 4 speed manual transmission.

Centuro Rockstar engine
Mahindra Centuro Rockstar: Micro Chip 5-Curve Ignited Engine (Source:

Suzuki Hayate comes with a 112cc engine with a mileage of around 75-80 kmpl at standard test conditions.  It comes with a 4 speed manual transmission for powering the rear wheels.  The engine provides a maximum power of 8.4 PS @ 7500 RPM.

Indigenous and fuel efficient engine of Centuro comes up in the higher position.


Centuro Rockstar is having telescopic coiled spring dampers in the front and five step adjustable damper in the rear. Drum brakes are installed in both front and rear wheels allowing comfortable braking responses to the rider. Alloy wheels make the bike look new and also reduces weight of the bike.

Suzuki Hayate is also equipped with telescopic coiled spring dampers in the front  and coiled spring damper in the rear with swing arm. The swing arm helps in maintaining stability at higher speeds. Drum brakes are installed in both front and rear wheels and is also equipped with alloy wheels same as that of Centuro Rockstar.


Suzuki Hayate self start model costs Rs. 47,727 on -road at Gurgaon and Centuro Rockstar costs Rs. 43,774 on-road a Gurgaon. This shows the cost effectiveness of Mahindra Centuro.

Also Centuro is equipped with features like stylish flip key, anti-theft system, easy pass switch and handle mounted choke. Suzuki Hayate comes with maintainence free battery, and tubeless tyres as its major features.

Considering all the above mentioned parameters, Mahidnra Centuro has taken lead in front of Suzuki Hayate. Mahindra is new to the two wheelers market, but still its Centuro Rockstar definetly has the potential of taking on many bikes in major aspects. Mahindra two wheelers has also shown an aggressive futuristic display of products in 2014 Auto Show with Mojo being the latest to be launched.

Recent sales report from Mahindra two wheelers shows that they have sold 2 lakh units of Centuro till day.