Jeep super bowl commercial 2015- an overview

Jeep super bowl commercial 2015

Jeep is a popular American automobile brand that is a division of Chrysler Group LLC. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Italian multinational automaker Fiat S.P.A. Chrysler Corporation had acquired Jeep along with the remaining assets of its (then) owner, American Motors.

Currently, Jeep offers Sports Utility Vehicles, Off-Road Vehicles as well as Pickup trucks.

Most Americans prefer Jeep for its off-road performance, durability and strength. Those factors weren’t just something that customers picked up in a single night. It took years of advertising and trust. But that sounds like a lot right?

Hence, Super Bowl, a platform that allows various companies to make their presence felt as strong as ever. The following super bowl commercials from Jeep were intended for the very same purpose, they have reached more than a million views and likes so far. So, sit back relax and grab a bucket of ice-cream or popcorn and enjoy these commercials- while we await the latest Jeep Super Bowl commercial 2015

Whole again:

Chrysler had a very silent and taciturn agenda for the Super Bowl XLVII. Without any teasers or any hint to the public and no celebrity involvement, this was a unique recipe brewing from Detroit.

The Chrysler team worked closely with United Service Organizations (USO) for a two minute tribute entitled “Whole Again” and was narrated by Oprah Winfrey to introduce the Jeep brand’s “Operation SAFE Return”“galvanize community support for service members and their families worldwide.”

“We wait. We hope. We pray. Until you’re home again.” — Oprah

This is how the commercial starts off. This commercial was one of the more popular ones like “The Year of the Farmer” that featured its Dodge Ram brand truck.

This heartfelt patriotic commercial that intones “When you are home..we are more than a family… we are a nation, we are a nation that is home, again”

This Jeep Super Bowl commercial pays tribute to America’s military families.  A heartwarming and emotional-tugging of some images of U.S military men and women meeting and embracing their family members as they arrive home safely from their overseas mission, just in time for the Super Bowl. Happiness, joy and a gamut of emotions is what made this commercial a hit.

Jeep also donated $ 1 million in funding and vehicles to the USO for programs which supported returning U.S military service members and their families. Chrysler has always been on top of the game when it came to donating funds to the USO.

 “For the past two years, we have used the largest television viewing audience to highlight the pride, the resilience and the determination that form an integral part of the American character,” said Sergio Marchionne, chairman and CEO of Chrysler, in a statement released after the advertisement aired.

In a statement released after “Whole Again” aired, Winfrey said: “It was an honor to lend my voice in support of those that serve us all.”

Do watch this commercial and enjoy those emotional moments( For sure we can expect a rocking Jeep Super Bowl commercial 2015 )



This is yet another beautiful Ad by Jeep. Although it does not totally convince you into buying a Jeep, it shows you various possibilities that the generation of today might find passé. Being restless is not such a bad thing, you get to do more with your life, you get to explore much more into the further, and you get to experiment a lot with the joy of driving a Jeep.

Showing over scenes of urban cityscapes along with patches of unspoiled nature and a narration that talks about the experience of being wanderlust, the commercial takes you into an uncommon journey. Although, you might not want to watch this commercial time and time again, it does manage to leave behind an impression of sorts( just cant wait to see what model is to be promoted in the Jeep Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

Imported from Detroit:

A commercial endorsed by Eminem to advertise Chrysler 200, this renamed and re-skinned rental car of the masses does not have the emotional grasp. It seems quite a visually pleasing commercial of the night and Chrysler needs applause for that reason. But, it somehow lacks connect and appeal that is seen in various car commercials. It is quite subjective, have a look at the Jeep Super Bowl commercial and see if you feel the same.

America’s Import:

Chrysler 200 was formerly addressed as “Imported from Detroit” but now, the trend has changed and so has the baseline. The new marketing line says “America’s Import” with a new advertising campaign.

The Ad aims at competing with imports, it markets the reasons for you to “not” go overseas to get yourself a quality car. The commercial does a pretty good job by putting the brand back on the map.

Although the thought might lead you into believing that this brand challenges the import market, it somehow feels terribly dated and somehow fail to put across a rather pleasing message. Marketing is one part, but going aggressive on imports and making a decision for customers might not be such a good decision.

These few commercials had certainly created a buzz on the internet. Let’s hope Jeep/Chrysler bring out more innovative commercials.

Jeep super bowl commercial 2015

While we await the Jeep Super Bowl commercial 2015, let a look at the Super Bowl Car Commercial list

Jeep to Enter India Market in 2015-What To Expect

Iconic car maker Jeep will soon be making its official entry into the Indian market in the coming months. Although the Fiat owned manufacturer did announce it will hit Indian shores later this year, the brand has postponed its debut date to next year. The Indian audience eagerly awaits the arrival of the Jeep moniker primarily for two reasons. One being the on going SUV pandemic sweeping our nation and the other being the massive legacy of the Jeep brand. Although one might argue that the American car maker has been reduced to making luxury tarmac lovers and family oriented SUVs, Jeep still maintains cars such as the Wrangler in its purest form: a heavy duty off-roader.

red jeep grand cherokee front
The Jeep Brand Will Soon Be Arriving in India

Throughout the course of history Jeep has managed to garner a legacy for churning out rugged off roaders. With its range used in Word War II and Vietnam Wars, the American car maker’s reputation for making reliable 4 by 4’s hit super stardom. Sadly however, the Wrangler is the last of the thoroughbreds. The only SUV in the manufacturer’s range to offer sold front and rear axles and a chassis designed with a primary focus on hardcore off-roading.

We take a look at what Jeep has in store for the Indian market and its main competitors. Will the brand take off? We find out.

Jeep Grand Cherokee:

The big daddy of them all, the Grand Cherokee is the American automaker’s flagship SUV. While most manufacturers these days simply make a bulky car and slap an SUV tag onto it (read BMW X6), Jeep created an SUV with true off-road DNA. While cars such as the Q7, ML-Class offer a level of luxury rivaled by none, the high degree of opulence comes at a price. And that price for SUVs is its off-road capability. Jeep however has opted to keep the Grand Cherokee somewhere in the middle, the sweet spot. Offering a massive cabin, decked up in premium leather and wood, the Cherokee is no village barn on the inside.

black jeep grand cherokee
The Grand Cherokee May Not Offer The Same Level of Off Roading Prowess as the Wrangler But It Strikes The Perfect Balance Between On Road and Off Road Comfort

Under the hood you’ll find a 3.0 L V6 oil burner that churns out 237 HP and a massive 550 Nm of torque. Although the American car maker does offer a bigger 6.4 L V8, Jeep is unlikely to launch the Grand Cherokee with such an indulgent variant here in India. The car’s biggest rivals will be the BMW X5 and the Audi Q7.


Jeep Wrangler:

The next Jeep to soon enter the Indian car market will be the iconic Wrangler. Praised for its compelling and timeless industrial design, the Wrangler is one of the all time greats. Unchanged over the years since its inception, the Wrangler has spawned a cult following across the world. Without the unnecessary headlights, sleek roofline and fancy paintwork, the Wrangler is a no nonsense SUV capable of roaming any kind of terrain. Unlike its siblings, the Wrangler is no toned down, tarmac lover; built for the road less traveled by, the SUV is an off-roader’s favorite. However, its extreme off-road durability comes at a price. The Wrangler is extremely uncomfortable on city roads and with the poor state of infrastructure and road conditions our country has to offer, the Wrangler is reserved only for the true nature lovers.

jeep wrangler front
The Jeep Wrangler Is A Legacy Recognized By All

Powering this SUV is a 2.8 L four cylinder diesel mill that produces 197 HP and 460 Nm of torque. Although the performance numbers are not nearly as much as the Grand Cherokee, the Wrangler sports fewer creature comforts and is much lighter than the Cherokee.

black jeep wrangler rear
Rear View of the Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Renegade:

Officially not on the company’s release list, the baby Jeep is a highly likely candidate for an India launch. Unlike the new age crossover movement taking place all over, the Renegade is one of the handful of compact SUVs that can actually hold its own when off the road. Despite its short stature and rather meek engine, the Renegade has been designed with years of off road expertise and the results are quite impressive. For those of you who do not really intend on going for a bit of exploring in the woods, the Renegade is also offered in front wheel drive only format.

red jeep renegade rear
The Jeep Renegade Is One of the Latest Cars To Join The Jeep Range

For its India release, we may see both avatars of the Renegade. Powering the mini Jeep is a 1.4 L turbocharged engine that puts out 160 HP. The American car maker also offers a 2.4 L four cylinder engine that produces 184 HP. While the former is mated to a six speed manual, the latter is offered with a first ever nine speed automatic.

front jeep renegade
Don’t Be Fooled By Its Cutesy Exteriors; Inside, the Renegade is all Jeep

A synonym for all things rugged, Jeep represents a facet of culture that has long been abandoned thanks to gizmos and concrete jungles. While some may buy a Jeep for its snob value, the brand’s range is strictly for the adventurous. Hopefully the Jeep moniker will evoke the same feelings of breaking free as the original Safari did and take it to new heights.