Fiat 595 Competizione 2015 Release

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Driving in this world has not only become an important integrated part of our everyday lives, it has also become a source of luxury. The car you drive can say a lot about who you are. When you turn the ignition and roll down the busy streets of New York, California, and even in small towns, the people who see you don’t see you, they see your reflection in the sleek car you knew would turn heads. Whether it’s for you or you and your growing family, life comes full circle once you have the right vehicle for your needs. Today, we are going to be looking at the Fiat Abarth 595 Competizione 2015. We hope to give you some insight into this new and improved Fiat with all it has to offer, yes, including the price.

Fiat Rear
Fiat Rear

Fiat, which is based in London, UK, has been making vehicles in the United States in 2009 after its merge with Chrysler and has become the seventh largest auto maker in the world. In the year 2015, Fiat looks to make a new Abarth to appeal to every type of demographic, and so far, there is no question they are making their mark. Do you remember a few years ago, a man walking down the street and sees a beautiful woman bending over and then wiping foam off his lips from his coffee? That was the first commercial and view of the Fiat Abarth I had ever seen. I must say I was impressed, as I am with the 595 Competizione.

The Fiat Abarth 595 Competizione is a remake of its 1964 predecessor which had 32 base horsepower. Looking at it now, I’m not even sure you can call it the same vehicle. With 158 base horsepower and 170 foot pounds of torque, the wind is sure in my hair already. With its continued sleek design and following suit with many car companies adding turbocharge, or as some call Eco boost,  this four cylinder “T-jet” car is putting up a good fight. According to an article done by Car Magazine, “this car is the 500 at its best” (Abarth 1).

The car has a 7.4 second 0-62 mile per hour, and it makes it seem so easy. Watching the car fly down the drag-strip makes my heart flutter, and it’s not just the engine. Inside you have beautiful leather seats and fittings you can really get your hands on. The 595 has done well in its first make over, releasing with all of the new-fangled accessories we all want: Bluetooth, park and rear assist, and even comes with tinted windows as standard. This car may be small, but packs a big punch.

Starting a 43 miles per gallon and a price tag of 19-21 Euro, the Competizione is pulling away from the drag strip a little far behind its competition. Coming up behind other minis in the competition, it’s no surprise Fiat wants to make a name for itself. The price may seem far off from what its name entails, but this car has a lot to offer. I was not fortunate enough to be able to test drive this new vehicle, seeing the videos produced about it were enough for me to feel strongly about the quality of this little monster.

Sweeping a car like the Competizione under the rug is not something Fiat will take sitting down. This car is a true test of their quality now that they have taken over Chrysler in 2014. Looking past their small and under equipped past, they are busting out and leaving that behind. The 595 is giving us a glimpse into their bright future, one that has made them talk enough to at least compare them to the well rounded car companies not from America, but make cars within America like BMW and Volkswagen. By the Fiat creeping on them with the 595, it’s no wonder they are comparing them.

I am excited for the future of the Fiat Abarth after seeing this car in action. This proud and successful car company has so much to look forward to in the years to come, and the 595 Competizione is the best starting point that Fiat could have chosen. By reimagining this iconic vehicle, they are breaking new ground into the ever-changing car industry. I truly do wish them luck in their venture. I encourage anyone looking trade up (or in this case down due to size) to a mini, you give this car a test drive and see for yourself.


If it’s breath taking, it’s definitely got to be a Bentley.

A rich man’s ride, the Continental (my dream car), Mulsanne an now Flying Spur, with immaculate precision and fine craftsmanship, Bentley motors cast their glorious vehicles with the confidence of a king.

Bentley Motors have announced the arrival of a new member in its royal family, the 2015 Flying Spur V8.  It would definitely roll out with the motto “Live Life Large”

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After the Continental, a year later, the Spur came flying with more features behind the wheels. That being said, the newly anticipated spur; a cheaper model than its predecessor is going to be 21,000$ cheaper on your pocket. The Flying Spur has certainly given its previous moniker “continental” a diverse meaning. The British Luxury car sported the two-door model. Its new skin makes it more vivacious. Just a reminder, this model is going to pack a little lesser power than its predecessor that had the W-12 (twin- turbo charged engine)

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With Audi’s aficionado-like engineering put to task, the twin-turbo charged 4.0 Liter V8 engine is going to certainly create an impact.

The same engine has already been introduced to a few Audi models such as A8, S8, RS7, S6 and the RS6. The horsepower produced by this engine can range anywhere from 430-560 Horsepower.

The Flying Spur would conveniently power up 500 horses under its hood @ 6000 RPM and a 488Nm torque.


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The specialty lies in the ultra light; ultra compact V8 mated with a ZF sourced 8 speeds automatic providing a smooth ratio between smooth and seamless everyday driving. Although, constant acceleration and gear paddling might play a bit with the car’s momentum. The Sports mode takes care of the wee bit of confusion, you can choose to fly on roads, keeping luxury constant. The 4-wheel drive that sets up the car to maximum traction always.

Beware, this luxury vehicle isn’t just meant to flaunt. The V8 charges the spur to a stunning 0-60 mph in about 4.8 seconds and achieves 183 mph.

With a symphony like sound unlike its aggressively intense W12 cousin, which makes it sound like 2 engines at work under the bonnet. The V8 Spur however, sounds like it should. A pleasing noise similar to a baritone snarl when the engine is revved to its maximum.


Surprisingly, the new spur is going to go easy on your fuel. Bentley has chosen to give the Flying Spur a touch of Fuel Economy. Sources claim that the fuel economy would range from 12 miles per gallon (in the city) to 20 (miles per gallon) on the highway. Being a lot less bulky than its previous cousins, the New Flying Spur is going to be around 330 pounds lighter than the W12. Maximum mass seeps in from the front of the vehicle. And as it might turn out, the Flying Spur V8 would definitely be nimble on the wheels.


While, the Visuals are pretty much adapted from the Continental GT range of cars (two door) the other changes include; Black Air intakes rather than the ever appearing high gloss metallic finish or the grille.

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Surprisingly, Bentley has chosen to give the new Flying Spur Logo a contemporary Red color rather than sticking on to its conventional Black background logo. Even, the exhaust tips have been kinked a tad to give them a twin oval look. The plush appeasing interiors in the Bentley are always a sign of great craftsmanship and a sign of premium luxury.


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The Spur V8 comes with a bench type seat for rear passengers, it can comfortably accommodate 5 passengers (4+1) & the dashboard of the Flying Spur is similar to the one found in the Continental Models.

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Bentley aims on bringing newer customers under its roof. With an offering so tempting and in sync with the competition, Bentley has smartly placed this less powerful W12 substitute for a lesser price band.

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It is expected that the price would be a notch higher than the Audi A8, the BMW 7 Series or for that matter even the Mercedes S class. With a brand that competes collar to collar with its luxurious rival, Rolls Royce, it is certainly a good move by Bentley to introduce cars in the premium sedan range. With an increasing number of Mercedes, Bmw and Audi buyers, Bentley is certainly going to be a choice among the luxury car buyers.

The price of the Bentley 2015 V8 Flying Spur is going to range between $ 1,97,825  and  $ 2,00,500.


“Sporty to drive yet elegant by looks”

MERCEDES, BMW and AUDI – looks like you might have to face some real luxurious trouble.