Honda super bowl commercial 2015- an overview

Honda super bowl commercial 2015

If you are a fan of Honda, these Super Bowl commercials are definitely going to make you love Honda even more.

Just like its rival (Toyota) even Honda has its share of Super Bowl Commercials featuring glamour, style, elegance, humor and a whole lot of marketing magnetism.

Presenting to you, a few commercials that might make you giggle or even inspire you. While, a few advertisements might make you want to snooze. Either ways, try watching them all ( while we await the Honda super bowl commercial 2015 )

6. Honda Accord Crosstour 2010:

The Honda Accord sedans are pretty famous worldwide. Apart from its huge interior space and the all-wheel drive, Honda had introduced the 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour model that is more versatile and better looking. This crossover SUV sizzles up the Roomy seating as well as carlike driving dynamics along with a quiet cabin space. However, your cargo might have to do a little compromising, the vehicles styling might appear perky to a few while some claim that it has a controversial styling.

The following Honda super bowl commercial gets completely nutty, with an animated squirrel trying to assemble various unrelated items only to look forward to introduce the new Accord Crosstour (yeah, it is insane)

5. Honda CRV Game day Commercial:

What if you were a celebrity? Say Matthew Broderick and you’d want a day off from your busy scheduled day of shoot. Your manager calls you in the morning to inform you about how hectic your day is going to be and you get this sudden idea of skipping the day’s shoot.

And so, starts the Honda CRV commercial that makes a celebrity do all those things that seem exciting. The Ad urges you into trying new things and going ahead beyond boundaries.

The 2010 Honda Accord came with a 3.5 Liter, V6-Cylinder engine that could produce 271 HP @ 6200 RPM. It came with an Auto transmission and the top end models came with Bluetooth, Navigation as well as Heated seats. The fuel economy of the CRV was around 18 mpg in the city and 27 on the Highway.

Although the Ad  is a little longer than the usual ones and you might mistake it for a movie trailer (I did) the Honda CRV commercial was a good attempt by Honda at the Super Bowl ( Cant wait to see which car will be promoted in the Honda super bowl commercial 2015 )

4. Honda Ridgeline 2006:

If you have a buffed up Honda that looks like it has been trained with a strict dose of steroids just to lure a silver silhouetted lady into entering your Honda truck. Well, this Ad should explain it better.

The 2006 Honda Ridgeline is a pickup truck for those who do not really require a truck but some sort of vehicle that would serve a few of those purposes.

The Ridgeline was famous for its sporty driving dynamics along with its comfortable and versatile interiors. Honda had also added innovative cargo features along with dent-resistant composite bed. All in all, this was supposedly a hunky package with relevant features. However, the downside to this was its chunky exterior styling along with the slab shaped rear seat that was just too bland. The truck came in limited engine options. There were 3.5 Liter V6 powered Auto trims with additional features such as moon roof and XM 5.0 bed options additional. With a mileage of 15 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway, this truck was not the best but, it somehow made its debut at the super bowl.

Check out this awesome Ad & lets expect a more amazing one for the Honda super bowl commercial 2015.

3. Honda Civic- Mario Andretti:

Smart move by Honda to promote the Honda Civic with the help of Mario Andretti. The poor guy forgets to sign a waiver especially when Mario Andretti takes the wheel. Promoting the 2013 Honda Civic, the fastest seat in sports, takes a chance to start an IZOD Indy Car Series race.

The new Honda Civic went through a design overhaul. With new front and rear styling along with revised suspension and steering, it looked pretty classy. The interiors were also given a whole new transformation and the car carried Coupe and Sedan body styles.

The Civic was available in Manual and Automatic transmissions. The engine variants ranged from 110-210 hp producing (1.8 liter and 2.4 liter) 5 & 6 speed manual and automatic variants.

Although the Honda super bowl commercial does not give you any idea about the specs of the car, it is worth a glance.

2. 2013 Honda Urban (SUV Concept):

Alas, an Ad that focuses on the styling and looks of the car rather than celebrities or gabby advertising mumbo-jumbo.

The youth-oriented small crossover vehicle named Honda Urban SUV (Concept) made its debut in Detroit. Stylish, compact and innovative are the words I would use for this vehicle. With plenty of innovative features within and on the outside, this vehicle is definitely a show stopper.

According to John Mendel, Executive VP of sales at Honda America, “No one has had greater success with small cars than Honda, and this Urban SUV Concept will create new value in the growing small-SUV segment”

Enthusiasts have their impulsive modes on and are expecting the Urban to roll out towards the end of 2014( which may be featured in the Honda super bowl commercial 2015 )

1. 2014- Honda Bruce Willis commercial:

An action hero and a car well, what are the odds of viewing the car in one piece after he takes charge of the wheel?

Surprisingly though, Bruce Willis is shown to talk about safety rather than blow up cars and cause mayhem. As a part of the company’s initiative to promote safety and caution while driving, this commercial combines a key message (Safety) with a little humor. This is one of those “non commercial” advertisements that promotes a simple yet strong message.

Watch it and drive safe 🙂

Honda super bowl commercial 2015

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