Ford B-Max: Ford’s new Maxed out MPV

"Ford B Max Interiors"

Ford India, after its successful launch of the Figo and Eco Sport has promised to launch around 8 new models in India. Ford seems to understand what the market demands, it also seems to understand the niche that small cars hold. The B-Max has been a successful car in most countries, and now its here to rival up with Honda Jazz.

The B-Max is supposedly the replacement of the Fusion, which itself was based on the previous Fiesta. This model from Ford is designed to appeal buyers who are looking to upgrade to a car with sharp styling as well as a luxurious and comfortable interior space. 

Engine and Features:

The B-Max will come out with nothing short of an impressive engine. Sources suggest that the new B-Max may come fitted with a 1L three-cylinder SCTi engine belonging to the Ford Eco-boost family. The car delivers 120 bhp of power and the diesel engine produces 75 bhp. It is also likely to feature the Power Shift dual clutch automatic gearbox, turbocharged direct injection and, the stop and start system. The B-Max might also come with 1.2L petrol and 1.4 L diesel engines from the Ford Figo. The models will carry a standard five manual gearbox and will be available in 3 specifications. The entry-level model names Studio, the mid range Zetec and the top –spec named Titanium.

This car had received five star rating in the Euro NCAP crash safety tests, all thanks to the electronic stability control, traction control as well as driver, passenger curtain, side, driver’s knee air-bags. The B-Max handles well and makes driving in the town quite enjoyable. This car also has electronic windows all around, electric mirrors as well as remote locking. The car’s Anti-Lock Braking System is a great safety measure, it also has Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) as well as Electronic Stability program (ESP) that are added safety measures to ensure that the car remains safe at all times.


"Ford B-Max"
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The B-Max has a “pillar-less” body shell that is achieved by integrating its B-Pillar into the front and sliding read doors. Ford has integrated its ultra-high-strength boron steel in the doors and special safety inter-locks between its body panels and body structure.

"Ford B-max"
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The car’s front and rear doors open independently of each other. Another ingenious feature in this car is its sliding back doors that give users easy access.  It is also believed that the B-Max will have shatter resistant glass that would make it extra tough and tough to crack.

"Ford B-Max"
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The B-Max has been designed on the Fiesta’s platform and has a compact-looking practical design. The company’s kinetic design theme is evident in the styling and the B-pillar between its doors are eliminated. This car shares its design similarities with C-Max with swooping headlights and wraparound rear-lights.

"Ford B-Max"
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The boot space of this car is rated at 397 liters, which can be increased to over 1000 liters. This is a pretty cool feature that is essential for families to carry their luggage. This car also carries Body Colored Bumpers, Tinted Glass as well as Electric Rear View Mirrors. B-Max also has 3 Rear Seat Belts, 2 Airbags and Parking sensors. The B-Max being a mini MPV will be a great addition to the Indian roads.

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The B-Max has a compact design that is deceptively spacious and accommodates 5 passengers with ease. This is quite a resourceful car that has foldable rear-seats. The car has plenty of space for luggage and household goods. Also, there is 60:40 rear split seats that can also be found on the Maruti Suzuki Swift.

"Ford B Max Interiors"
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The car has SYNC technology along with special safety locks along with latch mechanisms. This car is a delight for both passengers as well as its driver. It comes with standard features inside. Overall, the interior of the car has a refined look thanks to its spacious and elegant design with high quality materials. This car has a Rear Defogger, Rear Washer and Wiper, Remote Boot Release, Remote Fuel Filler, Steering Mounted Controls, A/C, Power Windows and Power Steering.

Ford B-Max
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Bottom line:

Ford B-Max is a great MPV suited for most Indian families looking for a reasonably spacious car. The five seated makes a great addition for a family of 5 members. This car is expected to hit Indian roads in 2015 and as per speculation; the car is expected to be priced between Rs. 6-8 lakhs. This car is a great replacement to the Ford Fusion and is a fierce competitor to the Mini Xylo from Mahindra. There are plenty of other players waiting to prove their worth, but Ford has a promise that is pretty challenging to match up to.

Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015

Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015

When you think of Ford, it takes you back to a very historic journey of classic cars. Ford is a big spender on Super Bowl commercials and brings out various sensible and appealing ones. Being one of the most desired brand in America, Ford focuses mostly on the sheer hard work and technology used in every vehicle ever build by the brand.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent and somewhat pleasing commercials by Ford that made Ford’s brand presence felt at the Super Bowl. While we await the Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015, lets take a look the previous year commercials 🙂

7. Ford F-450:

The 2008 Ford F-450 was a super duty with maximum towing capacity as well as a omnipotent look. Belonging to a class-leading towing and possessing hauling capabilities, the Ford F-450 was certainly desirable by a few super duty users. The vehicle had a relatively small turning circle, strong performance, comfortable ride while towing as well as a standard trail-brake controller.

Sadly, the vehicle had a wider front end than the previous F-250/F-350. This was a stiff ride compared to the other vehicles in the same category.  Powered by a Power Stroke turbo diesel engine that makes an impressive 350 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, this is definitely not a pansy ride. The vehicle also has added features such as a standard MP3 audio jack, available power telescoping/folding side mirrors and a unique drop-down tailgate step that makes access to the bed easier.

The following Ford Super Bowl commercial is simple and effective. It shows you the combination of every part that makes the F-450 a super Duty truck. You’d like the commercial if you prefer the combination of efficiency with masculinity.

6. Ford Escape Hybrid:

Kermit the frog has been a familiar face in many super bowl commercials. We’ve seen him do a commercial with Toyota and it worked quite well. Ford used Kermit to promote the Escape Hybrid variant at the Super Bowl.  It did work pretty well.

This Ford Super Bowl commercial shows Kermit go through rigorous situations in the wild. At one point he uses the canoe; he goes trekking and finds the Ford Escape Hybrid. The message goes loud and clear, “it’s easy being green”

The Ford Escape delivers 36 miles per gallon. It is a Simple yet effective Ad.

5. Ford Mustang Convertible- She’s back:

Those Vintage ads have a charm of their own, don’t they?

Beauty promoted with a beast was a great concept in the 1980’s. The 1983 Ford Mustang is promoted with a gorgeous lady driving around with the Mustang Convertible. Although this might seem quite a basic ad for a Mustang, this was a success during 1983.

The message was conveyed with the proper usage of beauty and brains. This 3rd generation mustang was built from 1978 to 1993 and had a great styling along with a unique class. Watch the commercial and delve into the good ole days, while we wait the release of the Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015

4. Ford GT 2004:

Ever heard a Ford GT rumble? Ford asks its viewers a direct question about the real power their car has when it is on a particular gear. In what gear do you know that nothing can catch you? And finally, in what gear do you know that it is the one?

Revolving around a race track, the Ford GT is driven like never before while you can get a glimpse of the absolute brutal power being unleashed on road. The Ford GT 2004 commercial had absolutely minimal selling/ advertising and fake promises. What you see in the commercial is exactly what you drive. Completely practical and aggressive, this is quite a good commercial from Ford ( Lets hope the Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015 is even more aggressive )

3. Legacy:

Bored of watching good commercials? How about a low budget WTF commercial?

Legacy Ford Super Bowl commercial is perhaps one of those commercials that might make your eyes roll in all possible corners. This is not just an advertisement; it focuses on the “ultimate car buying experience”

Sure, after watching this commercial, your experience is definitely going to be ultimate. Have a look.


2. Ford F-150:

The Company had prioritized on toe hooks for this particular Ad. By suspending the F-150 truck and spinning it across, this is a good way of advertising the F-150. The obvious messages that one can derive out of this commercial are; Strength, Durability and Rigidity. The F-150 has a very solid build and looks as tough as most jobs go. This is quite a good attempt by Ford to promote the F-150 at the Super Bowl ( cant really wait for the Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

Have a look and decide for yourself.

1. 2014 Ford Fusion:

Featuring Rob Riggle and James Franco, the Ford Fusion commercial is a little different from the conventional commercials. Besides the strong message about promoting fuel economy as well as introducing the Hybrid version, this commercial has a twist to it.

This two faceted commercial shows you the simple and plausible style of living and on the other hand, it stuns you with unbelievable and inane visuals. The twist isn’t too appealing, but then again it is a decent attempt by the company to bring out newer perspectives and give the Super Bowl viewers something new and exciting to look at.

While we eagerly wait for the Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015, take a look at the the best Super Bowl Car Commercial list.

 Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015