2015 Frankfurt Auto Show: A-To-Z Guide


The recently held 66th International Motor Show (IAA) held at Frankfurt was a huge success from the 15th to 17th September and from September 19th to 28th for public. The 2015 Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IIA) or the Frankfurt Motor show had kicked-off some of the most exciting and the eye catching car’s in the universe. The 2015 edition of this humongous auto show had an interesting array of upcoming car launches and a few crazy concept cars.

There were more than 60 vehicle introductions in both production and concept forms. In case you missed out on the live action, here’s a look at some of the best cars that were absolute “show-stoppers”

Concept Cars:

Production cars are obviously good news. But, at times it’s better to enjoy some of the best looking designs that don’t necessarily come to reality. But well, its better feasting your eyes on these designs than not:

Mercedes IAA Concept:

Mercedes is pretty amazing when it comes to designing. The company has brought a few fabulous cars and out-of-the world concepts.

"Mercedes Concept car"
Image Source: http://www.benzinsider.com

The Sttutgart-based luxury carmaker has proven itself once again with an astonishing concept that offers a preview of a futuristic design direction and a new interior pattern of its new breed of cars. The concept car features 8-segments of the body that extend at the rear, when superior aerodynamics is in demand. When it is activated, the front flaps in the front bumper extend by 25 mm to the front and 20 mm to the rear.

"Mercedes Concept"
Image Source: steeringnews.com

Toyota C-HR Concept:

Toyota had unveiled a version of the C-HR concept way back in the 2014 Paris Auto Show.

"Toyota Concept"
Image Source: www.carscoops.com

The model was quite spectacular and the second version of this car came with major upgrades. The upgraded version carries more toned exteriors and is certain to rival against Nissan’s Juke.

"Toyota Car"
Image Source: www.toyota-global.com

Nissan Gripz Concept Crossover:

The classic desert rally cars inspired Nissan Gripz concept desert rally car is here. This car has been designed based on the Japanese carmaker’s new ‘emotional geometry’ design language and shares its style cues with the Nissan Sway concept unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.

"Nissan Gripz"
Image Source: www.autoevolution.com

Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro Surf Concept:

Vauxhall and Opel designed Vivaro surf concept. It was displayed at Frankfurt’s motor show and the vehicle targets surfers. The concept was showcased at the auto show and features two sliding side doors. It has a lot of storage space and the concept comes with a massive main cargo section at the rear, which has 3.2 cubic metres (3,200 litres) of cargo volume.


Image Source: http://i.ytimg.com/

Mazda Koeru Concept SUV:

Mazda showcased the Koeru Concept SUV at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. This SUV is an updated cersion of the carmaker’s popular Kodo design language. The concept SUV’s name ‘Koeru’ signifies what translates into ‘exceed’ or ‘go beyond’. The 5-seaeter crossover SUV comes with a redesigned version of Mazda’s shield-shaped front grille, new restyled headlamps from CX-3 along with enormous alloy wheel and a raked roofline. Inside the concept SUV comes with driver focused and heavily styled cabin with Mazda’s latest MZD Connect system.


"Mazda Minagi"
Image Source: www.britishshorthair-breedersgroup.com

Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept:


"Honda Concept "
Image Source: news.autojournal.fr

The new Honda Civic Tourer Active Life concept is specially designed for cyclists who need a vehicle to transport their bikes. The concept comes with a sleek MPV like design with an extendable roof rack, custom metallic blue paint, silver roof, 18-inch alloys and new design rear bumper. As mentioned earlier the concept has been designed for bikers and can carry bicycles either on the extendable roof rack or inside the trunk, which has a generous 1,668 liters of cargo capacity. The trunk has a low loading lip and smart rack with a retractable arm that can carry two bicycles.


                                                                   PRODUCTION CARS:


First, here is a look at some of the production cars that were unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor show:



What do you get after 3 years of wait? This Italian Beauty that made its way from Italy to Frankfurt.

"Alfa Romeo"
Image Source: www.nbcnews.com



The most sought after A4 from Audi is quite evolutionary and makes it quite amazing.

"Audi A4 "
Image Source: indianautosblog.com

S4 and S4 Avant:

The S4 and S4 turbocharged version is finally here. The supercharged version features a 3.0 Liter V6 Turbo powers and has Inglostadt S4 Quattro.

"Audi S4"
Image Source: http://indianautosblog.com

QE-tron SUV Concept:

The QE-Tron is a sporty electric SUV Concept that makes quite an impact from the house of Audi.

"Audi "
Image Source: http://bible4cars.com/



Bentley has introduced the new Bentayga SUV. This is the first ever-created SUV from the company and is a seven-seater.

"Bentley Bentayga"
Image Source: http://bible4cars.com/



3-series facelift:


"BMW 3 series"
Image Source: www.carscoops.com

Bavarian Motor Works has gone evergreen and is an exciting upgrade.




Image Source: www.carscoops.com
Image Source: www.carscoops.com

2016-BMW 7-Series-Carscoops2

The S-Class luxury was added to the BMW family and gets a dash of carbon fiber.


"BMW X1"
Image Source: www.consumerreports.org


X1 also made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.



Vision Gran Turismo:

The new and improved Vision Gran Turismo comes with a performance-oriented gamers concept. This happens to be the Veyron’s successor.

Image Source: www.cnet.com


Cactus M:

The Cactus M also made its appearance at the Motor Show.

Image Source: blog.caranddriver.com



488 Spider:

The new turbo sports car from Ferrari popped its top at Frankfurt


"2016 Ferrari"
Image Source: http://blog-admin.cddev.org/


500 Facelift:

after 8-years, the 500 has gone through major revisions.


"Fiat 500"
Image Source: www.carscoops.com



SUV Facelift:


"Ford Explorer"
Image Source: www.carscoops.com

There are SUV’s like EcoSport as well as Edge that have gone through various tweaks.




i20 WRC Rally Car:


Image Source: motorsport.hyundai.com

Hyundai WRC Rally car made its first preview at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo:


Image Source: www.carmagazine.co.uk

This is a cross between Le Mans and an open-wheeler that is designed as a gaming franchise.





The German premium brand is going to give plenty of brands a run for their money.

Image Source: www.greencarreports.com




F-Pace SUV:


"Jaguar F-Pace"
Image Source: forums.vwvortex.com

This is jaguar’s first-ever SUV from Jaguar that was premiered at the Auto show.





"Kia 2016"
Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk


New crossover is a big world debut from Kia at Frankfurt


Ceed Facelift: 

Nip-n-tuck for the Golf from Korea with latest family look.


"Kia Ceed"
Image Source: www.autocar.co.uk




Aventador SV Roadster:

It’s a Lamborghini, need I say more?

Image Source: www.autoblog.com

Huracan Spyder:

This is a new soft-top Huracan that was unveiled by the CEO of VW group, Stefan Winklemann.

"Lamborghini Huracan"
Image Source: www.autoevolution.com



C-Class Coupe:

With smoother and refined edges, this car is a 2-door design.

"Benz C-Class"
Image Source: www.gmotors.co.uk

C63 AMG Coupe:

The most popular C63 body style is a 2-door coupe with a brawny 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8.


Image Source: www.larevueautomobile.com

C 63 DTM Race car:


"Mercedes AMG"
Image Source: www.carscoops.com

The C63 DTM racecar is quite sharp and carries a futuristic design.
S-class Convertible:

This is the first convertible S-Class from Mercedes.


Image Source: www.youtube.com



Clubman Estate:

The clubman wagon has gone through plenty of changes. It’s more of a Maxi over a Mini.



Fractal Concept:

It is an MX-5 sized wild cabrio from the French brand.

Image Source: www.carmagazine.co.uk


Mission E: Storming new 2+2 sports electric sports car wowed Frankfurt motor show.

"Porsche Mission"
Image Source: www.autoguide.com

911 991.2 : Carreras’ usual naturally aspirated engines shrink in size and grow a pair of turbochargers. Yep, they’re all 911 Turbos now!


Megane: All-new Megane raids the lighting store, rediscovers style. Meet the new Golf from France here

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Talisman: Laguna replacement moves up market with slick new saloon and estate.


 Dawn: Drop-top luxuxry at its finest, here’s Rolls Royce’s contribution to the cabrio market.

"Rolls Royce"
Image Source: www.autocar.co.uk



The all-new Baleno gets a new and classy look. It regains the lost legacy of Suzuki.

"Suzuki Baleno"
Image Source: www.topspeed.com


Prius:A significant world debut at Frankfurt: it’s the new fourth generation of hybrid.

"Toyota Prius"
Image Source: masterherald.com





Astra hatchback: This was the first chance to see important new seventh-gen Astra in public.

"Opel Astra"
Image Source: www.motorauthority.com

Golf GTI Club sport: A hotter, feistier kind of Golf is here.

"VW Golf"
Image Source: www.carscoops.com





"VW Tiguan"
Image Source: www.thecarconnection.com

The Tiguan was also a showstopper at the Frankfurt Auto Show.


Wrap up:

There were hundreds of cars that have been showcased at the Frankfurt Auto Show, making it quite the talk of the world.

Virtual Racers From the World of Gran Turismo

Mercedes Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

Ideas are quite often difficult to reproduce in reality. Though the sheer vastness of our imagination is almost unimaginable, the laws of physics and mathematics continually inhibit our own fantasies. A major reason behind the massive success of video games is the fact that the video game world provides a way out for our reveries. Endless possibilities combined with an infinite number of ways to adjust the laws of nature has allowed the gaming industry to design beautiful visual constructs previously only comprehensible within the mind’s eye .

Gran Turismo is one such game. A PlayStation exclusive, Gran Turismo has become an extremely popular racing franchise renowned for its realistic racing dynamics as well as an impressive aggregation of locale and cars to choose from. Although Need For Speed is still right on top in the racing genre, GT has been recognized as one of the few games that adhere very closely to real life physics and thus acting as more of a focused simulator than an out and out racing arcade game.

For the franchise’s sixth release, Gran Turismo 6, the studio behind the game has taken a different route. Unlike most racing games that source their car range from existing models or concepts, Polyphony Digital, the developers behind the game approached design firms and major car manufacturers to create concepts exclusively for the game. What came soon after was a stunning amalgam of concepts showcasing what auto-makers are capable of, if it weren’t for feasibility studies or budget constraints.

1. Mercedes Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo:

The first and still the wildest, Mercedes Benz unveiled the AMG Vision Gran Turismo in the flesh (metal?) earlier this year at the LA Auto Show. A purposeful show of magnificence, the AMG Vision GT is no wallflower. Mercedes Benz’s addition for the PlayStation racer is powered by a twin turbocharged V8 that produces 585 HP.

Mercedes Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo
The Mercedes Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

2. BMW Vision Gran Turismo:

Unlike Mercedes’ concept, BMW’s Vision Gran Turismo concept is a far more restrained offering from Germany. Based off the current gen 2 Series, the Vision GT is a focused track ready grand tourer. Draped in classic BMW M Division livery, the Vision GT paints a picture of what the manufacturer could produce in an ideal automotive world. BMW has always been known for developing some of the most well balanced sports cars of this generation. And The Vision Gran Turismo is no exception. Built for the track, the BMW’s take on an ideal sports car looks more production ready than most concepts unveiled by manufacturers at motor shows.

BMW Vision Gran Tursimo
BMW Vision Gran Tursimo

Powering the virtual racer is a 3.0 L turbocharged straight six engine that produces 549 HP and a whopping 677 Nm of torque.

3. Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo:

Japanese car maker Mitsubishi has slowly been pulling models from its lineup across the globe. Falling sales figures and the recent announcement of the discontinuation of the company’s critically acclaimed Lancer Evolution has left fans of the legendary rally marque second guessing about the car maker’s future. However, that hasn’t stopped our beloved Mitsubishi from unveiling a no-holds barred Evolution.

Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo
The Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo

The Concept  XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo is a hunkered down track focused hybrid. The flared wheel arches and lowered stance of the saloon hint at a more racing oriented approach rather than a rally driven development.

4. Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo:

VW’s series of hot hatchbacks have been extremely popular since the ’80s. The German car maker’s Golf and Sirocco hot hatches offer good performance at affordable rates. For the Gran Turismo however, the German car maker has gone all out.

volkswagen gti gran turismo
Volkswagen’s GTI Roadster Concept

Powering the GTI Roadster is a 3.0 L twin turbocharged V6 that puts out a mammoth 500 HP and 600 Nm of torque. The massive power from such a small car allows the GTI to hit 0-100 km/h in 3.2 seconds.

5. Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo:

A glimpse into the future of Nissan’s critically acclaimed GT-R, the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo may soon become a reality in the near future. Unlike most cars featured in this article, the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT may be in the pipelines as a future product. The 2020 Vision concept borrows design elements from the current GT-R as well as some retro design cues closely resembling the IDx Freeflow revealed earlier this year.


Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo
The Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

6. Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo:

Unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this year, Aston Martin’s Utopian supercar is a mid engined V12 rocketship. Unlike most Aston Martin’s, the DP-100 is more of a racer than a grand tourer. The twin turbocharged 6.0 L V12 produces a whopping 800 HP making it the most powerful Aston Martin ever conceived. Similar to an earlier concept, the DP-100 will influence future design languages implemented by the English marque.


aston martin dp-100 concept
Aston’s Wildly Monstrous DP-100 Concept

7. Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo:

The final addition to an insane list of cars, the Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo is a fitting tribute to the once mighty Supra. Based of a recent Supra concept, the FT-1 is a return to its roots. Since 2007, Toyota has regressed to making family MUVs and cheap sedans to maintain profits. The days of tarmac shredding Supra’s and Celica’s have come to close. However, with the new FT-1 Vision GT, the Japanese automaker may make a return into the world of burnouts and drifting. A world we welcome with arms wide open.

Toyota FT-1 Concept
Toyota FT-1 Concept