Mad max: Back with 3 decades of Kaboom!!!

"Fury Road mad max"

“My name is Max. My world is fire.. and blood”

What started off as an action packed film has become post-apocalyptic entertainment and for a good reason. The film of the franchise that carries 3 decades of heart throbbing, gory film that showcases more miscreants than found in any other action movie.

The 4th movie promises more blood shed, more action and the most interesting part… More RIDES!!!  (I had the # OMFG effect after watching the trailers)

Sadly, this is the first movie out of the franchise that does not feature Mel Gibson. With most action seeking movie buffs counting the last few hours to rush to the nearest movie theaters, here is a small article featuring some of the rides that made this movie a blockbuster hit.

P.S: Safe in the belief that you excited readers must have watched the prequels to this movie, I am simply going to cut to the chase without dragging you through the plot. (PHEW!! 😉 )

Here are some of the meanest twisted metal high octane vehicles that are certain to make “Mad Max: Fury Road” more bloodier than ever, thanks to director George Miller who showed Colin Gibson (production designer) the story boards of the film 15 years ago and quoted “One day this could be all yours”

That “One day” the 15th of May 2015.


"Mad max 201 rides"
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11 months before the production of this movie, there were close to 200 vehicles built. These vehicles included sedans, massive metal spiked rides, giant trucks with a lot of metal. Here are some of the rides:


What started off from the original “Mad Max” film, the Interceptor was an overhauled 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT. This super charged car made its debut in the 1979 Mad Max, when our protagonist was still a cop. The ride made its appearance in “The Road warrior” during 1981. The director of the Mad Max Franchise knows the importance that this car holds till date and so; he has not changed the aesthetics of the car, thereby making the rust and rattle obvious on this raging ride. Gibson quoted “All we had to do with it was make it another 45 years older.

Interceptor design
Image Source:

The Fury Road Interceptor’s construction began back in 2009 and was revealed in 2010 with mesh style headlight covers, trimmed front bumper and an insane look.

Leaked Mad Max Fury car
Leaked Image of the new Interceptor for the upcoming Mad Max Movie      Image Source:

Don’t be fooled by the poor condition and the layers of smog that the car’s exhaust farts out. The Interceptor is captured and heavily modified and has a supercharger stacked with a skull on top of it. The car’s rear-suspension is raised and the rear fender wells have now been enlarged to accommodate off-road tires. As found in the Death race series, the rear side of the car now accommodated a tank and a weapon. Cool No?

Mad Max 2015
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The Gigahorse:

This crazy ride is best suited for a post-apocalyptic leader. This happens to be the director’s favorite vehicle. Hoarded off with 2 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Villes that lay over humongous tires, this is just too villainous a ride to go into anyone’s good books.

The War Rig:

In case small vehicles are too mainstream, how about a massive 18-wheeler?  Would that help you $#!+ bricks??

As found in the movie “Road Warrior”, much of the fury in “Fury Road” comes from this hellishly virile ride. Mounted with 2 V8 engines along with a modified cabin throughout, this vehicle was something that would keep the audience on the edge of their seats, or so was the director’s thought behind creating this vehicle.

"Fury Road mad max"
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Gibson explains, “War Rig was one built more to a prescription than an imagination” and more so, the Rig carries 13 different characters inside.


Plymouth Rock:

A porcupine ravaging other rides in a desert is a bit beyond general imagination. However, thanks to CGI and Gibson’s inspiration from the tribe (the Buzzards) that would drive such a ride was all it took to design this car.

"Mad max Plymouth"
Image Source:

As the image suggests, this porcupine shaped Plymouth Rock goes scavenging for scrap metals behind the War Rig. The tribes would use the rustiest of metals on their vehicles. The car was made with bent and battered steel panels and the spikes and panels were built out of old cars. Due to concerns regarding rolling these cars at high speeds into tocks, the steel spikes were stiffened with goatskin and this reduced the danger of any mishaps.


The Doof Wagon:

This is one of the most challenging vehicles built for the film. The Doof Wagon has a big rig strapped with massive drums in the rear, endless speakers in front of it, and a stage where the blind and disfigured Coma the Doof Warrior rocks out on his flam-throwing guitar. This was the most difficult vehicle to run because its 6-foot wheels would easily get buried in the sand.

"Mad Max Doof Wagon"
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Ford F-100:

As per sources, there is an inclusion of the Ford F-100 truck too. This truck shares similarity with the upcoming Mad Max video game.

"Ford F 100 Mad Max"
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1942 Dodge W-Series:

The Power Wagon was introduced as a four-wheel drive. The WC series World War II military trucks were popular enough to make it to the latest Mad Max movie franchise. The image released shows the tarnished yet rugged ride due to the addition of its massive tires.

"Dodge 1942 W-Series Mad Max 2015"
Image Source:

Perentti Coupe:

When unique style meets a Corvette, its called Perentti. This authentic Australian car and rumors suggest that only 500 of these rides were ever built. Mad Max features one of them 🙂

"Perennti Coupe"
Image Source:


1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado:

A personal luxury vehicle by birth, the 1972 Cadillac Eldorado is the 7th Generation model that underwent a substantial redesign in 1971. History aside, this vehicle has been remodeled in a pretty aggressive manner, or so the image portrays. With highly mounted rear suspension, this vehicle definitely looks battle ready.

"1972 Cadillac Eldorado"
Image Source:


1968 Plymouth Barracuda:

The Two-door 1968 barracuda carried a 5.2 L LA engine and was the smallest V8 available. This car produced 300 bhp of power. In the latest Mad Max movie, the vehicle is so heavily modified to look like a battle trooper that its looks might deceive viewers into believing that it’s a Chevy.

"1968 Plymouth Barracuda"
Image Source:


Mercedes-Benz Lang-W123:

So named the Lang (Long), the Mercedes W123 carried a long wheelbase. Interestingly, this model had attracted a lot of attention from fiction. Starting with the Looney Tunes show with Porky Pig’s vehicle choice to the Admiral in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Vice City Stories as well as San Andreas, the W 123’s design has been a pretty popular. So much so that Mad Max also features this vehicle in a couple of scenes.

"Mercedes Benz Lang W123"
Image Source:


Mad Max- The Game:

The successful journey for the movie franchise Mad Max has taken a wee bit of interest over to the gaming world too. The upcoming single player adventure video game is undergoing its development stage.

The game is being designed by Cory barlog, who is also known for his successful game; God of War II. One of the reasons for making a Mad Max video game was due to the potential that the video game sector carries.


"Mad Max Game"
Image Source:

“It’s four-dimensional storytelling. A game can literally become the equivalent of a novel. That is the thing that people like me who write screenplays envy about novelists: that you can actually stop time and explore little cul de sacs. Whereas in a movie, you’d love to stop and examine that character, but you can’t.”
-George Miller on the videogame industry.


Let’s hope the game turns out to be a hit too.


With the clock ticking and die hard Mad Max fans awaiting to feast their eyes on the 4th sequel, let us all have one long and boring night ahead 😛

There are plenty other rides. Sadly, i couldn’t find much data on them. I would love to hear from everyone about their opinions on the film.

HotWheels- Because growing up is too main stream

If you spend some time with a man, you’ll realize that we’re all still little boys- Late Mr Paul Walker( WE miss you 🙁 ). Well everyone reading this post will agree with Mr Walker. Those who disagree can confirm it themselves by locking up a grown up man in a room full or atleast one toy car . I bet you wont disagree on that. Speaking about the toy car, let me ask you one simple question. Whether you are a car guy or not, whether you watched Schumacher push his Ferrari to its limits or watched cartoons during your childhood. Just a simple question. Anyone out here who does not know about Hot Wheels??


This one little thing used to bring smile on our faces. This little thing which cost  fifty bucks(seems pretty cheap huh?? Our parents have the answer to it :P) made our childhood awesome. Who wouldn’t want a car that did not require license to drive. Who wouldn’t want to roll in a Mercedes or a BMW or a Ferrari at an age when all this seemed a distant dream(it still is :P).

HotWheels it is. Established in 1968 and owned by Mattel, an American toy maker , HotWheels has since then been rolling high. Its fan base not only include kids and young boys but also grown up adults. Hotwheels has been responsible for bringing out the car guy in most of us. All of us had that one moment in our childhood where it all started. Call it love at first sight or whatever seems apt to you. The pleasure of loving and admiring a car without actually owning one but its f 1:64 die-cast car by Hotwheels lets you feel it.

At that time HotWheels had a competitor- Matchbox which is now owned by Mattel itself. Hotwheels cars were tweaked and customised version of regular street cars unlike Matchbox which produced scaled down replica of regular street cars. Apart from cars, HotWheels has also been rolling out various tracksets, turbolaunchers and customizable car parts too. Soon after it was established Hotwheels rolled out its first 16 cars in 1968. Go ahead and have a look at all of em.

Custom Barracuda
Custom Barracuda

Custom Barracuda

Custom Camaro
Custom Camaro

Custom Camaro

Custom Corvette
Custom Corvette

Custom Corvette

'68 Custom Eldorado
’68 Custom Eldorado

Custom Eldorado

'69 Custom Firebird
’69 Custom Firebird

Custom Firebird

Custom Fleetside
Custom Fleetside

Custom Fleetside

'67 Custom Mustang
’67 Custom Mustang

Custom Mustang

Custom T-Bird
Custom T-Bird

Custom T-Bird

Custom Cougar
Custom Cougar

Custom Cougar

Custom Volkswagen Bug (designed by Ira Gilford)
Custom Volkswagen Bug (designed by Ira Gilford)

Custom Volkswagen(designed by Ira Gilford)

Custom Deora-Harry Bentley Bradley
Custom Deora-Harry Bentley Bradley

Deora(designed by Harry Bentley Bradley)

Ford J-Car(Ford GT40 Mk IV)
Ford J-Car(Ford GT40 Mk IV)

Ford J-Car(Ford GT40 Mk IV)

Hot Heap(Model T Roadster)
Hot Heap(Model T Roadster)

Hot Heap(Model T Roadster)


Python (cheetah)

'68 Silhouette Bill Cushenbery’s
’68 Silhouette Bill Cushenbery’s

Silhouette(Bill Cushenbery’s)

Beatnik Bandit
Beatnik Bandit

Beatnik Bandit( Ed Big Daddy Roth)

Well, this was just a glimpse at the HotWheels first lineup ever. Since then there has been no looking back for it and it has gone ahead with producing more and more such cars and complimentary products to them.

If you are in your mid 20’s or even older or lets just say you belong to the 20-25 age group, try re collecting the term “Power Launcher”. A circular object to which you need to feed a car and at the click of a button it just shoots out that car and gets your adrenaline pumping( well , that’s a lot for a child)
Another type of power launcher was a long rectangular open launcher kit which also fulfilled the same purpose but this one had the option of connecting it to a track set. Enough of talking now. Go ahead and have a look yourself and enjoy the nostalgic moments .

power_launcher tracksets


HotWheels started it with small scaled down models of cars and now it has shifted to real life size cars.
Team HotWheels is what they call themselves and do real badass stunts that we have been doing on the tracksets with our toy cars.

Anything that touches your heart deserves to be a collectors item and HotWheels car are no exception to it. Fans; young and old have been collecting these cars , tracksets and the lineup they own will just blow your mind off. HotWheels has till now designed around 700 unique car models. These are just the unique car models . Just imagine the massive volume of cars it has rolled out in these many years. Hard to imagine huh ?? Let me help you with it .

An average hotwheel car collector has over 1500 cars and children between the age s of 5 and 15 have around 41 cars. Mattel has stated from its own research that an 41 million are the estimate number of children who grew up playing with hotwheels. That’s a mind boggling figure , aint it ?? The highest price paid for an hotwheels was 72000$ in 2000 for a Volkswagen Beach Bomb. That is roughly 14lakhs INR for a toy car. Asking for this car from our parents can be biggest mistake of our lives right ?? :P. It used to cost anything between 50-100 INR for these cars around 15 years back. The price hasn’t elevated since then. Infact many of the model prices have dropped since then . Aint an expensive hobby right ??? So what are you thinking of??? Start collecting them . Before we end it, here is a small preview from my own Hotwheels collection.Latest addition are the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR and a Ferrari Italia 458.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
Mercedes CLK-LM
Mercedes CLK-LM
The 1995 Camaro Trio
The 1995 Camaro Trio
Nascar Car
Nascar Car
Nascar Car
Nascar Car
Ferrari Italia 458
Ferrari Italia 458

For people who haven’t experienced this  joy of owning them, you may end up spending your entire day playing with them and shooting them (clicking :P) . I can bet on that. Years down the lane when you’ll bring up your own kids, better be ready with a story to tell them and cars to show them too. 😉  I’d now better go and spend some time in my hotwheels garage and see you all soon…

Stay tuned to Turbozens for your dose of  adrenaline :D.

Virtual Exhilaration: An overview of Driveclub

Pagani Huayra in Driveclub

Cars in video games have been around for a few decades to cater to those gamer’s who are fans of the racing genre and want to drive their dream cars in real life locales or fantastical settings, virtually of course. Many video game companies strive to achieve an enjoyable racing game to appease gamer’s around the world, but a few stand out in the history of racing in video games.

In reality a minority of these games provide an authentic, moderately close to their real life counterparts experience. Some franchises place gamers in high speed chases which have a more arcadey feel to it, such as the hugely popular Need for Speed franchise. Others try to replicate actual tracks and cars faithfully from the sound of the car’s engine to the corners found at Nurburgring’s track. Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport are well known established franchises that accomplish this. But there is a new competitor from Sony’s Playstation brand that is attempting to undermine these established games.


The latest entry to join the massive assortment of racing games is Driveclub, a social and competitive game that tries to find that sweet spot between simulation and arcade. Driveclub is an exclusive game for Sony PS4 fans that brings together stunning real world locations and dream cars in a tidy package.

The developer behind this ambitious venture is Evolution Studios, a UK based company that has conceived other franchises such as World Rally Championship and MotorStorm. With the power of the current generation of consoles they claim to have achieved a whole new level of photo-realism. The environments and the cars have been painstakingly modeled and generated with high detail. There are a vast range of cars extending over classes such as hot hatches, sports, performance, super and hyper. Each class obviously differs in terms of performance and design.

The Cars

The hot hatches consists of popular cars such as the Audi A1 Quattro, Mini Cooper, Renault Clio RS, Volkswagen Golf GTi and the Volkswagen Beetle. The sports class has the Audi RS5, TT RS PLUS, Bentley Continental GT, Lotus Evora, Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG to name a few. The performance, super and hyper cars have a huge array of machines you can get your hands on such as the Alfa Romeo 4C, Aston Martin’s Vanquish and V12 Zagato, Ferarri’s California, 458 Italia, 430 Scuderia. Other car makers have also agreed to license their cars for the game and these vary from the Marussia B2, Savage Rivale GTR-S, Spania GTA Spano, Hennessey Venom GT, Gumpert Apollo Enraged and the RUF CTR3 Clubsport. The cars listed above are just a tiny part of the list of cars that are included in the full game.

Pagani Huayra in Driveclub
Pagani Huayra in Driveclub


Artists in other racing games seek to model the best looking cars they can possibly achieve with the game engine while maintaining solid performance. In Driveclub the artists and modelers have hit their mark with depicting the cars in-game to their real life counterparts. A car in the game consists of about 2,60,00 polygons which is extremely dense compared to racing games in the previous generation. Each car takes an average of 7 months to create from the licensing to the actual car in-game. The features that mimic real life is absolutely mind-boggling. From the dirt and dust that gradually builds up during the race on the cars to the animation and rigging of the aero flaps found in the Pagani Huayra are exactly like in real life. Another interesting point to note is that Pagani employ seamstresses that are on the body of their cars and even have their name etched onto the screw heads, even these nuances are added into the game. The sense of speed that is shown in the game gives it the edge over the racers too.

The locations that are available to race in are Canada, Chile, Norway, Scotland and very surprisingly India. Each country has 11 tracks to test your skills and each offer stunning views. Norway and Scotland have the beautiful vistas you can race by and India has pristine lakes on the side with a flock of flamingos feeding that move naturally. Skies are generated uniquely everytime a race starts so that you never see the same sky twice and clouds react dynamically to wind speeds. Finally if you're racing around tracks in Norway or Scotland expect to see the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights in the sky.

[caption id="attachment_3477" align="aligncenter" width="600"]McLaren MP4 - 12C  in Driveclub Showcasing Driveclub's dynamic weather system[/caption]Audio and Car HandlingThe audio in a game is another important aspect of racing games that are usually overlooked. In this game each car was fitted with 16 different microphones to capture the sound 360 degrees from inside and outside the car and even a few mics in the exhaust. When the camera is panned around the car, the engine reacts to your perspective and the sound shifts accordingly. Also each view of the car provides a different sound when inside the cockpit and outside the car. The recordings that Evolution Studios had were so accurate that BMW and Mercedez-Benz AMG requested copies to replace their existing libraries.Although not a simulator, Driveclub's handling model is based on real world cars and data provided directly by the manufacturers. Taking this into account a gamer with any amount of experience can easily get started without too much of a hassle. Evolution Studios worked with Thrustmaster, a company that specializes in steering wheels for games, closely to achieve a 1:1 movement between your hands and the steering wheel in-game.
[caption id="attachment_3478" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Cockpit in Driveclub Highly detailed cockpit views[/caption]Final ThoughtsIf you're a casual or hardcore gamer and if you're a car enthusiast, Driveclub will offer an unique and amazing experience for everyone that has a go at it. The game boasts of an enviable line-up of cars at launch, stunning visuals and a friendly online community that will most definitely get players addicted. More cars will be added at later dates as free downloadable content along with a dynamic weather system and a photo mode so you can admire your dream cars cruising along in stunning locales.The game is exclusive to Sony's PlayStation 4 and retails at Rs. 3,999 at most stores for physical and digital copies.

Flying cars by Terrafugia

Have you ever imagined that your car can even fly?

With raising concerns over future mobility solutions, automotive industry is thinking in terms of future fuels, compact cars and electric vehicles. One such future mobility solution which is unique and exciting is the “Flying Car”. A company named “Terrafugia” has come up with this brilliant concept of allowing a car to fly. Imagine a car which can travel on-road as well as fly whenever you want. This will be a dream for many auto enthusiasts.

Terrafugia has made this dream a reality by making a car to transform from a conventional car to a flying car. Terrafugia has the vision of making it as a future mode of personal transportation. We will go through the models of flying cars proposed by Terrafugia.

The first product named “Transition” proves their concept of Flying Cars. The state of the art technology in Transition demonstrates the flying and driving features of the vehicle. The car is powered by 100hp Rotax 912iS Engine .It is equipped with glass cockpits avionic , composite body and various intelligent mechanisms to drive and fly. For driving, similar to conventional cars it has the accelerator and brake pedals and for flying sticks and rudder pedals are involved for flight filled with fun. With its flying feature even you will not be missing your trips due to unfavorable weather.

The engine for driving mode runs on free leaded gasoline and it also drives the propeller required for flight mode. It has different dimensions in flying and driving mode. For driving mode, it is 22m tall, 23m wide and 6m long and for flying mode it is 2m tall, 8m wingspan (wing allows lift of the vehicle) and 6 m long. More wingspan is required in order to achieve lifting of the vehicle during flight mode. The maximum payload is 227 kg with a cruising speed of 160 kmph. Its mileage on-road comes out to be 6.7 l/100km. The range of the vehicle is 660 km with 30 minutes of fuel in reserve.

Flying car by Terrafugia

The electro-mechanical folding allows transition from road to flying car. It has two seats side by side and is rear wheel drive for road. Being a flying car, there might be many people having  risks or doubts regarding the safety aspects of the vehicle. From safety point of view, driver can be used for abnormal weather and also the whole vehicle will act as a transition. Also, air bags are also installed at passenger and driver locations. Golf club cargos can also be taken in the vehicle. Avionics required during flying session involves completely modern glass.The factory has been built for Transition and are ready to fly. With more developing concepts of the flying cars, the cost effectiveness will improve.

Terrafugia Flying car


With “Transition” coming on time,Terrafugia is planning for more range of products. One of which is the TF-X with main focus on safety belts, simplicity and easy usage as personal transport.Electric drive will power the vehicle on road.  Like Transition, it also has full vehicle with parachute system and can be used by the driver . When flying, an automatic notification of problems can be directly informed to the authorities.  The simple upcoming design will allow any one to learn it in 5 hours.

The flying can be selected as manual or even auto pilot mode. It will be able to accommodate four passengers as conventional comfort cars and can go upto 500 miles without any issues in one go. Its compact structure allows its storage in small garages.  A option of auto landing helps in case of emergency landing. If the user is not responsive during flying, the system can go for searching of the landing options and then going on for  a safe landing. If the space is not effective, the landing can be aborted immediately.The development of  TF-X is expected for 8-12 years. Installed licenses in car will help in increasing the landing zone database.


Transition will finish earlier when compared to TF-X. Imagine having a flying car and going from the top of a long traffic jam on highways. This would make anyone excited about Flying Cars. The main thing to watch is about the safety aspects of the vehicle and their approval by the competent authorities. These vehicles definitely have the potential of becoming the future mobility solutions. With shorter runways required the vehicle can go for take off and landing and thereby ensuring a safe flight.

The transition of the car from road driving to flying condition and vice versa is exciting to watch and allows the wings to open for generating the lift force.

How Computers Help To Design Automobiles?

Global competition in the automotive industry demands for a quality product within a limited time period. Computer Aided Design(CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering(CAE) have drastically accelerated the process of product development which involves concept, prototype, validation and testing. Every automobile manufacture  across the globe, which includes 2 -wheeler, 3 -wheeler , 4- wheeler, trucks, buses, construction equipment vehicles, defense vehicles and off-road vehicles- all of them have to go through CAD and CAE. Motorsports is hugely dependent on computer simulations as they have very short period of time to come up with a better vehicle to race.

Computer Aided Design involves working with vehicle and component design on design software where we can go for solid modeling, surface modeling, assembly of parts and most importantly rendering of the complete vehicle. Computer Aided Engineering is to analyze the designed vehicle or its components through virtual simulations before going to real time testing. Through CAD and CAE, a designer can go for quick changes in the vehicle or component design which results in shorter product development stage.

CAD plays an important in role in getting the feel of the vehicle by looking at it virtually on computers. It allows to provide the dimensions depending on the vehicle category and also  basic know how of cabin space and ergonomics can be understood. CAD drawings provide an ease of manufacturing through CNC (Computer numerical Control) machines where the files are fed in the form of a code through CAD and the final product is obtained.

In automobiles, almost all the areas are virtually simulated using CAE and tested before finally going for production. We would cover some important areas where computer simulation plays an important role.


Aerodynamic Simulation
Aerodynamic Simulation

We need to know that when we are driving a vehicle, we are going through a wall of air which is actually resisting our vehicles motion. The engine spends more fuel to overcome this resistance which directly effects the fuel economy. A computer simulation of air flow over the vehicle is done to finalize the exterior shape of the vehicle. These simulations helps us to change the design on computers very easily and reduces lot of cost involved in practical wind tunnel testing. In real time wind tunnel tests, the vehicle is placed in a big tunnel and air is allowed to flow over it. In order to visualize the air motion, smoke is dispersed in the medium. Various sensors are mounted on the vehicle body for obtaining the results.


Vehicle Dynamics Simulation
Vehicle Dynamics Simulation

Vehicle dynamics plays an important role in ride and handling. Computer simulations help to understand how the complete vehicle will behave during conditions like  rough roads, lane change, acceleration, braking and steering. Thus before going to the prototype fabrication, a complete vehicle behavior can be evaluated and a better prototype is manufactured. Also component level simulation like shock absorber durability are also performed.

Engine Simulations:

Engine Simulation
Engine Simulation

Engine manufacturers use simulations to refine engine in terms of power, fuel economy and emissions. There are many parameters to be controlled while operating engines. The simulations helps to optimize all these parameters and finally obtain a desired engine. Various engine simulations include air-fuel mixing, structural durability test of whole engine and components like crankshaft, connecting rods, thermal analysis and emission prediction. Engine modifications are done on computers for obtaining desired results.

Vehicle Safety:

Frontal Crash Simulation
Frontal Crash Simulation

Vehicle safety assurance for the customers play an important role in the business of the vehicle. In order to make a vehicle safe, car manufacturers use simulation tools for crash analysis, air bag activation and vehicle structure simulation. All these tests in reality would cause a huge amount of cost and time whereas through computer simulations the desired design can be achieved very easily. Crash test requires setting up of high speed cameras, bright lights, human dummy model and its testing and installation of all sensors. This takes a lot of money and time. Simulations are used to obtain an initial better design and then testing it for further optimization.

Production plant simulations:

Design of production plant is crucial from the business point of view. Every manufacturer desires to have maximum production based on demand. In order to achieve it, various simulations are run during plant design and lay out stage. It involves assembly line design, supply chain, worker ergonomics, free space for transport and testing zone. All these are simulated on computers to achieve maximum efficiency in  production.

Bottom Line:

The extensive use of computer for design and analysis has led to cost effective and better quality pro. Today, the scope of simulation is vast and is going to grow in the near future. This will also result in development of new and efficient technologies in automobiles.

Tesla – an Electrifying Performer!!!


Tesla Motors was launched in July 2003. The founders, Marc Tarpenning & Martin Ebhaed’s first effort, to show the world what electric cars are capable of and hence developed the Tesla Roadster.

Less than a year later, Elon Musk entered with a large wad of cash. BTW who is this Elon Musk ? He is the co-founder of Space X, Paypal and zip 2. E-Bay bought Paypal giving Musk 165 million to play with. This he used to fund Space X, the commercial space exploration company, and Tesla Motors. Musk, earlier the Chairman and the largest investor had to take some really hard decisions to safeguard his investment and for his ideas to survive. Over time, Musk took over as CEO.


The Tesla Roadster was the first electric car to combine performance of a sports car and a never before seen range in an electric car of over 200 miles per charge. The Roadster was based on a Lotus Elise and had a 0-97 kmh time on a mind blowing 3.9 seconds. The amalgamation of performance that could shame the Ferrari’s with an amazing range that was never before seen in an electric car was a real game changer. The roadster sold at $110000 – Expensive, yes. But this was to prove to the world what an electric car can do. Lotus may have made the chassis specially for Tesla but the power-train and battery pack came from the experts at Tesla.


Yesterday, Elon Musk Announced that the 2600 roadster owners can now upgrade to a battery pack which will give them a jaw dropping 400 mile range.

Now obviously Tesla cannot keep selling very few models for “Hundred Thousand Dollar a Car” to sustain….

So here comes in the Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan!  Their ultimate plan was to build a wide range of models including affordable family cars. Not to forget, Musk put in most of his personal money into this company at a time when electric cars just didn’t seem practical.

So why start off with an expensive and high performance sports car? Why not start working on building an affordable design from day one? A handful of high speed electric cars are not going to help reduce emissions. Developing new technology means putting in that money for research and development. This cost has to be pushed to the consumer. That’s just how any company works. So by targeting people with the spending power and then slowly entering the volume markets, you will make the company sustainable.

Next in line – the Tesla Model S!

A selling price of close to $90,000 a car

When Tesla showcased the model S in March 2009 it promised to change the electric car market. Three months later, the US Department of Energy gives a $465 Million Loan. They Kept a $ 100 million aside and the rest goes into retrofitting a manufacturing facility in Fremont, California which was a defunct joint venture of Toyota and GM.

A year Later, in June 2009, the company goes public.

Flash forward by three years. The model S is launched. Year 2012 they sold over 2600 units. Tesla set a target of 21,000 units for 2013 and shattered this target by selling a little under 22,500 units.

The game changing Tesla Model S.


Sold in two states of tune, one 60 and another 85 kW-h batteries that power a 310 kW motor. ( Note : this is electric car territory, bhp in not a preferred unit of power measurement )

The motor(The size of a Watermelon) drives the rear wheel and the battery pack sits in a neat bed like structure below the chassis. This gives the car a perfect 50/50 weight distribution.


This give the Model S some amazing interior space including 2 huge boots. The rear boot has optional folding seats making a total seating capacity to seven. The front Trunk which has been aptly named frunk can house a full grown man. I’m Serious. Check the video below !

The Model S has the ride quality of a sedan and the responsiveness and agility of a sports car.

Because it runs off electricity, there is no lag in the power delivery. A push of the throttle will accelerate you to 97kmh in 5.6 seconds. You have all the power on the word GO!

Features of the Model S

Active Air Suspension

Air suspension systems do provide the best comfort. The system in the Model S goes a step further. At high speeds, the car hunkers down. Making it highly aerodynamic giving it performance and range. What about tricky road situations? Open up the large touchscreen and adjust the height to ‘Rise Above the Problem’.

Key Fob & Vehicle Dynamics.


The key is a mini Model S model. It features a mini model S model that you touch and squeeze to activate various parts of the car. The car senses the presence of the key and unlocks itself. The door handles don’t present themselves until you tap on them. They sit flush with the car body. All this to reduce unwanted drag increasing the efficiency of the vehicle. These small but many design considerations makes the model S one of the “Slipperiest Cars on Road“.

Charging the Model S.

The model S charges at a rate of 100km per hour at a standard home socket. This is really impressive but what is really amazing is Tesla’s Super Charging Network. A charge of 50% of full capacity in just 20 minutes!

Walk into the station, drop your model S for a charge, grab a hot cup of coffee and something to munch and bam! You’re ready to move along. The supercharging stations are planned to seamlessly connect the eastern to western coast in the US. Similar plans to cover Europe too! The range problem? Solved!

The Red Indicates Completed Superchargers and the Cones indicate the ones under construction.
The Red Indicates Completed Superchargers and the Cones indicate the ones under construction.

The Control Center

On the inside, there are almost no buttons. Everything, literally everything is controlled by a humongous 17″ touchscreen.


Stream music from the internet radio, or a device connected from one of the two USB ports or Bluetooth.

Control your lights, doors, locks, temperature control, maps, navigation, rear view camera, sunroof, vehicle setup and config. It this wasn’t enough, you can browse the internet too!


If a petrol powered vehicle catches fire it’s just another normal day. No one bats an eye. In 2013, two model S’s were involved in an accident and caught fire. However, the on-board security systems kept the occupants safe. This certainly did get Tesla some bad publicity. The chances of a fire in a gasoline powered catching fire is 1 in 8000 vehicles and Tesla’s figure 5 times less!

To counter this problem, an Over – the – Air update (No i’m not talking about your mobile phone) upgraded the cars software to increase the car’s ground clearance at highway speeds. All while the owner was sound asleep and had no idea that his car was being made safe without even going to the service center. To be double sure, Tesla retrofitted all existing model S’s with a triple under-body shield, free of charge.

The track record still remains. Zero deaths or permanent & serious injuries. There is no safer car on the road than a Tesla.

Remember the Tesla Master Plan? 

The next step has been announced! 

Taking on the BMW 3 series, a $35000 sedan the Model 3 is coming. A good half the price of the model S and expected to launch in 2017.

2017 seems so far away? Oh wait, 2015 will see the Tesla Model X, a complete electric crossover, 4 wheel drive and the best part – the falcon doors!


All this aside. I want to give you the biggest news that shook the entire world. Tesla has patents to their electric car designs and They have released all their patents for the world to use for FREE !

The wall of patents have been pulled down and replaced by this.

Bottom Line:

Such a bold move only to make the world a better place to live in. All the conspiracy theorists can keep away!

Visit Tesla motors webiste:


Fuel for NextGen Cars makes our future green

Just Promenade along one of the most densely populated cities in India and you will  find yourself being warmly saluted by thick dark smog that covers the area .Oh yes ! We are talking about something that practically affects every single being around you on this planet aye, its air pollution ! It prematurely is responsible for deaths of  a mind-blowing 6 million people per year across the globe.It is the main cause of “global warming” and cancer.

Today’s on-road vehicles produce over the third of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in our atmosphere and over twenty percent of the global warming pollution.Do you know USA alone is responsible for 30.3% gas emissions on a global scale ,33% of Chinese people live in such polluted and poisonous environments that the air they breath is equivalent to smoking 2 packets of cigarettes every day. In Asia smog is so thick in the skies in some areas that you cant even see the starts at night .Automobiles alone  are responsible for 40-90% of the air pollution.

Delhi Covered In Thick Smog
Delhi Covered In Thick Smog

This increasing demand and dependence on fossil fuels is sole the reason for air pollution due to automobiles. Do you know  just in Delhi alone 1400 new cars are added to its roads daily .We have to take an initiative to bring upon a change.A change that will provide clean , renewable  and sustainable fuel that powers our cars and bikes and our future generations to come .These futuristic fuels are the brain child of scientists who did Intense research and development .



Thumbs up: clean , green . Renewable fuel.It is already involved in mass production and use in major countries around the globe.

Thumbs down:  Enormous amounts bio mass needed for large scale Bio fuel production, reduced mileage for your vehicle .

The Bottom Line :  Their potential is unstoppable when production starts on a massive scale and gas emissions can be effectively reduced by a large amount .

It would be an underlying statement to say that Bio-Fuel cannot replace the entire fossil fuel dependence , they give a promising future to the ever growing need for fuel to run the economy and our daily lives .Before we move to Bio Fuel and its production, lets have a basic introduction to what Bio Fuel is. Bio Fuel’s are made from conversions of bio mass ( refers to recent living organisms – mostly plants and plant derived products) .When we dig the earth for fossil fuels we are retrieving fuel which geologically have been carbon fixed millions of years ago.biofuel is a fuel that contains energy from geologically recent carbon fixation. These fuels are produced from living organisms .Bio Fuel are subject to intense scientific research and innovations. In this article We are going  to talk about Bio Diesel and Bio ethanol which can be used to run our cars.


Bio Diesel  is a domestically manufactured renewable fuel with possible ingredients being vegetable oil, animal fats, grease or even used restaurant oil. It is a cleaner and a greener replacement for the use of petroleum Diesel . Bio Diesel is commonly referred as B100 or simply BIO DIESEL  in its pure liquid form without any natural diesel or petroleum mixed in it .The good news is a normal diesel engine can be powered by a  B100 and whats more interesting, is you can prepare B100 at home without any investments.

Still ain’t impressed ? Well these statistics will convince you to move to B100. It is 100% renewable and cars that run on it produce no soot. CO2 emissions are reduced up to a mind boggling 50 % and there wont be even traces of SO2 from your exhaust.This is the cleanest and matchless replacement for your car

BIO ETHANOL:civic_biomass

Bio Ethanol is principle substitute for  petroleum ,commonly used with different blends of ethanol and gasoline. Bio Ethanol is predominantly manufactured by fermentation of sugars , although it can be produced industrially by steaming ethylene .

The main ingredient to make ethanol sugar comes from fuel crops .Fuel crops consists of corn, maize and wheat crops, waste straw, willow and popular trees, sawdust, reed canary grass, cord grasses, jerusalem artichoke, myscanthus and sorghum plants.Ethanol blends are widely sold in USA and Brazil. The most commonly used blend is the E10 it is blend of 10 % ethanol and 90% gasoline .

Almost all cars made after 1986 can safely run on E10, while most cars made before 1986 cannot. The Australian Federal Chamber for Automotive Industries (FCAI) maintains a list of cars and bikes that can safely run on E10

The clear advantage here is that it is renewable and is a infinite source of fuel i.e crops are not finite and they can be reproduced any number times.We also will have a upper hand of reducing the green house emissions by a significant amount.



Thumbs Up           :  Has the highest amount of energy per kilogram than any other fossil fuel. The only byproduct is pure water .

Thumbs Down   :    Production on massive scale is a tedious and expensive process .Handling Hydrogen is burdensome due to its explosive nature.

The Bottom Line :  Though on paper, it looks as if its a very promising production on a large scale, it is onerous on problems with handling and storage being tedious and not yet developed enough for a large scale usage .


The dream car is finally here, the one that produces no green house gases ,one that doesn’t use gasoline and has exhaust as pure water
.Ofcourse you cannot  buy one yet , unless you live in California you can lease one . So whats that mystery fuel that will run this car ? yes ,  it is Hydrogen the lightest element and one of the most abundant element in our periodic table . It is estimated that in the coming  20-30 years people will drive Hydrogen powered cars . Whats fascinating is you can see these cars  producing steam instead of greenhouse gases. Many Hydrogen cars exist  but unfortunately most of them are conceptual. These clean energy driving machines include the Chevrolet Equinox, the BMW 745h and the one that’s currently available for lease in California, the Honda FCX.

What makes this dream car run on simple Hydrogen is a FUEL CELL which produces electricity . Similar to the fuel cell used in Apollo 11 expect that it is a miniature version. It takes pure Hydrogen and is oxidized by pure and produces large amounts energy and water as simple by product.


Thumbs Up: Ultra silent engine . Literally no exhaust from the car .Electric motors gives a smoother ride and better performance

Thumbs Down : The unfortunate and clear disadvantage is the amount of fossil fuel ( coal) is burnt to produce that amount electricity is unimaginable .

The Bottom Line : Electric cars were dream of the car inventors , ever since they faced so many grinding tasks.Finally days have come where its no longer a dream but a reality .

Tesla model SFD

All Electric vehicles (EV) run on 100% electricity. A Muscular DC motor lies in the heart of these cars which sets them aside from the rest of the cars which traditionally ran on a combustion motor. Battery technology has seen a lot many changes in the past twenty years, the lithium -ion battery was the revolution. These batteries are lighter and have the capacity to store more power but unfortunately it stores substantially less energy than Hydrogen or fossil fuels .These Electric vehicles have very clear advantages and precedence over the traditional Internal Combustion Engines (ICE).

Efficiency : Electric motors convert about 60% of its power from the power grid to its wheels .Conventional gasoline engines convert only about 10% of the energy provided by the fuel.

Absolutely Eco-friendly : These vehicles  have  no tailpipe , no pollutants, although the power plant producing the electricity may emit them. Electricity from nuclear-, hydro-, solar-, or wind-powered plants causes absolutely no Green House gases.

Enhanced Performance : When it comes to acceleration and on-road performance these EV’s rule out the gasoline engines .The ride is undoubtedly smooth and quieter .

However these Ev’s face great battery challenges and most Ev’s run only about 100-200 miles before they run out of fuel when compared to gasoline engines which run about 200 -300 miles.Just to paint the picture of  battery capacity of the most promising Ev’s today . The Chevy VOLT has massive 170kg li-ion battery but runs only about 60 miles . Interestingly some pure Ev’s have managed to push their range further . The MINI manages a range of 240km on a single charge but it had to be fitted with a massive 300kg battery , designers had to remove the back seats.



Peugeot 208,

An internal combustion engine powers itself on compressed air produced by the burning fuel that moves the pistons up and down , so conceptually if we can supply  compressed air to the pistons we can achieve the same movement to drive the vehicle. Peugeot Citroen invented technology for air car ready for the market by 2016 . The Peugeot 208, it will combine a normal engine with a the  new revolutionary system that runs on compressed air. The air power can mostly be used only at  the city speeds i.e below 43mph , the company predicts that with this combination these cars can give upto 118 miles per gallon. These cars are no different from normal cars expect for the adapted gear box ,and  cylinders to store compressed air .


Bottom Line: Technology is a double edged knife. We can use it for better future rather than for destructive purpose. Everything lies in our hands!!!