GMC super bowl commercial- an overview

GMC super bowl commercial

General Motors (GM) formally the division of General Motors LLC, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors that primarily focuses on trucks and utility vehicles.

Currently, GMC sells pickup as well as commercial trucks, buses, vans, military vehicles as well as sports utility vehicles that are marketed in North America in the Middle East by General Motors. GMC was GM’s second largest selling North American vehicle division in the year 2007 after Chevrolet and ahead of Pontiac.

GMC being one of the most popular brands in the U.S has definitely made its impression felt at the super bowl. Although there aren’t too many commercials that GMC has brought out in the recent past, these following commercials had cost a lot of money and in return, got a lot of viewers. Fair deal right?

Check out these few Ads from GMC that made it to the Super Bowl- Until we await the GMC super bowl commercial 2015

Yukon Hybrid:

Presenting the Yukon Hybrid in a Ad is a good advertising feat. But showing a figure pushing a rock up a mountain top is bizarre. The commercial has a runtime of a minute. But out of the entire minute, the dude just pushes the rock and a background voice just talks something that is hard to comprehend especially after looking at the weird looking dude trying to push the rock up the mountain. In my personal view, this commercial beats all odds and advertises something beyond my comprehension. They could have just had a concept where the Yukon pulls the rock up the mountain, which might have generated some interest.

Watch this GMC super bowl commercial once, or may be twice if you really want to make sense out of it.



This Ad promotes the 2007 GMC Yukon in a very idiosyncratic manner. Good ideas don’t necessarily come in the confines of an office cubicle (I wish my boss could have realized that) and they are some of the best ideas. This commercial explains how GMC’s Yukon is no ordinary sketch that was ideated in an office cubicle. It is made out of the best planned and the most efficient technology that is bound to last long. This car was engineered to the highest standard.

This is a good method to promote all the engineering innovations worldwide and put to best use. The GMC Yukon rolled out with more power, more fuel efficiency and details crafted with exact precision. This GMC super bowl commercial promotes GMC’s engineering beyond the drawing board. Have a look at the following commercial.

Sierra Denali:

High-end cruisers place luxurious and sophisticated cockpits on top of some of the most powerful marine engines. Likewise, GMC offers the proven, Duramax, diesel engine, beneath their most sophisticated and luxurious cabin in the 2015 Sierra Denali HD. This commercial indicates luxury in the form of a truck. With the latest engine offered with confidence and luxury that reminisces a high end luxury car, this commercial promotes luxury as well as power with a unique engineering combination.

This GMC super bowl commercial has no mundane stuff but, the actual portrayed in a rather sophisticated manner.

Black Friday:

Black Friday, the very same day where goods are bought with no intention of their purpose, shoppers save hundreds or may be thousands of dollars during a Black Friday sale. But all of this comes at a price. It starts with Insomnia, patience and a whole lot of impulsiveness.

GMC took a shot at this occasion and promoted its vehicles in a professional manner. Rather than standing in a long line at 3am just to get your hands on whatever your Washington’s lay in your pocket, you can just choose to walk into GMC’s showroom at anytime. The best part is that you save thousands. Have a look at this GMC super bowl commercial.

Pro Grade Protection:

Watch this battle between a GMC Sierra with Heavy Duty Winches.

Testing the sierra has gone to a whole new level. This GMC super bowl commercial shows Sierra’s pro grade engineering by stretching the truck in four opposing directions. Heavy duty dock yard winches along with solid steel chains are used to test the exact strength and durability. Performing the same once, twice or may be thrice is just something ordinary. But what if this same procedure is performed 46 times over two long days?

This video tortures and molests the Sierra to its worst. But, the precision in GMC’s engineering makes all these challenges seem like child’s play. Have a look at this ruthless video and how the Sierra manages to hold its ground as a winner.


Tough day at work and tougher night, especially if you are to attend an opera concert with your girl friend? The following GMC super bowl commercial highlights the very same situation and how our protagonist survives challenging tasks just to attend a boring concert. Well, that’s either the power of love, or the Acadia.

GMC super bowl commercial

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