2016 Audi A8 L Security- Safest Audi on the Planet

"Audi A8 L Security"

Audi’s most exclusive model happens to be the A8 L Security. Although this model is not the fastest or the most powerful among the lot, but it is undoubtedly the toughest Audi built.

Although you might think that this is a sedan that looks just like any other car, you’d know the difference when the need arises. However, this isn’t a sedan, it belongs to the limousine category of vehicles. It surely comes as a surprise as to the category classification of this car. But, well Audi has done it for a reason. In the meantime, here is a brief article that secures all the details about this safe on wheels:


This vehicle is armored with the best available materials. Don’t be fooled by its appearance from the outside. The A8 L Security appears just like any other car. However, the details and the precision that went into building this armored monstrosity is aesthetically way different. Once the skin of this hard to crack vehicle is peeled off, the vehicle reveals a literal fortress on wheels. This heavily armored limousine has a safety cell built that’s fortified with aramid fabric, special aluminum alloys, and hot-formed steel.

"Audi A8 L Security 2016"
Image Source: http://www.netcarshow.com

These materials keep things like bullets and shrapnel from piercing through the bulletproof glass and the body shell. The normal looking tires of this vehicle run-flat and continue functioning without any pressure for a certain distance. Battered, bruised or shredded, this car would still secure the person sitting inside.

"Audi A8 L security"
Image Source: www.chinadaily.com.cn

The car belongs to the limousine category and meets class VR9 ballistic protection standards that is considered the highest security requirement for civilian high-security sedans as set by VPAM (an association of testing institutes that was established to create guidelines for the qualification of ballistic materials and their Bulletproof Levels) The protection’s guidelines state that the vehicle must withstand military-grade weapons like M14 and FAL-FN rifles from a distance of 10 meters.

"Audi A8 L Security"
Image Source: www.newcarnewsandreviews.com

The car must also handle at least three shots from any squad-based heavy weapon like an M60 machine gun from a similar distance and a blast of 15 kilos worth of TNT from two meters. That’s plenty of security in a car I’d say.


Audi has retained luxury amidst security and has added a few luxury chops to extend the sense of comfort. Built for VIP’s, this Audi has a couple of additional features that come in handy. It has an inclusion of an armored communication box in the luggage compartment, an intercom for communicating with people outside the vehicle, and selective door locking.

"Audi A8 L Security"
Image Source: www.brownsafe.com

Additionally, there are a handful of optional features that can be installed into the interior as per request. Audi’s patented emergency exit system, a extinguishing setup, and an emergency fresh air system that independently provides oxygen to the cabin can be added at an additional price and as per the specifications of the owner.

"Audi A8 L Security"
Image Source: bikespricespictures.com


Two different engines power the Audi A8L Security. The first engine, a 4.0-liter TFSI bi-turbo V-8 engine that produces 435 horsepower and 442.5 pound-feet of torque. The second, a naturally aspirated 6.3-liter W-12 FSI engine, pumps out 500 horsepower and 461 pound-feet of torque. Both engines will be offered with the eight-speed tiptronic transmission that sends power to all four wheels. With these top of the line security features, the A8 L Security flies from 0-60 mph in 7.1 seconds. The top speed of this car just like its normal cousin (A8) clocks in at 130.5 mph.


Meant essentially for plutocrats, Audi has kept a very low profile with the price tag on the A8 L Security. Audi has already opened the first order booking for the secure Audi. The expected delivery time is scheduled in spring 2016. But needless to say, this vehicle will come at a bombshell of a price that would attract the likes of the super wealthy.

Bottom Line:

This vehicle isn’t something that is available at any Audi dealership. Audi took various lengths to provide the A8 L security its ballistic classification and this is certainly a plus point. The vehicle is certainly one of the safest cars for the super rich (Just like the Mercedes S Guard). The Luxury that Audi retains has also been kept constant. I loved the fact that Audi provides 2 engine choices and this is a brilliant feature. There are a few flaws to this car as well but it doesn’t really come out as a major issue. Overall, this is a bunker of sorts and you can be assured that no mortal can lay hands on you whilst you are seated in this car.

Face Off: Audi A3 vs Mercedes Benz CLA Class

2014 Mercedes Benz CLA Class front three quarter

Audi’s entry level sedan, the A3 had no direct competitors here in India during the time of its launch. Mercedes Benz, not one to allow its rival to establish a monopoly, has recently unveiled the stunning CLA-Class for the domestic market. The understated Audi takes on the unapologetically  brash CLA-Class. Who wins? We find out.


Audi A3:

Audi’s range has always been about understatement and the A3 is no exception. The A3, as with the rest of the automaker’s range features the brand’s signature trapezoidal grille and LED DRLs. The A3 will no doubt be mistaken for its bigger brother the A4 quite often. However, while the current gen A4 is rather drab and far too clinical, the German car maker has endowed the baby sedan with a little bit of flair. As a result, the A3 pulls off an impressive blend of style and sophistication. With the launch of the new cabriolet model, the A3 gets a bit of zest that is so hard to find from the German car maker.

white 2014 audi a3
The New Audi A3

Mercedes Benz CLA-Class:

The CLA-Class adopts a completely different route than its Audi rival. With its seductive curves, coupe like body and stunning headlight design, the CLA is an absolute showstopper. While many may not agree with Mercedes Benz’s latest design philosophy, the CLA’s scintillating body will surely appeal to a younger buyers base, the section of the market that this car was designed for.

2014 Mercedes Benz CLA Class front three quarter
The Mercedes Benz CLA-Class

Winner: Mercedes Benz CLA-Class



Audi A3:

Form follows function in the new Audi A3. The all black cabin swathed in leather and premium plastics is characteristic of Audi. The interiors follow the same design philosophy as the sedan’s exteriors with the German car maker paying more heed to functionality than styling. An analog instrument panel and a steering wheel complete with mounted controls greet the driver. The A3’s MMI system features an advanced unit with a pop-up displa. Users can control the infotainment system via a single knob located in the center stack. The knob also doubles up as a touch pad with character recognition technology for ease of typing.

audi a3 dashboard
The A3 sports an ergonomically balanced cabin

Other notable features include a 20 GB buit in hard disk and dual zone climate control.

Mercedes Benz CLA-Class:

The drama continues on the inside with the CLA featuring an all black cabin with chrome accents gracing the dashboard, instrument cluster and A/C vents. The sporty silver accented three spoke steering wheel is reminiscent of units found in the brand’s high end AMG range. Everything about the CLA-Class exudes a bit of flair. The air vents too feature a unique design styled to resemble propellers.

interior mercedes benz cla sedan
The interior of the CLA

Mercedes Benz’s infotainment system however is not quite as advanced and does feature the same levels of functionality as the A3’s.

Winner: Mercedes Benz CLA-Class


Under The Hood:

Audi A3:

Available in both petrol and diesel, the A3 will appeal to both the enthusiast as well as the long distance commuter. The diesel variant is powered by a 2.0 L TDI unit that churns out 140 hp @ 3200 RPM and 320 Nm of torque @ 1750 RPM. The 1.8 L TFSI petrol mill on offer produces an impressive 178 hp @ 5100 RPM and 250 Nm of torque @ 1200 RPM.

While Audi offers a seven speed DSG for the petrol, the diesel has to make do with a six speed DSG gearbox.

Mercedes Benz CLA-Class:

Mercedes has never been one to fit its entry level models with high caliber engines and the CLA is no exception. The German automaker will offer a four cylinder turbocharged 2.0 L petrol engine that produces 135 hp and 300 Nm of torque while the diesel engine is expected to be a  four-cylinder 2.2-litre mill that churns out 100 hp and 300 Nm of torque. Although power figures pale in comparison to the A3’s, the massive torque produced from both variants will keep the driver entertained.

Both engines are mated to a seven speed dual clutch gearbox.

Winner: Audi A3



The CLA-Class’ alluring sheetmetal is one of the best in the business. Sadly however, Mercedes Benz has opted to design a car whose beauty is only skin deep. The A3 offers far more under the hood and inside the cabin. Although the Audi could have used a bit more drama, the A3 is the definite winner.

audi a3 rear three quarter
The Audi A3 is better suited for those who do the driving

Audi A3 – a Mean Machine

German car maker Audi is about to release an all new sedan for the Indian market. Based off the A4, the new A3 is a smaller, budget offering from the German manufacturer to rival the Mercedes Benz A-Class and the BMW 1 Series. Internationally the A3 rivals the CLA Class and 2 Series sedan, however, as BMW and Benz have not released their entry level sedans here in India, the compact sedan will compete against its hatches.

Audi has always made products that make sense for the Indian market. With the most number of models available in numerous segments, the German automaker has managed to claw its way to the top of the luxury car market. However, with Mercedes Benz launching their aggressive campaign to regain market monopoly, Audi needed another budget offering to take on the Three Pointed Star. Currently the Q3 sits at the bottom of the Audi price range. Despite being one of the best luxury compact SUVs on offer, the Q3 is still a pricey offering. The A3 however, with a expected price range of Rs. 24 – 29 lakhs (ex-showroom) has the makings of a bestseller.


audi a3 front view
Front View of the Upcoming Audi A3

Based off Volkswagen’s MQB platform, the new A3 sports the same innards found on the next generation Passat, current gen Octavia as well as a slew of other cars under VW. This new modular platform ensures lightweight construction, improved cost reduction which means all future cars will be cheaper and more economical. The new A3 is quite a classy looking car. With its typical Audi LED daytime running lights and the silhouette composed of sharp lines and creases, the A3 makes an extremely formal design statement as opposed to the youthful vigor emanating from the A-Class. However, some may argue that the A3 looks a bit too strikingly similar to the A4.


audi a3 rear view
The Audi A3 Makes A Formal Design Statement That The Older Generation Might Take a Liking To

The executive sedan maybe smaller than the A4 but the cabin provides an aura of luxury. The all black cabin adds to the sporty appeal of the car. The dashboard and center console make good use of premium plastics and chrome accents to improve the A3’s upmarket feel. Despite the A3 sitting at the bottom of the Audi range, the sedan is packed to the brim with features such as a pop up display for the infotainment system and the German car maker’s latest MMI controller. The music system is a 180 W ten speaker system that sports traditional features such as AUX IN, USB, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity. The steering wheel comes with an array of mounted controls to make use of the music system and the user’s Bluetooth connected phone.


dashboard 2015 audi a3
The Dashboard of the 2015 Audi A3

The international model of the A3 sees it in both petrol and diesel avatars. With the diesel variant powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged unit that produces 141 HP and 320 Nm of torque, the petrol variant makes use of a 1.8 L TFSI engine that puts out an impressive 177 HP and 250 Nm of torque. While both these engines are more than likely to arrive for the Indian market, Audi may introduce detuned variants of the same to improve fuel efficiency. Both engines are mated to a seven speed dual clutch gearbox (VW’s critically acclaimed DSG gearbox). The German car maker will not be introducing the A3 with a manual gearbox. In time however, Audi may also introduce a budget variant of the A3, similar to the Q3S that sports a traditional manual ‘box. The budget offering however may not sport the automaker’s signature LED lights as well, a feature quite popular among buyers these days. 


audi a3 2.0 l tfsi engine
Audi Will Be Introducing the 2.0 TDI and 1.8 L TFSI Engines For the India Bound Audi A3 albeit In Lower States of Tune

The A3 will be brought in as a completely knocked down unit (CKD), however if customer response is good, then Audi may consider localization of production to cut costs down even further.


audi a3 interior
The Audi A3 Features The German Car Maker’s Motorized Pop Up Display

Image Source: Car and Driver

Bottom Line:

Although the A3’s main rivals are the 1 Series and the A-Class, Audi is hoping that A3 will trump both cars in terms of space and features. Needless to say, the A3 may be the A-Class killer.

Visit Audi’s India page: www.audi.in