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Nissan Teatro for Dayz, or nightmare?

"Nissan Teatro"

It swings across once every two years or so but, the Tokyo Motor Show is one of the finest consortiums of carmakers from all across the world. This is a huge platform for all the companies to portray their best jaw dropping, eye gluing machines. In my opinion, Love at first sight really takes place here.

Japanese carmakers eagerly await such opportunities to show to the world that nobody designs cars better than they do. Hence, the carmakers often do their best to stand out amid the outlandish designs. Then again, there is a little chance of Nissan’s latest concept getting lost in the crowd for bizarre reasons. The company introduced a rather bizarre looking vehicle that can transform according to your whim,” says the company.

Also, it’s called “Teatro for Dayz.” So, yeah!

Teatro? Say What?

So named Teatro for Dayz, the Nissan vehicle is the “first car designed specifically for the generation known as ‘digital natives,’ or “share natives.”

It’s hard to stake a claim to the silliest appearing concept car at a show like the Tokyo Motor Show, But Nissan seems like it has the word Bizzare written all over. There are some cars with gaudy interiors with seats (even the steering wheel) spruced up with grass, leopard skin or even abstract patterns that seem just too much for your brain to take in. Then, there’s Teatro for Dayz, a free-spirited step-sister of Nissan’s serious, buttoned-down self-driving EV, and it’s Nissan’s hope that it’ll convince non-auto fans to, well, take an interest.

There’s so much fun to be had with a concept car with fancy looks. Nissan has proven that it has enjoyed this truism to the fullest with this car. This all-electric minivan has a little bit of normalcy; its suicide doors. This vehicle, just like the IDS concept is a vision of an autonomous, electric future, the Teatro for Dayz is one extreme way to connect your smart phone and your vehicle. Nissan calls is, “an innovative concept that signals a new direction in mobile technology.” It’s certainly a new direction in distracting the driver.


"Teatro for Dayz"
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Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says that the Teatro for Dayz was specially designed for “Share Natives”. Carlos Ghosn says that this generation of young Japanese people like the efficiency of an electric vehicle and the functionality of a Kei car. “These young people are now getting their drivers licenses,” he said. “They have never known a world without the Internet, email or social media. They are always connected and eager to share their experiences.” With a car like the TfD, they can gather in person and virtually in a car that’s a vehicle for self-expression and connecting with friends as much as it is for getting to the next hot spot in Harajuku.


On the Outside:

The LED screen in action is overwhelming. Yes, LED screen. Like I said, there is plenty of craziness with the Teatro.


"Nissan Teatro"
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Designing a car to appeal to the generation we call ‘share natives’ required us to intentionally not use knowledge and tried-and-true approaches we had amassed,” Nissan’s executive design director Satoshi Tai said. “For example, through design we typically try to convey a sense of acceleration, power, or supreme quality. But these values do not resonate with share natives. If anything, such car traits just call to mind old-fashioned technology that bears little relevance to their lives.”

Share natives feel that time spent in a car should be time for connecting and sharing experiences with friends,” agrees product planning general manager Hidemi Sasaki. “We can no longer attract their attention with the same old values.” The idea is that Teatro for Dayz can be a “clean canvas” for people to create and share their own designs.

The vehicle’s seats and steering wheel is made of LED screens. Pretty amazing right? This car also has LED screen as rear bumper that will display the vehicle’s status updates that show how crazy the driver can get with this car.


The car’s interior is completely decked out in display surfaces.

"Nissan Teatro"
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The dashboard, seats, headrest-well, pretty much everything has display surfaces. Since conventional knobs and switches would limit display arrangement and expression, the change is pretty mind-boggling.

"Nissan Teatro"
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The functionality works like air conditioning and audio is controlled by voice while important meters appear on the flat dashboard when the car is in drive mode. The exterior has LED panels that can display patterns or things like the car’s battery charge.

Bottom Line:

This concept is pretty futuristic. The certainty of this car working and being commercially produced is pretty doubtful. Let’s wait and watch what 2016 has in store for us. 🙂


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