NFS MOST WANTED, A gaming Revolution that changed Lives – Part 1

There was a time when we were introduced to super cars and we always wanted to experience the feel behind the wheel (Most of us still do).  Just the sound of a super car, on TV or our computer screens would make us wonder which car it could be. Well, I’ve been there, and I still do that.

Sadly, that one dream of driving a super car always gets away. The year was 2005, was when Electronic Arts had digitally made my wishes come true. So what if I couldn’t drive in person? my online alias could do my work for me. Rightly named Need For Speed Most Wanted, this game was indeed a legend (I still have it on my laptop)

After simulating most of our racing dreams, Electronic Arts had introduced 37 of the most popular cars (then) to this game. Everything seemed too good to be true, then again video games are supposed to keep you glued on to your screen right?

My intrepid guts took me on an all time high when I missed one of my major classroom test because, well the night prior to the test I was experiencing the best Most Wanted had to offer, 7-8 steady drag races followed by a major cop chase, followed by a whole night filled with @$#* (I hope you get it 😉 ) Although, I do not regret missing the boring test, I had to come to terms with the fact that it was a game and the digital world was too addictive.

Recently Electronic Arts had launched their newest series in the Need for Speed edition (there was a movie too) which had the latest speed demons introduced like the Bugatti Veyron etc. No matter how pretentious this game might seem, NFS Most Wanted still holds a very special place. Need For Speed has various series.

Let me drive you all through memory lanes, experience and the efficacy that we had experienced while playing the game. Lets take a look at the speed demons at their finest and the value they hold in real life.

Letssssss Go !!


The British luxury car Aston Martin DB 9 had also been used in the movie Johnny English-1. The DB9 has been a member of the Aston Martin family Since 2004 and is still being produced. Although the 5.9 litre V12 engine powered grand tourer coupé looks a tad different currently (face lift and a few more aesthetic changes) and a power boost in the year 2013.

See the Aston Martin in action :

The DB 9 produced 470 bhp @ 6000 RPM, did 0-100 in 4-6 roughly seconds. In the game, the Aston Martin DB 9 took longer to gain top speed because of its bulky body. In the game the DB9 costs $ 90,000 (which is nothing, because it’s a game after all) In real life, the DB9 costs $500K ( ie. 2.90-3.00 crore INR )

Aston Martin DB 9
Image Source: www.nfsunlimited.net


2. Audi A4 3.2 FSI Quattro

NFS had taught me the pronunciation of AUDI (I used to pronounce it as oddy)

I used to feel like the transporter while driving this car (silly right?) This German wonder that was produced from 2004 lasted till 2008 is sadly not in production anymore. The A4 3.2 quattro had a 3.2 Litre FSI V6 engine that produced 252 dhp @ 6500 RPM and went as fast as 250 Kms (per hr) This was the third fastest petrol car produced by Audi.

Hear the A4 3.2 FSI Quattro


Audi A4 3.2 FSI Quattro NFS
Image Source: www. guides.gamepressure.com

The cost of this car in the game was $ 35,000 and in real life, well it used to cost $60K ( ie. 36.12 lakh INR )

3. Audi A3 3.2 Quattro:

The A3 3.2 Quattro was lasted on the production belt from 2003-2005. This car had a 3.2 Litre VR6 engine and produced a decent 249 BHP @ 6300 RPM, attaining a maximum speed of 249 km/hr. After receiving a face-lift in 2005, the A3 3.2 Quattro was the second most powerful model in the A3 range of cars produced by Audi.

See the As 3.2 Quattro in action:

Soon, this car was replaced by the Audi RS3, this car costs $ 32000 in the game and in reality, the price was $70K ( ie.36.72 lakh INR  )

Audi A3 3.2 Quattro NFS
Image Source: www.guides.gamepressure.com

4. AUDI TT 3.2 Quattro:

The sports coupé model produced by Audi in 2004 was manufactured till the year 2006. The 3.2 Litre VR6 engine mated on to the TT 3.2 Quattro could reach a speed of 379 km/hr (after being modified in the game)

AUDI TT 3.2 Quattro NFS
Image Source: www.guides.gamepressure.com

With a $35,000 price tag in the game, this car in reality as available for $110K ( ie. 54.59 lakh INR )

Let the TT stun you again:


5. BMW M3 GTR and the GTR (E46) version:

Once you start the game, you have your old companion, the BMW M3 GTR that has no rage as compared to the one you win during the end. Although, the BMW M3 GTR had capabilities of taking the rider real fast in the game, there were drawbacks with it, no matter how much the M3 was upgraded; it did not provide the most perfect handling especially during sudden turns and cop chases.

Image Source: www.needforspeed.com

Since, this was a one of a kind car in the game, it wasn’t available for sale. However, in reality it would cost you 78 + Lakh Inr    . The M3R’s were produced till the year 2013.

Nothing beats the sound of the BMW M3R:



A sports saloon by nature and a real good car on roads (well at least in the game) This General Motors creation came a price of $ 32,000 and in reality, was available for $70K ( ie. 38 lakh INR – not considering import duties and other taxes here)

Being the first of its kind with manual transmission during the year 1988, this car could produce 255 BHP @ 6200 RPM (all thanks to its 3.6 Litre V6 LY7 engine) It could touch speeds of 246 Kmph.

Image Source: www.guides.gamepressure.com

Watch the Cadillac take you away:



A compact sport car by Chevrolet charged with a 2.0 litre LSJ 14 Engine was available in the game for $ 26,000 considerably one of the cheapest car in the game.

Image Source: www.nfsunlimited.net

The Cobalt’s era started in the year 2005 and ended in 2007. It could produce 205 BHP @ 5600 RPM and fully modifying it would take you to a speed of 233 kmph.

Perhaps, the Cobalt should sound soothing:


CORVETTE was one of the finest looking vehicles in the game, classy by looks and definitely a game changer on roads. Released in the year 2005, the Covette had lasted till the year 2013 followed by the newly introduced C7 (2014). This omnipotent beast on wheels produced 400 bhp @ 6000 RPM and could touch the 300kmph mark when upgraded fully. Carrying a price tag of $ 80,000 in the game, the real life price crosses the $100K margin (ie. INR 50 lakh ).

Image Source: www.overclock.net


A snake like feel and the aggression of a viper, the viper had certainly helped me defeat a few rivals.

Produced in the year 2003, the sports car labeled under the Dodge brand was a successor of the previous Viper GTS. The 8.0 Litre V10 engine definitely did not take a no for an answer on the streets.

Image Source: www.nfsunlimited.net

Carrying a price tag of $ 88,000, this acceleration savvy ride made it so simple to attain a speed of 306 kmph. Although, excessive power under the hood would act up a bit during a crucial race and might tend to take the vehicle off track, In real life the SRT 10 crossed the $100K price margin (ie. 1 crore INR )

Cant miss out the Viper:


We’ve all seen the Punto on Indian roads; thankfully a few of us even own this car (that feeling of being in the Rock port city with your Punto would definitely soothe you)

Image Source: www.community.gamocracy.net

Although, the Grande Punto sport being a bit different carried a 1.9 Liter 8V multi Jet I4 engine that produced 128 bhp @ 4000 RPM and reaching 200 kmph in the game, this car was in Fiat’s production line from the year 2005 till 2009.


The Grande Punto wasn’t one of the finest cars in the came considering the max-power producing machines were plenty in the game. The price of which in the game was $ 27,000 and in reality is $10K ( ie. 4.99 to 7.42 Lakh INR) affordable right?


One fine American Muscle Car is just what was needed to make the game even better. Mated with a 4.6 Litre V8 Modular engine, the Mustang GT could produce 300 BHP @ 6289 RPM and could reach a decent speed of 233 kmph in the game.

Being a flagship model of the mustang series, the mustang was introduced at the 2004 International Auto show in North America. It was being produced from the year 2005 to 2010. In the game, the price of the mustang was $ 36,000 while in reality, the price crosses the $80K mark (ie. INR 40 Lakh price tag )

Image Source: www.850i.deviantart.com

12. FORD GT:

A supercharged vehicle with a supercharged will to win. The 5.4 Litre supercharged Modular V8 engine had the power of 550 horses under the hood. Producing a speed of 330kmph in the game, this car could produce 550 BHP at 6500 RPM. It was produced from the year 2003-2006 and was priced $ 2,70,000 in the game.

Image Source: www.850i.deviantart.com

I’ll be right back after a short little break 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading this article….

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