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Navotar Car Rental Software review

Navotar is a car rental software that will assist to boost your car rental business. This software has proved to be the most effective and it is also trusted because of its efficiency. Navotar is cloud based and integrates perfectly. They have powerful features which will make you do have a excellent time when using it. The options include; monitoring available vehicles, checking vehicles in, automatic servicing and maintenance among others. Navotar works together with nearly all operating systems. The user interface with this software packages  is a breeze. It is designed to suit the requirements of everyone.

The Navotar was made as a auto rental software for both small and average-size car rental companies and then for car dealership loaner program to make it posssible for them keep accurate track of their business. The Navotar has the capability to effectively manage every aspect with their business  which range from customers to rates and also to vehicles.

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How does Navotar Help Navigate Your Business?

A car rental or dealership business nowadays could possibly be exciting though the competitive environment implies that we quite often take some extra help. Say no more: Navotar continues to be designed to relieve the pains go through by car rental businesses. The cloud-based software has several wonderful features that can take time off work both your hands: checking vehicles in, handling reservations, monitoring available vehicles, automatic servicing and maintenance, and gauging damage on vehicles. Moreover, Navotar is built to be extremely user-friendly and the support team can provide assistance until everything is up and ready to go.

Navotar Car Rental Software

 Navotar Car Rental Software review :


  • It can be more ideal for medium, independent car rental companies and in fact it is reasonably priced. This software comes with all the current necessary features that permit users to edit and add important details since they check in/ check –out vehicles.
  • Starting up with Navotar will never be a challenge. They offer video tutorials that can help you learn and appreciate the software works. Considering that the features usually are not complicated, you do not spend a lot of time around the learning part. Over time, you will be ready to start employing this excellent software.
  • Navotar is recommended for everyone using a car rental business. It had been designed by making use of individuals in the industry so you can rest assured that the software is intuitive. No software installation is necessary to use Navotar. It’s amazing dashboard provides real time updates of sales, vehicle status, rental status, and more.
  • They also have a totally free trial version. You may be able to test this and become familiar with what sort of software works. If it suits your preferences, then you can go ahead and purchase it. Navotar is just not expensive, it is really an affordable software. Exploring the services furnished by it, you may even say it is a cheap software. The customer support service is available 24/7.
  • Overall, Navotar is a useful one instead as you stuff that makes Navotar stand above remaining portion of the car rental systems is that it allows to try the license of your respective customer without knowing him that whether its valid or not. Navotar will  be  the only car rental software company that gives this functionality in real-time.


  • So far so competent. Navotar is responsive and fully loaded with necessary features that if ever issues arise, the support as well as the system will always be prepared to resolve it. It is simply responsive, useful and simple to use.
  • The Navotar includes with free trial version in addition to a $60.00 per month starting price which seems reasonable. The software is deployed as a cloud solution, as a SaaS, web based, or installed on native Android/iOS mobile platforms.
  • Navotar is comparatively new than others and their main focus on car rental companies might be a plus or possibly a minus on their service, based on your business. The systems is user friendly, yet it is not free from glitches just yet. Customer service can be quite a slow in replying, with reports of response time which range from two to four days.

If you are looking for both quality and Affordability in a single software, then Navotar is just the right software to suit your needs. It provides a good quality software loaded with full features essential for car rental businesses and excellent and responsive customer support able to serve at a reasonable low cost.



6.2 out of 10
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