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Most of us dream of owning super-cars and driving them around places. The trouble however, begins when the fuel runs out faster than the speed of the car and you might miss the old fuel efficient car that gave you the feeling of being a budget price ūüėČ

Let’s cruise through reality and take a look at some of the most fuel efficient cars India has to offer ( at-least, you can gladly NOT spend all your salary on just fuel)


Considering the current Diesel Price hike in India, Rating in at number 10 on the list of fuel efficient cars -the Toyota Etios Liva (diesel) which gets its 68PS power @ 3800 RPM, from a 1363 cc, 1.3 Liter diesel engine that produces 170 Nm Torque. Toyota has certainly given the ETIOS a diesel saving mantra; the Etios Liva (D) gives you a 20.32 kmpl mileage in the city and a 23.59 kmpl mileage on the highway. Etios LIVA (D) is available in diesel variants such as Liva JD, Liva GD, Liva SP, Liva VD and Liva TRD Sportivo.

Fuel efficient cars - Etios Liva
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As on 31st July 2014, the Etios Liva comes with a price tag of Rs. 4.40 lakh- 6.91 Lakh.



With better mileage, comes another competitor.

Joining in the mileage war comes the Hyundai Grand I 10 Diesel that has the same 1.1 liter (3 cylinder) diesel engine mated to it, produces 72 PS power and 184 Nm torque.  The Grand i10 comes in 5 diesel variants such as CRDi Era (1120 cc Diesel), CRDi Magna (1120 cc Diesel) CRDi Sportz (1120 cc Diesel), CRDi Asta (1120 cc Diesel) and the CRDi Asta Option (1120 cc Diesel)

The Hyundai hatchback offers a smooth 24 kmpl mileage that puts more smiles on Indian roads and hence it can be considered as a real good fit among fuel efficient cars in India.

Fuel efficient cars - Hyundai Grand i10
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The Grand i10 ranges from Rs. 5.32 lakhs to Rs. 6.47 Lakhs.



Based completely on the Grand I 10, the Hyundai Xcent is just the elongated version (well with a different look) of the i10, the Xcent is a recent sedan addition to the Hyundai family and also a favorite among fuel efficient cars. It is powered by the same 1.1 liter engine which discharges 72 PS power and produces 184 Nm torque. The Xcent is classy by looks and with an ARAI rating, boasts a great mileage of 24.4 kmpl. (Not bad eh??)

The diesel versions available are; 1.1 CRDi Base (1120 cc), CRDi S (1120 cc) , 1.1 CRDi S option (1120 cc), 1.1 CRDi SX (1120 cc) and 1.1 DRSi SX Option (1120 cc)

Fuel efficient cars - Hyundai Xcent
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The Hyundai Xcent ranges from Rs.  5.64 Lakhs to 7.49 Lakhs.



If you are a price conscious, the Tata Nano is a good buy & also a fine one among fuel efficient cars. The 624 cc twin cylinder engine provides the driver an economical 25 kmpl (rated by ARAI) the missing power steering might be a bummer (but well considering the price you pay for the car you wouldn’t drive unsatisfied)

Most fuel efficient cars - Tata Nano
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The Tata Nano is priced between Rs.2.00 lakhs and 2.5 lakhs.



Yet another TATA motors offering in line with the fuel efficient cars in India. The TATA Indica CR4 is powered by a 1396 cc CR4 diesel engine that produces 140 Nm torque that produces 70 PS power too. Not a bad car to consider if you are mileage conscious. The Indica CR4 delivers a 25 kmpl mileage. The car is available in versions such as the DLS BSIII (1405 cc Diesel that provides 17.88 kmpl) the eV2 eLS (1396 cc diesel, 25 kmpl), the DLX BSIII (1405 cc Diesel provides 17.88 kmpl) and the eV2 eLX (1396 cc Diesel, 25 kmpl)

Fuel efficient cars in India - Tata Indica CR-4
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The Indica V2 Cr-4 is priced between Rs. 4.05 lakhs to Rs. 4.72 Lakhs.



Sure you can afford a ford & yeah it is one of the most stylish fuel efficient cars.

The all new 2014 Ford Fiesta Face Lift that was launched in 2014 is a proud Ford offering that accentuated a 25.01 kmpl mileage.  Being offered only in a diesel version, the 1.5 liter diesel engine would produce 89 BHP @ 204 Nm torque. The diesel versions, available are Ambiente (basic), Style, and the Titanim + version.

Fuel efficient cars in India - Ford Fiesta
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The price of the Ford Fiesta would range between Rs. 7.59 lakh and Rs. 9.29 Lakh.



TATA NANO comes with TWIST; this new version comes with a 624 cc Engine with a 4 speed manual transmission. The twist lies in the F-Tronic that has a 5 ‚Äď speed automated manual transmission (AMT) that makes it quite a fuel efficient car. Mated with a 0.6 litre 37.4 BHP 4V Petrol Engine that produces a torque of 51 Nm. The mileage produced is 22.2 kmpl (city) and the highway mileage of 25.4 kmpl.

Indian fuel efficient cars - Tata Nano Twist
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The Nano Twist costs Rs. 2.32 Lakhs only.



Mated with a 936 cc three cylinder Diesel engine, Beat is the best among fuel efficient cars from Chevrolet that is supposedly a fuel efficient car that provides a 25.11 kmpl mileage.  Built in with 58.5 PS power and an ability to produce 150 Nm torque, the new Beat is a small compact mileage car for Indians. The Beat is available in various variants such as, Diesel PS (936 cc, 25.44 Kmpl), Diesel LS (936 cc 22.5- 25.44 Kmpl), Beat Diesel LT (936 cc, 22.5-25.44 Kmpl), Diesel Manchester UK Edition and the Diesel LT Option variants.

Most fuel efficient cars - Chevy Beat
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The Chevrolet Beat (Diesel) ranges from Rs. 4.86 lakhs ‚Äď Rs. 6.04 Lakhs.



Honda is all paced up to give India a fuel friendly solution. Honda has superseded other rivals with the most fuel efficient cars.

Rating at number 2 is the Honda Amaze (DIESEL) that rates in at 25.8 kmpl (ARAI rating) mileage. Being the first Honda Diesel car introduced to India, the 1.5 Liter i-DTEC engine, the Amaze looks like the extended version of Brio.

The Amaze Diesel comes in different Variants such as; Honda Amaze E I DTEC (1498 cc, 25.8 kmpl), Amaze EX I DTEC (1498 cc, 25.8 kmpl), Amaze SX I DTEC (1498 cc, 25.8 kmpl), Amaze VX I DTEC (1498 cc, 25.8 kmpl) and the Anniversary Edition (1498 cc, 25.8 kmpl)

Most fuel efficient cars - Honda Amaze
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The Diesel variants are priced between Rs. 6.13 Lakhs ‚Äď Rs. 8. 21 Lakhs.



Regarded the best sedan offering from Honda, the City (diesel) 2014 has won the Mileage war taking the lead with 26 Kmpl. Apart from the classy look and an I DTec Engine, the City is the talk of the City & can be the best one among fuel efficient cars. The powerful engine produces 98.6 BHP @ 3600 RPM.

Available in versions such as; i DTec E (1498 cc with 23-26 kmpl), i DTec S ( 1498 cc with 23-26 kmpl), I DTec SV ( 1498 cc with 23-26 kmpl), I DTec V ( 1498 cc with 23-26 kmpl) and the i DTec VX ( 1498 cc with 22-25.1 kmpl)

Best fuel efficient cars - Honda city
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The Honda City 2014 is priced between Rs. 8.52 Lakhs ‚ÄďRs. ¬†11.25 lakhs.


After enlisting the top mileage cars, the Honda City Diesel has been awarded the best fuel efficient car in India. The newly launched Toyota Corolla has the same engine as the Honda City; the mileage war is going to keep major car manufacturers always on the mileage run. Let’s hope India gets more Fuel Efficient cars.

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