Elluminati Inc’s UberEats Clone Script Review

Elluminati Inc UberEats Clone Script review

Elluminati Inc has created an UberEats Clone Script & Source Code for the online food delivery business. The Elluminati Inc’s UberEats Clone Script will give you your platform to create a custom food delivery app based on the UberEats model.

The UberEats Clone Script by Elluminati Inc helps you to focus on one thing that is to run the app under your brand name and offer services which could match that of UberEats.

The features which are offered by the UberEats clone script for online food delivery business are listed below.

Order favorite food online: – The customers can repeatedly order their favorite food online.

Customize meal ingredients: –  The customers can customize their favorite food and add or remove their preferred ingredients.

Select the desired food types with filters: –  The customer can select their preferred food type and enjoy their wide variety of choices offered in the local area.

Delay option: – The customer can buy food at delayed time and order at later time.

Pay with cash or card: – The customer has the option of paying now on cash or through card for the food ordered.

No wastage of time: – The customer can order and not waste time on going to restaurant and waiting for takeaway.

Real time tracking service: – The customer gets the access of tracking the progress of the food.

Multilingual: – The app offers multilingual language support for its users.

Built on the idea of ordering food at customers fingertips: -The customer can easily with a few clicks and swipes can order food and get it delivered within minutes.

Nearby food locator: – The customer can order and buy food from nearby place and also able to buy the most delicious set of food from the best restaurants around.

Wide Variety of Menus: – The customer will have access to the widest range of dishes and ability to compare menus from different restaurants with a single glance.

Efficient Payment Method: –  There’s a quick, simple and secure payment method so that the user can pay without a hitch.

Preferred food delivered to your preferred address: –  The food is delivered to your preferred address and delivered to your preferred time. As delivery can be timed.

Support: – The support is offered by the company in case any problem is incurred during the implementation of the app.

History: – The customer can go through their product history and repeat their favorite orders.

Custom Product: – The product can be customized and and ordered according to the preferences of the customer.

Tip: –  The customer can tip the delivery individual and tip it through the app.

Now/ later: – Customers have the choice either to buy now or buy later. The ability is also to increase the customer presence in the app. This allows the app owner to increase the profit margin.

Multiple Payment Gateway: – The customer can pay through their online wallet or through any other accepted coins.

Ability to call delivery: -The customer can call the delivery guy and know where and when the order will arrive.

ETA: – The customer can see the estimated time of arrival of the order. They can see whether the food will be delivered on time.

Product Description: – The food item is clearly stated on the app and the customer won’t have any problems in accessing them.

Status Update: – The customer can see the status update as does the restaurateur and the delivery guy.

Profit indicator: – The app clearly shows the admin and other parties involved and their share of profit distribution.

The Elluminati Inc’s UberEats Clone Script allows the users to have an app like UberEats and run it with all the benefits plus even more of it to the customers.

APPDUPE UberEATS Clone Script Review

appdupe ubereats food delivery clone script review

With the emergence of on-demand food delivery systems, now a customer does not have to go to a restaurant to have his favorite delicacies. All he has to do is order the food from the list of available restaurants in its locality from an UberEATS, swiggy like food delivery service.

With the world changing at a faster pace, most of the retail business is happening online and the mobile is an essential platform that serves this purpose. Nowadays it is possible to order the food with just a single tap over the phone.

As the online food delivery business is a multi billion dollar business in the making, many business enterprises are slowly entering into this domain. But for a potential business owner apart from a significant consumer base it is very essential to get hold of an appropriate ubereats clone script.

With the right script in your possession, you will stand out of the herd and would be one of the most likable service providers in the market.

What made APPDUPE to come up with an UberEATS clone script of their own?

AppDupe is a company, or it is more of a marketplace that specializes in clone scripts for various popular apps. Their team of industry experts have years of experience behind them. The company has been delivering quality products for a long time. Not only they deliver custom made apps for the customers but they also provide lifetime support for the product. With a high demand for UberEATS clone in the market and an utter scarcity of a quality software has made the company take the initiative to bring a better product into the market.

What makes the UberEATS Clone Script from APPDUPE a great alternative?

To be in the market and compete with some of the well established companies in the field takes a lot more than just guts. The company need to have a revolutionary product to stay ahead in the business from its competitors. Let’s have a look at some of the important features of the AppDupe UberEATS clone script.

  • Notification: The app has complete support for push notification, that is periodically generated to show the progress of the order.
  • Instant Search: A customer can easily search through a wide array of items available from a list of vendors with smart search feature.
  • Favorites: The customer can some food to its favorite menu, so that he can frequently order them over time.
  • Categories: There are a lot of categories available to choose from like main course, starter etc.
  • Credit Card and PayPal: The customer can make the payment with credit card and PayPal.
  • Checkout Cart: After selecting an item, the app redirects the customer to the cart where the customer can make the payment.
  • Referral System: A customer can refer his friends and relatives to avail special discounts that gets credited to his wallet after the person gets signed up.
  • Admin Dashboard: The app is supported by a powerful admin dashboard where all the management features could be configured.
  • Cross Platform: The app is available for download for both iOS and Android platform.
  • Bidding Options: This is an interesting feature where a driver partner can bid for the best price for delivering the food.
  • Schedule Bookings: The customer can schedule the booking for a later date, by providing date and time for delivery.
  • Chat Integration: There is an integrated chat application that helps the customer contact and interact with the delivery partner.
  • MLM Marketing: The app fully support multi level marketing.
  • Multi Language: The app is available in a lot of languages, in a way the app is fully cosmopolitan.
  • Bitcoin Wallet: A customer can make the payment with bitcoin, the payment gateway takes care of the currency exchange and authentication.
  • Dedicated Food Page: There is a dedicated page describing each item in the menu with a nice photo.
  • Exclusive Picks Page: This page shows the customer which items are most frequently bought by the customers.
  • Extensive Statistics: By exhaustive statistics the admin can analyse all the trends for a particular season or quarter.

What else could be added?

No doubt the food delivery app from AppDupe is one of its kind and complete in every possible way, but there are certain features that are found to be missing from the software and would definitely make a good addition to the software.

  • Demand Surge Pricing: What for is a demand surge based pricing? There are times when the restaurant has limited supply of a product, and the demand for the product is burgeoning. At such times the restaurant can increase the price for the item a little bit to stop the bleeding.
  • Trending Courses: Why do you need to show the trending courses? Imagine a first timer curious to book something over the app, now he will be confused and intimidates by an extensive menu. If there is a provision of trending courses, the customer will immediately come to know what are the items that is trending in a particular locality.

DECTAR UberEATS Clone Review

Dectar UberEats Clone Script Review

With changing times the taste of urban population has also changed. There used to be a time when people would never dream of ordering food, that would actually be delivered at their doorstep. This was a void that was made complete with an UberEATS clone script.

Before proceeding any further let me clarify what is an UberEATS clone. It is an exact replica of the original UberEATS on demand food delivery software. The California based tech giant, Uber decided to enter the online on demand food delivery market somewhere around late 2013.

In a short span of only three years UberEATS has set new records in the particular segment. It has gained the distinction of one of the world’s fastest growing food delivery platform. In certain cities of Europe UberEATS has outgrown its taxi dispatch business, which proves the growing need of a on demand food delivery software.

A brief history of DECTAR

DECTAR was founded in early 2014, with a view to design a uber clone script that would be completely revolutionary. Later the company decided to enter into other verticals as well. Now the company has more than 20 Uber for X applications and employs 150 highly trained professionals. In a short period of 4 years DECTAR has established itself as one of the top most players among clone script makers.

What makes DINEDOO from DECTAR so special?

The very essence of an on demand food delivery software is to provide the customers an easy way to book their favorite dishes from the convenience of their home. Every UberEATS clone script comes with some unique features that makes it different from that of its peers. Let’s have a look at some of the essential features of DineDoo that makes it a true choice for someone who wants to start a food delivery business.

  • Easy to Use Interface: The interface is very user friendly and easy to use.
  • Multiple Payment Modes: The app has complete support for multiple payment modes including that of cash and credit card. Authentication and security is taken care of by the payment gateway.
  • Wallet: Now the customer can easily transfer the money from its bank account to the wallet and make the payment from there. In this way the customer can go completely cashless.
  • Real-time Tracking: Google Maps integrated with the software helps a customer to track their delivery comfortably from their app.
  • Google Analytics: With integrated google analytics the customer can know everything related to the website like number of visitors, bounce rate and a lot more.
  • Order Now/Schedule Later: The customer can make the order to be delivered instantly or can schedule the order for a later time. At the time of scheduling the order the customer will be asked for date, time and address.
  • Promo and Referral Codes: The promo codes are special coupons that can be issued by the company at the time of running certain promotional events. The customer can use the codes to avail certain discounts. Similarly the referal codes are available to refer the app to friends and relatives. Once the referral signs into the system the referrer will get the referral amount redeemed into his wallet.
  • Accept Request: The driver partners gets the request from the restaurant to deliver the order.

What else can be added?

With an increasing demand in the market, and a consistent entrance of new players in the domain, upgrading the software is the call of the hour. The UberEATS clone from DECTAR is undoubtedly a great alternative to the original software, but certain essential features are found to be missing from the software. Let’s have at some of the features that would make a nice addition to the software.

  • Geofencing:

What is the need for Geofencing? With Geofencing it would be easier for a company to target certain specific areas of the city and run promotional campaigns to attract the customers of that locality. Apart from that certain restaurants can make themselves available whenever they want to by just requesting the service provider.

  • Chat Integration:

Why do you need a chat applications? With an integrated chat application the customer can interact with the driver and get latest update and status of his order.

ZOPLAY UberEATS Clone Script Review

Zoplay UberEats Clone script review

UberEATS clone scripts are just the best thing that has happened with the digital world in quite a while. Now we don’t have to worry about visiting a restaurant and ordering the food. Now we can order the food from the comfort of our home and get it delivered at our place instantly.

The on demand food delivery system has taken a stride, with the emergence of companies like Uber and Google. The taxi dispatch giant planned to enter into the food delivery market, to seize the opportunity of growing demand of logistics for food delivery.

Within a short span of time, the company has managed to capture a multi billion dollar market and establish itself as the world’s largest on demand food delivery system. Even in many parts of the world, especially in some European countries UberEATS has outgrown its taxi dispatch solution.

What inspired ZOPLAY to make an UberEATS Clone Script?

Zoplay is the division of Casperon technologies, a Chennai based mobile applications development company. The company employs some of the most dedicated and talented professionals who are passionate to bring some of the great mobile applications that are ever made. The company is truly versatile and the diversification makes it a major player in its field. Until recently there has been a great demand for UberEATS clone script in the market as a lot of potential players are emerging to follow the trail of Uber and make a fortune.

What is so special about ZOPLAY’s UberEATS Clone Script?

Every UberEATS clone script has something different to offer. This is where the company makes a difference among other competitors in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the essential features of the software and analyze each of them one by one.

  • Schedule Order: The customer can schedule the order for a later date by just providing the date and time of delivery.
  • Browse through Restaurants: There are plethora of options available for a customer to select from. The customer can browse through the restaurants and see all the courses provided by them.
  • Social Media Login: The customer can sign up with social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Notifications: During the course of delivery the customer as well as the delivery partner are notified with push notifications from their respective apps.
  • Favorites: While browsing for food the customer can add certain items to favorite menu so that he can book it later.
  • Pickup Information: The delivery boy gets pickup information right from his app which contains all the details of the order made as well as the customer.
  • Transaction History: All the transactions that are made are beautifully recorded in the transaction history column so that the customer can keep track of changing prices over time.
  • Driver Online/Offline: The driver can make himself online/offline right away from his app with a single tap.
  • Restaurant Open/Closed: The restaurants can let the customer know that if they are open/closed for the day.
  • Add a Category: The restaurants can add various category for their items like starters, main course, cocktail etc.
  • Manage Orders: The admin can manage all the orders from a single admin panel that comes along with the product.
  • Site Earnings: The admin can keep track of all the necessary details like site earnings from the app itself.
  • Secure Payments: All the payments that are made by the customer are done securely by integrated payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

What else can be added?

Evolving and adapting to the needs of the time is an essential part of the software development lifecycle. Changing as per the need of the hour only makes the software more popular and versatile. The UberEATS clone script from Zoplay is a great software, there are certain features that are found to be missing. Let’s look at some of the essential features that are missing and would make a wonderful addition.

  • Wallet: What is the need for a Wallet? Carrying cash all the time may or maynot be possible, so there should be a way to make the payment cashless. The wallet helps to achieve this goal. With an integrated wallet the customer can transfer the money from its bank account to the wallet and make the payment from the wallet when needed.
  • Promo & Referral Codes: As online food delivery is a customer centric business there should be a provision to reward the customers. The promo codes are special discount coupons that can be applied at the time of special promotions to get discounts.