CODIFICAR Lyft Clone Script Review

It is difficult to find anyone dwelling in a cosmopolitan city and has never taken a ride in Uber, The reason for this is simple, voyaging a taxi has never been that affordable before. Now, all we have to do is open the mobile application and load the uber clone script. Next with a few taps and some simple gestures you are good to take a ride.

uber clone script

The failure of the public transport system has led to the emergence of the companies like Uber. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to serving their customers have made Uber a household name. Another important factor that has made Uber popular is their software.

The uber app that powers millions of cabs around the world is state of the art. If you are planning to start a cab booking business of your own your software should be as able and scalable like that of Uber.

As the taxi dispatch business is highly competitive, a perfect uber clone script would help you stand aside from the herd. As there are lot of software vendors coming up with their own uber clone script selecting the right product that would cater to your needs is a tricky affair.

The inspiration behind Codificar and the making of their Uber Clone Script!

Codificar is one of the world’s leading software and multiplatform application development company. They have been in the market since 2007 and have served a lot of clients across the globe. They are a team of highly experienced professional who is dedicated and passionate about their work and can take the extra mile for the client’s satisfaction. Their thirst for innovation and quest for knowledge have helped to design some of the best mobile applications in the market. 

How is their uber clone script different!

Every uber clone script differs from another in certain features. Those are the ones that make the application stand alone from that of its competitors. Let’s have a look at some of the cool stuff of Codificar’s uber clone script.  

  • Website : A custom website comes along with this app. The website is the main marketing tool for the company. A lot of care has been taken to make this website SEO friendly.
  • Websystem : The web system is the brain of the application. It stores all the maps, documents and user information for future use.
  • Geolocalization : Geolocalization is used for tracking and locating the device.
  • Custom Design : The app is open to any sort of customization. As per the request and demand of the client, certain features can be modified.
  • Native Support : The app is available for both Android and iOS platform.
  • Price and Route Calculation : Automatic fare calculator calculates the fare before the trip. Smart algorithms are used to allocate and find the route for the driver.

What the customers are saying!

“We found codificar to be the ideal partner to keep our projects going – Evandro Ribeiro, Book Rosa

“We are very satisfied with this partnership and hope to keep it for a long time – Felipe Merenciano, Manager PWC

“They took in a risky project and delivered it fast – Sergio Cangucu, Brincar de Brincar

Some features that are found to be missing!

Although the application from codificar is fantastic it lacks certain essential functionalities. With the addition of these extra features, the uber clone script from Codificar will stay ahead of its competitors.

  • Geofencing : What is geofencing? What is its use? Geofencing is simply a virtual geographical boundary. By the help of geofencing feature, certain features can be made available at some specific cities. The admin can use geofencing to make some specific car models available at some places.
  • Corporate Accounts : Why do you need a corporate account? With the help of corporate account, it is easier to manage all the details about the extra personnel that hired by the company. Sometimes there becomes a shortage of drivers, as a result of which the company hires drivers from an affiliate company. In such a case it becomes necessary to maintain detailed records of this extra personnel. A corporate account serves this purpose.
  • Social Media Login : With the popularity of social media it would be a smart move to integrate the app with facebook or twitter. As a result of which the customer can share his ride experiences with his friends and relatives on social media.


For anybody dwelling in a cosmopolitan city, the term Uber is a familiar one. The uber clone scripts are among the most downloadable ones on the Google App Store and Apple App Store. The reason for this sudden upheaval in the taxi booking business is the popularity and accessibility of the software.

uber clone script

With a considerable amount of effort and a lot of money spent on research and development, the multibillion-dollar conglomerates have released their product. It is very difficult to match their excellence, but for a company bringing a similar product into the market, it is required to have most of the essential functionalities.

Behind the success of every company lies it’s incredible product. A piece of advice to the budding entrepreneurs planning to enter into the taxi booking business, select a software vendor that has not only the best uber clone alternative but also passionate to go the extra mile for you to customize the product if required.

A brief history of Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is an Ahmedabad based IT services company. The company offers customized solutions to the clients as per their expectations. They are a team of highly experienced professionals who are passionate to bring the best product into the market. Their quest for innovation and commitment to success is unmatchable. An expertise in custom made mobile applications puts them ahead of their competitors and is well reflected from their elite clientele across the globe.

What makes OSCAR from Hyperlink Infosystem different

Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of Oscar that makes it different from other uber clone scripts in the market. Here we shall discuss each and every feature in detail and shall have a bird’s eye view of the necessity of that particular feature.

  • Admin Panel : A dedicated admin panel takes care all sorts of management activities like customer management, reservation management, and driver management. There is master search feature bundled with the admin panel which helps to find any sort of detail like driver name, customer name, phone number etc.
  • Rating and Comment : There is a separate section in the passenger app for the customers to give ratings to the driver and leave suggestions for improvement in the comment section.
  • Referral and Promo Codes : Referral codes are used to get additional discounts by referring the app to friends or relatives. The promo codes are provided to reward regular and loyal customers with certain promotions and discounts.
  • Trip History : Both the passenger and the driver can view all the details of the rides taken in the past by this trip history feature.
  • Ride Scheduling : Now a passenger can schedule a ride for the future time with this app.
  • Credit Card Payment : It is possible to make the payments with the help of credit card.
  • Booking Cancellation : A customer can cancel a ride anytime before the arrival of the driver.
  • Live Location Suggestions : The smart app throws suggestions based on certain keywords at the time of booking a ride.
  • Fancy Vehicle Categories : There is more than one category of vehicle to choose from. The categories are like Big, Fancy and Pink.
  • Fare Estimator : The fare estimator calculates the fare based on distance and time and throws it before the booking.
  • User Friendly Interface : The interface is very user-friendly and soothing.
  • Dynamic Tracking : With the help of GPS the admin can keep track of all the drivers and guide them if required.

What else could be added    

Every software has to improvise at some time or the other as per the requirement of the customer and the demand of the time. The software attains a high rate of popularity by its adaptability. Although the uber clone script Oscar from Hyperlink Infosystem is unique in several aspects there are certain features that are found to be missing. Let’s have a look at these features and understand their necessity.

  • Wallet : What is the importance of a wallet? One of the greatest achievement of the digital revolution is the cashless mode of transaction system. With the help of an integrated wallet, your customer can go completely cashless. All they have to do is transfer money from the bank account to the wallet and use it for making payment.  
  • Offline Booking : There may be times when a customer may find it difficult to book a ride due to non availability of internet. The offline booking is a life savior at that time. All the customer has to do is make a call to the customer support and allow him to book a ride. All the ride details like pickup location are then dynamically sent to the driver.

GBK SOFT Uber Clone Script Review

Uber clone scripts have become a household name in these recent times. Every now and then we just shoot open our mobile phone and tap on the Uber app to book a ride. We are so much addicted to these uber clone scripts and we don’t even know that.

uber clone script

When the public transport facility failed to provide a safe and luxurious ride to millions of people commuting daily in the metropolitan cities, companies like Lyft and Uber have emerged. They have changed the way business was done previously. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and thirst for excellence have earned them billions in revenue.

But behind the success of every multi-billion dollar corporation, there is a considerable amount of research and development involved. Following the path of these global giants many small and mid-sized corporations have ventured into this domain. As a result of which the taxi booking business has become highly competitive.

The only way to stay ahead of others in this business is to bring a better product.

A brief history of GBK Soft

GBK Soft is a Ukranian software company specializing in mobile application development and web development. They have a presence in five continents and operating in 18 countries. Founded in 2011 they have successfully delivered more than 700 projects to their clients. They house some of the most respected and experienced professionals. The dedication and passion of the developers are reflected from their products that are considered as the finest. Some of the notable products from the company include Drophook a social networking platform, Resume Lift a job search app, Time Will Tell a mobile messenger app and many more. Their consistency and diligence make them different from any other mobile app development company.   

What makes the Uber Clone Script from GBK Soft different

Now the question is what made GBK Soft make an uber clone app when there are already a lot of companies making a similar type of app. The lack of a lot of essential features from the uber clone script made by other companies has inspired GBK Soft to come up with a superior product. Let’s have a look at some of the cool features of uber clone script from GBK Soft.

  • Geolocation : The geolocation feature helps to track and locate the rider’s pickup point.
  • Real-Time Tracking : With the help of Google Maps and GPS it is possible to track and locate any cab to its current location.
  • Cab Types : A customer has a lot of alternatives to choose from the pool of cabs that are already provided in the app. Every model comes with a different price.
  • Payment Processing : After a passenger completes a ride the automatic billing process generates the invoice and sends a notification to the client.
  • Fare Calculator : The smart fare calculator estimates the fare before the trip based on the distance and time taken. It takes care of all sorts of additional surcharges.
  • Cross Platform : The app is available for both Android and iOS platform.
  • Payment Gateway : There is a provision to integrate a payment gateway from well-known providers like Paypal and Stripe so that the customers can have a hassle free transaction.  
  • Messaging Service : With the request of the client it is possible to provide a messaging system in the form of offline or online chats.

Some improvisation that would not do any harm

Change is a necessary element that makes the evolution process faster. Every great software adapts, gets customized and evolves with time. Certain important features are found to be missing from the software. With the addition of these features, the uber clone script from GBK Soft will stay unrivaled and out of the herd.

  • Promo and Referral Codes : What is the need for promo codes? Why is referral codes so important? Sometimes it becomes essential to reward the regular and loyal in order to maintain a long-term relationship. The promo codes are like special discount coupons that can be applied to avail certain discounts or free rides. Referral codes are used to share the happiness by referring the app to friends and relatives.
  • Call Center Management : What is the importance of call center management feature? Well as most of the taxi dispatch companies are customer-centric it is essential to take every care to maintain customer satisfaction. There are times when a customer could not book a ride due to some unavoidable circumstances like unavailability of internet connection. At that time the passenger can simply call the customer care executive and get the booking done. There are also other advantages of an integrated call center management feature like providing guidance and navigation to the driver.

TECHWARE SOLUTION Uber Clone Script Review

What’s all this hype about Uber Clone Script? Now that the technology boom is at its peak every now and then we hear people talking about Uber and Lyft. Before continuing any further let’ know what exactly is an uber clone script. An uber clone script is a replica of the original uber taxi booking app.

uber clone script

Now that the taxi booking business is at its peak every business owner whether it is a massive conglomerate or a mid-level company is planning to enter the taxi dispatch business. The cab booking industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar trade. As this domain is high paying and lucrative a lot of companies are planning to venture into this field.

As a business owner, the most crucial thing that you should be worrying about is the quality and type of software that will fuel your business and take it into a whole new dimension. Let me remind again that the taxi dispatch business is cutthroat and highly competitive.

What inspired Techware Solutions to create Lataxi?

A quest for excellence and a thirst for ingenuity has made Techware Solutions to come up with a product that would rival even the best in the market. Techware Solutions is a pioneer in web and mobile application development and has delivered services to 2400 global customers across 25 countries. Some of their notable clientele include Thomson Trading Agencies, Zyva, Symega, Bridge and Synthite among others. Their team of highly experienced professionals is committed to serving their clients with unmatched expertise.

How is LATAXI different from other Uber Clone Scripts?

Let’s have a look at some of the cool features of Lataxi that makes it different from that of other similar products. Here we shall analyze each cool feature with the reason behind its existence into the bundle.

  • GPS Tracking : It is easy to keep a track on the driver’s location and the passenger’s pickup location right from the app with the help of GPS and Google Maps integrated into the app.
  • Trip Fare Estimation : The smart fare estimator calculates the fare efficiently at the end of the trip and a detailed analysis is presented on the screen. All sorts of overhead and surcharges are taken care by the fare estimator automatically.
  • Smart Analytics : The smart analytics feature integrated with the app helps the admin to perform periodic assessments on all sorts of verticals like returns on investment, booking statistics and so on.  
  • Ride History : Both the driver and the passenger can check the previous ride history right from the app itself.
  • Promo Codes : For a business owner to run some promotional events promo code feature is available. The customer can apply the promo codes and get certain discounts.  
  • Registration and Sign In : The customer can register with the help of social media accounts. The registration is very secured and user-friendly.
  • Profile Management : The driver and passenger details are securely maintained in the database for future use by the admin. At the time of registration, a form is available to fill which records all the details.  
  • Vehicle Types : It is possible to select desired vehicle type at the time of booking. The fare is automatically customized and adjusted.
  • Driver’s Document Management : All the documents supplied by the drivers are verified by the admin for any legal discrepancies.
  • Fully Customizable : The app is 100% customizable as per the demand of the client.
  • Ratings and Reviews : Feedback from the customers is very essential for a product-centric business. These feedbacks and ratings help in improving the product. There is a provision for ratings and reviews in the app.
  • Different Verticals : There are different kind of verticals for which the app is customizable. Some of these verticals are on demand app for Food Delivery and on-demand app for Tow Trucks among the few others.  

Few words from the Client!

“We are really impressed from their client interaction, constant communication, and hard work – Clint K John, Director Thomson Trading Agency

“High quality backend development and front-end design – Robert Kennedy, CEO Noburden

A little suggestion to improvise!

A software is very much like a human being. It has its own life cycle and it grows and replicates over time. Lataxi is loaded with lots of cool features but yet certain features and found to be lacking from the software. With little improvisation, Lataxi will be way ahead of its competitors. Let’s have a look at some of the things that can be added to the software.

  • Geofencing : What is the importance of geofencing?As a business owner it is required sometimes to target certain specific areas for business promotion. Geofencing is an imaginary geographic boundary which allows the business owner to run promotional events targetting specific cities.
  • Ride Sharing : What is the importance of Pooling ? Ride sharing or otherwise called as pooling is economic and also helps in utilising resources (in this case cabs) in a better way. In heavily populated metropolitan cities ride sharing could be a savior for daily commuters. For customers also it will be economic hence it is a win win situation for both.


TADISS Uber Clone Script Review

The way the taxi booking business has grown into prominence in the present times is astounding. One of the reasons for this growth is the quality of software that is available these days. The name uber clone script has become eponymous to taxi dispatch software.

uber clone script

The emergence of companies like Uber and Lyft have changed the face of cab business as it was done earlier. They have not only modernized and revolutionized the business but also made it possible for the common man to afford a taxi ride on a daily basis.

The people living in metropolitan cities of the world have always found it difficult to commute to their work due to low availability of vehicles on a regular basis. As a result of which they have been dependent on the public transport.

But as you can find in major cities public transport is not well maintained and taken care of. There was no way a common man could afford a taxi ride before as it was very costly. But in the present times, it won’t be illogical to say that the people have undergone what is aptly called uberification.

What inspired Tadiss to develop their own Taxi Dispatch software?

Tadiss software is committed to bringing the best uber clone script into the market. Their team of dedicated developers are some of the most experienced and best in the world. Their expertise in the mobile application development is reflected from the quality of their software. As a potential vendor, they are fully committed to customizing their software as per the demand and needs of their customer.

How the Uber Clone script from Tadiss is different – The Good!

Here, let us look into some of the most attractive and cool features of the uber clone script from Tadiss. For anybody interested to purchase a software to start a cab business this is where you should be focussing more.

  • Multiple Language Support : The software is available in English, Arabic, and Spanish.
  • GPS Tracking : With the help of google maps integrated into the app and GPS real-time tracking of drivers and customers as possible.
  • Booking Confirmation : When a customer books a ride confirmatory mail along with SMS notification is sent instantly.
  • Wallet : With the help of a wallet the passenger can transfer the money from his bank account and use it for booking a ride in the future.
  • Paypal Integration : Many a payment from the Paypal account is easy as it is integrated into the app. All the user has to do is log in and transfer the money.
  • Card Management : A customer can add or delete a card easily with some taps from his phone.
  • Notification : A passenger, as well as the driver, is notified instantly of all the progress right from the booking to the trip completion with push notifications.
  • Promo Codes : Special offers and promotional events is an essential feature of any business. During such events promo codes are available to the customers and they are allowed to use it while booking a ride.
  • FAQ’s : There is a FAQ section within the app where a customer can find all sorts of interesting faqs regarding the app.
  • Feedback and Rating : The most important part of any business is to know your customer. Feedback and ratings helps to know what your customer wants.
  • Ride History : A driver, as well as a passenger, can view the details of the rides taken till date.
  • Emergency Contact : Sometimes it becomes necessary for a customer to provide an alternate number for a driver to contact just in case the customer is not reachable.
  • Driver Earnings : Drivers can view all their earnings from the driver app. It is possible to filter the earnings based on date.
  • Driver Referral : A driver can refer other drivers by an invitation code. Once the fellow driver registers with the company the referral amount will be automatically available in the driver’s wallet.
  • Favorite Location : A customer can save its favorite location within the app so that it becomes easier to book a ride frequently.
  • Reports and Analytics : The analytics engine embedded into the app helps the admin to perform all sorts of inspection like trip counts, coupons report, and payment collection.

What else is needed – The Bad and The Ugly!        

The uber clone script from Tadiss is incredibly rich in features. But as per the demand of the people, there are certain features that are found to be missing from the app. Let’s have a look at these features that would have been a great addition the software.

  • Airport Booking : As we all have experienced very often that it is very difficult to book a taxi to the airport at peak hours when the demand is very high. And even though we book a taxi it gets stopped at many poll booths before it reaches the airport. So there should be an airport booking feature that would take care of all these additional overheads and let the customer have a peaceful ride.
  • Personnel Management : When you run a taxi business, as it expands over time there becomes a need for additional drivers from some third-party source. The personnel management feature maintains all the records of these resources.

SOIBrandz Uber Clone Script Review

For someone planning to enter into taxi dispatch business, the term uber clone script would be a familiar one. It is the backbone of every successful cab booking company. For someone who is new to this term let me explain what exactly is an uber clone script.

uber clone script

The uber clone app or uber clone script is an exact replica of the original software. The clone script has all the functionalities of the original software. Some of the software vendors are also providing additional features on top of the original one.

As the taxi booking business is a cutthroat one, as a potential business owner you need to have a software that is if not the original but very much similar to the original. The more scalable and user-friendly your software is, the more popular your company will become.

There are lot of companies who are making uber clone scripts. All their products differ in only certain aspects.

A brief history of SOIBrandz

SOIBrandz have been in the IT Sector for a long time. Founded in 2008 the company has managed to serve some of the distinguished companies in the IT Sector. The company specializes in responsive web development and mobile application development. Being more than a decade long now the company has seen a lots of changes in the mobile application domain. Their team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals are working round the clock to make their product as innovative as possible. Expertise, Support and Service is the motto of the company.

What makes the Uber Clone Script from SOIBrandz different

From an entrepreneurs point of view it is very important that one’s own product should be different from that of the competitors. The only way to make one’s product stand alone in the herd is to make it as innovative as possible. Let’s explore some of the innovative features of the uber clone script from SOIBrandz.

  • PCI Compliant : The app is 100% PCI compliant. All the card information is not stored on the app server but instead transferred to the payment gateway.
  • Google Maps : Integrated google maps helps in smart navigation.
  • Booking History : The passenger as well as the driver can view the entire ride history right from the day 1. All the details are maintained in the server.
  • Select Taxi Type : The customer can select his mode of transport from a pool of vehicle types. The fare is automatically adjusted.
  • Automatic Invoice Generation : After the trip is complete the invoice is generated automatically and sent to the customer’s email id.
  • Review and Rating : There is a provision for the passengers to rate the driver and make necessary suggestions.
  • Live Tracking : With the help of GPS it is possible to track all the drivers from their current location. The admin can use this feature to guide the drivers.
  • Fare Calculator : The smart fare estimator calculates the fare based on distance and time before booking for the trip. It takes care of all sorts of additional surcharge.
  • Accept/Reject Booking : The driver can accept or reject a request with just a single tap from his app.
  • Pubnub for Real-Time Tracking : The uber clone script uses pubnub for handling the server side traffic so that the app server is never down.

Some improvisation that would not do any harm

 The uber clone script from SOIBrandz is an excellent product. But as it seems change is inevitable for any successful software. By adding more functionalities and changing as per the demand of the time and industry will fine tune the product. And moreover as they say a little improvisation wouldn’t do any harm.

  • Wallet : Why it is important to have a wallet ? With the help of wallet it would be easier for the customer to go completely cashless. The customer can transfer the money from the bank account to the wallet by a secured payment gateway.
  • Surge Pricing : Sometimes the driver find it really hard to get motivated to pick a passenger from a place at the midst of heavy traffic. With the use of surge traffic feature the price is increased a little bit so that the driver will be motivated to pick the passenger from a heavy rush area.
  • Promo and Referral Codes : When you are running a big enterprise it is important to maintain a good relationship with the customer. Promo codes are like special discount coupons by applying which the customer can avail discounts. Similarly referral codes are used to avail certain offers by referring the product to friends and relatives.

LOGICSPICE Uber Clone Script Review

The uber clone scripts are among the highly downloadable apps in the digital app store. The sudden increase in the demand for the taxi dispatch software is fuelled by the rise of global giants like Uber and Lyft.

uber clone script

Not only they have modernized the traditional way of business but they have also fulfilled every common man’s dream of commuting in a luxury vehicle. Now the question is what made Uber so much popular. The answer is the quality of service they offer to their customers is world class.

The software that powers millions of vehicles working for Uber is state of the art.

Most of the newcomers into the taxi booking business must know that in order to compete with already established tech giants like Uber or Lyft, your software should be as scalable and efficient as them. It takes a lot of experience and considerable effort in research and development to develop such a product.

There are many software vendors who are developing their own uber clone scripts. So a piece of advice to potential business owners, before purchasing an uber clone script to run your business you should look for the best alternative available in the market.

The inspiration behind LogicSpice and the making of their Uber Clone Script!

Founded by Manish Shrimal LogicSpice specializes in mobile and web development. They have a team of dedicated Android, iOS and PHP developers who are passionate in their quest for innovation. Their commitment to excellence is not only outstanding but second to none. The company has a team of SEO professional who understands marketing and is creating a lot of traffic to convert business owners into buyers. The company is endowed with a lot of certifications including ISO certification as well. The company is partner with some of the most notable companies including Microsoft among other.

How is their uber clone script different!

Every software is different from the other in certain unique features. Those features make the software distinguished. Let’s have a look at some of the cool stuff of the uber clone script from LogicSpice.

  • Wallet : Now it is possible to go completely cashless with the help of integrated wallet. The customer can transfer the money from his bank account to the wallet and later can use it to make the payment for the ride.
  • Trip History : All the details about the rides taken in the past are recorded and can be viewed by the passenger as well as the driver from their respective apps.
  • Live Routing : From the dispatcher panel the admin can route the nearest available driver to the passenger.
  • Ride Scheduling : The passenger can schedule a ride for the future right from the app.
  • Payment Gateway : With integrated Paypal gateway it is easier and secure to make the payments.
  • Help Menu : At the time of need there is a help menu where the rider can find all the necessary information about the app.
  • User Registration : The user registration is simple and effective.
  • Password Recovery : If a customer fails to keep track of his password the admin can generate a new password on demand with the help of password recovery feature given in the app.
  • Real Time Tracking : Real-time tracking is possible with help of GPS.
  • Accept/Reject Booking : This feature enables the driver to make himself available or unavailable to take a request.
  • Report Issue : There is a provision in the app where a customer can report any sort of issues.
  • Interactive Navigation : Google maps integrated into the app makes the navigation interactive.
  • Reporting and Analytics : Inbuilt reporting feature helps to generate all sorts of reports analyzing the past records. The analytic engine then processes the reports and makes it available in a nice graphical format.

Some features that are found to be missing!

Although the software is self-sufficient, yet there are certain features that are found to be missing. With the addition of these features, the app will be promoted to the next level and will be way ahead of its competitors.

  • Promo Codes : As a business owner why do you need a promo code? Sometimes your customers need to be rewarded for their loyalty. To achieve this, promotional event is conducted periodically where special coupons called promo codes are made available to redeem and get special discounts.
  • Offline Booking : At certain unusual circumstances the passenger might not be able to book the ride due to the unavailability of internet connection. With offline booking feature, a passenger can make a call to the customer care and let him book the ride. All the ride details like pickup location, trip fare etc are sent to the driver by the admin.

TAXIAPPZ Uber Clone Script Review

There is hardly a person who is unaware of and has never used an uber clone script before. Many of us have been using the script for quite a long time without knowing that we have been addicted to this little piece of software.

uber clone script

Let it be commuting to the workspace or having a trip to our favorite hangout place, cabs have been our first choice. We feel cozy, safe and secured in the cabs. If you are one of those intellectual workers then probably one of the biggest concern for your booking a taxi is the peace of mind while commuting.

What made such a sudden rise in the cab dispatch companies? Well the answer is very simple. It is the flawed and unsafe mode of public transport present in several parts of the world’s most highly inhabited places. Then again catching a ride in the vehicle of our choice has never been so easy.

Partly the rise of multi billion dollar companies like Lyft and Uber have played a great role in this sudden uprising of private cab companies. Seeing the success of these companies many small enterprises and mid level business owners have decided to start a similar business of their own.

A higher rate of success with minimal investment and great returns have created such an upheaval in the growth rate of taxi dispatch companies.

What inspired TaxiAppz to come up with a Uber Clone Script?   

TaxiAppz specializes in taxi booking app development and have been in this domain for quite a long time. Their team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals are committed to provide the customer with some of the best services they are been looking for. The lack of a good taxi booking app have made them bring their own product into the market. Consistent innovation and customer satisfaction is the motto of the company. They have some of the distinguished clients in the market like Eco Taxi, Aero Taxi and Range Taxi.

How is their product different from that of the others?

Every product is different from the other in the unique features that it bundles along with it. Let’s have a look at the cool features that make TaxiAppz as one of the global leaders in the market.

  • Fully Accessible Source Code : TaxiAppz is probably the only company that gives full access to its source code to the customers before making a purchase. The customer can edit and integrate the features as he see fit.
  • Website Booking : The software comes with a single page interactive webpage with the backend support.
  • Native iOS and Android Support : The app comes with native iOS and Android version with client’s or customer’s company name branded.
  • Wallet : The wallet lets the customer to add money and gain loyalty points with every payment. The wallet is integrated with Braintree and Paypal.
  • Localization : The app has a provision for multiple currency, multiple languages and promo codes that gets auto adjusted to any part of the world.
  • Social Sharing and Ratings : Now a customer can create a profile with social media accounts and share ride experiences with family and friends on social media like Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. The passenger can rate the driver and provide valuable feedback right from inside the app.
  • E-billing and Invoicing : An electronic bill is generated after the ride is complete and sent to the customer instantly.
  • Multiple Payment Options : It is possible to make the payment by cash, debit card and credit card.
  • On Demand Taxi Solution : The on demand taxi solution helps a customer to customize dispatch settings, driver permissions, app layout and other preferences.
  • Dispatcher Panel : The dispatcher panel comes with a plethora of options like tracking vehicles with an extensive google map. It also serves as a call center, the admin can make the booking for a customer and assign a nearby driver.
  • Flight Tracking for Airport Pickups : This is the most important feature of this app, that helps to track airport pickups with the help of flight timings.  
  • Cloud Based Solution : The entire automation is based on the cloud which has some advantages like unlimited storage and cutting-edge security.
  • Ride History : Both the passenger app and the driver app is equipped with ride history option. The ride history is essential for keeping track of the daily expenses and running simple analytics.
  • Favorite Places : The customer can mark some places as favorite and store them for future use.
  • Creating on the fly Jobs : The driver can create and assign jobs on the flow to fellow drivers from the driver app.
  • GPS Tracking and Factual Reports : The GPS Tracking helps to track the drivers as well as the pickup locations lie. It is also possible to generate factual reports from the admin panel date wise which is also useful to run some analytics in the future.

Some changes that wouldn’t do any harm!

Change is a natural phenomenon that helps to grow and prosper. That happens to great softwares too. Let’s have a look at some of the important features that are found to be missing from the uber clone script.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : Booking a ride to the airport at peak time is very difficult in metropolitan cities as the major cities are riddled with a hell of a lot of toll gates who charge cabs with a surcharge. The airport sharing feature will not only help the customer to book a taxi at the time of need but also the software takes care of all the additional surcharges and includes them in the fare.
  • Corporate Accounts : What happens when your business grows ? Most companies burrow resources from other small companies who are also known as affiliate partners. These partners or suppliers fund resources such as drivers or vehicles and get a commission from the company. As such the affiliate partners run their business through the mother company. Hence corporate accounts keep track of the additional resources.

ADDON Solution Uber Clone Script Review

It is hard to imagine nowadays that there was a time when booking a taxi was not that easy and affordable as it is now. For someone who is very frequent in using mobile apps the word, uber clone script might seem familiar.

Every day in some way or the other we take a taxi ride. But we have never given a thought how come it has become so affordable and how it has revolutionized the way business was done before. The reason is simple as we are very busy in our day to life we have never given it a thought.

uber clone script

With the rise of Uber many small and mid-level business owners are finding cab business very lucrative and are venturing into this domain. As a result of this, there is a lot of competition in this domain. It is very difficult to compete with companies who have already established themselves in this field unless you have a better technology or something better to offer.

As a potential business owner planning to start your own taxi business, you should probably look for a software that will make you unrivaled among your competitors.

What inspired Addon Solutions to launch their own uber clone app?

Addon Solutions specializes in a lot of verticals like mobile development, web design and development and SEO marketing among the few. They are a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals who are committed to excellence. Catering to the needs of their clients in all possible ways is the company’s motto. A scarcity in quality uber clone script has made the company to launch a product of their own.

How the Uber Clone script from Addon Solutions is different – The Good!

Every product is known for some of its unique features. Let’s take a look at some of the cool features of this uber clone script.

  • Ride Later : Sometimes it becomes necessary to schedule a ride for the future. The ride later option in the app allows the passenger to book a ride for future.
  • Real Time Alerts : The app is fully capable of generating real-time alerts by SMS and push notifications. The notification is generated for both passenger and the driver.
  • Booking Cancellation : The customer can cancel a booking anytime before the driver reaches the pickup location.
  • Ride History : Sometimes it is very important to know about all the rides that you have made in the past. It helps to know about the pricing fluctuation over a period of time.
  • Ratings : For every successful business it is very important to know what the customer thinks and feels about your product. By the help of ratings and reviews, a business owner can know the demands and needs of the customer.
  • Multiple Payment Modes : The app supports all sorts of payment modes like debit card, credit card, online booking and M-commerce.
  • Responsive Design : Besides the app, the user can book a taxi from the web which has a mobile-friendly interface.
  • Secure Authentication : The drivers have secure login which helps to prevent any data breach.
  • Rate Negotiation : A driver can negotiate the price with the passenger at the time of booking.
  • Incentives : The driver app has an option to give incentives to the passengers based on their usage and preference.
  • Profile Creation : Profile creation has been easier like never before. The profile creation forms are integrated into the app and helps to stay away from any kinds of fraudulent activities.
  • Automatic Rate Adjustment : The fare estimator in the app takes care of all kinds of rate adjustments based upon all kinds of factors like distance and time.
  • Integrated Social Media Services : It is possible to integrate the app with all kinds of social media services.
  • Integrated Analytics : An admin can perform all sorts of analytics based on certain factors with the help of an integrated analytics engine.
  • Reports : A driver can obtain all kinds of reports like mileage, transaction, location depending upon the needs.

What else is needed – The Bad and The Ugly!

A software becomes truly evolved when it is ready to adapt as per the current trends of the time. Let’s have a look at some of the features that would make a nice addition to the software.

  • Corporate Account : Why is the need for a corporate account? Why is it essential to an uber clone script? With the help of a corporate account the admin will be able to maintain all the extra personnel details those are affiliated with the company.
  • Offline Booking : Sometimes your customers may not be able to book a ride from the app due to some unnecessary reasons. In that case, the passenger can book the ride by making the call to the customer care executive.

VRINSOFT Uber Clone Script Review

Planning to start a taxi dispatch business like Uber? Well, the most important aspect of a cab dispatch business is the script or software that manages the entire system. With the astounding popularity of Uber and Lyft, these software are called as uber clone scripts. They have the similar functionalities of the original software and could be easily customized.

uber clone script

A lot of software companies have brought their own products into the market. Hence as a potential business owner you should be looking for a software that would be the most plausible one and should cater to all your needs. Some other verticals to look for is the services offered by the company, its maintenance and most important one the cost factor.

As you have planned to enter into a ferocious field of taxi dispatch software business which is ruled by global giants like Uber and Lyft, it is very important that you choose the software wisely as your business entirely depends on it.

What inspired Vrinsoft to create an Uber Clone Script?

Vrinsoft is a software company specializing in mobile app development, web design and IOT applications development. It has its presence in 5 countries around the world including Kuwait, Japan, USA and Australia. In India they have their office in Ahmedabad.

Their team of experts are not only dedicated but have years of experience behind them. They understand every minute details of their clients and serve them with diligence. They have developed clones for some of the most wanted apps in the world. Their commitment to excellence is second to none.

How Vrinsoft’s App is different from the others?

Before purchasing a software it is important to know what are the functionalities it has to offer. Every uber clone script is different from the other with only a few features. Those unique features make the product stay alone from the herd. Let’s take a look at what the uber clone script from Vrinsoft has to offer.

  • Integrated Chat Application : With the chat application integrated into the app a passenger can communicate with the driver easily.
  • Multi Location Access : A passenger can book a ride from a different pickup location with multi-location access feature. From the admin panel, multiple admins can gain access to the dispatches.
  • Transaction History : The app allows both the drivers and the passengers to track their previous transactions from the transaction history panel integrated with the app.
  • Caller Identification : The driver app is facilitated with caller identification which helps them to know the passenger before accepting a request.
  • Online Signature : The driver app is loaded with signature capture feature to sign and send the request and payment mails to the admin for verification. This makes the interaction between the admin and the driver more transparent.
  • Credit Card Payment : There is a provision for making a payment by debit cards and credit cards as well.
  • Wallet : Now the customer can go complete cashless with the help of wallet feature integrated with the app.
  • Cross Platform : The use of PhoneGap makes the app truly cross-platform.
  • Integrated Analytics : For growing your business you might be interested to perform certain analytics. Now with the help of integrated analytics feature, an admin can analyze the returns received on investment. It has several other features like a graphical representation of payment and ride status. This helps the business owner to frame strategies.
  • Fully Customizable : The app is fully customizable with the request of the client. It is possible to have a single app instead of two different apps for the driver and passenger.

What else can be added

Every software at some time or the other changes and adapts to the requirements and the necessities of the client. The more adaptable and customizable the software is the more popular it becomes. Although there are lots of cool stuff in the uber clone script from Vrinsoft, the addition of a few more features will make it even more worthy.

  • Surge Pricing : What is the need for Surge Pricing? The answer itself is another question, What kind of beverage you offer to your drivers? At peak hours it is difficult for a driver to pick a passenger from its location unless he is motivated. The surge pricing feature increases the price a little bit at rush hours and hence motivates the driver to attend the passenger.
  • Promo Codes : When you are running a customer-centric business it is very important to value your loyal customers. The promo codes are used for that purpose. On the occasion of certain promotional events, the customers can avail certain discounts by applying these promo codes.