APPICIAL On Demand Taxi App Review

Our life is greatly influenced by the type of software we use. Well, the reason is very simple it is a human tendency to get addicted to its habitual chores. Nowadays we are so much addicted to the uber clone scripts that we use every day now and then that we never cared to give it a second thought as to how it is revolutionizing our life.

uber clone script

Every one of us living in a metropolitan has been Uberified in lot many ways. Since its conception Uber has changed the very course of Taxi booking business. The raging success of this global conglomerate has lured many businessmen and enterprises around the world to start a similar business of their own.

This has led to the design of uber clone scripts by many software companies to provide their clients the best uber alternative. These uber clones are nothing but the exact replica of the original software, having all its functionalities with a little more addition or customization as per the client’s requirement.

What inspired Appicial to create Lataxi?

Appicial specializes in mobile application development, especially in on-demand taxi booking apps. They are a team of dedicated professionals who are highly experienced in this domain and passionate to go the extra mile when it comes to excellence. With a lot of companies into the uber clone script making business, there is still a lack of a highly scalable and customizable product.

With that concept in mind, Appicial and its team of experts decided to come up with their own product. Within a very short span of time since its conception Appicial has managed to serve some of the most distinguished clients in this domain like Skuber, Nickel Ride, Bestaxi and Alo Crane among others.

How Appicial’s Uber Clone Script is different from the others?

From a buyers perspective, it is very important to know the details of the software that you are planning to buy. Let’s have a look at the features that make Appicial different from that of its competitors and how much scalable it would be for a new business owner.

  • Full Ownership : The software is available for licensing which gives 100 percent ownership of the source code to the clients.
  • Brand Promotion : The company believes in clients growth and to achieve this it can run brand promotional campaigns like designing logos, icons, flyers and brochure for the client.  
  • Secure Authentication : The customer’s information is safe as the app is enabled with secure authentication by the use of Oauth 2.0 authentication system and secure API’s.
  • Voice Activated Navigation : A soothing voice guides the driver all along the way to complete the journey by a voice based navigation system.
  • Multi Language and Currency Support : The support for multiple languages and currency makes the app truly global. Wherever your customer is, the app gets adjusted to the location and gets automatically adjusted.
  • Driver Availability : The driver can make himself available or unavailable just from a single tap from his app.
  • Trip History : It is important to keep track of all the trips for the future access. Both the driver app and the passenger app is provided with trip history feature as a result of which the riders, as well as the drivers, can view the detailed history that includes both the payment history and ride history.
  • Emergency Contact : The passenger can send help messages to 3 email ids and contact numbers in case of any emergency.
  • Car Category : The passengers can search cars for different categories and the cost for hiring a particular model is displayed right to the car.
  • Rating : After every trip, the passenger is prompted to rate the trip. Ratings help the business owner to understand the demand and necessity of the customers.
  • Fare Information : Smart fare estimator calculates the trip fare before the journey and also includes additional surcharges automatically.
  • Destination Search : Suggestions are thrown automatically based on keywords when a user tries to make a booking.
  • Live Tracking : With the help of GPS it is easy to keep track of the driver and also the customer. By the help of this the admin can send relevant information to the driver.
  • Wait Time : This feature displays the waiting time a nearest available driver takes to reach the rider’s location.
  • Open to Customization : The app is fully customizable as per the requirement and demand of the client.

How it can be made better

Every software needs to change and with the passage of time needs to acquire certain functionalities to enhance. Although Appicial’s uber clone script is one of its kind, still there are certain features that are needed to be added in the upcoming versions.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : Why do you need an airport ride sharing feature? Well to answer this question let’s take a real-life scenario. Imagine a customer from a busy metropolitan city wanting to book a taxi to catch a flight but is unable to find a taxi and even though he manages to find a taxi he is getting delayed by a number of toll gates before reaching the airport. The airport sharing feature comes with automatic fare calculation of the toll booths right before starting the trip. Even it is possible to book the ride at a future time and share the ride with a fellow passenger.
  • Call Center Management : Why do you need a call center management feature? To answer this question I assume the targeted audience is a potential business owner. There are certain circumstances when your customer may find it difficult to book a ride due to unavailability of wifi or internet connection. In such a situation all he can do is place a call to the customer care and get the booking done. The admin can then send the pickup location and all other relevant details to the driver.

PTI Web Tech Uber Clone Script Review

Whether you live in a metropolitan city or urban outskirts the name Uber is ubiquitous. Now if you just look back a few years, the time when we had to just wait for a bus or a local taxi to commute, the idea of ordering the cab at a click of a button on a mobile phone would have seemed a little bizarre.

uber clone script

As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions, the failure of the public transport system to cater to the needs of the common people have led the creation of companies like Uber and Lyft.

With the emergence of cab booking giants like Uber, it also led to the upheaval of companies trying to launch an uber clone app of their own.

Let it be a mid-level business owner or an established enterprise taxi booking business have lured them all. Now that everyone is looking to start their own business, one of the most important factors that is crucial to this business to look for a software that not only should be appealing but also ergonomic.

With a lot of companies making uber clones, it is really quite difficult to say which is the right one to pick for your business.

What inspired PTI Web Tech to make an uber clone script?

PTI Web Tech is an Indian offshore software development company based in Jaipur. They offer services like website development, e-commerce development, and mobile development. They have clients across the globe spread across 10 countries. PTI Web Tech is an ISO Certified company which has been in existence for 9 years and have created more than 1000 websites. Having experienced a scarcity of quality uber clone scripts they have decided to launch their own product.

What makes their product unique – Why should you care?

Having said much, let’s take a look at some of the unique features of their product.

  • Automatic fare calculation helps the customers to have a hassle-free ride.
  • Secure login feature helps in protecting one’s identity.
  • A user can access all the trips that have been made with trip history.
  • Now it is easy to share the travel experience on the social media.
  • Real-time monitoring helps the admin to monitor all the drivers to make sure they are on the approved routes.
  • Automatic electronic receipts are generated and delivered to the customer’s email after completion of the trip.
  • Data transfer is made instantly so the customer doesn’t have to wait.
  • By the help of the admin panel, it is easy to authorize all kinds of updates to the mobile application at appropriate times.
  • All the states and cities can be seen in a single window on the admin panel.

What the customers are saying ?

“It was such a relief that once i turned the job over to them, they fixed it so quickly and effectively – Phil Porter, Development Director EMIS Health

“Every time that we engage with the team we are surprised by their willingness to go the extra mile to achieve an excellent result – Leigh Hawker, CEO Pipa Media

“This supplier is by far the best i have ever worked with – Edward S, Owner Love infographics

What else is needed?

Although the app is loaded with so many cool features, there are several functionalities that could have been added to it.

Let’s take a look at all the features that should have been there in the software.

  • Geofencing : What is the need of geofencing? Why is it required? The geofencing feature helps to run special promotions targeting some specific part of the city. Imagine as a business owner you want to make some resources available in some cities and not in others, geofencing helps to do that.
  • Ride Sharing : Pooling is very economic and that is the reason why most of the people find it favorable. Hence, it calls for ride sharing feature that will help the customers to share the ride with fellow passengers.
  • Airport Ride Sharing : Making a trip to the airport at peak time is next to impossible in every cosmopolitan city. Hence, there should have been a provision for booking a ride to the airport without having to wait for toll gates and all other sorts of hindrances.
  • Offline Booking : There may be a time when a customer won’t have any other means to make a booking other than his mobile phone. So an offline booking facility with call management is very much-needed. 

APPOETS Uber Clone Script Review

It is a nightmare to imagine a world where there are no public transport system. Our life will entirely come to a halt. Now the question is what made us so much dependent on the public mode of transport?

Coming to cosmopolitan cities of the world, majority of the people commuting in the public transport system have been found to have a technological or intellectual mode of living. They prefer to have a tension free and safe transport, at the meantime they could concentrate on their work.

uber clone script

With the emergence of companies like Uber and Lyft the global taxi booking business have entered into a new era. They have not only revolutionized the cab booking business but also taken the business to a whole new level. It won’t be incorrect to say that the common mass have been Uberified.

With the success of Uber, the cab booking business have become one of the most lucrative one attracting many mid level business owners to venture into this domain. As a result of which there has been a rise of software companies who have released their own uber clone script to cater to the needs of the time.

What inspired Appoets to develop their own Uber clone script?

Appoets is an independent web development company specializing in web and mobile application development. They have offices in Singapore, India, and Bangkok and have a clientele of some of the most distinguished companies in the world. With the increasing demand for uber clone scripts, the company has taken the initiative to bring their own state of the art product into the market.

What makes their product unique?

Having said all, now let’s have a look at the features that makes this product different from that of its competitors.

  • Talk to the Driver : A customer can call or message the driver from within the app.
  • Feedback : A customer can read the reviews about the driver and also a driver can review a customer with an integrated review and feedback system.
  • Real time tracking : With enhanced GPS tracking it is possible to track the drivers en route.
  • Profile Creation : A customer can create a secured profile and it is also possible to login with social media accounts like Facebook and Google+ just in case the customer wants to escape the laborious process of registration.
  • Promo Codes : A business owner can initiate promo codes in certain cities with the help of this feature.
  • Surge Pricing : At heavy rush hours the price gets increased by the help of surge pricing so that it can motivate the drivers to pick a customer at rush hours.
  • Service Type Selection : A customer can select the type of vehicle that he desires right from the app itself.
  • Cancellation :  A customer if at all changes his mind can cancel the booking anytime.
  • Pay with Bitcoin : One of the striking features of this app that makes it different from all its competitors is the bitcoin payment mode. It is possible to make the payment with bitcoin or ripple coin in this app.
  • Cross Platform : Both the mobile app and the web app are well synchronized.
  • Full-Featured Admin Panel : The admin panel takes full control of everything. Any updates need to be done can be done instantly from the admin panel.
  • Online Payment : It is possible to make online payments with Paypal and credit card.

What are the customers saying?

“Appoets is flawless. Be it any customization, they will let you know the feasibility with a prompt response – CUFT

“Being a fortune 500 company our tech is more sacred to us. Appoets ensured security in every way – Lia & Fung Limited

“Kudos to team Appoets ! – Fast Track Call Taxi

What else is needed?

Although Appoets have managed to create an incredible piece of software there are certain features that are found to be missing. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of all the features that should have been there in the app.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : As it is very difficult to find a taxi ride to the airport at rush hours, there should be a provision for airport booking. Not only a customer can book a ride to the airport at a scheduled time but also the ride could be shared with a fellow passenger so that the overall fare could be more affordable.
  • Offline Booking : Running a customer-centric business comes with lots of responsibilities. As a potential business owner, you should take care of the fact that the customer is able to book a ride even he is not in the possession of internet. A call center management feature takes care of that.

EQ Taxi Uber Clone Script Review

EQ Taxi Uber Clone Script Review

With the advancement in e-commerce and the growth of the mobile application software, people have already ventured into a post digitization era. One of the significant changes that have greatly influenced the life of the people in this era is the convenience of affordable and hi-tech software at their disposal.

uber clone script

In a country like India where a billion people are looking for a convenient public transport, on a regular basis they have met with a significant setback. The public transport system has utterly failed the expectations of the common mass. They are not maintained properly and in some of the metropolitan cities, they even don’t have a proper coverage.

What inspired EQ Taxi Solutions to make an Uber Clone Script?

With the cab booking software makers at the abundance and the competition at its peak, committed to sheer brilliance and excellence EQ Software solutions decided to bring their product to the market. They have made all the effort to go extra miles to make sure their client has everything that it takes to build a strong business.

With years of research and commitment, their exuberance to attain excellence have made them different from all of their competitors.

What makes their product unique?

Now let’s have a look at some of the unique features of their product, that keeps them ahead of their rivals. Here we shall analyze all the cool features in the passenger app, driver app, and the admin panel.

  • Fare and Ride Summary : A detailed fare and ride summary is made available at the end of the trip to both driver and the passenger which contains everything from base fare to service charges.
  • Manual Booking : The driver can book a ride manually when the riders don’t have access to the app. This feature is quite useful when a customer is looking for a cab and don’t have an internet connection.
  • Notifications : Push notifications are displayed in both the driver and passenger app during the entire journey.
  • Different Profiles : There is a provision in the app that allows the customer to have a personal and professional profile.
  • Live Navigation and Tracking : State of the art GPS tracking with the help of google maps makes it very easier to track the driver real-time en route.
  • Location History : The app saves all the pickup and drop locations of a customer.
  • Car details : While searching for a ride the user can get entire information of the about cars including registration number and driver rating.
  • Intelligent Scheduling : The dispatcher uses intelligent scheduling algorithm to schedule trips based on driver availability and pickup location.
  • Reports : It is possible to have a detailed report of the trips, locations and the cars used by the app.
  • User Friendly Dashboard : The admin panel has a very interactive and cool dashboard.
  • Vehicle Management : The dispatcher has an option to assign available cars to drivers who are available at that particular time for a seamless ad hoc taxi booking experience.

What are the customers saying?

“EQ Taxi’s app is the one that I feel is truly customizable. This app is definitely something that adds a lot of value to businesses like mine – Nesrine”

“I have a small fleet of four cars for which I am using EQ Taxi app extensively – Mohammed”

“EQ Taxi app has several features that will appeal to both mainstream and niche operators alike – Paul”

What else is needed?

The uber clone script from EQ Taxi system is indeed a remarkable app, but there are some features that are missing in the software.

  • Call Center Management : What is call center management? Why do you need it? When you are about to run a big business then it is required to have a call center management feature that may take care all sorts of works like booking a ride for the customer offline. The resources that are available for use by the affiliate partners also need to be managed. A call center management feature with the corporate account is all that is needed to handle this.
  • Airport Ride Sharing : Getting a taxi to the airport is very difficult in metropolitan cities. Hence there should be a provision for booking a ride to the airport along with passenger sharing. Pooling makes it economic for the customer.    

OTO Rent Car Rental Software Review

Planning to start an Uber-like cab booking business? A cab booking business has been quite lucrative these days, attracting a lot of mid-level business owners to start a business of their own.

uber clone script

Providing a public transport in a country like India that houses a billion people hailing from all parts of the world sharing all sorts of cultural diversities is quite challenging. The shift in consumer behavior towards mobile applications is creating a whole new type of customer-centric business.

Global giants like Uber and Lyft have invested billions of dollars to provide the consumers an ultimate riding experience. They have consistently customized and adapted their software to meet all the requirements of recent trends.

Many companies have come forward and taken the initiative to bring a great software for the mid-level business owners. The challenge to build a software that could provide all the functionalities Uber is quite a lot.

Before purchasing any Uber clone script the buyer should know and look for all the necessary features of an uber or lyft like software.

What inspired OTO Rent to build a car rental software?  

Oto Rent was founded in 2016 and specializes in car rental software. Headquartered in Morocco the company is known for their expertise in making groundbreaking fleet management software which is also integrated into their flagship software.

What are the customers saying?

“Good service and quick responses to questions – Dalila Radenovic, CEO Wafajet”

“Pro and easy to use – Bayo Radmilo, Manager Medloc Maroc”

What makes OTO Rent one of its kind in car rental software makers?

Now let’s have a look at some of the cool features of the software that has made Oto Rent a pioneer in the car rental software.

  • Multi Language and Currency : There is a support for many international languages and they can be easily customizable as per the requirements of the customer. The designers of the software have configured in such a way that it is auto adjustable to any global currency.
  • Fleet Management : They have one of the most sophisticated fleet management facility integrated into the software itself. That makes the work of the admin very comfortable.
  • Bookings and Payments Management : The users can make the booking and pay the bill from a user-friendly interface which is very fast and efficient.
  • Reports : The software can generate all the reports for the admin in a very detailed fashion.
  • Planning and Availability : The software takes care of all the details concerning planning a future ride and availability of a vehicle.

What else is needed – The Bad and The Ugly!

Apart from all the unique features that are loaded into the software, some new additions will enrich the software and make it more popular among the customers. The following are some of the features that are found to be missing.

  • Every customer living in a big cosmopolitan city will at some time or other have to catch a flight. With increasing number of toll gates and traffic in the city, it becomes impossible to catch a flight at the desired time. The app does not have a support for Airport ride sharing. Customers who need to catch a flight in the midst of a heavy traffic and through numerous toll gates may find it useful.
  • Whenever there is a talk about the cashless mode of transaction crypto-currency is the first choice among customers. There should have been a provision for Bitcoin mode of payment integrated into the wallet. In this digital world, people are tending a lot to go for a complete cashless mode of payment.
  • As a potential business owner, you should always look for different ways to reduce any sort of external costs associated with third-party services. One of the possible ways where a customer can lose a lot is while consulting a legal counselor. A Smart Contract built into the app will help the customers save a considerable amount of revenue.
  • As unmanned vehicles are becoming a buzzword these days there should have been a provision for the software to be Future Ready.
  • An efficient Call Center Management is very essential when managing a huge business with a lot of affiliate partners with a lot of resources to handle.

Trioangle Uber Clone Script Review

For those looking to venture into a taxi rental business, Trioangle technologies have released their Uber Clone Script called Gofer.

uber clone script

With the technology booming and the market adapting to a new segment of customers, the cab booking business has entered into a new era. Companies like Uber and Lyft have taken the business to the reach of common people.

Not only have this promoted a healthy competition among its competitors but also have made the dream of the common man to afford a cab come to reality. For the countries that have a population ranging in billions, an affordable and economic public transport is a life saver.

What inspired Trioangle to start Uber clone app development?

With the launch of Uber, the urban people have finally found their way of survival. The so-called ‘Uberification’ of the common working class have led them to save a lot of time going through the ordeal driving through a heavy traffic and concentrate on the work instead.

Moreover taxi rental business has turned out to be a very lucrative one, with a lot of business owners coming up with their own brand of cab rental business inspired by the success of Uber.

A lot of companies have launched their own version of uber clone scripts.  

This made the founders of Trioangle technologies to design a product a unique and elegant as it can be.

What makes Gopher unique – The Good!

Some of the unique features that make Gofer one of the best alternatives in the market are discussed as follows.

  • Only verified riders are allowed to make use of taxi services which is done with the help of OPT generation that uses Nexmo technology.
  • Requests and response can be done instantly using the impressive built-in algorithm.
  • Easy sign up with the help of social media accounts and mobile number.
  • Trip history feature allows the riders to view and follow up their previous trips. It has also an option called fare breakdown which gives the details about the split of the fare.
  • Push notifications and alerts keep the rider as well as the driver aware of the progress of the trip.
  • Gofer has complete support for multiple modes of payments like Cash, Paypal, and Wallet.
  • Promo code option allows the riders to apply gift coupons to reduce the fare amount.
  • The driver app is loaded with a unique document management application that allows the drivers to upload soft copy of the documents like a driver license, insurance, vehicle permit during the registration and can be edited later.
  • A detailed earning report is generated after the completion of each trip.
  • Unique charts and analytics allow the driver to keep track of their earnings for various weeks.
  • Interactive ratings and reviews form an essential part of its feedback system.
  • Status checking for activation feature allows the admin to keep the drivers in waiting until they are activated.

What else is needed? The Bad and The Ugly!  

Now let’s have a look what are the features customers are finding it missing in the app or to putting it in a different way what are the essential features that are not available but should have been there.

  • The app does not have a support for Airport ride sharing. Customers who need to catch a flight in the midst of a heavy traffic and through numerous toll gates may find it useful.
  • There should have been a provision for Bitcoin mode of payment integrated into the wallet. In this digital world, people are tending a lot to go for a complete cashless mode of payment.
  • As the world is advancing so is the mobile applications. A Smart Contract built into the app will help the customers save a considerable amount of revenue.
  • As unmanned vehicles are becoming a buzzword these days there should have been a provision for the software to be Future ready.
  • An efficient Call Center Management is very essential when managing a huge business with a lot of affiliate partners with a lot of resources to handle.

Reservation Engine from XITEAgency Review

Are you a frequent user of cab/taxi rental software then perhaps you are a victim of ‘Uberification’. With the emergence of global cab booking giants like Uber, Lyft there has been a lot of competition in this domain.

uber clone script

A lot of mid-level companies are finding the cab booking business lucrative. The companies that have been into fleet management or car rental business are slowly moving towards the taxi booking business.

With an increasing demand of cab booking softwares many companies have come forward with their version of uber clone scripts. A lot many of the scripts are adapting the good features of Uber as a result of which most of the products available in the market have been loaded with similar features.

As a potential business owner wanting to get ahead of your rivals, probably you should be looking for a software that has the unique functionalities, most feasible deployment capable and easily customizable to new features.

XITEAgency has been around for quite a long time. It is a UK based company founded in 2014 who specialize in web development, mobile application development, fleet management and car rental software. Let’s take a close look at the company’s flagship software Reservation Engine.

What are the customers saying?

“Excellent software backed by amazing people – Jordan Johnston, Operations Manager Whitecar Limited

“One of the kind – Vasilis Vavoulas, Alwaysbest”

“The ultimate tool to promote and expand your car rental business – Stephanos Grammenos, MD Kostransfers

How the Reservation Engine is different – The Good!

In this article, we shall analyze some of the unique features that make Reservation engine as one of the most sought-after application in the market.

Now at its 3rd edition Reservation engine is a complete cloud-based solution for car rental companies. The application is totally customizable as per the demand and need of the business owners.

  • Auto Routing : Auto routing is regarded as the administrator’s best it reduces a significant amount of time of his job and protect him from random errors related to car reservation. The feature is combined with an optimised actions schedule that boosts the administrator’s/manager’s productivity. The algorithms that have been used to achieve optimised routing is kept concealed from the ordinary user.
  • Multiple Levels of Access : A multilevel access system helps in separating roles within the application. An increased level of security helps in avoiding crucial mistakes. Multiple level helps in segregating different roles.
  • Website Integration : The reservation engine can be easily imported to the existing site and can also be made available as a module in a partners site. For the companies that don’t have a running website there is a template site included in the package that can run as a company site.
  • Multiple Pricetables : This is one of the features that makes this product truly one of its kind. When you are running a car rental business it is viable to have a lot of external partners affiliated to your business. It is also possible most of the external partners will be having a different pricing contract. With multiple pricing tables the admin can create as many different pricing table as he wants.
  • Reservation Kiosks : The state of the art reservation engine helps in eliminating the middle person with reservation kiosks.
  • Vehicle Health Monitor : There is an integrated health monitor that constantly checks and records all kinds of issues related to the vehicle.
  • Cloud Based Solution : The software can be easily deployed on the cloud making it more robust and versatile.
  • Push Notification, Alerts & Reports : The software has a complete solution for push notifications, periodic alerts and a comprehensive report generation all bundled up.

What else is needed – The Bad and The Ugly!

Although Reservation Engine is one of the best software available today there are certain features which the customers have found to be missing.   

  • A ride to the airport is one of the most frequent and tedious journeys in a big metropolitan city. The app does not have a support for Airport ride sharing. Customers who need to catch a flight in the midst of a heavy traffic and through numerous toll gates may find it useful.
  • Cryptocurrency has been creating a huge momentum in recent times. There should have been a provision for Bitcoin mode of payment integrated into the wallet. In this digital world, people are tending a lot to go for a complete cashless mode of payment.
  • The customer will be able to save a lot in revenue paid as third-party services to a legal counselor. A Smart Contract built-in to the app will help the customers save a considerable amount of revenue.
  • With an advancement of artificial intelligence self-driving cars are no longer a myth. As unmanned vehicles are becoming a buzzword these days there should have been a provision for the software to be Future Ready.
  • When the business grows so is the resources and the partners. An efficient Call Center Management is very essential when managing a huge business with a lot of affiliate partners with a lot of resources to handle.

CUBE TAXI Uber Clone Script Review

With the taxi booking business growing at an alarming rate many companies have come forward with their own innovative uber clone script.

uber clone script

Every Uber Clone script is in some way different from that of its competitors. The growing number of people declining the traditional public transport system and inclining towards the cab as their regular mode of transport have made the car rental business a very lucrative one.

The companies like Uber are constantly evolving and bringing out groundbreaking features by sheer innovation and research. It won’t be incorrect to say that Uber has made the common mass into what is called nowadays as ‘Uberified’.

The companies that are following the path of Uber and bringing a similar product of their own are forced to adapt the way Uber is doing business. They are trying to implement all the unique features of Uber and Lyft into their own clone script.

Hence a potential business owner have a lot of options to look into and explore before they decide to purchase a relevant uber clone script to run their business.

How the Cube Taxi uber clone script is different – The Good !

Let’s have a look at the features that make cube taxi’s Uber clone script unique among others available in the market.

The unique features of the rider app are as follows :

  • Single app for multiple cities makes it truly global and cosmopolitan.
  • Login with social media and phone number helps to authenticate a user.
  • The fare estimator is quite advanced and gives an accurate account of the ride.
  • A provision for surge pricing helps to regulate the bookings at peak hour.
  • There is a special privilege for female riders, where they are given priority at the time of booking a ride.
  • Support for all type of payment modes like cash, wallet and credit card.
  • Live chat with driver allows the rider to chat with the driver.
  • Panic or SOS button on app is used to create an alert for the admin.
  • A very rare feature found is having a provision to book a handicap accessibility taxi.
  • Toll calculation takes care of all sorts of toll overhead during the ride and automatically adds it the fare.
  • There is also a provision where a rider can give a tip to a driver.
  • A secure payment integration allows the user to pay the bill as securely as possible.

The driver app is supported with a lot of cool features as follows :

  • A single tap accept ride request makes it more user-friendly.
  • It has a complete support for bank account integration so that the admin can transfer the driver earnings.
  • Real-time notifications and alerts are enabled for on the fly user experience.
  • The driver can view the complete ride history from its dashboard.

The research team of Cube taxi have come up with revolutionary algorithms for ride allotment. The 3 algorithms that forms the core are Competitive algorithm, Nearest 1st and FIFO.

The competitive algorithm works in a way like, the request comes to all the drivers simultaneously within a x km radius but the driver who accepts first get to take the ride.

The nearest 1st algorithm allows the driver who is nearest to the rider to take the request. If a driver denies then the request goes to the 2nd nearest and so on.

The FIFO algorithm makes the driver who is in an available mode for a longer time to take the request.

What else is needed ? The Bad and The Ugly !  

Now let’s have a look what are the features customers are finding it missing in the app or to putting it in a different way what are the essential features that is not available but should have been there.

  • The app does not have a support for Airport ride sharing. Customers who need to catch a flight in the midst of a heavy traffic and through numerous toll gates may find it useful.
  • There should have been a provision for Bitcoin mode of payment integrated to the wallet. In this digital world people are tending a lot to go for a complete cashless mode of payment.
  • As the world is advancing so is the mobile applications. A Smart Contract built-in to the app will help the customers save a considerable amount of revenue.
  • As unmanned vehicles are becoming a buzzword these days there should have been a provision for the software to be Future ready.
  • An efficient Call Center Management is very essential when managing a huge business with a lot of affiliate partners with a lot of resources to handle.

Top 5 features your Taxi Dispatch Software must have.

Taxi dispatch software

You are about to procure a ready-made Taxi Dispatch Software and get your business online instantly. Just before deciding which vendor to go with, check if the system provided by your chosen vendor has these top important features:

Taxi Dispatch Software and System

  1. Airport pickup / Drop:

Almost in every city in the world, a normal ride inside the city is different and a ride to the airport is different. Cab & Taxi drivers consider a trip to the airport completely different owing to some important factors like: More traffic, More Tolls, More distance & More time. Since a single Airport pickup or drop can consume nearly half a day of a taxi driver, it is wise to have a different billing strategy for Airport rides. The Taxi Dispatch software you choose to employ for your Car rental business should consider this fact. It should have separate provisions for you to configure separate billing and process for Airport pickups and drops.

2. Hourly Rentals:

Believe it or not, in our experience we have seen 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start with a ride hailing business will eventually require this feature. While in a normal Taxi dispatch business you just require UBER like business, the hourly rentals feature helps you service your customers all the more better. You will soon notice that a majority of your customers asking you if they can also hire your Taxi’s on a hourly or daily rental. This type of rental is also good business. Please note that hourly rentals is different from self-driving rentals. In the later model, the car is driven by the passenger himself ( Eg: Hertz, AVIS etc. follow this Self-Driving rental business model ).

3. Ride Sharing:

I would say, this is one feature which is very essential in any Taxi dispatch software. Even unicorn companies like UBER, LYFT have eventually introduced it in a lot many cities. Your passengers will call this the darling of all features. It enables them to share a ride with other passengers and save big on money. At the same time many passengers like to meet new people and have a conversation during their ride.

4. Geo Fencing:

Geo fencing is a feature that can be used to keep users entering from un-desired locations away. Most often you would need to open up your App only for users in certain cities or location. If a user from some other part of the world open your app, you would need to politely tell them the service is not yet open in their location & it would be coming soon. To achieve this you need the Geo fencing feature in your Taxi Dispatch software. This helps also in minimizing malicious attacks from un-wanted geographies.

5. Future Ready:

This point may not sound important, but never ignore the near future. See that the Taxi dispatch software you are buying is ready to be used by the upcoming trends. Is your system ready to be integrated with connected cars? Is there any intelligence built into the script you have selected? Is the Taxi dispatch platform ready for the Driver-less cars? Believe-it-or-Not, your fleet will have Driver-less cars by 2018 end. Every car manufacturer in the world are releasing their Autonomous models in 2018. Even if you plan on introducing 1 Tesla like car in your fleet, you would need a software that can plug into its Self-Driving software.

6. Chat feature

Many may argue why a chat feature is required in a taxi dispatch software when the customer can directly call the driver. We accept this rational thinking completely. But, study has found that a majority of customers are stuck in a spot where they cant do a voice call after booking a taxi on their app ( Meetings, Silent zone, Classroom etc. ). In such cases the chat feature becomes very handy for them to send out messages to the driver and get a reply. So to make things easy for your passenger, see that the taxi booking system you plan on employing has a robust chat feature available in it.

Taxi dispatch software

We will keep this list of essential features any Taxi dispatch software should have.


What is the difference between the hosted model and a downloadable model in Taxi Dispatch Software?

Hosted model:

It an also be called the SAAS model ( Software as a Service ). Hereby your entire application is hosted on the cloud already by the vendor. All you need to do is pay a monthly subscription fee and create an instance of the service for your business and use it by paying the monthly fee.

Pro’s: Cost effective, No need to maintain your own server, All technological headaches are taken care by the Saas provider.

Con’s: Reliable only if provided by a big company, Your data resides in the vendors server, You dont own your software.

Downloadable model:

It can also be called as the normal installable model. Here in you pay for the entire software and own it. The software will be installed on your own servers and handed over up and running. You own your source code and you can customize it as per your wish.

Pro’s: You are not stuck or dependent on your vendor, Your won your source code/ software 100%, You can customize your Taxi dispatch software as per your like using any vendor.

Con’s: The technology and server is yours to maintain and run, An extra initial investment is required procure the software.