BMW super bowl commercial 2015 – a detailed look

BMW super bowl commercial 2015

Interested in gifting yourself a luxury car? The following Super Bowl commercials have made their appearance at the Super Bowl and promoted BMW cars with their sheer driving pleasure along with various additional attractions that did wonders for the brand.

Luxury car wars among Audi, BMW and Mercedes have passed on for generations and BMW has been a strong contender. Watch a couple of Super Bowl commercials that are considered watchable, funny etc, while a few are considered annoying for the most part, while we await the BMW super bowl commercial 2015

Doc Walker:

Richard “Doc” Walker is a former American football tight end in the NFL (National Football league) and is currently a radio sports commentator. The 2011 BMW 5 series teaser Ad features Doc doing a little bit of talk. He introduces the BMW 5 series and talks about what he looks forward to while buying a car. A very direct customer centric Advertisement that avoids the myriad features, and implausible details that are usually hard to digest. A simple commercial that conveys a direct message and talks about the Twin Turbo technology along with 300 HP power, xDrive, Intelligent all-wheel drive and great mileage (29 MPG on the Highway) and to top it all up, $ 0 Maintenance cost for the initial 4 years or 50,000 miles.

This is a simple BMW super bowl commercial and lacks the much expected “gewgaw” and did not have a complete hold on the convincing part.


Going on a date and worried if you’d tap that booty? This BMW 5 Series funny/sexy commercial gets a little naughty while promoting its rear view camera.

The 32 second Ad shows a young couple going on a date, the “supposed” guy playing a gentleman greets his date by opening the car’s door and inviting her in. He goes towards the rear side of the car to get some alone time to express his excitable emotions and enters the car. The girl has a serious expression on her face and looks at him; he figures that his rear view camera has been on the whole time. To his surprise, the girl plants a steamy little kiss.

Although this BMW super bowl commercial has restricted viewership, it makes a clear statement “BMW rearview camera doesn’t miss a thing” A cute and cuddly commercial especially if you are going for a date and luck is on your side (or may be a hot girl)

Watch and enjoy 😛

Defying Logic:

While commercials are designed to create some sort of logic and explain something unique, this BMW super bowl commercial defies logic. The Ad asks you a couple of question that urge you into thinking if they make sense. The commercial “Defying Logic” incorporates a part documentary technique that does the other part of advertising the BMW X3. Celebrating the South Carolina factory that designed customized and produced the world-class German engineered car even during a recessive economy and still exported it worldwide. Not really sure if this commercial makes perfect sense, although car companies were also in a phase of turmoil, car companies still feel the urge of talking about their product. Promoting an X3 in such a manner might seem appealing to a few, but then again touching a sensitive topic such as recession and relating that with progress: Well, not such a great idea.

Big Grab:

Winters are fun but the extremes demand a lot of heat. Right from your clothing to your boots to your car and even your steering has to be heated. That’s right, even the steering.

The Big Grab Ad from BMW is a 30 second smartly made commercial that has a very simple concept. 2 couples (I guess) run towards a car and close the doors. While the others are shivering and trying to grit their teeth because of the unbearable cold, the guy on the driver’s seat moans as if the winter gave him an orgasm. Turns out that the heated steering makes him feel warm and cuddly and in the end everybody gets a grip on the steering with a message, “Heated steering wheel, sharing optional”

Quite an impressive commercial that smartly puts the usage of the heated steering wheel in a rather complacent fashion. Quite a smart attempt by BMW to promote this technology at the Super Bowl.


Pollution is quite a concerning situation that brings about health changes and makes us ill. Being a necessary evil, pollution caused by vehicles needs to be changed, the solution, BMW X5 a clean, quiet and powerful BMW X5 with advanced diesel technology that solves most problems (Well, just the pollution problems, this car doesn’t come cheap, and that’s the problem) 😀

While we await the BMW super bowl commercial 2015, check out this Ad from the previous year.


Husband-Wife jokes never grow old and for that very same reason BMW has woven a smart commercial that focuses on BMW connected drive that reads emails.

This 3 series BMW super bowl commercial starts off with a guy who appears to be in his mid 30’s drives home and just before parking his car, he gets a mail from his wife stating that her mom has come over. The guy goes back in reverse with a funny little message. Watch the commercial to find out.

Hope you enjoyed all/most of them? 🙂

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BMW super bowl commercial 2015

Audi super bowl commercial 2015 – a look

The best Audi super bowl commercial

German engineering at its finest is what drives Audi. While various competing brands were promoting their latest cars, Audi had various tricks up its sleeves to promote their cars in a different manner. Super Bowl is no advertisers joke, with plenty of money at stake and a whole lot of responsibility on the creative agency (ies)

Below, are a few commercials that made Audi a strong contender among other rivals at the Super Bowl. Although all the commercials might not be as impressive as you’d expect, a few of them are worth enjoying. Sit back, relax and try to enjoy these commercials, while we await the Audi super bowl commercial 2015

5. Blood Suckers Beware!!

If you are a teenager (girl) and you like movies, odds are that you probably like a vampire movie over the normal ones. Audi had created a commercial to give vamps, a taste of their own blood.

As a part of promoting the vehicle’s sharp headlights, Audi features an Ad that goes beyond the regular belief and tries a bit of spoof and friendly humor with the concept of vampires. This Audi super bowl commercial starts off with a few teenagers enjoying a late night party in the woods, sounds pretty normal right?

Turns out that these teenagers are blood sucking vamps who are awaiting a friend who has a very specific party booster (any guesses?) and once he reaches the spot in his Audi, the vamps are destroyed by the sharp light of the vehicle.

Ok, so this might sound a tad lame, especially if you are a guy, but then isn’t it a good thing that vampires are obliterated by an awesome car?

4. Green Cops:

Released in the year 2010, Audi’s Green Police was a Super Bowl Ad that showcased eco-enforcing Green Police that seem to run a police state of sorts. Arresting criminals is common but arresting a man for choosing a plastic bag at a checkout counter or may be storming a house for battery discarded in the garbage and handcuff another man on his front porch in a light bulb crackdown, sounds like the kind of thing that beats the word overrated right?

Presenting Audi’s A3 TDI, a clean diesel five seater car that delivers 42 miles per gallon on the highway, so named “green car of the year”, this Audi super bowl commercial had various controversies raised.

3. Prom:

Bravery is what defines us!!

Are your hormones raging for some pulverizing action? Audi’s “Prom” Super Bowl advertisement hits the spot.

What Prom is to a guy, an Audi is to its fan. This Audi super bowl commercial brings out the best in a scrawny looking guy so much so that even when he has no date on prom night, his dad gives him the keys to his Audi, he drives it to school and heads straight to the prom queen and plants a kiss (that requires some serious guts). It does take serious ball$ to do that, the result of his brevity is shown on the red patch on his eye (wonder how he got that :P)

This is a good commercial because it has the youth friendliness combined with plausible action and sequences that can most likely happen to anyone. This is a good attempt by Audi to promote its beast.

Watch and enjoy J

2. Prison Break:

“Escape the confines of old luxury”

Sophisticated robbery with pleasing humor constitutes a great Audi A8 super bowl Ad. Watch this incriminating commercial as a few aged, sophisticated gentlemen who try breaking out of an extravagant prison of sorts. After performing back-breaking stunts that seem impossible for their age, watch as the commercial gives you a few hints of humor and also keeping up to the entire sketch of the prison break.

Once the two prisoners are out, there are two vehicles in front of them, a chauffeur opening the doors of a Mercedes and an Audi A8 parked just beside it. While, one prisoner chooses to go with the Mercedes that leads him directly to prison, the other escapee drives out in style.

The Audi A8 promotes contemporary luxury and urges the buyers to choose what’s new in luxury over the conventional trap of old luxury.

Again, a good attempt by Audi to develop a smart commercial, which sticks to the main point.

1. God Father:

This is another classy commercial of the Audi R8 that recalls the Godfather movie. This Audi super bowl commercial shows a rich man awaking in his bed and finds that he is covered in oil and grease rather than being covered in blood. He also finds that his old car bumper and grill is placed at his foot of the bed under the covers rather than a horse head.

The message is pretty clear, “Old luxury has been put on notice” the camera pans out of the mansion front and showcases the new Audi R8 luxury sports car that revs its engine and leaves the scene of the crime.

If you have watched Godfather movie, you will be able to figure out the reference. It is a smart attempt by Audi to promote the R8 in a peculiar style.

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Audi super bowl commercial

A look into each awesome Toyota super bowl commercial

Kaley Cuoco Toyota

The leading Japanese Auto manufacturer Toyota is a subtle mix of beauty and brains. Out of the plenitude of cars launched by Toyota every year, a few commercials make it through the super bowl. The following article is going to try and make advertisements seem a tad interesting rather than coerce you into buying the products.

Let’s take a look at each Toyota super bowl commercial that made its debut at the Super Bowl.

9. Toyota Tundra 2007:

Toyota had introduced the Tundra, a full-sized truck that looks pretty strong and beats anything in its class in terms of acceleration, road manners and equipment availability. This was a one of a kind pickup truck in 2007. With a wide range of cab and bed configurations and a powerful 5.7-liter V8 and spacious passenger quarters, numerous safety and convenience features, the Tundra was a great truck. However, there are many hard plastic and ergonomic flaws in the vehicle’s cabin.

Although the following ad portrays an “unnecessary demonstration” of the Tundra’s towing as well as stopping power, this Toyota super bowl commercial makes you feel the omnipotence of the pickup. Well, don’t judge it by the portrayal of its masculinity, just enjoy the commercial.

8. Toyota Sequoia 2008:

Powered by a 381 HP producing 5.7 liter V8 engine, the 2008 Sequoia offers wide space for 8-passengers as well as cavernous cargo space at an unbelievably low price than most other vehicles in the same range. This was one ride that met the needs of most buyers in 2008.

The following Toyota super bowl commercial is aimed at striking the happy chord within all of us, reminding us of the happy times when we were kids. Thankfully, this is not an advertising and marketing strategy that aims at just selling the car. This is a commercial showing people having fun. I hope you have fun too?

7. Toyota Corolla 2008- Badgers:

The Toyota Corolla 2008 was the second least expensive car in its lineup. Although the looks of the 2008 Corolla are as same as the 2003 Corolla, it looked pretty modern, sober and substantial for family oriented people. However, the Corolla lacks excitement and youthfulness (something that most Toyota cars lack)

To make up for that, the interiors speak sophistication along with a clean style and commodiousness to relax and enjoy the roads ahead. Powered by a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine that makes 126 HP, this was a great car.

The Toyota super bowl commercial features a badger and her young along with a collection of cannons as well as a cell phone. By promoting the quiet cabin space of the Corolla, the advertisers tried to focus on the message that even ferocious badgers will not gnaw the guy’s face off, thanks to the peace and silence in the cabin. Simple and enjoyable advertisement, worth watching once (maybe twice)

6. Toyota Tundra- Killer Heat:

Well, this was an elaborate demonstration of “uselessness”

Driving the Toyota Tundra in Mohave Desert is one thing; in fact driving it near an active volcano is also acceptable by a few. This Toyota super bowl commercial heats up advertising in the most inessential way possible. It would have been better watching the Tundra go through a rather utilitarian yet rigorous path than having to watch $ 4 million (approx) go down the drain with this elaborate commercial.

Watch the following commercial and judge for yourself.

5. Toyota Venza- 2009:

Suffering from Insomnia? Fancy a yawn? The following Toyota super bowl commercial should help.

Toyota Yawnza (oops I mean Venza) was a midsize SUV bought out in the year 2009. The yay!! Was the excellent fuel economy along with great reliability as well as safety features. The neigh (apart from the commercial) was the lack of backup sensors as well as the poor quality of the backup camera.

P.S. Don’t hate me after watching the following commercial 😛 (that is, if you decide to watch it)

4. Toyota Camry- 2012 (Two Worlds)

Released in the year 2012, the Toyota Camry commercial was a good attempt at the Super Bowl. As far as car commercials go, the message conveyed was pretty apt and logical. The Toyota super bowl Ad completely revolved around the bravado, Horse power and the relation with Horses, Jets, and such with the Camry.

With a pretty cool look, this Toyota super bowl commercial makes perfect sense and well, this might have given Toyota enthusiasts something good to look forward to.

3. Toyota Camry 2012 Connections:

Advertising works either with the help of Intimacy or Emotions. The latter was chosen for the following Advertisement. Toyota chose to go ahead with human connections this time to promote the 2012 Camry.  The Ad aims at touching lives of generations of people with a soft, catchy, subtle message. That said, the previous Camry commercial was more masculine than this emotional “1 minute” connection.

2. Toyota 2013- The Genie:

Some ads are designed with confidence and some fall really flat. The following genie-themed Toyota super bowl commercial that tried to entice about a million viewers to buy a Toyota RAV4 was more of a fantasy like approach than focusing on the actual.

Firstly, the commercial is not quite funny as you might expect. The Genie part was a little manageable, but the entire theme was not what anybody would really expect from a vehicle commercial. No wonder Toyota faces difficulty with its zestful and sportiness.

1. Toyota Muppets 2014:

Imagine, a combination of the action hero, Terry Crews with Muppet characters running during the Super Bowl XLVIII is like calling mutton a fruit (weird right?)

Toyota had chosen the Super Bowl spot, actor (former NFL Player) Terry Crews helps some stranded Muppets in the middle of a desert by offering them a ride.

So, Terry Crews is driven to a magical/musical adventure (or did terry consume drugs? Well, it seems that way)

Watch this crazy hallucinated Toyota super bowl commercial that might take you on a ludicrous trip.

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Toyota super bowl commercial

Each one of these Super Bowl car commercial will blow you away!

Super Bowl car commercial

Although advertisements are made to promote a particular product or service, some of the commercials leave behind a strong message.

Presenting Super Bowl, Americas most watched TV broadcast yearly. With an average of 111 million viewers yearly, Super Bowl has become quite popular.

It is one of the few annual events to achieve a wide viewership. Amid the widespread, various big brands broadcast their ads during the game. Various small players also get reputation while advertising during Super Bowl.

All this prominence comes with a high price. The average cost of a 30 second ad during Super Bowl is around $ 4 million. The Super Bowl ads have become a cultural phenomenon alongside the game. Surprisingly, most viewers prefer watching the commercials over the game.

With a lot of money at stake, the commercials have a critical mass of viewers and most commercials cater to all age groups. The buzz kept increasing and as a result, the Super bowl ads started making their appearance outside of the game.

The Commercials are however, limited only to the United States of America. But, enthusiasts and viral freaks post these videos on You Tube and video sharing sites to increase the popularity.

A concoction of peppy, interesting, funny and controversial advertisements has had the viewers’ experience their favorite brands like never before.

Here is a list of 10 of the most popular super bowl car commercials that became a hit in USA and other countries. These 10 commercials have been conceived by brilliant and creative teams. I enjoyed each Super Bowl car commercial, hope you enjoy them too.

10. The Force:

Volkswagen has simply the best commercials and the best advertising strategies than any other car manufacturer. The Force has been formulated from the movie Star wars.  This brilliant ad was created by Lucas film. With a running time of 1.02 minutes, the Volkswagen Passat Super Bowl car commercial was released on the 6th of Feb 2014.

The 2012 VW Passat super bowl car ad features a young boy dressed up as Vader (from Star wars) who tries to use the “Force” to start a washer and dryer. Soon after, he tries to wake the dog as well as a doll. The unsuccessful young Vader after various failed attempts is startled to find that he can start his car with “Force” though; his father actually uses a remote to do it. A sweetly portrayed ad and impressively done too. Have a look

9. 1969 Plymount Roadrunner:

Inspired by the Roadrunner show, the Plymouth Roadrunner Super Bowl car commercial features a part of the Roadrunner show as well as a part where the vehicle is shown and the new models such as the convertible, hardtop and the coupe are announced. Simple and reminiscent of old times.

8. Audi Commercial starring Jason Statham:

His movies are legendary; his action fills adrenaline in us. Jason Statham has always been closely associated with Audi (he owns a couple of them too)

This particular Super Bowl car commercial shows the hunk (Jason Statham) fending off bad guys (and being the bad guy too) by stealing a few cars and soon after crashing them. Until, he comes across an Audi where the bad guys face harsh consequences and Jason enjoys the ride.

7. Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial – Imported From Detroit

Love Slim Shady?

You’ve definitely be driven crazy by this Super Bowl car commercial. To top it off, Chrysler introduces the Chrysler 200 in the style of his song. Imported from Detroit, the Chrysler 200 redefines luxury.

A simple commercial elegantly presented with the right amount of attitude, style and sheer class.

6. Super Bowl Chevy Ad Happy Grad Commercial Global News:

What did you expect from your parents when you graduated? Well, this Super Bowl car commercial misleads the fresh graduate to believe that his parents have bought him a new Chevy. Things worsen even more when he calls his friends and girlfriend and tell them about the gift.

His parents buy him a refrigerator and quietly watch as their son rejoices. Soon after, the owner of the Chevy drives away. It’s a fun advertisement and conveys the message with the support a family humor.

5. Snow Covered Jeep Commercial:

A commercial is always the best when you find something unique. Jeep bought out its uniqueness with its 1994 Super Bowl car commercial that features quite an ominous quality. The jeep tunnels its way across land, deep under the snow. The chemistry between the snow and Jeep remains classified. Well, till the time when there is a snow-covered stop sign. A brilliant and classic example of the Jeep commercial that hits of the 90’s style of advertising to a very modernistic level. It was certainly a simple thought that did its inspired bit of advertising the brand quite well. This advertisement plays a simple, silent role and brings out an effective brand message.

4. Audi A3: Designed without Compromise:

The Audi A3 Super Bowl car commercial takes a reference from cross breeding two different breeds of canines. Turns to a flop show and the results turn out to be drastic. The Audi A3 focuses on no compromises and drives you towards reasonable thinking and practicality. Smart and Subtle advertisement created smartly.

3. Hyundai Genesis:

If you like safety, You will love the Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl car commercial. The commercial is developed around the main theme of safety. Watch as this commercial take the place of a father on the road.


2. Jaguar F-Type British Villains:

Nefarious plans on world domination? Planning your escape?

F the trouble, the Jaguar F type Super Bowl car commercial is elaborate and brings about the evil in you. The demon is in its details, the sheer class and the elegance of the Jag is smoothly elaborated in the following commercial.

1. The other side:

Bored of watching regular commercials?

How about a Super Bowl car commercial with 2 stories? and the best part is that you get to experience both, by pressing a key on your key board. This is a great attempt by Honda to promote the Civic R type.

I personally feel that this ad is similar to the Transporter-2 story.

Hope you enjoyed these Super Bowl car commercials 🙂

Super Bowl car commercial


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