Acura Super Bowl commercial 2015 and previous Ads

Acura Super Bowl commercial

Acura, the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese auto maker Honda Motor Company has made a strong presence felt in the United States and Canada since March 1986.

Luxury and performance are two of the highest selling propositions of the brand. The brand has its rooting in Mexico as well as China. Acura is among the best-selling luxury cars in the US. With new and improved designs along with the introduction of new models post the year 2000, the brand has picked up a good pace.

Co-existing with various other brands, Acura is a notch higher when it comes to marketing and advertising. The Japanese company is undoubtedly techno-friendly with all its cars. But, advertising is a crucial factor. Super Bowl is one of the biggest platforms for such companies to increase credibility as well as the awareness of their brand.

A 30 second commercial costs around $ 4 million but, the awareness and trust is priceless. Acura has had a fair share of some of the most frisky and cheerful commercials. The following Acura Super Bowl commercials should entertain you for a while. Have a look.

Jerry Seinfeld:

Jerry Seinfeld, the richest actor in the world is known to endorse Acura ad series. This Acura Super Bowl commercial shows the comedian looking for an Acura sports car, the sales man tells him that it has been sold. Seinfeld takes a shot at trying to convince the guy who bought the car through his entertaining methods, giggles, laughs and a whole lot of that.

The ending of this commercial also features Jay Leno entering into the competition. There isn’t any better way to promote the NSX model, especially when the commercial features these popular faces and also features an alien. It’s a little funny, a little mood smoothing and overall a great Ad from Acura.

Let the race begin:

Nothing beats the original. This Acura Super Bowl commercial shows a race track and a couple of horses that are ready to race. But the twist here is that these horses are robots. All except one, while it seems that the race goes in favor of the robots because of their mean and aggressive look, their massive power, nothing challenges the original. As the Ad progresses, the mighty robots are overtaken by a sprinting stallion. The stallion represents Acura and the successful legacy that the brand carries as opposed to various other brands that are depicted by normal functioning robots.

Calvin Johnson:

One thing that sets apart a football player than the rest is his aggression. This Acura Super Bowl commercial shows the famous American football wide receiver, Calvin Johnson Jr. from the Detroit Lions of the NFL (National Football League) who is transformed from an aggressive looking football player. By changing his attire and removing all his tattoos that depict aggression of sorts, Calvin Johnson Jr. dresses up in the most elegant fashion. This same comparison is done with the newly refined Acura TL. This car had undergone various design changes in the year 2012 and hence this Ad shows no extra selling proposition but this.

This is an elegant and sophisticated commercial that portrays aggression in an elegant manner.

My way:

Building a car takes a lot more than just sketching out a concept, building one and producing plenty. The Acura 2015 TLX commercial shows the hard work, motivation and innovative thoughts that Acura’s team put in completely to build the new TLX. It’s just not just about luxury, there is a lot more that happens to the car. With rigorous tracks, rocky terrains that would leave the car bleeding from all bolts, the Acura team put forward their best thoughts, best brains and the best of everything. This Acura Super Bowl commercial is one that does not exaggerate about the car or its technology, it shows you what goes behind making such a pretentious car that is capable of much more than luxury.

Made for Mankind:

Mankind has always pushed the boundaries of everything. They have questioned everything, they are on their verge of learning everything new every day, and they push the boundaries of what’s possible. Acura’s 2014 MDX SUV commercial speaks about pushing boundaries and exploring newer territories with its extremely new MDX.

Comedians in Car:

Acura has teamed up with Jerry Seinfeld as well as director Barry Sonnenfeld for a round of comic commercial series that shows a car sales man selling cars with style.

“I sell cars, you sell you”

A pretty accurate statement and the commercial sticks to its point, Acura commercials are quite logical and BS free. Have a look at the following Acura Super Bowl commercial.

Hope you liked these commercials, stay tuned for more 🙂

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Acura Super Bowl commercial

GMC super bowl commercial- an overview

GMC super bowl commercial

General Motors (GM) formally the division of General Motors LLC, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors that primarily focuses on trucks and utility vehicles.

Currently, GMC sells pickup as well as commercial trucks, buses, vans, military vehicles as well as sports utility vehicles that are marketed in North America in the Middle East by General Motors. GMC was GM’s second largest selling North American vehicle division in the year 2007 after Chevrolet and ahead of Pontiac.

GMC being one of the most popular brands in the U.S has definitely made its impression felt at the super bowl. Although there aren’t too many commercials that GMC has brought out in the recent past, these following commercials had cost a lot of money and in return, got a lot of viewers. Fair deal right?

Check out these few Ads from GMC that made it to the Super Bowl- Until we await the GMC super bowl commercial 2015

Yukon Hybrid:

Presenting the Yukon Hybrid in a Ad is a good advertising feat. But showing a figure pushing a rock up a mountain top is bizarre. The commercial has a runtime of a minute. But out of the entire minute, the dude just pushes the rock and a background voice just talks something that is hard to comprehend especially after looking at the weird looking dude trying to push the rock up the mountain. In my personal view, this commercial beats all odds and advertises something beyond my comprehension. They could have just had a concept where the Yukon pulls the rock up the mountain, which might have generated some interest.

Watch this GMC super bowl commercial once, or may be twice if you really want to make sense out of it.



This Ad promotes the 2007 GMC Yukon in a very idiosyncratic manner. Good ideas don’t necessarily come in the confines of an office cubicle (I wish my boss could have realized that) and they are some of the best ideas. This commercial explains how GMC’s Yukon is no ordinary sketch that was ideated in an office cubicle. It is made out of the best planned and the most efficient technology that is bound to last long. This car was engineered to the highest standard.

This is a good method to promote all the engineering innovations worldwide and put to best use. The GMC Yukon rolled out with more power, more fuel efficiency and details crafted with exact precision. This GMC super bowl commercial promotes GMC’s engineering beyond the drawing board. Have a look at the following commercial.

Sierra Denali:

High-end cruisers place luxurious and sophisticated cockpits on top of some of the most powerful marine engines. Likewise, GMC offers the proven, Duramax, diesel engine, beneath their most sophisticated and luxurious cabin in the 2015 Sierra Denali HD. This commercial indicates luxury in the form of a truck. With the latest engine offered with confidence and luxury that reminisces a high end luxury car, this commercial promotes luxury as well as power with a unique engineering combination.

This GMC super bowl commercial has no mundane stuff but, the actual portrayed in a rather sophisticated manner.

Black Friday:

Black Friday, the very same day where goods are bought with no intention of their purpose, shoppers save hundreds or may be thousands of dollars during a Black Friday sale. But all of this comes at a price. It starts with Insomnia, patience and a whole lot of impulsiveness.

GMC took a shot at this occasion and promoted its vehicles in a professional manner. Rather than standing in a long line at 3am just to get your hands on whatever your Washington’s lay in your pocket, you can just choose to walk into GMC’s showroom at anytime. The best part is that you save thousands. Have a look at this GMC super bowl commercial.

Pro Grade Protection:

Watch this battle between a GMC Sierra with Heavy Duty Winches.

Testing the sierra has gone to a whole new level. This GMC super bowl commercial shows Sierra’s pro grade engineering by stretching the truck in four opposing directions. Heavy duty dock yard winches along with solid steel chains are used to test the exact strength and durability. Performing the same once, twice or may be thrice is just something ordinary. But what if this same procedure is performed 46 times over two long days?

This video tortures and molests the Sierra to its worst. But, the precision in GMC’s engineering makes all these challenges seem like child’s play. Have a look at this ruthless video and how the Sierra manages to hold its ground as a winner.


Tough day at work and tougher night, especially if you are to attend an opera concert with your girl friend? The following GMC super bowl commercial highlights the very same situation and how our protagonist survives challenging tasks just to attend a boring concert. Well, that’s either the power of love, or the Acadia.

GMC super bowl commercial

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Jeep super bowl commercial 2015- an overview

Jeep super bowl commercial 2015

Jeep is a popular American automobile brand that is a division of Chrysler Group LLC. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Italian multinational automaker Fiat S.P.A. Chrysler Corporation had acquired Jeep along with the remaining assets of its (then) owner, American Motors.

Currently, Jeep offers Sports Utility Vehicles, Off-Road Vehicles as well as Pickup trucks.

Most Americans prefer Jeep for its off-road performance, durability and strength. Those factors weren’t just something that customers picked up in a single night. It took years of advertising and trust. But that sounds like a lot right?

Hence, Super Bowl, a platform that allows various companies to make their presence felt as strong as ever. The following super bowl commercials from Jeep were intended for the very same purpose, they have reached more than a million views and likes so far. So, sit back relax and grab a bucket of ice-cream or popcorn and enjoy these commercials- while we await the latest Jeep Super Bowl commercial 2015

Whole again:

Chrysler had a very silent and taciturn agenda for the Super Bowl XLVII. Without any teasers or any hint to the public and no celebrity involvement, this was a unique recipe brewing from Detroit.

The Chrysler team worked closely with United Service Organizations (USO) for a two minute tribute entitled “Whole Again” and was narrated by Oprah Winfrey to introduce the Jeep brand’s “Operation SAFE Return”“galvanize community support for service members and their families worldwide.”

“We wait. We hope. We pray. Until you’re home again.” — Oprah

This is how the commercial starts off. This commercial was one of the more popular ones like “The Year of the Farmer” that featured its Dodge Ram brand truck.

This heartfelt patriotic commercial that intones “When you are home..we are more than a family… we are a nation, we are a nation that is home, again”

This Jeep Super Bowl commercial pays tribute to America’s military families.  A heartwarming and emotional-tugging of some images of U.S military men and women meeting and embracing their family members as they arrive home safely from their overseas mission, just in time for the Super Bowl. Happiness, joy and a gamut of emotions is what made this commercial a hit.

Jeep also donated $ 1 million in funding and vehicles to the USO for programs which supported returning U.S military service members and their families. Chrysler has always been on top of the game when it came to donating funds to the USO.

 “For the past two years, we have used the largest television viewing audience to highlight the pride, the resilience and the determination that form an integral part of the American character,” said Sergio Marchionne, chairman and CEO of Chrysler, in a statement released after the advertisement aired.

In a statement released after “Whole Again” aired, Winfrey said: “It was an honor to lend my voice in support of those that serve us all.”

Do watch this commercial and enjoy those emotional moments( For sure we can expect a rocking Jeep Super Bowl commercial 2015 )



This is yet another beautiful Ad by Jeep. Although it does not totally convince you into buying a Jeep, it shows you various possibilities that the generation of today might find passé. Being restless is not such a bad thing, you get to do more with your life, you get to explore much more into the further, and you get to experiment a lot with the joy of driving a Jeep.

Showing over scenes of urban cityscapes along with patches of unspoiled nature and a narration that talks about the experience of being wanderlust, the commercial takes you into an uncommon journey. Although, you might not want to watch this commercial time and time again, it does manage to leave behind an impression of sorts( just cant wait to see what model is to be promoted in the Jeep Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

Imported from Detroit:

A commercial endorsed by Eminem to advertise Chrysler 200, this renamed and re-skinned rental car of the masses does not have the emotional grasp. It seems quite a visually pleasing commercial of the night and Chrysler needs applause for that reason. But, it somehow lacks connect and appeal that is seen in various car commercials. It is quite subjective, have a look at the Jeep Super Bowl commercial and see if you feel the same.

America’s Import:

Chrysler 200 was formerly addressed as “Imported from Detroit” but now, the trend has changed and so has the baseline. The new marketing line says “America’s Import” with a new advertising campaign.

The Ad aims at competing with imports, it markets the reasons for you to “not” go overseas to get yourself a quality car. The commercial does a pretty good job by putting the brand back on the map.

Although the thought might lead you into believing that this brand challenges the import market, it somehow feels terribly dated and somehow fail to put across a rather pleasing message. Marketing is one part, but going aggressive on imports and making a decision for customers might not be such a good decision.

These few commercials had certainly created a buzz on the internet. Let’s hope Jeep/Chrysler bring out more innovative commercials.

Jeep super bowl commercial 2015

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Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015 – an overview

Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015

Its Hyundai (just like Sunday)

Hyundai is one of the most trusted automobile brands world wide, its car’s are affordable, safe and driver friendly. While competitors like Suzuki Honda, Toyota found unique ways of advertising their brands at the Super Bowl with their creative commercials, Hyundai found its leeway through a unique method of advertising. The commercials from Hyundai are fun to look at and definitely deserve to be watched. Here are a few Ads that made it to the Super Bowl and directly to the hearts of the viewers.

Watch these Ads and don’t forget to smile 🙂  ….while we await the Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015

8. Angry Bosses:

Yeah, they are annoying and they always find a reason to take you down. Conference rooms, lobby’s, parking lots, they take you  all the way to humiliation-station. And what do you do apart from cussing and hoping that your boss gets diarrhea? Well, you watch this Hyundai commercial. Although, it will not help you in any way, you can at least relate to the trauma of facing your bald-headed boss and find some solace.

This Hyundai Super Bowl commercial shows aggressive bosses from brands like Lexus and BMW showing their aggression towards Hyundai on winning an award for its top performing car named Genesis. Taking a direct hit at the competitors, this is a smartly designed commercial.

Have a look.

7. Sheep:

Part of a flock, scavenging around aimlessly? That is the condition of most car buyers, well at least most of them. This  31 second commercial from Hyundai is focused towards changing your mindset and changing your perspective from the obvious envy that you might have on your neighbor’s car (or wife) and settling down with something more unique and lively.

The Hyundai Elantra commercial makes a subtle comparison with most car buyers and relating them to sheep. Yet another Ad that you might not want to miss( until we check out the Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

6. Excited:

Wouldn’t it exciting if you paid half or 1/4th of the amount on buying yourself a Mercedes or a Porsche (a new one pf course)

But, in reality that will never happen. But, would it make you feel good if you get all the same features (in fact better) and speed than a Mercedes or a Porsche by paying just 1/2 the price?

Presenting Hyundai’s Excited commercial that shows you the facts of the performance of the car along with the excitement of owning one( for sure we can expect a spectacular Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

5. Don’t Tell:

Secrets are usually good, especially when they are kept from a husband/wife. The following Ad from Hyundai revolves around a couple and their kids. The husband does all possible things with his kids that he would avoid when the wife is around, he also tells the kids not to tell their mom. The wife is shown on the other half doing the same kinds of things and asking the kids not to tell the husband.

This Hyundai Santa Fe commercial is quite a family oriented commercial with a hint of humor, a hint of excitement and a whole lot of family bonding. This is again, a very good Ad that proved its worth at the 2013 Super Bowl( just cant wait to check out the Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

4.  Stuck:

When you are driving on a smooth road, it does make you want to accelerate towards the front. It is not a bad thing to do so, especially when the traffic rules are followed carefully by everyone.

This commercial from Hyundai is something you will find mostly on Indian roads, Overtaking. Although, Indians risk everything to overtake, this commercial urges the driver to be ahead. This commercial was designed for Americans and fits in quite well. Had it been designed for India, it would have been the story of everybody’s life.

Anyways, watch this Hyundai Super Bowl commercial and enjoy overtaking on American roads.

 3. Team:

Bullying is not such a good thing, this Ad shows us exactly what happens when you are bullied and asked to bring a team.

A nice Hyundai Super Bowl commercial that goes against bullying and also advertises Hyundai’s Santa Fe. Most of the Hyundai car commercials have good amount of humor, excitement, and the zest that a viewer should expect out of a Super Bowl commercial.

Watch as a young guy assembles his team to challenge the bully’s team to a game of football. The young guy has some of the strongest and meanest looking dudes on his side. Guess who wins?

2. Success and Business:

Hyundai takes a funny detour with the concept of death. A guy and his boss (dad) are shown driving on an empty road, the boss tells his son that success and business comes down to one word and suddenly closes his eyes. The baffled guy is clueless and so, he revs the car and applies a sudden brake. The boss who had his seat belt on takes on the jerks directly to his heart, like he was getting a jot of life. To the driver’s joy, the boss (dad) opens his eyes and continues with the success and business line. This is a great way to promote the 348 HP producing Genesis from Hyundai ( for sure we can expect a more trendy model sported in the Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

1. Dad’s are Awesome:

Safety is the utmost priority for a dad. The dad inflicts damage but does not allow his child to get hurt. The very same concept is applied to the all new 2015 Hyundai Genesis. Being tagged as the safest car on earth, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis is one of the Best cars ever made and has caught the attention of various competitors. A must watch commercial, watch and enjoy. 🙂

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Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015

Nissan super bowl commercial 2015 – an overview

Nissan Super Bowl commercial

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan Motor Company (shortened to Nissan) is a multinational automobile manufacturer that is headquartered in Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Japan. The Renault-Nissan alliance partnership between Nissan and Renault since 1999, in which Renault holds a 43.4% voting stake in Nissan. Nissan motor sells its cars under the Nissan, Infiniti, Datsun and Nismo brands.

Being the 6th largest automaker in the world, Nissan beats Toyota, GM, Volkswagen Group, Hyundai Motor Group as well as Ford. Taken together, the Renault-Nissan Alliance would be the world’s fourth largest automaker. Nissan has not let its opportunity to advertise its brand at the Super Bowl just drive by. There are plenty of efforts that Nissan has taken to promote its brand like no other. A few commercials have been the most preferred commercials among all the others played at Super Bowl.

Here are a few top commercials from Nissan that made it to the Super Bowl( While we await the Nissan Super Bowl commercial 2015 )


What’s more annoying than a drive during a rainy day when there is slush on the road? Pigeon Poop 😀

This Nissan Super Bowl commercial shows a pigeon commando giving instructions to a battalion of pigeons to fly around the city and leave their poop-marks all over. As a part of their sinister plan, they spot a car wash and a guy who just gets his Nissan car washed. The aggressive pigeons make the sky their battle ground and follow the car to leave behind their marks.

The messy plan gets real fun to watch, finally the last pigeon flying tries to get close but he collides against the driver’s garage door. The music selection as well as the visual portrayal depicts fun and excitement.  This 1997 Ad is one of the finest from Nissan. Do watch and enjoy.

300 ZX:

Barbie and Ken make a cute couple, but that’s old school. This commercial takes the scene from Toy world and adds a twist to it. A rough and tough Gi-Joe looking figurine comes to life, finds his way through various objects and obstacles with a trusted Nissan car toy. He drives along various places and finally reaches Barbie’s house, honks and offers Barbie a drive. Barbie agrees, leaving Ken wondering aimlessly. This is a cool commercial that might have seemed risky, but worked pretty well for Nissan. This commercial was played in the 1990’s Super Bowl. Watch this commercial and enjoy the world of Toys ( just cant wait to check out the Nissan Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

Twin- Turbo:

Watching an old film might make you giggle, the delivery of dialogues, the stunts, the pixilated video quality and what not. The Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo Ad was an uber-cool commercial (then). A guy narrates his story of being chased by a superbike that incessantly follows the 300 ZX but fails to catch up, and then he is chased down by a formula series car that also fails to catch up with the 300 ZX.  Finally, a plane is sent to take him down. But as expected, the Twin Turbo technology gets the Nissan way ahead.

At first glance, It seemed like an olden day commercial that was intended only to sell the car. The Twin-Turbo technology couldn’t have been advertised better. Those days, such action scenes in movies were a major influence. A sensible Ad for those days, but seems pretty chuckle some for the current trend( and ofcourse we can expect a rocking Nissan Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

Watch and enjoy 🙂

Polar Bear:

Global Warming is taking a big toll on humans, a huge chunk at a time. We are not the only ones suffering; all living things are equally facing the perils. This Nissan Super Bowl commercial shows a polar bear driven from its territory into the suburbs where the polar bear feels left out. The bear wanders around scavenging for food and shelter and seems to suffer the harsh consequences of traffic and humans. The bear wanders into a residential street where a guy is about to enter his Nissan Leaf. The Polar Bear moves towards the guy and gives him a hug as a part of nature’s appreciation for using an electric car.

A deep and thoughtful meaning involved behind this commercial. Seems pretty accurate and conveys a green message, “Innovation for the planet, Innovation for all”

Kayaking XTerra:

The rules of kayaking are simple enough as kayaking goes; this commercial shows a guy who plunges into freezing water with his kayak, although you might think that he is doing it wrong, he proves everyone wrong. He does it pretty well, and wins an award too. The X Terra from Nissan Motor Transport utility vehicle of the year 2006, proves its X factor in such a way. It also asks its viewers to visit Not the best commercial, but watchable until we set our eyes on the Nissan Super Bowl commercial 2015


Race between a Nissan Juke and a Hot bikini model? Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. Speed is totally subjective. The Nissan and the model take off, obviously the Nissan comes first and the model, well the starving model drinks a little juice. Nissan promoted the Juke along with its partner, SI Swimsuit 2011.

Decent commercial, did not really make a lot of sense but, then again most Ads fail to do so. Watch this commercial and see if it makes any sense 🙂

Hope you enjoyed these commercials?  Stay tuned for more 🙂

Nissan Super Bowl commercial

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Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial- an overview

Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial

If it is vehicle advertising, no other brand does it better than Volkswagen. German Engineering is at its finest and the commercials do their bit extremely well. Volkswagen has created a certain anticipatory level in the minds of its viewers. The expectations are obviously high, so are the critics and so, Volkswagen puts in its best to promote the brand differently.

Remember the voice generated newspaper ads? How about the aluminum newspaper from Volkswagen?

Volkswagen has always surprised its viewers with something new and revolutionary, so have the Super Bowl commercials. Being one of the most popular brands with different commercials, Volkswagen is definitely a pleaser.

Which of the following do you think is the best Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial?

Dog Strikes Back:

We aren’t the only ones conscious about our weight, this commercial from Volkswagen shows how conscious your canine gets when he misses his favorite car (VW beetle) whizzing by. However, with that entire extra doggie pound taking a toll on his belly, he gets a little upset. But the motivated dog does not give up, he starts working out, gathering motivation from various sources and finally loses all the fat. And finally when the car passes by, he runs easily through the pet door and follows the Beetle, ever so gallantly and with a lot of pride.

Then, starts part two of the Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial. The dog commercial is shown to be played at a bar in some other planet. One of the alien smirks at the commercial and says that this is better than the vader commercial and suddenly finds himself choking. Turns out that vader was watching him smirk.

Smartly portrayed commercials with a great connect. Watch these commercials and enjoy.


Sunny Side:

Strategy is what defines a smart advertisement.  Volkswagen has always given the public a very unique perspective through its mind boggling commercials. How about this smart strategy that Volkswagen adapted, Assemble a bunch of people together who have starred in viral ads and have them advertise the brand in a unique way.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in the “Sunny Side” Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial. This is a good old-fashioned sing-along leg by reggae legend Jimmy Cliff out the Partridge Family’s “Come on Get Happy” with a roster of recognizably sad and furious YouTube “stars,” including  eHarmony, cat lady, angry politician Phul Davison as well as Sad Packer Fan.

It’s got a nice tune to it that goes really well in synchronization with the visuals.

Black Beetle:

What would you associate the 21st century Volkswagen beetle with?

The following Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial is a teaser for the (then) forthcoming new 21st century beetle. What better way to promote a beetle with a beetle.

The insect world might seem tiny and redundant, but there is much more happening there than you can ever imagine. This commercial shows the black beetle racing, jumping and performing all sorts of stunts amid other insects; it paves a different way for itself. It lands at a spot in style, thereby introducing the all new VW beetle.

Simple and sensible teaser that goes literal, and sticks on to the point. Have a look.

Get in Get happy:

Mondays are the worst nightmares, especially if you are working in a corporate. Dull, plodding, run-of –the-mill Mondays can make you woozy, but if you have a car that changes the gloomy mood, you’d probably love your office.

This Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial shows an average American guy who seems to be excited even on a Monday, he talks in a Jamaican accent (referring to Jamaicans as chilled out and easy going people) and trying to calm everyone down. Even during a stressful meeting, he tries to lighten the atmosphere by offering the boss and colleagues the “Get in Get Happy” mantra. Soon after, the colleague (Asian guy) and the boss also develop the Jamaican accent after taking a ride in the new Beetle.

This Ad hinted towards a strong ignorance of stereotypes and many people found it offensive. The bottom line of this commercial was “Don’t worry, be happy” but, I guess most people don’t like to be happy, they like to get offended  with everything that they see.

Anyways, watch the commercial and be happy (not offended)

Punch Dub:

As kids, we all loved to find ways to punch and jab to our siblings (I still do :P)

This Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial takes a sweet, humorous and sensible route into advertising 13 different models and colors of the new Volkswagen sedan. This 2010 commercial is a cute and funny commercial that puts across the message quite well and shows that we all have kids in us, we all love games and we all love punching 😛

Have a look but try not to punch your sibling too hard 😉

Darth Vader:

Perhaps one of the best commercials from Volkswagen, this time the company went into the whole Star Wars mood and created a very unique commercial.

It shows a young guy dressed as Darth Vader (from star wars) trying to use the “force” in him to move house hold objects, wake up the dog, stop the washing machine, summon a sandwich. But after failed attempts, when his dad comes home, young Vader tries to start the car.

The car automatically starts leaving the young Vader stunned. The dad starts the car with the remote, leaving the young Vader baffled and excited. This was one of the best Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial

Don’t forget to watch and enjoy 🙂

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Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial


Honda super bowl commercial 2015- an overview

Honda super bowl commercial 2015

If you are a fan of Honda, these Super Bowl commercials are definitely going to make you love Honda even more.

Just like its rival (Toyota) even Honda has its share of Super Bowl Commercials featuring glamour, style, elegance, humor and a whole lot of marketing magnetism.

Presenting to you, a few commercials that might make you giggle or even inspire you. While, a few advertisements might make you want to snooze. Either ways, try watching them all ( while we await the Honda super bowl commercial 2015 )

6. Honda Accord Crosstour 2010:

The Honda Accord sedans are pretty famous worldwide. Apart from its huge interior space and the all-wheel drive, Honda had introduced the 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour model that is more versatile and better looking. This crossover SUV sizzles up the Roomy seating as well as carlike driving dynamics along with a quiet cabin space. However, your cargo might have to do a little compromising, the vehicles styling might appear perky to a few while some claim that it has a controversial styling.

The following Honda super bowl commercial gets completely nutty, with an animated squirrel trying to assemble various unrelated items only to look forward to introduce the new Accord Crosstour (yeah, it is insane)

5. Honda CRV Game day Commercial:

What if you were a celebrity? Say Matthew Broderick and you’d want a day off from your busy scheduled day of shoot. Your manager calls you in the morning to inform you about how hectic your day is going to be and you get this sudden idea of skipping the day’s shoot.

And so, starts the Honda CRV commercial that makes a celebrity do all those things that seem exciting. The Ad urges you into trying new things and going ahead beyond boundaries.

The 2010 Honda Accord came with a 3.5 Liter, V6-Cylinder engine that could produce 271 HP @ 6200 RPM. It came with an Auto transmission and the top end models came with Bluetooth, Navigation as well as Heated seats. The fuel economy of the CRV was around 18 mpg in the city and 27 on the Highway.

Although the Ad  is a little longer than the usual ones and you might mistake it for a movie trailer (I did) the Honda CRV commercial was a good attempt by Honda at the Super Bowl ( Cant wait to see which car will be promoted in the Honda super bowl commercial 2015 )

4. Honda Ridgeline 2006:

If you have a buffed up Honda that looks like it has been trained with a strict dose of steroids just to lure a silver silhouetted lady into entering your Honda truck. Well, this Ad should explain it better.

The 2006 Honda Ridgeline is a pickup truck for those who do not really require a truck but some sort of vehicle that would serve a few of those purposes.

The Ridgeline was famous for its sporty driving dynamics along with its comfortable and versatile interiors. Honda had also added innovative cargo features along with dent-resistant composite bed. All in all, this was supposedly a hunky package with relevant features. However, the downside to this was its chunky exterior styling along with the slab shaped rear seat that was just too bland. The truck came in limited engine options. There were 3.5 Liter V6 powered Auto trims with additional features such as moon roof and XM 5.0 bed options additional. With a mileage of 15 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway, this truck was not the best but, it somehow made its debut at the super bowl.

Check out this awesome Ad & lets expect a more amazing one for the Honda super bowl commercial 2015.

3. Honda Civic- Mario Andretti:

Smart move by Honda to promote the Honda Civic with the help of Mario Andretti. The poor guy forgets to sign a waiver especially when Mario Andretti takes the wheel. Promoting the 2013 Honda Civic, the fastest seat in sports, takes a chance to start an IZOD Indy Car Series race.

The new Honda Civic went through a design overhaul. With new front and rear styling along with revised suspension and steering, it looked pretty classy. The interiors were also given a whole new transformation and the car carried Coupe and Sedan body styles.

The Civic was available in Manual and Automatic transmissions. The engine variants ranged from 110-210 hp producing (1.8 liter and 2.4 liter) 5 & 6 speed manual and automatic variants.

Although the Honda super bowl commercial does not give you any idea about the specs of the car, it is worth a glance.

2. 2013 Honda Urban (SUV Concept):

Alas, an Ad that focuses on the styling and looks of the car rather than celebrities or gabby advertising mumbo-jumbo.

The youth-oriented small crossover vehicle named Honda Urban SUV (Concept) made its debut in Detroit. Stylish, compact and innovative are the words I would use for this vehicle. With plenty of innovative features within and on the outside, this vehicle is definitely a show stopper.

According to John Mendel, Executive VP of sales at Honda America, “No one has had greater success with small cars than Honda, and this Urban SUV Concept will create new value in the growing small-SUV segment”

Enthusiasts have their impulsive modes on and are expecting the Urban to roll out towards the end of 2014( which may be featured in the Honda super bowl commercial 2015 )

1. 2014- Honda Bruce Willis commercial:

An action hero and a car well, what are the odds of viewing the car in one piece after he takes charge of the wheel?

Surprisingly though, Bruce Willis is shown to talk about safety rather than blow up cars and cause mayhem. As a part of the company’s initiative to promote safety and caution while driving, this commercial combines a key message (Safety) with a little humor. This is one of those “non commercial” advertisements that promotes a simple yet strong message.

Watch it and drive safe 🙂

Honda super bowl commercial 2015

While we eagerly await the Honda super bowl commercial 2015, do take a look the best Super Bowl Car Commercial list

Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015

Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015

When you think of Ford, it takes you back to a very historic journey of classic cars. Ford is a big spender on Super Bowl commercials and brings out various sensible and appealing ones. Being one of the most desired brand in America, Ford focuses mostly on the sheer hard work and technology used in every vehicle ever build by the brand.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent and somewhat pleasing commercials by Ford that made Ford’s brand presence felt at the Super Bowl. While we await the Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015, lets take a look the previous year commercials 🙂

7. Ford F-450:

The 2008 Ford F-450 was a super duty with maximum towing capacity as well as a omnipotent look. Belonging to a class-leading towing and possessing hauling capabilities, the Ford F-450 was certainly desirable by a few super duty users. The vehicle had a relatively small turning circle, strong performance, comfortable ride while towing as well as a standard trail-brake controller.

Sadly, the vehicle had a wider front end than the previous F-250/F-350. This was a stiff ride compared to the other vehicles in the same category.  Powered by a Power Stroke turbo diesel engine that makes an impressive 350 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, this is definitely not a pansy ride. The vehicle also has added features such as a standard MP3 audio jack, available power telescoping/folding side mirrors and a unique drop-down tailgate step that makes access to the bed easier.

The following Ford Super Bowl commercial is simple and effective. It shows you the combination of every part that makes the F-450 a super Duty truck. You’d like the commercial if you prefer the combination of efficiency with masculinity.

6. Ford Escape Hybrid:

Kermit the frog has been a familiar face in many super bowl commercials. We’ve seen him do a commercial with Toyota and it worked quite well. Ford used Kermit to promote the Escape Hybrid variant at the Super Bowl.  It did work pretty well.

This Ford Super Bowl commercial shows Kermit go through rigorous situations in the wild. At one point he uses the canoe; he goes trekking and finds the Ford Escape Hybrid. The message goes loud and clear, “it’s easy being green”

The Ford Escape delivers 36 miles per gallon. It is a Simple yet effective Ad.

5. Ford Mustang Convertible- She’s back:

Those Vintage ads have a charm of their own, don’t they?

Beauty promoted with a beast was a great concept in the 1980’s. The 1983 Ford Mustang is promoted with a gorgeous lady driving around with the Mustang Convertible. Although this might seem quite a basic ad for a Mustang, this was a success during 1983.

The message was conveyed with the proper usage of beauty and brains. This 3rd generation mustang was built from 1978 to 1993 and had a great styling along with a unique class. Watch the commercial and delve into the good ole days, while we wait the release of the Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015

4. Ford GT 2004:

Ever heard a Ford GT rumble? Ford asks its viewers a direct question about the real power their car has when it is on a particular gear. In what gear do you know that nothing can catch you? And finally, in what gear do you know that it is the one?

Revolving around a race track, the Ford GT is driven like never before while you can get a glimpse of the absolute brutal power being unleashed on road. The Ford GT 2004 commercial had absolutely minimal selling/ advertising and fake promises. What you see in the commercial is exactly what you drive. Completely practical and aggressive, this is quite a good commercial from Ford ( Lets hope the Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015 is even more aggressive )

3. Legacy:

Bored of watching good commercials? How about a low budget WTF commercial?

Legacy Ford Super Bowl commercial is perhaps one of those commercials that might make your eyes roll in all possible corners. This is not just an advertisement; it focuses on the “ultimate car buying experience”

Sure, after watching this commercial, your experience is definitely going to be ultimate. Have a look.


2. Ford F-150:

The Company had prioritized on toe hooks for this particular Ad. By suspending the F-150 truck and spinning it across, this is a good way of advertising the F-150. The obvious messages that one can derive out of this commercial are; Strength, Durability and Rigidity. The F-150 has a very solid build and looks as tough as most jobs go. This is quite a good attempt by Ford to promote the F-150 at the Super Bowl ( cant really wait for the Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

Have a look and decide for yourself.

1. 2014 Ford Fusion:

Featuring Rob Riggle and James Franco, the Ford Fusion commercial is a little different from the conventional commercials. Besides the strong message about promoting fuel economy as well as introducing the Hybrid version, this commercial has a twist to it.

This two faceted commercial shows you the simple and plausible style of living and on the other hand, it stuns you with unbelievable and inane visuals. The twist isn’t too appealing, but then again it is a decent attempt by the company to bring out newer perspectives and give the Super Bowl viewers something new and exciting to look at.

While we eagerly wait for the Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015, take a look at the the best Super Bowl Car Commercial list.

 Ford Super Bowl commercial 2015

Dodge Super Bowl commercial 2015- an overview

Dodge Super Bowl commercial

Dodge is a division of Chrysler Corporation, USA and makes automobiles, minivans as well as sport utility vehicles. The vehicles are manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC that is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Dodge was founded by Dodge Brothers, Horace Elgin Dodge as well as John Francis Dodge in 1900.  This Detroit based company started with the supplies of parts and assemblies for Detroit based automakers and began building complete automobiles in 1915.

Currently, Dodge is a popular brand in the United States of America that produces some of the meanest machines that are put at best use by the Americans.

As a part of advertising, Dodge has also made its appearance at the Super Bowl and has created some promising commercials. Below, are a few of the most prominent commercials that have been used to promote Dodge. While we await the Dodge Super Bowl commercial 2015, lets take a look at these 🙂

Dodge Spirit (1989):

These Super Bowl XXIII ads that were released in 1989, also focused on the return of the space shuttle that was to return during the same time. The Dodge Spirit was a new replacement for the Dodge 600 car and the commercial flaunts the (then) new car quite well.

It starts off with several people anticipating the return of a space shuttle and they are distracted by a sighting of the new Dodge Spirit, a few think that the car is European, Japanese while a few people believe that it is an American car. The shuttle lands and the car is introduced by a voice over. Check out the Dodge Super Bowl commercial.

Man’s Last Stand:

Undergoing some sort of mental trauma? Thinking a million times before doing something? In short, are you married?

This commercial was designed for husbands/boyfriends alike.

This Dodge Super Bowl commercial shows faces of a few men followed by a voiceover that speaks about those things that men usually don’t do. For instance, getting up early in the morning and eating fruit as a part of breakfast or shaving and cleaning after shaving, answering calls, putting the underwear in the basket (such difficult tasks no?)

But at one condition, presenting the Dodge Charger Super Bowl commercial that is designed for men. If there is one thing men like to do with a car like that, it is to develop wings on the road and experience a little alone time. This commercial is a part of the liberation motive that men dream of with/without their ladies 😛

Watch Man’s Last Stand and get liberated 🙂


Not all Super Bowl commercials are meant for families. A few commercials have ambiguous meanings to them, like the following commercial that leads you into believing that something else is happening.

Wouldn’t you feel awkward when you are out taking a dump at some Mall or departmental store’s washroom and you hear men talking about size, respect and usage? Well, that’d certainly bring doubts on the motives of those men. But the Durango commercial takes a risky shot at providing the viewer with a satirical commercial thereby promoting the vehicle. Although this is a banned commercial, it does seem pretty funny. While we wait for the Dodge Super Bowl commercial 2015 to be released, lets take a look at this.


“All that matters is what’s ahead”

A father-son bonding is usually uncommon. With a few words unspoken, a few secrets untold and a whole lot of silence, this Dodge Super Bowl commercial attempts to drive its viewers into a touching journey between a father and a son.

An Army veteran is shown to be there for his son albeit his presence for the service of his country had required him to be away for a while. Dodge tried go a little soft with this emotional commercial that shows that no matter what the situation, Dads are always around for their kids. This is a pretty good Ad, with various meanings and a splurge of emotions.


We rely on farmers and yet, we simply ignore the efforts that are delivered on our plates.  As a tribute to farmers all across, Dodge decided to make an Ad that later gained so much attention, that it became the most watched television event of the year. The year 2013 was indeed a glorious year for Dodge. The two minute video features the voice of radio legend Paul Harvey.

During the year 1978, Harvey recited a tribute to the American farmer that still holds very true today.

“So God made a Farmer”

The narrative describes the characteristics that we look for in dedicated farmers as well as caretakers of a particular land. With a million viewers on You Tube and the support of carious farmers and agricultural organizations putting up their images to words, this commercial speaks on behalf of all the hard working farmers and ranchers.

Do check out this Dodge Super Bowl commercial 🙂

Dodge Ram:

Sexy commercials are an important addition to Super Bowl. Dodge, like various other companies took an opportunity to bring out a sexy commercial that requires viewer discretion.

This Dodge Super Bowl commercial shows a fine lady looking at herself in the mirror with her lingerie on. She finds various marks on her body, they seem pretty brutal (more like she’s going through a rough phase involving domestic violence or something) and towards the end, there is a message that asks the viewers, “Notice the signs”

A good attempt for restricted audience.

Dodge Super Bowl commercial


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Mercedes Super Bowl ad 2015 – an overview

Super bowl car commercial

Luxury cars redefine commercials; the class and elegance have just been used repetitively. These days’ advertisers are looking forward to promote something more than the obvious. Simplicity is the most crucial aspect that determines the success of a particular commercial.

Mercedes Benz has revolutionized advertising with its long legacy that predates generations of trust and luxury.  Super Bowl is one of the plenty platforms for Mercedes to advertise its technology and engineering. The advertising ward are pretty aggressive, competitors like BMW and Audi are always on the lookout for a commercial so that they can counter advertise something better.

If you are a fan of Mercedes Benz, you might not want to miss out on these Ads that were played at the Super Bowl. Advertising and Sales apart, these commercials carry various human emotions and contradictions too. While we await the Mercedes Super Bowl ad 2015, lets take a dive at the Ads in the previous years.

6. Coole Mercedes Werbung:

Nope, it’s not about celebrities, endorsements or any sort of verbal convincing, the new Mercedes commercial introduces new members to its family. To rejoice this ceremony, the commercial shows plenty of Mercs driving to a “destination unknown” on their own.

It’s more of a combination of generations of mercs gathering up to welcome the newest additions to the lineup. This Mercedes Super Bowl ad  might seem like a heritage and might relate to the unity among the family but it is a good commercial that has a funny ending.

The new line of Mercedes Benz carries forward 25 years of its successful legacy. As the tagline suggests, “The best or nothing” the commercial seems to stir up a little motivation into the Merc-aholics.

Watch the commercial and look at the Merc galore with a different perspective.

5. Dishes:

“Something Sinister is coming”

The discreet hints that Mercedes associates with something satanic isn’t new, in fact there has been a commercial focusing on the dark and satanic side and its relation with Mercedes. “Dishes” was a 21 second teaser to provoke the audience about something evil and sinister coming their way. Teasers usually work when there is something super exciting to give an enthusiast an orgasm of sorts.

The Dishes Mercedes Super Bowl ad managed to generate some kind of interest in the mind of the viewers by informing the date “Feb 3 2013” and ensuring that the customers actively engage in finding out what’s coming their way.

The following teaser should either make sense to you or may be squander off 21 seconds of your time. See for yourselves.


Another Symbolism related teaser from Mercedes. Based on the purview of similar teasers, the indication leads viewers into believing that something satanic is coming their way. And the viewer’s best be prepared for the same. It’s a normal day in a café where people are enjoying their respective delights. The camera leads us to the Jukebox that automatically starts up and informs you about something sinister coming your way. While we await the Mercedes Super Bowl ad 2015, lets enjoy this 🙂


A Cockpit + An Engine + Two Wings = WOW!!

SLS AMG cars are the most fabulous sports cars from Mercedes. The following Mercedes Super Bowl ad defies driving dynamics and makes the viewer jump out of their seats (or at least tries to)

Watch as the SLS AMG is driven through a tunnel (P.S, the AMG is driven by Michael Schumacher) and makes the most out of the teaser campaign. With the support of physics and a whole lot of questioning about the authenticity of the commercial, the Mercedes does a complete loop in the tunnel.

While the laws of physics and various unclear minds question the authenticity of the commercial, it still remains a scintillating commercial that is definitely worthy of being featured at Super Bowl. It’s quite finely done, even if it is a teaser.

2.Kate Upton:

A slow motion Mercedes Super Bowl ad featuring Kate upton who looks on with her gleaming eyes as a few players wash the Mercedes. The game was played in 2013 at the Mercedes Benz Super dome in New Orleans. This was one of the reason why Mercedes decided to return to the game after appearing in 2011 and skipping 2012.


1. Satan:

Sitting and wondering where life’s leading you? You glance out of the window and find men posting up a Mercedes ad on the billboard that is visible from the booth’s window you’re seated in. The ad brings out an aspiration in you and you wish you could own that car. Just then, Satan (The Green Goblin J) shows up and offers you a deal.

“You can have the car and everything that goes along with it”

And so the commercial leads you into believing what would happen if you would have signed the deal with Satan. You get fame; you get the chicks and everything that comes along with it. A life of glamour, clamor when the chicks look at you and a complete transformation from loser to winner, till the time when you are driven back to reality and Satan asks you the question, so what is it going to be? You look out of the window and find that the men stick the last place on the billboard that reads “Starting at $ 29,900”

Affordable enough, and your reply, “Thanks, but I’ve got this”

Satan vanishes and the commercial ends. Well, this commercial had people debating and creating controversies about Satan worship and all sorts of boorish statements that were intended on bringing down the image of Mercedes. While we wait for the release of the latest Mercedes Super Bowl ad 2015, lets enjoy this one 🙂


But folks, it’s just a commercial, the whole point is to watch and enjoy the commercial (or at least watch it just once)

These were a few of the commercials that made it to the Super Bowl. Hope you enjoyed them 🙂

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Super bowl car commercial