Eagerly Anticipated Best sports motorcycles of 2015

There are a number of sports motorcycles that are eagerly anticipated in the US market for the year 2015. Here’s a look at some of the best & most exciting ones.

kawasaki ninja h2r: Best sports motorcycles 2015

“Built beyond belief” are the words used by Kawasaki to describe the new 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R. The excitement among enthusiasts has aroused drastically after hearing the news of its arrival. The 2015 supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R is no ordinary machine. The game-changing Kawasaki has clocked in this super bike at 300HP. This makes the H2R the most powerful bike ever produced in its category. The engine is a 998cc, liquid cooled, inline four cylinder engine boosted with a centrifugal supercharger. The H2R also ensures a high speed stability of upto 320km/hr mark. This is thanks in no small part due to its carbon-fiber upper and lower wings designed by the Engineers of Kawasaki Aerospace division. Kawasaki has put in a great effort of research and synergy for the creation of this Hunky H2R, which the world will get to see it in the flesh soon & will definitely be one of the best sports motorcycles of 2015!

2015 Yamaha FZ-07
yamaha mt 07: Best sports motorcycles of 2015!

Yamaha is all set to redefine the rules of the road with the launch of 2015 Yamaha FZ-07. It will be its own particular monster- agile yet solid, with a snarl in its high-ductile steel . The heart of the 07 is a 689cc parallel twin engine, providing the most linear torque delivery we’ve seen in a Yamaha . At less than 400lbs weight, the FZ-07 is almost as light as a big dual-purpose machine. This Yamaha inherits cross plan concept with its 270 degree wrench trickling down from its M1 GP roots. Also to keep in mind that one should not be tricked by its humble disposition. Its power delivery amounts  of 74HP at 9000 rpm and 50.2 ft-lb torque at 6500rpm. The Yamaha FZ-07 constitutes products which can get the adrenaline gushing in your body only at an opening cost of $6,990 & will for sure be one of the best sports motorcycles of 2015

2015 best sports motorcycle: Ducati diavel

Ducati recently unveiled their latest model 2015 Diavel, which is going to be offered by the company in three versions based on their colour- Carbon Red, Carbon Dark and Carbon White. This iteration implements marginal changes to the appearance, by giving more aggressive look with a generous amount of muscular elegance. However, the real changes are the new engine from the latest generation Testastretta 11° Dual Spark, the exhaust system, and a new package of ABS. Ducati Traction Adjust System and Riding Modules lend the pure Ducati experience for real motorcycle passionist’s. It claims a horsepower rating of 162HP, same as the previous versions. The major upgrade to the bike is the LED headlamp and it also incorporates LED into tail lights giving it a mean streak in the rear.The Testastertta engine constituting two spark plugs in each cylinder leads to better combustion of the fuel. Ducati’s Diavel appears in the market at a price of 17.995$ for Diavel Dark to 20.995$ for Carbon Red and Carbon White. Just looking at this monster of a bike, one can definitely say it will climb up the list of Best sports motorcycles in 2015


2015 HONDA CBR300R
Honda cbr300r 2015: Sports motorcycles

The Honda CBR 300R will hit the States in the month of December, as a rival to the Kawasaki Ninja 300. The 2015 CBR300R will be available in retail for $4399, with an ABS version for $4899. The Honda CBR300R will be available in two models: Standard -non-ABS- in Black or Red. Powering it is a 286cc mill producing 30.8PS at 8,500rpm and a torque rating of 27Nm at 7,250rpm.Building on the platform of the CBR250R, a wildly popular quarter liter, for the CBR300R, the highly efficient , single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine has been given an increased stroke to boost the capacity to 286cc. Acceleration is greatly enhanced thanks to this larger capacity and the six-speed gearbox’s final drive ratio has been lengthened for more efficient highway speed cruising.For the inexperienced, it’s a great platform from which to hone riding skills and a lot easier on the pocket in every respect- purchase, fuel, and  insurance. The cost factor gives this automobile an advantage over other sports motorcycles, thus making it one of the best in 2015!


2015 Kawasaki KX450F
kawasaki motocross bike 2015 : Best sports motorcycles

Kawasaki advances in the motocross motorcycles with the announcement of new 2015 Kawasaki KX450F 450cc. The biggest news for 2015 is the new Showa SFF-Air TAC (Triple Air Chamber) fork where the right fork acts as a spring and the left does the damping. The front fork carries out three functions: Spring, Damper and Air system . Replacing the SFF-AIR metal spring is an Air Spring Cartridge (internal chamber) in the right fork leg that is set to a pressure of 145psi. The fork on the right also has an outer air chamber that is pressurized to 7 psi and third lower (balance) chamber that gets charged to 130psi. The KX450F also includes a digital air pump, for checking and adjusting air forks with a great deal of accuracy. The Uni-Trak suspension with Showa Shock gets a revised valve code for improved high-speed handling and stability. Kawasaki also claims a decrease in 0.9 pounds compared to 2014 model- hence making it one of the most desired & best sports motorcycles of 2015.

Ducati -Demystifying The Diavel


Exhilarated just by the looks? Read on and cruise though the darkest side of power.

The Ducati Diavel is definitely sexier than any super hot model! Innovative curves that evoke your senses, the wicked LED lights that glare into your very soul, and a brutish force that just wouldn’t stop. Although the Ducati Diavel has the looks of a cruiser, its sporty looks would leave you bewildered.

The Demon on Wheels:

The posture permeates supremacy and a confident prowling force. The Diavel’s wide sinewy shoulders caress the engine and lead towards the belly-fairing oil cooler, adding masculinity to the bike.

After unveiling the 2015 Ducati Diavel at the 84th Geneva Motor Show held at Switzerland, The Italian Motorcycle Manufacturer emphasized on the striking features, a meaner design and charged with more power than ever, making it a noteworthy cruiser that is going to “top” the cruiser bike list soon.

DUCATI DIAVEL Image Source: www.complex.com

The Diavel 2015 is going to sport evolutionary changes.  Although, the existing design might seem just about same to the untrained eye, the design has undergone functional upgrades, making Diavel more desirable. The headlight has got a whole new look with the newly installed sports all LED illumination, the indicators carry the same LED design. The rider can derive the benefits of the new dual seat that provides better comfort to the seated duo.

WHAT'S NEW:Beside the functional upgrades, the 2015 Ducati Diavel is going to roar louder than ever, with an updated 1198 cc Testastretta-11° Dual Spark Engine.

[caption id="attachment_874" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]TESTASTRETTA 110DUAL SPARK ENGINE TESTASTRETTA 110DUAL SPARK ENGINE Image Source: www.motorcycle-usa.com[/caption]The completely new and upgraded engine will have combined intake and exhaust ports, the cam timing is also going to face complete changes. Diavel is also going to be graced with new pistons that would ensure a better compression ratio than the previous versions and the fuel spraying is also going to be taken care of by installing new fuel injectors.The new engine has enhanced power and improved performance. You can expect a vigorous 162 Horse power from the new engine with 9250 RPM producing 130.5 Nm of torque at 8000 RPM. The new engine is paired up with a 6-speed transmission.Ducati has added Marzocchi forks to the Diavel along with monoblock Brembo ABS Brakes to calm the beast. The tires on the Diavel are as Legendary as the bike. The 120 mm front tyre and the 240-section rear tyre is built to handle you like a baby (made by Pirelli Diablo Rosso II) taking you closer to a safely handled prodigious ride.[caption id="attachment_875" align="aligncenter" width="275"]Ducati Diavel tyres Image Source: www.il-ducatista.com[/caption]The bar risers in Diavel are certainly a prominent upgrade, you might also be impressed by the TFT screen that has been smartly straddled upon the fuel tank which also features three different riding modes that the rider can choose from; The Sport mode, The Touring mode and the Urban mode that are pretty much self explanatory.  Other featured displays include side-stand warning light, LCD that displays speed, RPM etc.VERSIONS:The Ducati Diavel is going to be made available in two versions. You can choose between the standard Dark Stealth version which has a black theme embracing the entire bike or you could choose the Red Diavel Carbon version that has more offerings such as stainless steel silencers, carbon finish, and black wheels paired with red trellis frame. You can also opt for the Star White Carbon I. One of the accessory that would make you fall in love with the Diavel is the black ceramic coated header pipes which look marvelous, they help lowering about a third of  the surface temperature of the exhaust.
[caption id="attachment_878" align="aligncenter" width="639"]Termignoni silencers on Ducati Diavel Carbon Termignoni silencers on Ducati Diavel Carbon. Image Source: www.my-italia.us[/caption]As an option you might also upgrade your Diavel with Termignioni silencers. What else would one expect? Diavel costumed with carbon fiber finish and Marchesini forged aluminum wheels. Makes you want to spend valentines day with this 205 kg engineered critter.  The Diavel carbon embodies peculiar styling with a frolic soul that keeps the rider thrilled.Booking One: Who says you cannot own the Diavel? You can own the  Diavel Dark Stealth for $ 17,995 (Approx Rs. 11 lakhs +) or if you want to go into the extremes, you can get the 2015 Red/Star White Diavel Carbon which costs $ 20,995 (12.60 lakhs +) only 🙂Bottom Line:The 2015 Ducati Diavel has revolutionized the belief about cruiser bikes. "With great power comes greater competition". The Diavel 2015 is certain to contend with bikes such as the KTM 1290 Super Duke or the Honda Valkyrie.The Diavel 2015 certainly seems to have the Ducati DNA running in it. The design speaks of a legacy that comes from passionate motorcycling wrapped with a stunning design.If you are a Ducati fan, You wouldn't want to miss the Diavel.  Happy Riding!!!Visit the Ducati Websitehttp://www.ducati.com————————————————————————————————-Like this post?  Please share generously 🙂