Watch your favorite Super cars driven like never before!

Bugatti Veyron

What would you do if you had a fleet of cars (super cars to be precise) and you had an open road (wait, did I just say open road?)

How about driving (wrecking) the ride in all possible “cockameme“ ways?

You must have wrecked various super cars in a game or perhaps your dream and that might have given you a nightmare how about watching it happen live?  Tax The Rich, a channel on You Tube owned by a taciturn driver with a discreet identity. With over 18 million views and over 100,000 subscribers, this channel is quite popular for its own sardonic ways of benignly put the cars through an ultimate test

This article is unlike any other, where you get to watch most of your favorite super cars being molested on rugged roads with wicked stunts. It sure is appalling, but try enjoying it anyways.

1. The Garden of Wraith:

The all new Rolls Royce Wraith costs a staggering $285,000 and this video that shows the Wraith tear sideways through a British Countryside went viral for quite a good reason. The video is said to have been shot at Heveningham Hall, the Hunt’s estate in Suffolk. The 18 century house has 25 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, 12 receptions and 460 acres of land. Watch the Wraith rally and carve through the wide expanse at high speeds.


2. Firing up the Jag:

Its a delight to see a Jaguar XJ 220 heat up the race with its mind blowing speed. But, How would you react when you see the Jaguar XJ 220’s tires set ablaze? Especially when the XJ 220 costs an eye popping $200,000.

Powered by a 3. Liter Twin Turbo-charged engine that delivers a power of 542 HP and delivers a maximum torque of  641 Nm @ 4500 RPM.  Tax The Rich has taken burnouts to a blazing new level.

Do check it out and let your heart burn too 😛

May be Jaguar is just child’s play to the Tax the Rich team. Check this out:

3. Smokin’ a Ferrari:

Ferrari’s are fast horses with wheels. Tax the Rich team has taken this speedy ride from veering the road with agility to a much slower motion. Most of us have a very special place in our hearts for a Ferrari, the F50 being a legendary predecessor of the F 40 is one of the most phenomenal cars built by Ferrari. The Formula One engine is all that the rider needs to go fast. But, that’s a common sight isn’t it?

Only 350 F 50 units were ever built and Tax The Rich Team got their hands on one for some burnouts, donuts as well as a few power slides. It does appear wicked, check it out.

Fancy yet another Heart throbbing adventure with a Ferrari?? Try the Enzo

4. Ferrari Enzo:

It takes some serious Ba!!$ to molest the Enzo with extreme brutality. Powered by a 6 Liter V12 Engine that has 660 HP and goes as fast as 350 km/h, the Enzo produces 657 Nm torque @ 5500 RPM. Watch this $ 283,000 ride  rant through the quaggy roads, being used to its fullest potential but in a rigid manner. Like somebody was revving up a Maruti 800 and botching it without having to worry about the consequences.

Want some more of the Mishandling attempts? Try the Ferrari 288 GTO.

Powered by a Turbocharged V8 engine, the 288 GTO does 0-100 in 10.2 seconds. With the ability to produce 366 lb/ft of torque, the 288 GTO goes as fast as 190 mph. This Ferrari is considered an exotic model and the price? How about paying $ 300,000 to $ 4,00,000 for this exotic beauty?

Watch the Tax the Rich team drive this exotic beauty like nobody’s business.

How about viewing something different this time?

We’d love two see 2 Ferrari F50’s together. But, a showdown sounds a bit uncanny. Watch two F 50’s battle the muddy roads, grass and such things that would easily scrape off the beautiful paint off the F 50.

This video reminisces a story of two long lost lovers that find their path towards each other. Once they meet, the video gets steamy. Sounds naughty? Well, check it out and judge for yourselves 😀

If you think that is all, how about taking a Bugatti?

I’ve saved the best for last. Well, it isn’t safe to get your hopes up too high, it isn’t a Bugatti Veyron (it is safe, at least for now)

Watch the Tax the Rich team perform an insane burnout on the Bugatti EB 110 SS.

Powered by a centrally located Quad-Turbo V 12, 60 V engine that has 603 HP power and produces a torque of 650 Nm @ 4200 RPM, this ride was introduced to the world by Italy in the year 1992. With a top speed of 220.1 mph, this car swooshes from 0-100 in just 3.3 seconds. Watch the 110 Super sport prowl through roads and perform some serious stunts that even stunt men would think about before performing.

"Tax The Rich"
Image Source:

Thinking of trying the same with your car? Well, Not such a good idea. These stunts are performed by discreet professionals. So if you are planning on wrecking your car after watching these videos, I’d recommend not doing so.

Happy and Safe Driving 🙂

Best Electric Cars of 2015


The electric car generation is upon us. With the launch of car manufacturers specifically catering to the electric car industry, EVs are becoming increasingly accessible and viable for day to day use. Although fossil fuels may sustain for a few more years, the shift to electric is paramount to a stable future.

While many car makers already offer hybrid car models, few manufacturers produce fully electric vehicles. Many, like the Reva Electric company do not offer many of the creature comforts now considered to be standard among its petrol counterparts. We take a look at some of the best electric cars of 2015 that are currently (or soon to be) on offer.

10. Smart ForTwo:

One of the smallest cars on this list, the Smart ForTwo may seem as impractical as the Mahindra REVA. Better known as the G-Whiz overseas, the Mahindra’s offering abroad may have been a relative success, however, the immense negligence on safety and creature comforts generated a lot of flak from car magazines and TV shows alike. So it holds the 10th position in our list of best electric cars of 2015

Smart ForTwo
Smart ForTwo

Mercedes Benz’s Smart division however, played its cards right. The ForTwo is a nimble city goer and offers a plethora of tech inside.

9. VW e-Up!:

The German car maker’s peppy hatch has been introduced in a greener avatar. The e-Up! is an all electric affordable hatch set to take on the Nissan Leaf and the Peugeot Ion. Despite electric cars having notoriously bad performance numbers, the e-Up! manages to hit the ton in around 14 seconds, quite impressive for a budget electric car. Although rated power is at a measly 55 HP, the electric hatch produces 82 for small sprints; A feature that will come in handy- and it holds the 9th slot in our list of best electric cars of 2015

VW e-Up!
VW e-Up!

8. Fiat 500E:

Fiat’s iconic car for the masses, the 500 has always been a driver’s favorite. Its zippy handling and retro styling helped the little Fiat generate massive numbers all over the world. Introduced in an all electric model, the 500E retains all the driving characteristics and Italian panache that made its petrol powered twin so popular. This little beauty stands at the 8th spot in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

Fiat 500E
Fiat 500E

7. Zoe:

Renault’s entry into the world of EVs hasn’t been too popular. With heavy competition from the its Japanese and German rivals, the Zoe’s late entry into the electric hatchback segment may have been the main reason for the car’s poor sales numbers. Despite this however, the car’s futuristic design and cheap pricing will definitely appeal to many & sits comfortably at the 7th position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

Renault Zoe
Renault Zoe

6. VW e-Golf:

Although the e-Golf may draw flak from motoring enthusiasts for its departure from its glorious petrol roots, the e-Golf heralds the arrival of electric hot hatches. Despite what some may call small, the nimble 115 HP motor and instant torque makes up for the hatch’s lack of massive triple digit speeds. This cute bast holds the 6th position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

blue Volkswagen e-Golf front view
The Volkswagen e-Golf hatchback

5. Tesla Model X:

Although still in its concept stages, Tesla has announced that deliveries will commence in early September. The crossover SUV will be the world’s first fully electric SUV on offer. Similar to the car maker’s other models, the Model S and Model D, the Model X will undoubted be one of the best electric cars in the market and yes it holds the 5th position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

"falcon wing doors on Tesla model X"
The Tesla Model X Concept

4. BMW i8:

The advent of a truly practical hybrid car. the BMW i8 signals the beginning of the next generation of sports cars. Although the i8 does not perfectly fit the bill as a fully electric car, its conception and subsequent launch could not be any more significant to the automotive industry. With the depletion of our oil resources, the change to full electric will be inevitable. However, this transition has in no way been smooth.

front view BMW i8
The BMW i8

The i8 is a truly groundbreaking development in the field of high performance motoring as it offers the convenience of a electric range and the raw power of old school petrol.


3. Tesla Model S:

Dubbed a revolutionary product in a time when many believed electric vehicles could never hold a candle to their petrol rivals, the Tesla Model S melded science fiction and horsepower into the most alluring shell an electric car has ever had. The interiors are beautifully minimal with an iPad-esque touch screen infotainment system measuring 17 inches diagonally. The display system replaces conventional knobs and buttons found on other cars and acts as the medium through which the user can control all the car’s settings. 

Tesla red model s
The Tesla Model S

Powering the Model S is a shockingly powerful 416 HP motor that produces 600 Nm of torque. The massive motor allows the Model S to hit the 100kmph mark in 4.6 seconds. Available in rear wheel drive only, Tesla announced that it will offer all variants of the electric sedan with all wheel drive once the more powerful Model D is launched. Despite the impressive stats, the Tesla still manages to provide a mammoth 427 km of range on a single charge and it sits in the 3rd position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

2. Tesla  Model D:

Tesla’s latest venture, the Model D is a high performance four wheel drive variant of the Model S. Despite identical exteriors, the Model D introduces another game changing element. The first electric car ever to come with autonomous driving systems, the new EV from American car maker Tesla paves the way forward for other manufacturers to embrace change and the future. Powering the new model are a pair of electric motors located on the front and rear axles. While the D retains the original’s 471 HP rear engine, the American car manufacturer has introduced a 221 HP front engine for a whopping total of 691 HP and 931 Nm of torque.

bBlack Tesla model p85d
The Tesla Model P85 D Is Identical To The Less Powerful Model S

Despite all the extra power and four wheel drive, the Model D attains an unbelievable claimed range of 442 km. A number surprisingly greater than the less powerful S.  An interesting feature of Tesla’s autonomous system is that it is also capable of reading road signs and adhering to speed limits specific to particular areas.

Tesla’s Model D and Model S is important for more reasons than just luxury and range. Despite many hurdles, Tesla’s range has shown the world what the future can be. Founder Elon Musk recently announced the release of all its patents to the general public. A move confusing many, Tesla will now allow anyone to use its patents to make electric cars. With profits still down, the American car maker hopes and works for a cleaner and better world. A vision most of society has failed to interpret as anything more than bad planning. And this amazing car holds the 2nd position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

1. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive:

Another game changer, this time from the ludicrous minds of AMG, the SLS AMG Electric Drive is one of the fastest fully electric cars on the planet. Designed as a test bed, the SLS AMG Electric Drive is a production vehicle intended to explore what was possible in the still nascent world of electric supercars.

 Mercedes Benz SLS Amg ED
The Mercedes Benz SLS Amg ED

The SLS ED houses four separate electric motors located on each wheel that produce 185 HP each for a combined total of a whopping 740 HP. Sadly, unlike Tesla’s models, the green super car from the Germans offers a small range of 193 km, a figure too small to be practical. However, with a zero to hundred time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h, the SLS AMG ED puts many petrol powered speed demons to shame. This stylish and powerful monster holds the top position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

These SCI-FI cars painted by a 21 year old- are a feast for your eyes!

Future cars concept

Its always a pleasure to see pictures of stunning concept cars. It is all the more feast to our eyes when it is a painting by an artist. This 21 year old artist Khyzyl Saleem is a genius! The futuristic cars he draws is not just those normal projections of HI-FI cars, but its a perfect bend of reality + Trend + stunning visuals.

This Manchester based artist+genius started learning and playing around with Photoshop just 4 years back ( when he was 17 ). When his dad bought him the software, he was deeply inspired by the limitless possibilities of design that an be produced ( and also inspired by artists like Danny LuVisi and Arron Beck ). He dived straight in and started creating these awe-inspiring paintings that can get one starring at it for hours. When asked he says “ I became so determined to learn how to paint; it was beginning to feel like a chore, so I took a step back and decided to work on something more personal that I wouldn’t get bored of…

His wish is also to see his designs come to realty & real cars on road. He says “Either that or have a car manufacturer ask me to design a GT3 spec racer for them…“.  I guess very soon we can see his amazing work run as real cars. Here are some of those fascinating cars he has designed.  Now tell us which is your favorite 🙂

Future cars


Future concept cars



Future concept style cars


Future concept style cars


Future cars concept


Future cars concept style


Future cars concept style


Futuristic cars


Futuristic cars machine


Futuristic cars flying


You can check more amazing artwork from his website ARTSTATION

The new BUMBLEBEE: The Bajaj Pulsar 200ss

Pulsar 200 SS

This time and Bajaj Auto is back to the market with another eye catchy fearless monster, the new Pulsar 200ss. The Delhi Auto Expo 2014 has been a biggest turning point for Bajaj auto with the prototype launch of the full-fairing Pulsar SS400 and the naked style Pulsar CS400 concepts. Both the prototypes looked stunning and aggressive. Automobile enthusiasts all over the country have been expecting for the launch of one of these bikes in the 400cc criteria which has not drawn much attention in our country. The RC 390 by KTM was expected to compete with the 400cc pulsars. But it seems like Bajaj auto has planned to make a strategic shift by staying active and dominate the 200cc range of bikes with the carbon copy of SS400, the Pulsar 200ss that is believed to be on the launch pad anytime soon this month. Bajaj autos has been testing its new bike around the country for this purpose.

Bajaj Pulsar 200SSThe new Bajaj Pulsar 200SS is the trending talk of the Indian bike sector with an improved performance and a jazzy look that would write another history in the Pulsar trademark. As mentioned above, this new maniac from the pulsar family has been spotted around the country during its test run and it was reported that the bike has nothing similar in looks with its elder brothers. Until the official launch the exact specifications and the special features cannot not be discussed deeper, but rumors that have been spread around about the pulsar 200SS gives a clear picture about the performance and other features. For now we have lot of leaked information that would tell us about the next generation pulsar.
Bajaj Pulsar 200SSAppearance:The first and foremost is the elegant appearance of the Pulsar 200SS. One would keep on talking more about the appearance if they had a glimpse of the next gen pulsar. Several images of the pulsar have been leaked since the month of May. These images have made one thing clear, the new pulsar will have a full-fairing which makes it look like a super sports bike with a postfix ‘SS’ denoting the same. It is said that the fairing is double layered. In this bike only a little part of the engine is exposed outside the fairing. The 200SS is the first bike from the pulsar family to have a full-fairing that makes this Indian born bike a unique machine. Due to the covered sides, the bike is equipped with a radiator that plays an essential role in cooling the engine.The best part of the Bajaj Pulsar 200SS is its front styling. The front doom makes the bike look more stylish with a cool styled visor and all the perfectly matching decals that makes it look like a super styled rockstar. The center of attraction are the twin projector lamps with the LED pilot lights. These pair of projectors and pilot lights are symmetrically placed at each side of the front face with a black portion in the middle coming straight down from behind the visor. This front part will look like a head that makes it resemble like the famous Autobot, the Bumblebee. I personally feel that this bike appears like a two wheeled bumblebee with a yellow color option that is available. The indicators are placed compactly within the doom and refreshingly equipped with LEDs which makes it durable. Alike the Pulsar 220, the yet to be released pulsar 200SS has the rear view mirrors attached on the front doom.The rear styling of the pulsar 200ss is totally different from the rest of its family members. There is a super cool looking muffler head that looks like a makeover of the Honda’s CBR150R. The same kind of split seat that is present in the pulsar 200NS is present in the pulsar 200SS. Here the tail lamp has a special look that no other bike on the Indian roads have. During the night they appear like a cobra’s head from a certain distance. If we take a close look, it will appear such that a boomerang is mirrored. The tail light along with a pair of the rear indicator lights are built with the highly reliable LEDs.Bajaj auto has made sure that the new Pulsar 200SS should look amazingly sporty and muscular. The fuel tank and the instrumental cluster appear to look the same as that of the pulsar 200NS. The main drawback with the super sports bike are that, they seem to trouble the riders with a back pain on a long run, but here the drawback is rectified by increasing the handle bar to a slightly higher point avoiding the rider to bend more.Performance:As the pulsar 200SS is not launched yet officially, there is nothing much to about its specifications. Bajaj auto has been rolling out the 200SS in a full swing to the dealers across the country. According to the sources, the 199.5cc heart of the bike yields about [email protected] with 18.3Nm torque @8000rpm. Pulsar 200SS is expected to be equipped with a triple spark engine similar to that of the 200NS with improved acceleration. The engine is mated with a 6speed transmission system and has a fuel injection system that is aimed to make this 2-wheeler a more economic one of the pulsar family.Concise:With the new 200cc machine priced between 1.2lakhs-1.3lakhs that is waiting to roll out, Bajaj auto has a greater advantage of scoring a greater profit with this bike that would stand a tough fight with the Honda CBR 150R, Yamaha YZF R15 and KTM Duke 200. So let us await the official launch of the style statement at our Indian market for more information regarding the special features and other specifications.[yop_poll id="3"]

Yamaha RX135-Longterm review

Yamaha RX is a widely known motorcycle in India. There are different variants like the Rx100, RXZ, and RX135. The one that I own is the Yamaha RX135, 2002 model. It is the best two stroke motorcycle in India. When the Yamaha RX variants were sold it was a golden period for Yamaha, the company had sold vast number of motorcycles back then.

Yamaha RX135
I have used RX100 Side panels 🙂

The people of the present generation who know nothing about motorcycles might consider it as a dirty oil burning two stroke, but for the biking community it is a priced possession. Even today bikers are ready to spend huge sums of money for the restoration of the motorcycle.

Advantages of owning two stroke motorcycle over the four stroke

I am sure not many people know that a two stroke has a good part to play as well. So let’s make it clear. A two stroke engine is lubricated by the fuel, which means we need to mix oil with petrol. You might say “ hoo its causing pollution what is the good part in it”. Here are the advantages, to start with we will consider the silencer. The silencer of the motorcycle is prevented from rust, as oil deposits in the inner sides of the silencer preventing corrosion. In the four stroke motorcycle you are sure to encounter rust in the silencer. Next, this attribute also prevents rust in the fuel tank and the fuel line. So in a way you are preserving your motorcycle.

Next, the engine, the two stroke has only two moving parts, which is the piston and the crank, so the wear and tear is limited to these components, unlike the four stroke which has may be more than 10 moving parts, which are subjected to wear and tear, and will run you pocket dry in case you rebuild your  engine.

Service and maintenance

You don’t have to worry about the vehicle, it does not require much attention like the four stroke bikes. There are not many moving parts so you don’t have the problem of adjusting the engine timing, valve opening etc. The service will not cost you as much as the four stroke, and it is very simple and can be performed by any individual with a little knowledge. The gear oil does not require frequent changing as it is separate from the engine. I spend Rs:400 per service in the local mechanic shop, and if I want to replace the oil I have to pay 300 more for the oil. The bike gives a decent mileage of 40Kmlp in the city and 30 to 35Kmpl in the highway.The production of the bike is stopped and the availability of original spare parts is limited, this is the only major setback, most of the parts are of very bad quality and destroy the harmony of the motorcycle when installed.Yamaha RX135Ride experienceThe bike is capable of achieving a top speed of 110kmph. It’s got a very good acceleration but does not have good braking, this is because it is light weight. There is solution to this problem, you could install a disk brake in the front, which will improve the capacity of the bike to break better. If you apply the brakes to hard you might end up locking the front tire and the situation may turn out to be dangerous.If you bike comes with a CAT silencer, do not uninstall it, because it helps in braking. “What!! Breaking, how does a CAT silencer help” confused right… so this is how it works, the CAT silencer is a lot heavy than the previous one, so it adds more weight to the bike and helps to stop better. The silencer also helps in achieving good suspension action as the silencer contributes to sprung mass of the bike. So if you bike comes with a CAT silencer do not remove it just because you are not getting enough sound.Most of the people do not use the side oil tank, they prefer to mix oil directly into the petrol tank. This is not a good option, if you want your bike to run better and the engine to last longer make it a point to use the side oil tank.Build qualityThe quality of the bike is very great. When you compare the bike with other bikes of the same category this bike stands apart in every aspect. The materials used for the build are of a very good standard which saves bike from the problem of rust. The bikes of the present generation do not last as long as the old bikes. The sound is another major factor that makes the bike more adorable. The bike has got a very distinctive sound and gives you the racing feel. This motorcycle is built to last a life time.Conclusion Overall the bike feels very refined to ride even though if it is from the past. The bike harmonizes with the rider and gives the rider superior feel when he/she rides it. The Motorcycle is sure to bring a smile on the riders face 🙂

Vehicles used in Batman movies

Bat mobile

When Gotham city was in peril, there was a hero to salvage humans from destruction. Our hero avenged the city quite well on the 35 mm screen. But what’s more interesting apart from the blows and punches are the vehicles used in the Batman movies.

Not only were there different lead actors playing the role of batman, the vehicles were meaner and maintained their “sang-froid” composure even during ill-timed situations.

Here’s a list of the vehicles used to either onslaught enemies and their deleterious plans or represent the mighty powerful Bruce Wayne and his eccentricity.

Read on:

1960’s Bat mobile:

Based on the Lincoln Futura Show Car, that was created by William M. Schmidt and his team, the TV Bat mobile was an inspired design by the mako shark as well as the manta ray. This Bat mobile was shown in the TV show from 1966-1968.

The Ford Concept car known as the Lincoln Futura was built in Italy by Ghia. Initially, a 1959 Cadillac was used to fabricate the Bat mobile. But, as it turns out that the studio wanted a faster car, the new Concept car was built from scratch.

1960's Batmobile
Image Source:

When the filming of the TV series had begun, there were several problems that the team had to face due to the age of the car. The car overheated and the battery refused to grace the Bat. Later, the engine and the transmission of the car were replaced with a Ford Galaxies’.


Bat copter:

It started with the Bell 47 functional helicopter that was designed by Bell Helicopter Textron in 1941. The Bat copter was provided by National Helicopter Service to give Batman an additional pair of wings. Based on a G3B-1 model, the copter was fitted with canvas-covered tubular frames and was painted red; of course superhero’s love colors too. On the front side, there was a head of a bat painted while the Batman symbol was painted on the side. Albeit, the new and interesting design was supposedly “superhero-like” the redesigned wings reduced the power of the bat copter by 50%There were a lot of vehicles used in the Batman movie and TV series. However, 20th Century Fox was leased for the movie and cost Fox $ 750 a day for a period of 5 days.

[caption id="attachment_3640" align="aligncenter" width="579"]Bat Copter Image Source:[/caption] mobile:The bold and aggressive looking Batman-and-Robin Bat mobile  had the Chevrolet 350 ZZ3 off road racing motor engine that delivered a top speed as high as 350 mph (after installing the afterburner thrust)The new Bat Mobile boasted all new 22" proto-type Goodyear tires gleaming with the Bat emblem that was embossed on the treads. The new mobile also flaunted a single rear cockpit, independent suspension as well as illuminated hubcaps and pulsing chassis lights. The new design was just the right amount of stunning as a superhero’s vehicle should be.
[caption id="attachment_3641" align="aligncenter" width="500"]"Batman-and-Robin-Bat mobile" Image Source:[/caption] wing:Looks like a bat, glides like a jet. The Batwing made its debut in the Batman Forever movies. The original Batwing was destroyed towards the end of the first film. It was however, rebuilt and upgraded later. The Bat wing has an ejection pod as well that doubled as a mini sub. The movie had focused on combating enemies like the Joker and the Riddler with the Bat Wing.
[caption id="attachment_3642" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]"Bat Wing" Image Source:[/caption]Bat Mobile Tumbler: omnipotent ride is featured in the Batman Begins, Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises movies. Designed as a Land vehicle at Wayne Enterprises, the Tumbler contains high tech weaponry, ability to jump, and a wide array of gadgets. The Tumbler features a pair of machine guns that are placed on the front of the tumbler between its wheels.The Tumbler has features and gadgets that include; Rocket Launcher, Twin Forwarding-Firing Machine Guns, Landing Hook to Sprung Landing Stabilization, Vector-Controlled Jet Engine placed on the rear side of the Bat Mobile that boosts agile jumps, Twin Forward- Firing machine guns, Fire-Extinguishing System, Safety Connection to Gasoline control, Stealth mode that turn’s off the Tumbler’s lights and powers off the engine. The Tumbler’s engine is powered by an electric motor that is built to provide accurate stealth mode during night. The Tumbler also deploys explosive mines from the rear of the vehicle. Also, in case the tumbler collides, the front wheels eject and forms the Bat pod.The Tumbler stampedes from 0-60 in just 5.6 seconds. The best part is when the vehicle is fully accelerated and rises up on its front suspension, making it look massive and powerful. The Tumbler is powered by a 5.7 Liter GM engine that produces whooping 500 HP. The vehicle has a Jet Engine as well as vector controls that allow the tumbler to jump as high as 6 feet vertically.Interested in buying one? It costs $ 1 million (street legal version)
[caption id="attachment_3643" align="aligncenter" width="1653"]"The Bat Mobile Tumbler"[/caption] Bat Cycle (Bat Pod):The Bat Cycle otherwise known as the Bat Pod is a modified street-bike that has a 786 cc liquid cooled V4 Engine. The Bat cycle features a computer-controlled carburetor as well as a bulletproof wind-guard. Its 20’’ front and rear tires are massive and perform quite well on any road (Yes, Indian roads too :P) high-performance, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine makes the Pod accelerate away to infinity. Interestingly, the engine’s noise was designed around the shepard tone, for which sound effects came, in part, from the sound of the Tesla Roadster’s Electric Motor.The Pod ejects out of the Tumbler and its front wheels become the Pod’s front and rear wheels. What Happens to the rest of the Tumbler? Well it tumbles away to self-destruction.
[caption id="attachment_3644" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]"Bat Pod" Image Source:[/caption] Lamborghini Murcielago: from crime fighting, Batman’s alter-ego, the eccentric billionaire with soirees to attend, Bruce Wayne, the day time alias of batman drives his Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640. The Lambo does its rapid bit of classy driving with fancy moves and stunning looks.The two-door coupe is powered by a V-12 60 degree, Light alloy block, longitudinal central rear mounted, four-wheel drive engine with viscous traction system. The bull powers up 640 horses under its hood and produces a max torque of 660 Nm @ 6000 RPM.
[caption id="attachment_3645" align="aligncenter" width="720"]"Lamborghini Murcielago in Batman" Image Source:[/caption] Lamborghini Aventador:Unique styling, ultimate care and attention to the tiniest of details, the Aventador is definitely carries an extrovert personality. Under its reptilian carbon fiber skin, the Aventador has a 6.5 liter V 12 engine with a 7-speed single clutch gearbox. More so, this Lambo sprints from 0-60 in just 3 seconds. Under its hood are 691 raging horses that drive you to a top speed of 217 mph.  You’d love this car not just because Bruce Wayne drives it in the Dark Knight rises. This car is pretty unique and it is by far the best from the house of Lamborghini.
[caption id="attachment_3646" align="aligncenter" width="540"]"Lamborghini Aventador in Batman" Image Source:[/caption] 

Kawasaki’s Insane Powered H2R Explored

How would you react if someone told you that he/she owns a vehicle that pumps out 300 bhp??Without any second thoughts you would be like WOWW!! and yeah, you would then ask which car are they talking about.So much of  power being pumped out by a V6 or a V8 aint a big deal right? But recently what Kawasaki has built will surely change the above phenomena. After reading this post or maybe if you are already aware about what this post is about, you may ask “ 300 bhp! ...Is it a car or a motorbike?” That’s right, 300 bhp in a car is good. But in an Inline-4,Supercharged bike is not just good- it is badass and it is even more evil when it comes from a Japanese Bike maker.Presenting to you the world’s most fastest production bike – Kawasaki H2R.

Kawasaki H2R review Kawasaki  has  emphasized on their  “Built Beyond Belief” motto for sure with their latest offering to the market. Not only with the power figures but also with the bike’s physical appearance , the product is definitely a wake up call for the entire motorcycle world. For years , the big players in the market have been rolling out products trying to touch the 200 bhp figure. But Kawasaki came in with a bang with a wild specification sheet . The most notable aspect of the bike is the supercharger which is built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Gas Turbine and Machinery Co.Powered by an Inlin- 4 supercharged 998 cc liquid cooled engine which is expected to churn out 300 bhp, the H2R is for sure gonna give its rival Suzuki Hayabusa as well as its sibling ZX-14R a run for their money. Until the arrival of the new Kawasaki,  Hayabusa and ZX-14 were the super-sports, who have been dominating the motorcycle world with their performance on the drag strips and street as well. The duo have speed records of touching the 300Kmph mark on the speedo but the H2R can do much more than this.Talking about the speed, the console on the H2R is quite simple. Maybe Kawasaki has been following the Less fancy and More Muscle principle 😛
Kawasaki H2R Console “Reflect on the outside what you are on the inside”- is a quote Kawasaki has taken way too seriously in designing the bike. With its monster power engine on the inside, the designers have been successful to give it a shape that goes well with the engine. One look at the beast and words like mean machine, aggressive and beast (BTW many more words will come to your mind but lets continue for now :P)  start playing in your mind. From what it seems from their latest offering to the market, Kawasaki is wanting to repeat what it had done in the 70’s. The Kawasaki H2R is somewhat related to the H2 2 stroke triple which was a beast at the time of its launch. With the black body and the Kawa green colored trellis frame, the aesthetic feel of the bike is mesmerizing. It is a perfect combination of aggression and art, simply said Beauty and the Beast.
Single Sided Swingarm - Kawasaki H2R reviewThe single sided swingarm makes it look like a hyperbike; which it already is :P. The bike has sharp edges and looks quite devilish when viewed from some specific angles. It is equipped with racing slicks both in the front and rear.
H2R Front View When viewed from the front, at first it seems the bike has got some badass black smoked headlamps . But we are wrong if we believe it. Those are actually air winglets for feeding air into the supercharger. Both the lower and upper winglets are carbon fiber and have aerodynamic significance.
Supercharger Winglets Ever wondered why Hayabusa and ZX 14 have such long wheelbase? Long wheelbase complements high speed stability. The duo have speed records on straight asphalt patches but no one has ever heard about them setting records on a race track. Bearing all this in mind, the good people at Kawasaki have stepped ahead of them both. The Kawasaki H2R is meant to be a fast riding bike as well as a bike you could lean onto the tarmac with. So in order to fulfill both the purposes , they shortened the wheel base to make the bike more easy for maneuvering but at the same time to maintain high speed stability( which was other wise possible to achieve with a longer wheel base but at the cost of cornering abilities) they focused more on the aerodynamics.
Unfaired H2R with SuperchargerThe H2R is a revolutionary product by Kawasaki but what we as a street rider can get out of it is the H2- the street legal, down-powered ( lesser power compared to the H2R ) version of the H2R. Though the H2 may not be making 300, 200 bhp is being anticipated and honestly said; 200 for a street bike is way too awesome 😉With the bike yet to be revealed completely,the exact specification figures are not yet available. Kawasaki is being a santa claus in this case and we being the kids eagerly waiting for Santa . So stay tuned to turbozens for updates on when this Santa will come with jingling bells.

Virtual Exhilaration: An overview of Driveclub

Pagani Huayra in Driveclub

Cars in video games have been around for a few decades to cater to those gamer’s who are fans of the racing genre and want to drive their dream cars in real life locales or fantastical settings, virtually of course. Many video game companies strive to achieve an enjoyable racing game to appease gamer’s around the world, but a few stand out in the history of racing in video games.

In reality a minority of these games provide an authentic, moderately close to their real life counterparts experience. Some franchises place gamers in high speed chases which have a more arcadey feel to it, such as the hugely popular Need for Speed franchise. Others try to replicate actual tracks and cars faithfully from the sound of the car’s engine to the corners found at Nurburgring’s track. Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport are well known established franchises that accomplish this. But there is a new competitor from Sony’s Playstation brand that is attempting to undermine these established games.


The latest entry to join the massive assortment of racing games is Driveclub, a social and competitive game that tries to find that sweet spot between simulation and arcade. Driveclub is an exclusive game for Sony PS4 fans that brings together stunning real world locations and dream cars in a tidy package.

The developer behind this ambitious venture is Evolution Studios, a UK based company that has conceived other franchises such as World Rally Championship and MotorStorm. With the power of the current generation of consoles they claim to have achieved a whole new level of photo-realism. The environments and the cars have been painstakingly modeled and generated with high detail. There are a vast range of cars extending over classes such as hot hatches, sports, performance, super and hyper. Each class obviously differs in terms of performance and design.

The Cars

The hot hatches consists of popular cars such as the Audi A1 Quattro, Mini Cooper, Renault Clio RS, Volkswagen Golf GTi and the Volkswagen Beetle. The sports class has the Audi RS5, TT RS PLUS, Bentley Continental GT, Lotus Evora, Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG to name a few. The performance, super and hyper cars have a huge array of machines you can get your hands on such as the Alfa Romeo 4C, Aston Martin’s Vanquish and V12 Zagato, Ferarri’s California, 458 Italia, 430 Scuderia. Other car makers have also agreed to license their cars for the game and these vary from the Marussia B2, Savage Rivale GTR-S, Spania GTA Spano, Hennessey Venom GT, Gumpert Apollo Enraged and the RUF CTR3 Clubsport. The cars listed above are just a tiny part of the list of cars that are included in the full game.

Pagani Huayra in Driveclub
Pagani Huayra in Driveclub


Artists in other racing games seek to model the best looking cars they can possibly achieve with the game engine while maintaining solid performance. In Driveclub the artists and modelers have hit their mark with depicting the cars in-game to their real life counterparts. A car in the game consists of about 2,60,00 polygons which is extremely dense compared to racing games in the previous generation. Each car takes an average of 7 months to create from the licensing to the actual car in-game. The features that mimic real life is absolutely mind-boggling. From the dirt and dust that gradually builds up during the race on the cars to the animation and rigging of the aero flaps found in the Pagani Huayra are exactly like in real life. Another interesting point to note is that Pagani employ seamstresses that are on the body of their cars and even have their name etched onto the screw heads, even these nuances are added into the game. The sense of speed that is shown in the game gives it the edge over the racers too.

The locations that are available to race in are Canada, Chile, Norway, Scotland and very surprisingly India. Each country has 11 tracks to test your skills and each offer stunning views. Norway and Scotland have the beautiful vistas you can race by and India has pristine lakes on the side with a flock of flamingos feeding that move naturally. Skies are generated uniquely everytime a race starts so that you never see the same sky twice and clouds react dynamically to wind speeds. Finally if you're racing around tracks in Norway or Scotland expect to see the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights in the sky.

[caption id="attachment_3477" align="aligncenter" width="600"]McLaren MP4 - 12C  in Driveclub Showcasing Driveclub's dynamic weather system[/caption]Audio and Car HandlingThe audio in a game is another important aspect of racing games that are usually overlooked. In this game each car was fitted with 16 different microphones to capture the sound 360 degrees from inside and outside the car and even a few mics in the exhaust. When the camera is panned around the car, the engine reacts to your perspective and the sound shifts accordingly. Also each view of the car provides a different sound when inside the cockpit and outside the car. The recordings that Evolution Studios had were so accurate that BMW and Mercedez-Benz AMG requested copies to replace their existing libraries.Although not a simulator, Driveclub's handling model is based on real world cars and data provided directly by the manufacturers. Taking this into account a gamer with any amount of experience can easily get started without too much of a hassle. Evolution Studios worked with Thrustmaster, a company that specializes in steering wheels for games, closely to achieve a 1:1 movement between your hands and the steering wheel in-game.
[caption id="attachment_3478" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Cockpit in Driveclub Highly detailed cockpit views[/caption]Final ThoughtsIf you're a casual or hardcore gamer and if you're a car enthusiast, Driveclub will offer an unique and amazing experience for everyone that has a go at it. The game boasts of an enviable line-up of cars at launch, stunning visuals and a friendly online community that will most definitely get players addicted. More cars will be added at later dates as free downloadable content along with a dynamic weather system and a photo mode so you can admire your dream cars cruising along in stunning locales.The game is exclusive to Sony's PlayStation 4 and retails at Rs. 3,999 at most stores for physical and digital copies.

The New Mahindra Scorpio (India Launch)

New Mahindra Scorpio

When it comes to a long but comfortable journey, SUV’s are at the “leap and the lead”. Mahindra & Mahindra has kept this promise with comfort, safety and economy which reflects in its very successful model SCORPIO. But what next? isn’t there any trump card which M&M hides under its sleeves to beat features of a sedan? I hope there is one, so let me introduce New Mahindra Scorpio w105 with all new 118bhp 2.2-litre mHawk turbo-diesel engine hiding under a 17-inch alloy under the very same hood, but with a nose this time. This model ranges from 8.4 to 13.05 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). Now, What else can be expected than improved dynamic ability – when periodic updates have saturated you already? Well, this model can be considered a genuine leap forward over the current generation.

Talking about #LOOKS, I think the carried over roof and doors with the ‘nose’ above projector headlamps along with efficient LED eyebrows are enough to give a new identity to the w105.

Mahindra Scorpio


Traditional fan shaped grille is replaced by a modern one

Mahindra Scorpio

Now the #DYNAMICS, the all new chassis and suspension system with an easily deform-able ladder chassis is awesome… and on contrary it is overall much safer than ever. Supporting its powerful dynamics the 2.2- liters mHawk turbo-diesel engine is accompanied by its new 5mt 320 five-transmission, derived from Xylo. This model is also available with a 2.5-litre m2DiCr engine option. Available in Rear-wheel drive as standard and a 4*4 option.


mHawk – tech collaborator AVL Austria. 2.2 FMTECH 4 – tech collaborator Daimler AG. Specifications classifies this engine as inline 4 and 2.2liters at 2179cc.

Mahindra Scorpio Engine



This macho machine comes with,

– 6-inch Touch screen infotainment system with inbuilt GPS navigation

– Tyre-tronics

– Anti-lock braking system,

– Intellipark reverse assist

– New 5 speed manual transmission gearbox

– Dual front airbags

– New Panic Brake Indication

– New height-adjuster on driver’s seat

Mahindra Scorpio features


The new interiors with the light cream cabin feels more comfortable and top black finished dash prevents reflections, overall attractive interiors. A shift in power window control is more user friendly, now controls are on the doors modified from previous location the central console. Door handles are not much of an issue but they seem to be weak, but no need to worry as they are well tested in every possible scenario of emergency. Comparing interiors to international standards will not be fair enough while maintaining the bond between economies. We can say that in the tug of war between economy and luxury for M&M, economy always have an upper hand considering the major customers. Some flaws can be seen in design of interiors as poorly executed joints and still not up to scratch plastic. Off course, expecting this much will be a bit too much.

Mahindra Scorpio Dashboard

Now talking about #FUN FEATURES like I said about the trump card under the sleeves;

In the presence of flaws these features are ambient enough to groom the interiors with technological beauty of information and utility.

The six-inch infotainment touchscreen: Supporting the digital interface of sensors and car for the user, this display is promising, safe and provides easy navigation backed up by an inbuilt GPS system. Along with this there are parking sensors installed and integrated with the interface screen.

Tyre sensors: These are the thermostats inbuilt in the rim of the tyre that enables the driver to safely keep an eye on tyre temperature, this furthermore suits the SUV safety feature as these are designed to run furiously against the hot summers to the contrary cold winters. There is also a pre-alarming system to analyze the tyre pressure that tells exactly when to gas up air to the tyre.  Blessed with the all new interface and technically advanced features this SUV holds promise to at least compete the features of a sedan.

What #PEOPLE say?

Expecting minor changes like central locking system and bottle holders etc. there are some flaws that are minor but will continue to annoy the user each and every day.

There is still no central locking system in this new model. This is probably a good thing for some reasons: during accidents these central locking fails and locks the vehicle permanently, so if you want to break out- someone from the outside needs to break the glass for help. But still it is an important feature not to be ignored so easily.

Mahindra Scorpio

The front door and the narrow front seats are too close to each other, as per the opinion of test drivers- you need to open the doors to adjust the driver’s seat. But in my opinion there is no need to change driver’s seat adjustment daily, it is set once for each driver. So not much of an issue.

The rear bench seat is comfortable compared to previous model. New modifications are made for good thigh support with a high seating position and a finely adjusted backrest angle. The space in between the middle row is increased considerably by slimming down the seats and moving them back a little bit. The seats extend to the doors & are wide and makes overall travelling five up fairly comfortable. With too much thigh support on both the front and the rear seats the seat nearly mitigates all other interior flaws present. These combined features are so bright that typical strains like no bottle holders or poor joints are far too dim to notice.

The Scorpio even has a third row that faces each other and is safer and comfortable.

Mahindra Scorpio Front view

Technical Features: New Chassis and suspensions are a result of research on the spring system that includes tests on various springs with various stiffness but variable softness. That was a bit technical but this research allowed M&M in developing stiffer springs with soft materials. These features allowed this ultimate on and off road & a pleasant ride at low speeds. The rolling load behind you is only felt at high speeds.

Engine Noise: The all new improved mHawk diesel engine is a bit vibrant low below 1000rpm, but immediate power is still as smooth as on above rpm. The scenario is not as silent on or above 3800 rpm, it is actually a bit noisy on these rpm’s as the engine starts to strain on these powers. Talking about speed, this model is almost second and a half faster to 100kph than the earlier car. What is more disappointing is the gear box which feels quite notchy and needs extra shove to slot through the gate, and shifting gears is not a fun at all.

Model and options:

Model S-10

#Kit-Follow me-home Headlamp, tyre pressure warning system, speed alert system, rain and light sensors.

#Cruise control, steering-mounted audio control, touchscreen infotainment system with GPS, automatic climate control, height adjustable driver seat.

#Chrome garnishing on the front grille and AC vent and LED strips on headlamps.

Model S-8

#electrically adjustable wing mirrors, front fog lamp, rear parking sensors.

#a voice assist system, silver skid plate and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Model s-6 doesn’t get these but you have to choose in between economy and features.The line is so thin in between these models, but you can get 2-DIN music system, remote central locking, and sliding seats for middle row, rear wiper and defogger. A body controlled door handles can be found with wing mirrors and a rear spoiler and a roof rack. You cannot ask for much. But the model S-6 Plus trim gets dual front airbags. If you don’t compromise with safety over economy then S-6 Plus trim is the model.

Mahindra Scorpio

Other models are based on engine with two categories with 2.5 liter m2DiCr engine powering Model S-2 trim, while the other 2.2-liter mHawk mill will be powering Model S4,S6,S6 Plus,S8 and S10 trims. The S2 trims come equipped with basic necessities like air-conditioning, power steering, power window, central locking and 15-inch steel wheels.

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Turbocharger Vs Supercharger – Which one would you pick?


Ever heard the DTC (Delhi) or BEST(Mumbai) or BTIS( Bangalore) buses whistling their way while shifting gears or while halting at the depot or a stop?? If your answer to the above question is yes, then you must have definitely wondered what the whistling is all about.( if your answer is no, then continue reading and next time keep your ears alert for the whistling) Lets get straight to the answer. The whistling sound coming is actually from the blow off valve of the turbocharger in the buses.

The name “Turbo” will bring words like power, speed, awesomeness in your head(only if you are a car maniac; otherwise its just an usual English word). Well then lets get started and explore the Turbochargers and a similar mechanism called Superchargers. But before that lets dig a little into why the above two are needed.

A combustion engine needs power just like our heart needs fresh supply of oxygenated air to breathe. Well, that is for normal functioning of the engine. Analogous to a weightlifter who takes deep breathes before lifting weight,  to pump up the power output , air needs to be gushed into the combustion chamber.. This mechanism is employed in high performance sports cars and also in heavy vehicles which need lots of power for their normal functioning. Here the compressor duo come together.  Lets start with the supercharger first.



A Sprintex Supercharger

Working of a Supercharger

A supercharger is an air compressor which is driven by crankshaft of the engine connected through a belt. What it basically does is increase the density or pressure of the air in the combustion chamber. This gives it more oxygen for combustion which increases the fuel supply and thus increase the power output. A supercharger differs from a turbocharger in one major aspect- the source of energy for their functioning. As mentioned earlier, a supercharger is connected to the crank of the engine and from there is where it gets its power supply. As the engine revs faster , more amount of air is forced into the combustion chamber. Thus a supercharger works right from the lowest rpm to the highest rpm. At the redline it discharges and we get the whistling sound. While driving a supercharged car, you get the kick right from the moment you start accelerating. This is one plus point of the supercharger. However the power boost obtained in a supercharger is quite less as compared to a turbocharger. This is because the supercharger itself consumes the engine power output in its own functioning. Thus the net power output = Engine power output – power consumed by the supercharger. However the power delivery in a supercharger is instantaneous all because of its connection with the crankshaft. Also there is no lag in the supercharger because it delivers power in the low rpm range as well. Natural air which is sucked in is not passed through a cooler before letting it into the combustion chamber and hence it adds up to the engine heat. This is also a drawback of using a supercharger. Using a supercharger is very cost effective way of pumping up the performance of low displacement cars.

Have you ever noticed the Mercedes lineup which has the Kompressor badge on it ?? The Kompressor badge denots the presence of a supercharger in the car. This was in the early 2000’s soon after which they abandoned the supercharger and have shifted to the turbocharger. We’ll get to know the reason for it but before that lets just summarize the supercharger with its pros and cons –


* Cost efficient way of boosting car performance.

* Quick power delivery because of its connection with the crankshaft.

* Power boosting at low rpm ranges unlike the turbocharger

* No lag as that in the turbocharger.


* It acts as a parasite on the engine by using the engine’s power output thus reducing the net power output of the engine thus affecting the performance.

* Using it with a stock pre-built engine it raises reliability concerns because forcing air into the stock engine outside its capacity is likely to damage the engine. Hence it requires that the engine be built from scratch or all the parts be changed with aftermarket high performance parts


small turbo
A Turbonetics Turbine
Working of a Turbocharger

A Turbocharger is also an air compressor just like the supercharger with one major difference. It does not use the crankshaft mechanism for its functioning. Instead it is driven by the exhaust gases . Here comes the efficiency. This is one major aspect where it supersedes the supercharger. It runs on the waste exhaust gases fulfilling the double purpose of being self dependent and also reducing the emission of exhaust gases thus increasing the efficiency. The way a turbocharger works is a little different from the supercharger. The exhaust gases let out from the combustion chamber are forced into the turbine chamber . In the turbine chamber , there are two turbines connected through a shaft. The exhaust gases are forced on one turbine due to which it spins thus spinning the other turbine with it . The second turbine starts sucking in air and flowing it to the inter-cooler to cool down the pressurized hot air from which it is passed on to the combustion chamber. Well this is not the end of the story. How much air to suck in is the question here. The turbine chamber is set for a particular threshold pressure exceeding which the exhaust gas is then directly let out of the exhaust system without letting it into the turbine chamber thus stopping the turbo function. At the same time when excess air at high pressure is waiting to enter the combustion chamber and the threshold is reached there is a blow off valve which does it work. It blows of the air outside and at the same time the intake valve closes. This is how exactly the whistling happens. Ever thought that the actual process of whistling on the outside has so many process running within? Well this is how a turbocharger works. Interesting ??

Now lets just conclude this topic with the pros and cons of the turbocharger.


* Use the waste exhaust gases for functioning thus reducing the emission of these gases and also at the same time increasing the efficiency without using the power from the engine.

* Boosting the power of small displacement vehicles significantly compared to the engine size

* Better fuel economy



* Turbo lag- Big turbos take time to spool until they reach a particular high rpm.The turbo does not start functioning at low rpm and starts working only at high rpm when the exhaust air force is adequate enough to boost. They do not work across a wide range of rpm as the supercharger does.

* Traction problem- The moment the engine enters the turbo working rpm range,  power  is boosted almost instantaneously causing the car to lose traction and slide.

* Soaring temperature- Turbochargers as they work at high rpms heat up and need oil for keeping a check on the temperature. Hence adequate oil lubrication is required unlike the supercharger.

Verdict– Supercharger or Turbocharger??? Well this depends on the application and requirement. Both have their own pros and cons. My personal opinion is TwinCharger. Yes , right. It is a combination of both and Supercharger which works at low rpms and a turbocharger which works at high rpm thus complementing each other’s cons and emerging as a winner. So the next time when you hear a whistling sound, it is the turbo spooling and try to play this entire process discussed above & you will be grinning in no time. Stay tuned to Turbozens for more updates on automobiles and related news and technologies 🙂