Suzuki Alto RS Turbo-Charged!!!

"Suzuki ALto RS Turbo"

Big or small, all the Suzuki cars have been favorites worldwide. Japanese technology is hence, the best, affordable and popular.

The name Alto is not an unfamiliar one in the automobile world. The instant recollection of a cozy compact affordable car comes to mind. But what if the alto you’ve imagined met a sports car and they decided to have a kid.

Well, the Alto Turbo RS is the product of that reproductive thought you just had. It is definitely not the cuddly and harmless kind of alto that was known to drive people from point A to Z.

The new Alto is a whole new breed of Japanese technology thrusting massive power on the roads. Find out more about this car below.

Turbo Insanity Alto size:

Suzuki had revealed the new Alto Kei hatch back a few days ago. The company has released the images and information about the sportier and faster version named the Alto RS Turbo. This is a turbocharged version of the standard Alto of the Japanese market and is going to be a debutant during the Tokyo Auto Salon, which is going to happen in January 2015.

The Japanese company has performed this feat earlier too. During the 80’s and 90’s, Suzuki had injected the tiny Alto with whole new performance flair. The turbocharged versions from Alto Works in the Japanese market are not new. The cars were sold with both Front Wheel Drive as well as Rear Wheel Drive options.

"Suzuki ALto Turbo RS"
Image Source:

The name suggests the raging power that the Alto will supposedly have. The car will be powerful and sporty. Although it will have a few design dynamics adapted from the Kei, this will be racing specific model. The new Alto RS Turbo will hence, follow a long line of Alto RS Turbos that are regarded very highly amongst auto enthusiasts.


The Alto RS Turbo will have a powerful 660 cc petrol engine. However, the power output is unconfirmed. The engine will churn out 51 bhp of power along with 63 Nm of torque. This car is said to be 60 kilos lighter than its predecessor and will be based on a new platform. The RS Turbo will come wither with a five-speed manual or a five-speed AMT gearbox. There is uncertainty whether Suzuki will have an all-wheel-drive version of the car but, let’s keep that option open too. Suzuki is known to have launched such versions too. So, the New Year might have a few hidden surprises too.

The car will have the 3-cylinder engine along with the power of a turbocharger.

Design language:

The Alto Turbo RS will have red accents for bumpers and red mirror caps on its exterior front. It will also include 17-inch red alloy wheels. The RS will also have side decals and a racing stripe to accentuate the looks. This car will join the league of some of the quick sporty Kei cars such as: Daihatsu Charade Turbo and the Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart. These cars are known to offer the masses a taste of speed combined with a touch of affordable performance.

The company has given the car a retro look on purpose. The retro style is intended to pay homage to the first Alto RS Turbo that was presented in 1987.

The Turbo RS has abundant usage of chrome combined with Recaro seats and RS stickers. The bumper-lip, decals and wing mirrors are finished in the same color as the alloys to further enhance the car’s sporty appeal.

The fascia of the car sports up a retro looking grille with the straightforward bumper. The asymmetrical slats on the grille of the car will be mostly embellished in chrome.

Awkwardly, the quadrilateral-shaped headlamps are projector units with a chrome garnish. They have quite a weird looking shape, but then this is a sporty car, performance matters more. The front bumper gets modified fog lamps while the OVRMs and alloy wheels are painted in red. The car also boasts of an RS decal near the rear window.


The interiors on the Alto RS include the dual tone paint scheme along with Recaro Seats. The interiors have a slightly different shape than the regular models. The interiors on the RS feature a combination of circular as well as rectangular AC vents.

"Suzuki ALto RS Turbo"
Image Source:

Bottom Line:

Suzuki stated that the Alto Turbo RS is definitely going to be a fun to drive car. Its responsive handling combined with high cornering performance is definitely a must have. Sadly, this car is going to be restricted to only the Japanese car market. The Tokyo Auto Salon has been scheduled between the 9th– 11th of January 2015 in China. Let’s hope that India gets a taste of the RS too.

HotWheels- Because growing up is too main stream

If you spend some time with a man, you’ll realize that we’re all still little boys- Late Mr Paul Walker( WE miss you 🙁 ). Well everyone reading this post will agree with Mr Walker. Those who disagree can confirm it themselves by locking up a grown up man in a room full or atleast one toy car . I bet you wont disagree on that. Speaking about the toy car, let me ask you one simple question. Whether you are a car guy or not, whether you watched Schumacher push his Ferrari to its limits or watched cartoons during your childhood. Just a simple question. Anyone out here who does not know about Hot Wheels??


This one little thing used to bring smile on our faces. This little thing which cost  fifty bucks(seems pretty cheap huh?? Our parents have the answer to it :P) made our childhood awesome. Who wouldn’t want a car that did not require license to drive. Who wouldn’t want to roll in a Mercedes or a BMW or a Ferrari at an age when all this seemed a distant dream(it still is :P).

HotWheels it is. Established in 1968 and owned by Mattel, an American toy maker , HotWheels has since then been rolling high. Its fan base not only include kids and young boys but also grown up adults. Hotwheels has been responsible for bringing out the car guy in most of us. All of us had that one moment in our childhood where it all started. Call it love at first sight or whatever seems apt to you. The pleasure of loving and admiring a car without actually owning one but its f 1:64 die-cast car by Hotwheels lets you feel it.

At that time HotWheels had a competitor- Matchbox which is now owned by Mattel itself. Hotwheels cars were tweaked and customised version of regular street cars unlike Matchbox which produced scaled down replica of regular street cars. Apart from cars, HotWheels has also been rolling out various tracksets, turbolaunchers and customizable car parts too. Soon after it was established Hotwheels rolled out its first 16 cars in 1968. Go ahead and have a look at all of em.

Custom Barracuda
Custom Barracuda

Custom Barracuda

Custom Camaro
Custom Camaro

Custom Camaro

Custom Corvette
Custom Corvette

Custom Corvette

'68 Custom Eldorado
’68 Custom Eldorado

Custom Eldorado

'69 Custom Firebird
’69 Custom Firebird

Custom Firebird

Custom Fleetside
Custom Fleetside

Custom Fleetside

'67 Custom Mustang
’67 Custom Mustang

Custom Mustang

Custom T-Bird
Custom T-Bird

Custom T-Bird

Custom Cougar
Custom Cougar

Custom Cougar

Custom Volkswagen Bug (designed by Ira Gilford)
Custom Volkswagen Bug (designed by Ira Gilford)

Custom Volkswagen(designed by Ira Gilford)

Custom Deora-Harry Bentley Bradley
Custom Deora-Harry Bentley Bradley

Deora(designed by Harry Bentley Bradley)

Ford J-Car(Ford GT40 Mk IV)
Ford J-Car(Ford GT40 Mk IV)

Ford J-Car(Ford GT40 Mk IV)

Hot Heap(Model T Roadster)
Hot Heap(Model T Roadster)

Hot Heap(Model T Roadster)


Python (cheetah)

'68 Silhouette Bill Cushenbery’s
’68 Silhouette Bill Cushenbery’s

Silhouette(Bill Cushenbery’s)

Beatnik Bandit
Beatnik Bandit

Beatnik Bandit( Ed Big Daddy Roth)

Well, this was just a glimpse at the HotWheels first lineup ever. Since then there has been no looking back for it and it has gone ahead with producing more and more such cars and complimentary products to them.

If you are in your mid 20’s or even older or lets just say you belong to the 20-25 age group, try re collecting the term “Power Launcher”. A circular object to which you need to feed a car and at the click of a button it just shoots out that car and gets your adrenaline pumping( well , that’s a lot for a child)
Another type of power launcher was a long rectangular open launcher kit which also fulfilled the same purpose but this one had the option of connecting it to a track set. Enough of talking now. Go ahead and have a look yourself and enjoy the nostalgic moments .

power_launcher tracksets


HotWheels started it with small scaled down models of cars and now it has shifted to real life size cars.
Team HotWheels is what they call themselves and do real badass stunts that we have been doing on the tracksets with our toy cars.

Anything that touches your heart deserves to be a collectors item and HotWheels car are no exception to it. Fans; young and old have been collecting these cars , tracksets and the lineup they own will just blow your mind off. HotWheels has till now designed around 700 unique car models. These are just the unique car models . Just imagine the massive volume of cars it has rolled out in these many years. Hard to imagine huh ?? Let me help you with it .

An average hotwheel car collector has over 1500 cars and children between the age s of 5 and 15 have around 41 cars. Mattel has stated from its own research that an 41 million are the estimate number of children who grew up playing with hotwheels. That’s a mind boggling figure , aint it ?? The highest price paid for an hotwheels was 72000$ in 2000 for a Volkswagen Beach Bomb. That is roughly 14lakhs INR for a toy car. Asking for this car from our parents can be biggest mistake of our lives right ?? :P. It used to cost anything between 50-100 INR for these cars around 15 years back. The price hasn’t elevated since then. Infact many of the model prices have dropped since then . Aint an expensive hobby right ??? So what are you thinking of??? Start collecting them . Before we end it, here is a small preview from my own Hotwheels collection.Latest addition are the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR and a Ferrari Italia 458.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
Mercedes CLK-LM
Mercedes CLK-LM
The 1995 Camaro Trio
The 1995 Camaro Trio
Nascar Car
Nascar Car
Nascar Car
Nascar Car
Ferrari Italia 458
Ferrari Italia 458

For people who haven’t experienced this  joy of owning them, you may end up spending your entire day playing with them and shooting them (clicking :P) . I can bet on that. Years down the lane when you’ll bring up your own kids, better be ready with a story to tell them and cars to show them too. 😉  I’d now better go and spend some time in my hotwheels garage and see you all soon…

Stay tuned to Turbozens for your dose of  adrenaline :D.

The Best Android driving apps-Vehicle Management

Ever since smart phones started becoming smarter than us (per se) various driving apps have been the foundation for easy and hassle free tasks. Smart phones have undeniably made things very simple for us. There have been so many technological advancements that even car drivers these days have various essential car apps designed to making driving easy and simple.

Here is an article that are a “must download” if you’re an Android user. So, Sit back, don’t worry, read this article and be-appy!!

10. Drivvo

You can manage the expenses for one or more vehicles with this driving app. It’s simple, quick and easy. Lot of options available like maintenance services, reports creation, refueling details and service remainders. Chart based report gives better visualization and you have the option to share the same.


Vehicle Chart - Drivvo

9. aCar:

This easy-to-use and straight forward car app helps users manage everything related to your car by means of an appealing interface. The user has to simply enter the relevant information pertaining to his/her automobile’s make, model, year and then you can get the tracking started.

"aCar app"
Image Source:

Once the app gets relevant info about the car, it provides the accurate mileage, price of gas while filling up and the car app also calculates the cost of running the car per day/per kilometer. The car app also records the maintenance duration as well as the cost of repairs for your car. It also keeps informed the user about the next maintenance date. Additionally, if you go out for a charitable activity or to the doctor, once the entry is made into the car app, it will notify you about the tax deductions that you might be eligible for.

"aCar app"
Image Source:

There is a pro-edition available too. Since that is chargeable, you might want to download and test the free version for your Android/Blackberry device.

8. My Car Locator Free:

Concerned about your car more than your girlfriend? Here’s an car app that keeps track of your car wherever you are.  My Car Locator is one of the easiest and reliable car locator service app. With millions of downloads and counting, this app is quite essential. The app works with a simple touch. Simply park your car, open the app and enable the service. Your car will automatically be marked on the map of the app’s window. You can add additional notes (optional) and the app also guides you back to where you had parked your car.

"My Car Locator Free app"
Image Source:


7. Car Dashboard:

Want more info about your car than you already notice? Here’s Car Dashboard, a simple way to get detailed info on your car. This car app gives you more info than your simple Speedometer.

The Car Dashboard automatically launches when you place your device in your car’s dock or anything magnetic. With portrait and landscape viewing modes, it gets quite simple to view. The app has an advanced speedometer that alerts the driver about the current situation. The car app also has an additional compass that helps you get a grip on your direction. It also has a customizable speed alert.

"Car Dashboard app"
Image Source:


6. Google Maps with Navigation:

Needless to say, this app is powered by Google and it is undeniably one of the most trusted car app. Navigating through busy streets or locating a particular spot, its all possible with this app. This app reduces the trouble of wandering around a new place and asking people for directions.

Any ordinary map can be turned into detailed locations. Buildings pop out, graphics show how big or small the location is. The voice recognition on this app also helps with GPS navigation. The app also locates airports, business establishments and hotels.

"Google Maps with Navigation app"
Image Source:


5. Around Me:

Stranded in a new Location and finding trouble locating essential places?

Around Me is the right driving app that works in sync with your phone’s GPS sensor and locates pretty much everything around you. You can locate the nearest bank, bar (If you aren’t driving) gas station, hospital, hotels, movie theatres, restaurants and more.

This driving app is perfect for wanderlusts and travelers.

"around me app android"
Image Source:


4. Yelp:

Going on a road trip with friends? Download Yelp and see the benefits. This app shows you new and exciting things that every street/community offers. Yelp also allows users to rediscover and find new hot-spots in and around the city.

It also provides the previous reviews on pricing, customer service and parking availability to new users. The reviews are pretty useful for those who aren’t aware of a particular place.

Need Help? Download Yelp!!

"Yelp app android"
Image Source:


3. AAA Mobile App:

This is an essential driving app for those seeking access to various automobile service point. The interface is pretty simple and user friendly. The app points out the nearest gas stations with current fuel prices and public charging stations for electric car owners. In case your vehicle gives up on you, this car app helps you gain roadside assistance by using the phone’s GPS coordinates.

"AAA Mobile App"
Image Source:


2. iWrecked:

This app is a “just in case app”

You never know when an accident might turn your pleasant drive into a painful one. It’s better keeping this app, just like you keep a first-aid kit. iWrecked gives you some relief from the stress of dealing with an accident. The driving app assembles an organized accident report that includes images of the crash scene and the amount of damage the vehicle has inflicted.

The app also shows the contact info of nearest police stations (to file an FIR) and it also gets you information for taxis and tow truck companies, if need arises.

"iWrecked App"
Image Source:


1. Trapster:

This is a pretty cool app. Nobody likes it when the cops stop your vehicle and ask you a million questions before demanding for a certain amount. The information is provided by other nearby users about the whereabouts of police officers and areas where you should drive carefully. People get credibility for the traps they report and other people vote if the report provided is legitimate. It’s like a mission to escape the wrath of corruption.

"Trapster Android app"
Image Source:

These apps are available on the Google Play Store. Hope you find them useful.

Happy Downloading.

Tweaks to get an Ultimate Stunt Machine

Tweaks to get an Ultimate Stunt Machine

I have been wondering for years that how some people rock the roads with their bikes. Some of the questions that flashed up into my mind are: Are these people gifted with some supernatural power with which they can communicate with their bikes? Or do these things solely depend on the bikes?  Well, I got my answers from one of my friend named Andrew Jason Raj who is one of the best freestyle stunt professional, according to him both the bike and the rider should understand each other.

This sounds strange, but yes they should have a good relationship, actually a bike is a life less thing but it is capable of accompanying you and provide an adrenaline rush if u take care of it properly. This guy (Andrew) and his team have a hobby of lifting their bikes, burning their tires and astonishing people around them, including me. Ok let’s see how this is actually made possible, how an ordinary bike becomes an amazingly notorious stunt machine. The first and the foremost step is to mod your bike with some high end spares that are capable of delivering an amazing performance.

The major mods required

                                 There are many modifications that the freestyle stunter’s around the globe prefer when it comes to transforming the stock bike into a dynamic and hyperactive ride. I have got them here for you.

  1. Crash Cage:crash cage

This is not just an equipment, it’s a strong frame that is custom designed by welding steel rods arranged in a required fashion. It looks like an iron cage. This crash cage takes all the impact itself in any incident of crash or fall. The crash cage acts as the guardian for both the bike and its rider. This actually converts your bike into a survivor from accidental crashes and assures you a safer stunting experience.

  1. Extra large rear sprocket

Larger sprockets are very essential for an effective stunt performance, because they will lead to the change in the gear ratio of your bike. This will end up in increasing the acceleration. An increased acceleration is the key for stunts like a wheelie. With this u can easily lift up your front wheel and sail on the roads.

  1. Tires & Wheels:

rear wheel                 Good tires provide you a good grip and gives life to your stunts by improving the way at which the beast responds. What part does a good wheel play here? A good wheel will provide an extra strength to the bike in addition to the chassis. Now I suggest you to grab a pair of reinforced wheels and a pair of durable tires to leave people looking at you in astonishment. Well u can burn your tires and make some donuts on the asphalt.

  1. High Performance Brake calipers:

the modified stunt bike  A big word of advice to you is the brake calipers should be definitely changed for making stunts with your bike. A very efficient brake will ensure you a great stoppie and yendo experience. Some of you might not be familiar with some of these terms( a simple Google of these terms will fill you with more information on these terms )

  1. Bulked-up forks and short exhausts:

As mentioned above, the wheels offer good reliability but the victim of a sudden brake are the front forks. Keeping this in mind u should replace your stock forks into a bulked-up fork which are often used by racers. Another thing here is the installation of shorter exhausts. This will deliver you a huge roar and a great performance during the stunt run. The exhaust is actually the craziest part of the game here expressing the joy of the engine.

  1. Easy pull clutch

tank wheelie

The easy pull clutch may sound weird, this is nothing but the process of increasing the clutch power resulting in a positive alteration of the clutch to a higher end. When you compare a stock clutch with this kind of clutch, you will notice that this clutch will be more responsive and highly smooth during transmission.

  1. Extra brake lever:

                     It is essential to add an additional brake lever to control the rear brake. Generally the rear brake is controlled by a foot operated lever, adding an extra control to the handle bar gives you an extra support and finishes your job without any flaws.

  1. Steering stabilizers:


The steering stabilizers are really cool. They keep your bikes handle bar free from wobbling during a wheelie. It allows you to maintain the handle position firm without your hands on it, u can even stand on the bike with a steering stabilizer installed in it. This one is similar to a gyro used to control the rolling movement in an aircraft.

  1. Dented tanks:

The dented tanks are actually important in freestyle stunting, without this you cannot catch up with some types of stunts. The tank is actually carved in specific shape to allow u sit on them while riding the bike. Denting the tank may spoil the beauty of the bike and reduce the fuel capacity but there is no gain without a loss. If u want to unleash some extreme stunts, then you have to go for it.

10. Modified rear seats and extra foot rests:

modified seat and additional footrest

The modified rear seats will help you to gain an extra support in the middle  of a stunt. The seat is cut and a steal frame should be welded at the back end of your bike to stand and cheer up during a stunt run. Some additional foot rests are also installed on the front and the rear axle of your bike to gain a comfortable grip during the show off.

Practice, the next element

So far we have seen the various medications that can wake up the stunt machine in your stock bike. However practice is the key to start a better communication between you and your bike. If you have decided to make modifications to your bike then you should definitely spend a lot of time in learning and practicing things. Professionals are created by the huge amount of experience and practices, skills are born from regular practice. Now what are you waiting for? If u have some bucks and a will to stunt, grab some safety gears and move on to make your ride more peppier and naughtier thing. Enjoy stunting…. 🙂

The Most Precious Cars built

"Mercedes 999 red gold"

Billionaires are plenty and the deeds some of them do usually make the headlines. Then again, there are those who create things that are so ridiculously expensive, you’d probably wonder WTF is going on?

Here is a list of cars that are so precious that if parked anywhere, people might just rip it apart.

Dune Buggy:

At first glance, this might look like a battery operated remote control car. But it is not. This custom made Sidewinder Dune Buggy is one of the most expensive feats of engineering ever built.

The Dune Buggy was essentially built to tackle sandy dunes and beaches. This Sidewinder buggy however, does a lot more than that.

"Dune Buggy"
Image Source:

Powered by a massive 630 brake horsepower engine and made out of sleek gun-metal the buggy speeds from 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds. The concept of this buggy and production was done by a Swedish company named Gray Designs. The buggy has a robust suspension along with high-tech chassis that enables passengers to be seated comfortably.

The Sidewinder is most apt for sheikhs who enjoy sand dune racing in luxury.

"Dune Buggy"
Image Source:

The Interiors of the Sidewinder are that of a sports saloon. The classy OLED screens along with various entertainment options are a perfect blend to keep oneself entertained in a desert.

With a top speed of 93 mph, the sidewinder costs a massive $ 250,000/- :O



Tata Nano is one of the world’s cheapest cars ever built. But how would you react if the world’s cheapest car joins the league of the most expensive ones?

A part of Tata Motor’s publicity stunt was to team up Titan industry (also owned by Tata) to create the most expensive Nano. The Nano is encrusted with kilograms of precious metals like Gold, Silver and valuable gems.

"Gold Tata Nano"
Image Source:

The car is built with 80 kilograms of 22-karat gold, 15 kilograms of silver and 10,000 precious and semi-precious stones that include pearls, rubies and emeralds. Waste of money or just another publicity stunt? Either ways, Tata has it all. This car costs a whopping $ 4.6 million. Anybody Interested??


Mercedes Mc laren:

Is a Mercedes Mc Laren SLR not expensive enough? You should probably read this.

A Swiss businessman (obviously an eccentric millionare) Ueli Anliker has built his dream car. He converted his Mercedes McLaren SLR into a jewelry box. The Millionaire had a lot of time (and money) in his hands to come with a wacky idea of transform his (apparently) boring SLR into something more.

"Mercedes 999 red gold"
Image Source:

He assembled a team of 35 people who spent around 30,000 hours and over $ 5.5 million to transform the Mercedes McLaren into the Anliker McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream.

"Ueli Anliker's Mercedes 999 gold"
Image Source:

By changing the paintwork, wheels, interiors and also the engine, Anliker got his McLaren painted in twenty-five layers of red paint with 5kg of gold dust on the McLaren’s body. The wheels, headlight and the door sills of the car are covered in 24 karat gold.

"Anliker's dream car with red gold"
Image Source:

The car has gold trimmed seat covers and interiors with ruby covered switch gear. Finally, one sensible thing that Anliker did was convert the 5.4 liter engine’s bhp from 640 to 999. The car speeds up to 210 mph. However, is this car really worth taking on the streets?

The businessman expects a minimum of $11 million for his dream car. Is it going to be sold or will he keep dreaming? Time will tell.



Some people are just not satisfied with the luxury they own. They are always on the lookout for something more.

"Beltley diamond bonnet"
Image Source:

A Swiss company called Luxury Refinish has made this beautiful looking Bentley’s bonnet. The fun fact is that the bonnet costs the same amount as the rest of the car and the car looks beautiful. This Bentley Continental GTC has a bonnet that’s painted in 32 layers of white paint mixed with 32 layers of Diamonds. It adds up to 101 carats.

"Bentlye Diamond Bonnet"
Image Source:

The diamonds were malleable sized and yet maintain their brilliance and shape. Then a coat of varnish is applied to each diamond filament that measures only 50 micrometers on size. The diamonds are spread evenly. This Bentley easily crosses the $200k mark along with another $ 200k for the bonnet alone.

"Bentley Diamond Bonnet"
Image Source:



"Gold Lamborghini"
Image Source:

The Lamborghini Aventador is much more than a chic-magnet. Owning one is a pretty challenging thing. But what if you have so much money that you’d make a golden Lamoborghini Aventador?

"Gold Lamborghini"
Image Source:

This solid gold Aventador was carved from a 1100 pound block of pure gold. This Lambo was spotted on the streets of Paris and is now secure at a showroom in Dubai. The model currently on display is a prototype.

The Lambo on the street sports a 666 number plate (antichrist? May be) and this wicked car features a 6.5- Litre V12 engine that delivers a massive 692 hp.

This car costs $ 7.5 million.


This Mercedes belongs to a Russian motorist who has attracted plenty of attention while cruising around in a million Swarovski shimmering crystals. The female driver, Daria Radionova who is 21 years old paid around £20,000 for the crystals and employed a couple of people who worked for 12 hours a day for two months on the car.

"Mercedes benz diamonds"
Image Source:


"Mercedes benz diamonds"
Image Source:


Ferrari GTO:

Taking home the tag of the most expensive car in the world is this 52 year old Ferrari that was tagged the most expensive car in the world. This 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is among the holy grails of the car auction world.

Only 36 of these were ever made and they were very aggressive racing machines in the mid 1960’s. This GTO was sold at an auction by the Bonhams was the 19th unit made by Ferrari and was delivered in 1962 to a French racing driver named Jo Schlesser.

"Most expensive ferrari"
Image Source:

This car broke the record to be the most expensive car and bagged $ 34.65 million.

Hope you enjoyed this envious review…Stay Tuned for more 🙂

Tweel: An airless tire by Michelin

Tires play an important role in the overall performance, stability, durability of the vehicle and their response in various conditions make them typical in itself. Whether you have a scooter, a motorcycle, a car or even a truck, along with fuel you also need to go to air filling stations for maintaining the tire pressures. When we go for long rides, we usually do a visual check of the vehicle and tire pressures are definitely monitored. What if I say, that in future you might not have go to air filling stations or check your tire pressures. Yes, I am talking about airless tires which are developed by French Tire Company “Michelin“.

These tires are now a reality and Michelin has taken them into the production stage. We will be going through the development of tires in automotive industry and then go for knowing more about “Tweel“. Tires play an important role in the overall performance, stability, durability and safety of the vehicle and their response in various conditions make them typical in itself.

The first tires in the industry were having bands of leather, steel and then the wooden wheels came into existence. However it was the pneumatic tires made of rubber which took the vehicle performance and stability to higher levels. The rubber tires started getting implemented everywhere from light weight vehicles to heavy weight trucks. The basic parts of a tire carcass include treads, bead, sidewall, shoulder, plies and rims are associated with them to form a functional wheel. Based on their construction, they are divided into bias, belted bias and radial tires. One more thing added to this category is the “Airless Tire“.

Michelin Tweel airless tire
Tweel: An airless tire (Source:

Design of Tweel

Tweel is an airless design proposed by Michelin and they have started their first production. Unlike pneumatic tires, this will not be having any compressed air and thus it cannot burst no leakage and cannot become flat. It is supported to the rim with the help of polyurethane spokes. These spokes will perform the role of compressed air i.e absorbing the shock. Tweel on getting loaded or even during obstacles will try to get the shape of the obstacle beneath it and then try to overcome it. Tweel can be described as rubber sandwiched between steel. The stiffness of these tires is directional i.e they can have high vertical stiffness and smaller lateral stiffness. In case of a heavy loader which has lower speeds but for its higher weight carrying capacity, the vertical stiffness can be kept higher and lateral stiffness can be lowered. However in pneumatic tires this parameter does not provide such flexibility. The treads can be grooved similar to the existing pneumatic tires. The overall result is a deformable and non-pneumatic mobility solution.

Michelin Tweel airless tires
Compression of Spokes in Tweel (Source:

Benefits and Drawbacks of Tweel

Tweel is one single unit, replacing the current tire-wheel assembly. Once they are bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain, and the common problem of unseated beads is completely eliminated. Tweel performs like a pneumatic tire, but without the risk and costly downtime associated with flat tires and unseated beads. The variation in stiffness will help in achieving high performance in suitable targets. Unlike radial tires, the treads around the tire if worn out can be replaced by a new one. This reduces impact on the environment. Michelin expects the tread’s life to be two to three times as that of conventional tires. They have shown good signs in off-roaders and also in military applications. However, as of today the prototypes for cars are under development and their success in other automotive applications will enhance their growth and demand. The initial prototypes were reported with problems of noise and vibration. They have been successfully solved in the next prototypes.

 Tweel Products:

Based on the success of Tweel Michelin has come up with products like Tweel Terrain, Tweel Turf and Tweel Hard Surface. Tweel Terrain has been designed for skid steer loaders on a wide range of surfaces. Tweel Turf is available exclusively for John Deere Z-Trak Series Movers.  Even NASA has contacted Michelin to develop a Tweel like tire for next generation lunar Rover and hey have come up with AB Scarab Wheels. So presently, Tweel is getting its presence in agriculture, loaders and military vehicles and in future they have a great chance of getting implemented in automotive vehicles as well. With products like Tweel coming into existence, we can even imagine more innovative technologies in the automotive industry in coming times.

Transporter movie cars- a review

  1. “Respect a man’s car, and the man will respect you”
  2. “Greet the man”
  3. “Seat belt”
  4. “Never drink coffee in the car”
  5. “If you take care of the car, the car will take care of you”

If you abide by these rules, you may proceed.

The Fast and Furious was a great franchise, but nothing beats the Transporter when it comes to class, sophistication and action.

More so, Jason Statham plays Frank Martin in the movies, nobody is as classy as him when it comes to action movies. The Transporter franchise was pretty successful, so much so that there is a TV show named Transporter Series, with a different Frank Martin.

The French film series, Transporter was a success from 2002-2008. The protagonist (Jason Statham) named Frank Martin is a professional Freelance courier driver for hire. Jason Statham is an accomplished martial artist and the stunts performed in the movies show Jason Statham in action. The Hong Kong style fight scenes are performed by Jason himself and so this movie was a block buster hit.

This article is going to give you a brief overview on the cars that were seen in the Transporter movies and the series. The article also includes rumors and news about the forthcoming Transporter movie named “Transporter Legacy

First, let’s take a look at the cars that were seen in the Transporter movies.

1999 BMW 735i E38:

The BMW 735i was the first car that Frank Martin uses in the first transporter movie, till its blown into pieces. The production of the 735i started in 1998 (Mid-year) to 2001 (mid-year)

Originating from Germany, the E38 BMW was quite a luxurious sedan that had a RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and it was offered only in Europe.  This 5 speed auto transmission car was powered by a V8 engine. It produced 345 Nm of torque @ 3800 RPM. Although the styling of the car was a bit off, these cars were sheer performers and combined luxurious interiors. This BMW went as fast as 228 kmph or 142 mph as claimed by the factory. The car accelerated from 0-60 mph in 8.1 seconds, although it does not seem too fast, it was quite good then. The mileage delivered ranged between 21.3mpg to 25.6 mpg.

Mercedes-Benz W140:

Soon after Frank’s car is blown into shreds and after the bad guy pow-pow action, Frank takes the Mercedes Benz W140 by force.  The Merc W140 is a series of flagship vehicles that were produced in the late 90’s by German auto maker Mercedes Benz. The W140 was unveiled on November 16th 1990. The W140 came in both sedan and coupe versions. The sedan versions were powered by 3, 3.2, 3.5, 4.2,5 and 6 liter Turbo-Diesel engine models. Safety and Comfort were of utmost importance in these Mercedes models. A few safety features included; Effective Braking systems, Brake Assist and more power while stopping the car. ESP (Electronic Stability Program) that used on-board computers to improve vehicle handling response when the driving conditions used to get really difficult.  Again, these cars lacked the modern style, but they were considered pretty elegant back then.

2004 Audi A8 6.0 W12:

Making a fresh entry and beginning a new relation with Audi, the Transporter 2 movie focused on the Audi A8. Soon after Frank Martin’s BMW and his home are blown to pieces, he gets himself a new home and a new car.

The Audi A8 was produced between 2004 and 2011. Currently Audi has discontinued the 6.0 W12 models.

Powered by a W12 spark-ignition engine, DOHC with 5998 cc displacement ready for action, the A8 produced 580 Nm of torque @ 4000 RPM.  The car went as fast as 250kmph and accelerated from0-100 in just 5.2 seconds. It was clearly an action machine that made fans worldwide love Audi more than ever.

Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster:

The transporter 2 movie had a pleasant surprise during the end. Jason Statham drives a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster during the pursuit scene.

The Murcielago Roadster was powered by a V12 60 degree, light-alloy block, Longitudinal central rear mounted engine that had a permanent four-wheel drive and viscous traction system. The bull powered 640 BHP and produced 660 Nm of torque @ 6000 RPM.

Audi A8 6.0 W12 Face lift:

The Transporter 3 movie was released after the previous transporter was a smashing success and Frank Martin drove a 2008 Face lifted Audi A8 6.0 W12.

With a 5998 cc, 4 cylinder DOHC 6-liter W12 Spark Ignition Engine that produced 446 bhp, the A8 produced 580 Nm torque @ 4000 RPM. This sedan delivered 4 mph mileage in the city and 7 on the highway. But then again, mileage isn’t really a concern for those who buy such a car. The 6 speed auto transmission on this car made an ever lasting impression in the movie.

Statham’s Cars:

Jason Statham is a big car enthusiast. As lady luck is in his favor, he owns various Audi cars and a Lamborghini too. His car collection is pretty awesome; he promotes the Transporter series quite magnificently.

"Jason Statham's cars"
Image Source:

Transporter Legacy:

Transporter Legacy is scheduled to release in June 2015. Sadly, we wont be seeing Jason Statham playing the role of Frank Martin. Let’s hope Ed Skrein plays Martin’s character as good as Jason did. There aren’t any updates on the cars that are going to be used, let’s hope we find some aggressive rides on screen. 🙂

Global Rip Offs – Thought you couldn’t afford a Rolls?

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso

A very popular quote isn’t it? I’m sure many of you might have heard it over the years. Well, the Chinese took it way too seriously from the very first time they heard it, it seems. Remember the times when we all used to go ga-ga over the duplicate Chinese make iPhones and iPads and Blackberrys when they first came out. Don’t deny it, everyone of us wanted our hands on one of them. They seemed too good to be true specially considering the price they came for. Well apparently the Chinese industries didn’t stop at just making replica mobile phones. It seems that now they’ve come up with exact replicas of globally popular cars.

The Geely GE
The Geely GE

 Geely GE:

Shown above is the picture of a Geely GE, a Chinese make car which might look awfully familiar. Well, the reason behind that might be that it looks almost the same as a Rolls Royce Phantom. Now on average a Rolls Royce Phantom would cost you somewhere about £305,000 which would be sure to burn a big hole in your pocket and well technically speaking its way out of the common man’s budget. Now coming to the Geely Ge, the car costs just £30,000.

So technically the car costs a tenth of the price of an actual Rolls Royce Phantom. But if you look closely then, you can see the grill looks exactly the same as that of an actual Rolls Royce, popularly known as the Grecian Temple Grille. Even the trademark hood ornament of the Rolls which portrays the sculpture of a flying lady, known as the Spirit of Ecstasy has almost immaculately been copied by Geely. And if you put in a little extra you can get your hands on the Starlight Interior Roof Lining, a refrigerator, a cigar box and an air purifier along with the air conditioner, all of which are classic Rolls Royce features.

One key feature of the Geely GE is its single Throne type design they’ve developed with only one centralized seat in the rear with the Starlight Roof over it. It certainly looks like a key feature in the car but personally I’m not sure if its gonna work out. See if I’m rich and I have a car and I’m on a date with this beautiful woman, then what’s the plan? Should I make her sit in the front or should I? Like it seems totally absurd.  But well I donno how the Chinese do it and I’m not gonna debate on this anymore. Funny, innit?

The Centralized Backseat Concept

Now coming to engine specs, the Phantom boasts a Mammoth 6.5 litre V12, which in layman terms denotes that it has a displacement of 6.75 litres and can produce a mind boggling 453 horsepower at 5350 rpm which makes the car hit not to sixty in under 6 seconds despite it having a curb weight of 5800 pounds. Now those are impressive figures for a car that’s so heavy. Like if you’re Armenian mafia you can kill a person and take off in one of these in style and still be fast enough to outrun the cops. Impressive figures if you come to think of it. Flat out, it can do up to a 150 miles per hour, that too with the car’s speed being artificially restricted at that.

Now turning our eyes at the Geely GE, the car has a 2.4 litre petrol engine which Geely says will have the output same as that of a V8 engine. It can do up to a 100 miles per hour, well that’s what they say. I still though am a bit skeptical about these figures.

Well so now that it’s established that the car is quite almost similar to the Rolls Royce some of you might be having this question, “What do the people at Rolls Royce have to say about this?”

According to sources, a spokesperson of Rolls Royce has said and I quote, “Rolls-Royce is currently keeping its options open and is in consultation with its legal advisers”.

Now this might come as a shock to you but Geely is not the only company to have done this. Here’s a list of cars and the names of their Chinese copies or more subtly said, cars that look awfully familiar to them.

List of Global Copycats (Cars):


And these are just some of them. There are a lot more of these Chinese imitations that one can find if they look deeper. Coming to think of it, these companies have actually managed to copy almost all of the leading Automobile giants’ biggest production cars. If you actually have had a look on the table you can even see that one of the companies, JAC actually even managed to copy the model number of the Audi A6. This just feels outrageous. The saddest part is that, companies like Rolls Royce, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and others come up with these ideas and models and technologies with months, maybe years of hard work with the help of their vast workforce and then someone comes along and just copies their work. Last year itself the country produced around 19 million cars which sums up to almost 22.7 percent of Global car production for the last year. And these are some of the imitations that we can see among all these cars that they’ve produced.


Now, if you’d ask me if I’d buy them or not, then I really don’t think I might be fit to answer this question. See you can get your dream car for maybe very cheap but would it be worth it? Will you get the same feel that you would have got in a Rolls Royce or an Audi that you might be looking for in a Geely or a JAC. Now I’m not demeaning these companies but there’s just something about these cars that can’t match the big boys over there in Europe. If I had to make a decision I’d just relate it back to your old Chinese iPhone. Yes, it might have looked good, yes it might have got you a temporary sense of happiness but no it couldn’t get you the pride or the shining smile on your face that you got when you got your first real iPhone maybe. And it might have been good for a month your Chinese cellphone but after a month you really got to saw why the price actually seemed too good to be true. Someone’s camera lens broke or someone’s display got all berserk. I’m not saying your car might break apart like a phone because to be honest it’s a car so its gotta be better but then it just can’t get you the feel of what it might feel to own the real thing. You might be happy if you’re willing to make a  couple of compromises maybe but you won’t be beaming like you would if you got your hands on lets say, the Phantom.

I guess I’d like to end with that. You can always post your comments and views below. Thanks for reading.

Spectre – James Bond Movie and Cars

James Bond Spectre

The much anticipated James Bond movie featuring Daniel Craig is showing some signs of awesomeness. James Bond movies have been famous for plenty of reasons. But the most important one among them is the fancy cars that are elegant yet deadly. The 24th James Bond movie has finally been announced and carries the name Spectre.

The excitement has only begun. Daniel Craig had played the James Bond character in the Skyfall movie quite spectacularly. This new movie named spectre will cast Daniel Craig with his charisma all over again. More importantly, this time the James bond movie is going to have meaner machines that are definitely worth waiting for.

"Aston Martin DB10 James Bond Spectre"
Image Source:

As rumors and official announcements have it, agent 007 will return with an all new Aston Martin Bond mobile. This was the right moment to present the all new custom Aston Martin DB10. Want to know more about this custom built brutal force?

Well, this car is specifically developed for the movie and only 10 of them are built. That’s right, only 10 units produced, but you can buy none of them yet. As Aston Martin has not come up with a new debutante, this limited production car is quite the “bespoke” product that not only boosts the name of the James Bond franchise; it also creates a unique identity about the brand Aston Martin in the minds of James Bond fans and car enthusiasts.

"Aston Martin DB10 James Bond Spectre"
Image Source:

“In the same year that we celebrate our 50-year relationship with 007, it seems doubly fitting that today we unveiled this wonderful new sports car created especially for James Bond,” said Aston CEO Andy Palmer.

The new Aston is most likely going to be powered by a V12. Why? Well, one reason is because it is an ASTON, and it is built on one of the car’s older chassis.

With a long association with Aston Martin, and promoting them throughout the Bond movies like;

1964 Gold Finger:

This movie set the introduction of a new car for the forthcoming bond movies. The Aston martin DB5 started the relationship. With over 11 bond movies and around 50 successful years, this car was pretty famous.

Thunder ball:

The DB5 made a comeback in the 1965’s movie ‘THUNDERBALL’

The new car had a rear facing water cannon and boot stowed jetpack. Pretty cool right?

Golden Eye:

Those times when Bond was played by Pierce Brosnan, Style was the new factor and Brosnan was the new icon. The DB5 had returned and was shown chasing Onatopp’s Ferrari F355.

Die Another Day:

Pierce Brosnan had become pretty famous and he was the first James Bond character to drive two different Aston’s on to the screen in 2002. The film Die another day showed Brosnan driving the loud and omnipotent Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.

Casino Royale:

This was the time when Daniel Craig made his entry as the new James Bond character. The new movie “Casino Royale” also featured a new Aston Martin car, the DBS. In addition, the DB5 also made a special appearance. Casino Royale had featured 2 different Aston Martin Models.

Quantum of Solace:

The Aston Martin DBS made its appearance felt again in the movie Quantum of Solace. The return of the DBS was definitely exciting and watching it in a high-speed chase was terrific.


This was the 23rd James Bond Film, DB5 returned again for its 6th appearance, this was one of the most eagerly anticipated Bond Films ever. Sadly, it was a letdown; there wasn’t anything as exciting as the previous Bond films. However, Aston Martin had successfully completed 50 glorious years and celebrated as one of the most iconic cars ever produced.


The latest movie is definitely raging up a lot of expectation over the Internet. It has definitely come as a whirlwind of excitement to know that the new Aston Martin DB10 is specially designed for this movie. Aston Martin claims that the DB10 gives a glimpse to the future design direction for the next generation of Aston Martins.

The new DB10’s panels are crafted from carbon fiber; let’s hope the car is as exciting as ever.

James Bond Spectre
James Bond Spectre

Fiat 500:

James Bond will also be careen through Rome in a Fiat 500. Although, there is no update about the specific Fiat 500 model, the Aston Martin is an official car in the forth coming Bond movie.

Daniel Craig’s Cars:

Of course, the James Bond star is going to whizz around in the latest Aston Martin car that might not be driven in the open road, Daniel Craig is a big car enthusiast himself.

He owns an Audi S6, a Lexus RX 350 and ironically, Daniel treated himself with an Aston Martin Vantage on his 45th birthday.

"Daniel Craig's Audi S6"
Image Source:
"Daniel Craig's Lexus RX 350"
Image Source:
"Daniel Craig's Aston Martin"
Image Source:

Hopefully the new James Bond Spectre movie is as exciting as the news about the DB10. The name is Bond…James Bond B)

Electric Rickshaw: A growing mode of Urban Transport

Electric-Rickshaw or E-Rickshaw

If you are in Delhi, you must have seen or even traveled in a battery operated three-wheeler. Yes, I am talking about the commonly known “E-rickshaws” which have been growing on large scale especially in Delhi. They have been in news for the past three- four months for taking them into the Central Motor Vehicle Rules Act.

These vehicles were banned by Supreme Court on July 31, 2014 based on a public interest litigation filed mainly due to safety reasons. They were considered illegal as per existing laws and asked Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways to frame rules in order to regulate these vehicles. The Govt. has come up with draft notification on October 8, 2014 by making necessary amendments in the Central motor Vehicle Rules Act. We will go through the basic configuration of these vehicles and the new notification of Rules issued by Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways.

The E-rickshaws are three wheeler, battery operated vehicles. They allow easy mobility to the urban commuters from one location to another similar to an existing auto-rickshaw. However they are powered by electric motor unlike the existing petrol or diesel auto rickshaws. Thus they represent an environment friendly mode of transport and require charging of the battery everyday for their running. These vehicles came into the market especially in Delhi and started doing a good job of commuting people and increased day by day.

Thousands of people started commuting in E-Rickshaws but due to safety aspects it was banned in Delhi. There were around 1,00,000 (ie. a lakh ) E-Rickshaws on Delhi roads which represents a huge number and also provides a livelihood to thousands of people in the city. Now as the rules have come, these vehicles will be seen soon on the roads in a legal manner like other vehicles.

erickshaw (13)
A typical E-Rickshaw (Source:

Now looking at the technical specifications of E-Rickshaws, first the frame or chassis is simpler and is made of steel. It is a rear drive vehicle with differential. The vehicle is powered by a brush less motor of 48V, 250W to 800W capacity. It is also equipped with reverse gear. The top speed is limited to 25 kmph. The wheel base varies around 2m and height is around 1.8 m. The gradient capacity is around 15- 20 degrees and is installed with hand brake for parking. A foot brake pedal in the front can be seen similar to existing auto rickshaws. The vehicle weighs around 200 kg and 4 -5 people can be seated comfortably in it, excluding the driver. The battery used for running the motor is of Lead-Acid type and has a capacity of around 12V, 20Ah. The electronic controller allows the smooth running of the electric drive train.

Commonly four batteries can be seen in the vehicle and can be charged at home with an input Voltage of 220V, 50Hz. On full charging, the vehicle can go up to 100 kms. The steering system is of handle type as in any conventional rickshaws. Hydraulic Shock Absorbers in the front suspension and leaf springs in the rear suspension can be seen. They have a ground clearance of around 300 mm. The roof of the vehicle is covered with fiber or plastic to protect passengers in rainy season.  Most of these vehicles are assembled in India and all the parts are getting imported from China. All the technical things are kept as simpler as possible and the aim is to commute maximum people at low cost. The cost of these battery operated vehicles range from Rs.85, 000 to Rs 1, 25,000. With its success stories, small commercial vehicles with Electric Power-train can also be seen.

People Travelling in E-Rickshaw in Delhi (Source:

The new notification from the Government has come for legal running of these vehicles. The notification has limited a certain range for length, height and width dimensions. It has limited the power of the motor upto 2000W. Keeping safety in mind, it also ensures availability of horn, brake lights, reverse lights, head lamps on the vehicle.  The braking capability of vehicle should be good to avoid any accidents. The top speed should not go above 25 kmph. The electrical circuit layout, seating capacity of the passengers, hand holds inside the passenger cabin are made mandatory according to the rules. All these things will be necessary for any manufacturer to get their E-Rickshaw approved by test agencies.


These vehicles definitely have the potential to come up in a much larger scale and with notifications coming for legalizing them, this can be a pushing force to come up with a quality product which is eco-friendly, safe and comfortable for the commuters. National Electric Mobility Mission Plan from Government can even allow subsidies in this field to the buyers and this will be an important step in providing this facility at a higher level to the people. Keeping all points in mind, these vehicles can make themselves an excellent mode of urban transport at low cost and higher efficiency.