Mad max: Back with 3 decades of Kaboom!!!

"Fury Road mad max"

“My name is Max. My world is fire.. and blood”

What started off as an action packed film has become post-apocalyptic entertainment and for a good reason. The film of the franchise that carries 3 decades of heart throbbing, gory film that showcases more miscreants than found in any other action movie.

The 4th movie promises more blood shed, more action and the most interesting part… More RIDES!!!  (I had the # OMFG effect after watching the trailers)

Sadly, this is the first movie out of the franchise that does not feature Mel Gibson. With most action seeking movie buffs counting the last few hours to rush to the nearest movie theaters, here is a small article featuring some of the rides that made this movie a blockbuster hit.

P.S: Safe in the belief that you excited readers must have watched the prequels to this movie, I am simply going to cut to the chase without dragging you through the plot. (PHEW!! 😉 )

Here are some of the meanest twisted metal high octane vehicles that are certain to make “Mad Max: Fury Road” more bloodier than ever, thanks to director George Miller who showed Colin Gibson (production designer) the story boards of the film 15 years ago and quoted “One day this could be all yours”

That “One day” the 15th of May 2015.


"Mad max 201 rides"
Image Source:

11 months before the production of this movie, there were close to 200 vehicles built. These vehicles included sedans, massive metal spiked rides, giant trucks with a lot of metal. Here are some of the rides:


What started off from the original “Mad Max” film, the Interceptor was an overhauled 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT. This super charged car made its debut in the 1979 Mad Max, when our protagonist was still a cop. The ride made its appearance in “The Road warrior” during 1981. The director of the Mad Max Franchise knows the importance that this car holds till date and so; he has not changed the aesthetics of the car, thereby making the rust and rattle obvious on this raging ride. Gibson quoted “All we had to do with it was make it another 45 years older.

Interceptor design
Image Source:

The Fury Road Interceptor’s construction began back in 2009 and was revealed in 2010 with mesh style headlight covers, trimmed front bumper and an insane look.

Leaked Mad Max Fury car
Leaked Image of the new Interceptor for the upcoming Mad Max Movie      Image Source:

Don’t be fooled by the poor condition and the layers of smog that the car’s exhaust farts out. The Interceptor is captured and heavily modified and has a supercharger stacked with a skull on top of it. The car’s rear-suspension is raised and the rear fender wells have now been enlarged to accommodate off-road tires. As found in the Death race series, the rear side of the car now accommodated a tank and a weapon. Cool No?

Mad Max 2015
Image Source:

The Gigahorse:

This crazy ride is best suited for a post-apocalyptic leader. This happens to be the director’s favorite vehicle. Hoarded off with 2 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Villes that lay over humongous tires, this is just too villainous a ride to go into anyone’s good books.

The War Rig:

In case small vehicles are too mainstream, how about a massive 18-wheeler?  Would that help you $#!+ bricks??

As found in the movie “Road Warrior”, much of the fury in “Fury Road” comes from this hellishly virile ride. Mounted with 2 V8 engines along with a modified cabin throughout, this vehicle was something that would keep the audience on the edge of their seats, or so was the director’s thought behind creating this vehicle.

"Fury Road mad max"
Image Source:

Gibson explains, “War Rig was one built more to a prescription than an imagination” and more so, the Rig carries 13 different characters inside.


Plymouth Rock:

A porcupine ravaging other rides in a desert is a bit beyond general imagination. However, thanks to CGI and Gibson’s inspiration from the tribe (the Buzzards) that would drive such a ride was all it took to design this car.

"Mad max Plymouth"
Image Source:

As the image suggests, this porcupine shaped Plymouth Rock goes scavenging for scrap metals behind the War Rig. The tribes would use the rustiest of metals on their vehicles. The car was made with bent and battered steel panels and the spikes and panels were built out of old cars. Due to concerns regarding rolling these cars at high speeds into tocks, the steel spikes were stiffened with goatskin and this reduced the danger of any mishaps.


The Doof Wagon:

This is one of the most challenging vehicles built for the film. The Doof Wagon has a big rig strapped with massive drums in the rear, endless speakers in front of it, and a stage where the blind and disfigured Coma the Doof Warrior rocks out on his flam-throwing guitar. This was the most difficult vehicle to run because its 6-foot wheels would easily get buried in the sand.

"Mad Max Doof Wagon"
Image Source:


Ford F-100:

As per sources, there is an inclusion of the Ford F-100 truck too. This truck shares similarity with the upcoming Mad Max video game.

"Ford F 100 Mad Max"
Image Source:


1942 Dodge W-Series:

The Power Wagon was introduced as a four-wheel drive. The WC series World War II military trucks were popular enough to make it to the latest Mad Max movie franchise. The image released shows the tarnished yet rugged ride due to the addition of its massive tires.

"Dodge 1942 W-Series Mad Max 2015"
Image Source:

Perentti Coupe:

When unique style meets a Corvette, its called Perentti. This authentic Australian car and rumors suggest that only 500 of these rides were ever built. Mad Max features one of them 🙂

"Perennti Coupe"
Image Source:


1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado:

A personal luxury vehicle by birth, the 1972 Cadillac Eldorado is the 7th Generation model that underwent a substantial redesign in 1971. History aside, this vehicle has been remodeled in a pretty aggressive manner, or so the image portrays. With highly mounted rear suspension, this vehicle definitely looks battle ready.

"1972 Cadillac Eldorado"
Image Source:


1968 Plymouth Barracuda:

The Two-door 1968 barracuda carried a 5.2 L LA engine and was the smallest V8 available. This car produced 300 bhp of power. In the latest Mad Max movie, the vehicle is so heavily modified to look like a battle trooper that its looks might deceive viewers into believing that it’s a Chevy.

"1968 Plymouth Barracuda"
Image Source:


Mercedes-Benz Lang-W123:

So named the Lang (Long), the Mercedes W123 carried a long wheelbase. Interestingly, this model had attracted a lot of attention from fiction. Starting with the Looney Tunes show with Porky Pig’s vehicle choice to the Admiral in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Vice City Stories as well as San Andreas, the W 123’s design has been a pretty popular. So much so that Mad Max also features this vehicle in a couple of scenes.

"Mercedes Benz Lang W123"
Image Source:


Mad Max- The Game:

The successful journey for the movie franchise Mad Max has taken a wee bit of interest over to the gaming world too. The upcoming single player adventure video game is undergoing its development stage.

The game is being designed by Cory barlog, who is also known for his successful game; God of War II. One of the reasons for making a Mad Max video game was due to the potential that the video game sector carries.


"Mad Max Game"
Image Source:

“It’s four-dimensional storytelling. A game can literally become the equivalent of a novel. That is the thing that people like me who write screenplays envy about novelists: that you can actually stop time and explore little cul de sacs. Whereas in a movie, you’d love to stop and examine that character, but you can’t.”
-George Miller on the videogame industry.


Let’s hope the game turns out to be a hit too.


With the clock ticking and die hard Mad Max fans awaiting to feast their eyes on the 4th sequel, let us all have one long and boring night ahead 😛

There are plenty other rides. Sadly, i couldn’t find much data on them. I would love to hear from everyone about their opinions on the film.

Lamborghini – The Mighty Bull from Sant’Agata

Do you believe in Love at first sight? (No! This is not an article about relationships and blah blah :P. Don’t close the browser window. Continue reading) This article is about the Love for Automobile. Especially an Italian one. Especially a Lamborghini.There is always a first time to everything. Let me tell you about my version of Love at first sight with this Italian Automobile manufacturing company.

The Badge
The Badge

Back in 2008 when my dad brought me a Sony PlayStation 2, the first game I played was Need For Speed Most Wanted. I raced my way up through the blacklist. But when I had to race this Hector “Ming” Domingo, this guy turns up in his black car with gray trim at the rear and I keep looking at his car. Well that was the Lamborghini Gallardo. The car that made me fall in love with Lamborghini. As my game progressed and I became richer, I could soon buy the great Lamborghini Murcielago ( my now dream car 😀 ).Soon after I topped the blacklist, all I would do was, take out the V12 Murcie for a spin around Rockport. All the Lamborghini’s have some peculiarity which make them stand apart. Well, the Italians are artists and this reflects in their vehicles too. Be it Ferrari, Fiat, Ducati, Alfa Romeo and so on.

As long as the story goes , it is said that it was Enzo Ferrari that indirectly led to the inception of the brand Lamborghini. Back in the 60’s , Ferruccio Lamborghini used to roll in the Ferrari 250 GT. By then , he has a wealthy businessman owning companies manufacturing tractors and other industrial enterprises primarily making central heating and air-conditioning equipment. His Ferrari used to have a clutch problem which made him make frequent trips to Maranello which pretty much annoyed him. Also he used to complain about the build quality of the Ferrari’s manufactured those days. Not only him , many others too had the the same complaint but were afraid that they wont be allowed to buy a Ferrari again.

In those days, Enzo Ferrari was more interested in the Car Racing Scene that was developing that time and would not devote proper time to production cars. So Ferruccio himself took to fixing the clutch problem by installing one from his tractors. The problem never appeared again. With this solution that he found out he decided to visit Enzo Ferrari and talk about it. However things did not turn out to be as expected. Enzo Ferrari put him down by saying that the problem was with Ferruccio and not with the cars. He also told him that a man like him should concentrate on manufacturing tractors only because he had no knowledge about a sportscar. This miffed Ferruccio and he decided to not buy a Ferrari anymore; instead build his own supercar. When people heard about his ambitions, they laughed and mocked at him. But he was very much determined and adamant and in the 1963 he came out with prototype that pumped 370 horses.

Lamborghini's First Car - The 350 GTV Prototype
Lamborghini’s First Car – The 350 GTV Prototype

He set up the factory at Sant’Agata Bolognese, about 25 kilometres from Bologna and named it “Automobili Lambroghini”. His aim was to not only build sportscars but also to help the customers with the problems they had with their cars. He had the perfect team for the same. The first production car was a 270 bhp Lamborghini 350 GT.
Soon after their first car was out, Lamborghini launched the Miura in 1966. A crazy mid engined car that played a gamechanger for the Lamborghini and gave the Maranello people ( The guys at Ferrari 😛 ) a run for their money. (Well , Lamborghini even today continues to do so 😉 😛 ) The idea of naming it Miura came to Ferruccio after he visited the Miura Ranch in 1962. Miura continued to be a raging success for Lamborghini and kept a check on Ferrari. None of the Ferrari’s could beat it until they came out with the flat-12 Berlinetta Boxer in 1973.Howeve Lamborghini continued rolling out more powerful and lighter versions of the Miura. Before the Miura went out of production, powerpacked version of it was made known as the Miura SV(SuperVeloce).It was soon replaced by the Countach as soon as Lamborghini was brought by German Automaker giant Audi.

The Game Changer Lamborghini
The Game Changer Lamborghini


The Bull wide open
The Bull wide open
Miura's Replacement
Miura’s Replacement

It was the first Lamborghini to be made with an SV badging. Wondering what an SV mean?? It means Super Fast.Lamborghini has been absolutely correct in its nomenclature. The SV’s are steroided and pumped up versions of their normal version. This is includes more horses, including the use of carbon fibre, significant weight reduction and last but not the least- more aggressive stance. All said, stating the but obvious, the SV’s came with a bigger price tag which was totally value for money ( If you are billionaire 😉 ) Till now , few of the cars have been lucky enough to be made with this badging.

The first one being the Miura followed by Diablo. Next came the mighty Murcielago and now the recent addition to the list was the stunning Aventador. Lamborghini has followed this policy of making Superleggera versions of its small(comparatively small :P) yet powerful cars such as the Gallardo. A Hurracan Superleggera can be expected anytime in immediate future 🙂 ). For the bigger beasts it has the SV badging ready. Until the production of the Aventador, the Lamborghini Murcielago SV LP 670-4 was the fastest Lamborghini ever built. With a 6.5 L V12 beast roaring and 670 horses running wild, it could punch the competition harder than ever. The SV’s came with a limited number and stayed in production for a less time before eventually going out of production.

Miura SV
Miura SV
Diablo SV
Diablo SV
Murcielago SV
Murcielago SV
The recently unvieled Aventador SV
The recently unvieled Aventador SV

The Murcielago was precedded by the Diablo and is succedded by the Aventador.Same goes with the recently launched Hurracan. It has proved to be a worthy successor to the best selling Gallardo.
Apart from making powerfull production cars, Lamborghini has successfully made exclusive hypercars with the likes of Sesto Elemento, Reventon and Veneno. There have also been rumours about a Lamborghini bike named Caramello. The list of recent concept cars by Lamborghini include – Egoista, Urus, Estoque, Asterion.

Sesto Elemento
Sesto Elemento

All thanks to Mr Ferruccio Lamborghini for doing what was impossible. Challenging the old player(Ferrari) in the market and giving it a run for its money is what Lamborghini has been doing since its inception. No matter who all are competing, in the end, the competition doubles up between Ferrari and Lamborghini; each trying to outrun the other.

And in this competition, people like us get to witness their marvellous production cars that keep us drooling over and over and again. Both Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini must be competing in heaven too. Who knows. :D. May the legends live forever.
BTW Ferruccio’s favourite car was the Lamborghini Miura which stands with pride in his private museum at Dosso di Ferrara till date. 😀

Mr Lamborghini posing pridely with his Countach Miura and the tractor
Mr Lamborghini posing pridely with his Countach Miura and the tractor


Top Automaker Commercials In India

jaguar xj

The Indian auto industry has bloomed over the past decade with an astonishing number of automakers entering every facet of the market. With manufacturers regularly launching a dizzying number of models each year, car makers need an efficient way of marketing. Although the main medium of consumption has now become the internet, a large population of our country still heavily rely on their TVs for their daily dose of saas bahu drama. Over the years, manufacturers have created some of the most breathtaking commercials to grab the attention of viewers. Although one might argue that television commercials do not truly influence a serious buyer’s choice, a good ad most definitely sparks interest in the product. Here, we showcase some of the wildest, most interesting TVCs produced by car makers for the Indian market:


8. Honda Brio

The Brio is Honda’s entry into the premium hatchback segment. The ad released for the Indian market mainly focuses on the one of the most important aspects of owning car: the bond developed between a car and its driver. Honda has given its own little twist on the classic tale of a man and his pursuit of love. Coupled with a great little song made especially for this commercial, the ad beautifully summarizes the depth of the man-machine relationship.

Honda Brio
The Honda Brio

7. Mercedes Benz Intelligent Drive

A rather hilarious advert for the German giant’s new suspension system, Mercedes Benz’s “Chicken” commercial went viral in early 2013. Mercedes’ all new suspension design for the 2013 S-Class uses a complex amalgam of infrared cameras, sensors and high speed CPUs to scan the road ahead and dynamically change the car’s suspension on each wheel to provide the utmost comfort a car can offer. The system maintains the cabin at a steady position despite numerous undulations on the road. The German automaker provided an easy to comprehend analogy via the chicken and its independently moving head.

mercedse benz s class
The all new S-Class features Magic Body Control technology



6. Jaguar’s Retort

Car rivalries have persisted since the inception of the auto industry. Car makers such as Audi and BMW regularly take digs at each other all over the globe through advertising space. However, English automakers such as Jaguar and Land Rover have largely maintained civility with their marketing campaign. That is, until now. The recently launched “Chicken” advert by Mercedes Benz created the perfect setting from an attack by the “Jag”. The English automaker’s absurd (and comical) retort will have definitely left Mercedes Benz red faced.

jaguar xj
The Jaguar Xj, the English automaker’s flagship sedan



5. Tata Safari DICOR

An SUV has always been a symbol of a free spirit. One of India’s fastest growing sections in the auto industry is the SUV segment. With numerous price brackets to choose from, car makers need to perfectly advertise the merits of their product. Most manufacturers often advertise the space or comfort the car offers. However, instead of showcasing the car’s superficial elements such as style and features, Tata opted to showcase the Safari has an agent of change; A means to break free.

tata safari dicor
The Safari DICOR was one of the most accessible off-roaders available in the Indian market

Another one of Tata’s superb Safari ads worth honorable mention:


4. Honda Jazz:

Reliving childhood memories is always a pleasure. Be it going as fast as possible on a playground swing or racing shopping carts across the aisles of the local supermarket, everybody has a fond memory of their youth.

honda jazz
The Honda Jazz


3. Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG

Power is a beautiful thing. Mortals stand in awe when they experience a phenomenon far greater than themselves and that is the philosophy behind AMG’s absolutely mental speed demons. Sculpted to please and designed to enrapture, the CLA45 AMG serves as an entry point into the Mercedes AMG lineup.

mercedes benz cla45 amg
The CLA45 AMG was released late last year


2. Renault Fluence

A quirky and well made mini ad, Renault’s Fluence commercial emphasizes on the phrase “Never Settle”.

renault flunece
The Renault Flunece did not perform well in the market



1. Tata Safari DICOR

One of the most spectacular ads ever developed for the Indian market. This ad from the early 2000’s is one of the best out there. While most ads from this era featured mulitple Amitabh Bachhan’s talking to each other or Shah Rukh Khan dirt biking across a construction site, Tata managed to bring out an ad that spoke to the soul. Money, stability, prosperity have always been prime goals in most people’s lives. However, everything comes at a price and the price for this kind of life would be the sacrifice of adventure, mystery and discovery. The concern that one may be taken over by the seemingly mundane has a lot of us sitting on edge. Tata’s ad perfectly plays on the eternal “What if?” question and ends with what has now becomes the Safari’s signature tagline: Reclaim your life.

Concepts that might change the way you look at bikes..!!

"Lambor biker concept"

Wouldn’t you just cry if your dream bike comes to life and may be if snuggles in your budget? Well, I certainly would.

I recently came across some of the most insane concept bikes that can make any superbike look like a namby-pamby. Here is my compilation of some of the most insane concept bikes, you probably might have good dreams tonight.

Lambor Biker:

You might have come across this wallpaper and might have thought, heh yeah-right lambo bike. For those who think Lamborghini cars are overrated, this is probably something that might suit your whims and fancies.

"Lamborghini bike concept"
Image courtesy:

Designed by the famous Flavio Adriani who created this two-wheel masterpiece as a tribute to the late Ferrucio lamborghini as well as the osmos wheel, a wheel without a central hub that actually runs on the rim. This is a low-slung bike and would certainly attract a lot of attention.

"Lambor biker concept"
Image courtesy:

Sadly, this is just a concept and might remain just an image on your screen, but the dream of conceiving such a bike is definitely amazing. Kudos to the designer who took his inspiration from two great names in invention, engineering as well as design; Nikola Tesla as well as Ferrucio lamborghini.

"Lambor Biker concept bike"
Image courtesy:


2015 Honda CB 750:

Futuristic or what? Igor Chak, who put in a lot more than just beauty, designed this dazzling beauty. The brains behind the CB 750 lay in an on-board computer that is controlled through a 5”OLED multi-touch display. Placing the display towards the right side of the fuel tank makes operation easier. The bike has 3 menus that the rider can choose from; the GPS, Drive and Diagnostics mode. The bike is powered from a 4-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine. If only this concept comes to life (well, I wouldn’t get it, but it would be fun to watch such a bike on the streets)

"Honda CB750 Concept Bike"
Image Courtesy:


"Honda CB750 concept Bike"
Image Source:


"Honda CB 750 Concept Bike"
Image Source:


Super Skinny Swordfish & Stalker:

With a lot of introspection and may be a little peering into the future of motorcycles come these beautifully designed concepts. Designed by Alexander Kotlyarevsky, these bikes have unique yet minimalistic designed alloys. The sleek silver hotrod a.k.a Swordfish is designed with its counterpart, the metallic pink Stalker. These are a deadly duo; sadly only concept versions of these rides exist.

"Super Skinny Swordfish and Stalker concept bikes"
Image Courtesy:


 Magic Tricycle:

 A tricycle does capture attention, but the Magic Tricycle is born to shine. Designed by Javad, an Iranian designer, the Magic Tricycle drives on all three wheels, but the exciting part is that it can rotate around a longitudinal axis running from the front to rear wheel with the left wheel elevated into the air. This Tricycle can be used as a motorcycle, its seats rotate to keep the occupants sitting upright and the airborne wheel opens up blades which work like a helicopter tail propeller to aid stability. Pretty cool and magical right?

"Magic Tricycle"
Image Courtesy:



Electric Motorbike: ZEVS:

Bikers always had to take a halt to fuel up. But, this bike that was designed by three designers Bernhard Ranner, Anders August Kittilsen and Rudolf Stefanich, worked to make ZEVS, “The first electric motorcycle for the “real biker.”


"ZEVS Electric bike concept"
Image Courtesy:

The bike targets “real men” who don’t like going easy on smooth roads, rather they prefer dusty roads with their jaunty ride. This bike reminisces a chopper or a cruiser with a bolt of modernization.


The Bull:


"The Bull Concept"
Image Courtesy:

Riding the bull, well it might seem cocky but designer Barrend Massow Hemmes who was known for the Jaguar shaped bike has bought out this bull. Attaching horns to this bull required a lot of thought. The bike looks red, loud and definitely shiny. Thinking about making this bike a reality is definitely something that most bike enthusiasts dream of. Let’s hope this concept motorcycle comes to life.


Ghost & Devil Motorcycle Concepts:

 Ghost/Devil seem like pretty sinister terms. However, the following machine has been turned into a slick speed ride that brings out the mean spirit of biking into a concept. Designed by Muhammad Imran who kept the flying falcon while designing this bike is an inspiration from the movie Ghost Rider. Young riders and their fascination towards reckless riding and the ever-increasing need for speed will never grow old. So named the Devil bike that was designed by Robert Liddell had aimed to give this motorcycle a V-Twin engine along with a shiny black personality with a passion for speed that goes inline with style.

"Ghost and Devil Concept Bikes"
Image Courtesy:


Mad Max Aitu Motorbike:

"Mad Max Aitu Concept"
Image Courtesy:

 This bike looks street ready at first glimpse. It looks like it has the rough and sturdy attitude to go miles. This Mad Max Concept was designed by Renato Gshwend who intends on attracting adventurous souls (such as yourselves) who like attention wherever you go and for a pretty good reason. The bike features a V-Twin 1800 cc engine and non-silent exhaust that roars wherever you go.


Harley Davidson Circa 2020:

"Tron Inspired Concept Bike from Harley Davidson"
Image Courtesy:

 Tron Much?

This bike somehow resembles a Tron-like body. The 883 cc engine on this bike is sufficient enough to make heads turn. Harley’s are known for their distinctive roar and their prominent charisma. This bike would certainly top the charts in that department, that is, if it were to come alive.


Ferrari V4 Superbike Concept:


"Ferrari V4 concept Bike"
Image Courtesy:

Lamborghini isn’t the only one to tease the masses with its super bike concept. Designed by Amir Gilnik, this Ferrari V4 superbike has its design built around the theoretical application of the Ferrari Enzo’s V12 Motorcycle frame. This too is sadly a concept.

Let’s just sit back and wait patiently for a sign of hope 🙂

DC Avanti 2015!!

"DC Avanti 2015"


DC goes by two popular firm names. The first one is popularly known worldwide for creating superheroes and the second firm is popular for creating a supercar. Let’s take a look at the latter:

DC is known for building some of the most legendary concept and custom vehicles in India. Some popular cars like the Aston Martin AMV8 Vantage Concept, Porsche Cayenne are some of the few cars that have undergone a major overhaul under DC’s workshop. But, what came out of inspirations from various supercars has now become a brand name.

"2015 DC Avanti"
Image Source:

The DC Avanti was christened after the DC concept design started developing the home bred sports car. Post 2012, it took DC an additional 2 years to showcase the production version of the Avanti. And now, DC has made it clear that the Avanti is more of the sports car with just a four-cylinder engine under its hood. As things did not go as per schedule, the production of the Avanti was delayed for 2015.

The DC Avanti will first be produced in India and post its launch in India, after its launch in India, the Avanti will expand its horizon worldwide. The production of the car will start at their manufacturing facility located in Gujarat, but the initial models will be built at their Talegaon facility in Pune.

"2015 test avanti"
Image Source:


Owing to the same fact, many test vehicles have been spotted several times in and around Maharashtra. Most of these prototypes had different sets of headlights and tail lamps. However, certainty lays in the fact that the car we had all seen and loved at the Auto Expo 2014 might share similarities with the finished Avanti.


The Avanti shares design hints with the Ferrari 458 Italia. A massive mesh air intake and trapezoid bumper dominates the nose of the car. The headlamps are bi-xenon units while there are LED DRLS shaped like eyebrows for the headlamps. Keeping true to its sports car heritage, the Avanti has a long and low bonnet that dips in the middle giving prominence to the DC logo and a single air vent located on top.

The side profile of the car is low yet long with quite a sharply raked windscreen with rear roofline that disappears into the engine bay located behind the car’s cabin. The pillars and the rooftop of this car have a black finish. The car stands on 20-inch alloy wheels with 255/35 sized tires at the front and 295/30 sized tires at the back that carry a unique DC design.

The length of the Avanti is 4,550 mm, while the width and height are 1,965mm and 1,200 mm respectively. The car gets a long wheelbase that measures 2,700 mm and has a ground clearance of 170 mm. Its space frame chassis combined with roll cage enclosed by the car’s body made out of carbon composite is a delight to ride.

"2015 DC Avanti"
Image Source:

If you think that the front side has more grunge, the rear side is where the real power is unleashed. The rear placed engine is covered in body colored glass to help it merge into the background. DC has shaped the tail lamps as low, sleek units that sit sandwiched between the bumper and the edge of the engine cover.

"DC Avanti rear"
Image Source:

This car is absolutely fabulous, though it does not seem like the cheapest sports car (thanks to all the styling) it shares a pretty affable yet aggressive design.


Ideal for a date, this two-seater has its entire cabin being kitted out in what appears to be quilted out leather. The material spreads across the seats, dashboard, doors and space between the seats. It also has the standard instrument cluster, steering wheel and AC. Speculation is that DC might go lenient by adding a few more features that should seem proportionate to the build quality of this car.

"2015 DC Avanti Interiors"
Image Source:


The Avanti is a mid-engined car and is powered by the Ford EcoBoost 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. This power unit manages to churn out 250bhp of power and 360Nm of torque and has been mated to a six-speed manual transmission. This is a rear wheel drive and DC’s design facility has done justice to this car by equipping the Avanti with a double wishbone setup that is found on the front and rear.

"DC Avanti Engine"
Image Source:


Many car enthusiasts have their hopes up with the upcoming Avanti. Besides, who wouldn’t right? Especially, if you’re getting such a stunner at 1/4th the price of a Ferrari. There is good news too, sources suggest that the Avanti will be offered in 10 different colors and would feature bi-xenon headlights and LED tail lamps. The initial lot that has already been booked was priced between Rs. 25-30 lakhs. But, the new batch is most likely going to drain out a few more Gandhi notes out of your pocket. Let’s wait and watch 🙂

The Most Precious Bikes in the world

"BMS Chopper "

It’s all about money these days. If you have it, you can pretty much own anything.

But, when your pockets are quite deep, exorbitant expenditures on some of the most superfluous objects becomes an inevitable necessity (at least for those who seem to disregard money)

Here are some of the most expensive bikes in the world. Owning one would require more than a smile from lady luck.

MV Augusta F4 CC:

Created by Claudio Castiglioni, MV’s Director, this bike was indeed a unique combination of design, style and met the company’s marketing and strategic needs.

"MV Augusta"
Image Source:

The motorcycle has its very own initials “CC” and costs a staggering $ 120,000 (Rs. 74 lakhs)

Built with a 1078 cc and 198 hp producing engine, this bike goes as fast as 315 kph (Whew!! That’s fast)

The bike flaunts its platinum plate that is located next to the top of its steering column. The exorbitant price comes naturally because of the limited units produced. Only 100 units of the F4CC were built. In case you buy one of these beauties, don’t forget to collect the free gift that comes along with the motorcycle.


"MV Augusta RR with watch"
Image Source:

The Bike comes with a Girard Perregaux Laureato EVO F4CC w wrist watch. The watch alone costs 12.5 lakhs.  Only 100 units of the watch were produced.


Coventry Eage Flying:

This spectacular looking bike dates back to the Victorian times when Coventry Eagle, a bike manufacturer built a diverse range of motorcycles until the outbreak of the Second World War. The Bikes carried a reasonable reputation (then) because of the craftsmanship that went behind making these bikes and their dignified glory.

The Coventry-Eagle had a range of 3 motorcycles. However, during 1920’s the line-ups were chopped and changed to the availability of the engine. The most popular motorcycle was the Flying-8 that took its name from the engine’s RAC rating of 8hp.

"Coventry Eagle Flying"
Image Source:

The bike was sold at the Bonhams auction on 18 August 2011 for $ 2,65,00 or Rs. 1.66 crores.

Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX:

Only 13 units of this beauty ever rolled out of Ecosse Moto Work’s garage. The company is known for its exquisite and exclusive range of motorcycles. The Ti XX is the latest inclusion in the list of superbikes. The bike is made out of Titanium and is considered one of the most expensive motorcycles in the world.

"Ecosse Titanium"
Image Source:

The bike costs an eye-popping $ 3, 00,000 (Rs. 1.86 crores)

The motorcycle is powered by a 2409 cc billet aluminium power plant. With 228 PS power to the rear wheel, you can fly on roads. Carbon fibre plays an important role in the detailing of most parts on this bike. The saddles have been handcrafted by posh Italian leather-maker Berluti.

That said, this bike has grade-9 titanium exhaust popes and have ceramic media shot-preened finish on them (hence the exorbitant amount)


Yamaha Roadster BMS Chopper (Nehmesis):

"BMS Chopper Gold Plated"
Image Source:

BMS Choppers specialize in customizing stock metric motorcycles. The Florida based custom house has modified bikes like the Yamaha V-Star, Road Star, Warrior and Honda VTX 1200.

"Gold Plated Chopper"
Image Source:

The 1000 cc Roadster BMS chopper is certain to take a big chunk out of your savings. This Gold Plated Custom Chopper is one of the most expensive bikes in the world. Apart from its Gold Plated body, the stunning shopper looks like a show stopper.

"BMS Chopper "
Image Source:

But, taking a chopper made out of gold out on the streets might not be such a good idea. The chopper costs $ 5,00,000 (3.10 crores)


Dodge Tomahawk:

If you first lay eyes on this bike, you would probably think of it as a bike that’s worth watching on the big screen but never in real life. But, this V 10 powered, 8.3 liter engine that was caused from the Dodge Viper, powers this massive machine. With 500 HP force, this ultimate machine can go up to 420 miles an hour.

"Dodge Tomahawk"
Image Source:

The Dodge Tomahawk has a peculiar shape but costs a massive 5, 55,000 USD that translates to Rs. 3.5 crores.


Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship:

Artist Jack Armstrong unveiled the first million dollar Harley-Davidson. That’s right, a million dollar Harley, sounds pretty insane.

The “Cosmic Starship” bike is a 1250 cc V-Rod engine. The bike carries Jack’s Cosmic Extensionalism that has been applied to the Harley-Davidson V-Rod. The Bike has been painted to appear like it has literally dropped down from outer space.

"Million Dollar Harley"
Image Source:

This Harley broke the record, to be the most expensive Harley ever.

Would you pay Rs. 6  crore for this Harley Davidson?


Gold Bike:

The following bike might look like it has come out of some dump, but this is recorded to be one of the most expensive bike in the world.

"Presenting 315kg Gold powered bike"
Image Source:

Some experts believe that the bikes frame alone costs an upward of $ 1 million.

The bike was designed by an extremely wealthy Turkish motorcycle fan, Tarhan Telli. The bike has a 1801 cc V-Twin engine with 125 horsepower, 6 speed transmission and 700 pound curb weight. But these are just common specifications, but the most unique thing about this bike is that it’s made out of gold.

"Tarhan Telli Gold bike"
Image Source:
"Tarhan Telli Gold Bike"
Image Source:

This bike has Medusa’s head adorned on its tank and the serpent that warps all the way around the bike of the bike. This bike has been given an antique look and has been specifically designed to avoid shine. This bike also holds a record at the Guiness Book of World Records.


If you think that’s the most expensive bike, check out the following.

Ecosse Spirit ES 1:

In case even your soul craves for speed, and you have plenty of Washington’s stacked up in your account?

The Ecosse Spirit ES1 is the perfect machine for your bucks.

A collaboration of an American, Don Atchison and two Brits, Richard Glover and Andy Le Fleming resulted in this revolutionary motorcycle.

"Ecosse Spirit"
Image Source:

The Spirit ES1 is unlike any motorcycle presented by any manufacturer. This superbike of superbikes has the same principles that apply to building F1 cars, the same formula goes into making these brutal forces!

The bike’s speed comes from the ultra light aerodynamic design and its mighty engine. The double horsepower with a bespoke 1000cc IL4 engine thrusts the bike to 230 miles an hour. The motorcycle performs like a F1 car.

Its frameless chassis is covered in carbon fiber and luxe-leather seat. The rider maneuvers great control by sitting in a position that allows the knees to be closer to the body. The bike also has different suspension systems for its front and rear.

Bringing this bike to your garage requires the perspective buyer will have to meet with the design team to specifically build the bike to fit their needs. Details like colour, finish etc are decided by the buyer and the team.

The following 2 weeks, the buyer has to attend a minimum of 2-weeks training period with a championship racer and the team to learn how to tame this two-wheeled beast.

Image Source:

But, the basic requirement is $ 3.6 million (Rs. 22 crores)

Happy Riding Folks 🙂

The Future of Locomotion: Autonomous Driving

bmw self driving car

CES, the annual event that serves as a platform to showcase some of the most creative and path breaking inventions of the year has always been host to a wide array of developers from every field. Although phone and chip makers have always been regulars at the event developers from various other industries have slowly entered the fray.

ces 2014
CES brings together some of the most innovative ideas and path breaking technologies from manufacturers from across the globe

CES 2014 and 2015 saw the debut of BMW’s and Audi’s autonomous driving technologies. Both manufacturers have developed systems capable of maneuvering, accelerating and braking in high speed, high risk conditions. This new technology has been long touted to be the future. With game developers, film producers and even scientists proposing radical new modes of autonomous locomotion, the world strongly believes that the next big leap for the auto industry will be the autonomous driving era.

google self driving car
Tech giants such as Google have also shown keen interest in the field of self driving cars

Although BMW debuted its self driving tech much earlier, a far more refined system was showcased last year. Dubbed ConnectedDrive, the system was developed in-house by BMW’s Technik division. The project aims at making a some of the cars in the German automaker’s range fully autonomous by 2020.

bmw self driving car
BMW aims for a fully autonomous range by 2020

Demonstrated with the German car maker’s 6 Series Gran Coupe and 2 Series, the presentation featured the cars navigate an entire race course with no input from the driver whatsoever. More than that however, the Bimmers put on a breathtaking show with smokey burnouts and tail spins. The Bavarian manufacturer’s Autonomous driving tech painted the future in a new and wondrous light.

Audi, BMW’s biggest rival made its big leap into the future with its “Piloted Driving” system. Though not fully dependent on the computer’s vast array of sensors and processors as BMW, Audi’s new tech is just as impressive. While BMW showcased its system at CES in closed grounds, Audi took it one step further by testing the concept on a long distance drive from San Francisco all the way to Las Vegas where the event is held. Affectionately named Jack, the Audi sportsback managed to travel the 900 km journey with minimal input from the driver.

audi rs7 autonomous car
Audi’s customized RS7 made it through a 900 km journey with almost no driver input whatsoever

The self driving Audi car serves as a bridge between pure autonomous vehicles and our current generation. Similar to our transition from candle light to electricity, the shift from modern day locomotion to autonomous driving will be a gradual one. Although BMW envisions the grand future, Audi’s self driving A7 gives us an idea about what the very near future of road traffic will be.

While most of civilization embraces the future, some experts are rather discouraged and even dismiss the idea of autonomous driving. The idea of self driving cars may evoke images of a safer and less threatening future, however, in actuality, shocking latent ethical and legal complications frequently arise in the most common of situations.

Wired magazine’s Patrick Lin explores the mind boggling moral ramifications of simply designing a crash aversion and damage control algorithm for cars. He suggests that the development of such an algorithm is not unlike the design of a targeting mechanism. On the surface, these algorithms may be seen as a method for terrorist attacks. However, bizarre ethical and legal issues raise their ugly heads in real world applications. For example, consider an imminent crash wherein the autonomous crash must make a decision between colliding with a motorcyclist with a helmet and a motorcyclist without.

Common sense and probability dictates that the vehicle must collide with the biker that has a higher chance of survival i.e. the one wearing the helmet. This leads to a situation where the motorist adhering to the rules is punished. This will in turn lead to a radical change in riding habits of most bikers. By cultivating hazardous driving habits, such motorists will be less prone to “attack” from the on-board computer systems. A strange consequence of autonomous driving.

By ensuring cars and bikes are safer in tougher conditions, consumers have a tendency to push harder with the knowledge that the car has been designed to provide better safety. There is no escaping the veiled hurdles of the future but as Mr. Lin suggests, with conscious effort from consumers and a better understanding of what is under the hood of the car of the future, we can better appreciate and implement this new technology.

Car Buyer’s Guide – Negotiating with a Dealer

car deals

While most of us readily haggle over the price of vegetables or the cost of an auto ride, we’re convinced a car dealership demands too suave a temperament to bicker over prices. It may come as a surprise to some that most fertile opportunities to save a pretty penny present themselves at the dealership. It’s hard to pin it down to a science but the ability to drive a hard bargain comes down to  beating car sales executives at their own game, which is no mean feat. Buyers can derive comfort from remembering that a salesman can’t talk you into a deal without your express consent.

In order to be able to confidently parley over the price of your dream machine, begin the process of studying the negotiation beforehand. This allows for making an informed decision exactly how good a deal you’re getting on the car and how much further you can push to drop the prices. Thus may start with things such as surfing around the internet to get information on the prevalent market prices, loan rates, and potential seasonal discounts. Once that’s out of the way, it’s all down to how well you’re able to wrangle with your car salesman.

car deals

Here are few tips to keep in mind when negotiating with a car dealer:

1. Scour the internet for data such as the invoice price paid by the dealer to the manufacturer. Also check out any rebid information and hidden incentives with the dealer. Keep in mind that the minimum dealer profit is usually 3 to 5 percent. Make a calculation of a fair price for the car based on the information you gather. Doing your homework helps you be more convincing since you’re convinced yourself exactly how much you think the cost should be.

2. Do not get carried away with everything the dealer tells you. He might present you with a work sheet when you sit down with him to negotiate. This work sheet would constitute of purchase price, down payment, monthly payment and trading value. But by now we know better than to be hoodwinked by a bunch of numbers arranged to make it look like the car is being sold at close to no profit. This is where you recollect all the hard work you put in earlier and talk the numbers you’re interested in.

negotiating with a car dealer

3. Resist negotiating solely based on the monthly payment without contemplating swelling interest rates or stretched out terms. Monthly payment results from the down payment, long term and interest rate.

4. Remember to always have your game face on in order to throw salesmen off their own game. React with sarcasm and surprise to initial pricing estimates in order to show from the outset that you’ve got a plan . Dealers try to create a pressure cooker sort of situation for buyers in order to force the impulse buy.  Stave off any attempt to get you to close the deal in a short span. The longer you keep at it, the better chances you walk away with a good deal.

5. Another important think to remember is not tell one dealer about another dealer’s quote. This may seem like a good tactic but it’s the oldest play in the book and nobody’s falling for it. There’s also the fact that bringing up another dealer is only going to make the one you’re interacting with think about his own results in the light of another dealership, which is not what you want. Though you may be at loggerheads with each other for a while, make sure to keep the conversation amiable.


6. Don’t forget to mention you’re prepared to discuss an acceptable trading price for your old car. Even if there isn’t an official exchange program, it’s worth a shot. But first, be sure you have a satisfactory price on the new car. Exchanges tend to take the biggest chunk off the price of a new model.

7. Be prepared to walk out if the dealer makes the price non-negotiable or if there’s too much acrimony for the bargaining process to continue. Doing your due diligence will help you be sure when exactly it isn’t too dramatic to leave as a result of getting a raw deal. But before you storm out, make sure to pose a yes/no question with the price you have in mind. This can often lead to a sudden relenting on the dealer’s part. Secretly pat yourself on the back once the dealer walks away to get your paper’s ready.

buying new car

8. Expect an on spot of fees and extras just when you think you’re done. Although having to remit some amount might be unavoidable, most such fees can be dodged. Most times the extras are unnecessary and overpriced. In order to be sure exactly what fees are obligatory, make sure to talk to someone who’s made a similar purchase before or fall back on research off the good ‘ole internet.

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Car Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Right Model

The car market has burgeoned over the years and though fluctuations in the economy tend to affect the rate at which they move, new cars are being inducted into the market at an unprecedented pace. This process of choosing one out of a veritable smorgasbord of models is an uphill task. The immensity of the task is amplified in the case of those buying a car for the first time. For those confused on how to choose the right model your first time buying a car, here are a few tips to consider in order to narrow down the field.

Buying a car can be cakewalk, but choosing the right model is an essential first step in the process. First-time buyers need to be all the more cautious since your first car sets the tone for the choices you make in the future. So here are the following tips which you must take care of.



You must be very clear as to what class of car it is that will best service your requirements. Think for a moment about the purpose of your car, the kind of driving you intend to do with it (long or short), and the number of people you need to transport on a regular basis. Here are few other things which you need to take into account:

– Manual or automatic transmission car

– The amount of boot space you require

– How much style or cosmetic factors matter

– Big or small car to fit in your garage

hyundai grand i10


The cost of a car can make or break a deal. In a cost-conscious country such as ours, manufacturers are always selling on price and queue up discounts during the festive season. You’ll have to think about financing your purchase or leasing it if you cannot afford to fund the purchase yourself. Going by the rules, not more than 20 percent of your monthly pay is to be allocated to towards your car payment every month. Both leasing and buying have their own advantages.

If you buy a car, you can sell it whenever you want. It is more beneficial to own a car when interest rates are low and to not have to switch cars. In a case that is less frequent, if you decide to lease a car you can drive home an expensive car at a lower cost. This means slightly higher costs over the long run but also offers to leverage to try different models.



This is a crucial factor as to why are you buying a car- depending on whether it’s intended for a family, commercial purposes or for personal use. If it’s for family use, buyers should opt for a spacious car with an intensive interior package such as comfortable seats, sufficient leg and head room and with good safety controls. For commercial purpose a car which offers good mileage, powerful engine to resist heavy workload and ease of maintenance is the way to go.

Finally, when it comes to a car that is for personal use, you can let yourself go. A wide range of cars with elegant looks, stylish exteriors and a powerful engine exist in the market and it comes down to which one captured your fancy.


Getting a feel for the car is imperative before taking a call on it. Intimate the dealer by phone or e-mail before meeting him in person. Ask them whether the  specific model that you are searching for is currently present in stock. Make sure to mention that the intention of the test drive is to simply put the car through its paces and see for yourself if it caters to all your requirements. Make sure to set an appointment with a manager rather a salesperson to avoid lengthy negotiations in order to save both money and time.

maruti celerio red


You might have set your mind on a particular car but in today’s world of competition, new cars are hitting showrooms rapidly. The cars which you may not consider, may turn out to be the one that were best suited for you. Keep favorites at the top of your list but give the other contenders in the class more than a cursory glance. Once you feel that you have found a perfect match for yourself, check the detailed information regarding factors such as pricing, features, specifications and on road tests.

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Car Buyer’s Guide – An Overview

parking lot

“Kitna deti hain?” is probably the most common question car dealers hear. While mileage is an important point to factor in while buying a car, it isn’t the only one. Whether you’re a first time car buyer or a seasoned car-hopper, choosing the right car to buy is never easy. The challenge is heightened by the fact that there has been a heavy inward flux of international car makers in the Indian car market off late, many of whom have chosen to set up local assembly or manufacturing facilities. The result is that the average Indian car buyer is served up a veritable smorgasbord of options, with parameters to differentiate between models ranging from the number of seats to the number of airbags.

car showroom buying guide

For those of us who’ve made the choice to buy our first car, it’s imperative we choose the right model in order to kick off our driving careers on the right foot. A botched first attempt can lead to unnecessary heartache and possible scarring for life. Most times, buyers end up being tunnel-visioned regarding the factors that they need to keep in mind while picking their first car. This could lead to regret in the future as a result of overlooking some key details. That said, the process needn’t be all gloom and doom as you could very well end up with a trusty workhorse you share many miles and moments with.

Here’s an overview of the things to keep in mind when purchasing your first car:

Choosing the right model

parking lot

The importance of this first step can’t be stressed enough. It may seem obvious enough that picking the appropriate model based on your set of requirements is key, but what trips up most novice buyers is how to arrive at exactly what their most pressing needs are.

One of the major factors to bear in mind is your own ability. There are some who’ve put in a considerable number of hours behind the wheel before getting their own car while others may be cutting their teeth after making the purchase. Thus while the former cohort has the leverage to choose more capable models, it is wise for the latter group to dream modestly for the moment.

Another factor which is paramount is the purpose that the car is going to serve. While some may view their car as a way to put long, sweaty bus rides behind them, for others it is a window to explore the world, akin to how Columbus felt about the Santa Maria. The shape your future car takes will depend heavily on the consideration.

Negotiating with the Dealer

A good haggler always gets the best deal. What may come as a surprise to many is that crossing swords with your local dealer isn’t the only way to walk away feeling like you landed a sweet deal. There’s about seven different kinds of discounts that buyers can take advantage of in order to get the market price of a car slashed. This includes dealer discounts, loyalty bonuses, corporate discounts, and finance and insurance discounts. Not everyone is eligible for some of these and the extent to which the price is lowered also depends on the car model and market conditions. Being able to make use of three to four kinds of the aforementioned deductions can lead to a considerable amount of money being saved.

"Tata Bolt 2015"
Image Source:

Arranging a Loan

For those who may be saving for a rainy day or have had too many rainy days to have anything saved, there’s always the good ‘ole loan. There’s a chance a first time car buyer isn’t able to swing the entire amount on their own in which case a loan is the way to go. The challenge, however, is that choosing a loan provider can be as much of an uphill task as choosing a car itself. The relationship between buyer and loan provider lasts until the loan has been cleared so choosing wisely is of the essence. It makes sense to go with a bank you’ve been affiliated with if your experience with their other services has been a pleasant one. Buyers should also make sure not to gloss over the terms and conditions (as loaded with legalese as they may be) in order to avoid hiccups once the deal has been made.

Resale Value

So you’ve followed the car buyer’s guide and ended up with the car of your dreams. As much as you’ve enjoyed the machine and the miles it’s given you, there’s a good chance it’s time to give it up for an upgrade. Depreciation is possibly the biggest cost car owners incur and needs to be accounted for before purchasing the car. Factors that drive the drop in a car’s value include the company’s reputation, model supply strategy, maintenance costs, and accessories. Even factors such as the region where the car was used factors in. In coastal areas corrosion may result in depreciation while areas with good roads tend to mean a better faring car in the long run.

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