Bentley Bentayga: First Production SUV

"Bentley bentayga"

Bentley has launched some of the most spectacular looking cars worldwide. The brand is one of the most sought after luxury car brand. With the launch of various high-end offerings suited for plutocrats, the company has followed a rather different approach by announcing the launch of an upcoming SUV.

What’s Bentayga?

In January 2015, Bentley had officially unveiled the name Bentayga. Inspired by Taiga, the world’s largest transcontinental snow forest, and composing the first four letters of Bentley comes the name Bentayga. Bentley had supposedly drawn inspiration from the rugged peak of the Roque Bentayga in Gran Canaria, Canary Island.

The Bentayga is a four seat, five-door luxury SUV that has a uni-body construction. This car is a VW offering and it does make perfect sense that Volkswagen had its W12 engine mated to this beast SUV. This all wheel drive vehicle is based on the Volkswagen Group MLB platform, same as the one used in the 2nd generation Audi Q7.

The Bentayga is the company’s first production SUV and is an evolution of the 2012 Bentley EXP 9 F concept car.


"Bentley bentayga"
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The design team behind the making of this marvel had pushed limits to deliver an innovative design that carries a beautifully sculpted one-piece fender that includes a stunning light design. Bentley employed all of the VW Group’s experience in aluminum with hot super form technology used to shape the huge fender panel with enough precision to allow a crease with a 3mm radius plus a delightful sculpting that runs alongside it. The Bentayga’s twin headlights provide the perfect balance of technology and jewellery’ with knurled beveling around the inside and a Bentley logo embedded in the LED lights. The precision with which the headlights are recessed in the fender panel is again down to the super form process, yet the lenses sit flush with the bodywork.

"Bentley Bentayga"
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The outer LED daytime running lights change color to act as indicators, while the high-pressure headlamp washers actually sit in the centre of the outer lights. The Bentayga is 5141mm long, 1742 high and 2223mm wide – bigger in every respect than either the Q7 or the Cayenne, but slightly shorter and a lot lower than a Range Rover Sport. The exterior design makes the Bentayga the most luxurious SUV in the world.




"Bentley Bentayga"
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Intricate level of attention has gone into the interior as Bentley’s head of interior design Darren Day explains. “We’ve used a similar ‘winged’ design to the dash as in Mulsanne and GT, but with upper and lower wings,” he told us, “And we’ve worked hard to integrate the technology in a Bentley way.”


"Bentley bentayga interiors"
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The interior cabin is opulent as a king’s throne. The innards are perfect enough to make you forget what’s on the outside. To start with, the car has Fifteen veneered pieces of wood trim that go into the cabin and the customers have the liberty to choose among 7-different varieties of dead tree to accent one of 15 shades of naturally tanned bull hide. The leather covers for this SUV are 22-way adjustable (that’s right, twenty two way adjustable) front chairs with massage functionality. It also has 18-way adjustable rear seats in 4-place models. To add to comfort, there is a rear bench facility too. And if you need more from an impromptu ride towards a lovely sunset or a serene locale, you get a folding “even seat”that is upholstered to match the Bentayga’s interior.

"Bentley bentayga"
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To add to this, the Bentayga has an 8-inch touch screen that gains access to the infotainment system that includes night vision and a head-up display. It also includes safety features such as Traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control and self-parking.Rear seat passengers can get a Bentley-branded 10.2-inch Android tablet, which will make use of on-board wifi.Rear passengers get the same level of opulence as front seat passengers.

Engine and performance:

The Bentayga will be the first car to receive Bentley;s new Twin-turbo W12 engine. The 6.0 L twin-turbo will have an estimated 600 hp and 900 Nm of torque. This will enable the bentayga to thrust from 0 to 100 kmph under 5 seconds. This vehicle has an 8-speed transmission that splits torque with 60% to rear and 40% to the front. The Bentayga can touch a maximum speed of a whooping 301 kmph. The car carries an active anti-roll system (EWAS) that reduces the body roll.


"bentley bentayga engine"
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The official price of the Bentayga is in the dark. However, with all the speculated prices floating around the internet, the Bentayga should be aggressively priced in the likes of a Rolls Royce.

Wrap up:

Interestingly enough, the Bentayga was a showstopper at the Frankfurt Motor show this year. Bentley is said to have invested £800 million in a new facility in Crewe. It has also hired 1000 employees to meet the demand for 3000 to 4000 SUV’s annually.

Cars that make driving really fun

"Alfa Romeo"

Cars come in different shapes, sizes and temperaments. Some cars serve daily purposes while some make thrifty gas sippers. Here are some of the fun to drive cars that are available across various markets. Some cars may/may not be available in India. But, it would cost nothing to feat your eyes with a few interesting rides would it? J

The following list contains 9 cars that surely exhibit a flair for fun and joy. These aren’t just exotic cars or speedsters whose engines roar and entertain others than you. These are cars that offer overall performance satisfaction, quick acceleration, comfy interiors and of course, agile handling. The following 9 cars include stylish coupes, sexy convertibles, luxury sedans and sporty hatchbacks, all of which are guaranteed to satisfy motorists looking for that new toy to take on a weekend romp.


Vehicle Type- hatchback

Velsoter R-Spec from Hyundai is a sport-tuned version of the popular yet economical hatchback. This is quite an appreciated hatchback that comes with a 6-speed manual transmission and has a sporty look, handling and performance.


"Hyundai Veloster"
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The Veloster carries a 1.6-liter inline-4 turbo engine that carries 201 HP and thrusts at a speed of 0 to 60 mph in 7.7 seconds. Pretty neat huh?

The vehicle has a front-wheel drive and has 195 Nm torque with 6-speed manual. This vehicle catches a top speed of 139 mph and offers 24 mpg mileage in the city, 33 mpg on the highway and offers a combined mileage of 28 mpg.


8. Mini Cooper S Hardtop 4 Door:

 Vehicle Type-hatchback

"Mini Cooper hardtop"
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Next on the list is the Mini Cooper S Hardtop 4 door hatchback. The new 2015 model comes with plenty of space and offers easier access for rear-seat passengers with an extra set of doors. This is a modern compact car that carries a beautiful and presentable interior. The premium version of this car comes with comfort keyless access entry, panoramic sunroof, storage package and harman/kardon premium sound.


The Minicooper hard top 4 door car is powered by a 2.0 liter DOHC GDI inline-4 turbo engine. This engine delivers 189 HP and 207 Nm torque. It has 6-speed transmission and offers modes such as Stability control and traction control standard, sport mode, traction control off modes. The car provides 24-mpg mileage in the city, 34 mpg on the highway and a combined mileage of 27 mpg.
7. Alfa Romeo 4C:

"Alfa Romeo"
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Vehicle Type:

The 4C from Alfa Romeo is a sporty lightweight 2+2 vehicle with a punchy turbocharged inline-4, which makes it quick on its feet when you drop the hammer. But the real fun begins when you warm up the tires and start pushing it around the curves, allowing the 4C to really shine.


Powered by a 1.75-liter turbocharged inline-four, which puts out 237 horsepower, the 4C’s performance is good, with 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and a 12.7-second quarter mile time. But straight-line speed is not this car’s reason for being.

This is a 2-door, 2-passenger coupe that offers Traction and stability control standard; fully defeatable, traction off, launch control. In terms of mileage, the car has 24 Mpg in the city, 34 mpg on the highway.  The car ahs a few safety features such as Dual front and side air bags, carbon safety cell.


6. Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E:

"Volvo S60"
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Vehicle type: Sedan

The new S60 T6 from Volvo carries a new overhaul that comes with the 2015 model. This spectacular car offers ground breaking performance, superb efficiency and a fun filled ride that befriends thrill and excitement on its way.



The 2015 model carries a 2.0 liter direct injected inline-4 turbo engine. This engine delivers 302 HP and produces a lot of power and consumes less fuel. The engine reduces emissions by 30 percent. Thanks to its turbo and belt driven supercharger, the Volvo S60 has a relatively low RPM @ 5700 RPM.

The vehicle is 5-passenger seating, 4-door sedan that has traction and stability control. The car goes from 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds and records a top speed of 140 mph. The car has 24 mpg mileage in the city, 35 mpg on the highway and a combined MPG of 28 mpg. In terms of safety, this car has Driver and front passenger airbags, whiplash prevention system, inflatable head protection curtain, and city safety crash avoidance system in built.


5. Audi A5 2.0T Quattro Manual


"Audi A5 manual"
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Vehicle Type: Coupe

The A5 has quite a lot of refinement, as you’d expect. This is a premium luxury car and has an aluminum trim and small infotainment screen. This coupe offers a lively and athletic performance in an elegant package.



The vehicle carries a 2. Liter inline-4 turbo direct injected engine that delivers 220 HP and 258 Nm of torque. This is a 6-speed manual transmission-carrying car. It also has Traction and stability control standard. In terms of speed, the car goes from 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds and tops a speed of 130 mph. In terms of mileage, the car has 22 mpg in the city, 32 mpg on the highway and a combined mpg of 26.



4. Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat:

"Dodge Charger"
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Vehicle Type: Sedan

The Charger Hellcat is one of the fastest production sedans built in the market. The hellcat provides great value and costs way lesser than its competition. With this car, you can be assured of a top-shelf performance. Exciting news is that the Hellcat is pretty famous in Hollywood. It has its presence in Furious 7 movie.



In terms of engine, the Hellcat has a 6.2 liter supercharged OHV V8 engine that delivers 707 BHP of power and 650 Nm of torque. It comes mated to 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle has Traction and Stability control and goes from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds. The top speed of this car is a whooping 204 mph. The city mileage is 13 mpg; 22mph on the highway and the combined mileage is just 16 mph.


3. Jaguar F-TYPE S Manual:


"Jaguar F type"
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Vehicle Type: Convertible

The Jaguar F-TYPE is not a difficult car to operate and therefore can be enjoyed in most driving scenarios. Of course, you’ll have to deal with limited interior and cargo space. It only takes twelve seconds to drop the top and you can do it at a speed of up to 30 mph. It’s definitely a big deal to have this car because after 40 years, Jaguar has brought the new F-Type.




The rear wheel, 2 passenger, 2 door convertible carries a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 engine with 380 hp power @ 6500 RPM. It has 8-speed Quick Shift auto transmission. It also has electronic stability control with traction control; dynamic and winter mode traction. The car tops a speed of 171 mph and goes from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. City mileage is 19 mpg, highway mileage is 27 mpg and combined mileage is 22 mpg.

2. Aston martin Rapide S:


"Aston martin"
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Vehicle Type: Coupe


Who doesn’t want an Aston martin? And how about adding 4 doors rather than 2?

The Rapide S is every bit as refined, sporty and exotic, as you’d ever need. This is a coupe with the practicality of a sedan. A stylish and luxurious 4-door sports car, the Aston Martin Rapide S is both powerful and head turning.


Powered by a massive 6.0 liter V12 engine that churns out beastly power of 552 HP, the Martin rapide delivers a torque of 465 Nm. This 8-speed auto transmission enabled car carries a 4-wheel double wishbone transmission. It also houses traction and stability control. It thrusts off from 0 to 60 mph in just 4,2 seconds and tops off a speed of 203 mph. The vehicle has 13 mpg city mileage, 21 mpg highway mileage and has a seating capacity of 4 passengers.

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT:


"Jeep Grand Cherokee"
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Vehicle Type: SUV

The Grand Cherokee is a suburban warrior that you can take to any rugged path. A massive, high-powered SUV that emphasizes the “sport” in Sport Utility Vehicle, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is one of the more unique vehicles you can buy.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a 5-passenger, 5-door SUV that carries a 6.4-liter OHV port-injected V8 engine and has stability control with launch control stability. It also goes from 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds. The mileage in the city is 13 mpg, 19 mpg on the highway.
Wrap up:

Hope you find these cars good? Do let us know if you’ve found any other car under the “fun to drive category”

It’s all about top Muscle Cars

"Muscle cars"

It started with Hollywood, that later became one of the most sought after culture in the world. Muscle cars usually refer exclusively to large coupes or sedans with burly V8 engines, but with modern technology, there are quite a few turbocharged V6 motors in this arena now. Here is a list of 9 top muscle cars that are popular worldwide.

9. BMW M4 2015:

Type: Coupe

Although this isn’t your typical chunky muscle looking car, the BMW M4 does share some of the ingredients typical of the class. BMW was established as an airplane engine manufacturing company. The Bavarian Motor Works began focus on producing high-performance motorcycles and automobiles. The M4 can surely be called a European luxury muscle car.

"Muscle cars"
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The M4 car from BMW is built with a 3.0-liter twin turbo inline-6 engine that has the power of 425 horses and goes form 0 to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. The torque has increased to 406 lb. ft since 295 lb ft. The M4 carries a fitment of 2-turbochargers fitted with 2-small turbos rather than a big one. They’re both single-scroll units. Twin-scroll turbos split exhaust gases from the cylinders until they reach the turbine, but you can’t really do that between an uneven numbers of cylinders.


8. Audi RS5 2015:

Type: Coupe

The RS5 from Audi sound way too similar to its muscle car counterpart, the BMW M4. The RS5’s performance is quite phenomenal. The car is a pedestrian of the A5 coupe but considering its power, the car is entirely a different beast. This car looks pretty amazing and goes as fast as you’d imagine.

"Audi RS5"
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At the core of the RS5 is a 450-hp 4.2-liter naturally aspirated V-8 that loves to rev to its 8300-rpm redline. The car his an all-wheel drive and has a 7-speed S tronic clutch automatic transmission. This is quite a muscular and aggressive looking car that hints the power that lurks beneath the hood.


7. Nissan GT-R:

Type: Coupe

Nissan is Japan’s pride and joy. This car belongs to the muscle car category and offers plenty of power. It is quite sporty and powerful. This car has created a spark in the Hollywood community and this car has been spotted in plenty of car-related movies and it has been creating a lot of discussions.

"Nissan GTR"
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Nissan GT-R is quite the muscular car that it should be. The car is powered by a 545-horsepower with 6000 RPM and has twin-turbocharged 3.6 –liter DOHC twin-turbo V6 that shoots the coupe from 0-60 in an astounding 2.8 seconds, and the ultra-sensitive six-speed manual transmission provides nearly instantaneous gear shifting when in “R” mode. The Black Edition adds mean-looking 20″ black alloy wheels, a dry carbon fiber rear spoiler, and a handsome black leather interior. It is undoubtedly a premium performance-producing car. In terms of traction, the car has electronic traction control system.


6. Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 2016:

One of the most popular brand in the creation of Muscle history in America is Chevrolet. Founded by Louis-Joseph Chevrolet who was born in Switzerland, the business was partnered with William C. Durant that was founded in 1911. Acquired by General Motors, Chevy has played a key role in the development of the American auto industry, with classic models like the Corvette and Camaro having rightfully earned their place in the pantheon of automotive legends. Today, Chevrolet remains at the forefront of car design and production, showcasing a dedication to innovation in exciting new vehicles.

"Chevy Camaro"
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Powered by an insanely powerful 7.0 liter V8 engine that flies the 505 Horsepower producing Coupe, the Camaro Z/28 goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. (Wow! That’s pretty fast for a muscle car)

Chevrolet has definitely changed the game and the design of the Camaro Z/28. In terms of safety, the car has driver and passenger airbags. It also has traction control system; StabiliTrak electronic stability control system. You’d love the style, performance and power of this car. Sadly, this car has poor gas mileage.


5. Ford Shelby GT350:

Vehicle Type: Coupe

Ford is an iconic car manufacturer that has been at the forefront of automotive innovation since the first Model A rolled off founder Henry Ford’s assembly line in 1903. Although the wooden wheels and hand-cranked engines of early models have now been replaced by futuristic flex fuel and hybrid technologies, the Detroit auto giant continues to operate on the same basic tenets—commitment to quality, dedication to design improvement—that made the fledgling Ford Motor Company a success over a century ago. Ford is one of the biggest and baddest players in the American market when it comes to muscle car production. The Shelby GT has been quite popular and has millions of enthusiasts.

"Shelby car"
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The Shelby GT 350 is a new entrant to the highly successful Shelby car lineup of ford. A 5.2 Liter V8 engine that boosts up 526 HP of power and 429 LB Ft of torque powers this muscle car. The engine is mated onto a 6-speed manual transmission and has rear-wheel drive with front engine placement.

4. Dodge Challenger Hellcat:

Vehicle Type: Coupe

This vehicle is a feral cat sent from hell. The roar and rumble makes it sound pretty aggressive. This is the kind of car you’d want to go on a drag race with. The Challenger was designed as a boulevard cruiser with a little bit of muscle. It was never particularly good at handling curves or even providing straight-line speed, but it could easily haul four passengers in comfort and had enough oomph to keep it interesting. That all changed with the introduction of the supercharged V8 in the Hellcat version. It’s big, it’s thirsty, and not only can it hang with its muscle car competition, it can beat many of them down the drag strip.

"2015 Dodge Challenger SRT"
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With a massive twin-screw supercharger, forged pistons and high-flow heads, the Challenger Hellcat’s 6.4-liter Hemi V8 makes 707 horsepower, 650 lb-ft of torque, and a glorious sound reminiscent of a World War II airplane. Engineers at SRT clearly spent some time fine-tuning the V8’s aural signature, and what they came up with perfectly suits the nature of the beast.

3. 2015 Jaguar F-TYPE R:

F-type from Jaguar has always been considered more of a quick roadster than a muscle car. However, this more aggressive version offers increased horsepower and a standard all-wheel-drive system. You can call it the gentleman’s muscle car. It’s a little more refined and it won’t do burnouts without a lot of coaxing.

"2015 Jaguar F type"
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The 2015 Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe offers a 550-horsepower supercharged 5.0-liter V8 along with an electronic active differential, the 8-speed Quick Shift transmission and an unquestionably sexy shape. More than just an F-TYPE roadster with a roof on its head, the F-TYPE R Coupe is Jaguar’s most serious effort at a series-production, high-performance sports car since the E-Type of 40 years ago.

2. Dodge Challenger  SRT V8:

You just cannot dodge this brand. Apart from the Challenger Hellcat, Dodge has created various other beautiful cars. The company brought the Charger SRT Hellcat car that boasts insane power.

"Dodge SRT"
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The supercharged Hellcat V8 takes 80 horsepower just to run its supercharger, which can suck the air from a 10-by-13-foot room in one minute, and that its fuel injectors can fill a pint glass in six seconds. Oh, and that it produces 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, which turns the SRT Hellcat from a mere muscular car into a ballistic, five seat supercar. Dodge says it can rocket to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds on its way to an NHRA-certified quarter-mile at 11 seconds flat (on street tires), with a top speed of 204 mph.

1. 2016 Cadillac ATS-V:

Vehicle Type: Luxury sports COUPE

Cadillac, a luxury carmaker is quite a famous American brand. This GM powered car is powerful, stylish, sporty and a stunner. The Cadillac ATS-V is pretty awesome and once you drive an ATS-V, the engineering that went into the V Series won’t disappoint you.



"2015 Cadillac ATS V"
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Available with either a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder or a 3.6-liter V6, the Cadillac ATS Coupe should match or exceed the performance and handling of its already-capable sedan counterpart. Torque for the 4-cylinder is up to 295 for 2015, which should provide a welcome boost in midrange acceleration. 464 horses power this vehicle thrusts from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.

Bottom Line:

These are the top trending cars in the American market, but it has fan following world-wide.

Tata’s Veerangana Express

"veerangana express"

Tata is one such brand that has its presence in almost every sector. Popularity of this brand is increasing every day and the brand is close to every customer’s heart. The automobile sector from Tata is home grown and the vehicles range from the cheapest car to the expensive ones.

India is huge country where women empowerment is a casual term thrown around with no arbitrary effect. Although it is imperative to prioritize on the importance of safety among women, it is one of the reasons of growing concern. There have been plenty of cases of rapes, molestation, manhandling and everything that could possible go wrong with the opposite gender due to the lack in safety standards and the problem that women face in India. Many NGO’s and similar organizations have tried their best to bring women empowerment into the picture. Well RaGa tried it too (I hope he knows what the term really means) but there has been no change.

Owing to safety of women, Tata has introduces the Veerangana Express. It sounds more like a train but, this is a four-wheeled rickshaw and the best part is that this is a cab service for women. This initiative took its first move in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Tata Motors in collaboration with Laxmibai Mahila Nagrik Sahakari Bank and SGS motors in Gwalior have partnered up for this initiative. The cab service has been initiated for women and will be managed by women, which will ply within the Municipal limits in Gwalior.

Speaking on this initiative, K Sanjeeva Rao, Regional Sales Manager, SCV- Passenger, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors, “We are delighted to associate with Veerangana Express, a unique customer focused service aimed at supporting women commuters by women operators with one of our best solutions in last mile public transport- the Tata Magic Iris. It will not only provide a safe, comfortable and convenient commuting option for all women customers but with its car-like easy driving dynamics, women will find it very easy to maneuver.”

Alka Srivastava, Founder, Laxmibai Mahila Nagrik Sahakari Bank, said, “Women Empowerment has been our organisation’s sole focus and through ‘Veerangana Express’ we will come closer to our vision of seeing more self-independent women in our society. We are glad that all government authorities and Tata Motors through its channel partner, SGS Motors, are supporting this initiative. We hope the Veerangana Pink Cabs, which is for the women, by the women, will further encourage women, without having to worry about their commuting woes”.

Veerangana Express:

Initially, a total of eight, diesel-powered, Tata Magic Iris auto-rickshaws have been introduced under this scheme, which is expected to increase over a period of time. These auto-rickshaws, pink and white in color, will be driven by women drivers, trained by SGS Motors that is an authorized dealer of Tata Motors. These vehicles come Equipped with GPS (vehicle tracking system), the Veerangana Express will use the company’s four-wheeler Tata Magic Iris.

"Tata Iris"
Image Source:

The Veerangana Express is an affordable, comfortable, convenient and safe cab service for women, by women in Gwalior. Keeping that in mind Tata has equipped the Magic Iris, with a special GPS vehicle tracking system. Additionally Tata says that women will also find the Magic Iris easy to maneuver with its easy car-like driving dynamics. Moreover the vehicle is claimed to be equipped with several other convenience features and will offer best-in-class operator economics, thus generating high savings and profits for the vehicle owners. This service is being assisted by the district industrial centre by way of 30 percent subsidy (on-road price) under the “Mukhya Mantri Swarojgar Yojana” which is an initiative by the Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh.

Veerangana Express has been provided auto-rickshaw permits by the transport department will ply near girls school and college, girls hostels, etc within municipal limits in Gwalior.

Tata Motors has also partnered with a customer in Bhopal to run a similar service called, Shakti Express with 10 Tata Magic Iris. The company is also in discussion with authorities in Indore to introduce this vehicle, under the programme, Ahilya Express service.

"veerangana express"
Image Source:

Tata Magic Iris:

With a tagline, “Public Transport Ka Ek Naya Avatar” Tata introduced the Magic Iris, a micro van that was manufactured as a passenger vehicle. The 5-seater Iris catches up to a maximum speed of 55 kmph. It comes powered by a 11 hp powered diesel engine that takes a head on challenge with auto rickshaws. This 611 cc engine powered vehicle has 31 Nm torque and carries a Diesel power train. It is operated by  4-speed manual transmission and has a capacity of 10 liters.

Bottom Line:

Veerangana express is surely a great initiative that promotes women empowerment in a different manner. Team Turbozens in their high spirits support this initiative as well. We hope you find this service interesting too?

TVS Phoenix 125 – Truly a Phoneix?

Phoenix 125
Phoenix 125 Front View


The recent advertisements by TV S Motors with the Telugu Super Star Mahesh Babu endorsing  all new T V S Phoenix has successfully created brand image of a superb quality bike with latest trendy features.  To have a closer look and check the specialty of this bike, I made a visit to T V S Showroom in Bangalore. With the earlier model achieving considerable sales figures, T V S Motors has introduced loads of features in this model for making it even more stylish and feature rich bike among 125 cc bikes.


TVS Motors has done thorough upgrade in all features of Phoenix starting from engine to instrument cluster and head lamps. The 125 cc engine i.e. 124.53 cc (to be exact) delivers power of 11 PS at 8000 RPM and Torque of 10.8 Nm at 5500 RPM. The latest ecothrust technology used for this engine has enhanced power from 10.9 PS as in earlier version   to 11 PS. It’s not only about power. There is clear improvement in smoothness and low noise operation of the engine. Even when compared to most of competitive 125 cc bikes delivering power around 10.5 PS power, TVS engineers have successfully set new bench mark with higher power on offer for the 125 cc bike.


The ARAI claimed mileage for this bike is 67kmpl. With ever reliable engines from TVS delivering best of mileages, one can comfortably rely upon mileage crossing 60kmpl mark during normal running conditions.


TVS has made it feature rich with introduction of all latest technology accessories in this model. Special features include  new ignition key set with vehicle locater switch. Pressing  the button gets blinking of indicator lamp. It’s a great feature that comes handy while taking out the bike from dark parking lot such as in a theater or a stadium parking lot.

Digital display instrument cluster with white backlight has intelligent features of digital speed indicator giving accurate reading of acceleration and deceleration, fuel level   indicator showing of exact fuel level.  Battery charge level indicator gives caution to get the service done as per   schedules to keep the bike in perfect condition. Hazard lamps provided at the indicator that   can be very handy when riding bike in foggy conditions. With the hazard light indicator   ON during riding in foggy conditions helps the opposite vehicle drivers to easily locate the bike and hence can be more cautious while passing-by. Tubeless tyres fitted as a mark of true upgrade assuring longer usage as compared to tube tyres in earlier version. The seat texture and design is also improved making it pleasant experience for the pillion rider. Body coloured grab bar serves purpose of safety.

Phoenix 125 Test Ride


Shock absorbers

Phoenix fitted comes with telescopic oil damped shock absorber at front and five step adjustable mono tube suspension at the rear. The height of suspension can be adjusted as convenient for the pillion rider. It’s made   strong to withstand varying load conditions during riding over irregular surfaces.

TVS Phoenix


TVS Motors offers wide range of color options for the customers. In black color itself three combinations are available as Crimson Black, Black Magic, Midnight Black. Two options in white i.e. Cherry white and White night. Most attractive among the colors offered is the Red Hot one. It really looks stunning with unique combination of colors. The one with Red Hot color is going to be the best and passionate option for the young customers looking for something different in their bike. The ex- showroom price of Phoenix with front disc and rear drum brake is Rs 57,515/- and on road price is Rs 69,300/-. On road price includes incidental charges and accessories like tank Cover, helmet Lock, engine guard, Saree guard, Teflon coating etc.

Test Ride

I took the test ride in the rush hour time of city traffic and in cross roads with provision for speeding. The design of handle bar gives perfect grip and makes the rider feel great.  Aerodynamic shape given for  fuel tank gets best of attention and also adds to the best posture of the rider. The new 3D logo of TVS and signature of Phoenix   is a sure shot feature getting public attention. Front suspension made of telescopic oil damped gets good cushioning to rider. Rear five step adjustable mono-tube inverted gas filled canister shocks with series springs gets perfect ride quality  for the pillion riders. Shocks absorbers made strong to withstand vibrations during riding over   road humps  and may be the off road riding during hectic traffic conditions. Four speed constant mesh gearbox provides best of torques and in  respective gear selection. When it comes to gear shifting, there is some kind of discomfort as it takes repeated operation of the pedal while shifting to back to lower gears. The ecothrust engine with enhanced power gets smooth pick up. Within few moments from idle condition one can reach speed of 30 to 40kmph. Once the engine set, it can cross 120kmph if the road condition permits. The promising mileage of 67KMPL and marvelous performance engine delivering best of power and torque makes it a great companion for long rides.  Tubeless tyre fitted on alloy wheels makes way for long gap between every refilling of air. Front disc brake and rear drum brakes has great grip and brings the bike to halt in very limited distance and time.


The latest version of Phoenix 125cc is a great option for bike lovers looking for maximum features with economical price tag. Special features like digital instrument cluster, 3D Logo, LED pilot lamps in the head lamp cluster all gets the best of appreciation from the rider. It is   glamorous in styling and a great reliable bike for the mileage and performance enthusiasts.

Traffic Accidents and Safety

"Creative Road accident ads"
"Road Accidents"
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Injuries, Death and everything in-between, all because of an ignorant decision. Road traffic accidents are a global crisis and are one of the leading causes of death. Who is to be blamed? The blame game is always obvious, within a flash things can go terribly fatal. People between the ages of 5 and 29 and third leading cause for people between 30 and 44. With the number of vehicles rapidly rising in developing countries, this epidemic is quickly worsening in low and middle-income countries and is on its way to becoming the third leading cause of death and disabilities by the year 2020 (WHO 2000). The losses in road traffic accidents are enormous in economy and health related issues. Families having accident victims shatters with death and the victims seriously injured often needs medical facilities for the rest of their life and eventually becomes a burden to their family. Road traffic injuries are burdening health care systems in countries around the world. Low and middle-income countries suffer from a significant percentage of preventable deaths and injuries from road collisions in these countries.

According to Bob Joop Goos, chairman of the International Organization for Road Accident Prevention, “Road danger is a man-made crisis, with human error accounting for over 90 percent of accident”

"Road Accident kills stats"
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"Safe roads statistics"
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Here are some of the facts:

– 1.3 million road deaths occur every year

– More than 50 million people are seriously injured every year

– There are 3,500 deaths a day or 150 every hour, and nearly three people get killed on the road every minute

– The number of traffic fatalities will rise by 67 percent over the period of 2000-2020, 68 percent in the Middle East and North African region and 144 percent in Southeast Asia

– Middle and low-income countries to see an increase in traffic deaths of 83 percent by 2020

– Europe and other high-income countries to decrease traffic deaths by 27 percent over the period 2000-2020.

– The UN goal is to halve the number of road victims by 2020

– $3 trillion (USD) is the cost of road crashes every year




Innovation is one such thing that can make unbelievable things happen. But how does creativity and innovation cater to such a serious problem and more importantly, how does it help change the mindset of people?

Well, here are a few methods that are introduced to create awareness and save lives:


Samsung see through truck:

Samsung, a tech giant has made astounding news by introducing a revolutionary truck that enhances safety standards. In the name of safety, this truck has made this prototype truck that consists of a wireless camera that is attached to the front of the truck and is connected to a video wall made out of 4 exterior monitors that are located on the back of the truck. The monitors help drivers behind the truck view what’s going on ahead even in the dark of night. This helps avoid fatal accidents.

"Samsung Safety Truck"
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Solar Roadways:


iPhone Anti –Sleep Pilot App:

Smart phones have really overtaken the smartness of most drivers. Claiming a large chunk of the blame when it comes to preventable car accidents due to individual texts or calls while driving. Introducing the iPhone anti-sleep pilot, an app that gauges the drives fatigue level using the manual inputs and synchronizing with the phone’s GPS. This can be customized for different drivers. This app requires the driver to occasionally tap a button that pops-up at regular intervals that gauges the fatigue level of the driver and recommends driving breaks when appropriate, a process which helps prevent the driver from falling asleep at the wheel.

"Anti Sleep iPhone App"
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Anti Sleep Driving Alarm:

Worried that you don’t have an iPhone?

You can still have an anti-sleep alarm gadget. The simplest types are worn around ear and detects when the head tilts more than 30 degrees. An alarm sounds directly into the ear that jerks the sleepy driver awake. It is a great gadget for keeping drivers from nodding off on long trips and preventing car accidents. Prevention is definitely better than cure in this case. Your phone thus becomes your guardian in disguise.


"Anti Sleep Driving Alarm"
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Bluetooth Car Kit:

This innovative kit helps you overcome the hassles of calling and texing while driving. The kit hence lets you do this safely by routing calls automatically so that you never use your hands. One of the best reviewed Bluetooth car kits is the Motorola Roadster 2, which not only allows you to make and receive calls hands-free, it also allows you to text using voice activation. It clips to the visor so it’s out of the way but still strategically placed. This kit is compatible with most cell phones, but some features are only available for Android phones, such as the Car Finder App. This gadget is a good way to multitask safely.


"Bluettoth Car Kit"
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Rear Camera:

Rear cameras aren’t considered a luxury anymore; this is becoming a safety measure in pretty much all cars. This is because approximately 57% of drivers that use a backup camera or rear camera avoided backing over stationary objects placed behind the vehicle. Backup cameras reduce the blind zone by roughly 90% on average, in turn reducing the chances of collisions.


"Rear Camera"
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Lane Departure Warning System:

This mechanism is designed to warn the driver if the car begins to move out of the lane, until the indicator is on in the direction of arterial or freeways. This system is effective in minimizing accidents as it addresses the primary causes of collision- drowsiness, distraction and drive error. The system is forward-looking and vision-based systems that runs on algorithms to interpret the video images to estimate the vehicle state and road alignment. This system applies torque to the steering wheels and steers the vehicle back in the lane boundaries.

"Lane Assist"
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Here are a few creative advertisements that have been raised in public awareness to inform, educate and warn the public on the risks of rash driving:


"Creative Road accident ads"
Who will win?


"Creative Road accident ads"
Don’t Drink and Drive


"Creative Road accident ads"
Don’t Text and Drive


"Creative Road accident ads"
Driving Tired can kill


"Creative Road accident ads"
Sleepiness is stronger than you think


"Creative Road accident ads"
Sleep before you drive


"Creative Road accident ads"
Stop For Flashing Lights

Weirdest cars of all time

"Tubular Cars"

Trolling others is perhaps the funniest way to get a smile or giggle on screen hooked junkies these days. But, how would it make you feel if you were to notice some of the weirdest (and I mean it in a funny way) cars ever made? Obviously, the makers of such unique trolls on wheels must have had a fresh dope of some of the weirdest $h!t.

Here is an article that should drive you crazy. Brace yourselves 🙂

Peel 50:

Hmmm….A 3-wheeled car, where have I seen it before? Ah, yes this car reminds me of the Mr. Bean series. The Blue car in that series was the handicapped cousin of all cars, due to its 3-wheel base. The Peel 50 happens to be the smallest automobile to ever go into production. Interestingly weird right?

"peel 50 car"
Smallest car in the world

Cam Van: Because 1 camera is just too lame:

In 1993, Harrod Blank had this weird idea to cover his car with cameras and to drive it around to take pictures of people on the streets. At the end of the dream, Harrod looked at pictures taken with the van of faces frozen in the moment of awe, pictures so powerful that the next morning he decided to attempt to build such a vehicle in reality. Soon after, his friends accompanied him for the next 2 years into building this dream cam van.

"Camera Van"
“Camera Van”

I hope google knows about this, it would have made things so much better. An interesting sight it the placement of cameras sequentially arranged to form the word “SMILE”

"camera Car"
Camera Car

Hippie car:

Grass might be green on both the sides, but how would it look like when the grass grew on the car.

"Grass Car"
Grass Car

Well, this experiment was nothing short of crazy. The grass-loving (keeping my imagination open to all sorts of grass) owner decided to allow Mother Nature do her thing to the car. Oddly enough, the car looks fine. I’m guessing that this car must be hybrid and runs on some green fluid (something similar to mountain due :P)

Not so Happily married car:

Well, as the name suggests, this car makes it really obvious. Apparently this couple considered that alimony was just too mainstream and took separation to a whole new level. Judging by the look of this car that has been precisely cut into half, I can only imagine the amount of things that had to be literally be severed.

"Divorced Car"
“Divorced Car”

This is????

It looks like a bug that had feasted on some humans is riding away to glory. Yep, its definitely weird looking, I’ve got to admit, the holes add a little character to this weird thing on wheels. But well, creativity sees no holes even if its on a bug shaped ride with holes on it.

"Weird Car"
“Weird Car”

Ugly Monstrosity:

Wonder what went into designing this ride!?

Monsters look really good on some rides, but making a ride out of what seems like a monster might not be such a great idea. Especially, if the monster is having a bad fur day. Even the worst teacher during my school days has never looked so eerie. But, no complaint to whomsoever has had this nightmare-inspired thing.



Why go fast, when you can snail your way through!

I’m assuming a few parents who were so inspired by the speed of a snail went completely literal with this ride. Designed quite well, but I wonder how slow it goes?

"Snail Car"
Snail Car


Play Boy’s nightmare:

Weird has just no definition does it? To say the least, this ride looks somewhat like a bunny. To add to the weirdness, check out the people sitting inside.

"Bunny Car"
“Bunny Car”


Tubs away:

It’s a child’s fantasy to pretend that his bathtub is a supercar and he’s riding it crazy. But, this rider went bonkers with this absolutely insane idea of converting her bathtub into a ride.

"Bath Tub Car"
“Bath Tub Car”


Spacious car:

This geek car, the owner must have had plenty of floppies and decided to glue them onto his car.

"Floppy Car"
Floppy Car

Post it:

What do you do if you have $h!t loads of post its? Simple, glue every decent inch of your jaguar with it. Looks like even the jaguar has had enough and has decided to leap the F#@k off.

"Weird Post it cars"
Weird Post It car


Tubes, Tubes and more Tubes:

The owner of this car must be related to Mario. He has left no space on his car un-tubed. Does he have tubes for seats too? Quite weird right?


"Tubular Cars"
Tubular Car



This limo doesn’t run out of wheels for the most part. Built by Jay “Hollywood”Ohrberg, this Limo named American dream was 100 feet long that was powered by 2-Cadillac V8’s and ran on 26 wheels with a pool and a helipad (that’s right, helipad) at the back. With a seating capacity of 75 people, its definitely one heck of a ride.

"Largest Limo"
Largest Limo


Land Rover India: In the lap of Luxury

"Land Rover Range Rover"

Ever since Tata took over the company, Land rover has become one of the most popular selling luxury cars in India. Besides its operations worldwide, the company has retained its mighty image in the luxury car market. The following article is based on the multifarious Land rover models available widely across India.

Land Rover Range Rover  LWB 5.0:

Perhaps one of the most prestigious rides by Land Rover, the Range rover LWB is a luxury sports utility vehicle that comes with a long history of pristine craftsmanship as well as the legendary off-road prowess to go by. This royal ride comes with smooth riding skills that commandeer both on and off roads.

"Land Rover Range Rover"
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Available in multiple diesel and petrol engine variants, the Range Rover is powered by a 4.4 L SDV8 diesel engine that boosts up 334.4 bhp of power and 700 Nm of torque. The vehicle has a 3.0 L TDV6 engine variant too that produces 254.5 bhp and 600 Nm of torque. The Petrol engine is a 5.0 L Supercharged V8 Petrol engine that generates a whooping 503 bhp of power accompanied by 625 Nm of torque. The car comes equipped with a smooth and intuitive 8-speed auto transmission with Drive Select Rotary Shifter and paddle shift control on steering wheel column. The All-New Range Rover can achieve a maximum speed of 218 km/h and can sprint 0-100 km/h in a cool 6.9 seconds.


Born with royal attitude, this stylish SUV is as distinctive as it looks. It looks trim, muscular and athletic, and carries a box-shaped structure accompanied by strength and power. The car comes with stylish alloys of 5-split spoke 20-inch design and attractive front lamps with adaptive Xenon headlamps, which have automatic on function and directional lighting. The interiors on this royal ride come with Meridian Surround Sound audio system with 825-watt output, multi-changer CD system and a new 8-inch high-resolution touch screen display with dual-view technology and a steering wheel with five way toggle switches. It also has 4-zone air conditioning system to cool every inch of the interior.  The Ranger Rovers come equipped with ABS, Hill Descent Control, Dynamic Response, Electronic Traction Control and Cornering Brake Control. Passengers are protected by eight airbags. Surround Camera System aid for better driving in the All-New Range Rover. The company has left no gap for a frown; this car has pretty much everything to spoil the owner.




Did I mention that this was a royal car? Well, the price of the Range Rover LWB 5.0 ranges between Rs. 1.85 to 2.58 crores.


Land Rover Freelander 2:

Another compact SUV from the Land rover stable is the Freelander2.  This 4X4 lifestyle SUV is compact in nature, but it makes up for a great city vehicle.

"Land Rover Freelander 2"
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The Freelander2 comes with a 2.2 litre common rail diesel engine that produces a peak output of 190 bhp at 3500 RPM as well as 420 Nm of torque. The car comes mated to 6-speed automatic transmission. This vehicle looks tough enough to tame all sorts of roads.


The Freelander 2 carries new front, rear bumpers and tail lamps since the Freelander. This vehicle has high build quality along with plush interiors. The car carries Map My India satellite navigation system, USB connectivity too.



The Freelander 2 starts off at Rs. 45.43 lakh and touches the 52 lakh landmark. It isn’t too expensive a proposition and comes with plenty of features.

Range Rover Evoque:

By far, one of the most eye catching Range Rover built, the Evoque remains my favorite ride till date. This sophistically styled SUV is simply designed towards perfection. With crisp lines, sophisticated styling and elegant cabin space, the Evoque is a versatile 4×4. This car was unveiled unveiled at the North American International Auto Show as the Land Rover. It was inspired by the Land Rover LRX concept. Interestingly, Victoria Beckham was a design consultant for the Range Rover Evoque.

"Range Rover Evoque"
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The Evoque comes with 2 different engine options. Its 2.2L Turbo-Diesel engine that produces 187 bhp and 420 Nm of torque. There are four Terrain Response settings, General Driving, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud and Ruts and Sand. Transmission system is a 6-speed automatic unit, which enhances the performance through smoother and quicker gearshifts.


This vehicle has innovation written all over it. With a terrain response, the engine adapts transmission and electronic systems to maximize driving comforts and traction. With a generous amount of aluminum found in the bonnet, roof and composite plastic used for the tailgate, the car offers a full-length glass sunroof as an option. It has Xenon headlamps with LED lighting that give it a premium appeal. With electronic mirrors, 18-inch sparkle silver alloy wheels and bold arches, this car is as sporty as any SUV can get.



The Range Rover Evoque is priced between Rs. 48.73- Rs 56.21 Lakhs. It is definitely worth every rupee you spend.

Land Rover Discovery 4:

With a couple of design tweaks in 2014 to keep the model fresh before the new 2016 Discovery rolls out, the Land Rover Discovery 4 is an excellent addition to the Rover family. This car was launched in 1989 and the Discovery 4 is the 3rd generation model. Its scintillating design is quite captivating. Tata Motors, with the launch of this premium model, desires to create a strong brand image in the Indian car market. This car is available in India with a completely built unit.

"Land Rover Discovery"
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Available in SE, HSE and SE S/R variants in Indian car market, the Discovery 4 is built to overpower any situation. The car comes powered by a 3.0L TDV6 diesel engine, which produces maximum power of 241 bhp and torque of 600 Nm. With the use of parallel sequential turbochargers, the power supplied is massive. This car carries a 6-speed automatic transmission unit for all sorts of driving conditions. The performance of this car is supported by Dynamic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control units, which ensure smooth and comfortable ride.


The Discovery 4 has an aggressively stylish exterior and is definitely what I call Creative engineering. The car’s perfectly structured line goes along with strong stylish design and has perfect dynamism. It also has a spacious cabin, premium interiors, smart dashboard, easy to read instrumentation, seven seating capacity, and Harman/Kardon audio system with Bluetooth connectivity with touch screen display to keep the journey entertaining. This car has Automatic Climate Control AC that comes as a standard feature in this SUV. This car also carries Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brake Assist (supplies extra braking at the time of emergency), and Electronic Traction Control, which helps in maintaining finest grip, airbags and Dynamic Stability Control. The plentitude of these safety features makes this one of the most desirable luxury car in India.



The Discovery 4 is priced between Rs. 76.96 to 81.32 lakh.


Range Rover Sport: 


With seamless design, bespoke styling and heavy detailing comes the Range Rover sport. This is one of the best-looking SUV’s on offer in India.

"Land Rover Range Rover Sport"
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The Range Rover Sport is offered with 2-engine options. The V6 Turbocharged Diesel and V8 Supercharged Petrol. The V6 engine makes 292PS and an impressive 600Nm of torque. The Petrol engined Range Rover Sport is equipped with a 5.0-Litre V8 supercharged mill that produces 510PS and an earth shattering 625NM of Torque. Both the engines come equipped with 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox with seamless shifting.


The Range Rover Sport comes with a bespoke steering wheel with a large and crisp instrument binnacle. It has a cascading central console too that is crafted beautifully and oozes sheer quality. The car has centrally mounted infotainment console with large touch screen. The screen also displays data such as articulation, water wading depth and differential lock percentage while one is off-roading thereby ensuring best results. The seats too are absolutely wonderful, both up front and in the back making the Range Rover Sport an absolute joy to be in. Exteriors and interiors on the Range Rover Sport are as classy as they can get.


The Range Rover Sport comes at a premium price ranging from Rs. 1.33 to Rs. 1.77 crore.

Presidential Rides Worldwide!!!

Here is a list of some of my favorite cars that the Presidents and PrimeMinisters of different nations own.

Please Enjoy:


Perhaps, one of the most terrific presidential cars in the world is named “the beast”

Built with Cadillac and GMC components, the armored vehicle flaunts safety at its finest. The Cadillac has internal speakers that tell Obama if the outside world is making any noise. The Cadillac also has the ability to go on the offensive by firing teargas from its bumper.

This custom built heavy armored limousine is often referred to as Cadillac One and also “the beast”

"The Beast Car"
Image Source:


What’s inside?

The Beast features bulletproof windows, state-of-the-art communication and protection systems and a gas-proof chamber. Although most details of the car remain classified (typical Government BS) there is a night vision system in a secret location of the car.

There are special loops that replace the stock handle doors and agents hold on to them when running alongside the car. The car has Goodyear run-flat tires that fit into extra-large wheel wells.

Bio chemical attacks? You won’t inflict any damage whilst in this car. There is a blood bank in the car that has the President’s blood type. There’s oxygen supply and has a console-mounted communications center.

The car can seat 7 people including the President. There are storage compartments in the interior panels of the car that have communication equipment, so named the Limousine Control Package and are operated by the White House Communications Agency. The trunk lid on this car has 5 antennas and a specially driven Secret Service agent who is capable of performing a J-Turn drives the car :O

The U.S Air Force C-17 Globe master III airlifts the limo for domestic and international use.

The fuel efficiency of the Beast is around 29Litres per 100 Kms. There are similarly designed limos that the U.S government uses for VIP guests.

This is like the Rajnikanth of Cars 🙂

Sadly, during Obama’s visit to Ireland, the following happened:



Although the ride isn’t fancy and it isn’t dressed to impress, United Kingdom has the Jaguar XJ with all its relevant areas covered.

What’s Inside?

"Prime Minister UK Car"
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The jag has an oxygen supply and its bullet proof. Ok, so the jaguar dates back from Britain, but may be a Bentley would have done its styling bit for the Brits. India has tamed the jaguar and the PM of UK owns one.

Other State cars:

Alongside the PM’s ride, the royalty of UK if just impossible to miss. Residing in the lap of luxury, Prince Charles owns an armored Bentley Turbo R, a Range Rover, Jaguar XJ as well as an Audi A6. He also owns the “Number One State Car”, a Bentley State Limousine.

Image Source:
Image Source:
"Prince Charles Cars"
Image Source:


Other members of the royal family have some of the most exquisite rides. The Queen (Queen Elizabeth) has a green Bentley Mulsanne as well as an armored Jaguar XJ (similar to the Prime Ministers car). She also uses a Range Rover, Land Rover Defender and Rover P5.

"Queens bentley"
Image Source:

The Duke of Edinburgh owns a Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Freelander as well as a Metro Cab.

"Duke of Edinburgh's landrover"
Image Source:

The Prince of Wales has an Aston Martin DB6 Volante as well as an Aston Martin V8 that is converted to run on bio-fuel made from surplus local white wine. He also has Jaguars, Audi and Range Rover models that use bio-diesel made from recycles cooking oil.

"Prince Charles' Aston Martin"
Image Source:

The Duke of York owns a 2008 Bentley Arnage with his personalized number plate with “DOY” letters.

"2008 bentley arnage"
Image Source:

The Princess Royal owns a Bentley Continental Flying Spur that she uses for her official or private engagements.


"Bentley flying spur"
Image Source:


Leading a nation of 1.25 billion people is not an easy task. For such a special individual there has to be a special car. The PM of India, Narendra Modi (NaMo) is one of the most inspiration icons of modern India and uses a B-7 level armored 2009 BMW 7 Series that represents sophistication that goes in proportion with style.


"narendra modi's car"
Image Source:

What’s Inside?

“Change is inevitable”, and the PM certainly lives up to that motto. After inducting the threat perception that is imminent, the PM phased out the aging Ambassador cars that have had a deep connection with the government of India. Now its time for change, and the car happens to be one of the primary inclusions to the change.

"Narendra modi's car"
Image Source:

With just 4 custom built units of this BMW, these have been included in the PM’s convoy and have been modeled to provide the best of luxury and security.

The car already holds plenty of luxury features that are available in the super-premium car model. However, security has been given utmost priority and BMW has made no compromise. This car is armor-plated and holds a powerful jammer that nullifies any radio or electronic signal in the area to prevent any kind of IED attack. The steel used for the car’s body has been reinforced several times and come with thick glass windows that can withstand any kind of bullet or blast. With a speed that crosses 180 kmph, this vehicle can turn full circle at high speeds without toppling. It can also detect any heat seeking missiles and bombs. It has an extremely advanced communication system that ensures that the PM can contact any person in the country. A gas proof chamber with close circuit breathing system, powerful fuel tank that does not explode when damaged are some of the security features.

"Narendra modi's BMW 7 series"
Image Source:

The Driver for this security vehicle has to undergo a special training by BMW as a part of their “Training for Professionals” course. Drivers are trained to manage the most challenging situations, should an occurrence happen, the driver would know exactly how to maneuver the car.


Indian President’s car:

The President of India has a black Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard.

"Indian President's Car"
Image Source:

What’s inside?

This car is custom-built and is heavily armored. It is a stretch limousine and meets the VR6/VR7 protection class. The armor on this vehicle withstands rifle shots, hand grenades and explosives. It can also tackle missile attacks and bombs. It has a 60 mm polycarbonate coating glass that acts as a splinter shield.  Similar to the PM’s car, the Merc S600 has its own oxygen supply. This car has India’s emblem in place of its number plate.

"Indian President's Car"
Image Source:

This car has hydraulic doors that shut with a gentle thud. The limo is separated from the drivere’s cabin by a soundproof glass partition. This car has an integrated Harmon-Kardon Logic 7 stereo sound with 14 speakers. It also has a CD changer, hard drive based GPS satellite navigation system, fiber-optic ambient lighting, leather-cushioned seats with active ventilation system. The car has a 90-liter fuel tank that self-seals and comes with an automatic fire extinguishing system. This car comes with Michellin Pax bulletproof tires that can continue to drive for 30 km for 80 km/hr with total loss of air pressure. Its bevy of equipment factory-fitted equipments makes this a heavy yet secure vehicle. Powered by a V12 bi-turbo engine, this vehicle thrusts from 0-100 in 6.7 seconds. Now I know where all that tax money goes 😛

(Although the above info seems too good to be true, most of the features are kept classified from the public (Yes turbozens included). So, incase curiosity kicks in and you feel like a lawyer waiting to argue the inclusion/exclusion of features, please note: Media Coverage spices things up.


The President of Russia has an armored Mercedes S-Class stretch limousine.

"Russia President's car"
Image Source:

What’s Inside?

This bulletproof limo has solid rubber tires as well as plenty of communications equipments. This car has plenty of similarities with the Indian President’s Mercedes.

"Russian Presidents car"
Image Source:



José Alberto “Pepe” Mujica Cordano, the President of Uruguay is “the worlds humblest president”

"uruguay President's Car"
Image source:

The President has won the hearts of plenty. Due to his austere lifestyle and having said to donate 90% of his monthly salary to charity to benefit the poor people, he is truly an inspiration.

"Humble president in the world"
Image Source:

His humble lifestyle is reflected by his choice of an aging VW Beetle. The car held a calue of just $ 1800 (Rs. 1,08,000) in 2010.

"uruguay presidents 1 million dollar car"
Image Source:

However, in November 2014, the car had been offered million dollars, to which the humble President quoted: “If I get 1 million dollars for the car, it would be donated to house the homeless through a programme”

I end this article with a few inspiring quotes by the president of Uruguay:

“We have sacrificed the old immaterial gods, and now we are occupying the temple of the Market-God. He organizes our economy, our politics, our habits, our lives, and even provides us with rates and credit cards and gives us the appearance of happiness.

“It seems that we have been born only to consume and to consume, and when we can no longer consume, we have a feeling of frustration, and we suffer from poverty, and we are auto-marginalized.”

That’s all folks as of now 🙂

Hope you liked the article? I couldn’t add the presidential rides of other countries for the simple reason that; I would have to write a thesis. Would love your comments

Drifting as a sport in INDIA ?? Really?

Before we start, lets recollect the conversation between Sean and Twinkie (Tokyo Drift) when Twinkie accompanies Sean to the floor where Sean is supposed to race Takashi . Here is how it goes-

Sean: Can he drive?
Twinkie: Can he drive? You know what DK stands for?
Sean: Donkey Kong?
Twinkie: Drift King.
Sean: Drift? What do you mean drift?
[Cars drift in front of Sean]
Twinkie: Still need a dictionary?

Remember Sean’s reaction after watching the 2 cars moving sideways?? Well that was the reaction which even we had on our face after looking at those cars. Until Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, all that happened in the F&F movies was racing fast cars, robberies, cop evasion, turf wars. With Tokyo Drift things changed(however next F&F movie again had the former ingredients). This movie was not about fast cars, it wasn’t about any 9 sec car now, no cops, no car showoff.

It introduced us to the world of Drifting. Now many people believe that Tokyo Drift led to the origin of Drifting. Well, the fact is that the exact origin is not known but it said to have Japanese roots; the same place where the movie was based. Drifting is an art which was the result of creativity of Mr Kunimitsu Takahashi. (Bow down to you Sir) The first time he drifted was on a motorcycle and he undoubtedly is called the Father of Drifting. He was known for using his drifting skills in non-drifting racing events. Further development in Drifting were led by Mr Keiichi Tsuchiya (Drift King)(Much respect to you Sir).

Mr Keiichi Tsuchiya A.K.A Drift King
Mr Keiichi Tsuchiya A.K.A Drift King

He became interested in Kunimitsu Takahashi’s drifting techniques and himself started practising it and in no time he had mastered them . He used to drift on the Japanese mountains and soon became famous for it . Well there is a lot more to drifting and its roots and its development till the present date. However our interest lies in the actual art itself rather than its history right ? :P. So lets get started.


Drifting is a technique or more precisely – An Art of driving your car sideways while taking down corners .Suppose you are on curvy road in the mountains or on a road where you don’t expect much traffic or say its empty all the time. And you see a corner coming your way. You have 2 choices then . Either you could slow down on the corner, shift a gear down (if required ) and then drive at an optimum speed where your rear tires won’t start sliding sideways or rather you can just DRIFT! If you decide to go with the 2nd choice, you would pull the handbrakes or E-Brake(well not in India atleast :P), shift down the gear and then go optimum on the gas to keep your car’s rear running shoes spinning and at the same time counter steer the sliding so as to take down the corner in a badass way ;). Sounds amazing right??

Over the years drifting has gained much popularity just like other forms of Motorsports racing. Various competitions and events have been taking place to promote the sport. General types of racing events decide the winner based on the fastest time or the finishing position in the race. Ever wondered how winners are decided in a drifting event. There are many factors that are considered while deciding the winner. These include – the line, angle of drifting, showmanship and speed.

Line- It is the race line on the track which the drivers are supposed to follow to score more points. These are decided by the judges before the race.

Angle- Angle is the angle which the car makes with the track while drifting. Basically it’s the angle to which the front wheels are turned while drifting which ultimately decides the turning angle of the car.

Showmanship – It consists of many other factors such as – the amount of smoke, the distance between the car and the wall(if present on the corners) and the crowds reaction.

Speed- It is the speed at which the car enters the corner and speed at which drifts and most importantly the speed at which it exits the corner. Faster speeds get more points.

Instead of circuit racing events which take place on the entire racing track, drifting events take place on considerably smaller circuits. Generally they tweak these circuits to smaller ones or race on other smaller circuits. Racers enter the track turn by turn and take laps. Scoring is done on some parts of the track on. Generally these are the turns that have clear view from the judges and audience. Other parts of the track are not scored. Those parts are generally for the drivers to get their cars to to the optimum temperature and also to warm up their tyres for increased traction. Cars that can drift are generally RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and some times AWD (All Wheel Drive) changed to RWD. The top favourites include –Nissan Silvia, Toyota Levin, Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra (2JZ) and god mode drifter Toyota AE86 also known as “Hachi Roku” and used by Drift King. 😉

Drift King's ride - AE86 AKA Hachi Roku in action
Drift King’s ride – AE86 AKA Hachi Roku in action

If you noticed (in case you did not; google it :P) among’st the above cars there are no FWD because they are not used for drifting or just say they don’t drift. This is sad for us because FWD can’t drift and in India buying a RWD is way too heavy for your pockets. Also incase if the RWD did not cost a bomb, in India where Motorsports is not promoted and as much as it should be and is being celebrated around the world, promotion of Drifting as a sport seems almost like an impossible dream. Because in India , even straight line racing is yet to be evolved ( 😛 ) , going sideways will have to wait a bit longer.

But nevertheless, among’st all this some Indian guy promoting drifting would seem like a joke right? But its true. To believe it better Google about Mr Gautam Hari Singhania- Chairman and Managing Director of the Raymond group A.K.A Indian Businessman Tycoon cum Hardcore Petrol-head who has pursued his hobby in the truest and meanest sense. Realizing that there is a mass of people in the country who share a common interest with him, he has been humble enough to give a chance to people like us to witness it and live it.

He has been successful to set two events in every(probably) India petrol-head’s calendar. In January when the year starts he organizes a super car rally known as SCC of India – a Super car club of India which unites the super car owners around the country to a one of its kind car meet where people like us get a chance to hear these beauties ( super cars) in action . And in November end / December he organizes a drifting event in Mumbai – Maharashtra at his company backyard where he has set up his own drifting circuit. You all must be wondering ; how far can a Petrol-head person go in pursuit of his hobbies that he himself gets a PERSONAL racing track . To add to this craziness , he owns a fleet of Japanese Imports (The Japanese have been dominating the Drifting scene in the world from the start itself) – BMW e46 with the Corvette engine, Nissan Silvia S13, Nissan 240SX Nissan R33 Skyline, Honda S2000. You attend the event and you’ll not return disappointed.

He makes sure he takes lap in all the above beasts . No entry fee for the event and drinks are on him ( His own branded KS Energy drink 😛 ) . All this is what he does for himself. What he does for the sport then ? Well, he keeps the event open for people like us who do not own a RWD nor do we have our own backyard racing track 😛 . Mostly FWD cars participate in this 2 day event wherein the first day only participants are allowed on the track with no spectators. It is the practice day and the second day is the event day which in which cars like Honda Civic, Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Swift,Zen, Mitsubishi Lancer and more FWD. With people like him promoting motor sports in India, we hope that the motor sports scene in India gets a boost and it gets its recognition . Do check out the videos below –