Would you believe that the world’s best luxury car was made on 1907? and yeah obviously it came from the luxury car manufacturer ROLLS ROYCE. Rolls Royce contains seven ghost cars in its bag getting updated every year as they launch them on road.

Rolls Royce Ghost


First the car named was RR04 during its production, and on March 2009 it was revealed as the ghost. It was purely made of steel having high tensile strength and the chassis was made thinner and provided with air spring suspension around its four corners to stabilize the vehicle at ultimate conditions. The GHOST concedes BMW share (i.e. parent company) with about 20% of the parts which are common for BMW-7 series & ghosts – such as climate control systems, the electrical architecture parts of the floor pan & twin turbo charged V-12S engine and in combination it uses BMW I Drive user interface. The Spirit of Ecstasy is a special statue used by Rolls Royce to reflect their class when the engine starts.


Leaving the main features aside, it made some attractive changes in 2010, when presenting at the 2010 Paris motor show. A creme light color coach line and black line stained ash veneer & contrast stitching and spirit of ecstasy inlay to door capping.

2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost


In 2011 the Rolls Royce reached China with its LIMITED EDITION segment of ghost for the Chinese. It was available in three colors’ with extended wheelbase and having red interior & gold plated spirit of ecstasy.



This time the two brother’s: Ghost and Phantom were built in their own factory at the Good wood plant. During the manufacturing paint, wood and leather were shared between the two brothers. In this segment engine performance of ghost was increased and accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7sec and reached a speed of 155mph.

A two-tone color concept was first offered by Rolls Royce to their cars at this time.

Rolls Royce ghost


At the end of 2012 the ghost started getting updated with interior and colors’ that included a Carree white body color, forged alloy wheels,brown oak cross band and offering 44,000 exterior paint options.In 2013 R-R released several version of ghosts with small elementary changes and this collection had Alpine Trail centenary collection, Art Deco collection, Art Deco extended wheel base, one thousand and one night, Bespoke ghost collection, Six sense ghost concept and Chengdu ghost golden sun bird collection. These different collections made R-R Ghost an entrepreneur!



When it comes to series-2 it had all gears in hand to play a game of class on roads.

Rolls Royce v-specification 2014

Ghost V-specification 2014

The car had alloys with part polished alloy wheels and v- motifs engraved in to the tread plates. The 44,000 body colors options and extended wheel base, clock with black crown and visible chrome exhaust rear armrests, and the multimedia cover lid. You also get an exclusive clock in laid into the dashboard and Spirit of Ecstasy remains matched with the alloy wheels tone.


In this comes the ghost’s iconic design. Design was world class due to all changes made on it such as re-sculptured LED lights, tapered wake channels on bonnet, re-sculpturing of the ghost bumper with extra width and height. For the first time in 50 years the interior wood comes with inbuilt horse embossing and offers V-12 engine with 563 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque having 6592 c.c.

Rolls Royce gold 2014 majestic horse ghost model

The devil model looks hot on its tail having a combination of luxury, technology and comfort and it has a perfect entrepreneur look to this world. The new ghost called the Ghost-2 has SATELLITE AIDED TRANSMISSION (SAT) while traveling in unknown places. The most exhaustive engineered and finest audio system is fixed in R-R. Frosted white dials, chromed eye balls vents, organ stop pulls, violin key switches, wrapped in leather, doors’ opening to 83 degrees and serves about 44,000 color palettes for body. This tells the inbuilt class of R-R.

Competitors: Bentley Mulsanne, Bentley continental flying spur , Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Porsche Panamera, Maserati Quattroporte and Aston Martin Rapide

BOTTOM LINE: Luxury seeking people who are looking forward for a heritage built car can adapt this. The elegance, Large, stylish, powerful and immensely capable and driving experience makes us feel like sitting on a thrown as it is handmade with costly brands. The Ghost segment is obviously costly, compared to its competitors and offers less features then we expect.

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2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe – The Epitome of Automotive Luxury and Sport

Mercedes Coupe AMG front
Mercedes Coupe AMG front
Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe

Mercedes’ flag ship S class has served as a beacon of inspiration for the entire auto industry. The new S65 AMG keeps up this long standing tradition and stays true to its ‘ The best or nothing ‘ motto.
Defined as the epitome of luxury, this luxury coupe is truly automotive luxury at its finest. One cannot help but keep repeating the word luxury while describing this car but I will try to minimize its usage as much as possible. Now if you are one of those people who do not understand why the ‘S class’ and ‘Luxury’ go together so well in a sentence then keep reading and you will.

sports benz front seats
Exquisite Interiors

Exclusivity, luxury and sporty define the interiors. The cabin is built with the finest materials that the Germans could lay their hands on. The exclusive Nappa leather being one of them which covers most of the cabin from the seats to the dashboard, door panels and the steering wheel. The AMG sports seats have a diamond pattern layout with the AMG badges displayed on the backrests.

Merc nappa leather coupe interior
AMG Sports seats with Nappa Leather Upholstery

Long rides are no more a worry because these seats are designed for exactly that and to make your journey a really comfortable one. How is that? You might ask. Well, with drive-dynamic seats, electric adjustment, memory function, seat heating, and active ventilation as standard features who wouldn’t be? Going to the Spa for a massage? Why waste time?  With seats that have massage controls including hot stone massage programs, the drive to the spa might as well be more comfortable. A luxurious ride indeed.

Benz Coupe Side alloy wheels
High sheen chrome and 20″ forged alloy wheels

As the car glides past you with its engines purring and putting you under its distinct charm, you can’t help but notice the bold and exquisite look the car has. The first thing that catches your eye is the chrome grille which proudly hosts the beautiful 3 spoke Mercedes Badge. The profile of this S-class is greatly complimented by the high sheen chrome which it sports on the front, side and the back working in combination with the 20″ forged alloy wheels. When it has been
driven past you and the rear is the last thing that you see, it will surely not disappoint. The contours merge gracefully at the back, which then, work in unison with the chromed twin tail pipes and the beautifully designed tail lights. Its sure to leave you staring in the distance even as it disappears over the horizon, leaving you with a longing for another glimpse and your ears ringing in anticipation to hear it go by again.

benz S65 chrome twin exhaust
Chrome twin exhausts

If you take a peak under the hood, you can certainly tell that this car is a beast in the skin of a car. The AMG 6.0 liter V12 bi-turbo engine provides a peak output of 463 Kilo Watt and a maximum torque of 1000 Newton meters. This beast hence accelerates from a stand still to a 100 Km/h in 4.1 seconds and has a top speed of 250 Km/h which is electronically limited.

Mercedes Benz S65 Engine
Beast under the Hood

According to Mercedes the S65 AMG Coupe beats its rivals by also being highly economical with a fuel consumption of 11.9 liters per 100 Km. The rear axle receives power from a 7 speed automatic transmission which offers three individual modes: Controlled Efficiency, Sport and Manual which can be controlled by pushing a button on the console.

 S65 coupe trispoke steering wheel console
Sports steering wheel in three-spoke design

The pleasure one derives by driving this car might be unexplainable. One can imagine sitting behind the three spoke sports steering wheel with perforated leather in the grip area which allows perfect vehicle control, but imagination only goes so far as your experience has and hence I can neither comment nor elaborate on the driving experience that this car provides. What I can do, is to explain the features, that the Engineers at Mercedes have put in it, to make sure your driving experience is delightfully exquisite.
This coupe has a heads up display which projects key information such as vehicle speed, speed limit, navigation directions and traffic signs. The touch-pad integrated into the hand-rest makes it really easy to operate the telephone, radio and the navigation system.

Curve Tilting function which actually leans the body of the car into corners is listed as a comfort feature to enhance your driving experience and comfort. Magic Body Control adjusts the suspension to minimize the chassis movement due to bad roads by scanning the road ahead as detected by the Road Surface Scan with the help of a stereoscopic camera.
A 360 degree camera, Active Parking Assist, Driving Assistance package Plus, Cross-Traffic Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Burmester 3D surround system, and Keyless-Go package, comes as standard equipment in the S65 AMG Coupe.


A drive in this car either in the passenger or in the driver’s seat is definitely engineered to spoil you for all the other cars out there or until a newer, better S class is released.
If you are one of those people who have the moola to own this exquisite beast of a car then awesome, go ahead and book one. For the rest of you who don’t, then you are probably planning on mortgaging your property and belongings to own this, and you probably might not regret it. Besides who wouldn’t want to drive around in the S65 AMG Coupe?

To enjoy the combination of sport and Luxury, and to drive by in it, just so that you and the car can mock the puny scraps of metal that are just lame excuses for a car when compared to it.

2015 Honda Jazz: What’s New?

rear 2015 Honda Jazz

The Honda name will forever hold a special place in the hearts of Indians. Thanks to iconic cars such as the original City and Civic, the Japanese moniker rose from the primal broth of the first names to ever enter the Indian car market and became a brand Indians aspire to own. Sadly, thanks to the heart stopping petrol rates and the SUV craze sweeping our nation, Honda slowly stepped out of the limelight.

2015 Honda Jazz
The 2015 Honda Jazz

With the development of the brand’s i-DTEC Earth Dreams series of diesel engines, Honda is back to take its rightful place among the leaders of the Indian car market. The latest cars to sport Honda’s diesel engines are the City, Amaze and Mobilio, all of which are registering massive bookings since the time of their launch. The next car to be launched by the Japanese manufacturer will be the next gen Honda Jazz hatchback.

Although the original Jazz was a recipe for success, its unbelievably high price tag sent buyers scurrying to other manufacturers. Hopefully, this time around the Japanese marque will release the hatch in a more competitive price bracket. The 2014 Honda Jazz aka Fit has already been on sale in markets abroad for quite sometime now. Honda India however, has taken its time with its launch here. The new Jazz is a complete revamp from its 2009 predecessor. With the most likely inclusion of an oil burner in its range, the new Jazz will surely hit up some good sales figures in the hatchback segment.


The next gen Jazz is an impressive looking machine. Although the hatch may not have the same aggressive road presence as some of its other rivals, the Jazz’s styling hints at what it truly is, a fun driver’s car. The front end features all new headlights and reworked grille while the front bumpers now feature large, aggressively styled fog lamp enclosures.

2015 honda jazz front look
Front View

At the side we see a sharp crease that runs along the length of the car and integrates into the reworked taillights. The new Jazz also comes with redesigned alloys as well. The back sees a pair of impressively styled tail-lamps and a thick chrome line running across the boot lid.


rear 2015 Honda Jazz
Rear View of the Honda Jazz


The interiors have also been thoroughly reworked with the new Jazz. Now featuring the same piano black center console as the 2014 Honda City, the new interiors have a more zesty styling about them. Similar to the City, the new Jazz’s air con controls are now feature touch sensitive controls. However, unlike the exterior, Honda has not worked too much on the design for the Jazz’s interiors. The exposed plastics and odd layout of the dashboard takes some of the charm from the Jazz’s character. Despite this, the all black cabin and blue backlit instrument cluster imbue a feeling of sportiness lacking in most cars in this segment. With an increased length from the previous generation and a massive 390 L boot space, the Jazz promises to offer the best in class cabin space.

2015 Honda Jazz cabin
Dashboard of the Honda Jazz Face-lift

Under the Hood:

Mechanically the Japanese hatch is unlikely to feature any new engine options for its India release save for the 1.5 L diesel mill. Internationally, the petrol variant is powered by a 1.5 L four cylinder engine that produces 130 HP at 6600 RPM and 114 lb-ft of torque @ 4600 RPM. Sadly, we may not see such a zesty petrol mill for the Indian market. Honda will most likely introduce the Jazz with the 1.2 L i-VTEC engine that churns out 87 HP @ 6000 RPM and 109 Nm of torque @ 4500 RPM.

Honda will also unveil its first diesel hatch in India in the form of the Jazz. Powering the diesel variant of the hatchback will be the company’s 1.5 L i-DTEC motor that delivers a whopping 100 HP. If the Jazz is released with the 1.5 L oil burner, it may well become one of the most powerful hatchbacks of the industry.

instrument panel 2015 Honda Jazz
Instrument Panel of the New Jazz

The 2015 Jazz’s biggest rivals will be the new Hyundai Elite i20, facelifted VW Polo and the Fiat Punto Evo. While its rivals strive to reinvent itself to be far more aggressive and dominating, the Jazz takes a different route. One of the best looking cars out there, the Jazz looks a lot peppier and promises to be incredibly fun to drive as well. With the unveiling of the diesel mill, Honda is slowly regaining its lost momentum and may very well be the next leader of the Indian auto industry.

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Harley Davidson – LiveWire… the electric machine!

Electric bikes have been around longer than you expected. The first electric motorcycle was patented in 1897. Then, there was no progress in the electric motorcycle development for about a 100 years. Now, a lot of manufacturers are taking interest in the electric motorcycle and one of the most conservative, conventional and traditional manufacturer, Harley Davidson, has taken interest in the electric motorcycle and started project LiveWire.

Harley Davidson - LiveWire
LiveWire Badge

It is good to see the company progressing and coming up with such new ideas.

Harley-Davidson kicked off a US tour travelling through 30 Harley dealerships and it also intends to do the same across Europe and Canada. All this to show the product and take a customer survey.

Harley Davidson - LiveWire bikes
Prototype LiveWire’s

Anyone who thinks about Harley’s, the first thing that comes to mind in a beautifully thumping V-Twin Motor. The Project Live Wire is nothing like that. It is an opportunity for Harley Davidson’s customers to get on an all electric motorcycle and give Harley Davidson a little feedback on what they feel.

We as human beings have a tendency to resist change. It’s just a natural phenomenon. Over time we then come to accept these changes. The traditional Harley riders are a little skeptical about this change and want to stick to the traditional loud bikes but the feedback from the newer generation riders has been amazing. The bike is pegged for female riders and customers from other brands too.

Harley Davidson does not intend to change over to these types of bikes. The V-Twin powered bikes will continue to be produced alongside.

The biggest problem with any vehicle powered by electricity is range. The range on this concept has been optimized as a demonstration vehicle of 53 miles. They are taking feedback from riders about what sort of range they would like on the bike.
The battery technology is fast growing and over time, when this motorcycle does come into production, it will have a really optimized range.

The design team who makes the Harley’s, have their design centered around the jewel of the bike, the v-twin engine, similarly, the design of the LiveWire was designed to focus and highlight on the longitudinally mounted motor. The motor looks like an in-line 4 cylinder engine when you look at the casing.

The bike uses a traditional Harley Davidson belt drive and is a single speed gearbox. This gives amazing throttle response and a 0-100 kmph just under 4 seconds.

Harley Davidson - LiveWire speed
Harley Davidson LiveWire

The stance of the bike is aggressive, which features an ultra light cast aluminium frame weighing just above 6 kgs. The whole bike weighs 210 kgs. A adjustable rear mounted mono shock suspension, fully adjustable inverted front forks.

The bike is really comfortable for people of all sizes and girls as well.

The design is a blend of both old and new, the lights are are a combination of both reflector and projector LED technology and all the lights are full LED. LED’s certainly are expensive but they are light, compact and consume very less power and at the same time provide bright illumination.

Harley Davidson - LiveWire looks
Full LED front Headlamps and Indicator Stocks

The instrument cluster, a touchscreen interface, isn’t completely integrated into the design and looks like a large smartphone or tablet.

Harley Davidson - LiveWire dashboard
Touchscreen Instrument Cluster

The bike is great for new riders as it has no clutch, no gears to shift and is a complete get on and go bike. The only things that need a service are the brake fluids and the tires.

The team made some deliberate decisions as far as the sound of the bike is concerned. Unlike other electric bikes which are distinctly silent, the LiveWire makes a characteristic sound. It’s best described as the sound of a jet engine. The sound is based on a gear noise and not artificially generated. The longitudinally mounted motor which is transmitted up a bevel gear which helps make its characteristic sound.

To start the bike, flick a switch from the off position to the run position which is activated by the key fob, similar to the key-less entry systems on cars. Then press and hold the start button.

Before starting off, riders have to choose between a range mode and a power ride mode which run for 59 & 29 miles respectively on full charge. However, to switch over you need to stop.

The ride is pleasant at speed and the bike is light weight and handles it really well. Top speed is 92 MPH. The re-gen is just amazing and the brake pads are hardly used. Both used in conjunction is really amazing and the bike has only one disc on the front. This is more than sufficient. The throttle is progressive and at no point does it lurch or jerk in any way.
Compared to the traditional Harley’s with the foot clutch and hand shift this is the complete opposite to ride.

The LiveWire is a running prototype that will set the baseline for the models that Harley’s generate, based on the same concept.

Harley Davidson - LiveWire specifications
Harley Davidson LiveWire

I commend Harley Davidson from sticking their head in the sand and making the same thing year in and year out. It is the reason why we saw the demise of many British motorcycle companies and also Indian. As traditional a manufacturer as Harley Davidson may be, it is good to see them thinking ahead about the future.

In a couple of years when electric bike’s become faster and more convenient, that is when the revolution is going to start and i am confident that Harley Davidson will be one of the leaders to be a part of this revolution.

How about a JET Engine POWERED BIKE?

A bike that runs on a Jet Engine? Its true..

Super bike aspirants are plenty, with an increasing demand for the mighty racing machines; bike lovers are willing to burn deep holes in their pockets for the joy of whizzing away against all the odds.Speed and speed lovers are always up for a new and challenging bike being introduced to the roads. Although, there exists one such bike that is built to challenge any super-bike and probably put its rivals to shame.

You might have heard various super-bikes roar in different racing languages on the streets. This bike is the future of biking; this is the world’s fastest bike powered by a jet engine. You might have come across this bike in the movie “torque”(makes an appearance towards the ending of the movie)

A bike that runs on a Jet Engine? Its true..
Image Source:

The MTT super-bike has bought the saying “flying on roads” to life. It is the fastest and the most aggressive bike on the planet. Just the sound of the bike would quiver the guts out of any super-bike. It has given my ear orgasms.

Hear it… Hear it again… Hear it till you are convinced that this bike is real!!!


MTT (Marine Turbine Technology) is the technical concoction of the most experienced aficionados belonging to the turbo engine industry. Ted McIntyre II who is the C.E.O and President heads the group that has successfully completed the most number of custom turbine engine installation milestones than any other company worldwide.

The facility that consists of the corporate office and the manufacturing unit is based in Louisiana with an expanse of 36,500 sq. ft. The manufacturing includes engine refurbishing, tooling, fabrication, machine welding, production, carbon fiber molding, painting and finishing, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer aided drafting, digital control design, dynamo meter testing, turbine rotor balance and catering to all sorts of production needs. MTT is quite precise about the projects it takes up; their work shows vehemence and vigor that has been culminated through years of experience and testing. The products are hence world class and need no judgment and further testing. They are good to go.


A turbine in simple terms is the engine turned by a force of expanding gas on the fan blades or the turbine wheels. The atomized fuel in the combustion chamber is spooled up with the help of an electric starter that emits the mustered power when ignited. The result is a mighty thrust or shaft horsepower.

Turbine power feels like a mighty push from the divine, propelling us like a jet on the ground. Going fast certainly becomes an understatement. Turbine power is the biggest thing that could possibly take bikers faster than ever. Turbines are quite effective and produce efficacious results. Being fuel efficient, the turbine engines run on diesel, kerosene, jet fuels as well as bio fuels.  The aviation industry has by far required the services of such engines due to their impeccable power to weight ratio.

Powerful jet Engine bike
Image Source:

The power turbines generate massive power to the turbo-prop aircraft’s and helicopters.

Turbines have immense power and they are priced accordingly, they are found on various expensive yachts, ferries, hovercrafts etc. Individuals belonging to royal families can enjoy the benefits of the turbine.


Also called the Y2K turbine Superbike, this hard to find demonic jet on wheels is the most aggressive street legal bike in the world, it is deemed the most powerful production bike so far. A turbo shaft engine, undoubtedly all that power has to come from the best engine, that powers the motorcycle. Hence, MTT powered the bike with a “ROLLS –ROYCE- ALLISON MODEL 250and 3501400 HP, turbine engine that produces 320 Shp @ 6000 RPM. This bike produces a lot of thrust unlike a few earlier versions. Driven by a two-speed gearbox, the bike is made to dominate roads.

Jet engine bike Color range
Image Source:

The 2008 Turbine Superbike produces over 420 Hp and 425Nm of torque, which goes at a speed of 250 mph. Every customer that has ever bought the bike is assured of the speed (250 mph) Although, people might claim that it is impossible, the company offers a cash back guarantee if the bike doesn’t accomplish the desired speed. The latest bike from MTT is the Turbine STREET FIGHTER that is powered by a 320 HP Rolls Royce Allison Turbine Engine(optional 420 HP engine), Pirelli Diablo 240 rear tyre, increased fuel capacity and an enhanced cooling system, and a massive 500-Nm of torque. Probably one of the fastest bikes with so much power.

Jet engine Bike Specifications
Image Source:

The bike is a technological marvel too. Featuring a carbon fiber structure, a tubular aluminum frame that holds the bike’s transmission fluids, a reserve tank and a rear mounted camera with an LCD color display, Smart Start, a computerized ignition, mono shock adjustable oleopneumaticÖhlins Suspension, 320mm disc brakes; 4-piston Bremboclipers, a fuel capacity of 34 Liters (diesel, Jet fuel or Kerosene) and the sound of an engine whizzing on the roads.


The price of the jet/bike is US $ 1,75,000 onwards (Rs. 1,05,00,000 +) it is certainly a dream worthy bike.


Too bad that this bike is very expensive, it would be almost like a dream to even see this bike in person. Before saying sayonara, here’s the video to satisfy your ear lobes again 🙂

Face Off: Nissan Terrano vs Ford EcoSport

ford ecosport dashboard

The SUV segment of the Indian market has boomed over the past few years. With the Indian consumer’s ongoing craze over massively over-sized vehicles, companies have taken advantage of the opportunity and released barrage SUVs in every possible price bracket. As a result, buyers can choose from compact crossovers such as the Duster all the way to the incredibly powerful (and expensive) Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG.

However, one of the fastest growing segments is the compact SUV segment. A section of the market populated by some of the biggest names of the auto industry. Here we pit the Nissan Terrano against the hugely popular Ford EcoSport to see which car could be the better bet.


Nissan Terrano:

The Terrano’s French cousin, the Duster had more of a love/hate design to it. Its butch exteriors and generous chrome grille gave the SUV a strong road presence. Unlike crossovers such as the Cross Polo and the Etios Cross, Renault has managed to endow the Duster with an exterior befitting of an SUV. Nissan has taken the Duster’s design and greatly improved on it.

nissan terrano suv
The Terrano Is The Nissan Counterpart of the Renault Duster

The sharper headlights and revamped chrome grille give the Terrano a far more intimidating character. Nissan has also provided higher variants of the Terrano with premium diamond cut alloy wheels adding to the car’s upmarket feel. Similar to the Duster, the car’s flared wheel arches and raised ground clearance hint at the car’s off road nature.

Ford EcoSport:

The first to don Ford’s new design philosophy, the EcoSport is quite a good looking crossover. The large grille and high stance give the EcoSport a towering presence. The EcoSport’s length qualifies it to be under the sub 4 meter category giving it the benefit of a cheaper price tag. However, with its short stature and tall height the EcoSport looks rather stubby and disproportionate. To keep costs low Ford has also opted for rather tacky looking alloy wheels as well.

ford ecosport
Front View of the EcoSport

Round 1 Winner: Nissan Terrano !


Nissan Terrano:

Here’s where the Terrano loses out. Although the car is relatively new, the Terrano’s interiors are quite lackluster. The quality of plastics used are not upto par and the faux woodwork is immensely tasteless. The fat steering wheel is not available with steering mounted controls either. Although the music system features all the traditional inputs such as Bluetooth, USB, AUX IN and iPod connectivity, Nissan could have done a better job with the styling. However, the rather strange ovular door handles found on the Sunny and Micra do not make an appearance in the compact SUV, instead of which, the Terrano comes fitted with standard door handles which are far more pleasing to the eye.

interiors of nissan terrano
Interiors of the Nissan Terrano Compact SUV

Ford EcoSport:

Ford’s new Kinetic Design philosophy has worked wonders on the interiors of the EcoSport. A combination of sharp angles and a futuristic center console gives the EcoSport one of the best looking cabins of the crossover segment. As with most cars these days, the infotainment system comes fitted with the usual array of connectivity options. However, Ford has also included its new Voice Recognition system that allows users to make phone calls, change tracks as well as find and play tracks from a Bluetooth connected device. The new infotainment system offers more than just creature comforts as well. In case of an accident, the Ford call system automatically dials for emergency services, a welcome feature in a time where many manufacturers pay little heed to passenger safety.

ford ecosport dashboard
Dashboard of the Ford EcoSport

One main issue with the EcoSport is the same one that plagues the Terrano as well: Quality. Despite having one of the best looking interiors, the quality of materials and fit & finish could have been much better.

Round 2 Winner: Ford EcoSport !


Nissan Terrano:

Nissan offers two engine options for the Terrano. The 1.5 L diesel engine that is offered with a majority of the SUV’s trim levels produces 84 HP @3750 RPM and 200 Nm of peak torque @1900 RPM. The petrol Terrano houses a 1.6 L naturally aspirated engine that puts out 102 HP and145 Nm of torque. Considering the sheer size of the car, these engine options are quite a disappointment.

nissan terrano rear
Rear View of the Terrano

However, the Terrano was never a car meant for true off-roading and the small engines will prove more than sufficient in city limits and vastly contribute to respectable mileage numbers.

Ford EcoSport:

The EocSport is offered with three engine options. The 1.5 L petrol engine produces 109 HP and 140 Nm of torque while the brand’s 1.5 L TDCi diesel mill churns out 89 HP and 204 Nm of torque. Ford has also introduced its critically acclaimed 1.0 EcoBoost engine for the Indian market as well. The 1.0 L petrol engine produces an astonishing 123 HP and 170 Nm of torque. The engine also gives the EcoSport an incredible mileage of 18.9 km/L.

orange ford ecosport
Although the EcoSport May Be Marketed As A Capable Off Roader, the Lack of a 4WD System Means That Going Off The Road May Need a Call From The Tow Truck

Unlike the Terrano, Ford’s offering comes with an optional automatic gearbox for the 1.5 L petrol unit.

Round 3 Winner: Ford EcoSport !


The Nissan Terrano was a missed opportunity. Although the Japanese automaker has greatly improved on the Duster’s exteriors, it has failed to capitalize on the many flaws of its Renault sibling. However with its size and premium looking exteriors, the Terrano may garner a little more attention than the Duster.

The EcoSport on the other hand is a mechanical marvel. Despite its small size, it packs more for far lesser and offers never before seen features in its segment. An unbelievably powerful engine, superb interiors and feature loaded infotainment system all culminate to become one of the best cars to be sold in the Indian market so far. Although the EcoSport may seem to be the clear winner, the immense popularity of the compact SUV has led to Ford extending waiting periods to well over six months. Despite being the better option, the impatient will eventually turn to alternatives such as the Nissan Terrano.

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Royal Enfield- Holy Bullet!!!

We belong to a  generation driven by worshipers and atheists. However, there still exist a few incidents that impel non believers into fathoming the miracles of the lord.

We’ve all heard about Rajasthan and, if asked; the first thing that comes to mind might be,  desert, camels, culture, naquasi, Sharab, shabab , kabab  and Rajputana bikes too 🙂

Image Source:

But, among the bustling population in Rajasthan, there lays a small village permeating across a small expanse of Pali district that adjoins Jodhpur, there is one particular unprecedented, miraculous temple that attracts intrepid  bikers and believers from all across the country.

Presenting the BULLET BABA MANDIR, A temple (memorial) that worships a 350 cc Royal Enfield, not for any quotidian reason, the bike has a miraculous journey that led people into believing one of the many wonders that god manifests upon mankind..

P.S. I did not shoot this video, but it is intriguing isn’t it?



Bullet God Rajasthan
Image Source:

As the story narrates, the year was 1988 and in the sweltering land of Rajas and Rajputs, a villager named Om Banna (a.k.a Om Singh Rathore) who was the son of the Chotila village leader Jog Singh. The nearby village was named Banna and since Om Singh Rathore was a Rajput, it was very normal to suffix the name Banna to the last name.  Om banna just like any Enfield fan bought the bullet 350cc bike after his marriage. Once, Om Singh was travelling on his Royal Enfield 350 cc from a small town named Bangdi (near pali) to chotila when death bestowed its cold hands upon him in the form of a fatal accident, the death of Banna might have been caused either due to incessant alcohol consumption that led his bike into a life taking collision with a tree, instantly claiming the life of Om Singh Rathore. The body was thrown apart and the bike fell into a nearby 20 feet trench. The following morning, the body was removed from the spot and the bike was taken to a nearby police station. But to add to the spookiness, the bike disappeared from the police station and is said to be found at the exact accident spot (it gets creepier)

Police, took the motorcycle once again and this time, they emptied the fuel tank and just to ensure that this phenomenon doesn’t occur again, the police chained the bike ensuring that the bike would remain at the station and not wander away. To add to their astonishment, the following day was just as spooky as the previous one. The bike was missing!

It was found at the exact same accident site, rumor has it that the bike was sold to a person in the neighboring village. But, the bike returned to its original place. This led to the upraise of superstitious beliefs and presence of paranormal forces. All the attempts and efforts were thwarted by the police and finally after several failed attempts, the bike remained parked at the same spot before dawn.

During the night of Om Banna’s death, it is believed that the spirit of Banna had appeared and asked a truck driver a lift, while moving ahead the spirit tells the driver to blow the horn at the spot of the accident and says that regardless of your purpose of driving, your task shall be fulfilled and soon after the spirit vanished in thin air.

As it might occur, locals started believing in the bike as a form of God’s work and started worshipping the bike. Hence, the name “Bullet Baba’s Temple” came into existence. The temple (even now) is believed to carry magical powers and the spirit of the owner (Om Banna) is said to help distressed travelers. The temple has a dwarf tree that has become black due to the continuous poojas that produce a lot of smoke even the leaves have turned black. But, none of that really comes to the picture; you can notice an explosion of varied colors of handkerchiefs, bangles, scarves and multi colored ropes coming from various worshippers from near and far, who come to the temple with certain hopes, aspirations and prayers. The general belief claims that bullet Baba fulfils their wishes (I would like to go there sometime and wish for a Harley Davidson Night Rod)


God Presenting Himself in an Unconventional way. Image Source:
God Presenting Himself in an Unconventional way. Image Source:


The first follower, Bagga Ram, can still be seen regularly playing harmonium at the shrine. The accident spot is far away from habitation but, it doesn’t really seem so because of the steady flow of visitors. The visitors include tourists, truck drivers, bus drivers, cab drivers etc.

Joining Bagga Ram is Poonam Giri, a priest at the temple for the past twenty years.

Image Source:
Image Source:

The devotees have claimed to hear the bike roar at midnight from the day on which Om Banna lost his life. The bike is said to have the spirit of Banna.


Royal Enfield - Holy Bullet
Image Source:

The people residing in neighboring villages also believe in the miracles of Bullet Baba. In fact newly wedded couples come to the temple to worship the bike and ask for no brakes in their “happy married life” members of the Rajput clan also bring their newborns to perform rituals like, shearing the hair of newly born babies at the temple and of course drinking barley water (beer prasad)


This temple is situated along the Pali-Jodhpur highway, You won’t wander away from this place because of the name of the village, named Om Banna which happens to be a road side village is also a developing economy. You can find small shops offering flowers, incense, caphor, turmeric, and various items required for a standard pooja and for those who would like to carry home a souvenir, the shops offer key chains, necklaces, rings, audio and Video tapes as well as pictures of Om Banna.

Image Source:
Image Source:

The Bullet Bike is parked at the same spot and covered with all possible holy colors in India. Also, as a symbol of one’s wish, various scarves and handkerchiefs can be found tied on the bike. Travelers who pass by usually stop for some time to offer their prayers at the temple.

Bullet Baba
Image Source:


Apart from the Clamor of Horns and standard temple offerings, there is one unique offering that is not followed by any temple in India. The libation of beer is an uncanny offering to the temple. Devotees can also get a bottle of bullet brand beer (or two) and happily gulp it down treating it like the normal Prasad offered at the temple.

Holy Beer!! Image Source:
Bullet Brand..Holy Beer!!
Image Source:

Those who want to offer beer can place the bottle in front of the foot rest of the 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet bike.


Bullet Baba
Image Source:

God works in mysterious ways. May be this is one of the ways god bestows his blessings upon us. For those who believe in this temple, you should definitely visit and find out for yourselves. Apart from the relics that have managed to enthrall worshipers from all around the country (perhaps the world too) there seems to be a certain power that is driving the place. Although, you might have your own reasons like savoring the peculiar Prasad offering or you might be truly devoted, regardless, people who love adventure should definitely seek the blessings of Bullet Baba.

NFS MOST WANTED, A gaming Revolution that changed Lives – Part 2

After the initial dose of the Most Wanted, lets review the other cars too shall we?


Possibly the best start to the continuation, the Lamborghini Gallardo has just been a darling, found in almost every NFS Most wanted Players garage. The 5 litre V10 powered lambo was the first of its kind, with such a powerful engine among the Gallardo series.

Rolling out between 2003 and 2005, the Gallardo produced 493 BHP @ 7800 RPM racing upto 311kmph. Even in the game, the Lambo Gallardo was priced like a Lambo, $1,20,000 was the price in the game, and in reality, well $600K  ie. 2.79-3.80 crore INR (it was better owning one in the game, at least you could drive and crash the gallardo like no ones business 🙂


The garage was graced by two of the most (then)powerful Lambos. The Murcielago was sleeker and meaner. It reigned the real world from 2001-2006. The 6.2 Liter V12 engine produces 572 BHP @ 7500 RPM, giving it the ability to go as fast as 332 kmph. Succeding the Diablo, the Murcielago is definitely a worthy champion. In the game, the Murcielago costs $ 2,25,000 and in real life, the Murcielago costs $800K ie. between 3.92- 4.77 Crore INR. wouldn’t you love to hear the murcielago?


The one car that made me race through the initial part of the game, the Lexus IS 300 is definitely a friend on wheels.

Reigning from 1998- 2005,  Lexus is known for creating the most reliable cars in the world (a unit of Toyota motors) The IS 300 produces a humble 214 BHP @ 5800 RPM. The saloon car cum Sedan came with a 3 Litre engine, is available at the beginning of the game with a decent price of $ 27,000. Although, the new IS 300 is among the slowest offerings (without any upgrade) the car manages to eke its way through the race.


Manufactured by Lotus between 2004 and 2011, the Lotus Elise 111 R, looked too small to perform. But, after taking it for a spin, I was certainly convinced by its power. Powered by a fuel injected 1.8 litre Toyota engine, the Elise produces 189 BHP @ 7829 RPM and conveniently drove me at 222,Unofficially available in India, but the game price is $ 48,000.


Mazda has been seen a lot in the fast and furious movies, the 1999-2002 Mazda RX 7 FD. I tried my hands at drifting with this vehicle. Although, the 6 series was more successful in various countries due to its adherence to emission regulations.

The 7 series was sold as a right hand drive version, the 1.3 Litre 13B- REW rotary engineproduces 255 BHP @ 6500 RPM, giving the driver the ability to race at 250 kmph.


Superseding the RX7, is the RX 8 that packed a mightier roar and better features. The 1.3 Liter 13B-MSP engine is powerful and produces 232 BHP at 8500 RPM. The rear wheel drive offers driving comfort and in real life goes hard on your fuel. The 6 speed manual transmission is quite the race car you would expect.


The 2 Litre fuel injected engine on the Golf (mk5) is pretty impressive. Being, the first of its kind to contrain a dual clutch transmission otherwise known as DSG (Double Shift Gear Box) the Golf, was produced between 2004 and 2009. Creating 197 BHP at 5100 RPM, the Golf went as fast as 235 kmph. Priced at $ 35,000 the mazda RX7 was priced at


Warning, the Sound could mess with your speakers!!!

Produced between 2005 and 2007, the 6 Litre V8 engine on the Monaro produces 400 BHP @ 6000 RPM and could easily touch 290kmph. Sold under the Vauxhall brand (United Kingdom) the Vauxhall was quite pleasing to drive in the game and i’m assuming it would be the same in real life.


If it is one of the favorites, it’s got to be a supra. Toyota’s production of these fantastic performers started off in the year 1993 and went on up to 2002. But, the supra is still missed. Carrying a 3 Litre Twin Turbo I6 engine, the Supra gave out exceptional results.Producing 276BHP @ 5600 RPM, the Supra went as fast as 241 kmph, making it my second favorite ride.


It looked like the Lancer Evo, and even performed like it.The Subaru is a Japanese Brand that came with a 2 Litre Flat 4 engine, it was produced from 2004-2006. It produces 300 BHP @ 6000 RPM and goes at 250 kmph. Although it couldn’t keep up with the much superior cars, the Impreza was an  impress-er 🙂


Hatch backs are always cute, the Renault Clio was the same, it looks a little like the Swift but then it looks a little like the fabia too. Built somewhere in between the year 2003 and 2005. Mated with a 3 litre V6 24 v Engine, producing 251 bhp @ 7150 RPM and topping its speed at 232kmph.It costs $ 40,000 in the game. The ride was pretty smooth yet it used to lack the complete power as much as the rival vehicles would produce.


A two door classic from Pontiac, a 6 Litre LS2 V8 massive engine that is priced at $ 35,000 in the game, provides excellent handling and drift, especially when it comes to a high speed cop chase. Although mustang offers a better handling over curves, the Pontiac’s Bulky build helps keep the disturbing cop cars at bay. Producing 400 bhp @ 6600 RPM, the pontiac touches 253kmph mark.


My favorite car in the game is the Lancer EVO (also seen in Fast and Furious) I wouldn’t have defeated a lot of Bosses if it weren’t for this car. The first thing that i love about the car is its ability to accelerate like a cheetah. It was indeed the most powerful Mitsubishi offering during 2003-2005 which possessed a 2 Litre Turbo I4 engine that made 261 BHP @ 6500 RPM.


The front wheel drive-car might not have possessed the best of looks, but it was certainly noisy to put the rivals at shame.

The 3.8 Litre 6G75 V6 engine mated on to the Eclipse produces 263 BHP @ 5750 RPM and touches the 220 speed at ease. A worthy price tag of $30,000 in the game, the main power with this vehicle lied in its customization.

Stay tuned for the final dose of the super finest cars Most Wanted offered!  🙂

Mercedes Benz C220- Ownership Review

Mercedes Benz C220 CDI – Ownership review.

Mercedes Benz. The name itself pretty much says it all. They have been one of the leaders in luxury car making for many years and look to do the same in years to come.  When Mercedes Benz came to India back in 2002 they brought a car which at the time where so rare to see in India (keep in mind they were one of the first German manufacturers between BMW, Audi and themselves to start selling cars in India in the 21St century). The cars introduced then where years ahead in many if not every aspect to the cars available in India at the time. Nearly 12 years down the line I think it’s safe to say their cars are still some of the best. Their cars nowadays are brimming with the latest technological developments, high levels of luxury, and some head pinned to the head rest performance.

The C Class is Mercedes Benz’s Entry level luxury sedan. The competition in India mainly comes from BMW with the 3 series and Audi with the A4 (Volvo does have a pretty good car in this segment but sales aren’t like these 3). These are 3 very good cars in their own right. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses so it’s hard to pick between them. This particular C Class is going to be replaced soon with the latest version which is supposedly coming out sometime next year. The rumors are that the new one looks like a baby S-Class (which is a bit disappointing if I do say so). I always admired Mercedes Benz Cars because each car had its own character per say. Each Car from the A – Class to the S – class had its own persona, its own gorgeous looks but maybe that time is at an end. For now though we still do have this version of the C- Class on sale for with the resources to buy it. This particular C- Class is the C220 CDI. It’s the diesel variant of the car and starts at Rs 39.35lakh (Ex Showroom Delhi)

The C Class is something of a muscle man between the 3. With its muscular looks and powerful engine this car oozes with the go fast feeling but its one of the best cars to cruise on the highway with too! This particular car is now about 1 yr and a half old and has 22000 kms under its belt and it holds true to the saying that the German cars are built to last (there is also a saying that their built like tanks which shouldn’t be taken literally!). So now how is it like to own one?

Exterior Design, Quality & looks:

The Mercedes Benz CClass, is a car which tries infusing the best of both modern and classic. It has the sharp, aggressive line and looks but on closer inspection there is the blend of smooth lines throughout the car. The front end is something which can scare you at night if you find the car hurtling at you in your rear view. The angular and bold looks of the front can leave you admiring it for sometime without realizing.

As you move along the car the bold angular lines give way to more smooth curved shapes and lines. From almost just past the bonnet you can see the shape of the car changes to a more fluid shape all the way to the rear. The wheel design too blends in very well with the cars dimensions. The rear of the car isn’t as menacing as the front although with its dual fibre optic light strip in each tail light at night the car does look a bit futuristic. The overall shape and design of the rear though is different to that of the front. Its much smoother and curved and does catch your eye.

Exterior of the Mercedes Benz C220
Exterior of the C220

The overall build quality of the exterior is one of the best available in the Indian market today. It feels and looks well put together and like it will last for years to come and will be able to take a few hits as well. All in all this is car is very attractive to look at and has the quality to match its price.

Interior Design & Quality:

It’s now time to look at the part which makes a luxury car a luxury car. The Interior. This is the part of a car which almost every person will look at to decide whether the car is worth its asking price as well as its name. The interior of a car plays a vital role in making its occupants feel special and I can safely say that with this C- Class, Mercedes Benz haven’t held back. The moment you get into the car you can just feel the quality of the materials used is of a very high standard to make the occupants feel a class above. The seats are leather and electronically adjustable in every manner.

From the head rest to the thigh support – can be adjusted to make the occupants in the front as comfortable as possible. The front seats also come with a memory function which allows the occupant to save their preferred seating position in three slots and with just a press of a button the seat will automatically revert to the position saved in the slot. The rear seats aren’t so bad themselves. Although they aren’t adjustable like the front they are very supportive and comfortable to sit in and one can easily manage in these seats on long drives without any discomfort. One thing to note is that the rear legroom isn’t as good as other cars in this segment. The doors are wrapped in leather and high quality plastics and also do contain some brushed aluminium trim for the door handle.

Interiors of the Mercedes Benz C220
Interiors of the C220

The dash of the car combines the use of high quality plastics as well as brushed aluminium very well. The buttons on the dash feel very solid and clearly marked for their specific function. The Instrument cluster looks bit retro with its design but looks really good none the less. I l personally like the way they have supplied analogue dials for the engine temperature as well (previous cars didn’t have this). The instrument cluster screen contains the trip computer as well as settings to the car and also information of any malfunction on the car. Pages on the screen can be controlled using the steering controls. The dash also contains the screen for Mercedes Benz’s COMMAND system. The screen is very clear and has two different themes for day and night to allow for more comfortable reading at the specific time.

The system itself could have been a little more user friendly but over time you do get used to it. The system is controlled by a circular knob on the center arm rest just blow the gear lever. The positioning of the controller is near perfect as it falls just under the palm of the driver as he/she rests their arm on the arm rest. The center console of the Dash contains the audio controls, telephone/Bluetooth controls, climate control, as well as some of the luxury feature controls such as the back screen. This in my opinion makes the center console look a bit crowded, it’s not as simple and elegant as in its rivals and is one aspect where Mercedes Benz could improve on.

There is however one feature where the C- Class has a hand above the rest of the competition. The PANORAMIC sunroof.  This is basically an almost all glass roof (there is a support which runs from left to right in between the front and back seats on the roof). This support contains the mechanisms which draw the sunroof curtains as well as the front sunroof back. This feature in my mind is the closest thing you can get to a convertible without having to shell out as much for the actual. With the curtains drawn the sunroof allows even the rear passengers to gaze out at the sky however when the front section is drawn out it covers the rear glass obstructing the view.  But still this is one thing which really allows all the occupants to enjoy their drive and considering it’s the only car in its class to have this makes you feel pretty special.

Engine & Driving Dynamics:

Now one thing Mercedes Benz is most known for is their powerful engines. The C- Class is no different.  When compared to its rivals this car has the most powerful engine of the lot. Even the least powerful diesel engine is more powerful than the other cars in its segment. The C220 CDI is powered by a 2.0 liter Turbocharged 4 cylinder diesel motor. It kicks out 170bhp between 3000 – 4200 RPM (Yes, you read that right it develops Max power over a band of RPM and not just at a specific RPM) and when it comes to torque is gives out a near sport car territory 400NM between 1400 – 2800 RPM. All this power and torque is fed through Mercedes Benz’s 7-G Tronic Gearbox and put down on the road through the rear wheels.

The engine in this car is one of the reasons we decide to go for it over it other competitors. It even made us pick the C220 over the C250 CDI which has a more powerful engine due to its shear efficiency in delivering both max power and max torque through nearly the whole Rev band! There isn’t much turbo lag to deal with. Almost as soon as u put your foot down you get the feeling of being pushed into your seats. In fact you don’t need to put your foot all the way down. There’s so much torque to play with you would almost never get tired of it. Be it in the city or on the highway overtaking is a breeze in this car.

The Powerful Diesel Engine - Mercedes Benz C220
The Powerful Diesel Engine under the hood!

One more thing which makes this one of the most unique diesel engines I’ve come across is the sound. On start up and between idle and about 2500 RPM this engine does sound like a diesel engine but move past 2700 RPM and all that changes. The engine sort of almost starts to roar like a petrol engine would. The first time I experienced this, it captivated me and over time grown to love it. The one place where the car could be a little better is the gearbox. It is one of the best for the city.

The changes are smooth and the gearbox almost sort of knows what gear you need & when. But take the car to the highway and gearbox starts to show signs of weakness. Its slow to down shift a gear (if you need) when you overtake which at times if you’re not careful can put you in a bit of a tight spot. However Mercedes Benz has provided a solution if your brave enough to use it. At the bottom of the lettering of gear lever you will be able to find a button with E and S written with arrows pointing either way. This is the mode selector. It allows you to navigate between Economy Mode and Sport Mode for the car. Put it in Sport and the car transforms. The throttle and brake response both sharpen and the car holds Revs longer enabling the car to be in its peak at all times. But for the most time you wouldn’t want to use this mode as fuel efficiency then drops massively.

The steering is one of the best there is. It’s a parametric steering system which is fitted to most Mercedes cars nowadays. The system adjusts the weighting of the steering according to the speed of the car. In the city at low speeds the steering is light to make turning easy and on the highway it’s beautifully weighted to allow the driver to know exactly where the wheels are pointing. Add to this the precision of the steering and you have something you can’t but appreciate to have. The suspension of the car uses Mercedes Benz’s Agility Control system but the overall state of tune is a bit too stiff. This can make things a bit uncomfortable if you’re driving on a pothole ridden road. The feel of the brake pedal and the stopping power of the brakes themselves are also very good.

After Sales & Service:

After Sales communication from the Mercedes representatives is good. So is their service quality. But one place which is one of the biggest problems in owning a car like this is the spare costs. This is one thing which can burn a very deep hole in your pocket. So be very mindful that you not only have the money to buy it but to maintain it as well.

Points For Improvement In The C220:

–          The central console is to cluttered with buttons. Hopefully Mercedes Benz goes for a more simple approach in the next car.

–          The gearbox is sublime in the city but could be better on the highway.

–          Spare Costs are very high and scare people away from buying the car.

–          Suspension is a bit too stiff for Indian Roads although on the highway this lends to brilliant road holding.

Bottom Line:

At the end of the day if I had the choice of this car and its rivals I would still pick this one. More than anything else this car connects with the driver. From the moment you get in everything thing about the experience is there to make your life as a driver so much easier but at the same time so much more enjoyable. I’ve never after driving this car come out with anything less than a smile on my face and in my opinion that’s what cars should do.


I believe in love at first sight (this applies strictly to bikes:) ) and I’ve always wanted to own a bike that was unique, omnipotent and designed exactly the way I wanted. I’m sure most of you must have felt the same too.

India in particular has become a hub for custom bikes and custom enthusiasts. It’s like transforming your bike into an autobot. While India was getting flooded with lot many custom bike houses, only a few created legends that we find on roads. One such legendary custom bike house is named RAJPUTANA CUSTOMS.


A Rajput by birth and a biker by heart. Vijay was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan where he did his schooling. After completing his degree in Mass Communication from Carleton University, Canada in the year 2009, Vijay returned to India to pursue his dream of customizing bikes.

Image Source:

The year 2010 was when Rajputana Customs came into action and ever since, Vijay and his team has been giving India a very traditional Rajasthani touch with their classic customized bikes.


If culture drives the country, then what’s the harm in naming the bikes differently?  Every bike built at Rajputana Cutoms shares a very unique blend that combines the Rajasthani culture with the name of every bike and bringing it a step closer to the fabulous design and performance it has to offer. The name that each bike carries, truly pronounces the uniqueness of Rajasthan in its own given ways. A few names of the bikes go as follows: RAJMATA, BITOO, CHINGARI, AGHORI, RAKDI, SOORMA etc. You might think that these are just unusually used names of bikes, but it is not so. There is a deep significance especially with respect to name for every bike ever customized under Rajputana Customs label.


I am going to discuss a few of my favorite bikes that were customized by Vijay Singh and his team.


Probably one of the cheapest custom bikes offered by Rajputana Customs, the LOCO and LAADO are customized Royal Enfield 350 or 500 cc, while the LAADO is a customized 1942 BSA M-20 (500 cc) World War-II Army model bike. These bikes fall under the 75k-1-lakh category. Also, the mentioned cost is just for the customization without the bike. So, ride your bike to Rajputana Customs and get it transformed.

Rajputana Customs model Royal Enfield
Image Source:


Don’t you just love the tires on this one? Clawed with A 23 mm front and 240 mm rear tire, the UNO comes with a mono-shock soft tail, An excellent Airbrush effect paint job that makes the bike look like it is made out of snake skin, Massive front suspension. Infact, everything in the bike goes through a major overhaul except for the engine and similar parts. The UNO is a customized Royal Enfield 500 cc and the customization of the UNO is priced at around Rs. 4.75 Lakhs.

Rajputana Customs UNO
Image Source:


A name that most Indians are familiar with, the Nandi is a customized Royal Enfiels 500 cc Bike, the customization would cost you Rs. 5 lakhs.

Rajputana Customs Nandi RE
Image Source:

Built with a 23mm front and a 300 mm Rear tire, the Nandi looks super aggressive. The drop down mirrors on the Nandi are a beaut. Look closely at the etched details that you would find on the bike. That is exactly what Rajputana Custom’s means, strict precision in their work and absolute satisfaction on the face of the customer.


This particular Bike rode its way into Bollywood. Rajputana Custom has successfully worked its way into John Abraham’s garage too.

Rajputana Customs John Abraham
Image Source:

The Light Foot is a 500 cc Royal Enfield with a Girder front Suspension, and internal throttle assembly, hand graving on its brass parts, premium quality leather seats, exhaust guards, classy looking grips, foot rest and even the battery box. The work looks quite meticulously planned in order to create awe. There are a few old school features mated into the Light foot such as the single side drum brakes and the classic old look. Vijay had taken efforts to fit in a leaf spring seat that perfectly syncs in with John’s weight (90 kgs)

Rajputana Customs Royal Enfield 500CC
Image Source:

Customizing this bike would cost you your 500 cc Royal Enfield and just Rs. 5lakhs.


Sparking up serious fire in the custom market, the Chingari  is a café racer offered by Rajputana Customs. Café racers had always carried the British feel with them, but Rajputana broke the chain and built something that would definitely give the British café racer a taste of the Indian Chingari. Carrying a blazing yellow color, spending 1.5 lakhs and your 350/500 cc bike on the chingari customization would definitely be worth it.

Rajputana Customs Café racer Chingari
Image Source:


Building a bobber out of an Enfield was also an exciting challenge for Rajputana Customs. With the stable hand of Vijay’s teammates and of course their brains too the 8 Ball was certainly a ball in Vijay’s court. Sure enough the 8 ball had an arousal effect on bobber fans.

Vijay says, With “8 Ball” we have just started to scratch the surface of a goldmine. We are here to usher in an era of RE Custom Bobbers and old school charm. Here comes the boom…..ride on.

Rajputana Customs Bobbers
Image Source:


The single seat bobber was too old school, Rajputana Customs had another whacky idea, why not add a detachable back seat? And it totally worked (unfortunately if you are married, you would want to keep this a secret from you know who 😉 )

The Customization of the bobber (8ball) would require your 350/500 cc Enfield and although your pocket might feel Rs. 2 lakh lighter, the looks would be worth the money.


By far, one of the most favorite customized bike I’ve ever come across, the RAJMATA is a 1200 cc Harley Davidson 48 that was under the custody of Vijay till it looked sexier than ever. Although, the owner of this Harley did not want anything jazzy on the bike, Vijay and his team did their best to make the bike look better than ever. Customizing your Harley into the Rajmata would cost you anywhere between Rs. 6 to 8 lakhs.

Rajputana Customs Harley Rajmata
Image Source:

What’s unique about this bike? Well, the bike was remodeled to look Rajputana built.  Rajasthan is known for its Naquaashi, or the carving that Rajasthan is quite famous for. After a grueling 6 months+, the Rajmata was complete. She looked like a stunner.


Rajputana Customs Harley Rajmata
Image Source:


“Traditional Names, Modern Designs”

Apart from these classics, Rajputana customs also has bikes named,  Raangad, Aghori, Bittoo, Soorma, Raakhdi, Gulaiil etc.

Rajputana customs bikes
Image Source:
Rajputana customs bikes
Image Source:

Rajputana Cutoms has so many more customized bikes that have indeed created a demand for customized bikes in India. If you have the bike, the money and of course some time in your hands (customizing a bike takes a lot of time depending on the details you get into) you might want to give it a shot.

Visit the Rajputana Customs Website: