How about a JET Engine POWERED BIKE?

A bike that runs on a Jet Engine? Its true..

Super bike aspirants are plenty, with an increasing demand for the mighty racing machines; bike lovers are willing to burn deep holes in their pockets for the joy of whizzing away against all the odds.Speed and speed lovers are always up for a new and challenging bike being introduced to the roads. Although, there exists one such bike that is built to challenge any super-bike and probably put its rivals to shame.

You might have heard various super-bikes roar in different racing languages on the streets. This bike is the future of biking; this is the world’s fastest bike powered by a jet engine. You might have come across this bike in the movie “torque”(makes an appearance towards the ending of the movie)

A bike that runs on a Jet Engine? Its true..
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The MTT super-bike has bought the saying “flying on roads” to life. It is the fastest and the most aggressive bike on the planet. Just the sound of the bike would quiver the guts out of any super-bike. It has given my ear orgasms.

Hear it… Hear it again… Hear it till you are convinced that this bike is real!!!


MTT (Marine Turbine Technology) is the technical concoction of the most experienced aficionados belonging to the turbo engine industry. Ted McIntyre II who is the C.E.O and President heads the group that has successfully completed the most number of custom turbine engine installation milestones than any other company worldwide.

The facility that consists of the corporate office and the manufacturing unit is based in Louisiana with an expanse of 36,500 sq. ft. The manufacturing includes engine refurbishing, tooling, fabrication, machine welding, production, carbon fiber molding, painting and finishing, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer aided drafting, digital control design, dynamo meter testing, turbine rotor balance and catering to all sorts of production needs. MTT is quite precise about the projects it takes up; their work shows vehemence and vigor that has been culminated through years of experience and testing. The products are hence world class and need no judgment and further testing. They are good to go.


A turbine in simple terms is the engine turned by a force of expanding gas on the fan blades or the turbine wheels. The atomized fuel in the combustion chamber is spooled up with the help of an electric starter that emits the mustered power when ignited. The result is a mighty thrust or shaft horsepower.

Turbine power feels like a mighty push from the divine, propelling us like a jet on the ground. Going fast certainly becomes an understatement. Turbine power is the biggest thing that could possibly take bikers faster than ever. Turbines are quite effective and produce efficacious results. Being fuel efficient, the turbine engines run on diesel, kerosene, jet fuels as well as bio fuels.  The aviation industry has by far required the services of such engines due to their impeccable power to weight ratio.

Powerful jet Engine bike
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The power turbines generate massive power to the turbo-prop aircraft’s and helicopters.

Turbines have immense power and they are priced accordingly, they are found on various expensive yachts, ferries, hovercrafts etc. Individuals belonging to royal families can enjoy the benefits of the turbine.


Also called the Y2K turbine Superbike, this hard to find demonic jet on wheels is the most aggressive street legal bike in the world, it is deemed the most powerful production bike so far. A turbo shaft engine, undoubtedly all that power has to come from the best engine, that powers the motorcycle. Hence, MTT powered the bike with a “ROLLS –ROYCE- ALLISON MODEL 250and 3501400 HP, turbine engine that produces 320 Shp @ 6000 RPM. This bike produces a lot of thrust unlike a few earlier versions. Driven by a two-speed gearbox, the bike is made to dominate roads.

Jet engine bike Color range
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The 2008 Turbine Superbike produces over 420 Hp and 425Nm of torque, which goes at a speed of 250 mph. Every customer that has ever bought the bike is assured of the speed (250 mph) Although, people might claim that it is impossible, the company offers a cash back guarantee if the bike doesn’t accomplish the desired speed. The latest bike from MTT is the Turbine STREET FIGHTER that is powered by a 320 HP Rolls Royce Allison Turbine Engine(optional 420 HP engine), Pirelli Diablo 240 rear tyre, increased fuel capacity and an enhanced cooling system, and a massive 500-Nm of torque. Probably one of the fastest bikes with so much power.

Jet engine Bike Specifications
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The bike is a technological marvel too. Featuring a carbon fiber structure, a tubular aluminum frame that holds the bike’s transmission fluids, a reserve tank and a rear mounted camera with an LCD color display, Smart Start, a computerized ignition, mono shock adjustable oleopneumaticÖhlins Suspension, 320mm disc brakes; 4-piston Bremboclipers, a fuel capacity of 34 Liters (diesel, Jet fuel or Kerosene) and the sound of an engine whizzing on the roads.


The price of the jet/bike is US $ 1,75,000 onwards (Rs. 1,05,00,000 +) it is certainly a dream worthy bike.


Too bad that this bike is very expensive, it would be almost like a dream to even see this bike in person. Before saying sayonara, here’s the video to satisfy your ear lobes again 🙂


I believe in love at first sight (this applies strictly to bikes:) ) and I’ve always wanted to own a bike that was unique, omnipotent and designed exactly the way I wanted. I’m sure most of you must have felt the same too.

India in particular has become a hub for custom bikes and custom enthusiasts. It’s like transforming your bike into an autobot. While India was getting flooded with lot many custom bike houses, only a few created legends that we find on roads. One such legendary custom bike house is named RAJPUTANA CUSTOMS.


A Rajput by birth and a biker by heart. Vijay was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan where he did his schooling. After completing his degree in Mass Communication from Carleton University, Canada in the year 2009, Vijay returned to India to pursue his dream of customizing bikes.

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The year 2010 was when Rajputana Customs came into action and ever since, Vijay and his team has been giving India a very traditional Rajasthani touch with their classic customized bikes.


If culture drives the country, then what’s the harm in naming the bikes differently?  Every bike built at Rajputana Cutoms shares a very unique blend that combines the Rajasthani culture with the name of every bike and bringing it a step closer to the fabulous design and performance it has to offer. The name that each bike carries, truly pronounces the uniqueness of Rajasthan in its own given ways. A few names of the bikes go as follows: RAJMATA, BITOO, CHINGARI, AGHORI, RAKDI, SOORMA etc. You might think that these are just unusually used names of bikes, but it is not so. There is a deep significance especially with respect to name for every bike ever customized under Rajputana Customs label.


I am going to discuss a few of my favorite bikes that were customized by Vijay Singh and his team.


Probably one of the cheapest custom bikes offered by Rajputana Customs, the LOCO and LAADO are customized Royal Enfield 350 or 500 cc, while the LAADO is a customized 1942 BSA M-20 (500 cc) World War-II Army model bike. These bikes fall under the 75k-1-lakh category. Also, the mentioned cost is just for the customization without the bike. So, ride your bike to Rajputana Customs and get it transformed.

Rajputana Customs model Royal Enfield
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Don’t you just love the tires on this one? Clawed with A 23 mm front and 240 mm rear tire, the UNO comes with a mono-shock soft tail, An excellent Airbrush effect paint job that makes the bike look like it is made out of snake skin, Massive front suspension. Infact, everything in the bike goes through a major overhaul except for the engine and similar parts. The UNO is a customized Royal Enfield 500 cc and the customization of the UNO is priced at around Rs. 4.75 Lakhs.

Rajputana Customs UNO
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A name that most Indians are familiar with, the Nandi is a customized Royal Enfiels 500 cc Bike, the customization would cost you Rs. 5 lakhs.

Rajputana Customs Nandi RE
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Built with a 23mm front and a 300 mm Rear tire, the Nandi looks super aggressive. The drop down mirrors on the Nandi are a beaut. Look closely at the etched details that you would find on the bike. That is exactly what Rajputana Custom’s means, strict precision in their work and absolute satisfaction on the face of the customer.


This particular Bike rode its way into Bollywood. Rajputana Custom has successfully worked its way into John Abraham’s garage too.

Rajputana Customs John Abraham
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The Light Foot is a 500 cc Royal Enfield with a Girder front Suspension, and internal throttle assembly, hand graving on its brass parts, premium quality leather seats, exhaust guards, classy looking grips, foot rest and even the battery box. The work looks quite meticulously planned in order to create awe. There are a few old school features mated into the Light foot such as the single side drum brakes and the classic old look. Vijay had taken efforts to fit in a leaf spring seat that perfectly syncs in with John’s weight (90 kgs)

Rajputana Customs Royal Enfield 500CC
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Customizing this bike would cost you your 500 cc Royal Enfield and just Rs. 5lakhs.


Sparking up serious fire in the custom market, the Chingari  is a café racer offered by Rajputana Customs. Café racers had always carried the British feel with them, but Rajputana broke the chain and built something that would definitely give the British café racer a taste of the Indian Chingari. Carrying a blazing yellow color, spending 1.5 lakhs and your 350/500 cc bike on the chingari customization would definitely be worth it.

Rajputana Customs Café racer Chingari
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Building a bobber out of an Enfield was also an exciting challenge for Rajputana Customs. With the stable hand of Vijay’s teammates and of course their brains too the 8 Ball was certainly a ball in Vijay’s court. Sure enough the 8 ball had an arousal effect on bobber fans.

Vijay says, With “8 Ball” we have just started to scratch the surface of a goldmine. We are here to usher in an era of RE Custom Bobbers and old school charm. Here comes the boom…..ride on.

Rajputana Customs Bobbers
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The single seat bobber was too old school, Rajputana Customs had another whacky idea, why not add a detachable back seat? And it totally worked (unfortunately if you are married, you would want to keep this a secret from you know who 😉 )

The Customization of the bobber (8ball) would require your 350/500 cc Enfield and although your pocket might feel Rs. 2 lakh lighter, the looks would be worth the money.


By far, one of the most favorite customized bike I’ve ever come across, the RAJMATA is a 1200 cc Harley Davidson 48 that was under the custody of Vijay till it looked sexier than ever. Although, the owner of this Harley did not want anything jazzy on the bike, Vijay and his team did their best to make the bike look better than ever. Customizing your Harley into the Rajmata would cost you anywhere between Rs. 6 to 8 lakhs.

Rajputana Customs Harley Rajmata
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What’s unique about this bike? Well, the bike was remodeled to look Rajputana built.  Rajasthan is known for its Naquaashi, or the carving that Rajasthan is quite famous for. After a grueling 6 months+, the Rajmata was complete. She looked like a stunner.


Rajputana Customs Harley Rajmata
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“Traditional Names, Modern Designs”

Apart from these classics, Rajputana customs also has bikes named,  Raangad, Aghori, Bittoo, Soorma, Raakhdi, Gulaiil etc.

Rajputana customs bikes
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Rajputana customs bikes
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Rajputana Cutoms has so many more customized bikes that have indeed created a demand for customized bikes in India. If you have the bike, the money and of course some time in your hands (customizing a bike takes a lot of time depending on the details you get into) you might want to give it a shot.

Visit the Rajputana Customs Website:


We are a speed driven techno-generation that believes completely in the aspect of speed (dating included)

But, let us take a moment to look at those good OL’ days where the rides that we consider antique were once the pride and joy of the family. Read the following article and take a free 40+ year’s reverse trip through memory lane with the Lambretta Li150.

I’ve noticed my oldie (just by age) friends talk a lot about the scooters that commandeered their generation. There was sheer articulation of contentment in owning a Lambretta scooter, unlike the fiber body scooters that we ride today. Although, owning a pristine condition Lambretta is as rare as finding true love.

Lambretta scooter
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The Italian company, Lambretta was founded in the year 1947. It did pretty well for itself, during 1972, the Government of India bought the Lambretta home, owning the rights to this Milan scooter production factory and thereby creating SIL (Scooters India Limited) which owns the name rights of Lambretta and Lambro. The Lambretta scooters were manufactured in France, Germany, Spain, Taiwan, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina under different licensees.


Based on a simple concept, the Lambretta takes us back to “Pre-World War II” period and these scooters were quite in demand in the United States of America primarily for the US Military (paratroops and marines required  plenty of these scooters)

Lambretta scooter review
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Surprisingly the design of the scooter has an aeronautical history. Designed by General D’Ascanio who was responsible for designing and constructing the first modern Agusta helicopter was handed the responsibility by Ferdinando Innocenti, of designing a simple, robust and also an affordable unisex two wheeler with a simple purpose ie. Carry passengers and ensuring that the rider’s clothes remain unsoiled. The task seemed interesting enough if it weren’t for the hatred that the General had towards Motorcycles, led him into designing something captivating. The scooter that was built on a spar frame mated to a handlebar, gear change and the engine was mounted on the rear wheel and finally wrapped in a metal body gave it a trendy retro look. Also, a front protection guard to keep dirt and slush away and of course the leg space for women to ride the scooter at ease made the lambretta a unisex ride. The models were upgraded frequently and the design aesthetics were also a prime focus.

After dissociating from Innocenti, D’Ascaio worked on a new scooter design that was revolutionary and introduced this new design to Enrico Piaggio and thus came the Vespa (1946)

The initial scooter was the Lambretta M which had a tubular frame and small wheels and it lacked suspension (that had to hurt) later, the Model B (Lambretta M) was introduced with suspension. A lambretta was deemed ride worthy and possessed retro uber chic looks. In fact, even celebrities were seen riding them. These peaceful looking scooters had embellished hippies too.

The 1954 Li 150:

The two stroke scooter had a 148 cc force air cooled motor which produces 6.5 BHP @ 5300 RPM. I wouldn’t say that the Lambretta is an underfed scooter considering the gearless scooters today, this was definitely sturdy and heavily built and you just cannot ignore the Italian design that the Lambretta’s still flaunt.

Lambretta scooter LI 150
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The Lamby 150 was the tata nano of the 60’s. Yes, the lamby was promoted in a cheerful manner illustrating a happy family of four taking a ride on the scooter, Imagine doing that on Indian roads today, apart from the gawking and rubbernecking that most people are experts at, you’d probably feel awkward.


I wouldn’t say the lambretta  Li 150, was a bulk on wheels. It had to do justice to the ladies as well. The scooter unlike the other scooters has its riveted centrally towards the rear side of its body, striking perfect balance and ensuring adequately pleasing riding and handling dynamics and giving the rider an easy 40 kmpl. Not bad at all eh?

Lamy Lambretta scooter
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It isn’t as fast as the new generation scooters, it looks retro, yet, it carries with it decade’s worth of peppiness and a certain level of soothing comfort. Being considered a vintage, it manages to get a few stares on busy streets.

Lambretta scooter retro scooters
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Retro’s have a charm and charisma of their own, If luck is in your favor and you really want to go retro (just like me), you can start hunting for a dapper looking Lambretta (and inform me too) I might spruce up the specimen and reorient it a tad to make it look better than ever and proudly ride my Lamby on two wheels.

Happy Riding 🙂

DATING DORSODURO 750 – Beauty from Aprilia!!!

Born in Italy, Aprilia is a small unit of Piaggio that manufactures the successful scooter, Vespa. Aprilia however, is a race winning sports bike unit. The world had witnessed the legendary sports bikes; the RSV Mille (1000 cc’s of brutal power that comes from a V-twin Super bike, the that rolled out of Aprilia’s manufacturing unit and not to forget the RSV4 .

Who wouldn’t want to hear it roar right?

Sounded to me like a tiger roaring away to glory.

One of the recent stunning bikes from Aprilia was the Dorsoduro 750. The name Dorsoduro means “Hard Back” or something that is really tough and strong by nature. These elements have been incorporated in the 750. Being aggressive yet holding a charm, the 2013 Aprilia 750 has been in my attention radar for quite some time. Let’s take a look at the bike’s features and its worth on Indian Roads.


Aprilia had given the Dorsoduro 750 a contemporary beginning. The all new 750 was brawnier than its previous cousins and received a new engine upgrade apart from the normal discernible features. A strong built complemented with nimble reflexes made the Dors d-750 a sagacious possession.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750
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As obvious as the name gets, the bike has a 750 cc 90 Degree V-Twin Engine that unleashes 92 HP power @ 8750 RPM and producing 82 Nm torque.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 review
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The well built revolutionary engine is mounted upon the bike’s unique mixed trellis and aluminum frame that made handling as smooth as winking.


A 4-piston radial caliper brake is fitted on the front with 320mm floating wave disks. The bike is also built for safety and to spice things up, the bike has a sophisticated 2 channel continental ABS system just to keep you extra safe.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 features
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The Dorsoduro 750 has integrated technology that is adapted from Aprilia Racing (simply the best) reinstating the pre-eminent technology be collaborated drom super-sports and racing super-motards.


The impeccable design is just not enough to convince a hearty racer and so Aprilia has focused on the technology as well.  Apart from the 4-piston calipers, wave disks the 750 also has a hydraulic wet clutch, adjustable front and rear suspension, Tri-Map ride by wire engine management, also a matrix instrument display with an on board computer.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 review
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Techno savvy much?


The 90 Degree V twin liquid cooled Engine is mated to the bike and it has four valve heads, double overhead cam. The bike has an electronic fuel injection system with state of the art injectors. Various light weight materials contribute to the diet friendliness of the bike such as; modular steel trellis, aluminum alloy frame etc.The forks are fully adjustable, the biker feels safe and confident on this majestic 750 cc beast. It brings you closer to the Aprilia’s world of racing.


There are three different performing modes that the rider can choose from; Sport, Rain and Touring. These modes can be controlled with a dedicated switch that is found on the handlebar. The touring mode allows a smooth riding capability which helps the rider cruise at ease, the Sports mode makes you go insanely fast and the Rain mode allows you to gain control over wet and slippery roads.


The Dorsoduro has a combination of analog and digital instruments that receive the data over a CAN line which helps in the diagnostics and hence it is rightly named Matrix instrumentation. The instruments are ultra compact and stick to the bike’s persona (light weight and absolutely efficient) Even the LED tail light has been focused on. The backlight appears white in the analog area while it burns red in the digital area and the levels of brightness can be adjusted accordingly. The handle bars are also very efficient; Aprilia has fitted Dual Taper Anodized Aluminum Handle Bars that resemble those used in the racing super motards.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 specifications
Image Source:


Although the Dorsoduro 750 isn’t officially available in India, the 2013, the bike costs about US $ 10,000/- (around Rs. 6 lakhs)

It would be a sure shot hit in India considering its power and features.


A sturdy bike with a steady brain and a lot more to look forward to than the previous models. Hoping for the 750 to make its appearance in India.

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Face Off: Suzuki Access vs Honda Activa

Suzuki Access vs Honda Activa compare

The Honda Activa has remained as the most successful scooter or the family two wheeler since its arrival in 2000. In September 2013 , 141,996 Honda Activa scooters were sold almost equal to total sales of  Honda in North America.  Honda took a step further and released the Honda Activa i which targeted on female riders. In 2014 Honda Activa was enhanced and remodeled  to 125cc and the name was re-branded as Honda Activa 125. At present both the Honda Activa and the Honda Activa 125 are up for sale. The all new chrome fittings on the front fascia and the tinted windscreen , the new tail lights and the bigger than grab rail gives a fresh and superior look. Access 125 proven by its overwhelming response made it one of the best and sporty scooters in the Indian market.

Access 125 is fitted with automatic transmission for splendid city ride conditions . The new Access 125 has a better and stylish look than many other  scooters of  its kind with better pick up and performance without compromising on the aerodynamics of the bike. Besides the powerful and quick responsive 125cc engine it is equipped with a central locking system and shutter mechanism to achieve a single control point for the bike , adding to all this it has unique mutli- reflector head light and focused light mechanism.

Exterior and looks  

Honda Activa review compare

Both the motor scooter’s have been targeted at the mature audience and been modified to suit their needs and styles .The all new Activa 125 with its new chrome fittings on the front fascia , new tail lights and the tinted windscreen sets it apart from all other new arrivals in the motor scooter market. The Suzuki Access on the other hand did not  undergo any kind of major changes in its appearance. The Access 125 had rather an outdated and dull look with U-shaped tail lights and  the front end . When it comes to balance of looks and ergonomics these scooters are head to head which most buyers demand for . Both the scooters had raised handle bars  to give the rider a comfortable driving posture  and plenty of room. The footroom in Access 125 is not well spaced out as compared to the Activa 125. The over all looks and quality of the scooters help to earn a few points for them .

Engine and Performance.


Suzuki Access vs Honda Activa performance

Both these magnificent motor scooters  run on a similar petrol mill of 124cc .The Suzuki Access manages to churn out a 8.7Ps of power and 9.8Nm of torque whereas The Activa produces the same power at 10.1Nm but at higher torque ratings. Both the motor scooter’s might have similar type of technical specification on paper , but entirely weigh different in-terms of how they feel .When you gently press on to the Access 125 throttle you will get a smooth response and excellent linear power delivery.The Activa 125 is definitely more lively than its rival  the Suzuki Access 125 . It does not feel any kind stress or make loud noise even if it is kept pinned at 80Kmph. The Aciva’s  pick up and response  is obviously more superior than its rival . The Activa 125 power-mill is not flawless either , its has a little bumpy start when the scooter is throttled from stationary , whereas the ride is perfectly smooth. Both the vehicles are neck to neck when considering the dynamics of the scooter. Undoubtedly Activa emerges as winner in terms of dynamics and performance with its unmatched lively driving experience .



The Activa 125 is forged with the telescopic forks up front and spring loaded type of suspension at the rear end .The scooter’s suspension  is some what rigid though.It manages to zoom through all the undulations of the road, absorbing all the bumps. The most favorite feature of the Activa for all the fans is its wide and raised handle bar making it so easy to zoom through the city traffic and thanks to the 130mm brakes up front for crisp braking power .The perfect combination of  the telescopic forks up front and the swing arm type coil springs at the rear end result in a plush and smooth ride quality on the Suzuki Access 125 ( though Activa has similar type of suspension upfront, it is somewhat stiff and unyielding )  . Honda Activa, with its raised handle bars makes it easier to handle and achieve better riding experience .Unlike the Activa , the Access doesnt provoke the disc brakes satisfactorily, but is also not slouch when it comes to braking. Response from the disc brakes in Activa is much better when compared to the response in Access 125 .


There is always the typical Indian type of thinking no matter what are the buyers demands and styles , mileage is given more preference than the performance of the scooter itself .Thanks to the HET technology, Honda scooter’s have always proven to be the most efficient of their kind and the tradition is continued to Activa 125 . Activa 125 gives about 51.6Kmpl which is more than what Access 125 offers , that is 47Kmpl.


The Joy of listening to a Harley roar by is almost as hearing the heavens. Harley Davidson Motors have introduced plenty of these roaring beasts globally. But, this Harley Davidson motorbike has made a grand comeback. Read and cherish 🙂

It looks like a shark and roars like a tiger, The Harley Davidson Road Glide is making its come back (just like jaws returns) with a year’s hiatus from producing the Road Glide, 2015 seems like a fruitful year for Harley Davidson after all.

Harley Davidson Road Glide
Image Source:

Post, the discussions and inputs from customers from the Rushmore development effort project, the company plans to launch two versions of the Road Glider. A continuation of the 2014 Street Glide and a special Road Glide (2015) which sports various newly added features.


The new models that are to roll out in 2015 are going to possess Harley’s Blood and soul. A High Output Twin Cam 103 V-twin mated to the Speed Cruise Drive Transmission. (One can just imagine the sound it would produce)

The 2015 Harley Glide is going to feature a sharper body that has been specially designed and a front mount that resembles a shark’s nose. The reason behind it is simple; the triple slipstream vent built on the Road Glide would reduce head buffering and wouldn’t allow the fast blowing air to hinder with the rider.

The 1690 cc High Output Twin Cam 103 engine with a 9.7:1 ratio, comes with an Integrated Oil-Cooler. All of this comes wrapped up in a black Chrome Cover (just makes your heart Melt) The hydraulic clutch actuation system adds to the joy of biking, so does the electronically assisted cruise control and a low cost, low maintenance belt drive.  It has Push operated valves, over head valves, 3 Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection System (ESPFI) a pressurized lubrication system with dry sump oil cooler.

The Road Glide special performs better than ever, the engine produces 142 Nm torque at 3250 RPM, and also helps you tour easily without having to worry much about the fuel consumption. The fuel consumption is pretty decent that gives you 42 Miles per gallon (5.6 litres for 100kms)

Also newly introduced are the new and fresh looking eyes on the 2015 Glide. The Harley bike would arrive with Dual Daymaker Reflector LED headlamps. Better vision and easy visibility.


If you own this bike, you would certainly want to go touring. Harley has introduced various Touring amenities for the wanderlust in you. A few amenities include:

One Touch Hard Saddle Bags, Cruise Control, Adjustable Air- Rear Suspension, new and effective ergonomic hand controls and a new design with a tactile feel. The Road Glide 2015  also comes with a Boom Box (impressive right) 6.5 GT infotainment System, a GPS navigation system, Reflex Linked Brakes with ABS and also a hand adjustable low profile rear suspension. (now that is what I call a touring bike)

Harley  Davidson Road Glide 2015
Image Source:

USA is known for passionate riders and Harley enthusiasts. “Road Glide has always had an incredibly passionate following, which is why its return to the model line-up is existing for our customers and our company” says Matt Levatich, President and COO; Harley Davidson Motor Company.


The Road Glide 2015 has a new look and feel altogether making it a worthy comeback and Harley Davidson motors aren’t going to let this bike roll out that easy (well, not without loading it with fully)

Harley Davidson ROAD GLIDE 2015
Image Source:

Starting from a premium paint job available in various color options, the Glide is certainly going to brighten up the roads. The body is made in a Wind tunnel tested environment and hence, the shark nose comes into picture. It also has low smoke windshields and a newly designed inner fairing. For the music lover in you, Harley has added a Boom Box 4.3 audio system with 2 speakers, a dedicated Jukebox media compartment with USB connection and a touch assist door.


Price is the main factor that determines the riders from the viewers.

Harley Davidson Glide is priced differently according to colors and features too:

The Vivid Black Harley Road Glide would cost around $ 20,899 ( around 12.5lakh INR) while the Road Glide Special would cost around $ 23,199 ( around 13.9lakh INR)

The Amber Whisky Road Glide would cost $ 21,399 (around  12.8lakh INR) while the Road Glide Special would cost $ 23,699 ( around  14.2 lakh    INR)

The Black Denim Road Glide would cost $ 21,399 (around 12.8lakh    INR) while the Road Glide Special would cost $ 23,699 (around 14.2 lakh    INR)

The Mysterious Red Sunglo is available only in the Road Glide edition and would cost around $ 21,399 (around   12.8lakh  INR)

Superior Blue Road Glide Special (only) would be available for $ 23,699 (around 14.2 lakh   INR)

P.S the 74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is on (Started on 2 Aug and will go on till 9 Aug) and Harley Glides will be made available with prices ranging from $ 20,899 to $ 23,699.

Happy Touring 🙂 

The Owner’s Guide To YAMAHA YZF R15

Lets start with a bit of recent History.

Back in the year 2011, when young Indians (by age and at heart) had just started getting tired of the old YZF R15, Yamaha released yet another bombshell, the subsequent successor to the older R15, the YZF R15 Version 2.0. And boy did it live up-to its mark, rather it actually was way better than anyone had ever expected it to be. The way it looked was a class apart. The ergonomics were different, or simply said, better. This motorcycle pretty much managed to outshine any of the competitions – any it may have had in the Indian market back then. It looked meaner, faster and way advanced than its predecessor in every way. Even though the front looked pretty much the same, Yamaha had completely refurbished the side cowls and pretty much everything else.

The new split seats gave it a way sportier look along with the LED tail lamps, wider tires, specially the rear one which had been replaced with 130/70 R17 compared to the thinner 100/80 that the earlier ones were provided with. The new lighter aluminum swing-arm was a great addition to the motorcycle along with the elevated exhaust outlet. The more aggressive seating position was meant to give you the feel of an all round sports motorcycle. It was every adrenaline junkie’s wildest dream back then.

YZF R15 Invincible Black

So Anyway….

Today I’ll be telling you all about owning the YZF R15 Version 2 and I’ll let you into a couple of insider secrets too. On one fine evening in the month of July in 2013, after a lot of research and survey I had finally set my mind on the fact that I wanted to upgrade to the new YZF R15 (Invincible Black). Me being a passionate rider, who has always cared about the adrenaline rush rather than the comfort, have never quite regretted that decision since then. I’ve rode it for 7761 kilometers since then and I could say that I have enjoyed each and every kilometer of it. Simply put, it’s a mad man’s apprentice.

It’s unbelievably quick, it has the looks to kill for, it’s pretty fuel efficient and it can go almost anywhere. It has the same engine and torque specifications as the earlier version which I also used to own, the same 149.8 cc. engine that produces 16.8 Bhp of raw power that is more than enough to blow a sane person’s mind away. It also has the same output figures as the older one and can go upto almost 147 kmph if it’s in the right hands.

Starting off at the looks, well, it has the looks which can even make your first crush go gaga over it and make your best friend jealous of you. I never liked the black side cowl so I colored them a bright orange which people seemed to like instantly.

Technical Review:

The dual headlights don’t seem to work as good as they look though. Personally speaking, they could have been brighter and you might face problems if you’re riding at night specially in highways where there is almost no light whatsoever. Same goes for the seat – If you’re looking for comfort with a pillion in the back, you’ll have to shake that dream off. The motorcycle can be a real pain if you’ve got a pillion behind you specially if he/she is a bit on the heavier side. The acceleration seems to drastically lower if you’ve got someone heavy on the backseat. Plus the hard backseat can be a pain in the arse (literally).

But riding alone is a breeze, I’d actually say that this motorcycle is supposed to be ridden alone if you want to savor what lies within all that expensive bodywork. This bike will give you the feeling of going fast, where you’re riding at 40kmph or 140kmph if you know how to ride it properly. Though if you want to wade through traffic, it’s wide body can be a problem and the motorcycle tends to heat up if you’ve been using the wet multiplate clutch constantly for prolonged periods of time. The open chain seems to attract a lot of dirt and gravels always. I try to clean it from time to time since it effects performance noticeably if there’s too much dirt or mud on it which tends to be such a hectic process since there is no double stand. I’ve always used Motul Chain Lubricant but I don’t think other brands would be bad either.
Engine Maintenance:

If we’re talking about engine oils I’d say the factory assigned Yamaha Lube should be best but, me, I use Valvoline 4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil, but that’s just me. It just gives the motorcycle a crisp feel which can be pretty addictive. But I used Motul 3000 4T plus earlier on the version one and it worked like a charm too. The air filter hasn’t needed to be changed yet and has been running perfectly normal for the past year. The engine oil filter which seems really costly at around 145 bucks a pop also needs replacement with every subsequent oil change which I’ve done every 800 kilometers or so. The spark plugs are also running nice and smooth though I feel that after 10,000 kilometers a change might just be necessary. Keeping atleast half a tank of gas is also recommended. These things kept in mind, I’d say, for an average rider, it’ll provide a mileage of about 28 kmpl in city roads and about 40 kmpl plus on the open highways. That’s about all you need to know about maintaining a YZF R15 Version 2 I believe.

Strictly as an Enthusiastic Owner:

I know it might not be the most comfortable ride ever, or the most pocket friendly ride of all times but you have to keep this in mind that the reason behind buying this bike was neither one of those, it was about the fun, thrill, looks and border-lining that you’ve always dreamt of, and this bike seems to be performing more than good at those. The wider tires give you so much more confidence while going into a corner at high speeds. I’ve done a lot of highway riding on it and I don’t think there is a single complaint I might have. The latest front Telescopic suspension and rear Linked type Mono-cross suspension is such a comfort whilst riding within cities and on the highway. The 6-speed gearbox can make highway riding as smooth as it gets. There will probably be no moment during a ride when you might be asking it for anything more than it’s already doing.

The YZF R15 is the classic story of The Beauty and The Beast except the fact that here, both have combined into this screamer of a motorcycle.

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RE Thunderbird 350 -Truly Royal !

Going Down Memory Lane A Bit:

I don’t remember a lot from my childhood but I do remember one little thing my father told me this one rainy afternoon. We were standing at this store and I saw this massive, majestic machine standing there in the distance, little rain drops were trickling down its elegant metal body as it stood there in one corner in dead silence. It had a different sense of attraction to it.  My father seeing my interest quietly leaned down and said in my ear – “Beta, two things never go out of style, a neatly trimmed mustache and a Royal Enfield. One I have, the other’s for you to buy”. 15 years and 8 girlfriends later I still can’t just not get attracted to a Royal Enfield Motorcycle or famously called as bullet motorcycle. The sheer thud it produces has this sense of masculinity that is incomparable.

RE Thunderbird 350 ownership review

A British manufacturer actually, Royal Enfield motorcycle has been one of the greats in the Indian motorcycle market. The company was called as Enfield India earlier. The Production unit is in Madras (Currently Chennai). Bullet Motorcycle or Bullet Royal was everywhere in the 80’s. From the Doodhwala(Milk Seller) who used to hang his cans on either side of the motorcycle to the big mustached uncle who you always were too scared of, the Policeman who caught the thief that night to the neighbor who had been serving in the Indian Army throughout his glorified carrier, everyone had a Royal Enfield. The history of Royal Enfield’s Motorcycle has been a long and unparalleled one. The Thunderbird wasn’t always there though, until in 2000 when Royal Enfield brought this marvel of a cruiser in the Indian market, the first of its kind. It had a great response and has been a people’s favorite since then.

The Thunderbird 350 (2014 Edition):

Cruisers are an evergreen symbol of style, responsibility and sheer power. Everyone wants a piece of the action these days but generally it’s tough to get a hold of those V-Twin engine Harley Davidson for the average Indian. Royal Enfield had long back fulfilled this gap between the common man and his desires with the almost affordable 500 cc. Thunderbird at the beginning of the new millennium. In 2013 it came up with a tuned down and highly anticipated smaller brother to the legacy, the Twinspark Thunderbird 350. It had a 350 cc. engine (well the name pretty much ends the suspense) and produces roundabout 19.8 Bhp of pure power. It wasn’t that loved by the R.E enthusiasts because of some engine enhancements that made them feel a lack in its purity. But it did manage to bring in a whole array of new buyers who were new to the whole idea of cruisers.

And now in 2014, Royal Enfield has come up with a slightly upgraded version of the 350 cc. monster, and it looks better than ever.

The 2014 Thunderbird Royal 350 comes with a similar carbureted 350 cc Single cylinder engine that produces 19.8 Bhp and 28 Nm and looks pretty good for the price it comes at – Rs 1,49,000 (Ex- showroom Kolkata).  Enfield prices are very competitive comparing with other motorcycles. It sports a projector headlight which by far is the best feature of this motorcycle that I have come across personally. Also the hazard lights seemed like a smart addition to the motorcycle. The five bar LED tail light in the back also does its job more than just well. The Chrome finish dual meters were also a looker which included analog RPM and Speedometer along with a pretty handy digital meter with some quirky features like a clock and average speed. The 20 litre Teardrop tank and the Chrome finish exhaust outlet also add a sense of class to the motorcycle. It comes in three colors for now – Stone, Lightning and Marine.

Its five speed gear box has high ratios so that it consumes lesser fuel in traffic within the city going upto 35 kmpl in the city and 43 on the highway. The higher ratios also come in handy during highway riding which makes riding the motorcycle feel like a breeze. Even though it hums like a lunatic, still the motorcycle doesn’t vibrate much and the engine doesn’t feel like it’s being put stress on. It isn’t as powerful as it’s 500 cc Fuel Injected older sibling but it has a great feel to it. Riding at speeds near about 70kmph gives you a feel of relaxation but it can go well upto almost 125kmph if you push the throttle further enough. The whole body looks elegant and even though it doesn’t have the same humming to it like the earlier ones, it sure looks like a motorcycle worth its value. The braking has been improved with the inclusion of a rear disc break in comparison to the older drum brakes it used to come with.

Why Buy A 2014 Thunderbird 350?

 Simple, because you want to 🙂  A Thunderbird dawns the elegant classic cruiser look which you’ve been attracted to since when you first looked at it. It literally beckons you to own it, ride it. The ride itself is worth buying it. The feeling you get while riding it is something that can’t be explained. While riding you feel a sense of responsibility and maturity that you don’t remember feeling a lot of times in your life. The comfortable ergonomics of the bike make it an instant favorite among riders everywhere. Plus you haven’t ever had such a smooth and balanced ride ever in a motorcycle that weighs near about 190 kilograms, unless you own Harley Davidson or custom choppers in which case you haven’t probably have read up until now. Simply put, it is the motorcycle that turns the boy inside of you into a man, in a good sense though. It’s not like you want this motorcycle, it’s rather more like you need it. Royal Enfield Accessories are widely available in the market. The bike is available in global markets as Royal Enfield USA and Royal Enfield UK.

Bottom Line:

I bought myself one last month and I am pretty happy with its performance yet. Haven’t faced any problems yet except some noise coming from the tappet, which also seemed to be the problem among a lot of other R.E owners I met at the showroom. Personally I also felt that the front telescopic suspensions could be a bit better since it sometimes leads to maneuvering problems during traffic congestion.

But otherwise it has been a great experience thus far and I feel it’s going to stay that way like it always has been through its long history of success. A Truly Royal motorbike!


Why need a Four-wheeler? In this contemporary world everyone use cars for comfortable single transport. For that reason, roads are running out of space and maximum amount of time is struck in traffic jams & hence the journey time is increased. This problem can be solved, when we provide an alternate vehicle for a car with less vehicle space and high safety in all conditions. And for that reason the new class of four-wheeled tilting vehicles arrived in to the world and are ready to make their mark in Asian countries where scooters rule the market.



QUADRO: An Italian designer named LUCIANO MARBESE started up the company, particularly for making three and four wheeled scooters. Quadro technologies have done 450 different design projects on motor cycles and worked for Vespa, Yamaha, Piaggio, Triumph and Moto Guzzi. The founder himself is a designer of Piaggio MP3 three wheeled and Yamaha Tesseract four wheeled drives.

Now, the company has decided to make roads filled with its four wheeled vehicle, the QUADRO PARKOUR.

QUADRO PARKOUR: Parkour scooter comes with the hydraulic tilting system (HTS); it is a pure hydraulic technology and does not contain any single electronic system in process. It makes maintenance easier and less frequent. These scooters look conventional but quite different in design and technology. The Parkour tilting mechanism is its strength and makes it comfort on roads.

A Flexible axle between two wheels is almost near to ground level and this axle is supported by two shock absorbers at its both ends with a hydraulic system and a lock-off value in the middle providing a hydraulic tilting lock.

hydraulic tilting system

At road condition when the scooter is taking a curve the wheel system will undergo tilt and produces an expectance lean angle of 40 degree towards the road and thus provides safety for riders at sharp curves.



EngineSingle cylinder-4 stroke-4 value
Displacement346 CC
Cooling liquidLiquid
Max power19.8KW
IgnitionElectronic ,EFI
Emission ratingEuro 3
FrameSteel tubes
Seat height780mm
Turn angle40 degree
Dry weight240kg
Fuel tank capacity15 liters



The Quadro Parkour has given a slant seat to drive and step seat for the partner which are wide. The perfection in seat design suits for long travels. The seats are well cushioned; leg room for driver & partner are more than enough to feel comfort. The height of the seat is about 780mm from ground level & this provides clear site of roads for riders. The single silencer is placed between two wheels to decrease the width of the scooter. The under seat storage offers a space of 2 helmets and floor bed is large enough to carry huge amount of goods; this makes it commercially a family scooter.


Advantages of four wheeled scooters

  1. While braking the distance covered for stopping a vehicle can be reduced (braking distance can be reduced)
  2. Degree of traction is doubled and simultaneously the cornering speed will be significantly increased.
  3. The friction between the road and tire may be increased due to large contact area.
  4. While riding the scooter over uneven roads and dumps the traction is shared between two wheels. While one wheel looses contact over the road, the other may share contact with road and keeps the vehicle stable.
  5. Independent wheel tilting system provides enhanced safety and stability.

On road behavior of the PARKOUR

The Parkour scooter looks aerodynamically well structured with a long nose resembling a horse getting ready to gallop. The test drive reports of Parkour states that “the extra wheel and tilting system provide exceptionally stable condition even at high speeds while cornering” (i.e. 80 km/h). It’s design and architecture seems like a traditional scooter when it comes to the side view and moves like a car in terms of stability and road grip. The 4 wheeler provides double the grip of a commercial scooter adds its huge advantage while riding in bad weather.

When compared to current road traffic conditions, it is clear that this four-wheeler is 5.5 cm longer than a traditional scooter and it won’t be a problem for road clearance. It occupies healthy space on roads and prevents unstable particle two wheeler problems.

Bottom Line:

The Quadro Parkour is a fantastic bike with good stability and road grip, provides a luxury ride with its four wheeled tilting class. It may be the bike for dreamers, who want to wheel the scooters. These scooters will reduce traffic and single transport issues for those who really think of safety rather than comfort like in a car. Overall the revolutionary first four-wheeler QUADRO PARKOUR may replace scooters in coming future.

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2014 BMW R NineT – a preview

2014 BMW R NineT

“A dream  motorcycle is something that is  beyond just transportation , it is a connection with life” . Riding the BMW NineT is by itself a time reliever , as the time spend is pure pleasure! Well, BWM Motorrad is celebrating its 90th birthday and this reminds us of its 90 years of passion, 90 years of innovation and 90 years of unstoppable performance that has eventually given birth to this iconic naked roadster the  BMW R Nine T! This motorcycle has a one of the kind aggressive and brawny looks ( and is by inspired from all those race bikes and roadster bikes of the good old days ). This roaster has such sharp looks that  it makes you wonder if it came out of  Tony Stark’s or Bruce Wayne’s garage 🙂 For those  BWM fans who love the classic and original roadsters,  BMW has managed to forge the best machine for you.This motorbike is all about pure passion , pure driving pleasure and pure design that makes it an obsession for those classic enthusiasts.

Riding a motorcycle is all about feeling free  .The BMW R NineT balances this feeling with an equal proportion of a casual cool look and a phenomenal performance on the scale . Even putting behind all these details, this motorcycle is unmistakably part of  a legacy,  it is a member of the BMW family! The BMW NineT leaves you with complete satisfaction with regards to variety. The whole idea behind the Nine T was to design your own NineT ,design your life .One name .One purist lifestyle .

Engine And Performance 

2013 BMW R1200GS engine

When you look at a super bike in this scale and with the BMW tag, you can expect real big specs .It is forged  with a breathtaking  1170cc  four stroke petrol mill that manages to churn out 110bhp, which will  work out to produce a maximum of  119Nm at 6000 RPM.  The  1170cc powerhouse is eventually air cooled which is a acclaimed twin-boxer engine . Throttle all the way and you can achieve a highest speed of 200kmph on the NineT .The rear suspension mechanism utilizes the BMW’s one of  the kind  Paralever shaft-drive system, and up front has a conventional inverted telescopic forks.Then there is the six-speed gear mechanism that transfers the power to the rear wheels via a shaft drive system, giving a seamless driving experience . The motor cycle has a 22-liter tank capacity that needs to be filled only with unleaded fuel. Standards are maintained with out a hiss , the front wheel has a 320 mm base and back wheel has 265mm disc brakes with ABS. 

The BMW NineT has a four-section body frame with one front frame and three rear frame sections . The best part is that the rear section can be  completely modified to enjoy a single person ride. The deep humming sound matches well with the looks, performance and is definitely very satisfactory.

Design and Accessories  

BMW NineT modification


2014 bmw r ninet tail options

The BMW NineT is a symbol for freedom , it is exclusively designed for further modifications by the costumer himself . The side lines and contours add special attraction to the bike , especially the lines which continue from the fuel tank . The tank is perfectly hand crafted from brushed aluminum, clear lacquered in sides and glossy black in the middle . At the tail is an aluminum storage box which has replaced the pillon seat . The seats have premium quality surface with different optional textures .On the tank is this beautiful black and white combination of a ornamental seam with an embedded gold logo that reads : NineT. A new and contemporary feature is the rubber pads that are fixed to the sides of the tanks to prevent scratches and to give a better ergonomic look. NineT has an attractive anti theft feature with acoustic and visual alarms when dealt with vibrations .


BMW r ninet back


Ride and Handling 

BMW R Ninet

This motorcycle can be described as a super bike that has the looks of a ferocious roadster. Riding it is pure pleasure the throttle response is utterly amazing . It is not only good at throttling on a straight but also pretty amazing when zooming through steep corners , bends and turnings. What sets it apart is the unique deep humming sound that is produced, which is well matched with the pure roadster look and feel. Zooming through the city roads or having a happy long drive on the country side? You will sure get the best experience with the twin megaphone silencers. Thanks to the SRR1000 forks which give you a nice front-end look and you  just cannot resist yourself from pressing the throttle a little bit more at the corners to travel faster . Not to mention the NineT has a very good ground clearance. It moves and performs like a true beast and the best roadsters out there.

Technical Data

TypeAir/oil-cooled flat twin (‘Boxer’) 4-stroke engine, two camshafts and four radially aligned valves per cylinder, central balancer shaft
Bore x stroke101 mm x 73 mm
Capacity1,170 ccm
Rated output81 kW (110 hp) at 7,550 rpm
Max. torque119 Nm at 6.000 rpm
Compression ratio12.0 : 1
Mixture control / engine managementElectronic intake pipe injection
Emission controlClosed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-3
Performance / fuel consumption
Maximum speedover 200 km/h
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 90 km/h4,5 l
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 120 km/h5,8 l
Fuel typeUnleaded fuel, octane number 95-98 RON (rated output at 98 RON)

Specs source :

BMW R NineT:

Bottom Line:

The only disappointing factor with these big bikes is that they come with real BIG price tag. It is going to cost you  23.5 lakhs ( ex-Mumbai showroom price ) , and is available in all three BMW Motorrad outlets in  Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.