2016 Audi A8 L Security- Safest Audi on the Planet

"Audi A8 L Security"

Audi’s most exclusive model happens to be the A8 L Security. Although this model is not the fastest or the most powerful among the lot, but it is undoubtedly the toughest Audi built.

Although you might think that this is a sedan that looks just like any other car, you’d know the difference when the need arises. However, this isn’t a sedan, it belongs to the limousine category of vehicles. It surely comes as a surprise as to the category classification of this car. But, well Audi has done it for a reason. In the meantime, here is a brief article that secures all the details about this safe on wheels:


This vehicle is armored with the best available materials. Don’t be fooled by its appearance from the outside. The A8 L Security appears just like any other car. However, the details and the precision that went into building this armored monstrosity is aesthetically way different. Once the skin of this hard to crack vehicle is peeled off, the vehicle reveals a literal fortress on wheels. This heavily armored limousine has a safety cell built that’s fortified with aramid fabric, special aluminum alloys, and hot-formed steel.

"Audi A8 L Security 2016"
Image Source: http://www.netcarshow.com

These materials keep things like bullets and shrapnel from piercing through the bulletproof glass and the body shell. The normal looking tires of this vehicle run-flat and continue functioning without any pressure for a certain distance. Battered, bruised or shredded, this car would still secure the person sitting inside.

"Audi A8 L security"
Image Source: www.chinadaily.com.cn

The car belongs to the limousine category and meets class VR9 ballistic protection standards that is considered the highest security requirement for civilian high-security sedans as set by VPAM (an association of testing institutes that was established to create guidelines for the qualification of ballistic materials and their Bulletproof Levels) The protection’s guidelines state that the vehicle must withstand military-grade weapons like M14 and FAL-FN rifles from a distance of 10 meters.

"Audi A8 L Security"
Image Source: www.newcarnewsandreviews.com

The car must also handle at least three shots from any squad-based heavy weapon like an M60 machine gun from a similar distance and a blast of 15 kilos worth of TNT from two meters. That’s plenty of security in a car I’d say.


Audi has retained luxury amidst security and has added a few luxury chops to extend the sense of comfort. Built for VIP’s, this Audi has a couple of additional features that come in handy. It has an inclusion of an armored communication box in the luggage compartment, an intercom for communicating with people outside the vehicle, and selective door locking.

"Audi A8 L Security"
Image Source: www.brownsafe.com

Additionally, there are a handful of optional features that can be installed into the interior as per request. Audi’s patented emergency exit system, a extinguishing setup, and an emergency fresh air system that independently provides oxygen to the cabin can be added at an additional price and as per the specifications of the owner.

"Audi A8 L Security"
Image Source: bikespricespictures.com


Two different engines power the Audi A8L Security. The first engine, a 4.0-liter TFSI bi-turbo V-8 engine that produces 435 horsepower and 442.5 pound-feet of torque. The second, a naturally aspirated 6.3-liter W-12 FSI engine, pumps out 500 horsepower and 461 pound-feet of torque. Both engines will be offered with the eight-speed tiptronic transmission that sends power to all four wheels. With these top of the line security features, the A8 L Security flies from 0-60 mph in 7.1 seconds. The top speed of this car just like its normal cousin (A8) clocks in at 130.5 mph.


Meant essentially for plutocrats, Audi has kept a very low profile with the price tag on the A8 L Security. Audi has already opened the first order booking for the secure Audi. The expected delivery time is scheduled in spring 2016. But needless to say, this vehicle will come at a bombshell of a price that would attract the likes of the super wealthy.

Bottom Line:

This vehicle isn’t something that is available at any Audi dealership. Audi took various lengths to provide the A8 L security its ballistic classification and this is certainly a plus point. The vehicle is certainly one of the safest cars for the super rich (Just like the Mercedes S Guard). The Luxury that Audi retains has also been kept constant. I loved the fact that Audi provides 2 engine choices and this is a brilliant feature. There are a few flaws to this car as well but it doesn’t really come out as a major issue. Overall, this is a bunker of sorts and you can be assured that no mortal can lay hands on you whilst you are seated in this car.

MASERATI Family: Cars to definitely ogle at

"Gran Cabrio"

Supercars have one thing in common, Speed!

But, what sets some super cars apart than the rest is the name. Maserati is one of the more unique names in the super car segment. It has cars belonging to various segments. Built for a niche crowd, here is a sneak peek into some of the prominent offerings by Maserati:


Maserati’s Quattroporte is a 4-door sports luxury saloon. Its name translates to four doors in Italian. There have been 6 generations of this car, with the first introduction in 1963 and the current model that was launched in 2013.

Image Source: www.thecarconnection.com



The Quattroporte from Maserati comes in 3 different variants. The S model produces 404 HP with its 3-liter V6 engine that has a rear wheel drive. The S Q4 model is an all-wheel drive. Lastly, the GTS comes with a 523 HP producing 3.8 Liter V8 engine and has rear-wheel drive. All these cars have twin-turbo charged and intercooled DOHC 32-valve V8 aluminum block and heads engine with direct fuel injection that come married to an 8-speed automatic.

The 2014 model is reborn and Maserati’s big sedan named Quattroporte comes with plenty of updates. The Quattroporte comes as the brand’s 4-door saloon. It is as stylish as ever and offers luxury and performance in equal doses with a choice of the aforementioned engines. In the gas mileage front, the Quattroporte features a mileage of 13 miles per gallon in the city and 22 miles per gallon on the highway. Both combined, the Quattroporte provides 16 miles per gallon.



The predecessor has no similarity with its predecessor. The vehicle hosts crisp creases and has angular accents that dominates its exterior design. It carries an ovoid grille with a large trident emblem sets the tone at the nose, sweeping up to the curved hood and into the fenders. A character line traces along the side and over the flanks, into a simple, understated rear end. The overall effect is one of refinement and class, as well as emotive style.


"Maserati Quattroporte"
Image Source: crackberry.com

On the inside, the car looks much more subdued and well executed. It carries satin wood and fine leather finish that compliment the vehicle’s metal accents in a pretty clean and two-tonal finish.

"Maserati Quattroporte"
Image Source: toptwentybikes.com

In terms of features, this Maserati features a 1,280-watt Bowers & Wilkins audio system; the Maserati Touch Control screen; adjustable pedals; and a reverse camera. The car also has an optional in-car Wi-Fi system standard on all Quattroporte models.


Being just a year old, Maserati Ghibli was introduced with the goal of boosting sales worldwide. The new Ghibli  is a scaled down version of the older Quattroporte.  With rivals like Mercedes-Benz CLS, Audi A7, BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe and the Jaguar XF, here is Maserati Ghibli .


The Ghibli  gets its power from a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that is the older cousin of the Quattroporte. The Ghibli comes in 2 outputs; Standard and S Q4. The S Q4 version produces a mighty 404 HP and is an incredible machine. Maserati says the Ghibli accelerates to 60 mph in just 5.0 seconds, topping out at 177 mph.

The vehicle comes mated on to an 8-speed automatic transmission engine that follows up as standard across all the Ghibli models. The vehicle offers manual-shift mode as well. The Q4 is an all-wheel-drive Maserati that distributes torque from rear to the front.

"Maserati Ghibli"
Image Source: www.maseratiusa.com

The vehicle comes in different choices of driving modes that range from economy, normal and sport.



Ghibli shares quite a simple and brilliant design from Maserati. The car has a relatively compact car for its class and it is quite brilliantly rendered with a deep shoveled nose bearing a trident badge and grille, sleekly sculpted fenders, and a pert rear end with a roofline that’s the chief link between it and the Q-Porte.


"Maserati Ghibli"
Image Source: www.zeiglermaseratiofgrandville.com

In terms of interiors, the Ghibli shares quite a sober environment. It is quite modern in appearance and its dash is shaped like one of its relatives from the Fiat Chrysler Group, the Jeep Cherokee. It’s distanced from its origins with layers of leather and opulent trim choices like open-pore wood, and fitted with huge, cold-to-the-touch paddles for shifting. Still, some lesser cues show up in some plastic trim, in the parts-bin switches and buttons.



Maserati’s Gran Turismo is quite an extraordinary and brilliantly built high-performance 6-figure coupe or convertible. This is spectacularly built and makes quite the sound too:

"Maserati Granturismo"
Image Source: flowerwallpaper.xyz


Although the Gran Turismo’s engine doesn’t make it devastating but leaves no scope in terms of speed. The Turismo gets its power from a Ferrari-derived 4.2-liter V8 engine that delivers over 400 bhp of power. Boasting its speed from 0-100 takes just 5.2 seconds and the car flings it at 177 mph tops. The car also has a 4.7-liter twin that carries a sports badge and churns out 450 bhp of power and hits 0-100 in just 4.2 seconds.


The design language on the Gran Turismo consists of accurate curves placed at the right places. The interiors of this car are quite well appointed with plenty of luxury. The exteriors of this car are quite exotic and they come wrapped around a temperamental hardware. The new Gran Turismo comes with a new and slightly tweaked front fascia. The model Sports a bixenon illuminated LED and has adaptive  lighting control. The sports model has the addition of side skirts that come as standard. It also has enlarged fender vents, new mirrors and 20-inch wheels.

Image source: autowpaper.com

Standard technology features include leather-lined cockpit, Bose Sound system with satellite radio, iPod Connectivity as well as a parking warning system that are tuned for various kinds of curbs.

On the inside, this car can easily seat 4 people without a frown. Although the headroom has been compromised a tad, the passengers can comfortably arrange themselves. Seat boast their finesse with special leather design. The vehicle also has a 30GB Hard Drive to save files on the go.


Based on the 2001 coupé that had just 2 seats, the Gran Cabrio came into existence. Before the GranCabrio, the only other four-seat convertible Maseratis were produced by two coachbuilding firms in the 1930s. The Italian firm Castagna and British company RAG Patents both used Maserati’s 26M as the starting point for their convertibles. The GranCabrio has however set a new benchmark for Maserati as it is the first time maserati has produced a four-seat convertible. The heritage of maserati has definitely passed on to this stunning-looking Cabrio.


The very name suggests that the GranCabrio is based on the GranTurismo. The coupé is available with either a 4.2 or a 4.7-litre V8, and a choice of a conventional automatic or automated manual gearbox. That said, there is just one GranCabrio engine/gearbox combo: a 4.7-litre automatic. However it can be had in standard or more focused Sport trims. Maserati has also introduced the MC variant to the Grancabrio range. It draws on the styling of the stripped-out MC Stradale GranTurismo, but with no mechanical changes.

"Gran Cabrio"
Image Source: http://www.caricos.com


The GranCabrio covers a space of 4.9 m and this makes it quite a long car. Maserati has opted for a canvas roof over a folding metal design. The triple-layer roof, available in a choice of six colors, takes 28 seconds to close and can be operated on the move at speeds below 19mph. The construction of the GranCabrio is as pleasing as any other maserati and comes fitted with all the proportional bells and whistles suited for a comfort seeker.

"Maserati Grancabrio"
Image Source: www.topspeed.com

Wrap up:

Maserati holds its own level of reputation on the streets. These models are by-far the most sought after names. What do you feel about Maserati as a brand?

Do comment below.

2015 Smart For four: Small yet Pricey

"Smart For Four"

Smart, a unit of Mercedes introduced the Smart For Two that was more of an expensive novelty than a car. This tiny yet powerful machine is still surviving because of Daimler’s stubbornness. Even after 16 years, the automaker has yet to boast of a Smart profit with 10k burbling sales per year.

However, the topic of discussion is the Smart for two that is the older brother of the Smart for Two. This car was born of the alliance with Renault. The car shares its skeleton with the Renault Twingo that happens to be a five-speed stick and carries a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox with the Twingo.

Smart For Four:

Promoted as a car that is dog friendly, Smart seems to have no idea how many of the Smart for Four cars will sell. But, let’s hope Smart for four outperforms expected boundaries and tops the sales charts. Meanwhile, here is a review on the Smart for Four:

Engine and performance:

Power does come in a small package. The car has a Smartly packaged yet powerful engine that produces unlimited power. The Smart for four has an 90bhp producing 900 cc turbo engine as well as the naturally aspirated 69 bhp 1.0 liter engine. The vehicle has a rear-mounted engine and has a rear-wheel drive chassis that makes the Smart quite maneuverable. The best part about this car is that it can be parked even at real tight spaces and nips in and out of the busy urban traffic.


Interior, design and technology:


"Smart For Four"
Image Source: www.caranddriver.com

The new and second-generation For Four comes with a whole new look. This new and upgraded hatchback has many design features with small two-seats. There is a little resemblance to its predecessor. However, the new model sports new looks and such. Apart from the two-tone bodywork, the vehicle has a square headlamp design, strong shoulder line as well as a larger honeycomb grille. The all-new vehicle carries a more premium image with a neat design touches for the head and tail lamps. The vehicle comes in a choice of 9 body colors and has 3-grille colors to offer. It also has a safety cell that is visible on the rear of the car.

In terms of interiors, the car has gone through a complete overhaul. The vehicle sports a ‘floating’ touch screen infotainment system that is lifted from the Renault Twingo that dominates the dashboard on the Prime and Proxy models. The vehicle has textured fabrics and leather steering makes it look more premium.

Practicality, comfort and boot space:

In terms of the car’s interior space, the For Four is way behind competition. It has just 180 litres of boot space and feels small but the rear seats can be locked more up right that gives it a nice and rectangular look.

"Smart For Four"
Image Source: www.motorward.com

The car has more luggage room and since the rear seats in the ForFour folds completely flat, the vehicle has a maximum of 975 litres. Reversible cushions can be turned around and lowered which creates an additional 120mm of headroom, plus the front passenger seat folds fully flat allowing loads up to 2.2m long.

Reliability and Safety:

The new ForFour car shares almost no relation to its previous model. It sports has an all-new engine, new chassis and it is stunning overall. The vehicle has new tech and features including plenty of safety measures. It has crosswind assist that comes fitted as standard that moderates braking when the car encounters a strong gush of wind, while other features inclusive of a forward collision warning as well as a lane keeping assist are also included. The For Four’s suspension soaks up big bumps from manhole and drain covers, offering a nice, cushioned ride.


"Smart For Four"
Image Source: gearheads.org

The turbo model of the ForFour delivers more performance and torque than its non-turbo powered sibling. For the less powerful version, you will have to rev the engine to make progress and work the gearbox to extract the most from the engine. It is definitely less refined on the cruise, although the five-speed manual gearbox is light and crisp. It somehow feels fairly long-geared that hampers around a little with the acceleration.

Bottom Line:

The For Four seems to be a car suited best for those who have owned Fortwo’s or for people with kids and seek more practicality. It could just easily be a bust, because this seems like history repeats itself.  Smart has been down this read before, and the remodeled Mutsubishi Colt that was launched way back in 2004 did not perform so well that it had to be terminated after 2 years.

However, let’s hold our judgmental horses for a while till the ForFour starts performing. It might either make a lucrative deal for Smart or backfire. Only time and customers will tell.

Mercedes Benz S600: Safety beyond Safety

"Mercedes S class"

S-class Mercedes Benz has been one of the finest Mercs. Their price tags leave more than a pinch to the pocket, but you are sure to identify an S class from a crowd of humdrum luxury cars. Mercedes has recently bought in the final variation of the new S-class that is sure to add the oomph’s and woos on roads. Consider yourselves lucky if you come across one of these beauty for a plausible reason.


This special Mercedes has been developed keeping armored special-protection model in perspective. Labeled the Mercedes S600 Guard, the new car has had its protective elements fully integrated into the vehicle direct from the Sindelfingen plant in Germany. Currently, it only comes in long-wheelbase form with the same V12 as shared with the regular sedan.


The S600 Guard develops 517hp (380kw) thanks to the bi-turbo V12 6 litre engine that thrusts 530 PS power and 830 Nm torque and rides as comfortably as the standard-production S-Class despite the addition of heavy reinforcements. This powerful ride is married to special alloy wheels that have high-strength steel rims attached and are wrapped by run-flat tires. These specially constructed wheels can keep running at up to 80 kmph even if the tires have been shattered to bits. The top speed is however limited to 210 kmph.

"Mercedes S Guard"
Image Source: indiatoday.intoday.in

Build and safety features:

You must be wondering if this car is made out of gold (I thought the same)

"mercedes S Guard"
Image Source: indiatoday.intoday.in

However, this vehicle carries military-standard small-arms projectiles. The vehicle can withstand any sort of attack. Some of them include armor resisting military-standard small-arms projectiles; hand grenade fragments other explosive charges. Additional safety features include run-flat tyres, a self-sealing fuel tank and a fire-extinguishing system. That mentioned, the S600 Guard still features most of the technical innovations from the already safe Mercedes S-Class. These include the latest braking assistance and brake force distribution features as well as night vision. The car of choice for up-and-coming dictators of small African countries just got better. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Guard is the logical continuation of an almost 80-year unbroken tradition in the development of special-protection vehicles.

Vastly experienced specialists working on the principle of integrated special protection produce this new top-of-the-range Guard model in Sindelfingen, Germany. In effect this means that, rather than retrofitting the protective elements in the doors, rear wall, side panels, roof lining and firewall etc. of an already finished vehicle, they fully integrate them into the body shell on a dedicated production line. All the body-structure reinforcements required due to the extra weight of the protective elements can therefore be incorporated right from the start. The resulting vehicles offer hallmark Mercedes-Benz build quality combined with comprehensive Highest Protection, including in those areas where post-production access would be all but impossible. The insides of the broad glass get a covering of poly-carbonate and several areas of the car is functioned with heat-resistant synthetic fibers called ‘Aramide’. Getting inside is close to impossible.

Interior Comfort:

The S-Class interior space concept, which makes for a first-class ambiance combined with outstanding ride comfort for all the occupants, not to mention effortlessly superior handling, remains virtually unaffected. Furthermore, generously dimension-ed chassis components and twin-caliper front brakes lend the Mercedes-Benz S-Guard Saloon hallmark Mercedes handling qualities and provide the driver with an optimal driving feel at all times. Plus the chassis has been configured so as not to impair the sumptuous level of comfort that distinguishes the standard-production S-Class.

"Mercedes S 600 Guard"
Image Source: www.amarujala.com

The Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard is equipped with the same technical innovations that have made the flagship Mercedes S-Class the number-one trailblazer in passenger car development and the world’s best-selling luxury saloon. These include important new developments such as Brake Assist PLUS and the PRE SAFE® brake in combination with DISTRONIC PLUS, night view assist and the enhanced PRE-SAFE® anticipatory occupant protection system. On top of all this, the outstanding level of interior comfort and extremely agile handling make for an effortlessly superior driving experience.

Wondering who could possibly own this safety vault on wheels?

"Mukesh Ambani's new Mercedes"
Image Source: http://cloudimages.youthconnect.in/

Well, Mukesh Ambani has already booked himself one J

Although Mercedes has introduced the S-Class Guard for Rs. 8.9 crores, Mukesh Ambani is the first Indian to lay hands on this expensive beauty.


"Mercedes Benz S 600"
Image Source: blog.gaadikey.com

Interestingly, even Narendra Modi or even Barack Obama does not have as much Protection privilege as Mukesh Ambani does. This is not the only car that Mukesh Ambani owns. He has also recently gifted himself an armored BMW 7-Series, but his new armored S-Class is not only more expensive, but also comes with the highest level of ballistic protection – VR9. Claimed to be “one of the safety luxury sports on earth” This car has been touted as the best after all.

"Mercedes S class"
Image Source: autoretarded.com

Ambani’s new beauty was exclusively tailored for him at a special Mercedes-Benz unit in Germany.

Bottom Line:

This did not come cheap. Just to get this car delivered to India, Ambani senior had to shell out 300 percent on import duties, high road tax and of course the leech in disguise (Insurance). As far as reports go, Ambani was number 57 on a list of worldwide customers for this VR9 version of the S600!!!

Renault Limited Edition Duster

"Renault Duster Limited Edition"

Renault has generated a lot of interest in India. The sales figures are quite impressive as well. The Duster was introduced to India with quite a lot of promise. Owing to the success of the sales, the company has recently launched the Duster Explore special edition car to India.

As the name suggests, the limited edition car intends to showcase the spirit of exploring the outdoors with the same reassuring confidence of the Duster. The exterior modifications come in the form of a new dark chrome front grille and a skid plate. Its new racing stripes enhance its sporty and robust design, while the front houses sharp, bright lamps to set the tone for an expedition. Highlighting its spirit of adventure is the wide, dark anthracite alloy wheels in a new ‘Nouveau Orange’ shade. Here is a review on this SUV that is available across various dealers.


"Renault Duster limited Edition"
Image Source: www.carwale.com


The Limited Edition Duster from Renault comes packed with surprise and fun. It carries various elements like Eco mode, Gearshift indicator and Cruise control with speed limiter, amongst others. The car will be powered by the 1.5-litre dCi engine and offers a choice of two power outputs, 110PS and 85PS. The powerful 110PS version has a six-speed manual transmission with gear ratios perfectly matched to the engine’s output with a fuel efficiency of 19.64kmpl (ARAI). The 85PS version features a five-speed manual transmission that delivers a best-in-class fuel efficiency of 19.87kmpl (ARAI). The Duster Limited edition is looking to significantly increase its presence pan India. The company is also planning to expand its dealership network across India.


What’s new with the new Duster?

The Limited Edition Duster comes with all-new dark chrome front grille and a skid plate that reveals its SUV roots. It also comes with new racing stripes that look really sporty and compliment the vehicle’s robust design.  It comes with a Bold front armor that houses the sharp, bright lamps and sets a great tone for an expedition. Additionally, the vehicle carries wide, dark anthracite alloy wheels with new ‘Nouveau Orange’ highlight in the centre exemplify its spirit of adventure. The prominence of the Limited Edition Duster is obvious. The vehicle has smoky double barrel headlamps and a tailgate that has a dark chrome finisher with ‘Duster’ engraved on it, add to the overall style quotient. Matt black stripping on B & D pillars and sporty decals on the hood and sides, which ensure it, makes a strong impression on the road. And the wide, dark anthracite alloy wheels with new ‘Nouveau Orange’ highlight in the centre exemplify its spirit of adventure. The combination enhances Duster’s on road presence and road dominance. Overall, it is one of the best vehicles that carry a spectacular design both inside and outside.


The Renault Duster Limited Edition carries a snazzy Noveau Orange theme inside, with chrome inside door handles and orange door trim fabric inserts as well as the seat fabric upholstery. The shade can be seen on the gearshift below with orange stitch marks, chrome knob for parking breaks, new orange outlines on the air conditioning vents, leather steering wheel with orange stitch marks, and an orange-anodized instrument cluster. The vehicle has Eco mode, Gearshift indicator as well as Cruise Control and comes with speed limiter. This vehicle comes with a rare blend of ergonomics and elegance. Even the interiors of the Limited Edition Duster Explore are plush and ooze opulence and represent a bigger and more sophisticated cabin.

"Renault Duster Limited Edition"
Image Source: auto.ndtv.com

In addition to the successful launch of the limited edition Duster Explore, the CEO and Managing Director of Renault India, Sumit Sawhney shared “With Duster, we created a new segment in the Indian automotive industry. Duster plays a key role in Renault’s growth plans in India. As a forward-looking company, we have kept the Duster fresh and contemporary, exceeding customer expectations and building on the legacy of India’s favourite SUV. We are confident that the Duster will continue to be the benchmark in this category, and the newly launched Limited Edition Duster Explore will further build the Duster brand in India.”

"renault Duter Explore"
Image Source: auto.ndtv.com



The Limited Edition Duster Explore will be available in 2 variants, the Limited Edition Duster 85 PS RXL Explore and the Limited Edition Duster 110 PS RXL Explore at very attractive introductory pricing of Rs. 9.99 Lakh and Rs. 11.10 Lakh (ex-Delhi), respectively.


Over the years, Renault has created a strong presence in India. The brand is popular among all SUV lovers in India. The Limited Edition Duster has proven its value and owning it is definitely something. With its aggressive price and the beautiful feature set, this vehicle is surely a desirable addition to the garage.

Ford Figo Aspire

"Ford Figo Aspire"

Indian compact sedan segment is rapidly increasing and every car manufacturer is trying to get the best out of it. Ford took good use of this opportunity with the sub-4m category by launching the EcoSport. It has done well for the company so far but that hasn’t stopped them from introducing another all-new car. It is the second generation Figo with an added boot, the Figo Aspire. Here is a review on this vehicle that carries a showroom price starting from Rs. 4.90 lacs.

"Ford Figo Aspire"
Image Source: http://auto.ndtv.com


The Ford Figo Aspire is available across all dealerships in India. This car comes with three engine options. A 1.5 TDCi diesel and two petrol engines (1.2-litre and 1.5-litre Ti-VCT). Ford has added the Ecosport and Fiesta’s engine into the Aspire. However, the engine has been tweaked to offer more power. The engine now produces 100PS and 215Nm of torque and is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The diesel engine offers 25. 83 kmpl, which seems pretty impressive. The petrol 1.2 motor is a heavily tweaked engine seen in the current Figo hatchback. The engine has received variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust sides, apart from other updates. The Ti-VCT (as it’s called) engine produces 88PS of max power and 112Nm of torque. This engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The automatic transmission variant however gets the larger 1.5 Sigma petrol also seen in the EcoSport. The unit produces 112PS and 136Nm of max power and torque. This variant even features ESP, traction control and hill launch assist. The hill assist system basically prevents the car from rolling back by applying the brake for a few seconds. The claimed fuel economy figures are 18.16kmpl and 17kmpl for the 1.2 and 1.5 variants respectively. These are pretty impressive mileage figures and are certainly worth competing against Maruti and Hyundai.


The Figo Aspire carries Ford’s very own Kinetic design language that aims at offering a premium and dynamic theme. The vehicle has a bold yet hexagonal chrome grille. The vehicle carries swooping headlamps and makes up for a futuristic design. The vehicle comes with 14-inch 8-spoke alloy wheels looks stylish and go well with the overall design. Just so that the vehicle remained under 4m lengths, the rear end was shortened. The rear side is a smart design and has D shaped tail lamps.


The Figo Aspire has quite a stylish interior and seems uber-cool. The Dashboard on this vehicle is same as the one found on Ecosport. The steering wheel, centre console and information screen look very similar to the EcoSport and Fiesta. There are dual-tone black/beige dash and beige seats and door pads. Depending on the variant, there’s either gloss black or silver finished inserts. The steering wheel also houses the controls.

The seats are comfortable and even feature leather upholstery (first in segment). There is good support up front but the rear seats could have offered more support and could have been made larger. The Boot space on this car is around 360 litres that seems less than competitors like Amaze or Xcent. The Aspire comes in four different trim levels namely – Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium+. The Ambiente trim offers a dual tone interior, adjustable front and rear headrests, front power windows, tilt adjust steering, multi information display, keyless entry, electric boot release and driver and passenger airbags.


"Ford Figo Aspire"
Image Source: http://auto.ndtv.com

The Trend adds front fog lamps, gloss black elements, rear armrest, steering mounted controls, rear power windows, mobile phone dock and a Bluetooth stereo with four speakers. The Titanium trim also gets auto climate control, power fold mirrors, ABS with EBD and an adjustable driver seat. The Titanium+ is the fully loaded variant and it also gets segment first leather seats, the 4.2-inch information screen with the Sync feature, CD player, side and passenger airbags (very impressive and first in segment but passengers don’t get grab handles), Ford MyKey (a programmable key that when used can limit speed and stereo volume level).

All the aforementioned trims are available in 7 different shades- Ruby Red, Sparkling Gold, Oxford White, Tuxedo Black, Deep Impact Blue, Ingot Silver and Smoke Grey. Additional accessories such as illuminated scuff plates, rear parking sensors, mirror mounted reverse camera and GPS, ambient lighting and shark fin antenna are available at various Ford dealerships.


Bottom Line:

With the existence of other notch backs competing tough in the segment, Ford is a new entrant. The Aspire is undoubtedly a powerful and elegant car with a great engine. With a decent price tag, this vehicle should heat up competition a little more. However, a cautious buyer considers service more often than not. If Ford expands its service stations, there might be scope for the Aspire.


Renault KWID Preview

"Renault Kwid"

French automotive giant Renault has been a prominent player globally. With the launch of cars varying across various segments, the company has shown a keen interest towards the budget car market. That apart, the SUV segment has seen an incredible up rise in India. Taking such a lucrative opportunity in hand, Renault in collaboration with its partner Nissan is working on the new style statement for budget conscious buyers. Renault has unveiled a hatchback-based crossover called the KWID.

"Renault Kwid"
Image Source: http://www.autocarindia.com

Named after the concept car that it unveiled at the 2014 Auto Expo, the KWID, is a five-seater crossover underpinned by the French automaker’s CMFA platform and will be produced at their Chennai factory with 98 per cent localization. This vehicle looks the right amount of quirky and has inbred eccentricity. Set to launch in September 2015, Renault’s compact car, the Kwid, made its global debut in India on August 20, 2015 at the 2014 Delhi Motor Show. This sub-4meter car is allegedly the smallest crossover in the company’s portfolio. Though the vehicle will fall in the price bracket of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 and Hyundai Eon, the Kwid will create a new mini crossover segment in India; and it will be lot more spacious and feature-rich than aforementioned rivals. Looking for something exciting in this article? the company is planning to launch it at a starting price of Rs. 3 lakh, while the top-end model will go up to Rs. 4 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Interestingly, this compact SUV may be offered with both a 4-door and 2-door configuration.

In the meantime, here is a review on the KWID:


Under the KWID’s hood will be an all-new 800cc, 3-cylinder petrol unit that has been developed by Renault-Nissan alliance. The engine should produce around 50bhp and 90Nm of torque. Mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox, this car is likely to debut an AMT from the Renault-Nissan stable. There will be no diesel model but a 1.0-litre model with higher power figures will arrive six months later. It is also possible that there may be a CNG model but this will only materialize based on demand.


Measuring 3680mm in length and 1580mm in width, the Kwid will be the most spacious vehicle in its league. It will also have the segment-leading ground clearance of 180mm, which is, in fact, more than several crossovers/SUVs in India. The car does have a very futuristic and perky off-road lifestyle SUV look. This vehicle has lines similar to that of the Datsun GO but now gets body cladding, flared wheel arches and a forward leaning stance giving it a muscular appearance. It is the first car in the Indian market to debut the French automaker’s honeycomb grille and new headlight design. It gets an aggressive front bumper design that extends outwards and in the top spec variants houses the fog lamps.

"Renault Kwid"
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The side profile reveals the heavily flared wheel arches and forward leaning stance. The windscreen sharply rakes towards the rear. There is plastic cladding at the base of the doors, which are the color of the wheel arches and basically serve the purpose of rub rails.

"Renault Kwid"
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At the rear, the glass section is small and slopes forward while there is a sharp lip on the middle of the boot door. The plastic cladding sits right below the boot door and houses the number plate. Overall, its design shouldn’t come off as a disappointment.


The KWID shares same interior from the Pulse which is basically the layout of the Nissan Micra. However, while the layout is the same, the feature list will have many first in segment items. It gets a fully digital instrumental cluster, Media-NAV infotainment system, front power windows and AC. While the instrument cluster, power windows and AC are expected to be standard across all variants, we believe that the Media-NAV infotainment system will only be offered in the top-spec variants.  Other key features are piano black centre console with a chrome-surround, plastic cladding on sides, etc.

"Renault Kwid 2015"
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Price and competition:

The KWID is expected to be priced in the range of Rs 3 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh and will compete with the Chevrolet Spark, Tata Nano, Datsun Go and the Hyundai Eon. It will be launched during the festive season and most likely with an introductory price.

Bottom line:

The KWID is certainly an exciting deal that is too hard to miss out. The only possible challenge for Renault is to increase the sales and ensure that the service of the KWID is taken care of. Players like Maruti, Tata and Hyundai have stronger presence in terms of service. Let’s wait and watch if Renault’s Budget car strategy would really monetize or will the competitors put the car at shame.

"Renault Kwid"
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Mahindra TUV300 Compact SUV

"TUV300 mahindra"

Style is a constant and the auto industry uses this strategy to survive. Mahindra and Mahindra have had their fair share of reputation with the launch of the stunning XUV 500. It goes to show that Indian consumers prefer stylish SUV to the somewhat box-shaped SUVs. The delight is in the design and of course the XUV boasts its Tall Macho Looks, Heavy Body Build and Design.  Based on the very same concept, the company had conceived the idea of bringing out a rather budget friendly SUV that carries most of the styling from its older sibling (XUV 500) and naming it TUV 300.

Tough Utility Vehicle 

"TUV300 mahindra"
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The TUV Three double O is the new avatar of the XUV 500. This vehicle would cater in to segment of Diesel SUV Lovers in range of 7 to 11 Lac Price Segment. Although the sales numbers of Mahindra & Mahindra aren’t the headline grabbing type, the company is at its best to being some of the best looking SUV’s to the industry. At present, there are two Mahindra vehicles that are constantly getting spotted while testing rigorously on the Indian roads. On one hand, there is the 2014 Mahindra Scorpio facelift which is getting spied in and out every now and then, and is expected to be major launch in this year’s festive season. On the other, there is the Mahindra S101 compact SUV (TUV 300), which is going to be Mahindra’s sub-4 meter answer to the very popular Ford Ecosport.

"TUV 300 mahindra"
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Mahindra certainly shows its anxiety when it comes to the launch of the new compact SUV. With an offering like Quanto that lacks the desired luster, Mahindra is cautious about the design language. The new Mahindra compact SUV, which is still codenamed as the S101 is quite likely to be named TUV 300.


Expected to launch sometime in 2015, the TUV300 will snuggle into the 4-meter category and is sure to avail plenty of tax benefits. The S101 or TUV 300 is going to be an exciting concept that is going to be packed with features to enjoy loads of comfort and entertainment. Mahindra is among the first to explore depths of SUV design and technology. These vehicles look sporty and stylish at the same time, evident with the grand design of XUV500. With competitors like Renault Duster, VW taigun, Ford Ecosport on the lookout, Mahindra is aware of the level of features and value additions it has to offer to attain control of the market.

To add some sort of excitement, here is a possible list of features that might enthrall you.  The TUV 300 might be loaded with features like Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD). Furthermore, it might have Engine Immobilizer, Child-Protection Door Locks and Central Locking. There is also digital Clock, Tachometer, Low Fuel Warning, Parking Brake Indicator, Door Ajar Warning etc that can be considered.

For lighting the SUV gets Front Fog Lights, Rear Fog Lights, Headlight Leveler, ORVM Turn Indicators, interior Room Lamp, Standard Halogen Headlamps, Music System, AUX Compatibility, USB Compatibility, AM/FM Radio, Roof Antenna, Bluetooth Compatibility, Front and rear Headrest (Adjustable), Folding Rear Seats and Driver Seat Adjustment are definitely a great combination.


The Interiors on the TUV 300 are supposedly the plush type that comes packed with a grand punch. The inclusion of Dual Tone Interiors, Glove Box, Day & Night Inside Rear View Mirror and Leather Steering and Gear knob can be expected. To assure safety of passenger and rider there are Seatbelt Reminder, Dual Horns, First-aid kit, Rear View Camera, Rear Seat Belts, Airbags, Front Seat Belts and Parking Sensors.

The TUV 300 is expected to have a seating arrangement of 3+3. This could also mean the introduction of a bench seat in the front row and hence, the gear lever will have to be placed on the dashboard instead of the floor. This is exactly what was spotted in some recently released spy shots that revealed a part of the TUV 300’s interiors flaunting a dash mounted gearshift lever.




The TUV 300 is expected to come in all new Diesel Engine on Lines of Mhawk – yet Powerful at around 100 PS Power with Option of 16 Inch Alloy Wheels in Top End along with 6 Inches Touchscreen Infotainment System as seen in XUV500 – would compete against likes of Ecosport, Duster and Creta 1.4 Litre Engine. The car will be powered by 1493 cc 1.5L, turbocharged diesel engine which can offer 100 BHP (expected) power and 240 NM (expected) torque on ride. Engine mated to 5-speed manual gears for a smooth transmission.



The muscularly designed car has Alloy Wheels, Spare Wheel and Tubeless Tyres. The car will be appealing on exterior and will features and options like Tinted Glass, Roof Rails, Door Black out Tapes, Body Colored Bumpers, Body Colored Door Handles, Spare Tyre Cover, Locking Wheel Nut for Spare Wheel, Body Colored Outside Mirrors, Mud Flaps, Both Side, Electrically adjustable mirrors etc.

"mahindra 300 TUV"
Image Source: www.team-bhp.com


The Mahindra TUV 300 will range between Rs. 7 lacs to Rs. 11 lacs.



Land Rover India: In the lap of Luxury

"Land Rover Range Rover"

Ever since Tata took over the company, Land rover has become one of the most popular selling luxury cars in India. Besides its operations worldwide, the company has retained its mighty image in the luxury car market. The following article is based on the multifarious Land rover models available widely across India.

Land Rover Range Rover  LWB 5.0:

Perhaps one of the most prestigious rides by Land Rover, the Range rover LWB is a luxury sports utility vehicle that comes with a long history of pristine craftsmanship as well as the legendary off-road prowess to go by. This royal ride comes with smooth riding skills that commandeer both on and off roads.

"Land Rover Range Rover"
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Available in multiple diesel and petrol engine variants, the Range Rover is powered by a 4.4 L SDV8 diesel engine that boosts up 334.4 bhp of power and 700 Nm of torque. The vehicle has a 3.0 L TDV6 engine variant too that produces 254.5 bhp and 600 Nm of torque. The Petrol engine is a 5.0 L Supercharged V8 Petrol engine that generates a whooping 503 bhp of power accompanied by 625 Nm of torque. The car comes equipped with a smooth and intuitive 8-speed auto transmission with Drive Select Rotary Shifter and paddle shift control on steering wheel column. The All-New Range Rover can achieve a maximum speed of 218 km/h and can sprint 0-100 km/h in a cool 6.9 seconds.


Born with royal attitude, this stylish SUV is as distinctive as it looks. It looks trim, muscular and athletic, and carries a box-shaped structure accompanied by strength and power. The car comes with stylish alloys of 5-split spoke 20-inch design and attractive front lamps with adaptive Xenon headlamps, which have automatic on function and directional lighting. The interiors on this royal ride come with Meridian Surround Sound audio system with 825-watt output, multi-changer CD system and a new 8-inch high-resolution touch screen display with dual-view technology and a steering wheel with five way toggle switches. It also has 4-zone air conditioning system to cool every inch of the interior.  The Ranger Rovers come equipped with ABS, Hill Descent Control, Dynamic Response, Electronic Traction Control and Cornering Brake Control. Passengers are protected by eight airbags. Surround Camera System aid for better driving in the All-New Range Rover. The company has left no gap for a frown; this car has pretty much everything to spoil the owner.




Did I mention that this was a royal car? Well, the price of the Range Rover LWB 5.0 ranges between Rs. 1.85 to 2.58 crores.


Land Rover Freelander 2:

Another compact SUV from the Land rover stable is the Freelander2.  This 4X4 lifestyle SUV is compact in nature, but it makes up for a great city vehicle.

"Land Rover Freelander 2"
Image Source: www.topspeed.com


The Freelander2 comes with a 2.2 litre common rail diesel engine that produces a peak output of 190 bhp at 3500 RPM as well as 420 Nm of torque. The car comes mated to 6-speed automatic transmission. This vehicle looks tough enough to tame all sorts of roads.


The Freelander 2 carries new front, rear bumpers and tail lamps since the Freelander. This vehicle has high build quality along with plush interiors. The car carries Map My India satellite navigation system, USB connectivity too.



The Freelander 2 starts off at Rs. 45.43 lakh and touches the 52 lakh landmark. It isn’t too expensive a proposition and comes with plenty of features.

Range Rover Evoque:

By far, one of the most eye catching Range Rover built, the Evoque remains my favorite ride till date. This sophistically styled SUV is simply designed towards perfection. With crisp lines, sophisticated styling and elegant cabin space, the Evoque is a versatile 4×4. This car was unveiled unveiled at the North American International Auto Show as the Land Rover. It was inspired by the Land Rover LRX concept. Interestingly, Victoria Beckham was a design consultant for the Range Rover Evoque.

"Range Rover Evoque"
Image Source: www.caradvice.com.au


The Evoque comes with 2 different engine options. Its 2.2L Turbo-Diesel engine that produces 187 bhp and 420 Nm of torque. There are four Terrain Response settings, General Driving, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud and Ruts and Sand. Transmission system is a 6-speed automatic unit, which enhances the performance through smoother and quicker gearshifts.


This vehicle has innovation written all over it. With a terrain response, the engine adapts transmission and electronic systems to maximize driving comforts and traction. With a generous amount of aluminum found in the bonnet, roof and composite plastic used for the tailgate, the car offers a full-length glass sunroof as an option. It has Xenon headlamps with LED lighting that give it a premium appeal. With electronic mirrors, 18-inch sparkle silver alloy wheels and bold arches, this car is as sporty as any SUV can get.



The Range Rover Evoque is priced between Rs. 48.73- Rs 56.21 Lakhs. It is definitely worth every rupee you spend.

Land Rover Discovery 4:

With a couple of design tweaks in 2014 to keep the model fresh before the new 2016 Discovery rolls out, the Land Rover Discovery 4 is an excellent addition to the Rover family. This car was launched in 1989 and the Discovery 4 is the 3rd generation model. Its scintillating design is quite captivating. Tata Motors, with the launch of this premium model, desires to create a strong brand image in the Indian car market. This car is available in India with a completely built unit.

"Land Rover Discovery"
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Available in SE, HSE and SE S/R variants in Indian car market, the Discovery 4 is built to overpower any situation. The car comes powered by a 3.0L TDV6 diesel engine, which produces maximum power of 241 bhp and torque of 600 Nm. With the use of parallel sequential turbochargers, the power supplied is massive. This car carries a 6-speed automatic transmission unit for all sorts of driving conditions. The performance of this car is supported by Dynamic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control units, which ensure smooth and comfortable ride.


The Discovery 4 has an aggressively stylish exterior and is definitely what I call Creative engineering. The car’s perfectly structured line goes along with strong stylish design and has perfect dynamism. It also has a spacious cabin, premium interiors, smart dashboard, easy to read instrumentation, seven seating capacity, and Harman/Kardon audio system with Bluetooth connectivity with touch screen display to keep the journey entertaining. This car has Automatic Climate Control AC that comes as a standard feature in this SUV. This car also carries Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brake Assist (supplies extra braking at the time of emergency), and Electronic Traction Control, which helps in maintaining finest grip, airbags and Dynamic Stability Control. The plentitude of these safety features makes this one of the most desirable luxury car in India.



The Discovery 4 is priced between Rs. 76.96 to 81.32 lakh.


Range Rover Sport: 


With seamless design, bespoke styling and heavy detailing comes the Range Rover sport. This is one of the best-looking SUV’s on offer in India.

"Land Rover Range Rover Sport"
Image Source: www.themotorreport.com.au


The Range Rover Sport is offered with 2-engine options. The V6 Turbocharged Diesel and V8 Supercharged Petrol. The V6 engine makes 292PS and an impressive 600Nm of torque. The Petrol engined Range Rover Sport is equipped with a 5.0-Litre V8 supercharged mill that produces 510PS and an earth shattering 625NM of Torque. Both the engines come equipped with 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox with seamless shifting.


The Range Rover Sport comes with a bespoke steering wheel with a large and crisp instrument binnacle. It has a cascading central console too that is crafted beautifully and oozes sheer quality. The car has centrally mounted infotainment console with large touch screen. The screen also displays data such as articulation, water wading depth and differential lock percentage while one is off-roading thereby ensuring best results. The seats too are absolutely wonderful, both up front and in the back making the Range Rover Sport an absolute joy to be in. Exteriors and interiors on the Range Rover Sport are as classy as they can get.


The Range Rover Sport comes at a premium price ranging from Rs. 1.33 to Rs. 1.77 crore.

Ford B-Max: Ford’s new Maxed out MPV

"Ford B Max Interiors"

Ford India, after its successful launch of the Figo and Eco Sport has promised to launch around 8 new models in India. Ford seems to understand what the market demands, it also seems to understand the niche that small cars hold. The B-Max has been a successful car in most countries, and now its here to rival up with Honda Jazz.

The B-Max is supposedly the replacement of the Fusion, which itself was based on the previous Fiesta. This model from Ford is designed to appeal buyers who are looking to upgrade to a car with sharp styling as well as a luxurious and comfortable interior space.


Engine and Features:

The B-Max will come out with nothing short of an impressive engine. Sources suggest that the new B-Max may come fitted with a 1L three-cylinder SCTi engine belonging to the Ford Eco-boost family. The car delivers 120 bhp of power and the diesel engine produces 75 bhp. It is also likely to feature the Power Shift dual clutch automatic gearbox, turbocharged direct injection and, the stop and start system. The B-Max might also come with 1.2L petrol and 1.4 L diesel engines from the Ford Figo. The models will carry a standard five manual gearbox and will be available in 3 specifications. The entry-level model names Studio, the mid range Zetec and the top –spec named Titanium.

This car had received five star rating in the Euro NCAP crash safety tests, all thanks to the electronic stability control, traction control as well as driver, passenger curtain, side, driver’s knee air-bags. The B-Max handles well and makes driving in the town quite enjoyable. This car also has electronic windows all around, electric mirrors as well as remote locking. The car’s Anti-Lock Braking System is a great safety measure, it also has Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) as well as Electronic Stability program (ESP) that are added safety measures to ensure that the car remains safe at all times.


"Ford B-Max"
Image Source: www.autocar.co.uk


The B-Max has a “pillar-less” body shell that is achieved by integrating its B-Pillar into the front and sliding read doors. Ford has integrated its ultra-high-strength boron steel in the doors and special safety inter-locks between its body panels and body structure.

"Ford B-max"
Image Source: de.autoblog.com

The car’s front and rear doors open independently of each other. Another ingenious feature in this car is its sliding back doors that give users easy access.  It is also believed that the B-Max will have shatter resistant glass that would make it extra tough and tough to crack.

"Ford B-Max"
Image Source: www.automobiledimension.com


The B-Max has been designed on the Fiesta’s platform and has a compact-looking practical design. The company’s kinetic design theme is evident in the styling and the B-pillar between its doors are eliminated. This car shares its design similarities with C-Max with swooping headlights and wraparound rear-lights.

"Ford B-Max"
Image Source: www.parkers.co.uk

The boot space of this car is rated at 397 liters, which can be increased to over 1000 liters. This is a pretty cool feature that is essential for families to carry their luggage. This car also carries Body Colored Bumpers, Tinted Glass as well as Electric Rear View Mirrors. B-Max also has 3 Rear Seat Belts, 2 Airbags and Parking sensors. The B-Max being a mini MPV will be a great addition to the Indian roads.

Image Source: forum.donanimhaber.com
Image Source: forum.donanimhaber.com


The B-Max has a compact design that is deceptively spacious and accommodates 5 passengers with ease. This is quite a resourceful car that has foldable rear-seats. The car has plenty of space for luggage and household goods. Also, there is 60:40 rear split seats that can also be found on the Maruti Suzuki Swift.

"Ford B Max Interiors"
Image Source: www.carwale.com


The car has SYNC technology along with special safety locks along with latch mechanisms. This car is a delight for both passengers as well as its driver. It comes with standard features inside. Overall, the interior of the car has a refined look thanks to its spacious and elegant design with high quality materials. This car has a Rear Defogger, Rear Washer and Wiper, Remote Boot Release, Remote Fuel Filler, Steering Mounted Controls, A/C, Power Windows and Power Steering.

Ford B-Max
Image Source: www.europecarnews.com


Bottom line:

Ford B-Max is a great MPV suited for most Indian families looking for a reasonably spacious car. The five seated makes a great addition for a family of 5 members. This car is expected to hit Indian roads in 2015 and as per speculation; the car is expected to be priced between Rs. 6-8 lakhs. This car is a great replacement to the Ford Fusion and is a fierce competitor to the Mini Xylo from Mahindra. There are plenty of other players waiting to prove their worth, but Ford has a promise that is pretty challenging to match up to.