Codificar Car Rental Software Review

car rental software offers car rental software Chofer App. With the popularity and success of the App Uber, the demand for this type of application has become a gold rush. The Uber model connects you to the professional who want to meet with just one touch on the screen and is expandable to all market niches. Want to work with freelancers? Schedule pizza deliveries? Open a new startup for taxis? The script “Uber” is able to help you in all these cases. Successfully secured and proven worldwide, this new business model is hard to slow down and by being customized with your idea it could become a new success in the world of applications.

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Codificar review

Most positive review

The guys took on a short-term risk project and delivered the project on time and with full satisfaction from all involved. In less than 20 days we were able to build, along with Encode, 2 TV applications and a cross-platform mobile app. We hope to move forward with this partnership.

Most negative review

This car rental software company has a very low trust rate as unfortunately they have many unsatisfied customers to their credit.

car rental software

The Pros

  • IOS and Android apps
  • App already installed on AppStore and Google Play, ready for download and use.
  • Geolocation Map
  • Geolocation is used to locate a cell phone or computer in a particular location. Technology fundamental to the operation of your application.
  • Calculation of Routes and Tariffs
  • Advantage for your customer because before you even embark you will already know the value of the race and advantage to you that will have control of all this in the application database, avoiding fraud.
  • Web System

It is the “brain” of your application. It is where the management of the drivers / suppliers, document upload and Universal MAPA will be made presenting all the drivers in the taxi dispatch software.

  • Hotsite

Your app’s online page. Hotsite will serve as the basis for marketing and for your customers to find you and get informed about your service.

  • Customizable Design

The idea is yours, the app will be yours, so the app design is entirely chosen by you. Colors, inspiration, details. We need you in this process.
After we understand your idea we will adapt it to the Uber car rental system model and customize your application. We will work to make everything happen as planned, after all, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. We will do the analysis of cost and time of implementation of the modifications, without cost, and we will send you the budget

    • Advantages:
  1. Decreases margin of error
  2. Well-documented design
  3. Real-time gauging
  4. You inside everything
  5. Your application winning face!

It is in this part of the process that you will see your dream moving into reality. First you send us your brand (Do not have one? See here how to acquire), then together with our designers, you will choose colors, fonts, shapes and whatever your application needs to start to appear. We will hold delivery and validation meetings, we will make small adjustments until we are both satisfied with the project.

After the development process is complete, the car rental software application will go through the company’s test cycle. In a project with 200,000 lines of code, there are bound to be errors. Small projects usually have about 100 errors. In order to correct these errors and so that you do not have problems, we will test the features of the application and correct all the errors found homologating with you.

Ready! Have your UberClone in hand, but not yet ended: engregaremos you from the application already published in webshops (no extra cost) until the publication in web server according to the need of customer expansion, with fair monthly cost. “But then will I have a guarantee?” Yes you will! We will give you a 60-90 day warranty. We will not abandon you.
Get an idea of your app with the pictures on the side. In the demo version, you can change the images by clicking on the arrows around you and navigate the images using the arrow keys.

The Cons

  • does not use HTTP Secure. So, all communications are not encrypted!
  • ranks #649,668 among over 30 million websites in world. Ranks #25,087 in Brazil.
  • The demo version is available upon request and one cannot just see the online demo directly on the company website.

Tech Specifications

  1. Price: Available upon request based on the native or customized option the buyer is looking for.
  2. Intended users: The passengers are the end-users, the drivers, the rental companies or the fleet management companies.
  3. Devices supported: Only the desktop version.
  4. Multi-language/Multi-currency: Yes.
  5. Support options: Customer care only as we are not even sure about their manual documentation for car rental software.
  6. Domain age: It’s a 9-year old company.
  7. Social popularity: Very little social media presence on Google+ and Facebook.

Lydrasoft by Jaguar Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Jaguar is a software development company that offers Lydrasoft car rental software, a taxi booking or car sharing app just like Uber. The app is a solution to all your daily travel problems by offering on-demand cab service. The app is faster and quickly finds the driver in your locality and giving the end-user a wholesome experience right from booking a taxi till the final payment making stage. With the launch of Uber-clone software in the market, it has raised the bar for all the rental agencies allowing them to manage their entire fleet services with just few clicks. By having a full control on the system from the back-end, the app owner can expand their fleet business by adding taxis and approving drivers quickly.

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Lydrasoft review

Most positive review

While doing a background check for this car rental software company, we practically found no positive reviews for a company that’s into business since 2008. How come?
When checked on Rep Digger, the company bears a reputation score of 75% based on their proprietary formula.

Most negative review does not use HTTP Secure. So, all communications are not encrypted and it is not safe to carry financial transactions and even the communication between the users is not safe.

car rental software

The Pros

  • User-friendly design: The mobile app has been designed catering to the needs of the customers. Now, scheduling a trip is just a 5-step process with its user-friendly interface. They have done a great job by building high fidelity wireframes and made use of impressive graphics, so that won’t stop anybody in using this app anytime and anywhere.
  • The desktop version: The software is built as an installation software on a PC.
  • Easily accessible dashboard: This helps to show the real-time status of the cars, the bird’s eye view of the ride through the GPS tracker and other features like driver registration, the driver’s payment history, etc.
  • The car rental system software is multi-lingual and comes with multi-currency support.
  • Economical: They claim that their software is very economical.
  • Easy payment options: The software supports direct cash payment or payment through credit or debit cards.
  • Easy profile management: The riders and the drivers both can manage their profiles.
  • Time estimation: Based on the pickup and destination location, the passenger can get an exact estimate of the travel distance and duration.

The Cons

  • The app developers are currently working on the Android / iOS version of the taxi dispatch software to make it as accessible as possible through other gadgets.
  • There is no download version available to have a glance at the app design and functionality.
  • Though it’s an almost 8-year-old company but one cannot find its positive or negative reviews about the company even for the other products developed by the company.
  • No social media presence: This is also an internet marketing company and yet no Facebook or twitter presence and no shares, likes or comments.
  • When checked on, the website popularity is very low. ranks #16,501,937 among over 30 million websites in world.

Tech Specifications

  1. Price: We cannot comment on the price of the product as no information regarding their price and packages is available anywhere on the website or on online.
  2. Intended users: The passengers are the end-users, the drivers, the rental companies or the fleet management companies.
  3. Devices supported: Only the desktop version.
  4. Multi-language/Multi-currency: Yes.
  5. Support options: Customer care only as we are not even sure about their manual documentation.
  6. Domain age: 2008-07-08. This site uses a WHOIS protect service to hide its real owners and operators.
  7. Social popularity: Nil
  8. Additional information: We are also not sure if the app offers fare calculator or not for their car rental software, which is at least not apparent form the image and text content present on their website.

Protaxi by Alstrasoft Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Protaxi by Alstrasoft is a latest offering as a car rental software. It is an enterprise level solution that offers cab hiring and pooling with all the basic to advanced features just like Uber. This Uber clone offers app for passengers and for drivers as well and an easy to manage dashboard for the app owner.

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It allows the customers with Android or iOS smartphones to submit a trip request which is then automatically assigned to drivers to transport them from point to point destination. The app is meant for fleet management companies or taxi agencies who wish to manage a large number of taxis with just few settings and that can be managed easily even with the day job just to earn extra income as there’s no requirement to sit whole day and contribute lengthy hours in managing a car hiring business.

This business is great for existing taxi operators / car rental companies or anyone who wish to run this business by partnering with taxi operators or private car owners who will use this app by simply downloading the driver app and earn an extra income!

car rental software

Alstrasoft review

Let’s review the benefits and the downsides of the app to help us understand how efficient the mobile application is at managing car rental system with just few clicks.

Alstrasoft Benefits

  • A systematic guide for deployment of ProTaxi system online for both desktop and mobile app
  • If the car rental agency doesn’t possess their own cars or taxis, the software application supports all the documents and agreements necessary to acquire the partnership with 3rd party taxi companies
  • The app also contains the marketing kit on how our clients negotiate with taxi fleets or working with individual private car owners and insanely GROW your drivers base to use your app
  • The chicken-and-egg game – Have resources but no riders? No problem, the kit has all the tips how to get started and how to market yourself and expand your customer base
  • The app has all the general and the enterprise level features to make it run smoother.
  • Alstrasoft offers readymade solution that requires very little customization to help the app owners to immediately start their business and start earning the revenue out of it
  • No hardware required as with many other car rental software
  • Mobile Responsive web interface
  • Payment options: Cash/PayPal/Stripe
  • Bank-Grade Encryption – SSL support for secure data transmission using 256-bit AES
  • Passenger and driver Register/Login Account
  • Profile handling and management for both rider and driver
  • Ride History
  • Add Payment methods
  • View Referral credits and balance
  • Request a new trip
  • Dash board overview: Total request/Distance covered/Earnings and average rating
  • Upload new documents for approval of the driver
  • View past Pickup History
  • Filter result by date and download report option
  • View Ongoing driver trips
  • Option for the riders to register via Facebook/Google+
  • In-app push notifications
  • Select Taxi model from the Google map
  • The application pickups the nearest taxi for the users
  • Use GPS to select the pickup Address to request drivers to take their riders on ride
  • Automatic route calculation
  • Auto fare estimation based on fare rates
  • Cab reach time & status updates
  • Options to cancel bookings
  • Able to call Driver via app
  • Track the driver till he gets to your door step after the confirmation
  • Ability to rate driver and system emails invoice after each trip
  • SMS/Email notification for rides
  • Driver details and contact details after confirmation
  • Create and edit profile
  • View past Ride History
  • View pending driver request
  • View accepted drivers
  • Driver Mobile App Features (Android/iOS)
  • Driver Registration and Login
  • Option to register via Facebook/Google+
  • In-app push notifications
  • Look for new user ride request
  • Receive notification from users when they request for ride with timer countdown
  • Accept ride request from user
  • Cancel ride request from user
  • Able to call Passenger via app
  • Complete a ride after ride finishes
  • Submit user feedback after each trip
  • SMS/Email notifications for pickups
  • Change status online / offline – to appear on passenger map
  • View past Pickup History
  • Admin Backend
  • Dashboard overview
  • Add/Edit/Delete Admin
  • Track daily transaction and reports with the ability to filter and sort by date range/user/status
  • Download reports
  • Real-time tracking of driver’s location on the map on the move
  • View/Edit/Delete Drivers with ability to filter and sort results
  • Admin has ability to approve/decline drivers with function to view documents uploaded by driver before approval and viewing of individual Driver’s trip history
  • View/Edit/Delete Passengers with ability to filter and sort results
  • Admin has ability to view individual Passenger’s trip history as well as referral statistics
  • Ability to mass dispatch SMS messages for Drivers/Passengers
  • Add/Edit Vehicle type with ability to set the pricing based on Time/Distance as well as passenger capacity
  • Admin has the ability to Add/Edit/Delete the required Driver’s documentation fields
  • Site Customization – Edit Application Backend and UI Keywords without meddling with the source codes!
  • View Trip requests

Alstrasoft Downsides

The company doesn’t carry a healthy reputation in the market. Their taxi dispatch software has many bugs and the software isn’t scalable. They are in the business since more than last 13 years and have many flaws in their system and with the app customization part. In fact, the background check revealed that they have scammed many people and there had been the reports of rip-offs.
Take a look at these URLs to find how the customers have been duped of their money:


Uberappclone Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

uberappclone is a sister concern of and that too offers car rental software. This is their best-selling app as it is the most sought after choice for both entrepreneurs looking to invest in business that is easy-to-manage, requires no technical handling and something that can be managed even while on go.

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Best Car rental software of the year: Smart Car Tech  ( Download for FREE )

This carpooling and hiring app has all the basic features like posting rides and updating about your safe travelling in the cab and the passengers can search the model of the car and track the driver and the features for the driver as well to accept or reject and even cancel the booking and the emergency contact to the customer care. Advanced features like direct payment through payment gateways, recharge of the wallets and support for multi-language and multi-currency facility, all are covered in the uberappclone.

car rental software

Uberappclone review

A review of the taxi dispatch software product will help you to make the right buying decision. While reviewing the app, we focus on many aspects of the product or software like the performance, the scalability of the product, its design and the technology on building the app, and the overall cost of the app. The review usually helps to make sure the website is genuine and whether buying from here will be a good option or not.

It’s always worth-checking the factors to make sure the buyers are getting what they paid for. is just a one-and-a-half-year-old company and will need some time to carve its niche in the market as one can find lots of other competitors online.

The uberappclone strengths

  • Multi-Language support options from back-end
  • Easy fleet management of your taxis
  • Easy payment options
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Free demo and free trial

Additionalcar rental software features:

  • Free app installation service- Includes installation and upload and configuration of the code, database, and web services onto the server Google/Android Play store and Apple/iOS App store along with easy and instant approval of apps on Play store
  • White labelling on your company name and promise delivery in 2-4 working days and this is included in the package itself
  • Our package includes white labelling our apps and web panels on your company’s name
  • Inclusion of manual taxi dispatch if the passengers are not using hi-tech gadgets and smartphones like Android or iPhone/iOS Phone. The taxi can also be booked with a simple phone call.
  • Now or later feature passengers allows to book the taxi in advance and use the cab anytime later anytime as per their requirement.
  • Diverse languages and currency feature facilitates support for English as the international language and one primary language or lingua franca will be integrated into your car rental system for free. The same rule is applicable for the currency feature as well- USD and your one primary currency.
  • Pricing upsurge lets fleet management companies charge different rates during specific times and days (e.g. Early morning rush hour or Sunday evening can have higher rates)
  • God’s eye view, which allows the app owner to track the taxi status anywhere on the world map using real-time GPS system
  • Other options included are heat view, SOS button, advanced analytics, advanced reports and pubnub map integration

The uberappclone flaws

  • The website has a very low popularity and almost no rating score as it’s a just a newly registered company; existing since last 1.5 years
  • The company has used free email IDs which can be risky especially when dealing with transaction related communication or other confidential exchange of messages through the system
  • Since it is a new company offering car rental software, it has no social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
  • The company is also not using the security certificate for safe browsing through the site

Geeknavi Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Geeknavi offers car rental software, an on-demand taxi application that has made the commutation factor easier for the end-users, and the app is easily accessible for the cab drivers. The software offers an easy to manage dashboard for the administrators or the owners to apply settings with just few clicks and to operate the software, you require no technical experience.
This 8-month old company has created the Uber clone app that has all the basic features that any normal taxi application software has. It supports any device with iOS8+.

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Best Car rental software of the year: Smart Car Tech  ( Download for FREE )

Geeknavi review

    • Their Uber app clone, you can create your own navigation type service in just minutes
    • They have used standard coding methods optimized for all the devices and the code is further easily customizable
    • One can have a look at the demo version of the app to understand the user-friendliness, the functionality, design or the interface of the app
    • The app has been developed in such a manner that you can set it up either manually or automatically.


car rental software

Car rental software FAQs

      • Is the Android/iOS app connected to the same backend/dashboard?

Yes, it is.

      • How can I test the driver mode?

In order to test the driver mode, you must apply through the app by navigating to “Apply to Drive”. Once your application has been submitted, please send us an email at [email protected] so we can approve it for you.

      • How does it work?

Take a look at the short video demo to understand the functioning of the app and its design and user-friendliness.

      • When will the Android version be released?

The Android application is expected to be released during the first quarter of 2017.

      • Can I change the language?

A localized string file allows to set the language in the app.

      • Is it possible to add or change any of the features?

Yes, it is and some additional fee will be charged for this.

      • Am I able to re-skin and publish the application?

Just with few tweaking, re-skin and publish the app and have access to all the app’s icons for further editions, if required.

      • What payment processor is being used for the taxi dispatch software?

The Stripe integration allows to automatically send a receipt to your users containing the ride identifier specific to that trip.

      • How will I pay my drivers?

Unfortunately, automatic payment option doesn’t exist for now but the dashboard allows you to release the payment of your driver based on few parameters.

      • Will it work in my country?

The option for your users to “Login with Phone number” is being operated by Twilio. However, if your country is not listed, you could simply disable this option and allow the users to login with Facebook only.

The boon

      • You get a complete infrastructure ready where you are ready to launch your own Uber app clone successfully via the dashboard. It’s just a plug-in-play experience
      • They have Stripe integrated as the primary payment method for the taxi app
      • They claim to be the first & only Uber App Clone solution on the market that allows you to make a wise buying decision by letting you practically trying out the customized app
      • Their car rental system features powerful attributes for your navigation based service
      • The other basic features remain the same like driver tracking, the driver’s registration and approval process, and the driver allowed to switch back and forth between user and driver mode with one tap
      • You can check the iOS demo on the App Store or the code on GitHub
      • As the administrator, you will have the ability to set and adjust both the base rate and per mile rate for the cost of any ride
      • The manual setup and reskin is easy with just few lines of code
      • With auto installer, the admin can automatically create and personalize the entire application

The bane

    • Geeknavi has a very low popularity probably because it is not less than a year-old company and will take some time to establish in the niche. ranks #1,942,167 among over 30 million websites in world
    • We didn’t found any positive or negative reviews of Geeknavi as it still seems to trying hard its luck

Vrinsofts Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Virnsofts, a 2011 established software technology company offers car rental software. As the trend for travelling through cab is increasing, so are the number of technology companies venturing into the mobile and app development for taxi hiring software. With just a click the drivers can register themselves as the cab driver, the admin once approves, the driver will accept the ride and the other moment it hits the road. The end-user is the person who would ultimately be using the app for cab booking and hiring.

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Best Car rental software of the year: Smart Car Tech  ( Download for FREE )

Vrinsofts review

The software offers a user-friendly interface, the design is appealing, and the software has all the necessary features that all the 3 would be required- the admin, the driver and the passenger. Every company tries to bring something best in its application by offering flawless and smooth working app and by integrating features that its competitors don’t have it in theirs. Vrinsofts does a great job by offering customized mobile app development for more personalized experience, which is both appealing and bug free so no one person has to suffer in managing the application.

car rental software

So, whether you are running a taxi business or a fleet of taxis, managing your taxis won’t be a cumbersome task with car rental system. The CMS or Content Management System allows to easily manage the app either from front-end or back-end. Whether the end-user has to book a taxi or the driver has to accept or reject the ride with just a swipe or be it the admin who can set and earn handsome commissions by making few adjustments at the back-end, the dashboard is easy to use and gives a wholesome experience.

The Pros

  • Managing the dashboard through CMS gives full access to the admin who need not to be technically sound at coding or any aspect of the programming
  • The CMS allows for quick and easy updation with just few tweaks and easy to choose options
  • The integrated analytics feature helps businesses easily calculate the returns received on investment.
  • The system allows to measure the conversion rates by presenting the payment status and the ride data in a graphical pattern.
  • The app supports multi location access giving the end-user the facility to book the cab irrespective of their interior most or any location in the town. This further allows to book cabs for your friends and relatives on their behalf.
  • The taxi dispatch software developed by vrinsofts can have multiple admins to gain access to the dispatches using the admin panel.
  • The entire history of past transactions, the rides by customers and that given by drivers, these all are provided by the app.
  • name TRANSACTION HISTORY name CALLER IDENTIFICATION The app provides details and identify of the passengers to the driver. Based on these details, the location of the passenger is known and the driver can choose to accept or reject the ride request as per his suitability.
  • Drivers can make use of the signature capture feature to sign and send the request and payment mails to the admin for verification. All the statements hence have the driver’s signature before being mailed to the admin.
  • name ONLINE SIGNATURE name CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS The app provides customers the facility of making credit and debit card payments.
  • Forget about carrying cash in hand, the car rental software allows to make payments electronic gateways and wallet money
  • Vrinsofts facilitates the software and mobile app development either separately for the driver or the passenger or a combined app for both

The Cons

  • If there are good things about a system, there are its downfalls too.
  • This 5-year old company does not have many positive reviews to its credit. In fact, on Googling it, one can find vrinsofts lodged under consumer complaints online where it failed to deliver the software to one of its customer and also took away the entire payment from the customer.
  • The company has a low popularity even in these 5 years
  • One cannot expect safest communication and online transactions through the website as the site doesn’t uses secure HTTP certificate

Rutapp Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Ridecy from is a 100% customizable car rental software for both drivers and passengers on both iOS and Android. launched its operations last year in August and since then it has developed few products which are clone scripts that are customizable and meant for taxi hiring, Airbnb, and WhatsApp clone.

Rutapp review

The Uber clone app Ridecy offers a richer and responsive interface that ensures to provide the best user friendly experience. Cloud installation is available to have an easy and convenient set up of the app. The app has an advanced backend system to maintain the records of its users in a less complicated manner. The working flow is easy and hassle free in a way that it does not require any detailed “user manual” or tutorial.
The way a taxi dispatch software app is used normally for drivers, passengers and the back-end for the admin, ridecy from rutapp too offers the same features but they claim to offer advanced communication features for information exchange between the driver and the rider.

Audience choice!

Best Car rental software of the year: Smart Car Tech  ( Download for FREE )

How rutapp’s Ridecy Uber Clone app development strategy is different from others?

  • They claim that they follow a certain decorum as soon as they start handling the project. At every level, the client is kept updated about the various phases of the development. It begins with the planning stage and so on as below.
  • Planning
  • The planning stage allows us to devise the scope of the project, lets us define the project estimation time without delayed deliveries. In case of project deliveries due to certain uncalled reasons, the client shall be notified beforehand.
  • Quick Research
  • The team does the quick research to analyze the bugs in the scripts at every stage during the development of the app so that makes the next stages of development less cumbersome and also lessens the time consumption during the entire development process. The hugs are usually addresses at earliest possible usually in few hours.
  • Client Support
  • Full client support is available and transparent communication flow is there between the client and the team of developers and the project managers involved.

car rental software

The Good about rutapp

  • Approximate time estimation of taxi arrival
  • In app navigation feature for better assessment
  • Ride booking cancellation
  • SMS alerts and notifications on important actions
  • Completely Automated dispatch software
  • Integrated Loyalty programs for the users
  • Option to find premium customers for drivers
  • Accept/Reject ride request feature
  • Advanced Automatic address completion on app
  • Go offline/online feature for drivers
  • Instant notifications on every ride
  • Integrated Capture signature option
  • Export detailed reports features
  • Automatic bill generation feature
  • Email alerts on important actions in the car rental system
  • Scan Credit Card
  • SOS button
  • Alarm/Panic button
  • GPS facility for tracking taxis
  • Easy payment choices through wallet system
  • Driver Ratings once the ride is over
  • Pay by credit/debit card option
  • Optional Tipping feature for riders
  • Coupon Code – Promo code management system
  • Invite friends using mail and Social media feature
  • Automatic ride fare calculation and estimation
  • Instant booking facility
  • Favorite feature to mark the favorite rides
  • Profile setup and edit feature
  • Complaint Board for registering and managing complaints
  • Individual login/ registration for drivers and riders
  • Instant messaging chat system
  • Trip details and its history
  • Surge pricing feature during peak time rides

The bad about the rutapp

  • When rutapp’s online reputation was checked, it had serious issues with its car rental software. People had been complaining a lot about the bugs and issues in the system.
  • The specific types of bugs as revealed in latest are:
  • The app asks for the passenger’s content access like gallery, camera, etc.
  • People have reported either missing routes, missing alternative routes to the same location or imprecise zones listed in the route map
  • The map is not updated
  • At few places, the route information is also missing
  • At some places, the image of the route is so small that it makes the route visibility almost difficult or impossible
  • Apart from the major routes bug, the all the communications are encrypted and the website has an extremely low popularity

Snoota Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Taxigen by snoota is a readymade uber clone script for car rental software that inherits the traits of original taxi booking app script to indulge customers with the best of its features to service customers right on demand.

Snoota benefits for its Taxigen:

  • Reliable and economical solution
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Sales Support
  • Customizable to meet customers’ business needs

Audience choice!

Best Car rental software of the year: Smart Car Tech  ( Download for FREE )

What Makes snoota stay in business since 2011 – The Pros

  • The integration of Google map on to the taxi booking app, helps users and drivers to locate and track the location of each other.
  • This lets the users tracking the driver’s routing direction right from start till the end of the trip.
  • The confirming option facilitates the assurance source and the destination.
  • The promo offers or loyalty coupons are generated via push notifications
  • Users can leave feedback or star rate the drivers after the trip is over.
  • The payment summary of the user is trackable, the trip history of the driver too, the other basic features like booking cancellation, etc.
  • offers an interesting feature in its car rental software. The users can mark some rides as favorite.
  • Snoota offers optimized taxi dispatch software to help the owners drive a greater traffic towards their business.
  • The driver can choose to stay online or offline with just a single click on the taxing booking app and accept the rides as per their comfort and their own availability.
  • The users and the drivers can create and manage their profiles.
  • The cab availability can also be tracked online through the driver’s active or inactive status.
  • Instant Cloud Installation is quick, instant and affordable.
  • Easy payment options through Wallet system facilitates to recharge the wallet easily and payment is automatic.
  • Emergency Contact allows the driver or the user to quickly touch base with the customer care.
  • The graphical statistics of the payment system and the number of rides are all available for easy understanding.
  • A very important feature that exists in Taxigen car rental system is the notification or an alert whenever the app is under maintenance, with the maintenance mode on.
  • Notification mails are stored as templates. The admin can choose any of the in-built templates to send mails to the application users.
  • The users are free to choose the type of car they are willing to commute into.
  • The car proximity is another feature that allows searching for the cars in the close proximity for quick door pickup.
  • The admins too can edit all the information about the cars, the taxi driver’s commission rates, and can know which driver is available and which customers are their favorite.
  • Easy Sign Up facility marks the smooth functioning of the taxigen app by People can also share about their riding experience through Social Media Sign up.
  • Currency and Language Settings can be handled through the back-end system.
  • The Fare Estimation and the booking history is all available at just a single click.

car rental software

What will result in downfall of the snoota – The Cons

  • Snoota has been into business since the mid of 2011 but still one cannot find any positive or negative reviews about the system. Nobody has ever commented on their taxi dispatch software.
  • The popularity of snoota, when checked on, is quite low. In fact, there is no rating found on such a popular website where one can find rating form many of its competitors.
  • More than 4 years, no social engagement; which is very surprising.
  • They do not use HTTPS, which means all the communications carried through the site between the user and the site are not encrypted, not safe and it is risky to carry transactions through the site.

V3Cube Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

V3Cube offers car rental software. to help people invest in taxi rental service business.

Why you must invest in a car hiring/renting business?

  • Are you a tech savvy and business minded and always looking for creative ideas to start a business?
  • Are you also too busy to devote enough time to your business yet looking for some venture side-by-side?
  • Are you game?

Audience choice!

Best Car rental software of the year: Smart Car Tech  ( Download for FREE )

You can plan to start a business venture like a car rental system where you can run the taxi hiring business right from the comfort of your home or place. Practically speaking, you just need to invest in the vehicle renting software and you can find many mobile and application development companies offering them.

V3Cube offers the car rental app development and let’s find out why they are best at it to help our visitors make an informed decision of choosing the right mobile and app development company. Always keep in mind while selecting the company for all your Uber Clone needs, the company must have the right infrastructure to be able to develop the app for you, and the developers should be capable enough to help the customers with the app customization part and the customer care team must be always ready to lend the ears to get the issues sorted out.

car rental software

V3Cube Review

What makes v3cube a decent player in the market in the field of car rental software is the ability to offer technologically advanced Uber clone script and constantly offering the best features in their upcoming versions.

The Pros

The Uber cone app has been designed keeping in mind the three key players- the admin/owner, the driver and the end-user.

  • Surge Pricing
  • Heat View In Admin Panel
  • UberRush – real Time Uber Delivery Addon
  • Clone
  • Emergency/Panic Button
  • Ride Later / Schedule A Ride
  • Manual Taxi Dispatch
  • God’s Eye View
  • RTL (i.e Arabic) Languages Support
  • Referral System
  • Wallet Integration
  • The Key Players- The admin with the highest and the complete authority to handle the app, the driver who gets approved by the admin and the rider/customer who would be availing the taxi riding service and the separate apps for both drivers and the riders.
  • Support for multiple languages and multiple currencies and the ability to change it easily form the control panel.
  • The software like many other software and app has a geo-location feature.
  • They commit to launch the system for you in just 3-4 days, both launch and installation free.
  • Set commissions through the control panel on your app.
  • They will provide you with a unique license to safeguard your product code from theft and plagiarism and you can operate it from any corner of the world.
  • COD and credit card are used the best payment methods.
  • The driver gets paid through the website once the rider has made the payment via the App
  • V3Cube claim their script as the most perfect one with all the features that an App buyer might be looking for. Their app is approved by the Google Play Stores and Apple Stores and the web panels for Driver, Passenger, Company and script is 100% responsive site, which will show up on all personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers.

The entire taxi dispatch software package consists of:

  1. Uber Website
  2. Passenger iOS App
  3. Passenger Android App
  4. Passenger Web Panel
  5. Driver iOS App
  6. Driver Android App
  7. Driver Web Panel
  8. Company Web Panel
  9. Admin Web Panel to manage the entire app from the back-end

The Cons

  • It is easy to believe in what they offer but since V3Cube is a new entrant into the market and they don’t have much user reviews so it is too early to trust their services. Many new companies get registered every month, they start with full enthusiasm but they fail to offer quality services especially when it comes to handling the app customization part or giving the continued and satisfactory customer care services.
  • When checked on, their reputation is just 50%, which is just an average and that too based on just few sales that they have made in the market.
  • Since it is a new company, they have a very low popularity. ranks #1,189,105 among over 30 million websites in world.

Mobisoft Infotech Car Rental Software Review

car rental software

Mobisoft offers car rental software. and here’s what ignited their mind to develop the app.

Earlier business-minded people were jealous of Uber, catering efficiently to daily commuters and travelers with their cab hiring services. People used to admire how a company would be making huge profit globally out of the taxi rental business and how the drivers get paid and whether the drivers would be earning handsomely. Soon, it was realized that running a taxi rental business like Uber required no large setup and even small and medium-sized companies would handle the business anytime and anywhere just with the help of a simple customized software.

Audience choice!

Best Car rental software of the year: Smart Car Tech  ( Download for FREE )

Mobisoft Infotech, a Houston-based company provides mobile, web and cloud solution. They offer taxi booking app like Uber and this Uber clone is compatible for iOS & Android with custom uber clone script & source code.

car rental software

Mobisoft Infotech Review

Mobisoft offers the on-demand cloud car rental software. This, though less than a 7-year old company today, but believes that having a unique business model that generates revenue isn’t enough. For a business to perform well, boost sales, beat competitors, and be on top constantly there is the need for a solid system at the back-end.

Powered by a well-customized app that has all the unique features that could make the travelling and commutation experience memorable for the rider, the daily system of driving a cab through the software comfortable for the drivers and also offering a user-friendly control panel for the admin to manage the app from the back-end without having to hamper the business is a great thing.

The Mobisoft Infotech advantage

  • Support for a larger database to encompass more people
  • An Uber-like customized app that can come up to people’s expectations in a cost-effective manner and at an estimated price
  • The clone comes with a MySQL backend support with PHP for a highly dynamic experience

Their solution offerings for car rental system are:

  • Mobile App for Passengers
  • Mobile App for Cab Drivers
  • Web Admin Panel for Owners
  • Web Admin for Dispatcher
  • Implementation & Launch
  • Advanced Taxi App Features
  • Driver App + Passenger App + Admin

The features:

  • No additional hardware support required to run the car rental software.
  • Real-time vehicle position (GPS) and status updates.
  • Android & IOS Passenger Apps to book a taxi.
  • Easy website integration for online bookings
  • Phone call the dispatcher to book a trip.
  • Avail recurrent trips in one booking.
  • Auto dispatch of taxi to nearest driver.
  • Passenger locates driver position using GPS
  • Owners / Dispatchers track taxi position using Google maps.
  • In-app notifications to passengers and drivers.
  • Automatic route calculation.
  • Automatic fare estimation and calculation.
  • Waiting time stopwatch.
  • Cash / Credit card transactions.
  • Facebook Login credentials.
  • Passenger can share using Facebook, Twitter SMS or Email.
  • Automatic E-receipts to passenger.
  • User-friendly admin panels.
  • Track daily transaction and reports.
  • Extract and search reports using filters and dates.
  • Easy Administrator and App management.
  • Customizable.
  • Integrate additional payment gateway
  • Supports Multiple languages.
  • GPS, map and routes drawing
  • Registration and matching system
  • Notifications and communication
  • Payment system
  • Car and user details
  • Driver Rating

The Mobisoft Infotech Cons

  • When checked online on few sources, this seven-year-old company has no rating or reputation.
  • Although one can find lots of good reviews about this company for other software apps produced by them but no review exists for taxi dispatch software.
  • For other software and mobile applications produced by them, few people have reported bugs in the system and the quality didn’t match with the cost being incurred for developing the app by Mobisoft infotech.
  • When checked for the popularity statistics here, this 7-year old company had a low popularity. ranks #177,636 among over 30 million websites in world and Ranks #34,523 in India.