WRYDES Uber Clone Script Review

Most of the uber clone scripts that are found in the mobile app store are customized tailor-made apps. Before proceeding any further let me explain what exactly is an uber clone script. Uber clone scripts or apps are basically the replicas of the original Uber software.

uber clone script

The rampant downloading and usage of the uber clone scripts on the app store proves how popular they have been in the recent times. There have been a lot of variants available from all sorts of vendors who have begun their own software development following the path of Uber.

As a potential business owner planning to start your own taxi dispatch business, it would be wise to know all the functionalities of an uber clone script. Almost all of these uber clone scripts differ in certain features only. Hence, it is required to know the software feature by feature.

A brief history of WRYDES  

WRYDES is a software company that specializes in white labeled taxi apps. The uber clone script from Wrydes clearly depicts their expertise. They are a team of experienced and committed professionals who are passionate about their work. When it comes to customer satisfaction and product delivery they are second to none.

As there has been a huge demand for the uber clone scripts in the market in the recent times the product development team from Wrydes decided to bring their own product into the market. As a market leader Wrydes has managed to have a clientele that includes some of the distinguished companies like GoCabs, Sure Cab, Pulse Delivery, Citi Taxi and Mobi Cabs to name a few.

How is the Uber Clone Script from WRYDES any different?

There has been a lot of research going on to bring the best uber clone script in the market. Each one of the vendors is working overnight to make their product unique and different from their peers. Let’s have a look at all the features of the uber clone app from Wrydes.

  • Checking Driver Profile : A customer can check all the details about any driver right from the passenger app.
  • Locating Drivers : There is a provision for the customer to view all the drivers present in the vicinity. The nearby drivers are visible on the map on the passenger app.
  • Put in Request : With this feature, a passenger can put in a request for all the drivers present nearby or a specific driver.
  • Ask for Ride Sharing : The passenger can ask the driver present in the area to share a ride if there is a seat available.
  • Fare Estimator : The integrated fare estimator takes care of all the details like distance and additional surcharge.
  • Reviews and Complaints : The passenger can review a driver and post complaints on the app. The reviews given by the passenger are visible on the driver’s profile.
  • Manage Profiles : It is easier to upload documents and other details like driving license with the help of profile management feature.
  • Accept/Reject Request : There is a provision for the driver to accept/reject the incoming request right from the app.
  • Ride History : The driver can keep track of all the trip details as they are recorded in the app under ride history.
  • Live Tracking : With the help of GPS it is possible to keep track of the vehicles that are in service.
  • Technical Support : The support team is available 24X7 for any kind of technical support.
  • Customization : The app is open to any kind of customization as per the client request.
  • Cloud Based Automated Dispatch : This is one of the most important features of the software. With the help of cloud-based hosting, it is possible to create an automated dispatch system.

What else could have been added?

The uber clone script from Wrydes is a remarkable software in all aspect. But there are certain important features that are found to be missing from the app. Let’s have a look at some of the essential stuff that is found to be missing in the software.

  • Geofencing : Let’s analyze what is the importance of the Geofencing feature. Well, to begin with, a geofencing is nothing but a geographical boundary. An admin can set the perimeter for certain features to be available within the geofence. These can be promotional events or availability or non-availability of certain type of vehicles.
  • Promo and Referral Codes : Sometimes it becomes necessary to run promotional events to promote the company. Promo codes are some sort of coupons that can be used to avail special discounts. With the help of referral codes the customer can refer his friends and relatives and redeem the amount while taking the next ride.

CLICK LABS Uber Clone Script Review

Uber clone scripts are touching the heart of millions, and most of the people are not aware of it. They are not only among the most downloadable apps in the market but also they are most sought after. If you are an entrepreneur looking to start an uber like business of your own then you may find this article worth reading.

uber clone script

Behind every great company, there is a great product. Whether it is Apple, Tesla or General Motors each one they have risen to prominence by their legendary products. The same is for Uber too. Their app is very simple and also intuitive at the same time.

It is a result of countless hours of research and billions of dollars in funding. As it seems it is not an easy task to replicate a very successful product. With a lot of companies stepping into the taxi dispatch business, there has been a sudden demand for uber clone scripts. These uber clone scripts are the exact replica of the original software.

There are many companies in India and abroad that are making uber clone scripts. So a word of advice to the potential business owners, before making a purchase it is important to go through the product feature by feature.

What inspired Click Labs to make an Uber Clone Script?

Click Labs offers enterprise-grade technology products with an expertise in mobile applications, web development, and analytics. Their experience and commitment in bringing out some of the best products in their respective domain are impeccable. They have some of the highly experienced and passionate professionals who are always willing to take every pain to deliver a great product. Some of the notable products from Click labs are Juggernaut, Tookan, and Kato. Some of their portfolio companies are XXBowling, Fitso, Galeri5 among others.

What is different about the Uber Clone Script from Click Labs?

From a potential business owner’s point of view, it is very important to know the product that you are about to buy. Let’s have a look at some of the cool features of the software from Click Labs.

  • Geoanalytics : With the help of geofencing it is possible to assign certain drivers to certain zones. This feature is quite useful when there is a scarcity of vehicle in a particular area. The admin can simply assign some drivers to the area where there no drivers available.
  • Advanced Fleet Management : The advanced fleet management maintains a driver database with real-time availability. The admin can assign the drivers with jobs or rides at the time of need.
  • Real-Time Tracking : The app is fully functional for real-time tracking. The tracking SDK helps in tracking the passenger’s location accurately.
  • Custom App : The uber clone script can be fully customizable according to the client’s demands and needs.
  • Customer Feedback : The customer can rate and review a driver from the app. As in every customer-centric business, it is very important to know what the customer wants.
  • Automated Customer Notifications : There will be automated notifications from the customer app to the driver, so that the driver will know each and every movement of the customer.

What are the customers saying?

“Overall it was a great experience. Click labs produced a world class product for us – Stephen Ost, Jobbing

“It has been great to be with click labs. My favorite part is the quality of resources these guys have – Dave Lauer, Goal Investor

“The team is the biggest asset you guys bring to your customers – Manish Madan, Frugal

What else can be added  

The uber clone script from Click Labs is remarkable in every aspect, but there are certain features that are found to be missing in the app. Let’s analyze those features that would have been a great addition to the uber clone script.

  • Surge Pricing : Let’s see what is the importance of the surge pricing feature. When there is a heavy demand of vehicles, a driver won’t be compelled to attend to a customer. You as a business owner need to provide some incentives to motivate the driver. The surge pricing feature increases the usual price a little bit so that the drivers will be motivated to attend the passenger at the time of need.
  • Ride Sharing/Pooling : Every one of us wants to save a considerable amount in our travel expenses. The only way to make the fare cheap is by pooling. The customers can share the ride resulting in a decrease in the fare.

ZOOM Uber Clone Script Review

In the recent times, Uber has emerged to be one of the most innovative technology company in the world. The way it has gained popularity with only less than a decade of its existence is itself exemplary. One of the reasons for their success is their commitment to innovation and unparalleled leadership.

uber clone script

One of the major factors for the sudden rise of Uber is their groundbreaking software. The software is not only elegant but also one of its kind. Uber is one of the few companies in the world that spends millions of dollars on research and development. Their passion for bringing out the best product in the market is incomparable.

The success of Uber has led many companies to follow its path. As the taxi dispatch business is a billion-dollar business, there is a lot of competition in this field. Most of the companies that are new to this domain and has just started to build a successful enterprise have started to look for a software that is a clone of the original uber app.

The emergence of these mid-level companies has led to the growth in demand for a quality uber clone script.

A brief history of Zoom

Zoom is a UK based company founded in 2013 when there was a turmoil in taxi business in Manchester. In the midst of all the mayhem, Zoom has managed to create a brand of its own that is also reflected from its legendary taxi dispatch app. The company has sustained all these years with only a single motto, helping thriving private taxi dispatch companies to survive in a post-Uber era.

What is different about the Uber Clone Script from Zoom?

Every software is different in some way or the other from that of its peers. Let’s explore all the cool features of the uber clone script from Zoom one by one. Every feature will be explained keeping in mind its use and necessity.

  • Customized Website : A website is available for the client that can be customized and branded with company logo. The customers can create an account and log in to the account to view trip details and expenses right from the website. The website is integrated with dispatch software. You can manage all your business customers from the website.
  • Online Booking : A customer can make a booking from the company’s website with the help of integrated payment options like credit card and Paypal. A customer can also schedule a ride from the website.
  • 2-Click Booking : The 2-click booking feature allows the customer to book a taxi with just two taps from the app.
  • Book and Track Multiple Bookings : A customer can do multiple bookings and even keep track of each booking at the same time.
  • Rebooking : A passenger can rebook a ride which was previously canceled.
  • Ride Later : It is possible to schedule a ride for the future from the app.
  • Push Notifications : During the course of the trip the passenger is notified with push notifications.
  • Rate the Driver : Every driver needs to be rated. Based on the rating the drivers get some incentives. The passenger can rate the driver from the app.
  • 3D Mapping and Turn by Turn Navigation : The navigation is interactive with full support for 3D maps and voice based guiding.
  • Built-In Fare Meter : The driver app has a built-in fare meter that shows all the details of the trip like distance travelled and time of journey etc.
  • Emergency Button Alert : In case of an emergency all the driver has to do is press the button and the admin will be notified instantly.
  • Override Fare and Charge : The driver can override the base fare anytime as he sees fit.
  • Intelligent Dispatcher : The dispatcher is supported with an auto-dispatch algorithm.
  • Electronic Invoice : After a trip is complete an invoice is sent to the customer’s email.
  • Reports : It is easy to view and download all the reports with just a click.

What else can be added

Every software at some time or the other need to get updated. These updations are based on the demand of the customers. The uber clone script from Zoom is loaded with awesome features, but there are certain features that are found to be missing. Let’s have a look at those features that are found to be missing from the software.

  • Surge Pricing : What is the importance of surge pricing? Well, at the time when there is a heavy demand for the vehicles, the admin increases the base fare to a certain percentage so that the driver will be motivated to serve the passenger.
  • Corporate Accounts : What are these corporate accounts? When the business grows there comes the need for additional resources which in this case is the need for extra drivers. In that situation, the company hires extra personnel from some agency. Now, all the details of this hired personnel are stored in the corporate accounts.

SIMTECHNOS Uber Clone Script Review

Have you ever thought what an uber clone script is? Before proceeding any further, let me explain what exactly is an uber clone script. An uber clone script is an exact replica of the original uber software.

uber clone script

The success of multi-billion dollar tech giants like Uber and Lyft have brought a new hope in the field of cab booking business. Nothing today is like anything it used to be a few years back. The taxi business is very lucrative one. Big and mid-level corporations are mining gold with just a little investment.

Everything said, nevertheless it is not that easy to be in the same league as that of the global conglomerates. They have invested billions of dollars in research and development to make their product world class and state of the art. Every feature of the original uber clone script is tested in a rigorous environment to analyze if it is worth the penny.

As a newcomer to this business, it is very important to have a great software in your possession that will keep you way ahead of your peers. If you are not investing in your own research and development then it would be wise to select a vendor that has the best alternative to the original software.

A Brief History of Simtechnos

Simtechnos is an Indian software company located at Kolkata that specializes in web design and mobile application development. They have an expertise in a lot of other verticals like Food, Grocery, and Uber for X among others. They are a team of highly experienced professionals who are committed to give their best to meet the expectation of the client. Vertizo from Simtechnos is a great software which is loaded with a lot of cool features. Apart from Vertizo they have a lot of other variants of uber clone script that differ with certain features and the cost also varies accordingly.  

What makes VERTIZO from Simtechnos different from others?

As there are a lot of uber clone alternatives available in the market. It is very important to know all the essential components of a software feature by feature. Let’s analyze all the essential features of Vertizo that makes it different from that of the others.

  • Driver Subscription : There is a provision of optional subscription for the drivers. A driver can pay some fee to make himself active again on the system and take requests.
  • Prepaid Coupons : With the help of this feature the company can issue prepaid coupons, for a customer to purchase and use it to pay for the booking.
  • Number Masking : The call between the passenger and the service provider is fully secure and protected with the help of VOIP.
  • Manual Dispatch : If the passenger does not have internet access or is not smartphone savvy then he can call the service provider and get the booking done.
  • Surge Pricing : When there is heavy demand for drivers, the admin can increase the fare a little bit to motivate the drivers.
  • Wallet : With the integrated wallet a customer can go completely cashless.
  • Chat Application : There is a chat application with the help of which the passenger can chat with the driver.
  • Social Media Integration : The app is fully supported with social media integration. Now a customer can register and share the experience on social media.  
  • OTP Verification : Registration through mobile is secured with OTP generation.
  • SOS Feature : The customer can save a number as SOS. At the time of any emergency, the admin can contact the person and deliver the information.
  • Ride Now or Later : This enables the passenger to schedule a ride for the future.
  • Trip History : All the details of the trip are recorded safely for future use.
  • Profile Management : Both the customer and the driver can upload documents and edit the profile from their respective apps.
  • Help and Support : This feature has all the instructions on how to use the app.
  • Earning Reports : The driver can view and keep track of its earnings.
  • Service Type Selection : It is possible to select from a pool of available vehicles according to one’s preference.

Some features that were found to be missing

Improvisation is very important in the course of software development lifecycle In due course of time certain features are added and also removed. Although the uber clone script from Simtechnos is one of its kind, there are some important features that are found to be missing. Let’s take a look at some of these features that should have been a part of the software.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : Why it is important to have an airport ride sharing feature? In most of the major metropolitan cities, there are toll gates at various places. They charge the passenger some amount before allowing them to pass through. As a result of this, the customer gets delayed. The airport ride sharing feature calculates all the additional surcharge before the trip so that the customer can have a hassle-free ride. It is also possible to book a ride for the future and share the ride with a fellow passenger.
  • Call Center Management : Sometimes the passenger may find it difficult to make a booking due to certain unavoidable circumstances. In that case, the passenger can place a call to the customer care executive and get the booking done.

TAXI CALLER Uber Clone Script Review

With the dominance of Uber in the cab booking business, uber clone scripts have become a buzzword these days. Everybody wants to have a luxurious ride with the vehicle of their choice. This was the scenario hard to imagine a few years back.

uber clone script

There was no abundance of taxis and cabs in the cities. Even though they were available, it was quite expensive to book a taxi. But nowadays commuting in a taxi has become very affordable even for a common man. Cab business is a cutthroat one, every year a lot of enterprises venture to try their fortune in this field. Some survive and others perish.

To sustain in this business one of the key factors is to have a better product. To satisfy this need for a software that would be as efficient and as scalable as the original software many companies began producing their own version of uber clone scripts. The uber clone script is basically a replica of the original software. They have all the essential features of the original software with a little customization or the addition of a few features.

A word of caution for the potential buyers or business owners, it would be wise to analyze the product feature by feature before a making a purchase.

A brief history of TaxiCaller

Founded in 2011 TaxiCaller is a specialist in cloud-based taxi dispatch solutions. They have a global presence in 6 continents and over 60 countries. From the day of its conception, TaxiCaller has been providing indispensable software that powers millions of limos, taxis, and cabs around the world. Developed by Swedish engineers with a background in transport and telecom TaxiCaller offers an innovative and cost-effective solution. Perfection and amelioration are embedded into the very essence of the company.

What makes the uber clone script from TaxiCaller different?

TaxiCaller has been in the industry for a long time. All these years of experience are well reflected from their product. Let’s have a look at all the essential features of the uber clone script from TaxiCaller.

  • Cloud Based : The TaxiCaller is fully cloud-based. As a result of this, it is highly scalable and fault tolerant. There is also an infinite storage available in the cloud.
  • Pay As You Go : The makers of TaxiCaller have made it very affordable for the business owner to pay only for certain features that they are planning to use. In this way, TaxiCaller is available for anybody who wants to start a business instantly but lacks funds.
  • Social Media Sharing and Login : With the boom in social media it has become a necessity to integrate them with the app. Now a customer can register with the help of its social media accounts and can also share experiences on the social media.
  • Vehicle Types : The admin can add and remove certain types of vehicles according to the necessity and availability.
  • Favorite Locations : The customer can store certain locations as favorite locations.
  • Trip and Receipt History : Both the trip history and the invoice history is maintained in the app for future review.
  • Rating : Rating is very essential to know what your customer feels and what are his demands.
  • Text Notification : The passenger, as well as the driver, are notified promptly with text notifications.
  • Alarm : The driver app is supported with an alarm feature that gets activated at an appropriate time.
  • In-App Taximeter : The driver app has an inbuilt taximeter that keeps track of the distance covered.
  • Chat and Voice Messaging : The passenger and the driver can communicate with each other by voice messaging and an integrated chat application.
  • Broadcast Bidding : When the requests are generated, it is broadcasted and the drivers available in the vicinity bid for the passenger.
  • Shift History : There is a provision to keep track of the drivers working in shifts, with the help of shift history.
  • Step By Step Navigation : The navigation panel on the driver app is very interactive.
  • Corporate Account : The corporate account feature is to keep track of extra personnel hired by the company.
  • Auto Complete Address : While booking the auto-complete feature search for the address based on certain keywords.
  • Online Booking : There is a dedicated website where the customer can book a taxi online.
  • Real-Time Tracking : With the help of GPS and google maps it is possible to track the vehicles real-time.
  • Job Alerts : The driver can generate job alerts for other fellow drivers.
  • Multi Monitor Support : The driver app is supported by multiple monitor feature.
  • Business Analytics :
  • Reports and Invoicing : Detailed report and invoice are generated after the trip is complete.
  • E-Ticket Payments : A customer can purchase e-tickets from the company, which are some sort of coupons, and can make the payment for the booking with it.

What else could be added

The uber clone script from TaxiCaller is state of the art. Some of the features are very innovative and different. As the demand for uber clone scripts has significantly increased in the recent years, there are certain features that are worth adding. Let’s discuss some features that could be added to make TaxiCaller a leader in uber clone scripts.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : What is the need for Airport Ride Sharing feature? As everyone living in a metropolitan city knows how difficult it is to get a taxi to the airport. The scarcity of cabs makes it a nuisance to schedule a ride to the airport. The airport ride sharing feature is a solution to the problem. With an integrated airport ride booking feature, the customer need not have to worry about scheduling the ride. With this application it is also possible to share a ride with a fellow passenger and hence the ride becomes economical. This app also takes care of the delay caused by the check posts and the toll gates. The additional cost is added as a surcharge at the time of booking and everything else is taken care of.
  • Call Center Management : What is the need for Call Center Management? A call center executive is needed to help a customer offline at the time of necessity. Sometimes a customer may not be able to make a booking due to no wifi or internet connection. In that case, the customer can call the customer care executive and get the booking done. All the details related to the ride including the customer details are then sent to the driver by the call center executive.

DEEPEX TECHNOLOGIES Uber Clone Script Review

As a frequent user of Google App Store, one of the most noticeable things recently is the frequency of the downloads of the uber clone scripts increasing at an alarming rate. Not only the taxi dispatch software is the most downloaded ones but also the most to be reviewed.

uber clone script

The reason is quite simple, the demand and usage of the uber clone scripts are overwhelming these days. Whether it is a customer or a business owner, everyone is fascinated by these taxi dispatch software. It is very difficult to imagine someone living in a metropolitan city and has never taken a ride in a cab.

The emergence of technology giants like Uber and Lyft have taken the cab business to a whole new level. They have not only made cab riding affordable for common mass but also has modernized the way cab business was run before. As a result of this, the cab booking business has become the most sought-after and lucrative.

The only way to compete with the global giants and survive is to have a software that will put you ahead of others. As there has been a demand for quality uber clone script a lot of companies have come forward with their product. Hence, it would be wise to analyze each product feature by feature before making a purchase.

A brief history of Deepex Technologies

Deepex Technologies is an IT service provider with an expertise in end to end technology solutions. They specialize in mobile, web and internet marketing solutions. They have a strong experience in building brand image and providing customer-centric strategies with a creative bent of mind. Their employees are very experienced and are dedicated to handle all sorts of customer’s demands and wants. Deepex Technologies have successfully delivered 1500 project to 250 clients around the world. They have an annual growth of 97%.

What makes CABYING from Deepex Technologies different?

Every software is in some way or the other different from other. These features make it unique and keep it out of the herd. Let’s explore the essential features of the uber clone script from Deepex technologies.

  • Driver Tracking : From the passenger app a customer can see all the drivers available in the vicinity.
  • Driver Searching : The customers can search for a driver and look into his profile, reviews, and other details.
  • Transaction History : The customer app saves the history of all the transactions done in their account.
  • Social Sharing : The customer can share reviews, promo codes and referral codes with his friends and relatives on the social media right from the app.
  • Notifications and Alerts : During the course of the ride the customers get push notifications right from the acceptance of the request to the invoice generation after the trip is complete. On the other hand, the drivers get alerts even though their screen is turned off.
  • Promo Codes : Promo codes are available to privileged customers at the time of certain promotional events. They can use the codes and redeem the amount.
  • Service History : Both the driver, as well as the customer, can see the service history and check all the previous point of requests.
  • Ride Estimate : The smart fare estimator calculates the fare amount by taking into consideration all sorts of surcharge right before booking the ride.
  • User Active/Inactive : The user can make himself available/unavailable with a single tap from his app.
  • Driver Active/Inactive : The driver can make himself available/unavailable by a single button on the driver app.
  • Social Media Login : Now it is very simple to log in with the help of social media accounts.
  • Analytics : With the help of integrated analytics it is very simple to perform all kinds of analysis based on the previous records.
  • Maintenance Mode : Once the maintenance mode is on it intimates all the users that the taxi booking is under maintenance.
  • Car Types : There is a provision for adding a lot of different types of vehicles to the app so that the customer can choose his favorite vehicle for the ride. A price tag is available for each vehicle type so that the customer can know the price before booking.
  • Profile Settings : The customer, as well as the driver, can now edit their details right from the app.
  • Database Indexing : Database indexing is provided for fast page loading.

What else could be added

Although CABYING from Deepex Technologies is a remarkable software, there are certain essential features that are found to be missing. Let’s take a look at all those features that would be a useful addition to the software.

  • Wallet : Why do you need a Wallet? Well, the answer is simple and reasonable to make the payments. An integrated wallet in the app will allow the customer to transfer funds from the bank account and make the payment from the wallet. Some of the important payment gateways that could be integrated with the wallet in the backend are PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. These payment gateways take care of the authentication and the security details so that the customer need not worry about any sort breach.   
  • Surge Pricing : What for is Surge Pricing? At the time of heavy demand for cab specifically at rush hours the driver may or may not be interested to pick a customer. In order to motivate the driver, surge pricing acts as an incentive. By increasing the price a little bit, and providing a mere incentive will certainly motivate the driver to pick the customer in need. At the time of natural disasters like a curfew or rainfall, there becomes a scarcity of drivers. A surge in price motivates the driver to be in service.
  • Ride Sharing : What is the importance of Ride Sharing? Most of the daily commuters need an economic ride. Ride-sharing makes the budget economic for the frequent commuters. In the vehicles providing pooling facility, there is always a chance of availability of seats.

TAXI HAWK Uber Clone Script Review

Taxi Hawk has proved itself aptly as one of the leading developers of uber clone script. Before going any further let me explain what exactly is an uber clone script. An uber clone script is a duplicate or a replica of the original taxi dispatch software of Uber.

uber clone script

The uber clone script has all the features of the original software and a lot many vendors are also customizing their uber clone script to have a few more innovative features. There has been a lot of competition in this particular area as a lot of vendors have come forward to offer their own version of the software.

In the midst of all this hotchpotch, here has been the ever demanding client who is determined to follow the lead of Uber and establish itself as one of it’s biggest rivals. But as easy as it may seem it is very difficult to outrun Uber. Not only the business strategy should be as impeccable as that of Uber’s but also the product should be a legendary one as that of that of the original.

It took a lot of effort and millions of dollars in research and development to bring out a product like that of Uber. If you are a potential owner planning to start a business of your own the most important part of your business should be to find a software that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

A brief history of Taxi Hawk

Taxi Hawk is a brand from Seattle who has the distinction of bringing some of the best clone scripts into the market. They are a team of highly experienced professionals who are determined to make the world a better place with their legendary products. They are the mastermind behind CabIT, Jugnoo, Gadol, and OGA Taxi to name a few. The company also specializes in a lot of other verticals like making software for Event companies, Airport/Hotel Taxi services, Boat companies and shuttle companies.

How is Taxi Hawk’s Uber Clone Script Different from the others?

Let’s have an inside look at some of the interesting features of the uber clone script from Taxi Hawk. Here we shall have a feature by feature analysis of all the important features that are bundled with the software along with the reason for its conception.

  • Real-Time Tracking : The customer and the driver can track the progress of the ride right from their app. With the help of google maps and GPS live tracking and navigation becomes simplified and interactive.
  • Customer Feedback : The customer can give the feedback to the driver and share his trip experience after the ride by posting on the feedback column in the app. The driver can also rate the customer from his app.
  • Know Your Driver : This feature allows the customer to interact with the driver with a one to one communication.
  • Simplified Navigation : In-app pick up and drop locations helps the driver to have a seamless navigation.
  • Trip Management : The driver can start and end a ride and receive payment from the passenger from his app.
  • Tiered Pricing Structure : There are different pricing structure for the cabs depending upon the type of vehicle and capacity or the number of seats booked.

What else could be added

Some things need to change as change is an essential part of evolution. With the consistent growth in the taxi dispatch software, there has been a cutthroat competition in this domain. Staying ahead of your peers and make your product reach the zenith of success requires a lot of effort and innovation. Let’s have a look at some essential features that are found to be missing in the software.

  • Wallet : What is the importance of a Wallet? As a business owner, you might want to give your customer complete freedom to go cashless. With the help of an integrated wallet, the customer can transfer money from his bank account and use the same to pay for the ride. Security and authentication are taken care of the payment gateway.
  • Geofencing : What is a Geofencing? Well, in a layman’s point of view geofencing is simply a geographical boundary. The Geofencing feature could be quite useful when a company wants to run some promotional campaigns targeting certain specific parts of a city. All the admin has to do is set the radius for the virtual boundary to take effect.
  • Surge Pricing : Why Surge Pricing? The surge pricing feature is used to provide a little incentive and motivation to the drivers to go pick a customer at peak hours. The surge pricing can also be activated by the admin at the time natural disasters like strikes, curfews, and rainfall.
  • Social Media Sharing : With the rise of social media it would be a smart decision to have a provision to integrate social media sharing right into the app. As a result of this, a customer can share his ride experiences with his friends and relatives on social media.

GMH SYSTEMS Uber Clone Script Review

We are living in the age of digital revolution. Our everyday life is greatly inspired by the applications that we use. Living in a cosmopolitan city demands a public transport system that is both economic and reachable to the common mass.

uber clone script

But as we know the public transport system fails to deliver in a highly populated zone. In a country like India where millions of people commute everyday cab transport has created quite a buzz.

Many people prefer cabs to have a tension free ride to their workspace. In the meantime they can concentrate on other activities like preparation of a business proposal, planning for a party and chatting to a close relative.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have created a billion dollar empire operating in various cities of the world and providing a safe and secured transport facility to the people. The rise of Uber have made taxi booking business a very lucrative one and the most sought after.

People in cosmopolitan cities are getting Uberified. Many companies have come forward with their unique solution to the cab booking business, in a way creating their own Uber clone script.

What inspired GMH systems to come up with a car rental software?  

Founded in 2004, this Australian company have managed to attract a lot of potential customers. The growing demand for car rental software has inspired the company to create one of their own. Flexible features and outstanding functionalities have made their application quite popular. Their team of highly experienced professionals is committed to providing any sort of customization as per the client’s demand. 

What are the customers saying?

“Very impressive software – Craig Sutherland, Owner Dunedin Automotive

“Ultimate car rental software – Ian Carlton, Owner Rent-a-Dent

“One of the best in the market – Greenville Salmon, Owner PACE Car Rental

What makes Car Rental Manager different – The Good!

Now let’s have a close look at some of the cool stuff that makes car rental manager one of its kind in the market and a giant rival to its competitors.

  • Cloud Based Solution – Car rental manager is a complete end to end cloud based solution. With the advancement in cloud computing, most of the services in the computing world are moving to the cloud. This makes the applications safe, secure and ubiquitous.
  • Awesome Integration – The car rental manager can be integrated with a website. All the admin has to do is monitor the services from a web-based console. It becomes very easy to manage bookings and sales from a web-based console.
  • Automated Toll Management : The toll management is integrated into the software so that it becomes easier for the driver and the rider to have a hassle-free ride. The additional fee is automatically calculated and added to the fare.
  • GPS Tracking : The application uses google maps and state of the art GPS tracking system for real-time tracking of the vehicles. The GPS device is physically installed into the vehicle as a result of which along with tracking a host of other information are also made available like speed and ignition status, location history and battery voltage among others.

What else is needed – The Bad and The Ugly!

In the world of cut-throat business, it is very difficult to get ahead of your competitors. So being unique and having more functionalities will keep the product in the topmost position in the market. Now let’s have a look at the features that are found to be missing in the software.  

  • When the customer needs to catch a flight it is good to have an airport sharing feature that would take care of all the additional discrepancies. The app does not have a support for Airport Ride Sharing. Customers who need to catch a flight in the midst of a heavy traffic and through numerous toll gates may find it useful.
  • When you are planning to go cashless why not go for Bitcoin. There should have been a provision for Bitcoin mode of payment integrated into the wallet. In this digital world, people are tending a lot to go for a complete cashless mode of payment.
  • Why spend money on a lawyer while you can save a great deal of it. As the world is advancing so is the mobile applications. A Smart Contract built into the app will help the customers save a considerable amount of revenue.
  • There could have been a facility to make the app completely self-driving. As unmanned vehicles are becoming a buzzword these days there should have been a provision for the software to be Future Ready.
  • When managing huge resources becomes topmost priority a call center becomes a lifesaver. An efficient Call Center Management is very essential when managing a huge business with a lot of affiliate partners with a lot of resources to handle.

IOSS Uber Clone Script Review

One of the most downloadable apps on the App Store these days is the uber clone script. This is no surprise as the uber clone scripts are creating a lot of buzz these days.

uber clone script

Isn’t that obvious! Since its conception Uber has touched every nook and corner of the world with its state of the art technology and unbeatable service. Within a very short span of time uber has created an unmatchable brand and has touched the heart of millions of people around the world.

The tremendous popularity of taxi dispatch companies like Uber have led other companies to follow their path. Now that they know billions can be made with a very little investment the cab booking business has gained a lot of momentum among mid-level companies.

This secret of Uber as a global technology giant is its sheer innovation, leadership and its groundbreaking application. For a company following the path of Uber, it is very important to have a good uber clone script in their possession. Now a great product comes at a bigger price.

A lot of software companies are making uber clone scripts. There is a significant difference in the functionalities of their software. That is where a potential business owner needs to be careful before purchasing a software from the vendor.

A brief history of IOSS

Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP have been in the industry for 8 years and they have made quite a brand for themselves with aggressive and superior work. A shortage in quality uber clone script have inspired the company to come up with their own product. Undaunted determination and hard work is the motto of the company. They have been constantly innovating themselves by adopting different technologies and taking all the effort to go the extra mile for the client.

What makes InfiniteCab from IOSS different    

Well, from the potential business owner’s point of view it is important to know the product feature by feature that you are planning to purchase. Only a software that is innovative and unique and complacent to modern standards will take your company into greater heights and put you in the big leagues. Let’s analyze the uber clone script from IOSS feature by a feature having an emphasis on the importance and necessity of each feature.

  • Secure Registration : The registration is simple and secured. The user can register with help of mobile number or email followed by an OTP.
  • Passenger Call Alerts : When a passenger tries to book a trip, nearest 8 drivers will get call alert along with passenger details.
  • Smart Tracker : The smart tracker fetches the pickup location and the drop location automatically.
  • Schedule Future Trip : The customer can schedule a trip for the future. All the scheduled trips are shown in the ‘Booked Trips’ menu.
  • View Nearby Cars : At the time of booking all the drivers present in the vicinity are visible on the map.
  • Instant Trip Booking : The customer can book the ride instantly. All he has to do is select the cab type and book the ride. The respective fare for the cab is shown at the time of booking along with ETA.
  • Fare Estimate : The fare estimator calculates the fare based on the distance and time before the booking is done.
  • Coupon Codes : There is a provision for coupon codes to avail certain discounts at the time of special promotional events.
  • E-Wallet : With an integrated wallet the customer can go completely cashless. All he has to do is transfer the money to the wallet and pay for the ride.
  • Choose your Cab : There are many types of cabs available like SUV, Economy, Luxury etc. Based on the capacity and requirement a customer can choose his vehicle.
  • Rating : Both the passenger and the driver can rate each other after the trip.
  • Trip Details : After the trip ends complete detail of the ride is presented to the customer.
  • Notification : During the course of the trip the customer is notified aptly by push notifications and alerts.
  • Refer a Friend : A customer can refer his friends and relatives and avail certain discounts. Even a driver can refer and earn incentives.
  • Social Media Sharing : The passenger can share the ride experience on the social media.
  • Trip Cancel : A passenger can cancel the trip anytime before the driver arrives at the location. Once the passenger cancels the ride within 2 minutes money will be deducted from the wallet. If there is not enough funds then the customer will be blocked.
  • Trip History : Both the driver and the passenger can have a complete look at the previous trips right from their app.
  • Surge Pricing : At the time of peak hours the price automatically raises to motivate the drivers.
  • Driver Earnings : The driver can keep track of his earnings from his app.
  • Admin Web Panel : The admin can perform all sorts of management operations from the web admin panel. The admin panel is supported by a beautiful dashboard and all the features present right on site.
  • Alert/Warning Sound : If a driver starts the ride without clicking on the ‘Start Ride’ button then an alarm sound is raised from the app.
  • Accept/Reject Request : The driver can accept and reject a request from his app.
  • Driver Adds Amount to Passengers Wallet : With the help of this feature a driver and add the amount to the passenger’s wallet.

What else is needed?

Every software is like a living organism, it grows, replicates and adapts. The more the software adapts the more it gets accustomed to the growing needs of its times. Although infinitecab is fantastic in every aspect still there are many features that are found to be missing from the software. Let’s take a look at some of the features that are found to be missing in the software.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : Why is having an airport ride sharing feature important in an uber clone script? In big metropolitan cities, it is very difficult to catch a flight at rush hours. The reason behind this is non availability of cabs and also the delay due to the number of toll booths present on the way to the airport. The airport ride sharing feature allows the customer to schedule a ride to the airport without having to worry about additional delays. The application takes care of all the surcharge and calculates and present the customer before the booking.   
  • Offline Booking : Assume a situation when your customer doesn’t have any access to the internet and could not make a booking. In that situation, all he can do is make a call to the customer care executive and make him book the ride. For this purpose, a offline booking feature is needed.


JUNGLEWORKS Uber Clone Script Review

Most of us would have never thought how difficult our lives would become when there is no taxi or cabs available to commute. Maybe this is because we are very much addicted to Uber and the way it has influenced our lives.

uber clone script

In a heavily populated country like India, public transport is a luxury very difficult to afford. When it comes to safety and security the public transportation system has utterly failed.

With the incredible success of Uber in establishing a multibillion-dollar global business, cab booking business has become a very lucrative one. Most of the mid-level companies are lured to venture into this business.

The competition is not only ferocious but also cutthroat. Many software companies have come forward to create an uber clone app that will not only help the business owners to have an affordable product but also a lot of options to choose from.

As a potential business owner, it is very important to look for a product that has unique functionalities and is easily customizable as per the needs.

What inspired Jungleworks to make an uber clone script?

Jungleworks is a market leader in developing mobile applications having a clientele that includes some of the most reputed companies in the world like KFC, DHL, Practo, McDonald’s among others. They have offices in India, Singapore, and the USA. The growing demand for uber clone app has made the company to launch their groundbreaking product. Their team of dedicated developers has put all the years of experience and effort into bringing this app to us.

What makes their app unique?

Tooken from Jungleworks is an incredible app. Let’s discover some of the cool features of tookan that make it different from all other uber clone scripts available in the market.

  • User Friendly UI : An user-friendly interface makes it easier to book a taxi in just a matter of few taps.
  • Communicate with Driver : A customer can know everything about a driver and can even interact with him with a built in support from the app.
  • Real time Tracking : With the help of google maps and GPS it is easy to track the route of the driver and also the location of the customer.
  • Feedback : Sometimes it becomes easier to know what the customer wants from the feedback that he gives. There is a provision of ratings and reviews where a customer can rate a driver and also the driver can rate a customer.
  • Simple Navigation System : The pickup and drop off location are beautifully shown with the help of google maps.
  • Trip Management : The trip management features include starting as well as ending the ride along with an integrated payment system.
  • Admin Panel : The dispatcher is integrated with the admin panel which makes it way easier to view and manage bookings, assign rides to drivers and live tracking of the driver’s status
  • Geoanalytics : The geographical analytics feature helps to manage taxi demands in distinct areas with optimised supply chain.
  • Notifications : The customers are instantly notified about the status of the ride via push notifications, emails and sms.
  • Advanced Fleet Management : This feature helps to automatically assign rides to the drivers based upon their availability and location.
  • Dynamic Pricing : There is a provision for dynamic price change based on some offers integrated within the app.

What are the customers saying?

“The team has been extremely responsive and always ready to help. Great experience so far ! – Khwaja Jaffer, SUNCART”

“Tookan’s development team have been extremely helpful in understanding our requirements and ensuring to improve the app based on our changing requirements – Archisman Das, PRACTO”

What else is needed?

There is no product that does not enhance or fine-tune over time. The enhancement is an essential feature of the evolution of the software. Many users have found some of the essential features to be missing in the software.

Let’s take a look at the additional features that would make the software complete and unrivaled.

  • Corporate Account : When you manage a huge business, sometimes there is a requirement of other resources like affiliate partners in a cab booking business. The affiliate partners are those who run their business through you. They supply resources on lease for your use. To handle that additional personnel there should be a feature called corporate account. The corporate account helps the admin to manage additional personnel in your business.
  • Wallet : The wallet is an essential feature nowadays in any kind of e-commerce system. A wallet helps the customers to credit money from their bank account and use it for booking rides on the app. This makes the customer have a cashless experience.