MobilitySum – Car Rental Software review.

People are looking for a faster, cheaper, safer, more comfortable ways to travel. So car rental Business has become an ever-growing one in spite of a heavy competition. Car Rental Business has seen terrific development over the past few years owing to the developments in software Technology. Automation of processes involved in car rental Business is taken care of by car rental software.  Car rental software provide solutions to ease out car booking, driver allocation, car maintenance, payments etc., through standalone, web-based or through mobile apps. Car rental software have raised the bar for rental companies enabling them to increase the size of their fleet multi-fold, without worrying about management and maintenance tasks involved in running a car rental Business effectively. Car rental services work as normal all-purpose rental services or for a particular event-based or location-based (e.g) airport trips. There are customers who want experienced drivers to take them to places safer or customers wanting to drive vehicles on their own. Either way the car rental companies will need a proper system to communicate their requirement to the companies in an easier way. The companies too require a medium to communicate with the customers to streamline their vehicle flow, avoiding idle vehicles and drivers, reducing their expenses.


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MobilitySum is one of the car rental software that works by using a smartphone’s location service to locate, search and communicate with drivers for efficient running of car rental Business.   Lets have a look at the pros and cons of this software.



1. Mobilitysum is a fully corporate level car rental software, for automating processes in a car rental company, managing drivers, vehicles, Mobilitysum utilizes latest technology to connect drivers and corporate owners using mobile Apps.

2. They provide an Android App for driver and Travel desk App for fleet operator for easy communication and monitoring of the vehicles and drivers.

3. Live booking tracking, driver tracking features(whether they are online or offline) through mobile App differentiate this software from some of the Enterprise level car rental softwares available in the market.

4. The Reporting feature of the software lets us to generate and print bill details, payment dues and revenue reports etc.,

5. The software includes an admin Panel with admin and super admin capabilities for use by more users of the company.

6. The software is cloud-based and so it is not resource intensive and lets you access it from anywhere, anytime. No downloads, no installs means you get to start seeing results from the day one.

7. The software is available in two versions as Professional and Enterprise. Both the versions are almost similar, except for the Android App which is available as a custom version for the car rental company in Enterprise edition as opposed to a normal App available with the Professional edition.


1. The success of companies like UBER has prompted many software developers to build a system wherein customers can interact with the nearest driver based on his location from an App installed in his mobile device. Mobilitysum doesnt integrate features like these which makes for a complete peace of mind for the corporate car rental Business owner because it automates all processes from customer pick-up to drop including payments and commissions.

2. Moreover MobilitySum App usage is charged at $30 per driver per month and $30 for one user of TravelDesk App. This calls for recurring charges month on month as compared to the competition offering as onetime upfront cost.

Car Rental Management system – Car Rental Software review.

Nowadays Car Rental Services are available as a self-driven rental service or as a chauffeur driven service and even driver-less technology is in the works. These services are getting accomplished by advances in software technologies that enable seamless integration of processes involved in car rental Business. Car Rental Software’s are advancing in a rapid pace that enables Business operators to enjoy a worry-free Business in a fully automated process. A car rental software to be successful should have features that work online and one that is accessible from any kind of device through browser based applications or as a standalone mobile App for ease of use anywhere in the world. The software must include powerful features like asset Management, route management, reservation management, billing and invoicing, reporting etc.,


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Car Rental Management System(CRMS) is a fully cloud-based, device independent car rental software that can handle tasks scalable from a small to large car rental Businesses. They offer software that is fully customizable according to the needs of the customer. Car Rental Management system can be used by any car rental supplier or a broker or even an online travel agency.


Lets check out the pros and cons of the Car Rental Management System.


1. It is another web-based car rental software solution that does not require any executable files to download and install. It works on any device with an internet connection. So it is not resource intensive and is pretty efficient.

2. The software is highly customizable  and has a scalable architecture allowing for application on any business size.

3. A feature to select a driver based on his age is a good one. The customer can be charged extra for a driver less than 30 years or over 65 years of age. This feature is unique to Car Rental management System.

4. The software allows to select the type of vehicle like sedan, SUV, sports, Family car, minivan etc., its brand and model, which gives more choice to the customers to choose.

5. The fuel policy can be set in the software. It can be set as full tank to full tank or on the basis of the distance run.

6. The system can be used not just for car rental services, but also for other vehicles and fleet operators.

7. A complete invoicing and reporting system is built into the system without needing for a separate accounting software.

8. They provide online training and documentation of the product for support instances including 24×7 customer support.

9. A separate discounts management system helps to introduce discounts and promotions for rides.


1.  The Car Rental Management System doesnt have a fleet management system inbuilt. Features like vehicle maintenance management, parts inventory, fuel management are lacking when compared to the competition.

2. Real time GPS Tracking feature is missing. That would have made it convenient to monitor vehicles that are misused by drivers.

3. There are no mobile Apps available to give ease of use to customers, though the interface is browser-based.

4. Overall the Car Rental Management system has limited features compared to the competition who are imparting on-demand services based on location.

Rental Car Manager – Car Rental Software review.

Rental Car Manager software is one of the main contenders in the race for the best car rental software. It has all the functionalities required to operate a car hire business. Minimizing the costs involved in running a car rental business is a must to avoid unexpected maintenance costs, increased running costs, and idle cars in the fleet.  A proper car rental software should integrate Fleet Management features. To run a successful fleet requires features like Vehicle maintenance Management, Fuel Management, Parts inventory Management, GPS Tracking features etc., There are many car rental systems available in the market that are feature rich and pocket-friendly.  Rental Car Manager incorporates features that cater to fleets ranging from a few cars to thousands of cars.


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Lets analyse the pros and cons of this software.


1. The interface looks very simple and easy to use for any non technical person to use. The menus are clear and the software has a quick menu that enable users access to most used functions.

2. The Fleet Manager tool lets keep track of scheduled maintenance of vehicles, minimising the risk of breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs. It alerts in advance of the maintenance schedule and keeps record of the service costs, which is a handy feature.

3. Rental car Manager is a cloud based software enabling usage on all devices,be it a PC, Tablet or Mobile, all over the World. The software is Business-ready from day one without needing for any installation on any device. Any device having an active internet connection, from any place can access the resources. This helps in real-time monitoring of the Business.

4.  The Reporting feature of the Software gives information on the daily operations. Monthly reports and sales data are shown in a graphical representation just like in a typical Dashboard. This gives an easier way to compare the growth of the Business month on month.

5. The software is built on an API-driven architecture. This allows for any Developer to integrate the software on other platforms. This is the trending feature now enabling any App to communicate and sandwich on their platform.

6. Rental Car Manager has security features that enables to allow restriction of users accessing the software, since it is built on a cloud-based architecture.

7. They provide full documentation of the product and they offer extensive knowledge base of the product. This proves so valuable a support feature for future references.


1. Rental Car Manager lacks features like GPS tracking which allows to monitor the vehicle’s current location, routes travelled, total distance run, enabling smooth and efficient business. Nowadays Technology has advanced to a level that managing all the tasks is done in mobile platforms on-the-go. GPS tracking and monitoring through maps integration is  a must in car rental softwares.

2. Car Rental Softwares are moving towards location based on-demand solutions to streamline the processes in an easy and convenient way.

3. They dont have a native Android and iOS Apps for customers to easily use in their smartphones. It can only be accessed through mobile browsers.


FleetProXL by Car Pro Systems Car Rental Software review.

Car Pro Systems the smashing headstrong car rental software experts who have more than 30 years of vehicle rental software development. FleetProXL is an highly administrative car rental software, the magical innovation hosted by Car Pro Systems in the global auto rental industry. FleetProXL may help strengthen your car hire service to make it more bankable than ever before. It is usually accessed on the computer and contains countless possibilities which you can use to customize your FleetProXL experience. Some of its outstanding features will include a impressive pricing and rate engine, extensive and robust reporting to stay up on your fleet, car disposal and much more. FleetProXL really a great choice?

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FleetProXL is what you have been looking for ?

FleetProXL is hosted by Car Pro Systems can be a reliable and completely functional car rental software. It can be used effectively for managing car hiring and fleet management. FleetProXL carries a simple and user-intuitive design. It also helps to reduce draggy tasks and remove errors. FleetProXL supports many currencies and languages. Car Pro Systems will help strengthen your car rental business to make it more profitable over your expectations.



Mostly preferred choice by most of the weighty car rental companies on the globe, FleetProXL is currently the best brand among the independent software for auto rental and automation system. What I like in FleetProXL car rental system is that it has FleetProXL suite of product’s core application, where virtually all of the rental business needs will probably be the served. Additionally it is also adaptable because its interface is character based, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is optional in fact it is required for “occasional” system users due to its restricted functions.

Car Pro Systems Car Rental Software Review

FleetProXL manages most of the task that bogs you down: invoicing, billing formats, franchises, email documents, cash receivable, accounts receivable, and more. This can also be capable of integrating along with your other systems to ensure that everything you required can easily be accessed in one login, so FleetProXL is highly recommended. This is a cloud-based software that integrates adequately. FleetProXL software is extremely customizable; you could be able to set it up based on your specific requirements and needs. The setup is not complicated. With simply few clicks, you will be ready to start using the software.

This software comes with an inbuilt graphical user interface. They offer an extremely detailed documentation that may help you know how the software program works. The customer support services are available 24/7. You can reach them via email or direct telephone call.

The technical staff for FleetProXL is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. FleetProXL is pretty affordable which is being employed by many companies around the world. This complete car rental system will make your business grow quickly. You’ll make more profits. FleetProXL is lowly prices thus very reasonable to even starting firms. The customer support can be acquired on a regular basis to help you whenever need arises.

Cons of Auto Car Pro Systems

FleetProXL surprisingly includes a DOS-like out-of-date user interface and that I could not discover why they still use this type of technology. Otherwise, the software by Car Pro Systems is working normally for those who are frequent to DOS fashioned software. In recent times, Car Pro Systems has launched FleetProXL iR an intrinsic application that actually works on iPhone, iPAD and also iPod Touch.An advanced local operator, you may take time to mellow down the applications and adjusting to the operations. But, in the end by using this software provides you with a good edge in the market place: You will end up viewed as a car rental service who values their commitments because this tracking service will not gobble up your supply and demand.

Simply because the software provides a great deal of features such as for the safety and several finance related ones, it is perfectly normal to only be familiar with it especially an advanced local operator to get a car rental business. It may be a frightening task to be familiar with the system very quickly, however it is all definitely worth the efforts simply because this system will certainly keep up owner, the customers can use along with the business.

Just like other software, you might encounter some glitches while using FleetProXL Internet. There are no major issues noted but if you ever come across any, you can easily contact the customer support service for help.

Cars+ by Thermeon Car Rental Software review.

Car Rental Business has evolved through the years from an all manual system to a completely automated process. This is achieved by ever-evolving software Technology. Companies involved in developing car rental software are coming up with innovative concepts like location-based UBER models for Taxi booking, integrated fleet management system, etc., People in Taxi Business, car rental business, self driven car business, Fleet operators are facing problems due to idle vehicles in their fleet. It becomes essential to automate the process from order booking to delivery or drop to payment, for car companies to make life easier for them. The market is currently flooded with car rental softwares, Fleet Management Systems, Taxi Booking Systems that use the power of the internet to streamline the Business.

Thermeon Corporation is a leading provider of premier car rental softwaresolutions. They have a global presence covering Asia, Europe, The Americas and Australia covering over 52 countries. They have integrated there vehicle rental softwares, especially the car rental software in some of the World’s biggest Car rental companies. They offer enterprise level car rental software by the name cars+. It promises to be a complete Car Rental and Management system.


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What is that Cars+ has to offer?

Cars+ is a complete car rental and Management system which has an easy character based user interface. It has powerful features built into it ranging from Reservations to Accounting and Reporting. Lets take an in-depth look at the Pros and cons of Cars+.

Car rental sign at a airport


1. It has an plain easy interface which makes for a very fast and responsive software.

2. It has an optional graphical user interface for users preferring one.

3. The hallmark of this software is the ease of use. It is very easy to retrieve and extensively search information through this software.

4. It has got powerful fleet management system integrated into it, in addition to car rental software.

5. They provide an IOS App, Car+iR which they claim as the World’s first enterprise level car rental mobile App.

6. The software allows user to add franchisers and offer franchisee support.

7. They offer a Website and Booking engine that integrates into their software.

8. Cars+ is built on single page browser screen and needs no executable files to install on a PC. So it can be accessed from anywhere in the world just by having an internet connection.

9. It has integrated accounting functions like invoice, billing, statements, email documents functions making it an all-in-one business solution for small to biggest Fleet operators.

10. Multi Language support for all European languages.

11. It has got a powerful rates and pricing engine allowing for unlimited number of entries.

12. Ability to export all reports in PDF format and email them.


1. In the wake of new technologies using smart phones for taxi booking like UBER for taxis, the Cars+ software though packs a lot of features, still is not so customer-centric.

2. Their native mobile App is limited to iOS only. There is no Android App available for customers as of now.

3. The User Interface though available as character and graphical, is not so good looking.

4. Comparing to the competitors, Fleet management features are less and simple.

5. Most of the features are enterprise level features that limit their use in small businesses.


MobileAPPtelligence Car Rental Software review.

MobileAPPtelligence is definitely an advancement leader in Car rental software and reached out, a lot more than 1000 clients around the globe. With all the creative mobile- based management systems the MobileAPPtelligence softwares have pulled in almost 500 organizations, such as the top level fleet rental providers. The unique facet of this fleet system is that every customer’s can hang on the administrator servers as his or her individual database, Application layer and Front End Service . Now it’s the right time to explore the MobileAPPtelligence review


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Why MobileAPPtelligence ?

Inside every specialty showcase you can find MobileAPPtelligence products to convey functionality tailored towards the practices and the requirements of the market. Being a leading supplier of car rental software solutions, it delivers excellent products by performing product design, business investigation, coding, defect verification and quality testing bringing about building a superb final result.MobileAPPtelligence provides the advanced implements to deal with the Car rental operation. This is an absolute solution for managing your motor vehicles, shoppers, workforce and income.


MobileAPPtelligence Car Rental Software review :

Wondering if car rental software is a feasible alternative for you? The upcoming rundown of pros and cons ought to help with your decision.

The pros of On-Demand Rental Software :

Having a low cost point along with a completely inclusive complement package, MobileAPPtelligence has shown again its ability to deliver up an exceedingly attractive value handout.

Safe and sound internet Mastercard processing enables you to handle customer’s credit cards online. This puts forward an extra robust, broadband, security and appropriate credit card processing considering the complete rental information which is sent automatically.

Rental-car organizations are now enabled with the SOS options where you can notify your loved ones on your location. MobileAPPtelligence delivers the app with this much required SOS feature through the app for the user.

The cons of On-Demand Car Rental Software :

We were unable to try the demo, but a well-crafted, targeted demo video presentation will undoubtedly wind up that MobileAPPtelligence provides the best value proposition.

When leasing a car, it may be tempting to rampage spend on the dream car. Do not forget that, however long term car rentals tend to be more reasonable than investing in a car, you’ve still got to cover the fuel. That could be one of many ways where a lot of people unawares incur extra costs by themselves.

On the whole MobileAPPtelligence is a branded On-Demand Technology of being reliable, capable, accessible to serve instantly, whenever required and then for structuring an extremely cost responsive performance along with a cost-conscious pricing for the Start-up to well grown Enterprises.

TaxiHawk by Juggernaut Car Rental Software review.

Juggernaut Car Rental Software review.

Juggernaut is a leading developer of On-Demand Business Solutions that has become the norm in catering to various Service related Businesses like Taxi Business, Health Care, Beauty, Massage, Food Industry, Logistics etc., They provide Tech Solutions to start-up companies in the name of Click Labs, providing valuable assistance to young entrepreneurs. They cater to customers all over the world in a variety of On-Demand resources. They are one of the key players in Car Rental Software Business.


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What is it Juggernaut has in offer?

The people at Juggernaut use the Latest Technologies like Node JS, Angular JS, Mongo DB etc., to develop On-Demand Platforms. They claim to be the next Juggernauts of On-Demand solutions. Juggernaut offers native Android and IOS Apps for every on-demand Business tailored to their particular needs. They build Apps and Softwares that are based on UBER on X model. They used the UBER clone model for developing Solutions namely Jugnoo for Auto-rickshaws, Taxi Hawk for Taxis, Iggbo for Health Care, Minilux for Beauty, Rev for self-driven car rental business etc., Tuli is a platform for connecting Students and Teachers anytime. Their product Taxi Hawk  is one of best UBER clone taxi apps in the Business. Lets look at  the pros and cons of their services.

Juggernaut Car Rental Software review.


1. They have built their platforms using the latest technologies like MEAN stack, instead of aging technologies. This makes their product more responsive and future proof.

2. Their products feature a comprehensive dashboard that shows real time statistical data of  the Business and activities.

3. They have a product portfolio that encompasses every service oriented business like healthcare, taxis, food delivery etc.,. This testifies their presence in almost all on-demand marketplaces.

4. They provide free Native Android and IOS Apps tailor-made for the needs of the customer, in addition to Web Panels for the customers and providers.

5. They have a dedicated Blog page focussing on the on-demand Marketplace. The Blog features articles on all their products in a comprehensive way. It also discusses the future of on-demand marketplace and their upcoming products. Their Blog serves as a knowledge Base for customers.

6.  Documentation is a must for ease of use of products by end-users. People at Juggernaut provide complete Documentation of their products, in addition to giving free ebooks on On-Demand Business Platforms. Their website provides Brochures and White papers of their Products which give a brief idea of the features in-built in their Apps and softwares.

7. They are active in social media websites, answering customer queries and posting updates in their products.


1. Though their website gives a wealth of information on On-Demand Platforms and their application in various service based businesses, it does not offer hands-on demo of their products, which will give a clear picture of the feature set. The competitors websites have demo of the Admin Panel, Web Panel and links to Android and IOS Apps.

2. The product price which they quote is on the higher side compared to their competitors who offer equal or even better features.


Bluebird Car Rental Software review

Bluebird Car Rental Software Review

Bluebird Car Rental Software provides handy, money-saving software to automobile rental companies throughout the globe. An outspread collection of completely integrated software products fully intended to improve the effectiveness and productivity of several extent auto rental operations. The Bluebird is focused on keeping step with technology, moreover, it is providing splendid customer support accompanied by a well-versed staffs. The Bluebird Auto rental systems allow the bloggers to post the Bluebird review on the blog sites.  Let’s take a closer look at the Bluebird systems.

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What’s New in Bluebird ?

The sterling advancement of Bluebird is its RentWorks express, an elite application work for both Android and ios tablets. RentWorks express has gotten to be developed in the Telerik Kendo UI platform an outstanding development environment. In the dealership service departments, this app has chosen to open a loaner agreement. Later you will subsequently be permitted to electronically get their signature around the tablet, and email the completed contract. The regular car rental operations make use of the app to credit an existing open reservation. The contract will probably be opened using all the information through the reservation. Reserve the car, hold the driver issue the initials and signature on the tablet, and you are done!

Bluebird organization mainly develops and distributes the car rental software, coupled with Internet reservation & verification competence, through automobile rental and car loaner dealers. Bluebird Auto Rental Systems could possibly be the world’s leading provider of Auto Rental software for Windows.

Blue Bird Car Rental Software Review

Launch your individual auto rental Software system and hit the auto global market. Many entrepreneurs are aspiring to enter into this industry, but all messed up to hand-pick the reliable automobile rental companies. This exclusive post will help you to weigh up the reliable preference.

A company’s strengths could possibly be in its ability to create unique products, to deliver remarkable customer support, or to experience a presence in several retail markets. The bluebird system didn’t miss out on anything!

Bluebird rental systems are probably the most advanced programs for car rental companies out there today. The rental functionalities are outstanding in the market: the opportunity to create and stand up for an extensive number of quotes and rate types; competence to void contracts; estimate tax and charges, benefit corporate customer processing and a great deal more. The Bluebird Auto Rental system is also equipped to do business with insurance issues along with dealership services. Its fleet operations and allowance tools let you always stay overhead in your inventory.

This auto rental system is a preferred platform with an excellent user interface and functionalities. Bluebird car rental software gets hands on a good design that makes a head out for its features a fairly easy experience. It has a couple of software, including RentWorks, NetREnt, Erez, LoanerTrack plus much more in order verify coverage of most aspects that take out with car renting businesses.

RentWorks can be acquired on-premise deployments which have a great and user-friendly reservation planner tool. NetRent is the cloud-based version of the Bluebird car hire system that’s an economical solution for businesses exploring the lowest-cost starting-up.

Behind The Curtain 

All of the above products are economical but in terms of support services, the weekends and after hours emergency support can be acquired at the rate of $75 an hour or so, it’s incredibly expensive to afford.

The software program lacks a no-cost trial version. You won’t be able to test drive it before purchasing it. Moreover, it often makes the system hang. This could happen throughout a business transaction.

Although the software provides a plenty of services and features including RentWorks, NetRents and EReZ so it’s challenging to hand-pick which, among the packages would suit your organization model better. It could be somewhat tough to the person who is unaware of that sort of system.


In general, the Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is extensive and packed up with so many amazing features that are highly recommended if you are looking to streamline your car rental business. Even though this software lacks a free of charge trial, everything about is great. The general performance is absolutely surprising. The car rental industry is easily one of the most competitive out there, but Bluebird Auto Rental Systems can help ensure that you succeed.






Rent Centric Car Rental Software review

Rent Centric Car Rental Software Review

Rent Centric is surely an advancement leader in  Car rental software and reached out, over 1000 clients around the globe. With all the current creative browser- based management systems the Rent Centric Softwares have drawn in almost 500 organizations, including the top level fleet rental providers. The outstanding ingredient of this fleet strategy is that all customer can hang on the administrator servers for their individual database, Application layer and Front-end Service. Now it’s the best time to look around the Rent centric review, who may have thought we would do shopping or to run errands.

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Why Rent Centric ?

In Most every forte showcase that Rent Centric services, you’ll find Rent Centric On-Demand Software products to share functionality tailored for the practices and the requirements of the market industry. Being a leading supplier of car rental software solutions, it delivers excellent products by performing product design, business investigation, coding, defect verification and quality testing bringing about building a superb final result. The network in which the services are delivering is at the least that could reach over Rack Space. This can be a multi-billion dollar corporation, traded on the stock market trading, thought to be into the network delivery business. With Rent Centric, there is absolutely no given up compromises for delivering reliable service. Rent Centric On-Demand delivers the advanced implements to deal with the vehicle rental operation. It is deemed an absolute solution for managing your automobiles, shoppers, workforce and income.

Rent Centric Car Rental Software review :

Wondering if car rental software packages are a feasible alternative to suit your needs? The upcoming rundown of benefits and drawbacks really should benefit your final decision.

The pros of On-Demand Rental Software :

  • Creating a low-cost point and also a completely inclusive complement package, Rent Centric has shown again its capacity to deliver up the exceedingly attractive value handout.
  • Risk-free internet MasterCard processing lets you to handle customer’s bank cards online. This puts forward an extra sturdy, broadband, security and favorable credit card processing with the complete rental information which can be sent automatically.
  • Rental-Car organization can be remote start rarely used hired vehicles to check on and keep up battery integrity without making use of a staff member to physically arrive at the vehicle. This remote start theme will broaden the lifespan within the rental vehicles and minimize gross maintenance costs.
  • The truly amazing benefit from  VerX Direct real-time driver’s license verification system is it issues Rent Centric self-service customers with usage of prompt driver’s license verification for account acceptance. By integrating this facet, currently the car rental companies can hugely minimize the prospect of fake rentals by guaranteeing  that renters have proper approval to gain access to a rental vehicle.

The cons of On-Demand Rental Software :

  • We were not able to try the demo, but a well-crafted, targeted demo video presentation will definitely turn out that rent centric provides cost         effective proposition.
  • The consumer license fees may perhaps be paid yearly, monthly, or quarterly, changeable with  the Initial Term, or as otherwise mutually figured out, but you are accountable for spending money on all User licenses ordered on your entire License Term, regardless of whether such User licenses are effectively used. This subscription agreement may create financial risk, costs of standstill towards the users .
  • When leasing an automobile, it may be tempting to rampage invest in the dream car. Do not forget that, however, long lasting car rentals tend to be more reasonable than purchasing a car, you’ve still got a chance to cover the fuel. That could be among the many ways where a number of people unawares incur extra costs by themselves.

On the whole Rent Centric is a branded On-Demand Technology of being reliable, capable, accessible to serve instantly, whenever  required and then for structuring an extremely cost responsive performance along with a cost-conscious pricing for the Start-up to well-grown Enterprises. So let’s start your purchase!


Is the Solution available on iPhone, Android & web as well?

Yes, there is a mobile phone solution. But no, it does not have a prominent IOS and Android based solution that facilitates instant Taxi hire etc.

– Is there are Desktop solution available as well?

Yes, there is a desktop version of the software.

– Will this software also have the features of vehicle hire software? ie. like UBER, Lyft etc.

Yes, the solution seems to support booking of cabs as well. But however its not as prominent and trendy like how the present day Car pooling services work.

– What is the technology this software is built on?

The software powering this car rental platform is built on a a variety of technologies. Starting from legacy desktop technologies, the platform seems to employ latest tech like Java etc.

Easyrentpro Car Rental Software review.

Easyrentpro Car Rental Software review

Easyrentpro offers Car rental software which an be used by any car rental companies to manage their fleet easily. With the introduction of online Car rental services like UBER , Lyft etc. Vehicle Hire companies are forced to improve in their technology offering, so it becomes easy and convenient for customers to book and rent out vehicles. Such ready made online Vehicle hire software’s makes it easy and affordable to existing and new business to bridge the gap in technology instantly. In this post lets take a look at the solution Easyrentpro provides & review the platform to discuss the Pro’s & Con’s if any.


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What is that Easyrentpro offers?

Easyrentpro claims to offer a complete Online Car Rental Software. The Vehicle Hire software that Easyrentpro offers comes in 3 packages:

– Easy Rent Pro: This is a multi-lingual system that is given as a Windows desktop app. Car rental companies can use it to manage their fleet. The pack also has a couple of essential features like Lookup, Quick Books integration etc.  It is meant for Single location car rental companies.

– Car Rent Pro Cloud: This is a cloud version of their Car rental software that can be used by Vehicle Hire companies across various locations via. their Windows desktop connected to the cloud.

– Easy reservations online: This version provides end-to-end reservation system for the customers of any Car rental business. Users can login through their mobile or via. the web and book cars remotely.

Easyrentpro Car Rental Software review

Easyrentpro car rental software review:

Easyrentpro comes with a variety of Pro’s & Con’s. Lets look at them in detail:


– Economical: They offer a variety of options for customers to choose from. Their price range from $299 to $699.

– Multi platforms: Its good to see the software is available across various platforms & a Windows app that connects to the cloud.

– Download: They have a free download of the basic version, that can be downloaded and tried.

– They claim to have 1000+ customers who have installed their software, which gives a good feel & trust factor. Would be nice even if they could provide a couple of testimonials from customers and links to their websites, so people can check out their work & get to know how the software works in real time.

We were not able to try the Demo & there was no link to an actual DEMO, so are not able to comment on that part.


– Updation: A lot of links are not functional on the website, which gives a very old look to the overall software. As many links does not work, we are not able to learn a lot of information.

– Mobile apps: Though they claim to have a mobile version, it is not clearly mentioned if it is a Native app or just a responsive version.

– Windows only: The desktop version are developed for Windows only. No MAC or Linux version seems to be available which puts the customer on a challenging spot.

– We would recommend an instant chat or contact number be present on the website, so it becomes convenient for customers to ask their questions instantly & get answers.

– Many car companies would like to have the software deployed on their shops by a person manually from the software company end. If they could provide information on if they provide on-site support – it would be an added advantage. Would also be nice if they have a clear address mentioned as it would even boost the trust factor more.

– Also it would be super helpful if there is a working DEMO displayed, so people can try the software effortlessly & make an informed decision.

All in all Easyrentpro can be good for a vehicle rental business that is just starting off. I would be great if the business tries the DEMO of the software they desire to purchase and get their questions clarified before going for one of the versions offered by Easyrentpro.