SAMSRIDE Uber Clone Script Review

Any successful business enterprise would certainly want to know the secrets of his rival companies to get ahead of them. Coming to the context of taxi booking business, it is an area where new companies are spawning every now and then and the weaker ones are slayed or eaten away by the stronger ones. The only chance of survival is getting hold of a better uber clone script.

uber clone script

Now, speaking of uber clone scripts, let us first understand what an uber clone script is. It is an exact replica of the original Uber taxi dispatch software. It has all the necessary features of the original software. Most of the features are actually inspired by the original software as put as it is.

But the real difference is in the customized version that is sold by a vendor. Hence, a piece of advice for potential business owners, know every detail of the software feature by feature before making a purchase.

What inspired SAMSRIDE to make FLEETTA

Samsride is a US-based company that specializes in various verticals of an on-demand fleet management system. They specialize in making fleet management software for taxi, limo, shuttle and a lot more. Their field of expertise and domain knowledge makes them one of the topmost contenders in this field. FleettA was designed to provide the most scalable and flexible alternative to the companies that are planning to start an Uber-like business.

What makes FLEETTA different?

Every software vendor tries to make something different in their software. The reason is to survive the fiery competition. A lot of companies have emerged to make a software that could power millions of taxis around the globe. Let’s explore some of the essential features of FleettA.

  • PCI Compliant Payment System : The payment system is fully PCI compliant. While a customer makes a payment through credit card, none of the information entered is stored in the app server.
  • Real-Time Tracking : FlettA is integrated with google maps for real-time navigation and tracking.
  • SMS Alert : During the course of time the passenger gets notifications as SMS alerts.
  • Pricing Model : FleettA supports both the flat pricing and dynamic pricing model. The admin can assign a flat price, or the price is dynamically calculated based on distance and time.
  • Auto Payment and Invoice : Once the trip is complete payment is automatically made from the customer’s account and the invoice is generated.
  • Rating : Both the passenger and the driver can rate each other on the app.
  • Promo Code : If the business owner wants to run promotional campaigns, there is a provision for promo codes. These codes can be applied by the customer to avail free rides and special discounts.
  • Ride History : All the scheduled rides are beautifully maintained under the ride history section for future reference.
  • Cross Platform : The app is available for both Android and iOS platform.
  • Vehicle Selection : There are a lot of options for the passenger to choose his vehicle from the available pool of vehicles.
  • Reports : Reports are generated in CSV format for the management.
  • Surge Pricing : At the time of heavy demand, the base fare is slightly increased with the surge pricing feature in the app.
  • On/Off Duty : The driver can make himself available or unavailable by a single button on the app.
  • Cloud Based System : The system is fully cloud-based and highly scalable.
  • Sophisticated Admin Panel : The admin panel has all sorts of vehicular management options.
  • Smart Dispatcher : There is a full support for manual as well as automatic dispatch.
  • Customizable UI : The UI can be easily customized as per the client’s need.

What else could be added?

Every software needs to get revised periodically based on the client request and the increasing trend in the industry. The more the software gets adapted, the more popular it becomes. Fletta on-demand taxi booking system is a remarkable software. But some essentials features are found to be missing from the software. Let’s discuss what could be possibly added to make this software even more adorable among potential buyers.

  • Call Center Management : As the taxi dispatch business is one of the most customer-centric businesses in the world, there is a always a need for a call center management feature. When the customer needs any kind of support it can be suddenly met with a single call to the customer support executive.  
  • Corporate Accounts : When a business grows there comes always a need for additional personnel. There should be a provision to record all the details of these personnel. With the help of corporate accounts, it is possible to keep a record of all the hired personnel.

GAZOOP Taxi Dispatch Software Review

Uber clone scripts have been surprising us every freaking day. Yes, these are the software that powers millions of taxis around the world. Their namesake, the original Uber taxi dispatch software is a modern day wonder.

uber clone script

It is impossible to imagine a day in our life without this software. The reason is they have made our lives a hell of a lot simpler and cozier. A few years back the situation was somewhat different. There was not enough supply of cabs in the cities, and hailing a taxi was a luxury for the rich.

With the emergence of Uber, the situation changed. A lot of small and mid-size companies are following the trail of Uber and trying their fate in taxi booking business. But the only thing that will change the destiny of these companies is an uber clone script. A scalable and state of the art software will change the course of competition entirely.

A brief history of GAZOOP

Gazoop which was formerly iWebCab is a US and UK based company that offers high-quality cloud-based taxi dispatch software. Gazoop is a leader in the fleet management system. Their support and commitment to the work are exemplary and out of the market. They have some of the most highly qualified professionals who have years of experience behind them. With a mission for innovation and a promise to make the world a better place, Gazoop has the distinction of having some of the most notable companies as it’s clientele.

What makes the Taxi Dispatch software from GAZOOP unique?

Speaking of uniqueness, the key to success in this cutthroat world of business is to be different. The only way a software can be different is by introducing some cool features that are very rare to find among other software. Having said much, let’s take a look at some of the essential features of the taxi dispatch software from Gazoop.

  • Live Tracking : There are different privilege levels for different users. Customers can check where their ride is, drivers can see each other and the admin can see them all.
  • Accurate Estimates : Gazoop uses GPS to convey accurate arrival times, distances and ride fares.
  • Automatic Guidance : With the help of Google Maps, WAZE, Apple Maps the drivers are provided with the best navigation guidance and optimized job allocation.
  • Change Release Time : It is possible to manually allocate the particular job to a driver and change the release time.
  • Vital Statistics : The admin can run all sorts of analytics periodically to gauge the system performance like mileage reports and booking performance.
  • Business Rules : It is possible to create specific rules for specific customers, zones, and any other scenario.
  • Set Rates : The admin can set the fares, charges and additional expenses based on the present scenario or as he sees fit.
  • Zone Control : It is possible to create as many zones as possible and assign specific rules to them.
  • Flight Schedules : With this app, the passenger can book a flight to the airport. All other features like tracking and searching for a flight, locating the timing for a flight, airport flight table management etc is taken care by the software.
  • SMS : Both the drivers and the passengers are notified with SMS notifications.
  • Call Center : The app comes with a dedicated call center support. The support team is present 24X7 to help the customer any time.
  • Database : The developers have taken all kind of efforts to maintain a comprehensive database of places and locations around the world. The database also records the pickup locations of all the customers.
  • PCI Compliant : The app is fully PCI compliant. All the card details during a transaction are not stored on the app server but it is directly send to the payment gateway.
  • Cloud Deployment : The app is fully ready to be deployed in the cloud.
  • Corporate Website : If the client is looking for a corporate website, then it is easily available and comes in bundled.
  • Ticket Support : The client will receive a free email address, by the help of which the customers can send and receive emails with free registration.
  • Unlimited Dispatchers : The client can add as many dispatchers or admins as possible.
  • Multiple Payment Modes : The customer can make the payment by credit card or Paypal.
  • Promo Codes : At the time of corporate promotional events the client can make use of promo codes.

What else could be added?  

Before coming to the context, let me just ask a simple question. Why do you need to modify and enhance a software? Well, the answer that obviously comes to our mind is changing and adapting as per the need of the time. The more the software adapts itself, the more scalable and flexible it becomes. At the end, every company needs to satisfy the wants of his clients. So customization is a part of software development lifecycle. Let’s take a look at those features that were found to be missing and would make a wonderful addition to the software.

  • Corporate Accounts : The corporate account feature helps to keep track of all the additional personnel that is hired by the company. Sometimes when the business expands, there becomes a necessity for additional resources or personnel. With a corporate account feature, it will be easier for the admin to keep track of all the additional personnel.
  • Airport Ride Sharing : As we all know that booking a ride to the airport, let alone sharing, is very difficult in metropolitan cities. Not only that in most of the cities, there are a lot of toll booths on the way to the airport. As a result of which the customer is delayed and is bothered with extra charges. By an integrated airport ride sharing feature the customer can not only have a hassle free ride but also can schedule a ride and share the ride with a fellow passenger.

FUTURE QUEST WIRELESS Inc. Taxi Dispatch Software Review

Every time I shoot open my phone and open the app store, it is the list of most downloadable apps that catches my attention. The taxi dispatch software from Uber/Lyft and similar types which are also called uber clone scripts are among the most downloadable ones on the Play store and App store.

uber clone script

Ever wonder why these uber clone scripts have made it to the top of the most downloadable software. The answer itself raises one more question, how often do you commute in a cab? Well, if you are from a cosmopolitan city the answer will be, very frequent. That is the impact of Uber in the recent times.

The sudden popularity of Uber exceeds that of Facebook and Google combined. Being a customer-centric company it has touched and refined the lives of millions around the globe. Now, even a common man can dream of commuting in his favorite luxury vehicle. As the taxi dispatch business has proved to be very lucrative a lot of companies are stepping into the shoes of Uber.

The only thing that will help in getting ahead of all the competitors is the software that will power your taxis also called the uber clone script.

A brief history of FUTURE QUEST Wireless Inc.

Future Quest Wireless Inc. is a Canadian software development company that has been in the industry for 17 years. The company specializes exclusively in design, distribution, and support of workforce solutions that includes vehicle tracking systems, fleet management systems and passenger transportation dispatch systems. Over the years as there has been a heavy demand of uber clone scripts among the enterprises that have just planned to launch a taxi dispatch business of their own, FQ Wireless has decided to come up with an innovative product of their own.

What makes TAXI COMMANDER different from others?

There are various features that make Taxi Commander one of the best in the industry. Let’s explore each feature one by one emphasizing on the need and the usage of each one of them.

  • Reservation History : A detailed history of all the trips made is recorded in the app itself.
  • Auto Trip Zoning : The software divides a city into various geographical zones as set by the admin. When a taxi enters a particular zone the software detects it.
  • Multiple Pricing Types : The software is available in multiple versions. Depending upon the requirement and usage of the client, he can choose the appropriate software for his business
  • Multiple Trip Priorities : There are multiple trip priorities configured in the app. According to convenience and need the customer can avail the type of trip he wants to.
  • Hybrid Zone / GPS Dispatch : The software is programmed in such a way that the vehicles are dispatched based on the availability in certain zones or within nearest GPS location.
  • Driver Trip / Zone Display : On the driver app the particular and the respective trip is nicely displayed.
  • Taxi Meter Integration : There is an integrated taxi meter within the app.
  • Auto Address Lookup : With this feature, the customer can search for a particular address within a city. The smart lookup feature throws in automatic suggestion based on certain keywords.
  • Payment Processing : There is a provision to make the payment from the app itself, all the customer has to do is provide the card details and the rest is taken care by the gateway.
  • Loyalty Programmes : Sometimes to reward most valuable customers, the company runs special loyalty programmes. In such case coupons are available to redeem at the time of taking a ride.
  • Website Booking : There is a dedicated website available, where a customer can create an account and book a ride. It is also possible to see all the details of the previous rides taken from the website.
  • IVR Voice Integration : With interactive voice response technology, it is easier to secure the call made by the passenger.
  • Ride Sharing : It is also possible to share the ride with fellow passengers at a discounted fare.
  • Two-way Messaging : Both the driver and the passenger can communicate with two-way interactive messaging system.
  • Price and Mileage Estimation : The app comes with an integrated fare and mileage estimator.
  • Zero Footprint Install : As the application is fully cloud-based it is easier to access the software from anywhere and from any device.

What are the clients saying?

“We have been with Future Quest for 13 years now and it’s hard to overstate how reliable they have been as our dispatch providers – Garri Parhar, GM Future Resort Cabs

“We have seen measurable improvements in customer service – Ms. Leslie Cruz, GM Rite Way Carpet

What else could be added?

Taxi Commander is a fine software, but as the time passes by it needs to get adapted to the current demands of the time. With only a little improvisation, and an addition of few features the software could beat all its rivals in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the features that could be added to the software.

  • Integrated Reports and Analytics : What is the use of Integrated Analytics? How will Report generation help? Analytics is one of the coolest endeavors in recent times. By the use of simple statistics and past records, it is easier to predict a lot of things. Reports are used for maintenance and bookkeeping. A detailed summary is what an organization needs at crucial times.   
  • Surge Pricing : Surge pricing is used to provide a little incentive and motivate the drivers at rush hours to attend a customer in need. There are times of natural disasters like rainfall, curfews, and strikes when a driver needs to be motivated enough to attend a passenger.

BINARY SEMANTICS Taxi Dispatch Software Review

Commuting has become an essential part of our busy schedule. Every day we spend few hours in a cab or a taxi. For people belonging to metropolitan cities, traveling in a cab was not that affordable and available a few years down the lane. It is only because of the emergence of companies like Uber that even a common man can now dream of hiring a luxury cab.

uber clone script

The rise of taxi dispatch companies is nothing but a modern-day marvel. It is the dedication and commitment of these companies that are making the world a better place. Investing billions of dollars in research and development they have been consistent in bringing a better product to the market.

It is the uber clone script that is the context of this article. The uber clone script is an exact replica of the original Uber taxi dispatch software. The uber clone scripts have all the necessary features and functionalities of the original software.

What inspired Binary Semantics to make FLEET ROBO?

Binary Semantics is a Gurgaon based software company established in 1986, that specializes in fleet management software, IOT, and analytics. They operate in multiple industries like retail, manufacturing, insurance, education, travel and hospitality. The company also offers services for website design and development, SEO marketing and ecommerce among others. The need for an efficient taxi management system has inspired the company to come up with a software of their own.

What makes FLEET ROBO unique?

Apart from all the essential features, every taxi dispatch system comes with some unique functionality that makes it different from that of the others. As there is a growing demand for a quality software and a heavy competition in the market it is very important to know a product feature by feature before making a purchase. Let’s discover some of the cool features of Fleet Robo Taxi management system.

  • FDT Terminal : Each vehicle is equipped with a fleet data terminal with safe and easy navigation.
  • Geofencing : With integrated geofencing feature it is easier to target certain parts of the city for running promotional events.
  • Auto Dispatch : The software has full support for automatic vehicle dispatch at the time of need.
  • Web Portal : There is a dedicated binary web portal from where a customer can login and make the booking.
  • SMS Notification : The customer is notified periodically by SMS notifications during the course of the ride.
  • Route Optimization : The software is designed with algorithms that are capable of automatic route optimization.
  • Real-time Tracking : With the help of google maps and GPS real-time tracking is not a problem.
  • 24X7 Support : A dedicated support team is there to provide any sort of support 24X7
  • IVR : Call routing is done with the help of interactive voice response embedded with the software.
  • Intelligent Business Rules : The automatic dispatcher comes with all sorts of intelligent business rules.
  • Breakdown Alert : In case of any breakdown an alert is generated and the admin takes care of all the details.
  • Panic Button : The passenger app comes with a panic button. In case of emergency situations the admin contacts the respective person.
  • Automatic Reinforcement : A notification is automatically generated at the time of emergency and automatically reinforcements can be arranged and made available.
  • Ignition Status Report : There driver app is equipped with a feature that shows ignition status report.
  • Driver Record Keeping : There is a provision to maintain all the records like profile management and earnings right into the app.
  • In-vehicle Thermal Printer: Every vehicle comes with a thermal printer for generating the invoice and receipts for the customer after the trip is complete.

What else could have been added?

Every software needs to get fine-tuned over time. A constant change and adaptation to new features increase the scalability of the software. Although Fleet Robo is one of its kind software there are certain features that are found to be missing from it. Let’s have a look at some of the features that are found to be missing or would make a good addition to the software.

  • Ride Sharing : Pooling makes the ride economic for the customers as the fare gets divided among the riders. In a country where there are a lot of people commuting every day, and there are not sufficient cabs available ride sharing is a life savior.
  • Trip History : Sometimes it becomes very useful to record the details of the past trips. A customer can know the change in the price of the fare over a period of time by going through these records.

SHERLOCK TAXI Uber Clone Script Review

If you are impressed with the popularity and success of the taxi dispatch companies and want to make millions by following their trail, this article is just for you. First of all, you need to know that the most important factor contributing to the overnight success of these big conglomerates is their state of the art software.

uber clone script

These software are also called as uber clone scripts as they are the exact replica of the original software. Now, as a company newly entering the cutthroat world of taxi business it is very important to get hold of a software that will keep you ahead of others.

With the scarcity and heavy demand for quality uber clone scripts, a lot of software companies have started making their own product. Hence it is important to know each and every feature of the software that you are planning to buy.

A brief history of Sherlock Taxi

Sherlock Taxi was developed by Haulmont Technology by one of its co-founders Paul Lacey. Prior to founding Haulmont, Paul was working as a project lead at Addison Lee, where he revolutionized their taxi dispatch software in early 2000. In 2011 a team from Haulmont began working on Sherlock Taxi as a sister solution to Addison Lee’s Shamrock system. Today Haulmont Technologies employs more than 250 staff members in its offices at UK and Moscow.

What makes the Taxi Dispatch software from Sherlock Taxi unique?

As the taxi dispatch software market is highly competitive one it is important to know the product feature by feature before making a purchase. Let’s take a look at all the important features of the software from Sherlock Taxi.

  • Advanced UI : The user interface is very soothing and attractive. The designers of Sherlock Taxi has taken a lot of effort in making the interface as intuitive as possible.
  • Fully Customizable : The app is fully customizable as per the requirement of the client.
  • Call Center Booking : A customer can book a ride by simply making a call. The call center executive takes care of the rest. All the necessary details like pick up location, drop location and passenger details are sent to the driver by the call center executive.
  • Dynamic ETA : The app is fully supported by state of the art navigation system. With integrated Google Maps and GPS it is possible to calculate the ETA dynamically based on the distance.
  • Intelligent Dispatch Controller : The dispatch controller takes care of all the necessary tasks when it comes to automatic dispatch.
  • Client Invoice with Payment History : After the trip is complete an invoice is automatically generated and available for the passenger. The customer can see the details of all the payments and bookings done right from the day one, as it is beautifully maintained in the app.
  • Driver Earnings : The driver can have a complete overview of his earnings right from the app.
  • Customer Booking Website : A dedicated website is available for the customer to make the booking. Apart from booking a ride other details like trip history and payment history can also be seen from the website.

What does the client’s have to say?

“Haulmont has been integral to supporting Addison Lee’s sustained growth over the last four years – Liam Griffin, Vice Chairman ADDISON LEE

“Sherlock is the foundation of LECAB’s instant success and on-going expansion – Benjamin Cardoso, CEO LECAB

“We decided on Sherlock for its simplicity, modern approach and possibility to evolve – Raja Kurban, CEO ALLOTAXI

What else could be added?   

One of the necessary components of a software development lifecycle is the ability to evolve. The evolution is largely supported by change and the change is fuelled by addition or removal of certain features. Let’s take a look at some of the features that would make a nice addition to the software.

  • Wallet : Now that the world is going with a cashless mode of payment, it would be a smart decision to provide an integrated wallet. Now, all the customer has to do is transfer the money to the wallet and make the payment. If the customer chooses the wallet mode of payment then the money gets automatically deducted every time the customer books a ride as long as there are sufficient funds.
  • Pooling : Ride sharing or pooling is useful for providing an economic mode of transport to the customers. By sharing the ride the fare gets reduced and there is also a chance that a number of passengers could be served. So it is a win-win for both the company and the customers.

MINDSTER Uber Clone Script Review

As this article solely focuses on the review of uber clone script, let me first explain what is exactly an uber clone script or an uber clone app as it is called. The uber clone script is an exact replica of the original software. It has all the essential functionalities with little tweaks and customization.

uber clone script

The emergence of taxi dispatch software companies like Uber and Lyft and their astounding success have made others to follow their trail. Many small and mid-level companies have set their path to venture into taxi booking business.

Now the most important ingredient that contributes a lot to the success of a company newly entering into the taxi booking business is a scalable and efficient software. The more innovative the software is the more leverage the company gains over its competitors.

What inspired Mindster to make an Uber Clone Script?

Mindster is a Bangalore based Indian software development company. It is the web division of Aufait Technologies which is one of the world’s leading offshore web development companies. They have more than a decade of experience in web development and mobile application development. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to go the extra mile for the client have made them the favorite among the clients. A scarcity of quality uber clone scripts in the market has made Mindster come up with one of their own.

How is the Uber Clone Script from Mindster different?

Now that a lot of vendors are available with their own version of software, it is very difficult to say which one is better than the other. There are only a few features that make one software differ from that of its peer. Let’s take a look at some of the important features of the uber clone script from Mindster.   

  • Demand Maps : The drivers can view specific areas that have a high demand for more pickups.
  • Phone Number Masking : The passenger’s number is masked from the driver, so the driver doesn’t get to know the actual number of the passenger.  
  • Pick-Up Opinion : The passenger gets suggestions to select quick pickup points that are close to the current location.
  • Call Booking : The customer can schedule a booking by making a call to the dispatch system.
  • Preferred Destination for Driver : The drivers can provide a destination to get preferred rides in that particular direction.
  • View Driver Ratings : The passenger can view the driver ratings right before booking a ride.
  • Integration of Dates through Calendar : The passenger can set particular dates in the calendar for events or destination suggestions.
  • Admin Panel with Dashboard : The admin panel is loaded with a beautiful dashboard that has all sorts of management functionalities for the admin.
  • Trip History : All the details of a particular trip like location, fare, driver etc are recorded in the app.
  • Select Availability : The driver can make himself available for service with just a tap from his app. Once the driver makes himself available he can be tracked by the admin.
  • Request Accept/Decline : The driver can accept/decline a request as he sees fit.
  • Promotion : There is a provision for a special type of coupons called promo codes which can be applied to get free rides or discounted rides.
  • Fare Estimator : The fare estimator calculates the trip fare taking into consideration all kinds of surcharges before taking a ride.
  • Payment History : The payment history is recorded in the app for later view.
  • Favorite Place : The customer can save some locations that are frequently visited as favorite places.
  • Select Vehicle : The passenger can select his favorite vehicle from the pool of vehicles as per his budget and convenience.

What do the clients have to say?  

“I was amazed at their ability in building a thorough understanding of our product – Imthiyas, MyStore

“I loved the way they implemented our inputs and overwhelmed with the support I got from their end – Abhilash Pandath, Drinn  ”

“With Mindster’s team of talented people one will have peace of mind as all the requirements will be met and delivered on time – Georges Courson, IT Consultant Eden Red

What else could be added?

Updating the software periodically is very important, as it fine-tunes the software and removes certain unnecessary bugs. We shall now analyze certain essential functionalities that would make a nice addition to the uber clone script by Mindster.

  • Reports : There should be a provision to generate weekly and monthly reports. The customer can download these reports as excel sheets or CSV files right from the passenger app.
  • Integrated Analytics : Analytics is an essential part of every organization. The admin can analyze the investments, returns, transactions, heavy demand areas and a lot more with integrated analytics

MOBILITYSUM Uber Clone Script Review

Ever thought how our lives would become without the uber clone scripts that we are so much dependent on. Whether it is commuting to the work or taking an outstation ride for a vacation, we are so much dependent on these taxi dispatch software.

uber clone script

It is not a surprise to know that the Uber app is the most downloaded one in the app stores. Apart from being one of the biggest taxi dispatch companies of the world Uber has ventured into other verticals as well. The taxi business is at its peak and many corporations are looking for an opportunity to harvest gold.

With the overnight success of Uber and Lyft, the taxi dispatch business has become one of the sought after business. A lot of companies are planning to enter this domain and make a fortune. Hence the need for uber clone scripts has grown tremendously.

A brief history of Mobilitysum

Mobilitysum is a Delhi based Indian software company that specializes in web design, mobile application development, SEO and social media marketing. They have some of the most experienced frontend and backend developers committed to deliver the best  Their expertise in managing heavy traffic websites puts them ahead of the league. With a short span of time, Mobilitysum has managed to create a brand of its own, having a clientele that includes some of the most distinguished companies from India and abroad.  

What makes the Uber Clone Script from Mobilitysum unique?

Every uber clone script making company is working overnight to make its software as unique and indispensable as possible. They are constantly upgrading their product to newer versions and adding more features as per the user requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the cool features of the uber clone script from Mobilitysum.

  • Hourly and Outstation Booking : The passenger can book a taxi on an hourly basis and as well as for outstation trips. The charges are then applied accordingly.
  • Customer Booking Web Portal : There is a dedicated website available. The customer can create an account and then book a ride right from the website.
  • Ride Sharing : The passengers can pool with fellow passengers and take the ride at considerable low fares.
  • Fare Estimator : The smart fare calculator calculates the fare taking into consideration additional surcharges before booking the ride.
  • Trip History : All the details of the trips made, are recorded in the respective passenger and driver apps.
  • Push Notification : During the course of the trip, the passenger is notified with push notifications.
  • Company Website, Blog and Integration : On client’s request the providers can set up a company website with a blog.
  • Guest Booking : There is a special facility called guest booking, which is supported by technologies like SignalR and FCN.
  • Ride Later : The passenger can schedule a ride for the future and ride at convenience.
  • Point to Point and Airport Transfer : The app has the provision for point to point drop and also airport drops.
  • SOS : The passenger can save a number as an emergency contact so that the admin can contact the specific person in case of any emergency situation.
  • Cloud Deployment : The software can be easily on the cloud, for unlimited storage, scalability, and security.
  • Vehicle Type with Rate : The passenger can select a vehicle of his choice from the pool of vehicles available. Every vehicle comes with a price attached to it.
  • Real Time Tracking and Navigation : With the help of Google Maps/WAZE and GPS the admin can keep track of all the vehicles in service.
  • Call Center Booking : The passenger can book a ride just by placing a call to the call center. The customer care executive can then arrange a ride for the passenger.
  • Automatic and Manual Dispatch : There is both the provision for manual and automatic dispatch.
  • Coupons : At the time of promotional events, certain coupons are available with codes. The passenger can apply these codes and get special discounts.
  • Corporate and Agent Management : The admin panel is fully supported by corporate management and agent management feature.

What else could be added?

Just like an organization, a software also gets adapted in due course of time. The adaptation is due to consistent competition from the rivals and the availability of new sophisticated technologies in the market. Although the uber clone script from Mobilitysum is one of its kind, yet there are certain essential features that are found to be missing. Let’s have a look at some of the essential features that could be a nice addition to the app.

  • Surge Pricing : Surge pricing serves for a lot of purposes. It is basically used to motivate the drivers to attend a customer at odd hours. Whether it is a nighttime pickup or picking a customer at rush hours, the drivers need to be motivated. By increasing the base fare, the drivers would get motivated to attend the passenger.  
  • Geofencing : Geofencing is a geographical boundary that is set by the admin to run certain promotional events or make certain resources available at certain specific places. Every company launches certain promotional events for its customers, in which case the business owner targets certain specific places or certain customer segments.

iCABBI Uber Clone Script Review

A few years down the lane nobody would have actually thought that the taxi dispatch business would become one of the most lucrative and sought-after ones. The reason behind this is the success of global giants like Uber and Lyft. These companies have not only established a multi-billion dollar conglomerate but also has been able to provide employment to millions of people around the globe.

uber clone script

The reason for the sudden growth and popularity of these companies is their groundbreaking software. Most of their rivals are working overnight to bring a similar product to the market. Many corporations that are mesmerized by the achievement of Uber in this short span of time are venturing into this field.

The only way that will keep these companies in the league of the already established giants is the uber clone script. The uber clone script is the exact replica of the original software.

What inspired iCABBI to make an Uber Clone Script?   

Established in 2009 with an aim to make the best uber alternative in the market. iCabbi has been stunning the global community with their brilliance. Their unparalleled leadership and management have made them not only successful but also pioneer as uber clone script makers.

Their team of developers is insanely committed to excellence. Constant innovation and customer satisfaction has been the motto of the company.

What makes the Uber Clone Script from iCABBI different?

From the day of its inception iCabbi has managed to create a clientele that includes some of the most distinguished companies in the domain. This itself speaks a lot about the quality of the software they have been developing. Let’s have a look at some of the most important features of the uber clone script from iCabbi.

  • IVR Technology : With the use of integrated Interactive Voice Response Technology it is possible to make an automated booking for the customer. An automated call will be generated and the customer will be prompted to make all the entries from his app.
  • Online Booking Engine : A dedicated website is made available so that the customer can register and create an account to make all the bookings from the website. The customer can keep track of all the previously made bookings.
  • GPS Tracking : With the help of GPS the tracking in real-time. The admin can keep track of all the vehicles in service right from the dispatcher panel.
  • Driver Rating : The passenger can rate the driver, which will be taken into consideration in the future.
  • Open API : The app is fully customizable as per the demand of the client.
  • Payment Modes : The payment is supported by some of the most trusted payment gateway providers like Verifone and Paypal.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting : The entire application is hosted in the cloud. The authentication and security is taken care by Amazon Web Services.
  • Bluetooth Controller : There is an integrated Bluetooth controller that synchronizes the roof-light, hardmeter status and the driver app
  • Business Management Tools : With integrated business management tools it is now possible to run all kinds of analytics for knowing the sales status. Advanced analytics and reporting are useful for the higher management to know the status of the business.

Some essential features that are found to be missing!

No software is complete from the very first day of its conception. It adapts, grows and gets accustomed to the demands and needs of the customers. The more successful the product is the more refined and fine-tuned it became over time. Let’s discuss in detail some of the important features that are found to be missing from the software.

  • Surge Pricing : What is the use of surge pricing feature? When there is a heavy demand for the vehicle the driver may not be motivated to take the extra mile to help a passenger in need. By increasing the fare a little extra the driver may be paid with an incentive so that he will be motivated to attend the passenger.
  • Offline Booking : There are times when the customer may find it difficult to book a ride due to non availability of internet or wifi. In that case, the passenger can make a call to the customer care executive and get the booking done.

UNICO TAXI Uber Clone Script Review

We have been so much addicted to the cosmopolitan way of life that we have never given an actual thought that how our lives are been influenced by the global tech companies. The reason is obvious, it is our busy working schedule. We might have taken the ride on a cab like a thousand times but have never bothered to know about the uber clone scripts that powers these vehicles around the globe.

uber clone scripts

Well, one of the reasons for this has been the user-friendly interface of the application. The popularity of the taxi dispatch companies like Uber and Lyft have been partly due to their state of the art software. This has resulted in the demand for the uber clone scripts in the market. The uber clone scripts are nothing but the replicas of the original software.

But to be frank replicating the original software is not an easy task. Uber has been spending millions of dollars on research and development. Their developers are among the best in the industry.

What inspired UNICO to come up with an Uber Clone Script of their own?

Unico Taxi is a mobile application development company that specializes in a lot of verticals which includes logistics, car rental, and geospatial projects. Creating a better product and providing the best support and solution to the clients has been the motto of the company.

Their team of developers hails from some of the most reputed IT backgrounds, serving some of the most prestigious companies and years of experience behind them. Unico Taxi has its offices in India, USA, and Nigeria.

What is so special about their software?

As there have been a lot of companies that are into this uber clone script making business, getting one distinguished is very challenging. After a lot of considerable efforts and years of hard work spent on research and development, a company brings its product to the market. Let’s see what are the features that make the uber clone script from Unico different from that of its peers.

  • Social Media Login : The customer can log into the app with the help of social media accounts like Facebook or G+.
  • Panic Button : In case of emergencies the app lets the friends and relatives of the passenger know the whereabouts.
  • Wallet : The integrated wallet helps the customer to go completely cashless. All he has to do is transfer the amount from his bank account to the wallet and make the booking. Security and authentication are taken care of the payment gateway.
  • Referrals : Referral coupons are available to avail discounts by referring friends and closest relatives.
  • Fare Estimate : The smart fare estimator calculates the amount taking into consideration all kinds of surcharge and additional overheads right before booking a ride.
  • Favorite Location : The passenger can store certain locations into the app as the favorite location. While taking the next ride it will be handy to use the stored locations directly.
  • Rate and Comment : The passenger can rate the driver and leave necessary comments for future review.
  • Shift In/Out : The driver can take breaks in the middle of the ride by switching in/out the shift button on the app.
  • Statistical Earning Report : The driver can view all his earnings with a statistical report from his app.
  • Ride History : The driver, as well as the passenger, can view all the previous rides for future reference.
  • Real Time Notification : The passenger is notified with push notifications during the course of the trip.
  • Street Pick Up : This is quite an interesting feature. The driver can pick up anyone who whistles the driver from the street. After the trip is complete the rider will be notified of the app.  
  • Surge Pricing : The surge pricing can be automated by the admin to provide some sorts of motivation to the driver. With the chance to earn a little extra the driver will be motivated to attend the customer when there is a heavy demand for the vehicles.
  • Call Center Booking : The customer can book a ride by making a call to the call center at the time of emergencies. The customer care executive can make the booking on behalf of the rider and send all the details to the nearby driver.
  • Automatic and Manual Dispatch : The app is fully supported by automatic and manual mode of dispatch.

What else could have been there?

No software is complete from the early days of its development. It keeps on changing and evolving over time. This change refines the software on a continuous basis. Although the uber clone script from Unico is unique but there are certain features that are found to be missing. Let’s have a look at some of the important features that would make a good addition to the original software.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : Why do you need an Airport Ride Sharing feature? As we all know it is very difficult to get a ride to the airport at peak hour. Even though a passenger manages to get a cab, the journey is delayed by the presence of numerous toll gates. Every time a customer comes across the toll gate, he has to pay the required toll amount to carry on with the ride. All this is taken care of with the airport ride sharing feature. Not only the customer can get rid of the toll gates but also can schedule a ride and even share the ride with a fellow passenger.  
  • Corporate Accounts : What is the importance of Corporate Accounts? When the business grows there becomes the need for additional resources or let’s say extra personnel. All the details of the extra personnel hired from some affiliate partner need to be properly maintained. The corporate accounts are used for the sole purpose to keep track of all the details of this personnel.

WRYDES Uber Clone Script Review

Most of the uber clone scripts that are found in the mobile app store are customized tailor-made apps. Before proceeding any further let me explain what exactly is an uber clone script. Uber clone scripts or apps are basically the replicas of the original Uber software.

uber clone script

The rampant downloading and usage of the uber clone scripts on the app store proves how popular they have been in the recent times. There have been a lot of variants available from all sorts of vendors who have begun their own software development following the path of Uber.

As a potential business owner planning to start your own taxi dispatch business, it would be wise to know all the functionalities of an uber clone script. Almost all of these uber clone scripts differ in certain features only. Hence, it is required to know the software feature by feature.

A brief history of WRYDES  

WRYDES is a software company that specializes in white labeled taxi apps. The uber clone script from Wrydes clearly depicts their expertise. They are a team of experienced and committed professionals who are passionate about their work. When it comes to customer satisfaction and product delivery they are second to none.

As there has been a huge demand for the uber clone scripts in the market in the recent times the product development team from Wrydes decided to bring their own product into the market. As a market leader Wrydes has managed to have a clientele that includes some of the distinguished companies like GoCabs, Sure Cab, Pulse Delivery, Citi Taxi and Mobi Cabs to name a few.

How is the Uber Clone Script from WRYDES any different?

There has been a lot of research going on to bring the best uber clone script in the market. Each one of the vendors is working overnight to make their product unique and different from their peers. Let’s have a look at all the features of the uber clone app from Wrydes.

  • Checking Driver Profile : A customer can check all the details about any driver right from the passenger app.
  • Locating Drivers : There is a provision for the customer to view all the drivers present in the vicinity. The nearby drivers are visible on the map on the passenger app.
  • Put in Request : With this feature, a passenger can put in a request for all the drivers present nearby or a specific driver.
  • Ask for Ride Sharing : The passenger can ask the driver present in the area to share a ride if there is a seat available.
  • Fare Estimator : The integrated fare estimator takes care of all the details like distance and additional surcharge.
  • Reviews and Complaints : The passenger can review a driver and post complaints on the app. The reviews given by the passenger are visible on the driver’s profile.
  • Manage Profiles : It is easier to upload documents and other details like driving license with the help of profile management feature.
  • Accept/Reject Request : There is a provision for the driver to accept/reject the incoming request right from the app.
  • Ride History : The driver can keep track of all the trip details as they are recorded in the app under ride history.
  • Live Tracking : With the help of GPS it is possible to keep track of the vehicles that are in service.
  • Technical Support : The support team is available 24X7 for any kind of technical support.
  • Customization : The app is open to any kind of customization as per the client request.
  • Cloud Based Automated Dispatch : This is one of the most important features of the software. With the help of cloud-based hosting, it is possible to create an automated dispatch system.

What else could have been added?

The uber clone script from Wrydes is a remarkable software in all aspect. But there are certain important features that are found to be missing from the app. Let’s have a look at some of the essential stuff that is found to be missing in the software.

  • Geofencing : Let’s analyze what is the importance of the Geofencing feature. Well, to begin with, a geofencing is nothing but a geographical boundary. An admin can set the perimeter for certain features to be available within the geofence. These can be promotional events or availability or non-availability of certain type of vehicles.
  • Promo and Referral Codes : Sometimes it becomes necessary to run promotional events to promote the company. Promo codes are some sort of coupons that can be used to avail special discounts. With the help of referral codes the customer can refer his friends and relatives and redeem the amount while taking the next ride.