Tata Super Nano-A Step ahead!!

"Super Tata Nano"

If you have underestimated the Tata Nano, maybe it’s time to take back that perception.

There was a time when Tata Nano was considered the cheapest car in the world. With a price tag of $ 3000 (Rs. 1.8 lakhs) the Nano was the most affordable car in the world. There was also a time when Tata had the Nano encrusted in Gold, Silver and gem stones. However, that was not a functional model. Now it’s time for Tata Super Nano.


"Gold Tata Nano"
Image Source: www.autoorb.com
"Tata Nano Gold"
Image Source: chandrashekharasandprints.wordpress.com

The Nano is a nice and peppy car that is reliable for intra-city driving. The Nano found its way from India directly to various countries and even in Jay Leno’s Garage.

"Jay Leno's Tata Nano"

However, the most affordable car has now joined the league of the exclusives. The car competes with cars like Skoda Superb, Hyundai Elantra and even Audi. The credits go to JA Motorsport for converting the cheapest car into an exclusive ride.

The Nano as we knew it:

The Tata Nano was a cute and cuddly ride that could snuggle into almost all streets. The Nano did not just find its way into Tata Motor’s lineup. There was a thought behind conceiving the idea of bringing out this car.  A country like India is dominated by the middle classes. Most families have a 2-wheeler, the father drives a 2 wheeler, and the elder child stands in front, the wife behind holding a baby. Sadly, this is the norm in India. Apart from the risk it holds, the ride is quite uncomfortable for the entire family. That very situation bought out a thought that went into the creation of Tata Nano.

The car was never meant to be coined a “ Rs. 1 lakh car”, but during an interview between Mr. Ratan Tata and Financial Times (British Newspaper) at the Geneva Motor Show, a question was raised about the price of the car, to which, Mr. Tata had said “About 1 lakh”.

"Ratan and Tata Nano"
Image Source: www.rediff.com

The low-end rural car had to look presentable and yet cost low. There were many issues that Tata Motors had to face. Criticisms apart, the price of Steel was not in favor and then there were issues like safety. It was too late for Tata’s rebuttal against the claim of bringing a 1 lakh rupee car. However, there were exponential challenges and price barriers had kept the company pondering about the alternatives.

However, with the intelligent minds put to task and the ability to oversee the obstacles had finally paid off.

The Tata Nano was launched with a 624 cc multi-point fuel injected water cooled naturally aspirated 2 cylinder gasoline engine. The car had 2 valves per cylinder that were mated to a 4-speed manual transmission producing 38 Po power and 51 Nm torque. That said, the Nano maintained its pride by becoming India’s most fuel efficient petrol car that gave a pleasing mileage of 25.35 kmpl. This rear wheel drive configuration makes it quite interesting as a driver’s car.

The JA touch:

Coimbatore based JA Motorsport had something speedy and demonic (in a manner of speaking) in mind. The custom house took all the traits that Nano had and used them to create something exciting and interesting.

You might think that this is just a modified Nano. But hold that judgment till you see what’s inside.

The Super Nano is based on the regular Nano. However, adding features like a full body kit, slick tires, bolt-on roll cage, smoke head and tail lamps might help change your perception a tad and you might still not be totally convinced.

But, picture Carbon fiber treatment on the dashboard, Recaro seats, racing steering wheel, mounted paddle shifters and you might start gaining interest. But, the most convincing part is the 1.3 liter engine that does a super duty job on the Super Nano. Surprisingly this engine churns out a maximum power of about 230 HP.

"Super Tata Nano"
Image Source: http://www.rediff.com/
"Ja Motor Nano"
Image Source: http://www.motoroids.com/

This Super Powered engine races the Nano at around 190 kmph. You’d definitely love the look on the faces of most people who look down at the Nano.

"JM Super Nano interiors"
Image Source: http://www.motoroids.com/


The Chassis has also been tampered with and the wheels are a beauty to look at. The MRF ZLO racing slicks are like racing shoes on a horse.

"Super Tata nano"
Image Source: http://www.rediff.com/

This is currently India’s fastest hot hatch and has some neat specs that come as a surprise. The massive power is tamed by AP Racing disc brakes on all the wheels.

"Super Tata nano tires"
Image Source: http://www.rediff.com/

This isn’t a regular Nano and you wouldn’t want it if you’re just a commuter. The Super Nano is better suited on a race track over the normal crowded roads. JA racing has some serious Auto Freaks who have the adequate skills of drilling your car into a beast. They carry a reputation for making Formula Ford Cars in India among their other accomplishments.


With all that power comes a super price tag. Converting your Nano a Super boost and a new identity would cost you Rs. 25 lakhs (for the entire job)

Bottom Line:

Although the Super Nano is suited for a track, it is a great accomplishment. This is a great upgrade and you might want to check it out if you travel to Coimbatore.


Global Rip Offs – Thought you couldn’t afford a Rolls?

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso

A very popular quote isn’t it? I’m sure many of you might have heard it over the years. Well, the Chinese took it way too seriously from the very first time they heard it, it seems. Remember the times when we all used to go ga-ga over the duplicate Chinese make iPhones and iPads and Blackberrys when they first came out. Don’t deny it, everyone of us wanted our hands on one of them. They seemed too good to be true specially considering the price they came for. Well apparently the Chinese industries didn’t stop at just making replica mobile phones. It seems that now they’ve come up with exact replicas of globally popular cars.

The Geely GE
The Geely GE

 Geely GE:

Shown above is the picture of a Geely GE, a Chinese make car which might look awfully familiar. Well, the reason behind that might be that it looks almost the same as a Rolls Royce Phantom. Now on average a Rolls Royce Phantom would cost you somewhere about £305,000 which would be sure to burn a big hole in your pocket and well technically speaking its way out of the common man’s budget. Now coming to the Geely Ge, the car costs just £30,000.

So technically the car costs a tenth of the price of an actual Rolls Royce Phantom. But if you look closely then, you can see the grill looks exactly the same as that of an actual Rolls Royce, popularly known as the Grecian Temple Grille. Even the trademark hood ornament of the Rolls which portrays the sculpture of a flying lady, known as the Spirit of Ecstasy has almost immaculately been copied by Geely. And if you put in a little extra you can get your hands on the Starlight Interior Roof Lining, a refrigerator, a cigar box and an air purifier along with the air conditioner, all of which are classic Rolls Royce features.

One key feature of the Geely GE is its single Throne type design they’ve developed with only one centralized seat in the rear with the Starlight Roof over it. It certainly looks like a key feature in the car but personally I’m not sure if its gonna work out. See if I’m rich and I have a car and I’m on a date with this beautiful woman, then what’s the plan? Should I make her sit in the front or should I? Like it seems totally absurd.  But well I donno how the Chinese do it and I’m not gonna debate on this anymore. Funny, innit?

The Centralized Backseat Concept

Now coming to engine specs, the Phantom boasts a Mammoth 6.5 litre V12, which in layman terms denotes that it has a displacement of 6.75 litres and can produce a mind boggling 453 horsepower at 5350 rpm which makes the car hit not to sixty in under 6 seconds despite it having a curb weight of 5800 pounds. Now those are impressive figures for a car that’s so heavy. Like if you’re Armenian mafia you can kill a person and take off in one of these in style and still be fast enough to outrun the cops. Impressive figures if you come to think of it. Flat out, it can do up to a 150 miles per hour, that too with the car’s speed being artificially restricted at that.

Now turning our eyes at the Geely GE, the car has a 2.4 litre petrol engine which Geely says will have the output same as that of a V8 engine. It can do up to a 100 miles per hour, well that’s what they say. I still though am a bit skeptical about these figures.

Well so now that it’s established that the car is quite almost similar to the Rolls Royce some of you might be having this question, “What do the people at Rolls Royce have to say about this?”

According to sources, a spokesperson of Rolls Royce has said and I quote, “Rolls-Royce is currently keeping its options open and is in consultation with its legal advisers”.

Now this might come as a shock to you but Geely is not the only company to have done this. Here’s a list of cars and the names of their Chinese copies or more subtly said, cars that look awfully familiar to them.

List of Global Copycats (Cars):


And these are just some of them. There are a lot more of these Chinese imitations that one can find if they look deeper. Coming to think of it, these companies have actually managed to copy almost all of the leading Automobile giants’ biggest production cars. If you actually have had a look on the table you can even see that one of the companies, JAC actually even managed to copy the model number of the Audi A6. This just feels outrageous. The saddest part is that, companies like Rolls Royce, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and others come up with these ideas and models and technologies with months, maybe years of hard work with the help of their vast workforce and then someone comes along and just copies their work. Last year itself the country produced around 19 million cars which sums up to almost 22.7 percent of Global car production for the last year. And these are some of the imitations that we can see among all these cars that they’ve produced.


Now, if you’d ask me if I’d buy them or not, then I really don’t think I might be fit to answer this question. See you can get your dream car for maybe very cheap but would it be worth it? Will you get the same feel that you would have got in a Rolls Royce or an Audi that you might be looking for in a Geely or a JAC. Now I’m not demeaning these companies but there’s just something about these cars that can’t match the big boys over there in Europe. If I had to make a decision I’d just relate it back to your old Chinese iPhone. Yes, it might have looked good, yes it might have got you a temporary sense of happiness but no it couldn’t get you the pride or the shining smile on your face that you got when you got your first real iPhone maybe. And it might have been good for a month your Chinese cellphone but after a month you really got to saw why the price actually seemed too good to be true. Someone’s camera lens broke or someone’s display got all berserk. I’m not saying your car might break apart like a phone because to be honest it’s a car so its gotta be better but then it just can’t get you the feel of what it might feel to own the real thing. You might be happy if you’re willing to make a  couple of compromises maybe but you won’t be beaming like you would if you got your hands on lets say, the Phantom.

I guess I’d like to end with that. You can always post your comments and views below. Thanks for reading.

Spectre – James Bond Movie and Cars

James Bond Spectre

The much anticipated James Bond movie featuring Daniel Craig is showing some signs of awesomeness. James Bond movies have been famous for plenty of reasons. But the most important one among them is the fancy cars that are elegant yet deadly. The 24th James Bond movie has finally been announced and carries the name Spectre.

The excitement has only begun. Daniel Craig had played the James Bond character in the Skyfall movie quite spectacularly. This new movie named spectre will cast Daniel Craig with his charisma all over again. More importantly, this time the James bond movie is going to have meaner machines that are definitely worth waiting for.

"Aston Martin DB10 James Bond Spectre"
Image Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

As rumors and official announcements have it, agent 007 will return with an all new Aston Martin Bond mobile. This was the right moment to present the all new custom Aston Martin DB10. Want to know more about this custom built brutal force?

Well, this car is specifically developed for the movie and only 10 of them are built. That’s right, only 10 units produced, but you can buy none of them yet. As Aston Martin has not come up with a new debutante, this limited production car is quite the “bespoke” product that not only boosts the name of the James Bond franchise; it also creates a unique identity about the brand Aston Martin in the minds of James Bond fans and car enthusiasts.

"Aston Martin DB10 James Bond Spectre"
Image Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

“In the same year that we celebrate our 50-year relationship with 007, it seems doubly fitting that today we unveiled this wonderful new sports car created especially for James Bond,” said Aston CEO Andy Palmer.

The new Aston is most likely going to be powered by a V12. Why? Well, one reason is because it is an ASTON, and it is built on one of the car’s older chassis.

With a long association with Aston Martin, and promoting them throughout the Bond movies like;

1964 Gold Finger:

This movie set the introduction of a new car for the forthcoming bond movies. The Aston martin DB5 started the relationship. With over 11 bond movies and around 50 successful years, this car was pretty famous.

Thunder ball:

The DB5 made a comeback in the 1965’s movie ‘THUNDERBALL’

The new car had a rear facing water cannon and boot stowed jetpack. Pretty cool right?

Golden Eye:

Those times when Bond was played by Pierce Brosnan, Style was the new factor and Brosnan was the new icon. The DB5 had returned and was shown chasing Onatopp’s Ferrari F355.

Die Another Day:

Pierce Brosnan had become pretty famous and he was the first James Bond character to drive two different Aston’s on to the screen in 2002. The film Die another day showed Brosnan driving the loud and omnipotent Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.

Casino Royale:

This was the time when Daniel Craig made his entry as the new James Bond character. The new movie “Casino Royale” also featured a new Aston Martin car, the DBS. In addition, the DB5 also made a special appearance. Casino Royale had featured 2 different Aston Martin Models.

Quantum of Solace:

The Aston Martin DBS made its appearance felt again in the movie Quantum of Solace. The return of the DBS was definitely exciting and watching it in a high-speed chase was terrific.


This was the 23rd James Bond Film, DB5 returned again for its 6th appearance, this was one of the most eagerly anticipated Bond Films ever. Sadly, it was a letdown; there wasn’t anything as exciting as the previous Bond films. However, Aston Martin had successfully completed 50 glorious years and celebrated as one of the most iconic cars ever produced.


The latest movie is definitely raging up a lot of expectation over the Internet. It has definitely come as a whirlwind of excitement to know that the new Aston Martin DB10 is specially designed for this movie. Aston Martin claims that the DB10 gives a glimpse to the future design direction for the next generation of Aston Martins.

The new DB10’s panels are crafted from carbon fiber; let’s hope the car is as exciting as ever.

James Bond Spectre
James Bond Spectre

Fiat 500:

James Bond will also be careen through Rome in a Fiat 500. Although, there is no update about the specific Fiat 500 model, the Aston Martin is an official car in the forth coming Bond movie.

Daniel Craig’s Cars:

Of course, the James Bond star is going to whizz around in the latest Aston Martin car that might not be driven in the open road, Daniel Craig is a big car enthusiast himself.

He owns an Audi S6, a Lexus RX 350 and ironically, Daniel treated himself with an Aston Martin Vantage on his 45th birthday.

"Daniel Craig's Audi S6"
Image Source: http://www.bornrich.com/daniel-craig.html
"Daniel Craig's Lexus RX 350"
Image Source: http://www.bornrich.com/daniel-craig.html
"Daniel Craig's Aston Martin"
Image Source: http://www.bornrich.com/daniel-craig.html

Hopefully the new James Bond Spectre movie is as exciting as the news about the DB10. The name is Bond…James Bond B)

Fiat Avventura – Test Drive Review

Fiat Avventura Review

For over a year now the crossover or compact SUV Segment has been dominated by the Ford Ecosport. Before the release of this car however this segment was relatively untouched or unmarked territory for car makers in India. However with the large success of the Ecosport more car manufactures are bringing in crossover versions of their cars to the market. In 2014 Volkswagen came out with the Polo Cross and Toyota with the Etios Cross. Both these cars were largely based on the hatchbacks sold by the companies the Polo and the Etios Liva respectively. The next company to follow the trend is now Fiat. I understand that is a little late and my apologies for that. The car has been on the market for a little over a month now and like the polo cross and etios cross it doesn’t seem to have disturbed the throne held by the Ecosport much but its early days yet. However I can tell you that the Fiat Avventura has all the tools to dethrone the Ecosport. Only time will tell if that happens. The Avventura like the Volkswagen and Toyota offering in this segment is largely based on the Punto Evo on the outside as well as in. Its priced a little higher than the Punto Evo starting at Rs 5,99,064 (Ex-showroom Delhi) compared to Rs 4,55,724 (ex-Showroom Delhi). However you do get more for extra money you pay.

Coming to the whole concept of a crossover or a compact SUV, is too maximize space within the limits. All the cars in this segment feel a lot bigger than the cars they are based on. This is due to various changes made to the car. These cars can also be used for more adventurous activates. Although they may not be thoroughbred SUV’s they can tackle a bit off-road and still offer all the luxuries a hatchback offers. Now with the Avventura, Fiat says that with this car ‘Boring is Dead’. So lets see if it really does liven up things.

Fiat Avventura test drive review


On the outside the Fiat Avventura looks a lot like the Punto Evo barring a few things which help distinguish it. The Skid Plate on the front bumper being one such feature. Its gives quite a macho look to the car and adds protection for when you start to feel a little adventurous. Next as you look towards the side of the car you will find the side body cladding which adds protection and yet again contributes to the macho look of the car but the plastic used does feel a bit hard and looks dull with some of the bright colors available with this car. Also you can’t help but notice the roof rails on the car.

One more feature which will most defiantly please the adventurous side of you is the roof rails. These roof rails can be used to carry your bike if you ever feel the need for a bike ride outside of town. Now coming to the most stand out difference. The spare wheel. Yes. The spare wheel in the Avventura is mounted on the tail gate in quite an ingenious way. In most crossovers or compact SUV’s the spare tire is mounted on the boot lid and since the wheel is quite heavy & to avoid inconvenience the boot is hinged on the side and opens like a door.

Fiat Avventura - Side profile

In the Avventura however the wheel is mounted on an Arm which is connected and hinged on the Rear Bumper not the boot lid. So when you try opening the boot the wheel is unlocked first. So all you got to do is pull the leaver on the handle of the spare wheel cover and move the wheel to the side and then open the boot as you would on a regular car. Sounds a bit complicated but you will realize that it also aids you in removing the spare wheel when needed. The Avventura also has a sporty exhaust tip which adds to the look of the car.

Fiat Avventura - Spare Wheel

The Overall shape of the car is borrowed from the Punto which is not such a bad thing. It has the perfect amount of curves which lend to a very smooth shape and is quite appealing to look at.

Fiat Avventura - Boot Lid


The Interior of the Avventura is the same in terms of layout to the ones found in the Punto Evo as well as the Linea. There are differences however. The most noticeable being the High Terrain Gauges. The gauges are found at the top of the centre console and consist of a compass, tilt meter and inclinometer. This feature is unique to the Avventura and is not available is any other car in its class. The compass is a fixed card one that gives directions every 45 degrees so if you want to know your exact heading then its best not to rely on this compass.

The tilt meter and inclinometer however work a lot more precisely. The next difference is the color scheme used for the dash. It doesn’t follow the black and beige color scheme followed in the other cars but where there was beige fabric on the dash you will now find a kind of camouflage colored fabric. However on the door panels a dark brown shade of fabric is used. This contrasting color scheme is something I found to be quite funky but wasn’t to my taste.

Fiat Avventura - Interior

The seats are quite soft but support for the legs if you are tall can be an issue. There is a bit more space on offer in both the front and rear in terms of legroom than in the Punto and also in terms of headroom. The feature list is the same as in the Punto with the exception of the High Terrain gauges which is available only with the Avventura. You get steering mounted controls, Trip meter, Aux & USB inputs for the Music system, Bluetooth ( Blue & Me from Microsoft ) with Voice recognition, Climate Control, Central Locking, etc… the list goes on quite a bit but yes this is quite a stocked car.

FIAT Avventura - High Terrain Gauges

There is a bit more boot space on offering thanks to the spare wheel being shifted and also you get ambient lighting which adds a touch of class to the whole car at night and gives a real calming atmosphere. The overall build quality of the cabin and interiors is a good but can be improved to the standards set by Volkswagen with the Polo Cross but no doubting the interior is definitely something that stays true to the theme of the whole car.

 Fiat Avventura - Rear Legroom

Engine & Driving Dynamics

Here is where you will find a bit more difference between the Punto Evo and the Avventura. The Avventura shares the same engines as the Punto Evo. The 92 BHP diesel and the 89 BHP petrol but changes have been made to the suspension and ride height of the car to make it more suitable to use off-road.

The Diesel engine being the more powerful and also having more torque than the petrol feels quicker although it does have a bit of turbo lag. But once you cross 2300 RPM it picks up speed quite well. The diesel engine is FIAT’s 1.3L Multijet engine. The engine has 92bhp to play with and this comes in @ 4000RPM and 207NM of [email protected] The Petrol is FIAT’s 1.4L Fire Unit and has a power rating of 89 BHP @6000 RPM and torque is rated at 115NM @4500RPM. The petrol engine does feel quite underpowered for this car. The Avventura is heavier than the Punto Evo for which the petrol engine felt adequate but the added weight really tells as the engine does seem to struggle to build speed when you put your foot down. The diesel is better in that regard thanks to the extra torque. The petrol Engine however is quite refined and makes a nice noise past 3000RPM. The diesel engine is not the best in terms of refinement when compared to its competitors but tops them for power and sportiness.

The Fiat Avventura has re-tuned suspension and raised ride height to serve its purpose as a compact SUV or CUV (Contemporary Urban Vehicle) as FIAT likes to call it. The new ride height is 205mm which is quite high. In fact it’s almost SUV territory. Now with this increased ride height the most obvious thing which will come to mind is that the handling of the car will have been compromised. It has but not to the extent you would imagine. The Fiat engineers have done a wonderful job in stiffening the suspension to minimize body roll but still maintain amazing ride quality. The Avventra soaks up the potholes and the bumps quite well and thanks to the SUV like ride height you won’t have to worry about the car bottoming out on any large speed breakers. This car can take the corners quite well too. There is a bit of body roll but the Avventura maintains it composure in the corners. The 16inch alloy wheels with 205/55 tires are to thank as well for that composure.

The steering is the same hydraulic unit as found in the Punto Evo. It allows the driver to place the car exactly where he wants it and is weighted beautifully. The feedback from the steering is the best in its class as well.

Areas For Improvement:

–          Interior Build Quality for Fiat cars has improved but needs to improve much more to keep pace with some of its competitors and some plastics are a bit hard.

–          The car needs more powerful engines. Its about time Fiat brought new Engines to India especially a petrol one.

Bottom Line:

The Fiat Avventura is a refreshing addition to the Crossover Segment. It’s a car built with a purpose and serves that purpose pretty well. It’s a very capable car to use for small off-road purposes and is defiantly well engineered. It should offer stiff competition to the Segment king the Ford Ecosport but like I said at the beginning. Only Time Will Tell.

Yamaha’s new weapons explored – YZF R1 & R1M 2015

2015 Yamaha R1

The year 2014 is coming to an end like every other year in the calendar has, but some motorbike manufacturers( Especially the Japanese)  want it to end differently. After Kawasaki came out with H2R & H2, Yamaha has now joined the club with its latest offering to the market. Presenting to you the all new Yamaha YZF-R1 2015 and its steroid-ed big brother  R1M 😀 . 2015-Yamaha-YZF-R1-00001

2015-Yamaha-R1M_2 It all started in 1998 when Yamaha launched the YZF-R1 in the market and since then it has been a phenomenal journey for the company and the R1 owners as well. The bike has evolved over time. With not so major changes in its successor, the R1 kept evolving slowly and gradually. But what Yamaha has showcased is a drastic change in the previous year R1 and the new one is COMPLETELY different. Scroll down and have a look at it . ( Will definitely keep you drooling over it 😛 😛 )
2015-Yamaha-YZF-R1-005 A look at this beauty and you’ll keep looking at it - all the more. It wont be incorrect to term the R1 as a beauty with brains( and lots of muscle too :P). Over the years Yamaha had been fiddling with this power figure . The power range it used to play within was 130-160 hp . But the case with the new r1 is different. It is expected to churn out 200hp. After Kawasaki , its Yamaha that’s joining the 200bhp club. With that much power, the bike weighs 199kg. Now that’s some real good power to weight . But things are a bit different with Yamaha.  Unlike Kawasaki which has different power figures for the H2R and H2, both the R1 and R1M will have same engine specification. Lets find out then , where they differ.R1 vs R1mBefore pointing out the differences in the duo, let me introduce the new bad boy from Yamaha- The R1M. We all know what Yamaha does on track and the street as well. Inspired by the great M1, Yamaha blended the street bike genes and the track bike genes and came up with the R1m ( You could say that for the new R1 too ) Both the r1 and r1m are expected to have the same basic engine configuration with Yamaha’s 1000cc cross plane Inline 4 engines churning out 200bhp at 13500rpm and 83ft-lbs of torque at 10000rpm.Major differences between the R1 and the R1m are the carbon fiber body in the latter. Also the R1m uses  Öhlins electronically adjustable suspension. It also differs in the loads of electronics that Yamaha has put in the R1M. Yamaha has used its own MotoGP race technology in the r1m, which is why it can be called the street version of the great M1.Adaptive Slide ControlStraight from Yamaha’s race technology , it will prevent low slides by cutting down power to the wheel, when you are busy taking down corners.Adaptive Lift ControlGoing bang on the throttle after the signal turns green or while exiting a corner and want your nose to stay on the ground ??? Well, adaptive lift control is here [ For all you wheelie enthusiasts out there, don’t be disheartened. This feature can be turned off 😉  ]Adaptive Launch ControlThis will keep the rpm fixed while launching preventing tire spins ( You should have for sure seen a Lamborghini Aventador or a BMW S1000 launch control video?? )Quick ShiftWith quick shift, you don’t need to go light on the gas when shifting, just keep shifting, save time and eventually break your own track records!Track Developed ABSThis is here to transfer braking appropriately to both the front and the rear wheels no matter which brake you apply thus helping you to brake hard.If we talk about looks, the European bike makers ( BMW, Ducati, Aprillia to name a few) have been successful in making beautiful bikes and cars as well. Its not that other manufacturers don’t make such artistic products, however compared to the Europeans, they are bit down rated. But Yamaha is keen to change it and has changed this mentality with its duo. If you compare the new R1 with the previous R1, it has had a complete makeover. Firstly Yamaha changed the headlights in the R1 which it had been using since the first model,maybe R1’s signature head lamps. Its nose somewhat resembles an M1.It dropped the indicators in the front and got them fitted in the mirrors As quoted by none other than Mr Valentino Rossi – “It is just like my M1 but with wing mirrors and  a number plate”.
2015-Yamaha-R1Yamaha has always been rolling out motorbikes that have been loved by all. The same thing goes with its fellow Japanese motorbike giants, However there has been a stereotype that the European sports bikes are premium class and the Japanese are low budget bikes. But if you put them on the track,  both go neck to neck (at times the Japanese outruns the European). Maybe it is because how the bike looks from the outside that has made this stereotype to come up. Nonetheless, the Japs seem to be very keen to kill this stereotype With Kawasaki launching H2/H2R , Yamaha launching R1/R1M and Honda following them with its MotoGP RC213V ( Next article 😉 ) in its prototype stage.
2015-Yamaha_odoSo now the real competition to watch out for is between the H2R and the R1M. When we put H2 and R1 against each other, the h2 is heavier than the r1 with nearby same power figures. The final judgement will come when these mean machines are actually put against each other on road. Yamaha is going to launch the 2015 R1 at Sydney in February 2015 and Kawasaki has not yet disclosed its launch date. So what we can do is wait till these giants go head to head with each other. Stay tuned to Turbozens for updates on these speed monsters 🙂

Electric Rickshaw: A growing mode of Urban Transport

Electric-Rickshaw or E-Rickshaw

If you are in Delhi, you must have seen or even traveled in a battery operated three-wheeler. Yes, I am talking about the commonly known “E-rickshaws” which have been growing on large scale especially in Delhi. They have been in news for the past three- four months for taking them into the Central Motor Vehicle Rules Act.

These vehicles were banned by Supreme Court on July 31, 2014 based on a public interest litigation filed mainly due to safety reasons. They were considered illegal as per existing laws and asked Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways to frame rules in order to regulate these vehicles. The Govt. has come up with draft notification on October 8, 2014 by making necessary amendments in the Central motor Vehicle Rules Act. We will go through the basic configuration of these vehicles and the new notification of Rules issued by Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways.

The E-rickshaws are three wheeler, battery operated vehicles. They allow easy mobility to the urban commuters from one location to another similar to an existing auto-rickshaw. However they are powered by electric motor unlike the existing petrol or diesel auto rickshaws. Thus they represent an environment friendly mode of transport and require charging of the battery everyday for their running. These vehicles came into the market especially in Delhi and started doing a good job of commuting people and increased day by day.

Thousands of people started commuting in E-Rickshaws but due to safety aspects it was banned in Delhi. There were around 1,00,000 (ie. a lakh ) E-Rickshaws on Delhi roads which represents a huge number and also provides a livelihood to thousands of people in the city. Now as the rules have come, these vehicles will be seen soon on the roads in a legal manner like other vehicles.

erickshaw (13)
A typical E-Rickshaw (Source: google.com)

Now looking at the technical specifications of E-Rickshaws, first the frame or chassis is simpler and is made of steel. It is a rear drive vehicle with differential. The vehicle is powered by a brush less motor of 48V, 250W to 800W capacity. It is also equipped with reverse gear. The top speed is limited to 25 kmph. The wheel base varies around 2m and height is around 1.8 m. The gradient capacity is around 15- 20 degrees and is installed with hand brake for parking. A foot brake pedal in the front can be seen similar to existing auto rickshaws. The vehicle weighs around 200 kg and 4 -5 people can be seated comfortably in it, excluding the driver. The battery used for running the motor is of Lead-Acid type and has a capacity of around 12V, 20Ah. The electronic controller allows the smooth running of the electric drive train.

Commonly four batteries can be seen in the vehicle and can be charged at home with an input Voltage of 220V, 50Hz. On full charging, the vehicle can go up to 100 kms. The steering system is of handle type as in any conventional rickshaws. Hydraulic Shock Absorbers in the front suspension and leaf springs in the rear suspension can be seen. They have a ground clearance of around 300 mm. The roof of the vehicle is covered with fiber or plastic to protect passengers in rainy season.  Most of these vehicles are assembled in India and all the parts are getting imported from China. All the technical things are kept as simpler as possible and the aim is to commute maximum people at low cost. The cost of these battery operated vehicles range from Rs.85, 000 to Rs 1, 25,000. With its success stories, small commercial vehicles with Electric Power-train can also be seen.

People Travelling in E-Rickshaw in Delhi (Source: google.com)

The new notification from the Government has come for legal running of these vehicles. The notification has limited a certain range for length, height and width dimensions. It has limited the power of the motor upto 2000W. Keeping safety in mind, it also ensures availability of horn, brake lights, reverse lights, head lamps on the vehicle.  The braking capability of vehicle should be good to avoid any accidents. The top speed should not go above 25 kmph. The electrical circuit layout, seating capacity of the passengers, hand holds inside the passenger cabin are made mandatory according to the rules. All these things will be necessary for any manufacturer to get their E-Rickshaw approved by test agencies.


These vehicles definitely have the potential to come up in a much larger scale and with notifications coming for legalizing them, this can be a pushing force to come up with a quality product which is eco-friendly, safe and comfortable for the commuters. National Electric Mobility Mission Plan from Government can even allow subsidies in this field to the buyers and this will be an important step in providing this facility at a higher level to the people. Keeping all points in mind, these vehicles can make themselves an excellent mode of urban transport at low cost and higher efficiency.


Watch your favorite Super cars driven like never before!

Bugatti Veyron

What would you do if you had a fleet of cars (super cars to be precise) and you had an open road (wait, did I just say open road?)

How about driving (wrecking) the ride in all possible “cockameme“ ways?

You must have wrecked various super cars in a game or perhaps your dream and that might have given you a nightmare how about watching it happen live?  Tax The Rich, a channel on You Tube owned by a taciturn driver with a discreet identity. With over 18 million views and over 100,000 subscribers, this channel is quite popular for its own sardonic ways of benignly put the cars through an ultimate test

This article is unlike any other, where you get to watch most of your favorite super cars being molested on rugged roads with wicked stunts. It sure is appalling, but try enjoying it anyways.

1. The Garden of Wraith:

The all new Rolls Royce Wraith costs a staggering $285,000 and this video that shows the Wraith tear sideways through a British Countryside went viral for quite a good reason. The video is said to have been shot at Heveningham Hall, the Hunt’s estate in Suffolk. The 18 century house has 25 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, 12 receptions and 460 acres of land. Watch the Wraith rally and carve through the wide expanse at high speeds.


2. Firing up the Jag:

Its a delight to see a Jaguar XJ 220 heat up the race with its mind blowing speed. But, How would you react when you see the Jaguar XJ 220’s tires set ablaze? Especially when the XJ 220 costs an eye popping $200,000.

Powered by a 3. Liter Twin Turbo-charged engine that delivers a power of 542 HP and delivers a maximum torque of  641 Nm @ 4500 RPM.  Tax The Rich has taken burnouts to a blazing new level.

Do check it out and let your heart burn too 😛

May be Jaguar is just child’s play to the Tax the Rich team. Check this out:

3. Smokin’ a Ferrari:

Ferrari’s are fast horses with wheels. Tax the Rich team has taken this speedy ride from veering the road with agility to a much slower motion. Most of us have a very special place in our hearts for a Ferrari, the F50 being a legendary predecessor of the F 40 is one of the most phenomenal cars built by Ferrari. The Formula One engine is all that the rider needs to go fast. But, that’s a common sight isn’t it?

Only 350 F 50 units were ever built and Tax The Rich Team got their hands on one for some burnouts, donuts as well as a few power slides. It does appear wicked, check it out.

Fancy yet another Heart throbbing adventure with a Ferrari?? Try the Enzo

4. Ferrari Enzo:

It takes some serious Ba!!$ to molest the Enzo with extreme brutality. Powered by a 6 Liter V12 Engine that has 660 HP and goes as fast as 350 km/h, the Enzo produces 657 Nm torque @ 5500 RPM. Watch this $ 283,000 ride  rant through the quaggy roads, being used to its fullest potential but in a rigid manner. Like somebody was revving up a Maruti 800 and botching it without having to worry about the consequences.

Want some more of the Mishandling attempts? Try the Ferrari 288 GTO.

Powered by a Turbocharged V8 engine, the 288 GTO does 0-100 in 10.2 seconds. With the ability to produce 366 lb/ft of torque, the 288 GTO goes as fast as 190 mph. This Ferrari is considered an exotic model and the price? How about paying $ 300,000 to $ 4,00,000 for this exotic beauty?

Watch the Tax the Rich team drive this exotic beauty like nobody’s business.

How about viewing something different this time?

We’d love two see 2 Ferrari F50’s together. But, a showdown sounds a bit uncanny. Watch two F 50’s battle the muddy roads, grass and such things that would easily scrape off the beautiful paint off the F 50.

This video reminisces a story of two long lost lovers that find their path towards each other. Once they meet, the video gets steamy. Sounds naughty? Well, check it out and judge for yourselves 😀

If you think that is all, how about taking a Bugatti?

I’ve saved the best for last. Well, it isn’t safe to get your hopes up too high, it isn’t a Bugatti Veyron (it is safe, at least for now)

Watch the Tax the Rich team perform an insane burnout on the Bugatti EB 110 SS.

Powered by a centrally located Quad-Turbo V 12, 60 V engine that has 603 HP power and produces a torque of 650 Nm @ 4200 RPM, this ride was introduced to the world by Italy in the year 1992. With a top speed of 220.1 mph, this car swooshes from 0-100 in just 3.3 seconds. Watch the 110 Super sport prowl through roads and perform some serious stunts that even stunt men would think about before performing.

"Tax The Rich"
Image Source: www.carthrottle.com

Thinking of trying the same with your car? Well, Not such a good idea. These stunts are performed by discreet professionals. So if you are planning on wrecking your car after watching these videos, I’d recommend not doing so.

Happy and Safe Driving 🙂

Best Electric Cars of 2015


The electric car generation is upon us. With the launch of car manufacturers specifically catering to the electric car industry, EVs are becoming increasingly accessible and viable for day to day use. Although fossil fuels may sustain for a few more years, the shift to electric is paramount to a stable future.

While many car makers already offer hybrid car models, few manufacturers produce fully electric vehicles. Many, like the Reva Electric company do not offer many of the creature comforts now considered to be standard among its petrol counterparts. We take a look at some of the best electric cars of 2015 that are currently (or soon to be) on offer.

10. Smart ForTwo:

One of the smallest cars on this list, the Smart ForTwo may seem as impractical as the Mahindra REVA. Better known as the G-Whiz overseas, the Mahindra’s offering abroad may have been a relative success, however, the immense negligence on safety and creature comforts generated a lot of flak from car magazines and TV shows alike. So it holds the 10th position in our list of best electric cars of 2015

Smart ForTwo
Smart ForTwo

Mercedes Benz’s Smart division however, played its cards right. The ForTwo is a nimble city goer and offers a plethora of tech inside.

9. VW e-Up!:

The German car maker’s peppy hatch has been introduced in a greener avatar. The e-Up! is an all electric affordable hatch set to take on the Nissan Leaf and the Peugeot Ion. Despite electric cars having notoriously bad performance numbers, the e-Up! manages to hit the ton in around 14 seconds, quite impressive for a budget electric car. Although rated power is at a measly 55 HP, the electric hatch produces 82 for small sprints; A feature that will come in handy- and it holds the 9th slot in our list of best electric cars of 2015

VW e-Up!
VW e-Up!

8. Fiat 500E:

Fiat’s iconic car for the masses, the 500 has always been a driver’s favorite. Its zippy handling and retro styling helped the little Fiat generate massive numbers all over the world. Introduced in an all electric model, the 500E retains all the driving characteristics and Italian panache that made its petrol powered twin so popular. This little beauty stands at the 8th spot in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

Fiat 500E
Fiat 500E

7. Zoe:

Renault’s entry into the world of EVs hasn’t been too popular. With heavy competition from the its Japanese and German rivals, the Zoe’s late entry into the electric hatchback segment may have been the main reason for the car’s poor sales numbers. Despite this however, the car’s futuristic design and cheap pricing will definitely appeal to many & sits comfortably at the 7th position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

Renault Zoe
Renault Zoe

6. VW e-Golf:

Although the e-Golf may draw flak from motoring enthusiasts for its departure from its glorious petrol roots, the e-Golf heralds the arrival of electric hot hatches. Despite what some may call small, the nimble 115 HP motor and instant torque makes up for the hatch’s lack of massive triple digit speeds. This cute bast holds the 6th position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

blue Volkswagen e-Golf front view
The Volkswagen e-Golf hatchback

5. Tesla Model X:

Although still in its concept stages, Tesla has announced that deliveries will commence in early September. The crossover SUV will be the world’s first fully electric SUV on offer. Similar to the car maker’s other models, the Model S and Model D, the Model X will undoubted be one of the best electric cars in the market and yes it holds the 5th position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

"falcon wing doors on Tesla model X"
The Tesla Model X Concept

4. BMW i8:

The advent of a truly practical hybrid car. the BMW i8 signals the beginning of the next generation of sports cars. Although the i8 does not perfectly fit the bill as a fully electric car, its conception and subsequent launch could not be any more significant to the automotive industry. With the depletion of our oil resources, the change to full electric will be inevitable. However, this transition has in no way been smooth.

front view BMW i8
The BMW i8

The i8 is a truly groundbreaking development in the field of high performance motoring as it offers the convenience of a electric range and the raw power of old school petrol.


3. Tesla Model S:

Dubbed a revolutionary product in a time when many believed electric vehicles could never hold a candle to their petrol rivals, the Tesla Model S melded science fiction and horsepower into the most alluring shell an electric car has ever had. The interiors are beautifully minimal with an iPad-esque touch screen infotainment system measuring 17 inches diagonally. The display system replaces conventional knobs and buttons found on other cars and acts as the medium through which the user can control all the car’s settings. 

Tesla red model s
The Tesla Model S

Powering the Model S is a shockingly powerful 416 HP motor that produces 600 Nm of torque. The massive motor allows the Model S to hit the 100kmph mark in 4.6 seconds. Available in rear wheel drive only, Tesla announced that it will offer all variants of the electric sedan with all wheel drive once the more powerful Model D is launched. Despite the impressive stats, the Tesla still manages to provide a mammoth 427 km of range on a single charge and it sits in the 3rd position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

2. Tesla  Model D:

Tesla’s latest venture, the Model D is a high performance four wheel drive variant of the Model S. Despite identical exteriors, the Model D introduces another game changing element. The first electric car ever to come with autonomous driving systems, the new EV from American car maker Tesla paves the way forward for other manufacturers to embrace change and the future. Powering the new model are a pair of electric motors located on the front and rear axles. While the D retains the original’s 471 HP rear engine, the American car manufacturer has introduced a 221 HP front engine for a whopping total of 691 HP and 931 Nm of torque.

bBlack Tesla model p85d
The Tesla Model P85 D Is Identical To The Less Powerful Model S

Despite all the extra power and four wheel drive, the Model D attains an unbelievable claimed range of 442 km. A number surprisingly greater than the less powerful S.  An interesting feature of Tesla’s autonomous system is that it is also capable of reading road signs and adhering to speed limits specific to particular areas.

Tesla’s Model D and Model S is important for more reasons than just luxury and range. Despite many hurdles, Tesla’s range has shown the world what the future can be. Founder Elon Musk recently announced the release of all its patents to the general public. A move confusing many, Tesla will now allow anyone to use its patents to make electric cars. With profits still down, the American car maker hopes and works for a cleaner and better world. A vision most of society has failed to interpret as anything more than bad planning. And this amazing car holds the 2nd position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

1. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive:

Another game changer, this time from the ludicrous minds of AMG, the SLS AMG Electric Drive is one of the fastest fully electric cars on the planet. Designed as a test bed, the SLS AMG Electric Drive is a production vehicle intended to explore what was possible in the still nascent world of electric supercars.

 Mercedes Benz SLS Amg ED
The Mercedes Benz SLS Amg ED

The SLS ED houses four separate electric motors located on each wheel that produce 185 HP each for a combined total of a whopping 740 HP. Sadly, unlike Tesla’s models, the green super car from the Germans offers a small range of 193 km, a figure too small to be practical. However, with a zero to hundred time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h, the SLS AMG ED puts many petrol powered speed demons to shame. This stylish and powerful monster holds the top position in our list of best electric cars of 2015.

The new BUMBLEBEE: The Bajaj Pulsar 200ss

Pulsar 200 SS

This time and Bajaj Auto is back to the market with another eye catchy fearless monster, the new Pulsar 200ss. The Delhi Auto Expo 2014 has been a biggest turning point for Bajaj auto with the prototype launch of the full-fairing Pulsar SS400 and the naked style Pulsar CS400 concepts. Both the prototypes looked stunning and aggressive. Automobile enthusiasts all over the country have been expecting for the launch of one of these bikes in the 400cc criteria which has not drawn much attention in our country. The RC 390 by KTM was expected to compete with the 400cc pulsars. But it seems like Bajaj auto has planned to make a strategic shift by staying active and dominate the 200cc range of bikes with the carbon copy of SS400, the Pulsar 200ss that is believed to be on the launch pad anytime soon this month. Bajaj autos has been testing its new bike around the country for this purpose.

Bajaj Pulsar 200SSThe new Bajaj Pulsar 200SS is the trending talk of the Indian bike sector with an improved performance and a jazzy look that would write another history in the Pulsar trademark. As mentioned above, this new maniac from the pulsar family has been spotted around the country during its test run and it was reported that the bike has nothing similar in looks with its elder brothers. Until the official launch the exact specifications and the special features cannot not be discussed deeper, but rumors that have been spread around about the pulsar 200SS gives a clear picture about the performance and other features. For now we have lot of leaked information that would tell us about the next generation pulsar.
Bajaj Pulsar 200SSAppearance:The first and foremost is the elegant appearance of the Pulsar 200SS. One would keep on talking more about the appearance if they had a glimpse of the next gen pulsar. Several images of the pulsar have been leaked since the month of May. These images have made one thing clear, the new pulsar will have a full-fairing which makes it look like a super sports bike with a postfix ‘SS’ denoting the same. It is said that the fairing is double layered. In this bike only a little part of the engine is exposed outside the fairing. The 200SS is the first bike from the pulsar family to have a full-fairing that makes this Indian born bike a unique machine. Due to the covered sides, the bike is equipped with a radiator that plays an essential role in cooling the engine.The best part of the Bajaj Pulsar 200SS is its front styling. The front doom makes the bike look more stylish with a cool styled visor and all the perfectly matching decals that makes it look like a super styled rockstar. The center of attraction are the twin projector lamps with the LED pilot lights. These pair of projectors and pilot lights are symmetrically placed at each side of the front face with a black portion in the middle coming straight down from behind the visor. This front part will look like a head that makes it resemble like the famous Autobot, the Bumblebee. I personally feel that this bike appears like a two wheeled bumblebee with a yellow color option that is available. The indicators are placed compactly within the doom and refreshingly equipped with LEDs which makes it durable. Alike the Pulsar 220, the yet to be released pulsar 200SS has the rear view mirrors attached on the front doom.The rear styling of the pulsar 200ss is totally different from the rest of its family members. There is a super cool looking muffler head that looks like a makeover of the Honda’s CBR150R. The same kind of split seat that is present in the pulsar 200NS is present in the pulsar 200SS. Here the tail lamp has a special look that no other bike on the Indian roads have. During the night they appear like a cobra’s head from a certain distance. If we take a close look, it will appear such that a boomerang is mirrored. The tail light along with a pair of the rear indicator lights are built with the highly reliable LEDs.Bajaj auto has made sure that the new Pulsar 200SS should look amazingly sporty and muscular. The fuel tank and the instrumental cluster appear to look the same as that of the pulsar 200NS. The main drawback with the super sports bike are that, they seem to trouble the riders with a back pain on a long run, but here the drawback is rectified by increasing the handle bar to a slightly higher point avoiding the rider to bend more.Performance:As the pulsar 200SS is not launched yet officially, there is nothing much to about its specifications. Bajaj auto has been rolling out the 200SS in a full swing to the dealers across the country. According to the sources, the 199.5cc heart of the bike yields about [email protected] with 18.3Nm torque @8000rpm. Pulsar 200SS is expected to be equipped with a triple spark engine similar to that of the 200NS with improved acceleration. The engine is mated with a 6speed transmission system and has a fuel injection system that is aimed to make this 2-wheeler a more economic one of the pulsar family.Concise:With the new 200cc machine priced between 1.2lakhs-1.3lakhs that is waiting to roll out, Bajaj auto has a greater advantage of scoring a greater profit with this bike that would stand a tough fight with the Honda CBR 150R, Yamaha YZF R15 and KTM Duke 200. So let us await the official launch of the style statement at our Indian market for more information regarding the special features and other specifications.[yop_poll id="3"]

Itsy Bitsy Mini RocketMan

I’ve been a Mini fan ever since I laid my eyes on the mini cooper. But, just like the others, even I am not really convinced with its price.

The year was 2011, Geneva Auto Show had a miscellany of the newest eye catching cars that made a lasting impression. Among the displays was a concept that was mini (I literally mean that) and managed to make the fans go gaga over it.

New Mini Cooper
Image Source: www.carbuzz.com

Mini had unveiled the Rocket Man concept that invoked the ethos of aspirants globally at an extent of making its fans go nuts over it.The Cooper is alleged to be an ironically bigger compact car than the Rocket man (this might be the miniest mini)

The mini rocket man hasn’t made its debut past the concept phase yet. There had been speculations that the Rocket man project would be rocketed away. However, a few sources have given the fans some hope that the Rocket man would come to life soon.


Measuring in at 11 feet and 3 inches, you can pretty much comprehend the eensyness  of the Mini Rocketman. But there is something interesting that mini offers; the rocketman is going to boast plentitude in the car’s interior, enough to accommodate four people.  Unbelievably so, the Rocketman’s cabin can be adjusted in such a way that it can easily fit in a 3+1 arrangement.

[caption id="attachment_2255" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Mini Rocketman Image Source: www.carbuzz.com[/caption]Mini stated that this new arrangement is going to be “an exceptionally efficient division of space” ( I just read that between the lines and I am not pretty sure that Indian’s are going to be very comfortable with that)Even mini claims that this task is challenging, but fun. Mini’s and similar looking vehicles are built for fun and the concept of “the more the merrier” applies to the Rocketman too (try stuffing in as many friends as you can)SAME DESIGN, NEWER ADDITIONS:You can recognize a mini when you spot one. The Rocket man albeit its size is a mini and just like any mini, the Rocket man has a clam-shell shaped hood, the design elements might be upgraded but, the prime focus of a Mini would pretty much be the same.
[caption id="attachment_2257" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Mini Roketman Image Source: www.motorauthority.com[/caption]The Mini Rocket man concept has limpidly remolded the LED headlamps by introducing new and bright halogen lights, primping the roof; the all new transparent roof top which might or might not be a good idea, changing the tailgate, introducing new and impressive wheels, the new 18 inch wheels are as stunning as a girl in stilettos.  Albeit the size, the car looks extremely proportionate and in line with the technology and trend.
[caption id="attachment_2258" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Mini Rocketman review Image Source: www.motorauthority.com[/caption]You might notice a mini from afar and chances are that during night you might consider it a normal hatchback car. However, that isn’t the case with the Rocket man. You might like it during the day, but night is when you would go head over heels for this baby. The lights are tucked comfortably into the chrome belt line making the interiors look as grand as the 4th of July. The car’s Union Jack is outlined with white light strips.( I am already in love with it)
[caption id="attachment_2256" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Mini  Rocket man exteriors Image Source: www.carbuzz.com[/caption]Mini has imbued the Rocket man with cosmetics, a make over and sheer excitement. The carbon fiber body supplants the emotions that the fans had for the previous mini’s. Carbon Fiber is the car’s arms and legs; this is one element that has been used magnanimously throughout (interiors and exteriors of the car)Being a model by nature and looks, this car would flaunt its beauty without worrying about the weight; the average fuel consumption would not be a concern too. The car will have a single center-mount tail pipe that is going to be tiny (literally sticking onto the theme of the car)PRICE:This is where our minds and hearts lie. Well, thankfully mini has realized that based on the size of the car, the price has to be directly proportional. The cooper and Countryman have a reputation of being the rich man’s car (at least in India) the mini Rocket man should cost lesser. Let us not get our hopes up just yet (wait till the Indian government grins at us while the price of this car is out) The Rocketman is going to be a fuel efficient car with uber chic features and a lot more to look forward to.
[caption id="attachment_2259" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Mini Rocket man looks Image Source: www.motorauthority.com[/caption]BOTTOMLINE:The Mini Rocketman is going to be as conspicuous as a rocket. Although,Very little is known about the power of this mini package of stylish proportions is going to bring. Sources claim that this car might be announced during 2014 (still waiting)
[caption id="attachment_2260" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Mini Rocketman review Image Source: www.motorauthority.com[/caption]Let us hope that car enthusiasts and fans alike get a mini chance to finally own this car 🙂