Mitsubishi Mirage – an expert review

Hello everyone, today lets discuss about a car which is manufactured by a company that has 3 diamonds in its logo. Not only that ,the cars from them are also worth as of a diamond! [ oh yeah Am a fan 🙂 ]   One of my favorite actor, Jackie Chan has a sponsoring agreement with them. Guess what? I am talking about Mitsubishi.

And today, I am going to give preview about its soon to be launched in India car – Mitsubishi Mirage!

Mirage is a mid–ranged compact car which was released recently by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Mitsubishi. We already know that Mitsubishi cars are well known for its sporty design, performance and also for its unmatched quality. Mitsubishi has unveiled its new Mirage to the market recently. Way back in 1989 Mitsubishi has won 10 best wins in global automobile market industry with its Mirage Turbo. Mitsubishi wants to repeat this through its new Mirage. Will new Mirage help Mitsubishi to regain that title..? lets wait and see, read on…


Before getting into reviewing the aspects of the new mirage lets go through the technical specifications of this car so that we can get a basic view about the aspects of this car.

Mitsubishi Mirage review


I have already stated that Mitsubishi cars are known for its design and build quality but when it comes to the new Mirage we should consider that Mitsubishi should give some more attention in order to give this car a new and trendy design. When it comes to the looks, Mirage looks quite similar to Chevrolet Spark with big eyes like head lights, charming and big oversize mirrors.

With the comparison with the Chevy spark, Mirage is stands nearly148.8 inches long, 65.6 inches wide and 59.1 inches tall, the Mitsubishi Mirage is slightly larger than the Chevy Spark, yet it offers a bit less passenger volume than the Chevy. The only considerable advantage anyone should expect is that with this design, it is easy to park with good visibility all around.


 Image Source:


The power to the car comes from a 1.2-liter inline three-cylinder engine delivering 74 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 74 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm. Considering the balance between weight of this car & the power generated by this car through automatic variable transmission, the balance is quite appropriate and handy. Its manufacturer Mitsubishi has estimated that the car can reach 62 miles per hour in 12.8 seconds with the CVT, or a most likely 11.7 seconds with the five-speed manual gear shift which is actually slow, but I think its good enough to drive a car with this speed on city roads, when it comes to highways you might expect a little more power on the tap.

Mitsubishi Mirage reviewImage Source:


A touch of piano black on the center console and bonnet looks good and neatly furnished. The front seats are spacious enough to fit for everyone. One drawback I observed with the interior is the absence of a telescoping steering wheel which is quite disappointing. The entering and out from the car can be done quite easily due to the presence of big doors. Coming to the rear seats, they dont seem to be spacious enough when we compare them with the front seats.

Mitsubishi Mirage interiorsImage Source:


Exterior styling is mostly filled with 15-inch steel rims with hub caps. A pair of bulbous and large headlamps dominate the front part of the car and the small window fitted on the back decorates the rear end. It also equipped with two rare view mirrors for good visibility all around. The exterior is quite simple and little old styled.

Mitsubishi Mirage car reviewImage Source:


The Mitsubishi Mirage will be more suitable for driving on city roads, with a five star ANCAP safety score, mirage offers great security measures. This is one of the best aspects of this car. Six airbags are packed into the cabin to protect all people who are present inside. The suspension is also good enough to tackle all the challenges on city roads. Not sure whether this will be a optional one when they launch in India.

Mitsubishi mirage safetyImage Source:

Pro’s : Fuel efficiency, Low price tag, Safety features, Interiors

Not so good stuff : After sales service, Highly competitive segment

Bottom Line: There is a tough competition for a car to compete in a compact car segment as this segment is liked by more people due to the reasons of affordability and decent maintenance cost. Mitsubishi Mirage comes into the compact as well as sub compact segment, so competition is huge.  The most desirable features must be given to its price tag for the Mirage to make value-for-money. These feature can help Mirage to withstand in the tough competition arena. Mitsubishi has ambitions to launch a series of models in India by 2016. Lets wait and watch!!!

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2015 Volkswagen Polo Unveiled

The 2015 Volkswagen Polo has been officially launched. Although the new face lifted Polo is not a total revamp of the popular hatch, the new model adds a touch of flash that was lacking in the previous generation. Sadly, the India bound model was not endowed with the stylish Passat inspired LED DRLs or the impressive, upmarket music system, the new Polo features an all-new engine lineup that is sure to draw a lot of attention to this German hatchback.

Let’s take a look at what the new model has to offer.

2013 volkswagen polo
Current Gen Polo Used As Reference


Styling wise, the 2015 Volkswagen Polo more or less remains the same. With sharp straight lines and neat creases across the body of the hatch, the Polo makes for a very clean design. The introduction of smoked headlights on the previous model helped build its reputation as a youth icon. The 2015 face-lift also features redesigned front and rear bumpers. The front end now sports a slightly reworked grille along with a dash of chrome along the lower bumper as well as the lower half of the grille. The 15 inch alloys now feature a revised design, however, the choice of design may not prove to be too popular among buyers. The most distinguishing trait of the rear end is the revised tail lamp cluster design. The new Volkswagen Polo will also be introduced with an all-new orange paint job.


The interiors have received a major revamp with one of the biggest changes being the steering wheel. The three spoke design has evolved into a sportier flat bottom style wheel complete with an array of steering mounted controls. The wheel also sports a gloss metal finish further improving the overall aesthetic of the car. The center console is now finished in brushed silver that adds contrast to the all back dashboard. Each A/C vent is now adorned with chrome garnish and the instrument cluster now sports a white back light as opposed to the deep red of the outgoing model.


The recent NCAP tests performed on some of the cars here in India have shed valuable light on the sheer lack of interest that most manufacturers have when it comes to safety. Somewhere between the manufacturers’ zest to cut costs and our Government’s apathy, the Indian consumer was forgotten and as a result, was provided with a dizzying selection of cars that are far below the required safety standards. Although manufacturers cannot be fully blamed for the poor standards adopted by the automotive industry, the companies’ lack of sentiment to the future of the consumer did not aid in the building of a safer future.

Thankfully, Volkswagen has understood this, better than most manufacturers and has equipped dual airbags as standard across all variants of the new Polo. The range topping model also comes with ABS for even better safety.


Volkswagen has also made a few changes under the bonnet as well. While both the standard petrol as well as the GT TSI variants will not feature any new engine updates, the diesel unit now sports an all-new 1.5 L mill. This new 1.5 L four pot will replace the rather noisy 3 cylinder turbocharged engine in the standard diesel variant. The new engine comes with the latest in tech including a variable geometry turbo that improves performance and provides a flat torque curve without sacrificing fuel economy. The new engine is more powerful and less noisy. Producing 90 PS @ 4200 RPM and 230 Nm of torque between 1500 – 2500 RPM, the new engine is far more powerful than the outgoing model. Power is sent to the front wheels via a five speed manual transmission.

Prices for the new Volkswagen Polo start at Rs. 4.99 lakhs (ex-showroom price Delhi), however considering the heavy taxation rates across the country expect to pay a price well above the stated. The all new 1.5 L diesel Volkswagen Polo will start at INR 6.27 lakhs with the range topping variant available at INR 7.37 lakhs.

Tron Inspired Lotus C01-The Sultan of bikes

The Legendary car maker, Lotus has established Lotus Motorcycles to create its first stunning motorcycle that would take you completely by surprise. So named “C-01”lotus, this two wheeled brute looks like it has it all, Classy Looks, Futuristic Design and the Next-Gen Technology.

Lotus Motorcycles is a joint venture by Daniel Simon (kodewa car designer) and Holzer Group. The C-01 is no ordinary bike; the hyper -bike is built with state of the art integrated racing dynamics. Built with only the best materials known to mankind, you can call it the super man among bikes. Materials like carbon, titanium as well as Aero Space quality steel. Unification of these priceless materials that are used in Formula 1 cars is going to help build the hyper beast.

Image Source:
Image Source:


Lotus Motorcycles has meticulously put in a lot of time an effort behind the C-01. With a highly qualified team of aficionados who have vast experience in the field of endurance racing, Formula 1, the DTM and even the lower formulas. The hyper bike is built for safety as well. The bike defines a different class altogether, top-notch ergonomics and a design that would bring out tears of joy; the hyper bike is going to be a piece of art.

One look at the bike would bring out various aspirations in any bike enthusiast’s mind. The adrenaline rushing shape speaks for itself, designed by one of the most renowned designers, Daniel Simon (formerly a designer at Bugatti Autos ) who has a vast history with Hollywood; by designing the most hardcore sophisticated cars that made their debut in famous Hollywood movies. See if you recognize a few of Daniel’s previous work.

Image Source:
LIGHT CYCLE from the Movie TRON LEGACY  Image Source:



Image Source:
BUBBLE SHIP from the Sci-Fi movie “OBLIVION” Image Source:


Image Source:
The Legendary Lotus LMP2 Black and Gold LIVERY Image Source:


According to Daniel Simon, “The ambition behind building the lotus C-01 was to create an unique looking state of the art beast which resonates a brutal force elegantly tailored to look its best always. Being the first of its category, consisting of the most sturdy and high-class materials used to muster up this machine. With the C-01, each color used, each material chosen speaks of the long and proud history that Lotus is known for. This bike was an inspiration from the former Lotus 49 that bought prestige to Lotus and hence the similar looking color schemes pay tribute to the Lotus 49.

Image Source:
LOTUS 49 Image Source:


Right from the layout, which involved a team of experienced racing bike engineers, the slow yet effective steps ensured that the performance standards meet their desired goals. Maintaining a super low profile was yet another challenge. The fuel tank was hence placed under the seat thereby eliminating mono-shock accommodation and giving the bike a twin shock uber cool retro look.


Image Source:
Image Source:


The C-01 is going to be developed, produced and assembled through the efficient hands of Holzer Group. After relentless efforts art finally made sweet love with engineering. The result had to be exceptional. However, the downside is that “Only 100 bikes are going to be produced “

According to GütherHolzer, Ceo of Holzer group, the C-01 subtly finds a fragile balance between raging powers waiting to be unleashed combined with impeccable handling standards (just like when beauty meets the beast). Super bikes usually unleash raw power without delivering handling joy. “It takes a legendary bike to deliver both power and sharp handling in harmony. And the C-01 would certainly exceed those expectations”


A well-instrumented body with a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum the Lotus 49 (considered an F1 legend in the 1960’s) inspired two-wheeled demon comes with 200 horses powering the bikes engine, the hyper bike offers a competitive edge. While the commonly desired sports bikes such as the Harley Davidson V-Rod or the Ducati Diavel that compete with the C-01 in terms of cornering and handling, the usual bikes have forks raked between 22-32 degrees. Not with the C-01, that has an eye-popping 52-degree fork angle. The speed demon is fast (really fast) however; the downside is that the C-01 cannot really befriend the corners.

Image Source:
The Lotus C-01 Image Source:

Every thought and material used in the C-01 such as the airflow engine cooling, suspension mounts, and stiff frames, seating ergonomics etc are correlated intensely with the design aesthetics of the bike. Hence, each and every part used in the bike (from head to tail) has a story of its own, that is weaved together in harmony.

The bike (without fuel, oil and the rider) alone weighs approximately 399 pounds. The high-end Brembo disk brakes and Ohlins suspension components help tame speed.


Lotus motorcycles are rolling out just 100 of these unique bikes. Hence, owning one requires very deep & loaded pockets. The motorbike is expected to cost over USD 1,30,000 each. If luck and money are in your favor, you might want to consider getting one of these limited edition Hyper bikes.

“Built for a Sultan & definitely priced like a Sultan.”

Tesla – an Electrifying Performer!!!


Tesla Motors was launched in July 2003. The founders, Marc Tarpenning & Martin Ebhaed’s first effort, to show the world what electric cars are capable of and hence developed the Tesla Roadster.

Less than a year later, Elon Musk entered with a large wad of cash. BTW who is this Elon Musk ? He is the co-founder of Space X, Paypal and zip 2. E-Bay bought Paypal giving Musk 165 million to play with. This he used to fund Space X, the commercial space exploration company, and Tesla Motors. Musk, earlier the Chairman and the largest investor had to take some really hard decisions to safeguard his investment and for his ideas to survive. Over time, Musk took over as CEO.


The Tesla Roadster was the first electric car to combine performance of a sports car and a never before seen range in an electric car of over 200 miles per charge. The Roadster was based on a Lotus Elise and had a 0-97 kmh time on a mind blowing 3.9 seconds. The amalgamation of performance that could shame the Ferrari’s with an amazing range that was never before seen in an electric car was a real game changer. The roadster sold at $110000 – Expensive, yes. But this was to prove to the world what an electric car can do. Lotus may have made the chassis specially for Tesla but the power-train and battery pack came from the experts at Tesla.


Yesterday, Elon Musk Announced that the 2600 roadster owners can now upgrade to a battery pack which will give them a jaw dropping 400 mile range.

Now obviously Tesla cannot keep selling very few models for “Hundred Thousand Dollar a Car” to sustain….

So here comes in the Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan!  Their ultimate plan was to build a wide range of models including affordable family cars. Not to forget, Musk put in most of his personal money into this company at a time when electric cars just didn’t seem practical.

So why start off with an expensive and high performance sports car? Why not start working on building an affordable design from day one? A handful of high speed electric cars are not going to help reduce emissions. Developing new technology means putting in that money for research and development. This cost has to be pushed to the consumer. That’s just how any company works. So by targeting people with the spending power and then slowly entering the volume markets, you will make the company sustainable.

Next in line – the Tesla Model S!

A selling price of close to $90,000 a car

When Tesla showcased the model S in March 2009 it promised to change the electric car market. Three months later, the US Department of Energy gives a $465 Million Loan. They Kept a $ 100 million aside and the rest goes into retrofitting a manufacturing facility in Fremont, California which was a defunct joint venture of Toyota and GM.

A year Later, in June 2009, the company goes public.

Flash forward by three years. The model S is launched. Year 2012 they sold over 2600 units. Tesla set a target of 21,000 units for 2013 and shattered this target by selling a little under 22,500 units.

The game changing Tesla Model S.


Sold in two states of tune, one 60 and another 85 kW-h batteries that power a 310 kW motor. ( Note : this is electric car territory, bhp in not a preferred unit of power measurement )

The motor(The size of a Watermelon) drives the rear wheel and the battery pack sits in a neat bed like structure below the chassis. This gives the car a perfect 50/50 weight distribution.


This give the Model S some amazing interior space including 2 huge boots. The rear boot has optional folding seats making a total seating capacity to seven. The front Trunk which has been aptly named frunk can house a full grown man. I’m Serious. Check the video below !

The Model S has the ride quality of a sedan and the responsiveness and agility of a sports car.

Because it runs off electricity, there is no lag in the power delivery. A push of the throttle will accelerate you to 97kmh in 5.6 seconds. You have all the power on the word GO!

Features of the Model S

Active Air Suspension

Air suspension systems do provide the best comfort. The system in the Model S goes a step further. At high speeds, the car hunkers down. Making it highly aerodynamic giving it performance and range. What about tricky road situations? Open up the large touchscreen and adjust the height to ‘Rise Above the Problem’.

Key Fob & Vehicle Dynamics.


The key is a mini Model S model. It features a mini model S model that you touch and squeeze to activate various parts of the car. The car senses the presence of the key and unlocks itself. The door handles don’t present themselves until you tap on them. They sit flush with the car body. All this to reduce unwanted drag increasing the efficiency of the vehicle. These small but many design considerations makes the model S one of the “Slipperiest Cars on Road“.

Charging the Model S.

The model S charges at a rate of 100km per hour at a standard home socket. This is really impressive but what is really amazing is Tesla’s Super Charging Network. A charge of 50% of full capacity in just 20 minutes!

Walk into the station, drop your model S for a charge, grab a hot cup of coffee and something to munch and bam! You’re ready to move along. The supercharging stations are planned to seamlessly connect the eastern to western coast in the US. Similar plans to cover Europe too! The range problem? Solved!

The Red Indicates Completed Superchargers and the Cones indicate the ones under construction.
The Red Indicates Completed Superchargers and the Cones indicate the ones under construction.

The Control Center

On the inside, there are almost no buttons. Everything, literally everything is controlled by a humongous 17″ touchscreen.


Stream music from the internet radio, or a device connected from one of the two USB ports or Bluetooth.

Control your lights, doors, locks, temperature control, maps, navigation, rear view camera, sunroof, vehicle setup and config. It this wasn’t enough, you can browse the internet too!


If a petrol powered vehicle catches fire it’s just another normal day. No one bats an eye. In 2013, two model S’s were involved in an accident and caught fire. However, the on-board security systems kept the occupants safe. This certainly did get Tesla some bad publicity. The chances of a fire in a gasoline powered catching fire is 1 in 8000 vehicles and Tesla’s figure 5 times less!

To counter this problem, an Over – the – Air update (No i’m not talking about your mobile phone) upgraded the cars software to increase the car’s ground clearance at highway speeds. All while the owner was sound asleep and had no idea that his car was being made safe without even going to the service center. To be double sure, Tesla retrofitted all existing model S’s with a triple under-body shield, free of charge.

The track record still remains. Zero deaths or permanent & serious injuries. There is no safer car on the road than a Tesla.

Remember the Tesla Master Plan? 

The next step has been announced! 

Taking on the BMW 3 series, a $35000 sedan the Model 3 is coming. A good half the price of the model S and expected to launch in 2017.

2017 seems so far away? Oh wait, 2015 will see the Tesla Model X, a complete electric crossover, 4 wheel drive and the best part – the falcon doors!


All this aside. I want to give you the biggest news that shook the entire world. Tesla has patents to their electric car designs and They have released all their patents for the world to use for FREE !

The wall of patents have been pulled down and replaced by this.

Bottom Line:

Such a bold move only to make the world a better place to live in. All the conspiracy theorists can keep away!

Visit Tesla motors webiste:


Volvo and Google – to introduce next Generation of smart cars

We know that Volvo has a great reputation in automobile industry worldwide. It is obviously called as one of the most luxurious cars of all time. The Swedish based automobile giant is now planning to take this reputation to a whole new level by introducing some new technologies in their new born cars.

It has made a huge step by making an alliance with the IT & Networking based giant Google in order to feature their technology in their cars. We knew that Google has just launched its new automobile technology called “Android Auto” and Volvo has decided to put this in their upcoming cars.

Android Auto System:

This intelligent system is made exclusively by Google for premium cars in order to manage the objects of the car in an easy manner by the driver. This system has a centralized screen from where the owner can manage the entire car. Of course the autonomous car project is what everybody knows but there is also another side in which Google has targeted the Human Machine Interface segment. As the Google I/O Developer Conference is going to take place very soon, Google can find an apt place to take the wraps off the Android Auto.

Android Auto

Pic Courtesy

Patrick Brady, Android Director of Engineering stated that “Android Auto combines the best of both worlds i.e. both mobile and as well as automobile world. The smart phone can get the connected apps and services on your smartphone with the physical controls that were optimized in order to drive your car.” Google is very confident with this particular project and reviews state that the networking giant will soon conquer the automobile world for sure.

Google has released a video which unveils the features of the Android Auto System


In a world of technology every gadget face’s tough competition from its rivals. In this way the android auto is facing a tough competition from another mobile giant Apple Inc. as Apple has recently unveiled its Carplay technology which has the same desired features. Not only from Apple, it also faces a tough competition from NVidia, as NVidia is also going to unveil its new automobile assistant soon. So there will be an art rivalry between these three organizations for the crown.

The rivalry is not only in between these companies but also among the companies who are at present signed with Google android auto system which include the top notched companies in automobile world right from Audi, Honda, Hyundai and General Motors and this list will keep extending in near future.



Volvo Xc90: Volvo’s choice for Android Auto System.

Volvo selects the New 2015 Volvo XC90 from its line-up to feature the Android Auto System. So the new 2015 Volvo XC90 will be one of the first cars to feature Google’s all-new Android Auto smartphone system. Hakan Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Cars has stated that “Google’s approach to user-centricity and the application of technology to improve people’s everyday lives makes Android Auto a perfect add-on to the Volvo experience”. He also stated that “Android smartphone users will feel quite comfortable in the new Volvo as they have created a well-integrated user experience in the form of a large portrait-oriented touch screen that takes the in-car mobile device experience to a whole new level. Not only this, they have coupled driver safety along with luxury by providing advanced voice control system offered by Google, these thing can certainly make Android Auto a perfect match for Volvo”.

The android auto system also provides the Google Now’s voice commands to give you instant access to Google Maps, text messages and compatible apps such as Google Play Music. Users can set remainders, see notifications like weather forecasting, listening to their favorite songs with just a single click or a voice command.


The 7 seater has a great comfort experience along with lump sum tech add-ons which can make the owner happy and quite comfortable. Volvo Cars have already announced that they are going to include the Apple CarPlay too. So it is up to the user when it comes to selecting the system. They can select their desired system as per their choice and their preferences and the usage of those particular devices. So therefore, car owners will be able to connect to 2 major smartphone devices directly to their car’s touch-screen display. Lets wait and see which tech giant becomes the ALPHA in the industry:)

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BMW i8 – An expert Overview

BMW i8 is a known super car to everyone as it was first debuted and shown to people in a super hit Hollywood flick Mission Impossible 4. In this movie this car is shown in the climax scene driven on the roads of Mumbai. Audience in theater were quite amazed when they saw this future car in the movie and I myself didn’t wink my eyes when I saw this car in the movie.

So from then to now i tried to read all updates about this car and now I am writing this post after long hours spent on experimentation. This is my review on one of the most anticipated car in the automobile history.


Image Source:

History & Advent:


The BMW i8, first introduced as the BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics, is a plug-in hybrid sports car developed by the German Automobile Legend BMW. This was first started in the year 2009 under the vision of fine automobile designers Mario Majdandzič and Jochen Paesen (Exterior Design and Interior Design). At first it came with a combination of a three cylinder turbo diesel engine and two electric motors with 139 horsepower. It was first unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto show and then followed by Auto china in the year 2010


Image Source:


With some Major and as well as Minor changes, the 2009 model was redesigned and then unveiled at 2011 Frankfurt Auto show. During this year BMW named this experimental car as BMW i8 Concept. It was also shown at Tokyo Motor Show 2011 and Geneva Motor Show 2012.  It was featured in the film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.


Image Source:


The BMW i8 concept is redesigned and gives it a Spyder model look during this year under the vision of Richard Kim and was unveiled in Auto China 2012 in Beijing and won an award of the best concept car. Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic was first introduced in this car in the same year.


Image Source:


Was considered as the present running BMW i8 model officially. The design of the BMW i8 coupe prototype was based on the BMW i8 Concept. This model has major changes right from its looks and as well as performance. The enhancements include Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic for less weight, aerodynamically optimized body with BMW eDrive technology and carbon emission was reduced to 59 g/km.

It also included with a hybrid synchronous electric motor as a secondary power source which was developed and designed exclusively for this car by BMW motors. It is designed to work individually as well as also to assist the gasoline engine during acceleration. The recorded top speed in electric mode is 121Kmph and reaching a maximum distance of 35kms. It takes about 3hours for a full recharge. This monstrous prototype was tested in Miramas test track in France.

After this initial testing, with slight changes to this prototype the final production model was designed and shown in 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show and then followed by Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez under the vision of Benoit Jacob. After this the product was started in April 2014.


Image Source:

Performance :

While reviewing this car we have to consider the three modes in this car : SPORT, COMFORT and ECOPRO MODE. I will review those three modes hierarchically so that we can understand the aspects very easily.

Starting with Comfort Mode, the car in the comfort mode will use both the power trains. This mode offers a constant balance between a sporty performance and as well as efficient fuel consumption. This mode offers an unrestricted access to all the resources of the car and the user really feels quite comfortable in this mode. The maximum range of driving experience in this mode is about 500kms, if the fuel in the tank is full and battery pack is fully charged.

Then the Eco-Pro Mode. In this mode the car runs solely on electricity. This mode can also use fuel only under circumstances of battery charge drops below a given level; this mode is also designed in such a way that in circumstance such as battery down, Throttle failure occurs – the internal combustion engine gets automatically activated. It is more like a common eco-safety car in this Eco-pro mode. The performance of the car is increased to 20% when compared to the comfort mode as there are some restrictions which are applied on using certain features of the car such as air-conditioning, seat heating etc. This is the best of the three modes

Then comes to the most anticipated Sport Mode. It offers features such as manual gear selection, suspension settings. In this mode the driver can get the maximum acceleration and the top speed. And while getting at this, lots of energy is produced and wasted, and to save on this – BMW founded a technique to keep the battery topped up, while running in SPORT mode the car also activates “maximum energy recuperation during overrun and braking”  through this the electric motor’s generator function’s and it recharges the battery using kinetic energy.

Safety Review:

This awesome car is a two faced one. One is a monster which can run quite high and the other is an eco-specialist. The car offers maximum safety although it has the power to sprint like a leopard. This car comes with safety measures like side and curtain airbags and the battery is also well protected by a crash proof mesh. It provides maximum safety in Eco-pro mode. It also has an intelligent safety system to ensure extra safety


Image Source:


When it comes to looks, the BMW i8 is unbeatable – as it is considered as a design that will stand as a remarkable resemblance for the future sports cars. Narrow headlights, laser technology, Carbon reinforced body, dihedral gullwing doors – all of them are jaw dropping. Complimenting these looks, one of the top clothing brands Louis Vuitton produced a series of carbon-black luggage for BMW i8 !


Image Source:

Rivalry & Running Cost:

BMW i8 faces rivalry from some of the finest cars in the world – right from Audi’s prestigious R8 to Ferrari Berlinetta, Porsche 911 turbo to the C7 corvette Stingray. And yes, It costs a whopping $135,925 🙂


Image Source:

Bottom Line:


  • Design
  • Potential mileage
  • Performance
  • Looks
  • Eco Features


  • iDrive doesn’t meet the expectations
  • Very Narrow Base(not suitable on Indian roads)
  • Price tag

Although it has some demerits, the car looks fantastic and remarkable. But we have to consider that BMW should pay some more attention to make this car as a role model to the future cars. If anyone is ready to spend a whopping $135,925, this will not be a wrong choice as the car has some amazingly distinctive features when compared to other cars in the market.

Visit BMW Website:

A Guide to Valet Parking


We all remember the horrific crash last week involving a white Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder at the Le Meridian Hotel in New Delhi that involved the hotel’s valet driver losing control of the car and hitting the back of another car and crashing into a barrier at the end of the porch all while narrowly missing a staff member of the hotel. I am really quite sure that these star studded hotels have a large number of really expensive cars coming through the doors which would’ve given sufficient practice and experience to the drivers. So what happened on the day when this unfortunate driver crashed this Gallardo Spyder that cost the owner over half a million dollars to import ?  In fact the whole world did not stop thinking about how the valet or the other people involved in the crash fared.

Yes the car was expensive and had a massive crash, but are the damages being claimed with the insurance company – worth more than a human life?

Assume it was your car that had crashed like that. It may not cost over “half a million dollars”, does not have scissor doors, a folding roof or a 5.0L v10 engine. I’m sure the trauma you undergo will be on par with what the owner of the Lamborghini. So what steps can you take to prevent your car from being involved in a crash like this?

Find your own parking spot

It isn’t always mandatory to hand your car at the valet. You can park it yourself too. As soon as you enter the premises, start scanning the area where you could squeeze in your car. In this way, you are in control of your own car. Even if you do shunt, the blame is on you and it is much easier to claim insurance.

I agree it’s not as glamorous as getting off your car with people opening the doors for you and a person quickly coming down to collect your key and only gives you a small token in exchange as a proof that the car belongs to you. But walking that few meters helps you keep your car keys in your pocket and not in a small box that is filed with keys of all the cars in the area. So it is a small price that you have to pay to ensure that your car is safe.

If you have no other option but to hand it over to the valet…

Brief him about the niggles in your car:

There must be some problem that you are aware of and the driver simply isn’t. He will not know about the problem until you tell him about it. So when you are handing him your keys, give him a brief about the problem. This will reduce the chances of him messing up and he knows what to expect rather than it being a surprise.

If you have a really powerful vehicle…:

If you are one of those driving around in a really expensive and cool car and by the minutest of chances is reading my post, when you do give it in to the valet, tell him that the car is really powerful & expensive and ask him to be really light with the throttle. Tell him in a way such that you don’t scare him. Just give him a gentle reminder.

You can spot the experienced drivers:

When driving into the drop off zone, head to the valet where you feel have the most experienced drivers. If you visit a place often, request that the same valet who you know is experienced to pick up your car every time.

Tip Before and After:

We usually tip the driver only when we have received the car. Tipping before can also help, as the driver will tend take good care of your car. Paying a small tip running into a maximum of Rs. 50 will save you a bill of repairs that will run into thousands.

Keep that valet ticket safe:

Valet Parking

If you are unsure where to keep it and think it may fall off your pocket, keep it in your wallet.

Plan and take everything that you need before handing over your car:

Let’s consider a scenario where you’ve forgotten something in your car. You call for the valet to bring out your car, you pick up what you need and ask him to park it again. Most of the parking lots used by the hotels involves multistory’s, a large number of pillars, and hundreds of other cars crammed into the tightest of spaces. What you are doing here is simply doubling the chances of your car being dinged.

Finally, Check your Vehicle:

When you receive your vehicle, have a quick walk around to check for damage on the vehicle. If you happen to spot the damage after you get home, it will be really difficult to prove negligence/wrongdoing by the hotel management.

Audi A3 – a Mean Machine

German car maker Audi is about to release an all new sedan for the Indian market. Based off the A4, the new A3 is a smaller, budget offering from the German manufacturer to rival the Mercedes Benz A-Class and the BMW 1 Series. Internationally the A3 rivals the CLA Class and 2 Series sedan, however, as BMW and Benz have not released their entry level sedans here in India, the compact sedan will compete against its hatches.

Audi has always made products that make sense for the Indian market. With the most number of models available in numerous segments, the German automaker has managed to claw its way to the top of the luxury car market. However, with Mercedes Benz launching their aggressive campaign to regain market monopoly, Audi needed another budget offering to take on the Three Pointed Star. Currently the Q3 sits at the bottom of the Audi price range. Despite being one of the best luxury compact SUVs on offer, the Q3 is still a pricey offering. The A3 however, with a expected price range of Rs. 24 – 29 lakhs (ex-showroom) has the makings of a bestseller.


audi a3 front view
Front View of the Upcoming Audi A3

Based off Volkswagen’s MQB platform, the new A3 sports the same innards found on the next generation Passat, current gen Octavia as well as a slew of other cars under VW. This new modular platform ensures lightweight construction, improved cost reduction which means all future cars will be cheaper and more economical. The new A3 is quite a classy looking car. With its typical Audi LED daytime running lights and the silhouette composed of sharp lines and creases, the A3 makes an extremely formal design statement as opposed to the youthful vigor emanating from the A-Class. However, some may argue that the A3 looks a bit too strikingly similar to the A4.


audi a3 rear view
The Audi A3 Makes A Formal Design Statement That The Older Generation Might Take a Liking To

The executive sedan maybe smaller than the A4 but the cabin provides an aura of luxury. The all black cabin adds to the sporty appeal of the car. The dashboard and center console make good use of premium plastics and chrome accents to improve the A3’s upmarket feel. Despite the A3 sitting at the bottom of the Audi range, the sedan is packed to the brim with features such as a pop up display for the infotainment system and the German car maker’s latest MMI controller. The music system is a 180 W ten speaker system that sports traditional features such as AUX IN, USB, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity. The steering wheel comes with an array of mounted controls to make use of the music system and the user’s Bluetooth connected phone.


dashboard 2015 audi a3
The Dashboard of the 2015 Audi A3

The international model of the A3 sees it in both petrol and diesel avatars. With the diesel variant powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged unit that produces 141 HP and 320 Nm of torque, the petrol variant makes use of a 1.8 L TFSI engine that puts out an impressive 177 HP and 250 Nm of torque. While both these engines are more than likely to arrive for the Indian market, Audi may introduce detuned variants of the same to improve fuel efficiency. Both engines are mated to a seven speed dual clutch gearbox (VW’s critically acclaimed DSG gearbox). The German car maker will not be introducing the A3 with a manual gearbox. In time however, Audi may also introduce a budget variant of the A3, similar to the Q3S that sports a traditional manual ‘box. The budget offering however may not sport the automaker’s signature LED lights as well, a feature quite popular among buyers these days. 


audi a3 2.0 l tfsi engine
Audi Will Be Introducing the 2.0 TDI and 1.8 L TFSI Engines For the India Bound Audi A3 albeit In Lower States of Tune

The A3 will be brought in as a completely knocked down unit (CKD), however if customer response is good, then Audi may consider localization of production to cut costs down even further.


audi a3 interior
The Audi A3 Features The German Car Maker’s Motorized Pop Up Display

Image Source: Car and Driver

Bottom Line:

Although the A3’s main rivals are the 1 Series and the A-Class, Audi is hoping that A3 will trump both cars in terms of space and features. Needless to say, the A3 may be the A-Class killer.

Visit Audi’s India page:


AUTOBOTS Unmasked – the real automobiles behind the Transformers

Transformers Fan? No matter which side (autobots / decepticons) you are on. Read on, for the newer and revolutionary automotive casts that bring out newer identities that might have made you jump out of excitement.

Wouldn’t you love it if your car suddenly transformed into an Autobot? Well, we’ve all been there. Unfortunately, you’ve either got to be really drunk or dreaming high to see that happen. But, hadn’t it been for the expensive CGI’s and special effects, our favourite Autobots or decepticons might have been inanimate wallpapers on our screens (where’s the fun in that right?)

Let’s dig in a little deeper and uncover a few of the vehicles that put the previous Transformer films to shame.


Western Star Prototype a.k.a. Optimus Prime. Image Source:
  Western Star Prototype a.k.a. Optimus Prime.      Image Source:

Undeniably, the most loved (bulky yet effective) hero who has won millions of fans after the Transformers hit the big screens, Optimus prime, the virtual hero and the most loved character in the Transformers series, was formerly a Kenworth k100 cab-over truck (in the cartoon) that underwent a major overhaul by the Western Star Prototype, underwent major transformations, physically and digitally. Although the flaming paint job might have struck a certain amount of controversy, the all-new design would put all the issues at bay. Optimus Prime comes in a new avatar; flaunting huge chrome accents, exhaust stacks and a heart -throbbing look that put all the controversies at bay. The credits go to the prototype designed by Western Star Trucks (under the Daimler Auto Group)

BUMBLEBEE (Then and Now)

Introduced as Sam Witwicky’s (ShiaLeBouf) best friend, the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro that was later transformed into (then new) Chevrolet Camaro has a whole new look in the latest Transformers movie.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Image Source:
1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Image Source:

The Autobot scout that cruised around with a retro look was shown in a sexier and orgasmic avatar, the Chevrolet Camaro 2014 Super Sport. This look is definitely to die for.

Image Source:


Cross Hairs Sting Ray:

A perfect opportune to invade the skies and rule the racetrack, Chevrolet showcased the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray; the autobot (abrasive with a cocky attitude) that transforms into Cross Hairs, a paratrooper that gives the Decepticons, a run for their bolts.  The lime green beauty that musters up its rage under the hood takes on the roads and skies.

Corvette Stingray. Image Source:
Corvette Stingray a.k.a. Cross Hairs. Image Source:



An Autobot by heart, and a decepticon by looks, meet the street legal Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse 2013, an expensive (US $ 2.25 million) addition, a breath taker and a conqueror of the actual roads that smashes its rivals black and blue, this bolt of lightning goes by the name “Drift” in disguise. Watch this Autobot with an unfinished business and a thirst to regain its lost honor, avenge its enemies with its massive (1200) horse power and a 253.81 mph speed.

Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse 2013 a.k.a Drift.  Image Source:


Another elephantine sized heavy duty vehicle after Optimus Prime, The movie brings you up close and personal with the Autobot commando, Hound, transforms from an Oshkosh Defense Medium Tactical Vehicle which in reality belongs to a family of heavy duty vehicles that are currently manufactured by the Oshkosh Corporation. Hound was formerly a Jeep (in the cartoon series) but the movie has given a newer definition to Hound by changing the complete look and transforming it into a decepticon pounding commando.

Oshkosh Defence Medium Tactical Vehicle. Image Source:
Oshkosh Defence Medium Tactical Vehicle a.k.a. Hound. Image Source:

Saved by RATCHET

Playing the role of a medical officer in the transformers movie, ratchet transforms into a green rescue Hummer H2 and also into a red and white striped ambulance with flashy lights that looks like a cargo van.

Ratchet. Image Source:
Ratchet a.k.a Hummer H2                                Image Source:


Sleek, slender and possessing sinister traits,  “Lockdown” the grey 2013 Lamborghini LP 700-4 Coupe, disappointingly is not an Autobot, neither is it a part of the Decepticon’s army. A bounty hunter replaced the previous “Lamborghini Murcielago” with ease. With only 4000 units made, Lamborghini proudly flaunted the Aventador, best in its class and a fame that makes you’d still love this legendary bull albeit it’s twisted role in the movie.

Lamborghini Aventador. Image Source:
Lamborghini Aventador. Image Source:


Possessing gory colors, a Decepticon that was supposedly built by a human specializes in spying and sabotaging all good that Autobots stand for, the 2013 Pagani Huayra (Pronounced “wai-rah”) might lack the looks of a Lamborghini, but it is the epitome of pure bred speed infused with state of the art technical aerodynamics. Being one such car that provides flawless handling is definitely a dangerous demon on wheels for the Autobots. Pagani motors, an Italian Premium car Manufacturer is also known for cars such as its popular “Pagani Zonda”.


The obvious, Decepticon which transforms into a Waste Management Truck, Chevrolet trax has been recruited to do the dirty yet effective job. Playing villainous roles, the Jukheap is featured in a differently colored Chevrolet Traxes on screen. These vehicles are also supposedly made by humans (in the movie) and later join the decepticons. This perfectly sized crossover is an offering from Chevrolet motors, sports its rally car which has an impressive design, nimble and confident handling capabilities, and goes easy on your fuel.

Chevrolet Trax. Image Source:
                           Chevrolet Trax a.k.a Junk Heap.   Image Source:


Freightliner Argosy cab-over-trailer. a.k.a Galvatron. Image Source:
                                Freightliner Argosy cab-over-trailer. a.k.a Galvatron.                              Image Source:

Another human made transformer that becomes the Decepticon overlord. GALVATRON, transforms into an impressive looking 2014 Freighliner Argosy cab-over-trailer. The black and grey colored definer of doom looks very impressive. The Freightliner Argosy trucks are extremely agile and immaculately structured.  The North American descendant looks evil yet breath-taking.

Bottom Line: These vehicles might have played different roles in the movie, yet they have impacted our hearts – a lot 🙂


Visit the Western Star Website:

Visit the Chevrolet  Website:

Visit the Bugatti Website:

Visit the Oshkosh Defense Vehicle Website:

Visit the Hummer Website:

Visit the Lamborghini Website:

Visit the Pagani Website:

Visit the Freight Liner Argosi Website:

BMW M4 — Unveiled On an Aircraft Carrier!!!

BMW has launched its M3 series in 2010 and it is taught to be as one of the most successful premium cars released in that year and through this car BMW has gained a huge reputation as well as clients throughout the world. With this success BMW was planning to release a new car in the same M series, and yup you get it right – it’s the M4 🙂 So BMW is planning to make this car to be as successful as its predecessor. It has unveiled their new M4 Coupe DTM safety car. By hearing this name you will obviously get a question, ” what is this safety car..?

As we know that premium brands like BMW release new cars with grand names such as Gran Turismo, Cabrio etc. but this car was released with a tag behind its name as “DTM safety car”. So,what on earth is this BMW’s DTM safety car? It is exclusively designed for the Moto GP when it was first revealed on the company’s Facebook page and now it sets its target towards the DTM racing and when it comes to safety the new BMW M4 is equipped with many features which includes the famous BMW M Performance parts and also a lot many things are made of carbon fiber which includes rear diffuser, mirror caps, rear spoiler and front splitter. We know that the carbon fiber is meant to decrease the weight of the car and also at the same time its heavy duty and strong enough to tackle road accidents. Hence, major car manufacturers are concentrating on carbon fiber instead of aluminum and iron mixture. It also gets a black grille, side skirts which are made as per aerodynamic principles and an exhaust system made from titanium. The model also has a DTM livery, a KW coil over suspension and emergency lights which are placed on the roof. These are some of the parts which are equipped on outside of the car.


BMW M4                                                                                                     Pic Courtesy: YouTube


When it comes to Interiors, BMW is a company which never compromises on anything. The inside of the car has some unique parts which are exclusively designed only for this car by the BMW group. It receives parts such as the Recaro racing seats, Schroth harnesses and carbon fibre trim and under the hood, it just follows the standard model i.e. from its predecessor BMW M3. The DTM safety car is equipped with a 3.0-litre Twin Power turbo six-cylinder engine which can develop a range of 429bhp and 550 Nm of torque and this speed monster is amazing with this power pact combination from both outside and as well as inside.

The Grand Release:

By looking at such exotic features we sure consider and expect a grand release for this monster of a car. BMW also thinks same and it has unveiled this monster on a never before race track [ oh yeah, you are getting it right 🙂 ]. For this grand release BMW selected an Aircraft carrier for the prestigious launch. BMW recently released a video flaunting this new car drifting over an aircraft carrier ( which many of you might have already seen it shared on Facebook ) . In this video, the M4 drifts along the edge of the Aircraft carrier CVN-74 ( a U.S Aircraft carrier ) and the amazing thing in this is that the CVN-74  is still a working US aircraft carrier. We know in the past, Land-Rover hired a retired U.S.S Intrepid aircraft carrier to unveil its Discovery Vision concept but unlike Land Rover, BMW flaunted the M4 on a working & very much active aircraft carrier! This video is trending all over the internet not only on video streaming websites like YouTube but also in Twitter, Facebook, Reddit as well. This video has got a whopping 3.2 million views, since its release and it’s quite amazing.


The BMW M4 Coupe was displayed at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and it will hit the market in 2014 as a 2015 model. After its release this model can face a huge competition especially from Jaguar and Mercedes Benz as they are also planning to release their new car from their successful lineups.

Bottom Line: When it comes to bottom line we can definitely say that the new BMW M4 can be a huge success from its Predecessor and with this BMW can increase its reputation worldwide and with the great safety measures BMW can certainly prove that, it will always stay as an unbeatable pioneer in the automobile industry.

A proverb states that “The beginning is the most important part of the work” and BMW has already given a good start. All we have to do is wait for the result., which in our opinion – will ROCK !

2014 BMW M4 Coupe

Visit BMW India Website: