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Cabily by Dectar Taxi Dispatch Car Rental Software Review

Cabily by Dectar is truly a professional car rental software. Dectar, when it was initially launched in the market started out with a single taxi app in April 2014. The most advanced and reliable taxi dispatch software named Cabily is an Uber clone script that comes with both Native Android and iOS app. Cabily is a Clone of Uber a ride sharing app which is secure with many good and robust features. Fast to market and completely customizable. Appears on Citizen Android and iOS App. The Driver can allow the User application or he can also renounce the application simply by checking the caller’s situation. Cabily’s User and driver app are developed with best in class multi interface.

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Why count on Cabily car rental software?

A great advantage of this automated dispatch system is that it’s foolproof, and it can help you find a nearby driver much more easily than conventional taxi services. The app and service offers the advantage of a powerful taxi dispatch software that comes with numerous exceptional features you can benefit.

With so many customers benefitting from the software, Cabily has been rated as a highly comprehensive, customizable and excellent software that it has beaten other existing vehicle rental software.

Although one may not find many negative reviews about Cabily but nothing comes as foolproof in this universe. Let’s find out many good reviews and see what areas of improvement is still required to remove all the flaws.

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Cabily Reviews


Rich interface: It’s responsive interface gives the best customer experience that a person might be looking for in a car rental system.

Easy Cloud installation: It’s easy, instant and user-friendly.

100% Customizable: Both App and Backend panel are completely customizable & easy to use.

Easily trackable: Both admin and rider can track the taxi easily using the tracking code.

Easily accessible dashboard: The dashboard is arranged nicely and works efficiently without any flaws letting the admin update the app without any hindrance.

Supports multilingualism for global usage.

Attractive packages for different types of customers

Auto Fare estimation & calculation

Messaging option supported

Advanced Search Options

Go cashless with Cabily

Schedule Booking

What are the new feature upgrade in Cabily car rental software by Dectar?

It has made the real time tracking possible in its newer version

One can get accurate ride distance

People often complained of the app getting hanged which too has been resolved now

Updating profile picture in app has been introduced

Bugs do appear with time but the software engineers are working hard to get rid of them and they have been successful in getting rid of few bugs in the past

The Cabily taxi dispatch software happens to come in 3 different pricing packages: Lite and Premium, both priced at $1999 each and Ultimate is the best value pack that is almost the double, i.e., priced at $3999 with all the best features one might be looking for. The best part is that the Ultimate package offers 6 months of free support period and 6 months of free updates for the bugs within the feature list provided.


– The software comes in 3 packages: Lite, Premium and Ultimate. While Lite and Premium are equally priced and Ultimate being almost double the cost of Lite or Premium. The customer hardly find any difference in Lite and Premium even though both costs $1999

– The “Native IOS App for Driver and Rider” feature in Lite doesn’t supports availability of the app on Google Play. The app is available only on the AppStore
– Similarly, the “Native IOS App for Driver and Rider” feature in Premium doesn’t supports availability of the on the AppStore; it is only available through GooglePlay
– Both Lite and Premium doesn’t support Basic Reskin / Personalized branding for Web & Mobile App, 30 mins Skype Support Per Week, and no Free Upgrades even

6.8 out of 10
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