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Top 10 Best SUV’s of 2015

2014 range rover sport

The automotive sector of the US market is home to a vast collection of cars. Right from pick up trucks to Maybachs, the American car buyer has an almost uncountable number of options to choose from. One of the most popular segments of the American car market is the SUV sector. Teens and soccer moms alike adore large 4×4’s for their practicality and style statement. We take a look at the hottest and best SUVs of 2015.

10. Subaru Forester:

A safe bet for those unsure of what they’re exactly looking for, the Subaru Forester may not appeal to many but its cheap running costs and massive amounts of space is primarily why the Forester is on this list & is definitely one of the best SUV in 2015

subaru forester in red: Best SUV 2015
The Subaru Forester Is A Reliable and Extremely Cost Effective SUV

9. Toyota RAV4:

Toyota is a brand renowned for its reliability. With a reputation for building sturdy (read Top Gear’s Toyota Hilux Stress Test) and value for money products, a Toyota SUV on this list of Best SUV’s in 2015 was inevitable. While SUVs bring to mind a world of muddy byroads, marshes and 75 degree vertical inclines, in truth, most buyers opt for SUVs solely for the large amounts of space they offer. And that is what the Toyota RAV4 does well. Although the Japanese automaker hasn’t focused on the RAV4 as a stiff jungle dweller, Toyota has developed an impressively priced all purpose vehicle.

Best SUV of 2015: The Toyota RAV4
The Toyota RAV4

Powering this Japanese SUV is a 2.5 L four cylinder engine that produces a modest 176 HP as well as a more powerful 3.5 L V6. Sadly, the RAV4 has been around for quite sometime now and the car manufacturer has made little changes over the years. As a result, the RAV4 may feel a little dated in terms of design and even material use.

8. Acura MDX:

Honda's luxury division, Acura hasn't experienced the same kind of success as Toyota's Lexus. Despite offering a staggering number of models for the US market, Acura never really caught on as a real Benz or Audi competitor. Nevertheless, the car maker's range does include an impressive collection of cars whose German equivalents would be almost double the price.[caption id="attachment_3262" align="aligncenter" width="2048"]Acura MDX: SUV of 2015 The Acura MDX Is One of The More Affordable Vehciles on This List[/caption]The Acura MDX is a stunning piece of machinery. Featuring futuristic headlight design as well as a well contoured silhouette, the Acura NDX is one of the best looking SUVs around in 2015. Coming from Honda's luxury division, the MDX is extremely well built and offers superb ride and handling dynamics. Japanese engineering and premium styling may seem like a recipe for success, however, the SUV's unbelievably complex infotainment system and its questionable ergonomics may prove maddening for the digitally less inclined. Despite this, the Acura is a superb SUV with impressive ride and handling characteristics.7. Kia Sorento:One might say including a Kia is almost blasphemy but the latest launches from South Korean car maker Kia, has proved that the automaker has learned that setting trends in segments is far more rewarding than religiously following them. The Kia Sorento's selling point isn't its engine or handling or even pricing. However, interior design as well as comfort are one of the SUV's strong suites and the best in the business.Buyers have an option of a 2.4 L inline four cylinder or a more powerful 3.3 L V6 unit that produces 191 HP and 290 HP respectively. Both engines are mated to a six speed automatic- making this one of the best SUV's in 2015!Kia Sorento 2015 SUV6. Hyundai Santa Fe:Showcasing the company's latest StormEdge design philosophy, Hyundai's Santa Fe is a wildly impressive looking car. Sadly however, the car's driving dynamics are still not upto par with its rivals such as the Honda CR-V. Despite the beautiful cabin and aggressively styled exteriors, the steering is vague and feels unstable at moderately high speeds. However, the soft suspension is a boon for bumpy roads and offers good levels of comfort. Buyers have an option of 2.0 L petrol or a 2.4 L turbocharged unit that produces 190 HP and 264 HP respectively. The South Korean car maker also offers a more powerful 3.3 L V6 that churns out a massive 290 HP. The 2015 model will for sure be one of the Best SUV's of the year.Best SUV: 2015 hyundai santa fe5. BMW X5:Highly lauded as one of BMW's finest SUVs, the X5 is an extremely popular luxury crossover. Known for its sedan like handling and performance, the X5 is one of the most impressive & Best SUVs of 2015 on road. However, all the power comes at a price as the X5 isn't really made for true off-roaders. Despite offering the grunt and oodles of space, the suspension setup and power delivery system is not adequate enough for off roading.[caption id="attachment_3268" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]front bmw x5 new The All New BMW X5[/caption]The new design philosophy is implemented well in the X5 and is one of the best looking luxury sports crossovers out there.4. Range Rover Sport:A name synonymous with rugged, reliable off-roaders, the Range Rover breed has always been the goto vehicle for all sorts of shenanigans. Although previous iterations of the Sport has been met with less than positive feedback, the English marque's latest attempt is quite impressive & will be one among the best SUV's of 2015.[caption id="attachment_3267" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Range rover sport One Can Never Go Wrong With a Range Rover[/caption]The Range Rover Sport is offered in two engine variants, the 3.0 L 340 HP and the utterly mad 5.0 L 510 HP unit.3. Jeep Grand Cherokee:Jeep needs no introduction. A brand popularized during the World War, the American car maker has a developed International acclaim for creating immensely capable SUVs. Although the Wrangler is a far more competent SUV off road than the Grand Cherokee, the SUV offers little in terms of creature comforts and daily usability. The Grand Cherokee maybe a slightly toned down off-roader but the car offers more on the inside than most other Jeep products, and so is in the list of Best SUV's of 2015![caption id="attachment_2885" align="aligncenter" width="960"]black jeep grand cherokee 2015 SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee[/caption]Plush interiors and a feature loaded cabin offering plenty of space makes this one of the top choices for a big family. The American automaker also offers a wide range of engine options to choose from. The Grand Cherokee is available in a 5.7 L  360 HP V8, 3.6 L 260 HP V6, 3.0 L turbocharged diesel and the monstrous 6.4 L 470 HP V8.2. 2014 Dodge Durango:Few carmakers have generated the same level of cult following as that of American legend Dodge. Producing iconic cars such as the Charger and Challenger, the American car maker has slowly expanded to produce cars in various segments of the car market. One of Dodge's other ventures has been the Durango.[caption id="attachment_3261" align="aligncenter" width="940"]Dodge durango 2015 Dodge's Durango Is One Impressive Car[/caption]Donning trademark Dodge design elements with a hint of old school muscle, the Dodge Durango is easily the most charismatic and Best 2015 SUV on this list. The low price level when compared to SUVs of similar grunt makes the Durango a top pick on this list. Unlike most new age SUVs, the Dodge is capable of true off-roading, all the while allowing its occupants to be seated in comfort and luxury. Buyers have an option of choosing the mighty 5.7 L V8 that produces 360 HP or the 3.6 L V6 that churns out 290 HP.1. Porsche Macan:The latest to join the fray of high speed, fuel thirsty off-roaders is the Porsche Macan. A highly anticipated model, the Macan is a success story for more than one reason. When the Cayenne, Porsche's first SUV was first announced, many believed the advent of a Porsche SUV signaled the eventual ruin of the German automaker's racing pedigree. Despite many manufacturers before it turning to creating cars in segments outside their safety zone, Porsche was especially criticized for even proposing the idea. Although many were of the opinion that the Cayenne would dilute the car maker's racing pedigree, the Cayenne became a huge success. Primarily because the German SUV was infused with racing DNA, a trait unheard of for a bulky 4x4.[caption id="attachment_3260" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Best SUV 2015: blue Porsche Macan The Porsche Macan[/caption]The Macan too is another runaway success. Posing as an SUV, this 911 in sheep's clothing is the closest one can get to for the best of both worlds. Agile cornering abilities combined with almost uncanny off roading capabilities, the Macan is a worthy adversary to its American counterparts. And yes it holds top position and is claimed the Best SUV of 2015.

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