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AutoTrack Car Rental Software Review

AutoTrack is really a car rental software suitable for independent franchises and corporate operations. It features multi-location, currency, and language applications running for a passing fancy, central server within an on-line environment. From bookings to credit control, the complete process requires merely a single entry of data over the fastest screens in the commercial. Reservations can be achieved centrally, at head office, or locally at branch agencies.

Bookings load seamlessly in the rental agreement which can be transmitted automatically for any location on the globe by electronic file, fax, or e-mail. AutoTrack frees you to pay attention to running the leading end of your respective business although it takes care of the back end. It’s flexible enough to satisfy any new demands your expanding business could possibly want and it’s designed to integrate easily with new and emerging technologies.

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Why AutoTrack ?

AutoTrack might be managed through the office or at home and from all over the world where it comes with an Internet connection. All information, from customer history and vehicle maintenance to payment transactions and sales analysis are held in a central location and accessible by management anytime through the place.

AutoTrack Enterprise has the capacity to run from hand-held computers, a handy way to produce a rental agreement and record damages when you’re out of the desk. All information is transmitted wirelessly for your central database.

AutoTrack Car Rental Software

It’s a fantastic software, simple to use and highly customizable along with the fact that’s it’s less expenditure on expensive hardware before deployment more if you decide to  have multiple locations. Excellent selection for promising small to medium car rental companies!!

AutoTrack Car Rental Software Review

Assets of Autotrack:

  • AutoTrack is customized to fit the precise needs from the user and it is an easy task to expand according to your demands.
  • AutoTrack will give you freedom to help you all over the world. It is really an Internet-enabled, global software application made for the worldwide rental car industry.
  • Very user friendly and excellent lay-out. I’ve found the calendar lay out of agreements and reservations very beneficial. The website runs very smooth and is also rarely down for maintenance. Customer service is generally extremely quick to respond to any email queries we have got.
  • For too long term and new employees a like, AutoTrack is not hard to master and simple to work since it uses navigation techniques present with Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • AutoTrack is often a robust application with all the cutting edge software technology. Development went through stringent testing.
  • AutoTrack has been produced by a Microsoft Certified Partner and runs using all Microsoft operating systems.
  • For maximum security, AutoTrack transfers data using the latest industry-standard encrypted format tailored to your wants.
  • AutoTrack accounts for the whole range of operations – from bookings to real-time tracking of cars; from damage and repairs to invest in and credit control – which might be fundamental to building a successful car rental agency.
  • AutoTrack is sold with free technical support by telephone or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • AutoTrack generates comprehensive reports that keeps you updated and fully informed in a fashion that leaves you as a whole control over your business.

Liabilities of Autotrack:

  • No online chat support. You need to send them an email, but they do get back to you in a matter of minutes!
  • The pricing is a slight issue since you can not set special weekend rates (Friday – Monday).
  • You may still find a couple of glitches but overall it is just an excellent system.
  • Needs ability to upload multiple vehicle pictures.

Altogether this software is so user friendly, it’s almost reading your mind! From A-Z  your entire car rental software needs are catered for. It is possible to make adjustments on the program as a way to match YOUR business and the feedback/support whenever guidance is needed is just phenomenal!



6 out of 10
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