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Mitsubishi Mirage – an expert review

Hello everyone, today lets discuss about a car which is manufactured by a company that has 3 diamonds in its logo. Not only that ,the cars from them are also worth as of a diamond! [ oh yeah Am a fan 🙂 ]   One of my favorite actor, Jackie Chan has a sponsoring agreement with them. Guess what? I am talking about Mitsubishi.

And today, I am going to give preview about its soon to be launched in India car – Mitsubishi Mirage!

Mirage is a mid–ranged compact car which was released recently by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Mitsubishi. We already know that Mitsubishi cars are well known for its sporty design, performance and also for its unmatched quality. Mitsubishi has unveiled its new Mirage to the market recently. Way back in 1989 Mitsubishi has won 10 best wins in global automobile market industry with its Mirage Turbo. Mitsubishi wants to repeat this through its new Mirage. Will new Mirage help Mitsubishi to regain that title..? lets wait and see, read on…


Before getting into reviewing the aspects of the new mirage lets go through the technical specifications of this car so that we can get a basic view about the aspects of this car.

Mitsubishi Mirage review


I have already stated that Mitsubishi cars are known for its design and build quality but when it comes to the new Mirage we should consider that Mitsubishi should give some more attention in order to give this car a new and trendy design. When it comes to the looks, Mirage looks quite similar to Chevrolet Spark with big eyes like head lights, charming and big oversize mirrors.

With the comparison with the Chevy spark, Mirage is stands nearly148.8 inches long, 65.6 inches wide and 59.1 inches tall, the Mitsubishi Mirage is slightly larger than the Chevy Spark, yet it offers a bit less passenger volume than the Chevy. The only considerable advantage anyone should expect is that with this design, it is easy to park with good visibility all around.


 Image Source:


The power to the car comes from a 1.2-liter inline three-cylinder engine delivering 74 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 74 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm. Considering the balance between weight of this car & the power generated by this car through automatic variable transmission, the balance is quite appropriate and handy. Its manufacturer Mitsubishi has estimated that the car can reach 62 miles per hour in 12.8 seconds with the CVT, or a most likely 11.7 seconds with the five-speed manual gear shift which is actually slow, but I think its good enough to drive a car with this speed on city roads, when it comes to highways you might expect a little more power on the tap.

Mitsubishi Mirage reviewImage Source:


A touch of piano black on the center console and bonnet looks good and neatly furnished. The front seats are spacious enough to fit for everyone. One drawback I observed with the interior is the absence of a telescoping steering wheel which is quite disappointing. The entering and out from the car can be done quite easily due to the presence of big doors. Coming to the rear seats, they dont seem to be spacious enough when we compare them with the front seats.

Mitsubishi Mirage interiorsImage Source:


Exterior styling is mostly filled with 15-inch steel rims with hub caps. A pair of bulbous and large headlamps dominate the front part of the car and the small window fitted on the back decorates the rear end. It also equipped with two rare view mirrors for good visibility all around. The exterior is quite simple and little old styled.

Mitsubishi Mirage car reviewImage Source:


The Mitsubishi Mirage will be more suitable for driving on city roads, with a five star ANCAP safety score, mirage offers great security measures. This is one of the best aspects of this car. Six airbags are packed into the cabin to protect all people who are present inside. The suspension is also good enough to tackle all the challenges on city roads. Not sure whether this will be a optional one when they launch in India.

Mitsubishi mirage safetyImage Source:

Pro’s : Fuel efficiency, Low price tag, Safety features, Interiors

Not so good stuff : After sales service, Highly competitive segment

Bottom Line: There is a tough competition for a car to compete in a compact car segment as this segment is liked by more people due to the reasons of affordability and decent maintenance cost. Mitsubishi Mirage comes into the compact as well as sub compact segment, so competition is huge.  The most desirable features must be given to its price tag for the Mirage to make value-for-money. These feature can help Mirage to withstand in the tough competition arena. Mitsubishi has ambitions to launch a series of models in India by 2016. Lets wait and watch!!!

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Volvo and Google – to introduce next Generation of smart cars

We know that Volvo has a great reputation in automobile industry worldwide. It is obviously called as one of the most luxurious cars of all time. The Swedish based automobile giant is now planning to take this reputation to a whole new level by introducing some new technologies in their new born cars.

It has made a huge step by making an alliance with the IT & Networking based giant Google in order to feature their technology in their cars. We knew that Google has just launched its new automobile technology called “Android Auto” and Volvo has decided to put this in their upcoming cars.

Android Auto System:

This intelligent system is made exclusively by Google for premium cars in order to manage the objects of the car in an easy manner by the driver. This system has a centralized screen from where the owner can manage the entire car. Of course the autonomous car project is what everybody knows but there is also another side in which Google has targeted the Human Machine Interface segment. As the Google I/O Developer Conference is going to take place very soon, Google can find an apt place to take the wraps off the Android Auto.

Android Auto

Pic Courtesy

Patrick Brady, Android Director of Engineering stated that “Android Auto combines the best of both worlds i.e. both mobile and as well as automobile world. The smart phone can get the connected apps and services on your smartphone with the physical controls that were optimized in order to drive your car.” Google is very confident with this particular project and reviews state that the networking giant will soon conquer the automobile world for sure.

Google has released a video which unveils the features of the Android Auto System


In a world of technology every gadget face’s tough competition from its rivals. In this way the android auto is facing a tough competition from another mobile giant Apple Inc. as Apple has recently unveiled its Carplay technology which has the same desired features. Not only from Apple, it also faces a tough competition from NVidia, as NVidia is also going to unveil its new automobile assistant soon. So there will be an art rivalry between these three organizations for the crown.

The rivalry is not only in between these companies but also among the companies who are at present signed with Google android auto system which include the top notched companies in automobile world right from Audi, Honda, Hyundai and General Motors and this list will keep extending in near future.



Volvo Xc90: Volvo’s choice for Android Auto System.

Volvo selects the New 2015 Volvo XC90 from its line-up to feature the Android Auto System. So the new 2015 Volvo XC90 will be one of the first cars to feature Google’s all-new Android Auto smartphone system. Hakan Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Cars has stated that “Google’s approach to user-centricity and the application of technology to improve people’s everyday lives makes Android Auto a perfect add-on to the Volvo experience”. He also stated that “Android smartphone users will feel quite comfortable in the new Volvo as they have created a well-integrated user experience in the form of a large portrait-oriented touch screen that takes the in-car mobile device experience to a whole new level. Not only this, they have coupled driver safety along with luxury by providing advanced voice control system offered by Google, these thing can certainly make Android Auto a perfect match for Volvo”.

The android auto system also provides the Google Now’s voice commands to give you instant access to Google Maps, text messages and compatible apps such as Google Play Music. Users can set remainders, see notifications like weather forecasting, listening to their favorite songs with just a single click or a voice command.


The 7 seater has a great comfort experience along with lump sum tech add-ons which can make the owner happy and quite comfortable. Volvo Cars have already announced that they are going to include the Apple CarPlay too. So it is up to the user when it comes to selecting the system. They can select their desired system as per their choice and their preferences and the usage of those particular devices. So therefore, car owners will be able to connect to 2 major smartphone devices directly to their car’s touch-screen display. Lets wait and see which tech giant becomes the ALPHA in the industry:)

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BMW i8 – An expert Overview

BMW i8 is a known super car to everyone as it was first debuted and shown to people in a super hit Hollywood flick Mission Impossible 4. In this movie this car is shown in the climax scene driven on the roads of Mumbai. Audience in theater were quite amazed when they saw this future car in the movie and I myself didn’t wink my eyes when I saw this car in the movie.

So from then to now i tried to read all updates about this car and now I am writing this post after long hours spent on experimentation. This is my review on one of the most anticipated car in the automobile history.


Image Source:

History & Advent:


The BMW i8, first introduced as the BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics, is a plug-in hybrid sports car developed by the German Automobile Legend BMW. This was first started in the year 2009 under the vision of fine automobile designers Mario Majdandzič and Jochen Paesen (Exterior Design and Interior Design). At first it came with a combination of a three cylinder turbo diesel engine and two electric motors with 139 horsepower. It was first unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto show and then followed by Auto china in the year 2010


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With some Major and as well as Minor changes, the 2009 model was redesigned and then unveiled at 2011 Frankfurt Auto show. During this year BMW named this experimental car as BMW i8 Concept. It was also shown at Tokyo Motor Show 2011 and Geneva Motor Show 2012.  It was featured in the film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.


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The BMW i8 concept is redesigned and gives it a Spyder model look during this year under the vision of Richard Kim and was unveiled in Auto China 2012 in Beijing and won an award of the best concept car. Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic was first introduced in this car in the same year.


Image Source:


Was considered as the present running BMW i8 model officially. The design of the BMW i8 coupe prototype was based on the BMW i8 Concept. This model has major changes right from its looks and as well as performance. The enhancements include Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic for less weight, aerodynamically optimized body with BMW eDrive technology and carbon emission was reduced to 59 g/km.

It also included with a hybrid synchronous electric motor as a secondary power source which was developed and designed exclusively for this car by BMW motors. It is designed to work individually as well as also to assist the gasoline engine during acceleration. The recorded top speed in electric mode is 121Kmph and reaching a maximum distance of 35kms. It takes about 3hours for a full recharge. This monstrous prototype was tested in Miramas test track in France.

After this initial testing, with slight changes to this prototype the final production model was designed and shown in 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show and then followed by Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez under the vision of Benoit Jacob. After this the product was started in April 2014.


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Performance :

While reviewing this car we have to consider the three modes in this car : SPORT, COMFORT and ECOPRO MODE. I will review those three modes hierarchically so that we can understand the aspects very easily.

Starting with Comfort Mode, the car in the comfort mode will use both the power trains. This mode offers a constant balance between a sporty performance and as well as efficient fuel consumption. This mode offers an unrestricted access to all the resources of the car and the user really feels quite comfortable in this mode. The maximum range of driving experience in this mode is about 500kms, if the fuel in the tank is full and battery pack is fully charged.

Then the Eco-Pro Mode. In this mode the car runs solely on electricity. This mode can also use fuel only under circumstances of battery charge drops below a given level; this mode is also designed in such a way that in circumstance such as battery down, Throttle failure occurs – the internal combustion engine gets automatically activated. It is more like a common eco-safety car in this Eco-pro mode. The performance of the car is increased to 20% when compared to the comfort mode as there are some restrictions which are applied on using certain features of the car such as air-conditioning, seat heating etc. This is the best of the three modes

Then comes to the most anticipated Sport Mode. It offers features such as manual gear selection, suspension settings. In this mode the driver can get the maximum acceleration and the top speed. And while getting at this, lots of energy is produced and wasted, and to save on this – BMW founded a technique to keep the battery topped up, while running in SPORT mode the car also activates “maximum energy recuperation during overrun and braking”  through this the electric motor’s generator function’s and it recharges the battery using kinetic energy.

Safety Review:

This awesome car is a two faced one. One is a monster which can run quite high and the other is an eco-specialist. The car offers maximum safety although it has the power to sprint like a leopard. This car comes with safety measures like side and curtain airbags and the battery is also well protected by a crash proof mesh. It provides maximum safety in Eco-pro mode. It also has an intelligent safety system to ensure extra safety


Image Source:


When it comes to looks, the BMW i8 is unbeatable – as it is considered as a design that will stand as a remarkable resemblance for the future sports cars. Narrow headlights, laser technology, Carbon reinforced body, dihedral gullwing doors – all of them are jaw dropping. Complimenting these looks, one of the top clothing brands Louis Vuitton produced a series of carbon-black luggage for BMW i8 !


Image Source:

Rivalry & Running Cost:

BMW i8 faces rivalry from some of the finest cars in the world – right from Audi’s prestigious R8 to Ferrari Berlinetta, Porsche 911 turbo to the C7 corvette Stingray. And yes, It costs a whopping $135,925 🙂


Image Source:

Bottom Line:


  • Design
  • Potential mileage
  • Performance
  • Looks
  • Eco Features


  • iDrive doesn’t meet the expectations
  • Very Narrow Base(not suitable on Indian roads)
  • Price tag

Although it has some demerits, the car looks fantastic and remarkable. But we have to consider that BMW should pay some more attention to make this car as a role model to the future cars. If anyone is ready to spend a whopping $135,925, this will not be a wrong choice as the car has some amazingly distinctive features when compared to other cars in the market.

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BMW M4 — Unveiled On an Aircraft Carrier!!!

BMW has launched its M3 series in 2010 and it is taught to be as one of the most successful premium cars released in that year and through this car BMW has gained a huge reputation as well as clients throughout the world. With this success BMW was planning to release a new car in the same M series, and yup you get it right – it’s the M4 🙂 So BMW is planning to make this car to be as successful as its predecessor. It has unveiled their new M4 Coupe DTM safety car. By hearing this name you will obviously get a question, ” what is this safety car..?

As we know that premium brands like BMW release new cars with grand names such as Gran Turismo, Cabrio etc. but this car was released with a tag behind its name as “DTM safety car”. So,what on earth is this BMW’s DTM safety car? It is exclusively designed for the Moto GP when it was first revealed on the company’s Facebook page and now it sets its target towards the DTM racing and when it comes to safety the new BMW M4 is equipped with many features which includes the famous BMW M Performance parts and also a lot many things are made of carbon fiber which includes rear diffuser, mirror caps, rear spoiler and front splitter. We know that the carbon fiber is meant to decrease the weight of the car and also at the same time its heavy duty and strong enough to tackle road accidents. Hence, major car manufacturers are concentrating on carbon fiber instead of aluminum and iron mixture. It also gets a black grille, side skirts which are made as per aerodynamic principles and an exhaust system made from titanium. The model also has a DTM livery, a KW coil over suspension and emergency lights which are placed on the roof. These are some of the parts which are equipped on outside of the car.


BMW M4                                                                                                     Pic Courtesy: YouTube


When it comes to Interiors, BMW is a company which never compromises on anything. The inside of the car has some unique parts which are exclusively designed only for this car by the BMW group. It receives parts such as the Recaro racing seats, Schroth harnesses and carbon fibre trim and under the hood, it just follows the standard model i.e. from its predecessor BMW M3. The DTM safety car is equipped with a 3.0-litre Twin Power turbo six-cylinder engine which can develop a range of 429bhp and 550 Nm of torque and this speed monster is amazing with this power pact combination from both outside and as well as inside.

The Grand Release:

By looking at such exotic features we sure consider and expect a grand release for this monster of a car. BMW also thinks same and it has unveiled this monster on a never before race track [ oh yeah, you are getting it right 🙂 ]. For this grand release BMW selected an Aircraft carrier for the prestigious launch. BMW recently released a video flaunting this new car drifting over an aircraft carrier ( which many of you might have already seen it shared on Facebook ) . In this video, the M4 drifts along the edge of the Aircraft carrier CVN-74 ( a U.S Aircraft carrier ) and the amazing thing in this is that the CVN-74  is still a working US aircraft carrier. We know in the past, Land-Rover hired a retired U.S.S Intrepid aircraft carrier to unveil its Discovery Vision concept but unlike Land Rover, BMW flaunted the M4 on a working & very much active aircraft carrier! This video is trending all over the internet not only on video streaming websites like YouTube but also in Twitter, Facebook, Reddit as well. This video has got a whopping 3.2 million views, since its release and it’s quite amazing.


The BMW M4 Coupe was displayed at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and it will hit the market in 2014 as a 2015 model. After its release this model can face a huge competition especially from Jaguar and Mercedes Benz as they are also planning to release their new car from their successful lineups.

Bottom Line: When it comes to bottom line we can definitely say that the new BMW M4 can be a huge success from its Predecessor and with this BMW can increase its reputation worldwide and with the great safety measures BMW can certainly prove that, it will always stay as an unbeatable pioneer in the automobile industry.

A proverb states that “The beginning is the most important part of the work” and BMW has already given a good start. All we have to do is wait for the result., which in our opinion – will ROCK !

2014 BMW M4 Coupe

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Jaguar Virtual windscreen : Fantasy to Reality

If you are a need for speed guy or a guy who loves sci-fi films then this article will truly make your eyes pop out in excitement as you are about to read about a technology which you most often only come across in gaming and movies! Virtual windscreen is a totally new concept in technologies related to automotive industries but when it comes to movies and gaming they have already flaunted many gamer’s like myself – fantasize about this technology 🙂

Remember the BMW i-8 flash in the climax scene in Mission impossible 4 ? where Tom-Cruise gets into the BMW i-8 concept car and drive’s through Indian roads ? If you remember this scene you will remember how the car information is shown on i-8 windscreen which includes the speed, rotation per second, target distance, maps etc. Also you might have seen this in the i-robot movie, where Will Smith has a car that can actually understand him. Many people think about it as a fantasy but now it is becoming  reality as Tata Motors owned Jaguar flaunts such new technologies in their Jaguar Land Rover projects.

Jaguar Virtual Windscreen

Jaguar Land Rover projects:

One of the world’s most renowned car manufacturers of all time Jaguar confirms its commitment to research and development in the UK, with a million pound investment in this new technology, and the innovations/research happening at the University of Warwick is pushing this particular project which is to be called as the Jaguar Land rover project. Jaguar has unveiled the details of its future plans which will now be focused on inventing new technologies and their investments are in order to find totally new cutting-edge designs to support it. As a part from this project the automobile giant has unveiled these bleeding edge technologies.

So, they have introduced their new virtual windscreen screen system and a smart assistant!

Virtual windscreen system:

This system turns the entire windscreen into a huge display where it can display the information regarding the car which includes speed, rotation per second, Instructions, navigation information by projecting images onto the windscreen. It will improve the driving experience, not only on the road but also on the race track as there will be interesting indications on the screen which notifies the driver, the point where the break should be pressed and when it can be released as well !

Infact, Jaguar has also released a video explaining this feature:

Smart Assistant:

Smart assistant is a feature which can actually be able to understand the owner according to their profile which is saved by a new technology called self-learning intelligence. In this, the car automatically learns the owners preferences such as their seat adjustments, songs which are his favorite, remainders etc. ( by learning them through daily bases and saving them in to a form of profiles ). These profiles are set to the user’s mobile phone and when the user gets into the car with his mobile it actually senses the phone and sets the factors of the car such as the preferred song, cabin temperature according to that profile and such. Here the mobile phone acts like a bridge in between owner and the car. You can also get alerts and notifications on your phone when you need to leave for an appointment based on pulse of the traffic on the way to your office, and this service can automatically message colleagues when you’re running late on the road for that particular appointment. Hence they even call this a self-learning car!

Jaguar has released a video explaining this feature:

As we know that the mobile giants are already in the competition, when it comes to automobile technologies as apple has recently unveiled its Carplay technology and Google at the same time introduces its new automobile technology called as Android Auto these may soon be battling it out. But when it comes to virtual windscreen jaguar has made a big step as it has some distinctive smart features which are quite better than these two technologies.


These technologies can for sure create a renaissance in automotive industry and with these distinctive features jaguar can achieve greater heights in automobile manufacturing. As for gamer’s and movie lovers like us, we can feel happy as the fantasy is now to turn a reality. Jaguar is also planning to work on gestures so the user can stop using their hands in order to drive the car. If this happens – driving a car will become more fun !

New Jaguar

Indian Students all set to rock in the Solar Car SASOL Challenge

Can you imagine a car which can run on solar energy, although this concept is already done & there is nothing new in this, but it has been stated that this solar car concept is still under experimental stage and many companies around the world are still striving to get this done. Many muti-national companies are investing a lot of money in order to build a car that can run on solar energy without any drawbacks, as we know the main drawback with this concept when compared to the fuel based car is speed.

Many solar cars cannot deliver top speed drive like petrol and diesel variants. Unlike other countries India is quite new to this concept, but this thing will change in the future as a team of twenty seven enthusiastic engineers from Manipal University have built a 2 seater solar-powered car that can reach up to 120Km/h and they call this project :SERVe. SERVe stands for Solar Electric Road Vehicle. This team will be representing India at the 2014 South African Solar Challenge (SASOL14).


SERVe Advent & History:

This project SERVe was first started in 2011 by the students of manipal, their first offering, a single seater race car. After working for three consecutive years the team came up with another car which has an architecture that supports the scope for commercial usage. The SERVe automobile can achieve a top speed of up to 120Km/h, and 60Km/h when powered by only solar panels so it is a dual breed. It took a period of 15 months from turning out from initial stage to final stage for the SERVe. However, they are still in the process of giving the body a final touch which includes aerodynamic look, some design changes etc. After this, the team will work on final testing, calibration, design and also the looks and gathering the data regarding the performance of the car. After completing the final procedures and testing SERVe will participate in the 2014 South African Solar Challenge (SASOL14).


SASOL14 – South African Solar Challenge (SASOL14):

South African Solar Challenge (SASOL14) is an international race event which is held every year in South Africa exclusively for these types of cars which runs on solar energy. In this event the challenge is to cover a distance of 4,000Kms in South African outback in the cars which are designed by those respective contestants. It takes around 8-10 days to complete this challenge. The main objective of this competition is to test the vehicle’s maximum limits. The students who invented this car are confidently saying that this car will give a tough competition as it is equipped with a high capacity battery pack that enables the vehicle to run up to a distance of 300-350 km on a single charge and this range can be increased by providing additional solar charge from the sun on that racing day. The SASOL14 has number of participant from all around the world.

It takes an investment of around  $50,000 for the engineer’s to build this solar monster, but here the main advantage for the SERVe in the competition is that the cost which is put on building this car is 30 times cheaper than other cars which are participating in the competition and this can be a huge asset for the team to gain popularity in this solar segment cars. But that’s just only for the initialization and development stage, and the project will need lot of investment once it gets to the commercialization phase and the team is going to seek the assistance from Indian government as well as from top notched motor companies including Tata Solar, KEI and Altairhyperworks.



This idea can help any country to grow more in solar based vehicle segments by creating a history in global automotive industry. It will help India to become pioneer in automobile industry in par with the most renowned automotive countries around the world. If this project is successful then the India can be a rival to Germany which is considered to be the most predominant vehicle manufacture of all time global automotive industry.

Not only this, there will be a huge advantage with regards to the environmental issues as petrol & diesel vehicle are considered to be the most pollutant vehicles. This vehicle can be an amazing gift to Mother Nature. Fingers crossed, lets await the results of the challenge & lets hope for the best to happen 🙂