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Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – the Bumblebee

The General Motor’s subsidiary Chevrolet is known for its high class and trendy looking designs. Today lets review a car which is built by Chevy under General Motors. This car has un-matchable aggressive looks and it is probably the best of Chevy’s design ever. It has been featured in Michael Bay’s sci-fi film …. yes you got it right it’s the bumble bee Camaro.

Chevrolet Camaro

Camaro is a well-known car to everyone who loves to see Hollywood sci-fi flicks. Surely it is one of the best cars ever built, and it has gained many fans throughout the world, including the Hollywood director Michael bay. If you have seen the transformer series completely, you will find only three cars in common Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Bumble bee (Camaro). Except these 3 cars the remaining cars change with every sequel. This clearly shows that Camaro is one of the important cars in transformer series ( and for the company ). So without waiting, let’s get in to the review of this amazing car. The basic idea of this car is based on the GM Zeta Platform which is awarded with “the best in show” award.

Even before reviewing this car let’s look into some technical specifications of the car (so we can have clear understanding about the aspects of this car)


Chevrolet Camaro technical specifications

Yup, the technical specification of the car looks solid. Read on,

Review: Styling


When it comes to exteriors, the car looks amazing and perfectly crafted. With looks, the car has no drawbacks at all, from every angle the car looks picture perfect. Comparing the new Camaro with the old Camaro, we can observe some minor and as well as major changes in the body.The front bumpers are tweaked and the revamped grille with the V shape and the new Halogen head lamps with glowing LED halo rings makes the car look aggressive and monstrous. These stuff look even more interesting if we see the car from the front angle as it looks like a beast with a big pair of eyes watching us. The tail-lights also get minor changes and looks gorgeous, the side profile of the car looks very attractive and adds a touch of beauty to the car. All this looks even more attractive and aggressive when the car is set to roll on the road on max speeds.  Beautiful creased lines on the car give the car a sportive feel and at the same time it shows the aerodynamic design of the body. The car has an amazing body length measuring 190.4 in total length, 75.5 width, and a height of 54.2


The interiors look splendid with well suited and subtle colors, perfect tailoring, and remarkable accessories. The old Camaro was awarded with Interior of the Year award in the Sports Car Category by Wards Auto way back in 2010. The same legacy is continued in the new design too. The front bucket seats with black leather engraved on it looks amazing and adds a luxury feel to this car. The cabin looks fab with genuine black leather touches making a perfect interior for the car. The suede leather on steering with the central controlling features adds enough vibe to this car and can attract more number of sales to the company. If you are that kind of a guy who loves sporty looks than luxury and elegance, then there is an optional Recaro Sports Seats available for you to customize your interiors. Though the car has a low measurement 190.4 x 75.5x 54.2, the car’s interior look real spacious. The credits go to the designers for increasing the length of the car in a seamless manner.

Chevrolet Camaro interiors

Review: Engine and Performance

The power to this car comes from the supercharged 6.2-liter and 3.6-liter V-8 code named LSA, which is considered as the most predominant V8’s ever built till date. This engine gives the car monstrous power – enough to drive off the roads. The 3.6-litre V8 is designed to produce 312 horsepower at 6500 rpm and can churn a maximum torque of 278 at 5100 rpm while the 6.2-liter V8 with Active Fuel Management engine can produce maximum power up to 426 horsepower at 5900 rpm and can churn a maximum torque of 278 at 5100 rpm. With the 6 speed automatic/manual gearbox and magnetic shock which are found in cars like corvette, adds precise amount of power and performance to the engine.

Chevrolet Camaro 2013 - engine

Review: Handling and Mileage

The handing of the car is quite amazing and the credits for this amazing handling dynamics goes to its rigid body structure and the super efficient Chevy aerodynamics, that makes the car to move like a skate board on skating rink and Camaro engineers have worked hard in certain mathematical principles in-order to obtain accurate cornering and maintaining the stability on road. The mileage of this car is pretty impressive as it has good mileage range up to 19/30 mpg on City/Highway with the automatic transmission. The fuel efficiency has certainly increased when compared to the old Camaro (thanks to the revised engine tweaks)

Chevrolet Camaro 2014

Image Source:

Review: Safety

This power packed car is also power packed with good safety features. For a sports car, safety is very important as chance of getting into accidents is high. The safety features of the car include,

  • At front Camaro is equipped with both front and rear head airbags and side-mounted airbags for extra protection.
  • On star emergency system, which alerts the nearest emergency care if any accident happens
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Breaking Systems)
  • Stability control program
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 5 star rated safety
  • Traction control system


Chevrolet Camaro, in its class faces rivalry with some of the most predominant sports cars ever built on earth, starting from

  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
  • Ford Mustang Shelby
  • 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
  • Dodge Challenger

Chevy Camaro Commercial:


  • Trendy design
  • Nice interiors and exteriors
  • Powerful Engine Specs
  • Handling and safety


  • Price tag
  • Poor rear vision
  • Hard plastics for interiors


If you are a die-hard fan of transformers, then I am sure that this car is one of your dream cars, and if you have enough money in hand, the car is not a bad choice at all as it has the desired features ie. sporty speed, aggressive looks, decent mileage and great handling.

Pontiac G8 – the Police car

Today lets speak about a car which was actually “The Lasting Standing Car from Pontiac Clan” – the Pontiac G8. It is stated as the last standing car from Pontiac because after this car was released to the public, general motors which runs the Pontiac Company announced that it has decided to suspend the Pontiac Brand due to low investment and Bankruptcy, and hence the tale of Pontiac came to an end in the automobile history!

The last release from Pontiac is G8 and today I am going to review about this car. This car was first unveiled at 2007 Chicago Auto Show. It was the first rear wheel drive offered by the company since its 1986 releases of Bonneville and Parisienne. G8 was based on the famous General motor’s GM Zeta Platform.

Pontiac g8Image Source:

Pontiac G8: At present

After this major statement of shedding the company, the cars left in the company’s inventory were offered at a discount of $2000-$5000. The cars left after the sales discount were given to the U.S Government and now the Pontiac G8 serves as Police Vehicle for Los-Angeles Police Department (LAPD). It was also featured as a police department car in the famous game “Need for speed: Most Wanted”.

Police car Pontiac G8Image Source:

Technical Specifications:

  • Car Name: PONTIAC G8
  • Type: sedan
  • Seating: 5-seater
  • Torque: 248 lb-ft @ 2,100 rpm
  • Engine: 3.6-litre V6 Engine
  • Horsepower: 256 @ 6,300 rpm
  • Base price: $31,995
  • Top End Price: $37,860

Review: Styling


The car exterior looks very aggressive and dashing. These qualities helped this car to get a chance to serve as one of the strongest police academies in the world. The muscular appeal of this car comes from its grille; the dual port grille with the company logo studded at the center makes this car look more aggressive from the front. The wheels are 19- inch in length with polished aluminum plating and the two halogen fog lamps at front makes the car very classy. The rare end of this car was equipped with high erected lights that makes car look sporty. The elongated front end of the car makes it a very safe car.

pontiac g8


The interiors are designed with great leather work and the aesthetic appeal of this car attracts you during the first glance itself. The Highly bolstered two-tone sport seats and leather fitting on steering looks awesome and the increases beauty of the car. The seats in the car are adjusted electronically in order to give more comfort to the people while traveling longer distances. The dash board looks great with good place of controls around it. The 230 Watt audio system in the dashboard is powered by Blaukpunkt which produces high quality of audio. The other features such as the AC-vents in both front and back, Cruise Control System, Sensors for car parking, Satellite radio are present in the interiors of the car as well.

Pontiac g8 interior

Review: Engine and Performance

The car is powered by a 6.2L LS3 V-8 engine, which can produce horse power ranging up to 402HP, and can churn enormous amount of torque up to 546NM. The engine is new in the GM’s series of Small block V8 line-up. It can reach 0-to-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. This kind of power comes in handy for the police department in order to catch rash drivers on the road. Another feature which has certainly improved the performance of the car was its suspension; the car is powered by a four-wheel independent suspension which can be adjusted in order to deliver high performance on both road and off road traveling. The MacPherson strut used in this car helps to run the vehicle on any type of roads. The Handling of the car was amazing with sharp and clean turnings as it was tested and rated as the best by automobile experts in one of the most famous racing tracks in the world – the Nuremberg ring.

Pontiac g8 engineImage Source:

Review: Safety

As a prestigious LYPD car, this car has a wide range of safety features equipped in it. The safety features include

  • Four wheel breaking support by ABS
  • Traction control
  • Electronic Stability Program
  • Thorax airbags on seats
  • Side impact airbags
  • 5 star safety rating from On Star.


  • Aggressive and muscular appeal of the car
  • Handling
  • Well-equipped interiors
  • Safety quotient.


  • Cost of ownership
  • Not so trendy exteriors


Although the Pontiac brand is discontinued, the glory of the company will be continued by the Pontiac G3. When it comes to ratings, the car has all the feature needed & security/safety features, great handling, Power packed performance, Good engine etc. The owners who got this car at last moment during the ending of Pontiac clan will for sure feel proud of their choice for sure.

2014 Scion FR-S Monogram: An Overview

Now-a-days, getting a sports car to our home is a million dollar dream as many sports car prices are reaching sky high!  From Mustang to the Dodge Viper, every sports car price is equal to our full life savings and we can only find these cars in houses of Business Tycoons, Hollywood Actors and Music Artists. Now imagine a car which costs just less than half of the price of those sports cars and yet as powerful as those sports cars 🙂 Today lets review a car which was styled by Toyota and built by Subaru. The car which is ought to be called as “A sports car at a manageable price”. This is the all-new 2014 Scion FR-S Coupe.

Scion review

Both Toyota and Subaru made an alliance to build a car that can be more fun to drive, making the dream come true, and fast enough to call it as sports material. Thus the new Scion FR-S concept was born from this alliance and at just $25,000 USD your dream of riding a sports car will turn out to be a reality. Though this is not a typical Scion, but has some desired features enough to call it a sports car.

Before going inside the review of this car- these are some of the technical specifications of this car. Have a look



The technical specifications look quite good and reasonable. Though it has some drawbacks, we have to consider that with such a price we can’t expect high qualified equipment’s in a budget sports car like this. So let’s get into the review of the new 2014 Scion FR-S Monogram.

Review: Engine and Performance

After observing the technical specification we can come to a point where we can judge the performance of the car. By looks the car looks like an ordinary sports bread, but under the hood the capacity is low. The 2014 Scion FR-S is powered by a 2.0-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine which can generate a decent amount of power up to 200 horsepower. It is not able to generate much torque at all, as it can only generate a peak torque up to 6400rpm ( which is a considerable drawback of this car ). Another thing that is considered as both advantageous and a disadvantage too i.e. due to the flat layout of this engine the boosting capability of this car is low which is a considerable drawback, but this also turns out to be an advantage too as this can help to increase the handling of the car at a gradual speed and due to thee factors, the handling capabilities of this car turns out to be amazing than any other car in its class. In terms of reaching speeds, the car has a capability of reaching 0-60 mph in just 6.4 seconds.  These specs have certainly increased the performance rating of this car.

2014 Scion FR-S Monogram engine

Image Source:

Review: Safety

Safety should be considered as one of the most important aspect when it comes to cars, especially in sports cars as the chance of facing accidents are high in sports cars than other cars. Scion has powered this car with the safety measures that are quite needed for it. The Safety measures include:

  • 6 Airbags (Front 2, Back 2, Curtain Air bags 2)
  • Anti-Lock brakes
  • Stability control
  • Traction Control System
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 5star overall safety score
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has rated safety as “Good”

The new scion hasn’t been crash tested yet, but the previous version of scion 2013 has gone under crash test and returned with some good scores and as the new car is not changed at all – the vehicle seems similar to its predecessor. If tested, there is a chance that the new scion will also score well.

scion crash test

Image Source:

Review: Styling


When it comes to car interiors, they are decent and not as luxurious as in other sport variants. The car interiors are filled with some soft plastics which in turn decreases the interior looks. When it comes to space quotient, the car cabin looks quite spacious and in the front there is enough leg space but this quotient gets decreased when it comes to the rear seating as they were designed by considering the children in a family. However they can be folded in order to get some extra boot space. The black coated leather in interiors look neat and clean. All the controls in the car are neatly furnished and other features such as Bluetooth and Auxiliary Cable connectivity, Touch screen Radio, Touch Navigation System, AC-Vents, Mp3/IPod Support, Climatic control cabin, Cruise Control are also present in this car.

2014 Scion FR-S Monogram interiors


The exterior of the car is actually better than interior. The well-built body and its aerodynamic design looks stunning and has all the looks enough to call it a sports car. From every angle the car looks stunning and attractive. The broad front adds more beauty and as well as safety to the car. The distant projected lights and fog lights at front and the red night vision lights are amazing and well fitted. The rear rip spoiler and rear rip bumper helps the car to be in a constant position at top speed. The body is fully coated with a thin paint protection film that adds a glossy deign to the car. The other features such as mudguards, plated alloy wheels, and not to forgot the scion badging looks very pleasing and can seize you in first look itself.


  • Price tag
  • Well-Built
  • Handling
  • Trendy Exteriors
  • Sportier,racier feel


  • Interiors
  • Engine performance
  • Less power generation.


The new 2014 Scion FR faces rivalry in its class from cars like

  • Porsche Cayman S
  • Nissan iDx
  • Hyundai genesis
  • Mercedes SLK 350
  • Audi TT

2014 Scion FR-S Monogram compare

Bottom Line:

This car is a gift to people who dream to own a personal sports car yet on an affordable price. For Those who can spend 25K USD, it is not a bad choice at all as in this price tag this is the only car available in the market. Though it is not fully loaded to call it a full-fledged sports car, but it can be called as a Mini Sports Car.

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe: An Overview

Hyundai has finally released the new generation Hyundai Santa Fe. It was the third generation car in Santa Fe line-up as the first was released way back in 2011 and it has gained many automobile experts appreciations, and then awarded with the Best SUV in 2011. From then the release of Santa Fe was considered as one of the most anticipated releases and after 3 years Hyundai has finally released the new Hyundai Santa Fe to public.  It was first showcased in 2013 Detroit Auto Show and then followed by the first day of 2014 Indian Auto Expo.

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe review

The car looks great and gets appreciations from many automobile experts from both shows. For compact SUV car lovers Santa Fe is considered to be one of the best choices to go for. The new Santa Fe looks stunning with dynamic looking exteriors and a truly classy design. Not only exteriors, the car looks even more luxurious inside than the old Santa Fe. In this article we bring you some of the great Santa Fe features and help you to decide whether this car is a power packed performer or it’s just another ordinary release following the line-up.

Before going straight to the review of this car, these are some of the technical specifications of the new Hyundai Santa Fe. The technical specifications look good enough to get some high performance.



Review: Engine & Performance

The car comes with a 2.2-litre DOHC CRDi diesel engine which is quite enough to generate high qualified power to the compact SUV. It produces an excellent amount of torque ranging up to 420 Nm which is quite impressive and comes handy in order to increase the power and performance of the car, besides being large this power helps the car to move at rapid speeds. The mileage of the car ranges from a 9-13 Kmpl which depends upon the road condition and gear transmission as well. It can reach 0-100kms mark within 9-10 sec at a ranging speed of 193Kmph. The 6-speed auto H-matic gearbox is able to give a precise amount of power to the engine and helps to increase the performance of the car. The Eco-pro mode is introduced in Santa Fe, and it can balance the power aspects and the car and reduce fuel consumption.

2015 hyundai santa fe engine

Image Source:

Review: Driving and Handling

The new Santa Fe is equipped with a new technology known as the flexi-steer technology. The new Santa Fe is the first model to get this technology from Hyundai. It allows the user to change steering to three profiles such as Comfort, Normal and Sport. While driving in city roads you can set the driving mode to normal or comfort mode and while on highway you can change it to sport mode for a convenient steering at higher speeds. Santa Fe suits for both on and off road conditions. The hill hold function can help you to drive in hill slope conditions too.

Review: Styling


The exterior of this car is followed by the same Hyundai fluidic design principle which gives the car an awesome feel from outside. Unlike traditional SUV’s Santa Fe doesn’t have a boxy design. The aerodynamic design makes the car look more interesting and adds an elegant look to this car. The design off this car was done with compromising the aesthetic appeal and the front grille with chrome plated finish with a Hyundai logo studded at the center, that looks amazing. The projection headlamp at front and ravishing red lights mounted at the rear end of the car adds beauty to this car. The fog lamps come with clear lens that make the road more visible during high fog conditions. The side looks of the car is decent and the 18-inch alloy wheels with metallic flares that match’s the car color looks very pleasing. The chrome tipped twin exhaust outlets add a sporty feel to this car.

Hyundai Santa FE review


The interior of the car certainly offers a good comfort feel to this car as the interior is more luxurious than its previous releases. The bucket seats are very comfortable and feels very at home, even in hectic traffic. The front two seats are adjustable up to 12 different ways electrically and the high quality leather touches on seats gives the car interiors an elegant feel. Like the seats as I said the steering can be adjusted according to our comfort, which adds more comfort during long drives. The car controls are neatly placed on the console with LED touching makes the car look more fashionable and trendy. The dash board is engraved with urbane carbon black trim that looks stunning and stylish too. The car is basically a seven seater and looks very spacious from inside and the comfort quotient is good. The other instruments in the interiors such as the tachometer, speedometer, and trip meter and the basic feature such as AC-Vents, Cruise Controlling, and Central lock look great and well placed.

Hyundai Santa FE interiors

Review: Safety

For a high performer like this, safety should be considered as one of the peak factors in order to increase the sales. Hence Hyundai has offered many safety measure in this car. The safety factors includes ABS+EBD, 6 airbags, Electronic Stability Program, Brake assist, Hill hold function, Curtain airbags at the top and the Roll Over sensor adds a great safety support to this car. It is awarded with 5 star NCAP Rating.

Hyundai Santa FE safety test


The new Santa Fe can face rivalry from these cars in its class

  • Renault Koleos
  • Honda CR-V
  • Chevrolet Captiva
  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
  • Nissan X-Trail
  • Ssangyong RX7

Pros & Cons:


  • New looks
  • Comfort aspects
  • Good Wheelbase
  • Improved engine specs
  • Good Safety Measures
  • Nice Handling


  • Decrease of comfort quotient from third row.
  • Cost
  • Fuel efficiency can be improved


This car has all the features to be served as a family car and it can also serve as an enjoyable one to go with your friends for a long ride. If you can afford some good amount of money, this car can be a great choice – as it has multiple features equipped in it

SAAB Is Back ! SAAB 9-3 An Overview

Lets speak about a brand which is famous for its build quality. The car which is commonly referred to as the “Swedish Car with Aircraft Quality”, “a Well Built Swede”, and “One of the Most Intelligent Car Ever Built” . Yes, it is one of the most predominant Swedish Cars and Mr.James Bond’s Choice- its nothing but the SAAB.

Saab 900 Cutout

Image Source:

The Great Rise:

Before previewing the newly released Saab. We would surely need to take a look back to its history, so we can understand SAAB’s greatness and why it is considered as one of the predominant automobile manufacturer in the world. Saab was first started in the year in 1945. But the roots of this car come back from 1937, where Saab AB (Svenska Aeroplan AB) a Swedish aerospace and defense company was started in Linköping-Sweden, in order to build the aircrafts for Swedish Air-force as World War II started provoking at that moment and Europe stared actively participating in World War II. The European armies were in dire need of air based weaponry and at that moment Saab AB was considered as one of the major sources for air based weaponry. As the war gets settled, the market for airplanes were slowly decreased and the company was looking for a new market to continue. In 1945 the automobile market boomed, getting Saab to enter in to the automobile market and in the same year Saab introduced a single engine car Saab 91. In 1948 after moving to Trollhättan, and doing some projects there, Saab finally introduced Saab 92 in 1949 and continued it until 1969

Saab history

1969-89: Saab Changed into Saab Scania

In 1969 Saab was overtaken by Scania-Vabis, a leading Truck company and 10 years later Saab Scaniareleased the mix-over as Saab 900 and it was considered one of the best-selling cars of the year. After releasing Saab 9000 in mid-1988’s both companies were moved a part.

Saab Scania logo

Image Source:

1989-2010: Saab, takeover by General Motors

After gaining 50% of Saab ownership rights and the other 50% in 2011 GM gained the official ownership of Saab. Under GM, Saab has released models such as Saab 9-2, Saab 9-5, Saab 9-7x . In 2010 GM sold Saab to the Dutch automobile manufacturer Spyker Cars.

saab and gm dealer signs

Image Source:

2010-14: Reinventing Saab.

In 2010, due to investment problems the Swedish automobile maker didn’t release any Saab cars into the market. After bankruptcy and a billion dollar damage it sold Saab to a Chinese based company: National Electric Vehicle (Nev) in 2012. They had a couple of patent rights war with Scania ( due to the logo Saab has set to observation states ) , and in 2013 all the claims were dismissed and now Saab is all set to roll again with its new release the 2014 SAAB 9-3.

Saab 9-3 aero

Image Source:

2014 SAAB 9-3:

Haven looking back in to its history and how Saab was changed hands among some of the finest automobile companies, I think Saab is truly a wounded warrior. So let’s jump into the overview of the new release 2014 SAAB 9-3

Saab Aero 9-3 review

Image Source:

Carrying the historical legacy, the new 2014 SAAB 9-3 is at first sold in China and Sweden, as these two countries are considered as the past and present for this car. However this model can be available to other countries also but the major priorities will be Sweden and China. Here are the technical specification of this car:


Review: Styling


The 2014 SAAB 9-3 looks super stunning with a nice elongated body and looks attractive. The matt metallic finished radiator grille at the front adds an elegant look to this car. The added advantages of this car are its alloy wheels, and its sportive suspension, these things make the car suitable for On-road and Off-road driving too. Fog lights which are present at the rear end of this car are often visible from qualified distances. The side of this car looks even more stunning and the side design resembles the second generation Saab 9-5. The exteriors include Day time Running Lights in the spoiler front and the Bi-xenon headlights cornering around the window are neatly placed.

Saab 9-3 review


Luxury and Comfort are two basic principles when it comes to the interiors of this car. The interior specs includes Automatic climate control with two different climate zones, air filtering cabin, Cruise Control System, Automatic light length controls. The car is equipped with sensors to control length of the light from front lamps, has a rear parking sensor and wiper Sensors to detect rain. The central locking system has an electronic key for central controlling.

2014 Saab 9-3 Interior

Image Source:

Review: Safety

Safety is one of the main aspects of this car. We can safely say that the safety features of this car resemble the U.S president’s Cadillac which is considered as one of the safest cars in the world !

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) + EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution)
  • TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring)
  • 2 stage Airbags
  • Cargo shift protection
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Immobilizers
  • Side Impact Protection (roof mounted airbags) on side and roof too.
  • Follow me home functioning program
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • Safety Padding System

Power and Performance

Power to this car comes from a 4-cylinder turbocharged straight engine with direct fuel injection which can reach a maximum torque upto Nm350 ECC at 2000-4000 RPM (Rotation per Minute). The company says that the Saab can reach 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 Secs with a top speed reaching up to 240Kmph. This vehicle is also considered as one of the eco-pro vehicle as it has lowest carbon gas emission rate up to 170/195 g/km. The 6-speed Manual/Auto transmission provides precise amount of power to this car.


By observing all the specs of SAAB 9-3, this wounded soldier can certainly have all the qualities in order to regain its lost title and can certainly rule the automobile world. Hhmm… one day Saab will become Mr.Bond’s choice again as it has all the requisites ( As the tag line says its truly “Born From Jets” ! )

Mahindra Ssangyong Korando: An Overview

South Korean car maker Ssangyong has sold its rights in India to Mahindra, which is considered as one of the leading automobile companies in India. After this takeover, Mahindra Ssangyong has shown its two conceptual SUV releases Rexton and Korando to the public. But the Indian manufacturer showed their priority towards Rexton, as Rexton has features which are quite suitable for the Indian roads. Taking this into consideration Ssangyong has released the Rexton in the Indian market in 2012.

After a successful release, Ssangyong Rexton is slowly getting its share in the Indian market. So after the successful release of Rexton, Mahindra is planning to launch the Korando to the Indian market by making some changes to the likes of the Indian market. The SUV which is going to released soon in the Indian market is the Fifth Generation Korando which was displayed in Busson Motor Show.

2014 Ssangyong Korando

Image Source:

Interesting Facts: The name “Koranda” is a historical name of “Korea”. As Ssangyong is a Korean based company it choose the historical name of Korea as its car label.  Giogetto Giugiare is a famous Italian automobile designer who is well known for his designs in Fiat, is also involved in designing this SUV.

Let’s jump back to reviewing some salient features of this car so that we can get to a point where we can decide, whether this car has enough features to rock on the Indian roads & capture millions of hearts or it’s just an ordinary release.

Styling Review


The exterior of the car looks very aggressive and sharp looking. The masculine aspects of the car body are well designed and these looks will be one of the most considerable assets of this car. The angular shaped design and most importantly the large wheel arches with flares look stunning and very catchy. The double lined slat grille on the front gives an added beauty to the front.The back is also neatly designed with dual chrome exhausts complementing the front looks. The hexagonal Fog-lamps with LED touching at the front and high mounted stop lights looks good and well placed. The edgy design at the sides of the car is fantastic and it provides good looks to the car. The roof rails make this car quite suitable for touring. The car has long wheel bases which makes it quite suitable on every road.

Koranda looks


The interiors look great and well designed. The dashboard looks out-dated but well-furnished with controls and the console is neatly designed with some tech gadgets such as the satellite navigation systems attached to a central touch screen control system. Not only SATNAV, but many other controlling features of this car are attached to the central touch screen system which makes it quite easy for every user to use it. Other features such as the AC-Vents, Music/IPod Player, Climate Control, Cruise-Control, and Central Locking Systems are also given in this car. The High end model can get heating seats as well. The only drawback in the interior is the presence of some cheap plastic which will impact the rating.

Koranda interior

Review: Engine, Performance and Driving

The Ssangyong Korando was initially powered by a 2.0-Litre Isuzu Engine. After having an alliance with Mercedes-Benz, one of the world leading automobile manufacturer the Isuzu engine was replaced by the monstrous 2.3-litre Mercedes-Benz engine. This engine helps Korando tremendously, as many folks turned thier heads to Korando due to this engine upgrade. This monstrous engine has drastically changed the performance of the car as the 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine is able to power out 175PS and 360Nm of peak torque and it can reach higher speeds within less time. This power makes the car more suitable for on road and off-road driving. The 6 speed manual/automatic transmission gives a precise and balanced amount of power to the car. The added height due to the large wheel base will surely increase the driving experience as the driver can see the road very clearly. The drawback in this is that the engine is sometimes noisy and produces a harsh grunt.

Ssangyong Korando engine

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Safety Review: 

With greater performance, the car should have increased safety measure so the peoples inside are safe at high speeds. Hence Ssangyong gives high priority to safety along with performance. The car is provided with safety measures such as the ABS+EBD, Airbags, ESP (Electronic Stability Program) control, Hill Start Assist (HSA) and Active Roll-over Protection (ARP) which certainly adds more protection to this car. These measures have to be provided by Ssangyong, after all the company is targeting 65 dealers across the country. These kinds of features must be provided in order to please them.

Rivalry & Running Cost:

The car faces rivalry from cars such as Chevrolet Captiva, Renault Koleos, Toyota fortuner in its class and in price tag too, as the car is set to have a price tag between 15-20 Lakhs.


Like the previous Ssangyong release Rexton and Korando, also will be produced by Mahindra at their Chakan plant with 22 percent localization. This will allow the manufacture to decide its price tag in a decent way ( and yes the company should consider the pricing of its rivals before deciding the price ). If the company sets the price nominal then this car will see the success of the Rexton model. The yes, five year mileage warranty will be considered as one of the best aspects with this car 🙂

Volkswagen Taigun- an expert Preview

German automaker Volkswagen is known for its build quality, perfection and is considered as one of the leading automobile manufacturers in Europe. It is the most loved car brand by Europeans ( and in many other countries ). The slogan of this company “Das Auto” also conveys the same, as the meaning of this slogan is “Peoples-Car”.  In order to standardize the name and fame of the company in the tough competitive landscape, VW group is planning to release some new crossovers across some European countries and as well as some Asiatic countries like China, India and Singapore. Taigun is one among this line-up.

Volkswagen Taigun:

Volkswagen Taigun was first showcased at the Sao Paulo Auto Show, which was held in the year 2012. Before jumping into the review – these are some technical specifications of this car ( to have a better understanding of what we are dealing with )

Volkswagen Taigun front look

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  • Engine: 1.0-litre 3cyl turbo charged petrol, Direct Fuel Injection
  • Power/torque: 109bhp/175Nm
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive
  • CO2 Emission: 60.1mpg/110g/km
  • 0-62mph/Top speed: 9.2 seconds/116mph
  • Equipment: Air-con, split tailgate, electric windows, LED daytime running lights
  • Will be on sale: End of 2015 or early 2016.

Styling Review


When it comes to the car exteriors, the car’s masculine looks can impress you in the first glance itself. The Taigun features an overall length of about 3859mm, 1728mm of total width and an overall height of 1570mm, which seems quite good for this segment. The wheelbase has slightly increased to 2.47meters in order to give an aggressive look complementing to the masculine appeal. The car grille is neatly designed with its logo studded at the center ( looks stunning and elegant ). The looks of this car makes this vehicle most suitable for automobile markets like India. The LED daytime running light adds a nice and smart look for the car. The back and front of this car is designed for complementing the masculine looks of this car. The front end looks aggressive, while the rear end maintains a decent profile. The protective cladding on the bumper makes a good safety measure for the car. The 17-inch alloy wheels give the car a trendy look. The rugged appeal at the sides of this car looks even more stylish.


The car interiors also look pretty good with two tone beige and black color scheme, giving an ambient look for the car. The company has stated that the interiors of this vehicle will be equipped with a number of advanced functions and tech add-ons. The seats are covered with premium black beige color upholstery, that gives the car a gorgeous premium look. The car is very spacious and fit for long family rides. The dashboard looks great with well-placed control schemas, AC-vents, MP3/IPod Player, and an LCD screen fitted at the center. When it comes to interior design three things are considered : Connectivity, Luxury& Ease. The power steering system with tilt function can serve for a better driving experience. The boot space also looks big enough to accommodate all the stuff needed while traveling. Many other features such as the Seat heating systems, Smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth audio streaming, bottle and cup holders, fold-able rear seats etc. are quite good too.

Volkswagen Taigun interiors

Engine & Performance:

The car is powered with a 1.0-litre 3 cylinder turbo charged engine with a direct fuel injection system. This engine has the capacity to emit a maximum power of about 108.5bhp at 5000rpm, and it can generate 175Nm of peak torque output at just 1750rpm. This engine is precisely combined with a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox that distributes the torque output to the front wheels in order to get good acceleration, as the car is said to reach 100 Kmph speed mark only at 9.2 Seconds.

Reliability and Safety:

They are speculations that Volkswagen is going to place the car’s front axle with a McPherson Strut type, which is an advanced suspension system for added protection. If this is right then it would be an added advantage for this car. Excluding this, the rear could be protected by a Torsion Beam protective system and some other added safety features such as air bags, side impact protection, ABS with EBD, seat belts, engine immobilizer, central locking system etc. Now, that’s what I call as some of the best safety measures in a car.

Thumbs Up:

Very stylish and elegant body design, advanced engine, Masculine looks

Thumbs Down:

Cost May Be High, Absence of Diesel Variant.


As this is considered to be a future release, some of the features may be changed from the concept model. When it comes to quality, Volkswagen has made Volkswagen Taigun remarkable with impressive design and features.  With competitive pricing, Taigun will sure be a shogun in the Volkswagen line-up.

Nissan Qashqai – a review

Nissan is one of the few automobile companies which are known for superior and elegant design. This Japan based automobile company is now targeting the MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) segment with its new release Qashqai. Nissan Qashqai was one of the first cars to combine 4×4 styling with hatchback running costs and this formula from Nissan quickly turned it into a best-seller concept.

In 2006 Qashqai kick started the year with a cross-over Qashqai (old). With the new version of Qashqai, Nissan is all set to do the same once again. The latest model is built on the same model in par with the old Qashqai model offering more style, sharper handling space, along with better fuel economy and new equipment’s under the skin to make this car more trendy and classy.

Nissan Qashqai premier review

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So let’s dive in to the review to understand the aspects of the car and come to a point where we can decide whether this car has enough power packed to call it a new cross-over or just an ordinary release.

Before going to preview, here are the technical specifications of the Nissan Qashqai



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Review: Styling


When it comes to the exteriors the new Qashqai has a better design when compared to the old Qashqai with in-detail and sharp looks. In front, the Nissan Qashqai features a sharp nose with angular headlamps and ravishing running lights made from LED. The twin chrome bars adds a new and trendy look and at back the LED tail-lamps wrap around the corners of the car and on the tailgate makes the car more elegant and classy. The Qashqai body is built with a smooth stream line with advanced aerodynamics with active elements. By looking into all this we can observe that Nissan has done a great rework when it comes to the car’s looks. It truly sets a new benchmark for the crossover design.


When it comes to the interiors, Nissan has reinvented the aspects of the car to make it more suitable for family rides. Qashqai interiors are neatly designed with plenty of soft-touch plastics. All the controls are cleverly placed so the driver feels more comfortable using them. The car’s raised height level gives the driver an excellent view of the road and by doing this Nissan has certainly raised the driving levels. The dash board is neatly furnished with an LCD monitor from which the user can perform all the actions in the car with ease.

The company has added another innovative feature to the Nissan Qashqai which is called as the Active Grille Shutter system. This intelligent technology maximizes the cars aerodynamic efficiency by closing off the airflow through the radiator when it is not needed. The grille shutter automatically shuts at speeds over 30kph and only opens if sensors detect that the engine needs cooling and when it cools it is automatically shut again. This is a new feature invented by Nissan and is debuting with this car.

Nissan Qashqai expert review

Review: Driving Performance & Engine

When it comes to the engine, Qashqai has 3 variant 1.6-Litres Diesel (High-range), 1.5-Litres Diesel (Mid-range), 1.2-Litres Petrol (Low-range). The 1.5-Litres Diesel engine can reach 0-60mph in 12.4 seconds which is not a considerable range for a car like this. If you are a guy who likes speed and is willing to pay for the speed the 1.6-Litres Diesel is the best choice to give this car a good speed as the 1.6-Litres Diesel engine can reach 0-60mph in just 10.5 seconds while the low end 1.2-Litres petrol can reach 0-60mph in 11.3 seconds.

Both 1.6-Litres and 1.5-Litres Diesel engines are quite good for a car like this, but 1.5-Litres Diesel is worth for its price tag while the high end has a slight high price tag. With this engine the driving experience is smooth and the greatest advantage that lies in this is that the fuel-economy is high. The precise combination of throttle response with 6 speed gear box delivers a great driving at experience. The turnings on the city roads are very smooth due to the raised ground clearance as now the driver will about to get a clear view of the road. The steering grip is high and breaking individual wheels in a precise manner delivers more positive turn-in. The 360 camera assist system is quite handy while parking the car as it gives a 360 degrees view of the backside. But the disadvantage in this system is that its allotted only for the high-end model.

Nissan Qashqai

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Review: Safety

Qashqai (old) was awarded with five star rating for the safety measures by test body Euro NCAP. While the new one is also offering the best possible safety measures which includes the individual tire breaking system, 6 Air bags ( 4 for front and two for rear ), and stability control system. The high and middle level Qashqai also offers smart vision pack which includes systems that warn if you’re going out of your lane or in danger of having a collision with obstacles. An image showing the safety test under Euro NCAP.

Running Cost & Rivals:

As far as the price tag goes many prices are specualted in the market, but the actual pricing is not confirmed yet by the company. Even the so called low end model also has the basic features such as iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, Cruise control system, AC-vents which many other companies that don’t offer s for a low end model think. However the mid and high end are equipped with more add-on features. I think Nissan should hold its value better than the rival models from companies such as Mazda, Ford, Hyundai, and Vauxhall.


For me the Nissan Qashqai is a power packed car as it has all the features what that are needed. But we have to wait for the official release of the price tag to see how deep a pocket one needs. If the price is set to an affordable range then I am sure that this will be one of the best model to watch out for, as it has all the qualifications which can help to seize the market from its rivals.

Maruti Suzuki SX4 S-Cross : Preview

Maruti Suzuki is considered as one of the largest car manufacturers in India and now this leading company is planning to launch several new models in the next 12 months, starting with this line-up Maruti Suzuki India Limited has officially unveiled a brand new crossover for the Indian market named as Maruti SX4 S Cross. This is considered as one of the two crossovers which are going to be released by Maruti while the other one is said to be XA Alpha or iV4. While the SX4 Cross is placed under the compact crossover segment, XA Alpha or iV4 is said to be placed under the Subcompact segment.  The compact crossover SX4 S-Cross carries the same design principles of the SX4 sedan which is considered as one of the best-releases from this company and has received the 5-star Euro NCAP safety ratings for its safety features. Maruti is considering this crossover release to be as successful in par with its predecessor SX4 Sedan. Even the looks of the crossover are are in lines with the SX4 Sedan.

This crossover was first unveiled at 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March and it was also unveiled at 2014 Delhi Auto Show in India. This car was first developed in collaboration with the Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat. The demand for MPV’s and Compact Utility Vehicles are increasing suddenly in India as many people are opting to buy  Compact Utility Vehicles than a Full Fledged SUV considering the affordability factors. With this growing demand in India, Maruti is planning to launch two crossovers in India and Maruti is considering SX4 Cross to be a major trump card to play in this tough competition areana.

So let’s dive in to the review to understand whether this car has the required features to call it as the game changer or a considerable ordinary release??

Maruti SX4 S-Cross

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Review: Styling & Looks


The newly unveiled Maruti SX4 S Cross comes with good looks and with a bit of smart and glossy design that can impress you in the first glance itself. The Exterior looks quite similar to the 2006 release SX4 Sedan. The front look gets a three piece chrome plated black grille with the studded Suzuki logo at middle of the grille. The head lights are also similar to the old release except that the new release gets the daytime LED’s and projector headlamps. In addition to this, there is an protective cladding made from aluminium under the bumper that can provide additional protection to the front from sudden strokes and as well as also from minor accidents. The wheels are fitted with a diamond shaped alloy which looks trendy and classy. While the rear end of this car also has a rear bumper with a metal platted finish same as front bumper and the tail lamps have a new classy and edgy design. The side looks are slightly changed with elongated doors for a good entry and as well as exit.


When it comes to interiors it looks neat and well-furnished and the design of the interiors look similar as in the Maruti’s Swift Hatchback model. Especially the steering wheel and the instrument clusters look very similar to the Swift. The dashboard looks quite simple and sophisticated with an integrated infotainment system, gearbox console, AC unit and other control buttons which are placed in smart way so that the user will be able to handle them easily. The seats are covered with premium black leather upholstery that gives a luxurious feel to people seated inside the car. The rear seats can accommodate three people comfortably and will fold down to expand the boot space at the back and the boot space is quite large in order to accommodate all things inside.

Maruti SX4 S-Cross features

Review: Engine & Performance:

When it comes to engine, the SX4 S-Cross comes in both petrol and diesel variants. The petrol version is expected to be powered by a 4-cylinder, 1.6-litre Multi-jet engine (1586cc displacement). It can produce a maximum power of 118Bhp at 5600 to 6000rpm, and this engine can generate a maximum torque output of 156Nm of peak torque at 4000rpm, which is quite impressive. This petrol version is expected to be powered with a 5-speed manual along with a CVT gearbox option. The entry level or low level diesel variants could be offered with a 4-cylinder, 1.3-litre engine having a 1248cc displacement capacity which is also considerably good if the car price is set to minimum.

With these engines the car is set have a good acceleration as the company is saying that the 1.6-Litre Multi-jet engine can reach 100 Kmph speed in just 11.3 to 11.5 seconds. The car can reach up to a maximum speed of about 185 Kmph. While the 1.6-Litre Petrol engine mill is expected go up gear up to a top speed of 170 Kmph and can accelerate from 0 to 100 Kmph speed in 10 to 11 seconds which is also quite impressive.

Maruti SX4 S-Cross review

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Review: Safety

Safety is considered as one of the maximum priority aspect by Maruti. Hence many Maruti Suzuki cars are equipped with great safety measures. This car also has great safety features such as dual front air bags, ABS+EBD, central locking system, engine immobilizer, seat belts, side impact beams. With all these we can say that the car has  great safety measures.


This car is all set to face its rivals right from Honda to Mahindra and Renault to Ford. The cars which are considerable rivals for this car are

  • Ford Eco-sport
  • Mahindra XUV-500
  • Scorpio
  • Renault Duster
  • Honda Mobilio
  • Nissan Terrano

Key reason to own: Sophisticated body design, luxuriant interiors, Classy looks and After sales support

Reasons to skip: Chance of high Price tag, Not so trendy looking.

Release Expectations & Price:

We can expect this car to be released in second half of 2014 or at starting months of 2015. It is likely to be priced in the range of Rs 8 lakh (low-end) to Rs 14 lakh (high-end).


Maruti is said to be one of the largest manufactures for the Indian market and well known for its good designs. If you want a classy car at a good price then it will be one of the best choices you have. We expect Maruti to release this car at a reasonable price tag so that it can be a tough competitor for its rivals.

Renault KWID Concept – Overview

Renault is considered as one of the most innovate automobile companies around the world. In 2012 one of the renowned news agency Thomas Reuters has ranked Renault among the world’s 100 most innovative companies. Renault follows a principle that makes the company unique from others, as innovation for other company’s mean a lot more expensive R&D that is confined to a group of rich peoples only. But for Renault, innovation means designing and developing an affordable range of products which many people can afford. Renault has a motto of reaching as many people as they can through their innovation. These things make Renault quite different from other manufacturers. In this exploration of innovation, Renault has come up with a new design that can change the future of the automobile industry.

The new concept is called as KWID.

KWID is a concept car unveiled at the 2014 Delhi Auto Show by Renault and it is considered as one of the prestigious concept cars in that Auto show, targeting the new markets for Renault which includes India, and some other western countries. Actually this is considered as a grand release as it was for the first time it was showing a concept outside of Europe. By observing all this, we can come to a conclusion that Renault is considering India as one of its key market place in order to disclose its innovation as surprisingly Renault gives India great importance next to Europe which is considered as the unbeatable arena for Renault cars.

KWID Renault

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When it comes to looks, KWID looks great and is every bit the concept car in its looks. The car is a combo design i.e. it looks a part dune buggy and a part SUV. The dual combination looks very unique, and it stays below 4 meters in overall length. The body of KWID is amazingly designed ( Thanks to the presence of different group of people, such as Brazilians, French and Indians in design team ). The design team comprises of some Indian automobile designers which includes Neha Lad (Color Designer). KWID comes with a mix color that comprises of Grey and Yellow. Neha Lad justifies it saying Grey denotes the earthy nature of India whereas Yellow denotes the hues of Indian spices and flowers like the marigold. The interiors were also designed by yet another Indian Mishu Batra.

Renault KWID review

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Interior :

The interiors are designed in such a way that it can fit a family quite comfortably. Considerably there are two twists in the interiors which make it very different from all other cars. The first twist is that, the car is a five seater with 3 seats in front and two at the back. The second twist is, unlike all cars the steering wheel is mounted at the middle so we have to find a new name for this ( other than the Left hand and right hand driving ) in order to denote the new driving experience. The interiors are spacious enough to fit any size of people. Rear view mirrors are replaced with cameras and the output from these cameras get displayed at the top ends of the dash. Apart from these the car is also equipped with a dual-zone mock climate control system.

Renault Kwid interior

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As it is a concept car, the specification might be change when it turns into a commercial model, and as with the technical specifications, Renault has revealed some of them :

  • The KWID has been powered by Renault’s 1.2 litre H5ft turbocharged petrol engine which has 120 bhp. This motor is similar to Renault Clio and Captur which are from Renault’s European car line-up.
  • Easy Start/Stop engine button
  • 6 speed EDC (Efficient Dual-Clutch) gearbox.
  • Charging socket adaptability to make the car even work with electricity
  • Battery pack for charging.
  • Price tag is not confirmed yet, as it is a concept car still under experimental stage.

I will keep updating the specs whenever they are officially announced or confirmed by the company, so keep this page bookmarked for exclusive updates.

KWID Flying Companion: Most desirable and innovative feature

KWID is accompanied with a flying companion,this flying companion is a remote controlled heli-cam that sits in a niche in the car’s roof. It is camouflaged, as the flying companion also has the same color as the car roof and it is present in a compartment made on the roof. The flying companion acts like a recon drone which is used to monitor the traffic or road conditions that lie ahead. The drone can be controlled manually by using the center mounted LCD screen as a controller or the drone can be set into auto mode so that it can work independently. This makes the whole package real interesting and fun. KWID is considered to have the world’s first built-in quad copter.

Renault kwid quadcopter

Image Source:

Bottom Line:

We have to consider that it is a concept model and still is in the experimentation stage.  I will keep updating the details as and when there are further updates.