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Yezdi Roadking: ForEver Bike ForEver Value

The Indian Muscle Car Hindustan Motor’s Contessa to Indian Automobile Queen Premier Padmini, these automobile legends stay in my heart forever. Many people don’t know about Indian made cars, and bikes. Even I was one of them. I knew about the Indian made cars Premier and Contessa, but I really didn’t know that India had a very own Motorcycle company too in earlier days.

I felt very sad on hearing that, like Premier, this manufacturer stopped production and became history now. The brand which was once known for its great tagline “ForEver Bike ForEver Value” – Yezdi Roadking. When I searched about this bike, I was surprised to see that, it was once compared with one of the most sought bikes in automobile history “Royal Enfield Bullet” and “Rajdoot”. This bike has a glorious history and a dramatic downfall. So, let’s find out some of the interesting aspects of our very own Indian motorcycle.

Yezdi Roadking

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History and Origin:

The Yezdi Roadking was a motorcycle which was produced in India by Ideal Jawa during 1978-1996. Ideal jawa is a Mysore based company which produced its motorcycles with a “Yezdi” signature. Like Padmini was produced under the license from FIAT, this motorcycle was also produced under the license of a Czechoslovakian company JAWA. Jawa was the biggest Eastern motorcycle manufacturing unit, producing a top capacity of 1,00,000 motorcycles annually, but unfortunately many peoples don’t know about this amazing fact and consider it as a small one.

It is also considered as one of the companies who participate in GP and Enduro Competitions till now at present too. The Jawa motorcycles were first introduced in India in 1960’s when it first released the oil king to the market. It a separate oil lube system via an oil pump, but unfortunately this model is considered as failure. The failure of this leads to the birth of road king. Yezdi Roadking was the one of the most successful and predominant model in Ideal Jawa’s History. It was based on CZ 250 ridden by rider Jaroslav Falta. With this he won runner-up spot in the 1974 motocross world championship. It also won several rallies across India. I have to quote one racing situation in the history.

Jaroslav walter and cz250ccCZ-250 Image Source:

Yezdi Castrol Continental Ride:

In October 1942, Deepak Kamath and G.H.Basavaraj from Bangalore undertook an expedition to travel 6 continents on this bike. Their goal is to achieve 42,038 km ride and they initially planned that, it will take around 119 days to complete it. But, what was happened was amazing. They completed the race within 47 days and thus they became the first to circumnavigate the globe in the shortest period of time. It’s really amazing. It shows how powerful the road king in reality.

After that this expedition was famed as “Yezdi Castrol Continental Ride”.


They are no specific reason for this bike’s downfall in particular, they are several. One of the main reason for the downfall is the vigorous competition and the Yezdi bikes was actually designed for youngsters, and those are slowly opted out from buying this bike due to the release of new models from Yamaha, and Royal Enfield. This coupled with emission norms, lack of engine upgrades  lead to the company downfall in 1996.


These are some technical specification of Road king. Yezdi Roadking Specs


Yezdi Roadking, the name itself has the royalty embeded in it. The masculine look of Roadking will surely attract you in the first glance itself. The most attractive part of this bike is its large unique shaped tanks, which has the monogram ‘YEZDI’ embedded on it. The two silencers at the back of the bike look very attractive and appealing. In fact this maneuver has made this bike to look like a sport material. The standard handlebar offers a comfort ride even on long travels.

The above continental ride example will prove this for sure. The only drawback in handling the bike was that the grips are hard and felt too plastic, however we could manage them by adding some good handle accessories. One of the worst case scenarios of this bike is that it is quite easily exposed to corrosion, as the internal parts have less tendency towards the environmental issues. Hence the corrosion of this bike becomes a head ache for most of the Yezdi users. Coming to seats, the seats of Roadking was real classy. It decreases the styling quotient for sure, but in the matter of comfort, these seats were better than any other bikes of that time.

Engine and Performance:

The Roadking is equipped with a 250 cc Air-cooled, two-stroke cycle, single cylinder, twin exhaust engine system. With CB point ignition system and 4-speed gearbox the road king can achieve a total power output up to 17.00 hp @ 5250 rpm and a peak torque ranging up to 2.43 Kgm at 4250 RPM.

This bike also has some unique features, the kick-starter and the gear shared the same rod and another feature is the Primary Kick can be started in any gear by just depressing the Clutch. With these unique engine and transmission features the road king could achieve higher speed up to 120KMPH.

Yezdi Roadking Engine bay                         Image Source:

Handling and Braking:

The handling of this bike was very good at average speeds i.e. up to 60-65Kmph. But, while going for top speeds such as 80-90, the bike shaked sometime. This happened because the engine was directly fitted onto the bike’s chassis without any supportive elements. Hence the strain occurred on the engine that affected the bike’s handling. Road king is said to have good handling aspects while cornering and it also tends to have highest road grip. The Road king was accommodated with drum brakes at front and rear as well. Though they are not so reliable like the present disc brakes, these brakes could stop the bike without any failure at speed ranging up to 60-75Mph.

Chassis and Suspension:

As it is a motocross type, the bike was accommodated with a square tube, in a single frame type chassis work which suits for both on road and off road traveling. Coming to the suspension, Road king was accommodated with a Telescopic suspension at front & with Hydraulic Travel up to 130 mm, and in rear Hydraulic Shock Absorbers were used.


This Road king was a true classic and surely deserves the name “King Of Indian Road”. As a true Indian, everybody should know about this bike for sure. It is my utmost pleasure to write a review on one of the most outrageous motorbike in Indian history. I feel very proud in paying tribute to this Indian pride and it will stay in my heart forever. This is a “true road king”

Premier Padmini- A Full-fledged Indian Car

As a part of writing about some of the India’s best cars ever made, I came up with some old cars which were once considered as main stream of the Indian Automobile Industry. From Mitsubishi Lancer to Maruti Esteem these cars were once unbeatable in India. But none of these cars had a full-fledged Indian signature on it as Lancer is from Mitsubishi which is a Japan based company and Esteem is from Suzuki which is also another country company made.

Now I am going to tell you about a car which is considered as a “Full-Fledged Indian Car” and “A true Indian Pride”. I call this car so, because it was produced and manufactured right in India and it had very less involvement of other foreign companies. If you are a true Indian, you should know about this car as this is the only car then & until now, that is fully owned by India. There is no company like this until now.  Can you guess it? Yeah it’s our very own Premier which was called by a second name “Padmini”.

premier padmini deluxe

Image Source:


Premier Padmini was actually manufactured in India during 1964-2000 by premier under license of the Italian automobile legend “Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino”. Have you heard it ever before? Of course you heard it. It’s Fiat’s full name. Premier was produced under the vision of Fiat. Premier only used the license of Fiat and obtained some inspiration from Fiat’s 1100 deign, except for that Premier was fully produced in India itself. I will tell you some interesting facts about how Padmini actually arrived. The arrival of Padmini has a link with Hindustan Motors.

In terms of history, before Padmini was produced, Fiat had released its 500 model in India and while getting good success, Hindustan motors suddenly unveiled the ambassador to the market and due to this the sales of Fiat’s 500 dropped. To overcome this competition Fiat made an ally with Premier (a new company) and then they both built a new car based on Fiat’s 1100 model in order to reduce the monopoly of Ambassador. That’s how Padmini was born. After Padmini’s arrival, Premier had an instant success (even more successful than Ambassador) as Padmini had sleek, compact, more streamlined look than ambassador. In the Initial day’s people called this car as Fiat, but later on the name has changed and people started calling the car with its own identity “Padmini”.

Premier Padmini review


Although Ambassador and Padmini came into the market as rivals, they have some serious similarities- they launched in similar time, they conquered the market by giving a tough competition to each other, and even they exited at the same time too. Like ambassador the downfall of this car occurred due to the state liberalization act which allowed foreign cars advent to Indian market. At some time, being a fully loaded Indian car, these two cars faced rivalry from a single opponent Maruti Suzuki.

Technical Specs:

These are some technical specifications of Premier Padmini.

Premier Padmini tech specs


The exteriors of this car was pretty astonishing as it had a shape that was very unique. We can find this type of iconic shapes in some cars only. The most stunning part of this car’s exteriors was its grille design. The black grille design with horizontal and vertical chrome plated fitting at the center with the studded PAL logo looked dramatic.

There are many famous peoples who particularly loved its design. Actor Rajnikanth was one among them. Actually it was one of his first cars which he bought with the remuneration and until now this car is present in his collection. This shows the fact that he was deliberately in love with this car. These are some of the know parts of the Padmini’s exteriors which makes this car look absolute classy.

  • Windows with tint glassing
  • Black grille with horizontal and vertical chrome finishing
  • Standard Tires
  • Chrome plated Stream-lining
  • Bumpers with rubber coated shock absorbers on front and back.


The interiors were also very classy and offered great luxury at back then. If you look at the first advertisement of Premier Padmini, the car was actually unveiled with a slogan” Symbol of luxury”. If you look at the image of that advertisement, an Italian woman feels very luxurious on seeing the car. This conveys that the car was an absolute luxury kind. After all, it had an Italian hand meld (Fiat) in it, that is well known for the luxurious makeovers and of course no one knows luxury better than the Italians. The interiors of the present cars are like an airplane’s cockpit and are flooded with different buttons for different actions. Unlike the present cars, this car had a neat and clean design and Knobs were used instead of buttons. The car could accommodate 5 people easily, but in fact it had a capacity where 6 people could sit comfortably. Bucket seats, foam leather stitching on seats and as well as steering wheel, Analog speedometer, Flat benches at the back, Safe Locker with locks, Different type of Hood design ranges such as wooden design, foam leather fittings with different colors etc. are some of the luxurious aspects of this car. At the  back of the car, it had a total 308-litre of boot space available in order to accommodate luggage.

Premier Padmini advertisement

Engine and Performance:

During the initial days, this car was powered by a Fiat 103 1089cc, Four Cylinder engine and it produced a torque range up to 71 Nm @ 3000 RPM and released a maximum power up to 40 BHP @ 4800 RPM. The top speed of the car was 115mph. After sometime the engine gets a little tweak which decreased the power up to 44 BHP. In late 2000’s when the advent of foreign cars begun, to match this competition premier changed the engine to a more modern, powerful and fuel-efficient variant (S1) from Nissan which had a petrol and diesel variant too. But this step didn’t helped premier from defeat.

Where we can find it now:

This car can now be found high in number in Mumbai as the taxi drivers in Mumbai still use this car. Do you know why they are still using this car? Because the car performance is still the same and it has very less maintenance. Some of those drivers say that “the car is a last-long performer” and it is quite right. But now there is a chance of extinction of this car in Mumbai too, due to new regulations enacted in 2014 by BMMC disallowing the cars which are over 20 year old and all those cars which are present were more than 20 years old. So, this can be the full extinction path of our very own Indian vehicle.

Premier Padmini Taxis Parked in Mumbai

I am sure, we will miss the Indian Automobile Queen for sure. As a true Indian, here I am paying the tribute to “Premier Padmini- The Automobile Queen Of India”.

2014 SRT Viper- An Overview

What is more dangerous than the Viper Snake?.  It’s the all new SRT Viper 2014. Until 2012 the Viper was controlled by Dodge and now it dodged out and reached to SRT for a new beginning. Ditching Dodge, the Bad Ass Viper Returns with SRT and this time the snake is more powerful with outrageous speed and performance.!

Even some of the design aspects of the Stingray are in resemblance with the viper. Moving to the new SRT Viper, the new enhancements are huge and the new Viper has many legends involved, right from its subsidiary Lamborghini to Chrysler group and from SRT to Pirelli.

SRT Viper 2014

Image Source:


These are some of the technical specifications of the new 2014 SRT Viper.

SRT Viper 2014 tech specs

Review: Styling


We know that, viper cars are known for its astonishing build quality and aerodynamic intelligence. The same thing applies to the new Viper as well. The aerodynamic body will surely attract you in the first glance itself. Unlike the other sports cars, Viper’s front is really elongated (there are only a few cars which has this type of elongated body measures). This increases the safety quotient of the car and makes it very stylish and unique.

The light-weight Sidewinder II wheels finished in matte-black and the grille design with whole new Viper’s logo studded on it makes this car amazing and seductive. The Corsa tires which are designed by Pirelli look’s stunning and helps the car to reach maximum speeds with headlong road grip. The headlights and tail-lights which are made of white light-emitting diode (LED) daytime running lamps and Bi-Xenon Lamps are neatly placed to give this car a great road view. In whole the car looks amazing in every angle.

Viper SRT exterior


The all new viper has a whole new skin inside it. When compared to its predecessor, the new viper has a luxurious interior. SRT has focused on driver-focused cockpit-style layout to help drivers drive the car at higher speeds with minimal range of distractions. A 7-inch cluster display which is fully customizable with the tachometer studded in the center makes this car look dramatic and trendy.

Uconnect Access infotainment system made exclusively by Chrysler Group displays the car information that is used by the driver in order to monitor the aspects of the car. Along with these buttons and knobs (which are used to control the aspects of the car such as climate etc.) everything looks perfect and neatly placed. The seats are made by the Italian maker Sabalt, (which sometimes feel uncomfortable for stout folks as they lack upper body support). It also has improved interiors such as audio systems powered by Harman kardon.

SRT Viper interiors

Review: Engine and Performance

The snake is now power packed with a new kind of venom inside in it! Under the hood we can find all-aluminum 8.4-liter V10 which is dubbed as LT4 engine which can churn a maximum torque ranging up to 600 lb·ft (810 N·m) @ 4950 rpm and can produce the power quantity up to 640 bhp (480 kW) @ 6150 rpm. This engine is totally hand made. It also gets a new 6-speed Tremec TR-6060 manual gear system which precisely controls the speed of the car.

Also it has improved add-on enhancement such as new piston range in order to decrease rigidity, sodium-filled exhaust valves, and new catalysts to reduce back pressure. The new viper has new a engineering team which is known as team viper has made this car invincible.

2014 SRT Viper Engine

Image Source:

Review: Suspension and Braking

The new Viper has a great suspension system which is called as Bilstein DampTronic suspension system, is adapted from the GTS. Not only this, it also has a wide range of add-ons adding to the suspension such as shock dampers, increased spring rates in order to control the car efficiently. The 4-piston brembo braking makes this car very reliable at high speeds. These aspects increase the handling aspects of the car tremendously!

2014 SRT Viper Brakes

Review: Safety

This car is not yet crash tested, but this roadster has a wide range of safety measures provided to this car such as

  • Full suite of air bags
  • Traction control
  • Stability Control
  • Pre-tensioning seat belts
  • Uconnect Access infotainment system

However this car safety has a flaw too, as this car does not have side impact curtain airbags.

2014 SRT Viper Safety

Love It:

  • Dynamic exteriors
  • Good Acceleration rates
  • Super performer
  • Handling

Leave It:

  • Safety needs to be better
  • Fuel consumption is high
  • Expensive
  • Small drawbacks in interiors


The car faces major rivalry from Corvette’s C7 stingray and Porsche’s 911 turbo. Not only these two in case of its class, this car also faces rivalry from Audi’s R8, Nissan’s 2015 GTR, 2015 Jaguar’s XKR and Mercedes CL63 AMG.


The new viper is all set to rock the roads, and with these features we can clearly say that it can give pretty good competition to stingray and can the stop the monopoly of C7 in sports segment. Overall it’s a great choice and is unique too.

Hindustan Contessa : The once Muscle Car of India

It’s my pleasure to write about some cars which are considered as true classics of the Indian automobile history. I have already written about some of those cars which are considered as milestones of Indian Automobile History such as the Esteem and Lancer and now put on your seat belts, as we travel again back to history to have a flick on one of the most luxurious cars of those times. The car which was known as “The Indian Limousine” and automobile enthusiasts call it as “The First Indian Muscle Car”. Any guesses?

Yes it is Contessa which was actually built by our very own Indian Pride – Hindustan Motors. This car has more fame at present, than the olden times. So join me to the journey of exploring some of the interesting facts about this car.

Hindustan Contessa 1800 (1985)

Image Source:


The car should have a glorious history in order to call it as an antique master piece. Contessa has it all. During late 1970’s Hindustan Motors was searching for a new model, as the only model they launched till that year was the Ambassador. In fact HM searched for a model which will replace the face of the company as till that year Ambassador was considered as the face of the company. It has served the company with over three decades of outrageous success and at that time Hindustan motors wanted to introduce a modern car in the market. That new modern car was Contessa. The Contessa History has total 2 era’s in it.

Contessa historyImage Source:

Acquiring the inspirations from Vauxhall Victor:

This was the first era of Contessa and in this Hindustan Motors had acquired the inspiration and technology from the 1970’s British Made Vauxhall’s Victor. During that time two things happened suddenly and these things made Contessa to beborn. General motors had already bought the British Vauxhall Company during late 70’s and in the same year Hindustan motors was searching for a new generation vehicle. General motors helped Hindustan motors in acquiring the production tooling and technology of the Vauxhall Victor, a car that was phased out in the UK in 1979. After acquiring those, the production line was started in order to make Contessa. After about 5 years Contessa finally arrived with a 1.5 L BMC B-Series engine powered by 4 speed HM manual gear box. Many folks at that time felt gaga around Contessa as it had a luxurious interior which was never seen before in any cars. But due to the lack of good engine aspects, the car suffered from lack of good performance.

vaux contessa

Hindustan Motors Collaborated with Isuzu:

After having a performance glitch, Hindustan motors searched for an alternative to power up the car. Hindustan tied-up with Isuzu of Japan and started manufacturing their 1.8 L 4ZB1 petrol engine. The gear box was also changed from 4 to 5-speed manual. Contessa then faced instant success. With its powerful performance and luxury, Contessa ruled the Indian market. After Herald, Contessa was the second car to future full independent suspension system. After 1.8, Hindustan motors started manufacturing 2.0 L Isuzu 4FC1 diesel engine. It faced the same success too. After some years, turbo diesel variant was also introduced.

Contessa engine

Image Source:


There are many achievements achieved by this car in its 25 years of career. Its fame wasn’t decreased from then and until now. The achievement made by this car includes

  • Contessa Classic was a very popular choice for government limousines due to its luxury.
  • It was considered as the first Indian muscle car.
  • Due to this, Hindustan motors ruled Indian automobile for about 25 years.
  • Now it is considered as one of the antique automobiles of India.
  • It is one of the few old cars which have the body that suits for modern modifications.


Contessa production was shattered in 2002. The downfall mainly occurred due to the advent of new companies like Tata, Toyota, and especially Maruti Suzuki on the Indian market, which had captured a maximum amount of shares in the Indian market. The Fuel efficiency vehicle idea of Suzuki worked and it has made Maruti a strongest competitor to defeat.

There is also another reason for the cause of downfall of this car. It was the fuel efficiency itself. The car suffered from low fuel efficiency rate and also the cost for maintenance of this car was also very high as its spare parts were available at only higher costs which made many people to opt away from choosing this car.


These are some of the  technical specifications of this car. Have a look.

Contessa  tech specs


There are only two words to describe the Contessa exteriors- Classy and Aggressive. While being an old car Contessa has good and decent exteriors. These are some of the exterior features of Contessa

  • Side impact protection body.
  • Twin head lamps.
  • Trunk compartment.
  • Radial Tires.
  • Large Crumple Zone.
  • Front muscular black grille.
  • Elongated exterior body to accommodate more spacious interiors.


Likewise interiors, the exteriors were also amazing, besides being an old model, this car featured some of the interiors which are used at present. These are some of those interior specs of this car.

  • Power steering.
  • Powerful Air Conditioners.
  • Power windows.
  • Central locking system.
  • PU moulded seats.
  • Non slip jackard upholstery.
  • Plush carpeting
  • Central arm rest on seats.

Engine Specs and Performance:

At first the car was powered with the same engine of ambassador, but later after forming ally with Isuzu, Contessa was provided with a 1.8 and 2.0 Isuzu engine. The new Isuzu engine type 4 OHC piston had a displacement range of 1817cc. It can churn maximum power of 75Hp @ 5000RPM. The five speed synchromesh gear box is used to control the speed of the car. It can reach maximum speed of up to 145mph at an acceleration rate of 0-60 in 7 seconds.

These are some of the engine, exterior/interior and technical specs of this car and now lets look into certain things which made this car unique than all the old cars.

More Chance for Modifications:

Unlike the other old cars, Contessa body is in a way suitable for modifications. Many automobile enthusiasts call this car as the “Best Modifiable Car”, as this car has huge scope for medications. Elongated body, muscular appeal, and spacious interiors are some of its qualities which made this car to give a wide scope for modifications. While surfing the internet about it, I felt very fascinated to see the way the car was modified to give it a Trendy look. I also came across a project which is under development stage by some students which deals with the modification of Contessa. The project was named as “Bring back Indian muscle”. There are also some videos which show the modification of this car like Camaro Contessa in which the Contessa is changed to Camaro & Contessa Dodge in which Contessa is changed to dodge challenger.

Contessa Club:

People have already formed a club which has owners of Contessa as its members. These folks meet every year at some place to celebrate the Contessa of being an Indian pride and to flaunt the new modifications done by them on that car.

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2014 Vauxhall Corsa-An Overview

Vauxhall, which is a subsidiary of General Motors (USA), is slowly rooting into USA (it’s a well-known hotshot in the U.K ). Vauxhall has an amazing history hidden behind it. It was founded in 1857 by Alexander Wilson in London. Vauxhall is not only famous for automobile production; it is also famous for large war tanks production. During World War II, Vauxhall is one of the few companies to produce large quantities of warheads for British. Over 5,600 Churchill tanks were built by Vauxhall, during the world war. In 1925 Vauxhall was acquired by General Motors and till now it is owned by General Motors.

If you are in Asia, you must be wondering that Vauxhall is totally a new name. Vauxhall has already made its debut in Asian countries like China, India and also in Europe too. If you know about a brand called Opel, then you are already familiar with Vauxhall ( as Vauxhall and Opel are same ). Vauxhall was called as Opel in European and Asiatic countries and in U.K it was called with the same name. So far Vauxhall has built several cars, but among all those cars build by Vauxhall, Corsa is considered as Vauxhall’s most famous release. In the U.K it is called as Super-mini and is one of the highest selling cars in the U.K region.

Vauxhall history - British churchill tank

Image Source:

Now with the new Corsa, Vauxhall is targeting both U.S.A and U.K markets. Corsa has an amazing popularity in U.K and considering this popularity and legacy of this model, after years of experimentations and minor enhancements and upgrades, Vauxhall will finally revealed the fourth-generation Corsa for 2015. The car was scheduled to hit the market in 2015. Do you think, this British make has enough power to repeat the legacy again..? Lets see !

Opel Corsa OPC review

Image Source:

Technical Specs:

These are some of the technical specifications of this car. Have a look.

Vauxhall Opel corsa specs

Review: Styling


The Fourth Generation Corsa has similarities from its predecessor (as it has the same dimensions of the Super-mini). As the car has to carry the legacy of that model, the company decided to go with the same dimension range. But, it has some major changes with regards to the exteriors, such as new body panels, Sporty design, and new colors. The trapezoidal front grille and LED daytime running lights are look impressive and makes this car look all the more elegant. The design features are not only taken from its predecessor, it’s also taken from another Opel car called Opel Adam (a sports hatch). So the new Corsa has a perfect sporty and as well as a classy combination. In fact the trapezoidal front grille is obtained from Opel Adam. The only drawback when it comes to exteriors; driver visibility is not quite good enough as the car suffers from a demerit of low cabin range.

Opel Corsa exteriors


When it comes to interior build quality, the car doesn’t have luxurious interiors like Volkswagen polo, but the car offers sophisticated and decent interiors. It offers a wide range of interior features in its class and the price as well. Heated front seats, soft-tone ambient lighting, and a full-size panoramic roof are some of those interior changes. There is also another enhancement on dash board where a 7-inch touchscreen is added with gaming console attachment availability. Kids will love this feature. The boot space quantity at the back remains same (285-Litres). The LCD panel can also be used in order to connect to smart phone and you can browse through the contents of your smartphone. It has both apple and android connectivity as it has IntelliLink support and if you have an iPhone you can connect your phone and can access Siri through that touch screen.

Opel Corsa interiors

Review: Engine & Performance

The new Vauxhall Corsa is equipped with a wide range of engine options, the user can choose from 4 different engine variants and all these engines have the same six-speed manual engine in default. However some engines have an option to customize the gear box option from manual to auto. The car can reach a maximum speed up to 110mph at an acceleration rate of 0-60 in 10 seconds.

  • 1.2-liter gas engine which can churn a maximum range of 69 horsepower.
  • 1.3-liter CDTi engine which can churn a minimum horsepower range starting from 74 and can reach the maximum of 94 Horsepower
  • 1.4-liter engine: This engine also has a turbo and non-turbo variant, where turbo variant can produce maximum horse power range up to 99, while the non-turbo variant can produce 89 horsepower.

These engines are nothing new to Vauxhall as the previous cars of Vuxhall were mostly equipped with these three engine specifications, but for Corsa, Vauxhall has designed a new engine exclusively for it

  • It’s the 1.0-liter three-cylinder, turbo engine which can churn a maximum power up to 89-113 horse power and can produce the torque ranging up to 125 pound-feet of torque

Opel Corsa engine

Image Source:

Review: Safety and Reliability

During prototype testing the new Corsa has participated in the 2013 Driver power survey and secured 126th position with an average score of 85.52 out of 100. But after reaching to production stage in 2014, the 2014 Corsa is not yet participated in 2014 Driver power survey, but we can clearly say that it will get good results in this year too (as it’s already scored best marks in previous year ). It also has six airbags as standard, irrespective of high-end or low-end model. One of the main demerit in safety aspect of this car is the absence of electronic stability program in all model as some rumors are spreading that only the high end model will get the stability control program.

When it comes to a reliability issue, Vauxhall users can enjoy the lifetime warranty facility. This is one of the reasons why Vauxhall cars are sold in such a big numbers


Image Source:

Pros & Cons:


  • New Design
  • Engine Customizations
  • Comes in budget


  • Absence of some safety measures
  • The exterior and interior should be some more better


This car has only two major rivals. Ford’s Fiesta is one of the major rival for this car as in every aspect. Apart from Fiesta, Volkswagen’s polo is also considered as one of the major rival for this car.

Vauxhall Opel Cora compare

Image Source:

Bottom-line and Price:

Although the price is not yet revealed by the company, but based upon the price of previous super-mini, the new Corsa can also be priced at a decent and affordable price. We think the price range will start from £9,000 and can go up to £10,000.

Maruti Suzuki Esteem – the Glorious Path

It is considered as one of the first sedans which was introduced in the Indian market, and considered as the Indian-Benz! Yes its Maruti Suzuki Esteem, one of the finest and the best seller for Maruti ever. I still remember when I was 6-7 years old, I rarely found this car on roads and was owned by financially sound people, but when I was 12 this car become a paparazzi as it was shown in several Indian cinemas and was soon getting replaced with Ambassador cars.

Maruti Esteem is the First full-fledged A/C car which I ever known. This car easily has 15-16 years of glorious history before it becoming out of fashion( not to mention, it is one of the most iconic cars which I’ve ever seen ). In this article lets get to know some aspects of this car which made it a champion and some reasons for it’s down fall.

Maruti Suzuki esteem



The Esteem was first introduced in the first half of 1995. It’s the first attempt of Suzuki in compact segment and Suzuki has chosen Europe for it. At that time this car faced the toughest rivals in the market such as Golf which was built by none other than Volkswagen, Opel’s Astra, Nissan’s Sentra, and Toyota’s Corolla. That’s a huge competition as these companies have already dug their root into the European market. Suzuki introduced this car in that year as a 3-door hatchback and 4-door sedan, the 3-door is powered by 1.3- Liter and while 4-door is powered by 1.6-Liter engine. But this model got appreciation first and then gradually sales dropped. Hence Suzuki restyled Esteem in 1999 with new enhancements.

The car was given a new front end, and a new redesigned grille and new headlights and the 1.6 engine was replaced with a 1.8. With these changes Esteem indeed became like a sports model. It gained a huge success and started rising in the European market and after seeing this success Suzuki planned to launch it in Asian countries ( as after Europe,  the Asian market had a bit of a boom then) and thus Suzuki launched Esteem in India. In order to manufacture Esteem in India Suzuki collaborated with Maruti ( and rest is history )


Maruti in collaboration with Suzuki released Esteem in 1994 and sales sky-rocketed all over India and was considered as the best seller in 1995 and 1996. Maruti gained huge reputation with this car. Since then this car ruled the Indian automobile market for at least 10-11 years until late 2006. In 2006 the penetration of companies like Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Jeep and Gypsy begun and the competition became tougher than ever. Most young people opted to new offerings from Jeep and Gypsy. This was one of the reasons for esteem’s downfall. With the raise of tough competition, Maruti Suzuki itself had planned for a new release and it released the new Maruti ZEN automatic in to the market and that’s how esteem’s glory shattered and in the year 2008 Maruti finally stopped manufacturing Esteem.


The specifications of this car look very good. We have to consider that it is an old car and at the time of its release technology was still in research stage. But it has some features which looks amazing still now. They are its Interiors and its performance

Maruti Esteem specs


The interiors of this car still look amazing and it is the best part of the car. The molded floor along with trunk carpets were good and the best parts of the interiors was its seats( a friend who still has this car, also stated the same ). The seats look comfortable and it suits for long drives. The cabin of this car can accommodate a total of 5 members comfortably. The dash board which is coated with black leather work and power steering is quite good it has all the basic features such as air conditioner, cabin heater, remote fuel lid opener, remote trunk opener, coat hanger hook etc. The dash board looked perfect. Power windows, Child lock controls and OVRM’S on both sides of the doors added more reliability to this car. The front seats are adjustable for good driving. The boot space is big and is about 376-litres, which can accommodate many of our needs during traveling.

Maruti Esteem interiors


The car looked real classy from every angle. The car measured 4095mm (length), 1575mm (width), 1395mm (height) with a wheelbase of 2365mm and ground clearance of 170mm. Fog lamp with clear lens, body colored door handles and rear spoilers added all the more beauty to this car. The car was made available in 6 colors such as superior white, metallic pearl silver, metallic silky silver, metallic icy blue, metallic fawn mist and metallic midnight black.

Maruti Suzuki Esteem exteriors

Engine, Performance, and Handling:

This car is powered with a four cylinder 1298 cc petrol engine with SOHC. It can produce a maximum power of 85 bhp at 6000 rpm and the maximum torque is 110 Nm at 4500 rpm. The car is controlled using a manual five speed gear box which also has one gear for reversing the car. Its fuel tank capacity was 40-litres and the average mileage of this car was around 10 km/litre within the city and around 16 km/litre on the highway. The handling of this car was also quite good as the car is accommodated with the McPherson struts and coil springs and when it comes to the breaking system, the front of the car is accommodated with disk and the back is drum.


This car has the basic safety features such as

  • laminated windshields
  • central locking system
  • Kenwood defogger
  • Collapsible steering columns
  • Child-Lock safety
  • Side impact absorbers
  • Good suspension system

Price and Resale Value:

The car manufacturing was stopped by Maruti in the year 2008. The resale value of this car is also quite descent. If the car is in good condition the price for resale will reach up to 80,000 to a maximum of 1 Lakh. If it is in bad condition it can give you around 20 to 30 thousand!

2014 Honda Acura NSX- an Overview

Today I am going to review about a car which was showcased in Marvel’s super hit Hollywood flick “Avengers”. Yes you got it right, the new Acura NSX 2014. This car appeared at the end of the film(driven by Robert Downey .JR ). Acura is the luxury division of Honda and the new Acura NSX is a hybrid electric sports car which was based on the Original Acura NSX that was produced in the year 1991-2005. In the 2005 the NSX model production was ended due to some lag in safety and reliability issues of this model. Since then, many around the world are waiting to see the comeback of this NSX series with enhanced features. After about 7 years of continuous experimentation on the performance and safety issues, Honda has finally called for the re-entry of the NSX series again. After much expectation, hype, and spy photos from Nuremburg ring ( during its testing ),  Honda has finally unveiled the new NSX at the 2012 North American Auto Show and then followed by Geneva and Tokyo Motor shows in the same year.

After unveiling the concept, Honda is now planning to make this prototype to a production model and this model will be hitting the roads by the end of 2015.

Below is the model which was shown in Avengers

Honda Acura NSX in Avengers

Image Source:

Technical specifications:

The technical specifications are quite impressive and certainly has the ability to deliver high amount of power to this car.

2014 Honda Acura NSX specs

Review: Styling


The all new NSX has a major range of exterior enhancements when compared to the old NSX series cars (due to the long time gap) and the enhancements in design have certainly delivered an amazing external appeal to this car. The front and rare designs, side profile headlights and tail-lights all are very new and looks amazing and perfectly placed. Sporty and Sexy are the two words to describe the car exterior. When it comes to front looks, the carbon black grille at the front occupies a large amount of space and is fitted with a “V” shaped chrome coated metal rig. To this the fog lamps are attached on both left and right side. From the front angle, it throws the look of a laughing beast. The rear profile is descent and good. It’s also 3.3 inches wider and 0.4 inch lower when compared to the old 2005 NSX. Overall the car exterior is quite good and can truly maintain the legacy of the NSX forever.

2014 Honda Acura NSX exterior


As far as the interiors is concerned, NSX was designed on the “Human Support Cockpit” theme. The details regarding this new Human Support Cockpit theme was revealed by the company in the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Jon Ikeda (chief designer, Acura Design Studio) stated that they are insistent about delivering on the “Synergy between man and machine,” . Hence the interior is given a smart and human friendly look ( so the car doesn’t look like a machine at all ). The interiors are designed with a mend of both red leather and Alcantara which gives this car a ravishing red color that looks quite amazing. The leather work on both dashboard, seats and steering looks quite luxurious and also very trendy. Carbon fiber cased central consoles, bucket seats, LCD display, Central control, AC-vents and audio system are neatly in place. The middle of the dash is equipped with an infotainment system which shows the information of the car. Other features are yet to be confirmed as the car hasn’t reached the productive stage yet.

Honda Acura NSX Interior

Image Source:

Review: Engine & Performance

The new NSX is powered by a 3.7L DOHC 24-valve V-6 and 2 electric motors at front and 1 rear electric motor. During the initial design phase, the car was said to have a V-10 engine layout, but at the end it was replaced by the V-6 engine with direct injection. The NSX V6 engine can deliver higher amount of power output ( about 400bhp ) and the Electric motors produces prodigious torque instantly for higher performance rates. Both of these combined, the car can produce monstrous power that can enable the car to reach higher speed within less time. It can reach 0-60 MPH in just 3 second. The Seven Speed twin clutch auto transmission helps to produce a balance rate of power to this car with the help of the engine.

Honda Acura NSX engine

Image source:

Review: SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive)

Have you observed that I have stated total 3 motors on both front and back? why? This car works on a new “All-Wheel Drive” system. The car is powered by a new technology named as SH-AWD, short for Super Handling All Wheel Drive. The engine, along with the main electric motor will primarily drive the rear wheels and the rat motor powers the rear wheel’s rotation. So, all 4 wheels in the car rotate at same time. This is done to increase the handling and stability of this car and due to this the car has certainly improved when it comes to aspects like handling, and cornering.


This car has many rivals starting from BMW to Lexus and Porsche to Nissan, but the considerable rivals for this car are Lexus LFC and i8. Apart from these, the cars from Porsche and Nissan will also compete.

  • Lexus-LFC
  • BMW i8
  • Nissan GTR
  • Porsche 911
  • Lamborghini Gallardo

2014 Honda Acura NSX

Image Source:


Although the price is not yet officially confirmed by the company (as the car is still not reached its production stage), but as far the speculation from trusted sources, the car is said to be priced at $130,000 (base price). That seems a pretty decent price for a monster of a car like this 🙂

2014 C7 Chevrolet Stingray-An Overview

If  you have checked out my other reviews on Scion FR-S, M4 and i8, these three cars have the same rival in common and today I am going to review about that car which is considered as the toughest rival for all new cars that are released and going to be released soon. The car which was considered as an “Old man’s car “is nowdrifting its way towards the young and the car which at present is considered to be the most Productive and has the highest bookings all over the world.

It’s the new 2014 Corvette Stingray made by none other than Chevrolet under the vision of General motors. This new C7 had been in development since 2007. GM originally targeted 2011 to release this car, but due to some problems it was delayed and after many speculation, spy shots, leaked 3D images this car was unveiled officially in 2014. After its release, this car has totally changed the allegations on Corvette’s line-up from “Old people’s car “to “Young men’s pride”.

2014 Corvette Stingray review

Image Source:

History & Facts:

Before releasing of C7, corvette’s line-up (C1-C6) was called as “Old People’s car” as some researches showed that about 46 percent of Corvette buyers in 2012, through October, were 55 (aged folks ). Hence Corvette have got its name. Now GM wants to change it form C7.

2014 Corvette Stingray C7 review

Image Source:

Review: Technical specs

These are some of the technical specifications of this car. Check it out

2014 C7 Corvette Stingray specs

Review: Styling


Unlike the other corvettes, C7 is designed from scratch. It has a whole new look. If we compare it with the previous release C6 – C7 has lot many changes. The front looks of the car will embrace us for sure as the front grille and headlights shape combine to give an evil smile like look. The headlights are made up of Daytime LED’s and the car body is designed to give an aggressive appeal. The front look in some angles resemble the SRT viper, and while the rare end is in resemblance with Camaro. Coming to the rear end of the vehicle,the car looks absolute gorgeous and is designed to complement the front looks. From every angle the car looks amazing and the Carbon-fiber reinforced body and removable roof panel adds beauty to the car. The 5 aluminum spokes which are painted in silver in front and back wheels also look damn hot and sexy.

2014 C7 Corvette Stingray Exterior


The interiors of the previous Corvette lineup was considered as one of the worst interior which was ever built. The previous Corvette C6 interior was dominated with cheap plastic and the seats are bland in shape. But this is going to be changed with the new 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray as corvette is targeting younger audience, the C7 interiors is designed to look smart and eye-catching. The interiors of the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray is filled with Luxurious leather work and has given the finest detailing to the new interiors in terms of themes such as sport theme, track theme, tachometer halo etc. In this the tachometer halo looks trendy as this theme comes live once the speed mode is activated, a ring around the tachometer turns from yellow to amber to red showing the gradual increase of speed. Not only this, the car is also equipped with many add-on features along with standard features such as Keyless entry, Infotainment systems, Push-button start, Power tilt/telescope steering wheel, audio system power by BOSE and satellite link radio system. Along with these, new Performance data and video recorder is added to set a point to test the maximum limits of the car on our own.

C7 Corvette Stingray interior

Review: Engine & Performance

Under the hood, the new C7 is powered by the new direct-injection 6.2-liter small-block V-8 engine which is also called as LT1. This engine is also present in the new Camaro. It produces power ranging up to 460 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 465 pound-feet of torque at 4,600 rpm. It also has an Active fuel management system for lower carbon emission rate and decrease of fuel consumption. It is equipped with a 7-speed manual transmission in order to deliver better performance. When it comes to car modes, the car has three modes : Eco, Tour, & Comfort. The car delivers a mileage of 28mpg on highway when the Tour mode is activated, and when the Eco mode is activated the mileage reaches to around 30mpg. The car performance is increased drastically due to the decrease in car weight and thanks to its new Carbon fiber hood and new chassis. This car can reach 0-60 in just 4 seconds. Many videos of C7 Corvette Stingray are already rolling over the internet as the car performance looks amazing.

C7 Corvette Stingray engine

Image Source:

Review: Brakes and Suspension

The biggest advantage of this car is handling. In terms of handling this car is compared to Porsche’s Legacy 911 Carrera. The reason behind this kind of handling is the suspension and brake system present in this car. The suspension system in front and rear are powered by Short/long arm (SLA) double wishbone and lower control arms. The Brembo braking helps to stabilize the car and helps the car during cornering.

2014 C7 Corvette Stingray brakes and control

Image Source:

Review: Safety

I have already stated that this is the most wanted car at present. This is due its performance, elegance and safety. Coming to safety, the car has major safety features such as

  • Stability control system.
  • Traction control system.
  • Brembo brakes.
  • Advanced Airbag System.
  • Vehicle information system right on the deck.
  • Advanced Suspension range
  • Magnetic Ride Control

Pros & Cons:


  • Trendy design
  • Luxurious appearance and interiors
  • Powerful engine
  • Performance


  • Add-ons are very costly
  • Design elements looks identical to its rival cars


This car faces rivalry from released cars and also from the cars which are going launch soon. The major rivals of this car are:

  • SRT Viper.
  • BMW-M4.
  • Jaguar F-Type Coupe.
  • BMW-i8.
  • Porsche 911.
  • Ferrari 458 Italia.
  • Scion FR-S.
  • Audi R8

C7 Corvette Stingray compare

Image Source:

Bottom Line:

From a trendy, sexy design to power packed performance, this car has all the aspects in order to call it a best buy. Priced at $51,995 (Base Price), this car is worth the shot. If you are a “Need for speed guy” you will love this as it has a wide range of customization options, but the Add-ons which are taught to increase the performance of the car are priced at higher rates( which should also be taken into consideration before buying this car )

Overall this car has a good rating in all the aspects such as price, performance & safety.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo-lution and the revolution

Let’s talk about a car which was well-known throughout the world with its performance in its class. Can you guess it? Ok, here’s the clue, the car which was featured in “Two fast, two furious” and Jackie Chan’s “Who Am I”. Yes the car which had a glorious history in the past and probably the best car that Mitsubishi felt proud of building – It’s the Mitsubishi Lancer. Lancer is a compact car produced by the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors since 1973.

Until 1992, Lancer was developed with a linked name under it and Mitsubishi used this car only for races such WRC and Dakar rally only, but at the beginning of 1992 Mitsubishi has introduced Lancer independently. So it has around 4 decades of history embedded in it. This is the car which made Mitsubishi flag waving around all the 7 continents in the world with different names in different continents. From 1973 to 2008, over six million units had been sold throughout the world. So let’s look into the history of this car and find out the amazing stuff which made this car a master piece.

Mitsubishi Lancer review

The Path:

According to Mitsubishi motors, Lancer has total 9 generations of cars starting from 1992-2014

Mitsubishi Lancer cars varients

Image Source:

First generation (1992-1994):

This was the first generation car from lancer. It is powered by a 2.0 DOHC engine. This sports mechanical plate type LSD’s whereas the successive Lancer models have rear mechanical plate type LSD’s. Performance wise this is a great model as it has a top speed of 228 KMPH, but safety features like ABS, power windows and seats are absent.

Mitsubishi Lancer old model

Second Generation (1994-1995):

Introduced with enhancements such as wheelbase adjustments, front sway bar gets lighter and handling improvements. It also has the same GSR as the RS model.

Mitsubishi Lancer second generation

Third Generation (1995-1996):

Had many improvements including redesigned grill, bumper and improved air supply to radiators. It also featured new turbocharged compressors.

Mitsubishi Lancer 3rd generation cars

Fourth Generation (1996-1998):

In this generation of Lancer it received major exterior and as well as interior changes. The same RS and GSR models were continued in which the RS model was given a limited-slip front differential and a friction type LSD at the rear and GSX seats. The active yaw control first appeared in this generation GSR model as an option. Both GSR and RS models get a new twin scroll turbocharger and fog light enhancements.  The design aspects resulted in better performance.

Mitsubishi Lancer 4th generation cars

Fifth Generation (1998-1999):

In this generation the Mitsubishi Lancer received improvements such as interior upgrades and new body kits which made it even more sporty!

Mitsubishi Lancer 5th generation cars

Sixth generation (1999 -2001):

This generation of Mitsubishi Lancer received upgrades such as Larger inter-cooling apparatus & new pistons were introduced in the car. New body works with new bumper enhancements were introduced. A new model called RS2 was introduced in GSR and RS platforms. In 1999 a special edition called the Tommi Mäkinen Edition was launched. It was named after the legendary sports car rally driver Tommi Mäkinen and it won WRC rally championship for that year.

Mitsubishi Lancer 6th generation cars

Seventh Generation (2001-2003):

In this generation Mitsubishi Lancer cars major changes were applied on the car Chassis and Drive Trans. Automatic Drive Tran and Chassis Tweaks were introduced in to the car. A new model GT-A (gentlemen express edition) was added in the Line-up excluding GSR, RS, and RS-2. This model was introduced and discontinued in the same year 2002 and did not appear in any generations after the 7th generation. But the same GT-A gear box was used in the 9th generation model. The major enhancements include spoiler enhancements, light improvements, deluxe interior and exterior specs are introduced. After 4th generation this model is the total improved one.

Mitsubishi Lancer 7th generation cars

Eighth Generation (2003-2005):

In this generation 6 speed manual gear box was introduced along with the 5 speed manual, super active yaw control was also introduced. In this generation another two variants were introduced along with GSR and RS, those models are MR RS and MR GSR. The GSR and RS were having the 5-speed gear box and while the new MR GSR and MR RS were having 6-speed gear box. Enkei wheels, Brembo Brakes and Bilstein shocks were introduced to enhance the performance aspects of the car. It is one of the most successful models in the whole Mitsubishi Lancer series and is taught to be one of the first lancer car introduced in US and gained huge popularity.

Mitsubishi Lancer 8th generation cars

Ninth Generation (2005-2007):

This generation was first exhibited in Geneva Motor Showto market it in both Japan and Europe. In this along with those 4 variants 2 other variants were introduced GT and MR Tuned by RALLIART.  The MR Tuned by RALLIART was based on Tommi Mäkinen Edition which was released during 1999. The GT version is a blend of both RS and some aspects of GSR model with a revised 5 gear box. This generation was also introduced in U.K with the names FQ-300, 320, 340, FQ-360 and MR FQ-360. Along with UK the car was introduced in Philippines too. So with this generation Mitsubishi Lancer gained Europe and as well as some parts of Asian markets too.

Mitsubishi Lancer 9th generation cars

Tenth Generation (2007-Present):

This is the present generation of Mitsubishi Lancer cars and this generation begins in 2007 and continuing until now with the new Lancer Evolution. As previous generations faced tremendous success, this generation Lancer cars concentrates on reaching worldwide production. Hence it released the tenth generation model all over the world starting with Asiatic countries such as Japan, China, India, Philippines, Malaysia and Europe and as well as United States, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Mitsubishi Lancer faced a great success with this generation of cars.

This generation has two cars which are very popular in the lancer series.

  • Mitsubishi Racing Lancer: MRX09 is a racing variant from the lancer series. It is a cross country rally car for Dakar rally.
  • Mitsubishi lancer EVOLUTION: This is the present 2014 model and look more in detail about this car now to find some interesting aspects about the car. Through this Mitsubishi wants to compete against the new bees and want’s to gain the lost glory through this.

Mitsubishi Lancer 2014Generation of Lancer (Image Source):

Review: Styling


The exterior of this car looks amazing and the body of the car looks very aggressive, and thanks to its muscular body line. Mitsubishi states that “This body is a mix match of all lancers which were released from the beginning”, so this car is carrying the legacy of lancer design. The best thing when it comes to the exterior of this car is the bumper. If we observe the lancer history, bumpers always get major changes. They are getting stronger and act as a signature element of the Mitsubishi Lancer. The 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer also have same two variants as always : The MR and GSR. These are some differences in between these two models.

Mitsubishi Lancer 2014 Exterior specs

Mitsubishi Lancer 2014 exterior


This is one of the very few cars people buy almost exclusively for the performance that the car produces rather than the luxury. But this model has the luxury item too. In terms of interiors, the car looks very neat and clean. In its range it offers some great interior features such as Sportive Recaro Seating, Three spoke steering wheel with audio, cruise and central controlling systems embedded on it. The biggest difference when we compare the interiors of GSR and MR models is the narrow central console and leather fittings as MR gets a premium aluminum and leather-trimmed. Both of these models gets the same interior features such as Cruise Control, Power windows and side mirrors, Color LCD multi-information display, Automatic climate control, 6.1 inch touch screen audio display. But the GSR model gets something more such as the Powerful audio system, Sports Fabric Interior, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Remote keyless entry, Glossy back trim, FUSE Hands-free Link System with USB port etc.

Mitsubishi Lancer 2014 interior

Review: Engine and performance

This car (both GSR and RS) is powered by 2.0-liter Turbocharged 16-valve I-4 with DOHC and MIVEC which generates peak torque range up to 300 @ 4000 RPM and the horsepower generates up to 291. The engines are same in both GSR and RS model, the major difference between them is GSR has 6-speed gear box while RS has 5-speed gear box. The top speeds of both are same and ranges at 146mph and while GSR model can reach 0-60 at 4.5secs, for RS it was 4.9secs. The fuel economy for GSR model is 17 in city and 23 in highway, while for RS model 17 in city and 22 in highway.

Mitsubishi Lancer 2014 engine

Image Source:

Review: Safety

Wide range of safety features such as Electronic engine immobilizer, Child safety locks, shock protection body, Active stability and traction control, Anti-theft security alarm, 7 airbags, Sportive ABS+EBD, trunk entrapment release handle, Brembo braking system and it has 5 star rated ancap rating.

Pros and Cons:


  • Aggressive body looks.
  • Speed and Handling around corners
  • Smart interiors
  • High performance


  • Need some extra horse power
  • Maintenance. ( Lancer’s major drawback)


A car with a glorious history also has some big fat rivals too.Taking into account the pricing, performance and luxury Mitsubishi Lancer competes with :

  • BMW 135i.
  • Subaru WRX STi.
  • Mazda 3 sedan.
  • Subaru impreza.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Commercial:


This car has a glorious history and is considered as one of the finest performer ever. This car has all the features including good interiors, aggressive exteriors, and is one of the most successful compact sedans in the market. If you have enough money this car would be a great choice .This car has always been the darling car enthusiasts, car racers, ralliart champions and anyone who love to customize their car with a wide range of new accessories. Lancer Evolution has made Revolution in the automobile world!

KIA Quoris : An Overview

Today lets study about a car which is famous for its ‘Tiger Nose’ grille and the manufacturer from South Korea who rules Middle-East and USA with its product- KIA.  This Korean based company is now planning to get a pre-dominant position in USA, Canada and Middle East markets with its new releases. Among those new releases 2014 KIA Quoris is one of the major cars in that Line-up. Way back in 2012 KIA produced its Quoris model for the first time and obtained a huge success. With this success, in 2012 KIA is planning to release a new model under its 2012 successful Label “Quoris”.

Apart from countries like USA, Canada and Middle-East, KIA is now concentrating on some European countries and as well as the Chinese markets with its new release. In order to face competition with European Manufactures, the car is all set to be well equipped with all the luxurious elements as European people love luxury cars more than any other segments. On the contrary Chinese people love performance oriented cars. So in order to win both the European and Chinese markets, the car is 100% required to be well equipped with luxury and performance manyfold. So KIA has designed a car with a power packed combination of both luxury and as well as performance, and that is the KIA 900 which is also called  “Quoris”.

Tit Bits : KIA derived its name from Sino-Korean language which is translated to give a meaning as “rising out of Asia”. So the car which is designed at present by KIA is called as Quoris in Korea only, when it comes to Canada and U.S the car is to be called as the K900

2015 Kia K900

Image Source:

Technical Specifications:

These are some of the technical specifications of this car. Check it out.

Kia k900 technical specifications

The technical specifications look quite solid and makes this car to be a potential competitor with well known brands. So let’s jump to reviewing the aspects of this car.

Review: Looks/Styling


A head turner from every angle and also has an enhanced outer body, KIA has given this car a versatile and elegant look which attracts you at the first glance itself and thanks to its aerodynamic body designed by KIA motors that has brought this elegant feel to the car. The black chrome plated grille with black spokes inserted vertically and the LED fog lights on both sides in front of the car brings the KIA’s legacy of tiger nose look to this car. The tail lamps with LED toughing’s at the rear end of this car and alloy wheels makes this car look more classy and hip. The Power folding mirrors on sides, door scuff plates, and Keyless entry by using remote smart key has made this car quite impressive and astonishing.  The best part of this car is the panoramic glass which is present on the top rear end of the car. This is adjustable by using a central control on the dash board and while driving to exotic locations, this feature might help you to get some picturesque moments from the car itself for sure. Overall the car’s exteriors are quite brilliant and dynamically engineered.

kia exterior


The car’s interiors are also quite impressive in par with the exteriors. When it comes to the car interiors, one which is considered as the center of attraction is the leather treatment it has recieved. The leather work on seats, Dashboard and some aspects of this car gives an aesthetic appeal to this car and crates a luxurious spell to the folks seated inside of this car.  The standard interior features such as audio/Bluetooth  wireless technology/cruise-control buttons mounted on Steering wheel, Push Button to Start/Stop, Auto-diming the rear view mirror with Home-link and compass, Driver information System, Power tilt and telescopic steering, audio system with 17 surrounded speakers powered by Lexicon have certainly increased the beauty of this car. Overall, interiors are good but it needs some more improvement in order to compete against German automobile legends, as this car was designed by considering the German market too.

interior KIA k900

Review: Engine & Performance:

This car is equipped with two different engines V6 (Low-end), V8 (High-End). Both of these engines are powered by the DOHC direct injection fuel system. The low end V6 can churn maximum power up to 311 horsepower and 293 pound-feet of torque and while the high-end V8 can produce a maximum amount of power up to 420 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque.  Both of these engines are powered by the all-new 8-speed transmission gear box for precise amount of power release. As far as the performance is considered, the car has the same ECO, NORMAL, Comfort mode in which the Eco-Mode offers higher rate of fuel-efficiency than the other two modes. The performance of this car on city roads is quite high with good turnings, decent fuel consumption and great power transmission.

engines KIA k900

Review: Suspension

The major advantage of this car is its suspension. The car is powered by standard 18-inch alloy wheels (Low-end), and 19-inch chrome wheels (High-end). To support both these two variants, KIA has offered an advanced, five-link, fully independent front and rear suspension. Due to this the car is resistant against the friction aspects, and the shock absorber absorbs the impacts.

Review: Safety

The K900 is powered by several safety measures such as the Driver Information Display, distinctive airbags range as much as 9-Airbags with advanced shock absorption technology, and Knee Pad air bags, Surround View Monitor, Advanced Smart Cruise Control, Blind spot detection, ABS, Traction Control etc. These safety measures certainly increase the safety quotient of this car.

Kia K900 safety features

Image Source:

Brand of cars to consider before buying this are:

  • Hyundai Equus.
  • BMW 7 Series
  • Audi A7
  • Lexus  LS460

Take It:

  • Engine and performance
  • Standard equipment usage
  • Very neat and clean looks

Leave It:

  • Interiors not up to expectations.


Overall the car looks quite good and has all the necessary features, but the interiors need to be improved to tackle the German flagships. The biggest factor that can help this car to gain momentum in the German market is its price tag, as the price looks pretty descent !