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Would you believe that the world’s best luxury car was made on 1907? and yeah obviously it came from the luxury car manufacturer ROLLS ROYCE. Rolls Royce contains seven ghost cars in its bag getting updated every year as they launch them on road.

Rolls Royce Ghost


First the car named was RR04 during its production, and on March 2009 it was revealed as the ghost. It was purely made of steel having high tensile strength and the chassis was made thinner and provided with air spring suspension around its four corners to stabilize the vehicle at ultimate conditions. The GHOST concedes BMW share (i.e. parent company) with about 20% of the parts which are common for BMW-7 series & ghosts – such as climate control systems, the electrical architecture parts of the floor pan & twin turbo charged V-12S engine and in combination it uses BMW I Drive user interface. The Spirit of Ecstasy is a special statue used by Rolls Royce to reflect their class when the engine starts.


Leaving the main features aside, it made some attractive changes in 2010, when presenting at the 2010 Paris motor show. A creme light color coach line and black line stained ash veneer & contrast stitching and spirit of ecstasy inlay to door capping.

2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost


In 2011 the Rolls Royce reached China with its LIMITED EDITION segment of ghost for the Chinese. It was available in three colors’ with extended wheelbase and having red interior & gold plated spirit of ecstasy.



This time the two brother’s: Ghost and Phantom were built in their own factory at the Good wood plant. During the manufacturing paint, wood and leather were shared between the two brothers. In this segment engine performance of ghost was increased and accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7sec and reached a speed of 155mph.

A two-tone color concept was first offered by Rolls Royce to their cars at this time.

Rolls Royce ghost


At the end of 2012 the ghost started getting updated with interior and colors’ that included a Carree white body color, forged alloy wheels,brown oak cross band and offering 44,000 exterior paint options.In 2013 R-R released several version of ghosts with small elementary changes and this collection had Alpine Trail centenary collection, Art Deco collection, Art Deco extended wheel base, one thousand and one night, Bespoke ghost collection, Six sense ghost concept and Chengdu ghost golden sun bird collection. These different collections made R-R Ghost an entrepreneur!



When it comes to series-2 it had all gears in hand to play a game of class on roads.

Rolls Royce v-specification 2014

Ghost V-specification 2014

The car had alloys with part polished alloy wheels and v- motifs engraved in to the tread plates. The 44,000 body colors options and extended wheel base, clock with black crown and visible chrome exhaust rear armrests, and the multimedia cover lid. You also get an exclusive clock in laid into the dashboard and Spirit of Ecstasy remains matched with the alloy wheels tone.


In this comes the ghost’s iconic design. Design was world class due to all changes made on it such as re-sculptured LED lights, tapered wake channels on bonnet, re-sculpturing of the ghost bumper with extra width and height. For the first time in 50 years the interior wood comes with inbuilt horse embossing and offers V-12 engine with 563 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque having 6592 c.c.

Rolls Royce gold 2014 majestic horse ghost model

The devil model looks hot on its tail having a combination of luxury, technology and comfort and it has a perfect entrepreneur look to this world. The new ghost called the Ghost-2 has SATELLITE AIDED TRANSMISSION (SAT) while traveling in unknown places. The most exhaustive engineered and finest audio system is fixed in R-R. Frosted white dials, chromed eye balls vents, organ stop pulls, violin key switches, wrapped in leather, doors’ opening to 83 degrees and serves about 44,000 color palettes for body. This tells the inbuilt class of R-R.

Competitors: Bentley Mulsanne, Bentley continental flying spur , Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Porsche Panamera, Maserati Quattroporte and Aston Martin Rapide

BOTTOM LINE: Luxury seeking people who are looking forward for a heritage built car can adapt this. The elegance, Large, stylish, powerful and immensely capable and driving experience makes us feel like sitting on a thrown as it is handmade with costly brands. The Ghost segment is obviously costly, compared to its competitors and offers less features then we expect.

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Why need a Four-wheeler? In this contemporary world everyone use cars for comfortable single transport. For that reason, roads are running out of space and maximum amount of time is struck in traffic jams & hence the journey time is increased. This problem can be solved, when we provide an alternate vehicle for a car with less vehicle space and high safety in all conditions. And for that reason the new class of four-wheeled tilting vehicles arrived in to the world and are ready to make their mark in Asian countries where scooters rule the market.



QUADRO: An Italian designer named LUCIANO MARBESE started up the company, particularly for making three and four wheeled scooters. Quadro technologies have done 450 different design projects on motor cycles and worked for Vespa, Yamaha, Piaggio, Triumph and Moto Guzzi. The founder himself is a designer of Piaggio MP3 three wheeled and Yamaha Tesseract four wheeled drives.

Now, the company has decided to make roads filled with its four wheeled vehicle, the QUADRO PARKOUR.

QUADRO PARKOUR: Parkour scooter comes with the hydraulic tilting system (HTS); it is a pure hydraulic technology and does not contain any single electronic system in process. It makes maintenance easier and less frequent. These scooters look conventional but quite different in design and technology. The Parkour tilting mechanism is its strength and makes it comfort on roads.

A Flexible axle between two wheels is almost near to ground level and this axle is supported by two shock absorbers at its both ends with a hydraulic system and a lock-off value in the middle providing a hydraulic tilting lock.

hydraulic tilting system

At road condition when the scooter is taking a curve the wheel system will undergo tilt and produces an expectance lean angle of 40 degree towards the road and thus provides safety for riders at sharp curves.



EngineSingle cylinder-4 stroke-4 value
Displacement346 CC
Cooling liquidLiquid
Max power19.8KW
IgnitionElectronic ,EFI
Emission ratingEuro 3
FrameSteel tubes
Seat height780mm
Turn angle40 degree
Dry weight240kg
Fuel tank capacity15 liters



The Quadro Parkour has given a slant seat to drive and step seat for the partner which are wide. The perfection in seat design suits for long travels. The seats are well cushioned; leg room for driver & partner are more than enough to feel comfort. The height of the seat is about 780mm from ground level & this provides clear site of roads for riders. The single silencer is placed between two wheels to decrease the width of the scooter. The under seat storage offers a space of 2 helmets and floor bed is large enough to carry huge amount of goods; this makes it commercially a family scooter.


Advantages of four wheeled scooters

  1. While braking the distance covered for stopping a vehicle can be reduced (braking distance can be reduced)
  2. Degree of traction is doubled and simultaneously the cornering speed will be significantly increased.
  3. The friction between the road and tire may be increased due to large contact area.
  4. While riding the scooter over uneven roads and dumps the traction is shared between two wheels. While one wheel looses contact over the road, the other may share contact with road and keeps the vehicle stable.
  5. Independent wheel tilting system provides enhanced safety and stability.

On road behavior of the PARKOUR

The Parkour scooter looks aerodynamically well structured with a long nose resembling a horse getting ready to gallop. The test drive reports of Parkour states that “the extra wheel and tilting system provide exceptionally stable condition even at high speeds while cornering” (i.e. 80 km/h). It’s design and architecture seems like a traditional scooter when it comes to the side view and moves like a car in terms of stability and road grip. The 4 wheeler provides double the grip of a commercial scooter adds its huge advantage while riding in bad weather.

When compared to current road traffic conditions, it is clear that this four-wheeler is 5.5 cm longer than a traditional scooter and it won’t be a problem for road clearance. It occupies healthy space on roads and prevents unstable particle two wheeler problems.

Bottom Line:

The Quadro Parkour is a fantastic bike with good stability and road grip, provides a luxury ride with its four wheeled tilting class. It may be the bike for dreamers, who want to wheel the scooters. These scooters will reduce traffic and single transport issues for those who really think of safety rather than comfort like in a car. Overall the revolutionary first four-wheeler QUADRO PARKOUR may replace scooters in coming future.

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Isuzu Motors enters into the Indian Market

Isuzu motors India pvt ltd is a subsidiary of Isuzu motor ltd of Japan.  Isuzu is known for their heavy duty trucks, refined diesel engines. The noise levels are so low that you can’t tell whether it’s a petrol or diesel engine!  However, the Automaker has entered in to India, very late with their vehicles. After entering the Indian market they have introduced two vehicles here in India – lets check them out 🙂

Isuzu MU7

Isuzu MU7 is a massive SUV with four cylinders and an inter cooled VGS Turbo charged diesel engine which is near five meters long with a rigid body. It has a heavy frame and strong a body built with large suspension that offers a good drive for passengers. Isuzu MU7 competes with the Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Xylo, SsangYong Rexton, Chevrolet Captiva and the Ford Endeavor, which is a  highly competitive segment in the Indian market.

Isuzu MU7

 Isuzu really bets big in the Indian Market:


D-MAX Pickup Truck:

Isuzu D-MAX cab is India’s first global pickup truck. The pickup truck is mainly targeted towards the agricultural and irrigation sectors in India with its long loading area and space. Till now in India there is no space cab pick truck, so there will not be a direct competitor for Isuzu D-MAX. But Tata Xenon and Mahindra Genio will soon be here to give the required competition!



Current and Future plans:

– Recently, Isuzu has signed an agreement with Hindustan Motors for contract manufacturing of Isuzu SUV’s and pickup trucks in India and the parts and materials used to produce the vehicles will be supplied from Thailand.

– Besides the assembling plant, Isuzu has signed an agreement with the Andhra Pradesh government to start LCV manufacturing operations and acquired 107 acres of land for a new plant were the full scaled LCV operations may take place.

– Already Isuzu expanded its dealership networking across India for its current and future launches.

– Isuzu motors ltd (Japan) on other hand received the CODISSIA delegation from India at Isuzu Fujisawa plant. The main aim of CODISSIA is to supply the parts used for manufacturing in a very satisfied and Quality manner to Isuzu. The same is expected by the Japanese Automaker.

– Isuzu is expecting 70% of localization in production parts supply from Indian manufacturers. Due to the large agriculture and dairy market present in India, Isuzu is betting big on the sales of pick- up trucks to turn the tables. They are aiming to sell 50,000 pickup vehicles in India in the next few years to gain market leadership. And to expand business in India by developing products matching the market needs.

– Plans for opening 60 dealerships in north India by the end of year 2014.

Aftermarket demand for Isuzu diesel engines in India:

The Non turbocharged (NA) Isuzu G1 engine with 2000cc is a fantastic engine, the speed and performance (pickup) is quite amazing. These engines provides a good fit in the ambassador body that make them alive & roaring, once we place them in. It comes with an electronic fuel pump unlike the inline mechanical pump, it’s much more smoother and there will not be as much drag with the Isuzu engine and A/C.

However suggestion of many automobile mechanics is that while going for the change, be sure to change the differential to that of the Isuzu ambassador to gain maximum benefit from the swap, other engines you could consider are the Toyota N1 and 2C series engines, but sourcing parts for the Isuzu would be easier in case of an engine rebuilt.  It is better to buy new radiator and new engine mountings and some suspension components along with the engine. Its a pure mechanical (No ECU Technology) engine and you will never feel the difference.

Bottom Line:

In India the Density of cars manufacturers are increasing day by day. According IHS Automotive reports the sales of automotive’s will reach 6-7 million by 2020, up from a predicted 3.7 million this year. By 2016 India will most likely overtake Germany, Japan and Brazil to become the world’s 3rd largest automotive market.

The Automobile Industry in India in recent years has shown tremendous potential. It will be a challenge for Isuzu to pitch its products since most consumers have already associated themselves with TATA and MAHINDRA brands. If Isuzu want to survive, it will need to do bring more class in its brand, so it can reach every traditional buyer. The future is all about less emission, low fuel consumption, low cost maintenance and better safety standards. If Isuzu(the diesel engine experts) is ready to offer these in a better package, definitely its going to grab a good share in the market. Lets wait and watch the game un-fold !

All you need to know about Car stock piling

Yup these are brand new parked cars ! Read ahead 🙂


The cars shown above are not parked cars near a cricket stadium or a football stadium. They are just brand new cars, each waiting for a owner for years. I mean waiting for a sale. There are so much brand new cars that are stored in the companies yards, that soon they will be running out of space in coming days !  Waiting in the sun and rain for years and years there is even a good possibility for the paints to faint and rubber tires to rot !

The car companies pay top dollar ( ie. in billions ) to maintain the nest of these cars spanning across acres of land ( but would never sell these cars at low prices ! ). Even at the rate of so much piling up of cars in the yards, the companies still expect to sell the cars at a higher rate – but who is there to buy?


Current Scenario:

The assembly line manufactures cars every minute – but this needs to change as every home already has a car and the process of buying is changed the more people are satisfied with what they have already. The car companies on the other hand, will not stop their production as that may lead to heavy loss and closure of their factories – which may result in tens & thousands of people loosing their jobs. The current stats say that near 5000 cars are made every week but hardly 1500 are being sold – and the remaining are sent to the stock area. Experts say that cars are already used by every individual in developing countries and there is not much demand. So they expect a reduction of production units to happen & this will continue until the population of people equals that of cars.

Car production giants like Nissan, Honda and Hyundai etc. are going for creating new technologies in cars and are also expanding costly segments in highly populated countries like India where there is a need of a good car still. But in countries like India the market for costly segment is low when compared to others – so, companies are producing large units of cars depending on order and forecast but finally the demand fall’s when a new car hits the market. For example, the Nano cars ( a TATA MOTORS product ) is cheap and especially made for the Indian market… but eventually what happened? only 1600 units are being sold out every week and the remaining 5400 takes 4 months are more to sell & are stock piled in their yards. The astonishing thing is TATA motors has already entered a new project called Nano twist production. What will happen to the remaining un-sold cars in the yard ? – no body knows !

When coming to NISSAN, the giant itself was not able to escape from this stock piling issue. In the SUNDERLAND CITY the production of NISSAN MICRA AND NISSAN NOTE has been stopped due to high stock without equivalent sales and they have cleverly moved their channels to export and establishment in china and India. Even FORD and MAHINDRA are facing similar stock piling problem in their sedan sections (But the XUV and Ecosport have somehow made their ways up the ladder ). With regards to Fiat, the sale has been dropping from 2012 t0 2014 – as they have their share of stock piling as well.

Factors Contributing to Stock Piling:

In general the most expensive cars and high demand cars need ordering and correlated ERP and SAP tools that will look after the manufacturing of no. of units very closely. In real time the units that are ordered will take 4 to 6 months of deliver time & in this period another 10 companies releases similar versions of 10 more models of cars – to reason the competitive advantage. Now these new releases will become more sophisticated cars in the segment thus making the original model an old model ( which eventually no one will buy )


Image note : Crushing of cars (at one shot 100 cars are crushed into a cube.)

In mean time, the Aftermarket segment is gaining a lot of market, by supplying each and every part of a car( For eg: if a car meets with an accident, the next day the customer will visit the aftermarket shop and buy products than choosing OEM for repair ). Also Remodeling, extra-fittings, default option etc.  are available in today’s market. A healthy car market is created only when people buy cars – use it for a period of time & than buy a new one. But due to these after markets, people keep using the same car for generations !