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If it’s breath taking, it’s definitely got to be a Bentley.

A rich man’s ride, the Continental (my dream car), Mulsanne an now Flying Spur, with immaculate precision and fine craftsmanship, Bentley motors cast their glorious vehicles with the confidence of a king.

Bentley Motors have announced the arrival of a new member in its royal family, the 2015 Flying Spur V8.  It would definitely roll out with the motto “Live Life Large”

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After the Continental, a year later, the Spur came flying with more features behind the wheels. That being said, the newly anticipated spur; a cheaper model than its predecessor is going to be 21,000$ cheaper on your pocket. The Flying Spur has certainly given its previous moniker “continental” a diverse meaning. The British Luxury car sported the two-door model. Its new skin makes it more vivacious. Just a reminder, this model is going to pack a little lesser power than its predecessor that had the W-12 (twin- turbo charged engine)

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With Audi’s aficionado-like engineering put to task, the twin-turbo charged 4.0 Liter V8 engine is going to certainly create an impact.

The same engine has already been introduced to a few Audi models such as A8, S8, RS7, S6 and the RS6. The horsepower produced by this engine can range anywhere from 430-560 Horsepower.

The Flying Spur would conveniently power up 500 horses under its hood @ 6000 RPM and a 488Nm torque.


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The specialty lies in the ultra light; ultra compact V8 mated with a ZF sourced 8 speeds automatic providing a smooth ratio between smooth and seamless everyday driving. Although, constant acceleration and gear paddling might play a bit with the car’s momentum. The Sports mode takes care of the wee bit of confusion, you can choose to fly on roads, keeping luxury constant. The 4-wheel drive that sets up the car to maximum traction always.

Beware, this luxury vehicle isn’t just meant to flaunt. The V8 charges the spur to a stunning 0-60 mph in about 4.8 seconds and achieves 183 mph.

With a symphony like sound unlike its aggressively intense W12 cousin, which makes it sound like 2 engines at work under the bonnet. The V8 Spur however, sounds like it should. A pleasing noise similar to a baritone snarl when the engine is revved to its maximum.


Surprisingly, the new spur is going to go easy on your fuel. Bentley has chosen to give the Flying Spur a touch of Fuel Economy. Sources claim that the fuel economy would range from 12 miles per gallon (in the city) to 20 (miles per gallon) on the highway. Being a lot less bulky than its previous cousins, the New Flying Spur is going to be around 330 pounds lighter than the W12. Maximum mass seeps in from the front of the vehicle. And as it might turn out, the Flying Spur V8 would definitely be nimble on the wheels.


While, the Visuals are pretty much adapted from the Continental GT range of cars (two door) the other changes include; Black Air intakes rather than the ever appearing high gloss metallic finish or the grille.

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Surprisingly, Bentley has chosen to give the new Flying Spur Logo a contemporary Red color rather than sticking on to its conventional Black background logo. Even, the exhaust tips have been kinked a tad to give them a twin oval look. The plush appeasing interiors in the Bentley are always a sign of great craftsmanship and a sign of premium luxury.


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The Spur V8 comes with a bench type seat for rear passengers, it can comfortably accommodate 5 passengers (4+1) & the dashboard of the Flying Spur is similar to the one found in the Continental Models.

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Bentley aims on bringing newer customers under its roof. With an offering so tempting and in sync with the competition, Bentley has smartly placed this less powerful W12 substitute for a lesser price band.

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It is expected that the price would be a notch higher than the Audi A8, the BMW 7 Series or for that matter even the Mercedes S class. With a brand that competes collar to collar with its luxurious rival, Rolls Royce, it is certainly a good move by Bentley to introduce cars in the premium sedan range. With an increasing number of Mercedes, Bmw and Audi buyers, Bentley is certainly going to be a choice among the luxury car buyers.

The price of the Bentley 2015 V8 Flying Spur is going to range between $ 1,97,825  and  $ 2,00,500.


“Sporty to drive yet elegant by looks”

MERCEDES, BMW and AUDI – looks like you might have to face some real luxurious trouble.


The Joy of listening to a Harley roar by is almost as hearing the heavens. Harley Davidson Motors have introduced plenty of these roaring beasts globally. But, this Harley Davidson motorbike has made a grand comeback. Read and cherish 🙂

It looks like a shark and roars like a tiger, The Harley Davidson Road Glide is making its come back (just like jaws returns) with a year’s hiatus from producing the Road Glide, 2015 seems like a fruitful year for Harley Davidson after all.

Harley Davidson Road Glide
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Post, the discussions and inputs from customers from the Rushmore development effort project, the company plans to launch two versions of the Road Glider. A continuation of the 2014 Street Glide and a special Road Glide (2015) which sports various newly added features.


The new models that are to roll out in 2015 are going to possess Harley’s Blood and soul. A High Output Twin Cam 103 V-twin mated to the Speed Cruise Drive Transmission. (One can just imagine the sound it would produce)

The 2015 Harley Glide is going to feature a sharper body that has been specially designed and a front mount that resembles a shark’s nose. The reason behind it is simple; the triple slipstream vent built on the Road Glide would reduce head buffering and wouldn’t allow the fast blowing air to hinder with the rider.

The 1690 cc High Output Twin Cam 103 engine with a 9.7:1 ratio, comes with an Integrated Oil-Cooler. All of this comes wrapped up in a black Chrome Cover (just makes your heart Melt) The hydraulic clutch actuation system adds to the joy of biking, so does the electronically assisted cruise control and a low cost, low maintenance belt drive.  It has Push operated valves, over head valves, 3 Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection System (ESPFI) a pressurized lubrication system with dry sump oil cooler.

The Road Glide special performs better than ever, the engine produces 142 Nm torque at 3250 RPM, and also helps you tour easily without having to worry much about the fuel consumption. The fuel consumption is pretty decent that gives you 42 Miles per gallon (5.6 litres for 100kms)

Also newly introduced are the new and fresh looking eyes on the 2015 Glide. The Harley bike would arrive with Dual Daymaker Reflector LED headlamps. Better vision and easy visibility.


If you own this bike, you would certainly want to go touring. Harley has introduced various Touring amenities for the wanderlust in you. A few amenities include:

One Touch Hard Saddle Bags, Cruise Control, Adjustable Air- Rear Suspension, new and effective ergonomic hand controls and a new design with a tactile feel. The Road Glide 2015  also comes with a Boom Box (impressive right) 6.5 GT infotainment System, a GPS navigation system, Reflex Linked Brakes with ABS and also a hand adjustable low profile rear suspension. (now that is what I call a touring bike)

Harley  Davidson Road Glide 2015
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USA is known for passionate riders and Harley enthusiasts. “Road Glide has always had an incredibly passionate following, which is why its return to the model line-up is existing for our customers and our company” says Matt Levatich, President and COO; Harley Davidson Motor Company.


The Road Glide 2015 has a new look and feel altogether making it a worthy comeback and Harley Davidson motors aren’t going to let this bike roll out that easy (well, not without loading it with fully)

Harley Davidson ROAD GLIDE 2015
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Starting from a premium paint job available in various color options, the Glide is certainly going to brighten up the roads. The body is made in a Wind tunnel tested environment and hence, the shark nose comes into picture. It also has low smoke windshields and a newly designed inner fairing. For the music lover in you, Harley has added a Boom Box 4.3 audio system with 2 speakers, a dedicated Jukebox media compartment with USB connection and a touch assist door.


Price is the main factor that determines the riders from the viewers.

Harley Davidson Glide is priced differently according to colors and features too:

The Vivid Black Harley Road Glide would cost around $ 20,899 ( around 12.5lakh INR) while the Road Glide Special would cost around $ 23,199 ( around 13.9lakh INR)

The Amber Whisky Road Glide would cost $ 21,399 (around  12.8lakh INR) while the Road Glide Special would cost $ 23,699 ( around  14.2 lakh    INR)

The Black Denim Road Glide would cost $ 21,399 (around 12.8lakh    INR) while the Road Glide Special would cost $ 23,699 (around 14.2 lakh    INR)

The Mysterious Red Sunglo is available only in the Road Glide edition and would cost around $ 21,399 (around   12.8lakh  INR)

Superior Blue Road Glide Special (only) would be available for $ 23,699 (around 14.2 lakh   INR)

P.S the 74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is on (Started on 2 Aug and will go on till 9 Aug) and Harley Glides will be made available with prices ranging from $ 20,899 to $ 23,699.

Happy Touring 🙂 

Gujarat To Rajasthan – A D’ZIRABLE travelogue !

Jaunty companions, 2400+ kilometers and my trust on wheels, the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire Vdi. Well, that was the prelude to an exciting journey of skillful driving and exploration.

Date: 23 July 2014- 31st July 2014

Distance:  Approx 2400 kilometers

Starting Point: Ahmedabad (GJ)

Ending Point: Although my journeys don’t have any ending, this journey was to Jodhpur and back (covering all possible towns in and around Rajasthan)

It had always been a part of my bucket list to go on a road trip from Gujarat to Rajasthan (my ancestral place) and when I had the opportunity, I couldn’t resist. My bags were packed and my mind was ready to soak in the experience. Here is my trip advisor or travelogue

Kem Cho, Gujarat(India)

23rd July 2014 (3.30 pm) Ahmedabad greeted me quite well even during the afternoon (surprisingly my expectation was put down by the pleasant climate) with a slight drizzle and of course a positive sign to keep cruising. I’ve got to say, Gujarat has very smooth roads. They feel like stroking a baby’s cheek.

Introducing to you, a companion (rented out for 8 days) that would be put to test through challenging and smooth roads to check the reliability and stability. The Swift DzireVdi 2008 Model (Silver)

Swift DzireVdi 2008 travelogue
Shimmering in Silver.

I was sure enough that Ahmedabad isn’t going to let me get away that easy, especially with an empty stomach. You could just bask in the delicious flavors and the mouth watering delights Gujarati food has to offer.

I couldn’t resist, and before getting the taste of the Gujju roads, I did a little “Tummy Puja” 😛

After a scrumptious Sneck (the way Gujarati’s pronounce it J) it was time to decide if I wanted to move on or spend the night in Gujarat. Time was definitely of the essence. Covering an average of 250-300 kms a day isn’t a walk in the park. And with the clock ticking faster than the accelerator, I had to put a pedal on the metal. But, leaving in the evening wasn’t the best of ideas and so I decided to stay back and enjoy my evening in Ahmedabad. If you are visiting Gujarat anytime soon, I would definitely recommend Kathiwadi Food, its just too tempting to say no to.

Travelogue Gujarat  Ahmedabad
Ain’t the road a Beauty?

Although the roads are impeccable, the ones using them make their own lanes whenever, wherever. Left was right, right was a u turn and all the roads led to some place I did not want to be (it wasn’t too bad though)

Travelogue Gujarat  Ahmadabad traffic
Traffic on a Normal Day. Sigh!!


The Journey:

The rains had worked their miracle on the swift the previous night. I did not really have the time to saunter over and so, post breakfast; it was a start to an amazing trip. To elaborate my 8-day journey that started from the 24th of July and went on till the 31st July,the diesel tank was full and the roads seemed welcoming, and that’s when my Journey began. I would like to mull over a few facts about the transition in the roads of Gujarat and Rajasthan, India. Both the states have intermingling roads and you might notice that while your tyres might caress a few roads in Gujarat, Rajasthan would make your tyres hate you 😛  (I am not trying to endorse Gujarat roads. A few roads in Gujarat are equally bad too)

Swift Dzire Vdi travelogue


While in Gujarat (High way included) you are certain to witness the culture bustling around in all corners.

For instance:

Living in a place where rickshaws are a source of traveling, this was a more exciting and an innovative concept. The bullet rickshaw (named Chagda) is quite popular among the locals in Gujarat. This is definitely worth traveling in.

Travelogue Chagdi :)
Chagda 🙂


Travelogue - Fully Loaded ;)
Fully Loaded 😉

Oh yeah ! The good ol’ Tractor. We might have come across our favorite celebs ride a tractor across a field. But, this was certainly more rejoicing than seeing anything on screen.
Travelogue Tractor

Gujarat and Rajasthani roads have a deep connection of some kind with our four legged friends. Looks like a few of them enjoy taking sunbath on the busy streets of both the cities. The irony lies in the confidence that these mammals have, no vehicle can ever make them move unless the mammal really wants to 😛

Travelogue animals on road

While my journey that was going on pretty smooth, the only hindrance was either the Toll Booth (Gujarat and Rajasthan have plenty of toll booths) or Gas stations.

Puns apart, my journey had started off on a very bright note, with clear skies and smooth roads, rains did manage to cope up with me and they managed their way in occasionally.

Khamma Ghani – Rajasthan

Travelogue - Toll booth Rajasthan

You know when you are in Rajasthan when you come across “DesiDaru” Shops J Gujarat apparently adheres to strict norms when it comes to alcohol. Jokes apart, Rajasthan was partially humid and the service of my car’s A/C was of urgent priority.

Travelogue Rajasthan humid

It did not seem like Rajasthan was going to experience torrential rains. However, while entering Jodhpur, my presumption was wrong. The roads in Jodhpur were flooded with water. Although, the sight was quite eye pleasing, it did seem a bit concerning too. With no proper water drainage channels, puddles were being formed, making it very difficult for various two wheelers and a few hatchback cars to cross.

Travelogue Jodhpur roads with rain

July Might not seem like the best of times during the year to visit Rajasthan, But then again what’s life if you live it by the rules right? 😉

Covering up places like Pali, Phalodi, Jaisalmer, and experiencing the Joy of Mount Abu, Driving to Rajasthan was worth the miles.

The Experience:

While leaving for Rajasthan, Ahmedabad had a very different approach as opposed to Rajasthan. Driving conditions were quite variable. One moment you are on the highway and there is no sign of traffic and rains and the next moment, all you have is a lot of traffic and your vehicle literally floating on the road.

Travelogue Rajathan roads

My return journey from Jodhpur had pretty much given me an indication of the road conditions ahead. While I was nearing Gujarat, I had to take a detour from Mehsana owing to the worsening climate condition.

Travelogue Gujarat  climate

Ahmedabad was around 30 Kms away, and unbelievably it took me around 5 hours to reach Ahmedabad. You can pretty much see the road conditions in the pics that we managed to click.

Thankfully, the skill of driving in such conditions came in handy. Dzire was definitely supportive and did not give up on me during these few hours of turmoil. Although, I have to say, water somehow found its way into the car and our feet were getting the taste of the murky rain water that was conveniently stagnant across the entire street.

Travelogue Gujarat  Ahmedabad

The thrill of driving in such conditions definitely adds a page to my memorabilia. It felt like we were on a Boat trip (well without the paddles, fishing rods and such)

DZIRE Connection:

The Swift DzireVdi comes with a 1248 cc  Multijet DDis/DOHC diesel engine, producing 190 Nm of torque @ 2000 RPM.

It gave me 15 kmpl mileage on the highway (with A/C) and on the busy streets.

I definitely felt the 75 PS power when the vehicle was tested on the highway.

Being spacious enough for 5 people (we were just 3) the Dzire’s Trunk had no problem accommodating our luggage too.

The BridgeStone 14” Tires worked their miracles on the roads. Even after crossing the 120kmph speed at the highway, the Dzire wouldn’t wobble, it was quite smooth.

The only drawback that I feel about the Dzire is the identical look it shares with Swift and the ground clearance (170mm)

Summing Up My Trip:

Travelogue Gujarat  to Rajasthan
Actual View @ Mount Abu.. Worth the Visit!!

After surviving such road and weather conditions, taking us a step closer to fear. The Swift Dzire Vdi has certainly connected Gujarat and Rajasthan like never before. The rains had caused a little hindrance and I couldn’t cover up a few places during the end. But, having said that, the journey was indeed a special one. I am waiting and planning my next big trip soon.

Wanna Join?

Cars, Lightning Mcqueen and Pals!!!

We’ve all been inspired, moved and thrilled by movies. Some movies have left a really deep impact on our lives while some have definitely changed our mood swings in a jiffy. We would love to talk about cars in real world,for a change how about talking cars in the reel world. It is fun, isn’t it?

We’ve all loved animated movies for umpteenth reasons at some point of our lives. A few of us however, haven’t grown over that stage (like me) and still enjoy the simplicity’s of enjoying good old animated movies. Being a hardcore car enthusiast, my motivation is driven by the Disney movie “Cars” (animated yet inspiring)

Cars movie models
Image Source:

Released in the year 2006, the Pixar animation production was certain to get kids and the adults (well just by age) for a joyous ride involving thrills, turns and lastly the endearing friendship that would last for miles. The movie had captivated me from the very beginning and well, the movie buff in me wouldn’t let the joy wither away that easy.

Let’s look at the protagonist who kept us captivated from the very beginning:


In a world driven by anthropomorphic characters playing various roles (big and small) the main theme of the movie is based on race cars competing against each other to claim their victory over the Piston Cup. His name got inspired after an animator and not after the Mcqueen Actor (Steve Mcqueen).

He is red, He looks Mean, Meet Lightning Mcqueen.

 Lightning Mcqueen car
Image Source:

Our Protagonist, Lightning Mcqueen is a hybrid between a stock car and a curvaceous Le Mans endurance race car. He’s just the most fun loving race car that initially seems a bit snobbish (due to all the fame he gets) is on his way on the race track revving up to be the winner of the Piston Race Cup. But, An unsettling 3-way tie breaker between Strip Weathers, Chick Hicks and Lightning Mcqueen, leads towards a tie breaking race that is scheduled a week later at the animated L.A International Speedway.

The ever excited Mcqueen takes on the challenge and journeys on to the LA Speedway at California with his pal and travel partner, MACK. Adding to twists and turns (infused with some humor) sleepy Mcqueen Ends up on the road with no sign of his pal.

 Lightning Mcqueen model
Image Source:

Mcqueen’s rough Journey begins at Radiator Springs. Mcqueen rips apart most of the pavement of the main road and is later imprisoned. As it turns out, nobody in radiator springs is quite aware of Mcqueen’s fame. He is just a mere prisoner. Mcqueen tries his best to escape from the “somewhat deserted town” but his attempts are unsuccessful.

As the story progresses,  Lightning Mcqueen is manifested with the subtleties of simplicity and racing ethics. He also befriends various vehicles from the town and finds his lady love on wheels.  In due course, Mcqueen Gains racing motivation form a former racing legend Hudson Hornet, the winner of 3 piston cups, completely vanishes (post an accident in 1954) from the real world and chooses to live a very secretive life.

What I really love about Mcqueen was the complete overhaul and “Ca-Ching” looks adding to his augmented fame. Mcqueen is finally traced by the outside world and is drawn back into the race circuit, but the racers heart lies in radiator springs. To support him, the entire town goes to the LA speedway circuit and Hudson hornet takes charge as Mcqueen’s manager and race coach.


Well, I cannot let this one go. Mcqueen’s new look is just ravishing. Mcqueen undergoes a new Paint Job, New and improved white tyres, the lightning logo, and touches of perfection. The below makeover has resemblance with the Chevrolet Corvette.

 Lightning Mcqueen car model
Image Source:




Mcqueen Best friend and his Sidekick, Based on the International Harvester Boom Truck that used to lift equipments from mine shafts, Mater was given an animated life. Although, Mater was originally a Baby Blue Colored Truck, the rust all over his body implies the age and he hence proudly carries a orange-ish light brown color with a very small hint of blue. Mater is the goofy character and the life of the movie. He contributes all laughs and giggles in the movie. At times he gets a tad annoying and the next moment he wins your heart back.

Mater and Mc Queen cars movie
Mater and Mcqueen Image Source:

In the movie, Mater is seen missing his hood that he claims, he hasn’t seen over 20 years, and his left headlight that is quite loose and falls off when mater trembles, these intricate details are essential and keep the fun constant. When it comes to driving, Mater claims to be the best backwards driver in the world (which he truly is)

The name mater originates from a diehard NASCAR fan Doughlas “Mater” Keever. What’s cute is the way mater introduces himself, “My name is Mater. Like tuh-mater, but with out the tuh”

 Lightning Mcqueen cars movie
Image Source:

The irony here is that Doughlas Mater keever was raised on his maternal grandparents’ tomato farm and hence the nick name (and the reference in the movie)


The DoC is a local physician at Radiator springs. His license plate reads 51HHMD, which refers to his year (51), His Model (Hudson Hornet) and his profession (MD) (pretty cool right?)

Image Source:

The Doc has a history of being one of the most reputed race cars during his time. He had won 3 Piston cups and was a record holder for most wins in a single season. But, a crash that had caused havoc during the last lap had left Hudson Hornet out of the tracks for good, thereby putting an end to his racing career. (ironically this story resembles that of Herb Thomas who was NASCAR’s champion during 1951 and 1953).

Prostrated by the mishap, Hudson had apparently devoted his time to study medicine. He is seen to play the role of a doctor at Radiator Springs and has a clinic where he deals with internal combustion. The town’s folks respected the doctor but, did not know about his past. He is the main reason for Lightning Mcqueen’s control over abrupt turnings and skids.


Sally is a 2002 996 Series Porsche 911 Carrera (looks girly but packs up a great fight in real life)

Cars Porsche movie models
Image Source:

Sally and Lightning seem to hit it off pretty well. The love bubble seems quite obvious between the two.


An interesting Character, Luigi is a 1959 Fiat 500, with an interesting Italian accent and a passion for supercars and tyres. Luigi owns a tyre shop at Radiator Springs.

Luigi cars movie Fiat 500
Image Source:


Tiny by looks, but quite fast when it comes to work. He certainly adds excitement during the final race.

GUIDO Cars movie
Image Source:


Mack is a 1985 Mack Super-Liner in charge of taking Lightning Mcqueen Places. He is also Lightning’s friend and plays a small but effective role in the movie.

MACK cars movie
Image Source:


Ramone is a 1959 Chevrolet Impala Lowrider who carries a very cool image and he seems like the easy going type.

Ramone Cars movie
Image Source:


Just like any sheriff, this 1949 Mercury Club Coupe does his job quite earnestly.

SHERIFF cars movie
Image Source:


A promoter of Green gas and peaceful living, the 1960 Volkswagen Bus carries out a hipster image that runs a very discrete bio fuel unit at Radiator Springs. He is the go green mascot that might make you go green too 🙂

FILL MORE Volkswagen Cars movie
Image Source:


Sarge is tough as he sounds, a 1941 Willy’s Jeep just like the ones used by the US Military.

SARGE Jeep Cars movie
Image Source:


Flo is a 1957 Motorama Show car.

Flo Cars movie
Image Source:


Strip “The King” weathers, carries a true sportsman spirit. He is a good contender, according to Pixar the King, is a generic 1980 stock car that shares resemblance with the GM G-Body (Buick regal or Chevy Monte Carlo)

Strip The King cars movie
Image Source:



Filled with attitude under the hood and the confidence to rule the world, Chick hicks is a car design that was based on Rishard Petty’s 1970 Plymouth Superbird model. He is one tough rival that challenges and mocks Lightning Mc Queen

Chick hicks Cars movie
Image Source:


Lizzie is a 1923 Ford Model T.

Apparently Lizzie was married to a steamer named Stanley who was a Radiator Cap sales man. He founded Radiator Springs.

LIZZIE Ford Cars movie
Image Source:


RED is a 1960 Style Fire Truck that shared similarities with Lightning’s friend MACK.

RED Fire Truck Cars movie
Image Source:


We can call this anyway we like — Good Movies, Comedy Movies, Top Movies, Movie Cars, Disney Cars, Cars 1, Kids Car, Film Cars, Cars movie etc. Totally it’s all about fun and teamwork. The movie was very captivating and truly inspiring. It combines the fun and seriousness of racing and brings out the valuable lesson of cruising together as friends.

Maruti Ciaz is truly a marvel !

Maruti Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki is known for its reliability ranging across all its automobiles. Although, the recent launch of “Kizashi” had been a bit disappointing  ( because of the huge variation between the Concept Kizashi and the actual one that rolled out on Indian roads ) However, the latest news indicates that Maruti might discontinue its currently successful model SX4 towards the end of 2014 and roll out the new and revised replacement named Maruti Ciaz.

Ciaz made its first appearance at the 2014 Auto Expo and the Launch is expected in the last quarter of 2014.

[caption id="attachment_1713" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Maruti Ciaz Image Source:[/caption]This shorter version of the SX4 is going to share a few similarities but the difference is going to be obvious. The Ciaz concept might have the looks and curves to drool for and it might look aggressively slender and creased with a lot of chrome, the real impact would be realized when the actual models roll out (Sigh!! how i wish there were limited edition concepts rolled out in the market)Rumored to have the bits and bobs of the Ertiga... Ciaz seems to have an adaptation from plenty of its cousins such as the SX4, Swift and Ertiga. Maruti has such similar elements and design aesthetics mated into its anticipated Ciaz making it worth the festive wait.INTERIORS:A beige colored interior might bring the interiors of the Ertiga to mind, however considering a makeover, Maruti is definitely going to focus on new and improved interiors. The supposedly premium interiors would sport an ergonomic design enough to accommodate 3 people comfortably.
[caption id="attachment_1711" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Maruti Ciaz interiors Image Source:[/caption]ENGINE:Although Maruti hasn't declared anything about the exact technicalities or the specifications, the sedan would be launched in petrol and diesel options. The Ciaz might be available in 5 speed Automatic and base Manual models. Powered with a 1373 cc petrol engine, and 93.7 bhp at 6000 RPM ranging to 130 Nm at 4000 RPM, the Ciaz certainly churns out decent power packed to perform. Getting started with the engine and powering it up wouldn't really be concerning. The 1.3 litre multi jet DDiS Diesel engine would perform with an attitude of its own, it might produce power ranging between 103- 290 Nm to 118 Bhp-300 Bhp. It is believed that the engine might be transversely positioned such that the front wheels are powered.The variants will supposedly have 15 inch and 16 inch rims (depending on the variant)MILEAGE:One of the most sort out questions ever. What's the mileage?Well, based on the performance of the Ertiga, it can be anticipated that the Ciaz petrol should provide 15- 16 kmpl mileage (depending on the model) whereas, the diesel model should provide a mileage of 21-23 kmpl which goes far beyond ones expectations over such a sedan.


The 5-speed manual 1.4 litre petrol engine that reaches 0-100 in 13 seconds, would get you across an average of 150 km(per hr). The diesel engine however, would get you across the same (0-100)  in 12 seconds and can range from 170-175 km(per hour)
[caption id="attachment_1712" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Maruti Ciaz body Image Source:[/caption]The rear lights certainly look similar to the 5 series BMW lights. Impressive!!!ACCESSORIES:If you are waiting for the Ciaz, then Maruti is certainly not going to disappoint you. Providing an array of accessories, you can easily deck up your ride. You can choose from the following: Deck-lid spoiler, Body decals, revolutionary alloy wheels, roof rails etc. The upholstery can also be customized according to your choice.You'd be musically inclined too, the Ciaz would keep music a priority with a music system and features such as Bluetooth and multimedia options. The top end variants would sport A/C climate controls. The Steering would consist of an audio control panel, the car would also have a cooled glove box, and door pockets. You might also spoil yourself with Luxurious Leather seats (optional)BRAKES AND HANDLING:Maruti might grace Ciaz with the dynamic duo combination of its Conventional Disc and a Drum Brake. The front wheels might have ventilated disc brakes while the rear wheels would have drum brakes. The Ciaz would come with new features like the ABS and EBD which would enhance braking in tough conditions.SAFETY:Safety and security is going to be a priority. The Maruti Ciaz might contain a robust suspension mechanism that would give rise to perfect handling conditions. Loaded with a front Mc Pherson Strut system and a Rear Torson Beam rear axle fitted with coil springs, the sedan has a lot more offerings such as air bags, engine immobilizer, side impact beams and a central locking system.COMPETITION:As the anticipation goes, Maruti Ciaz might be available in petrol variants such as LXi, VXi and ZXi whereas the diesel variants would be available in LDi, VDi and ZDi variants. We can expect Maruti Suzuki to price it competitively.It might compete against the Honda City, Nissan Sunny, Renault Scala in the sedan segment.BOTTOM LINE:If you were a fan of the SX4 and if the concept has kept you waiting then, waiting for the roll out of the Maruti CIAZ would certainly be a wise decision. And if you are an impulsive buyer, you can choose between its competing models.


With a lot of money at stake and an ever increasing demand for cars, it has become mandatory for major car manufacturers to provide something more substantial, something more cutting edge in shortsomething like the Hyundai Genesis. Luxury has become a commonality. Safety is what brings us closer to experiencing a good drive. The Hyundai Genesis (2015), a mid size sedan would definitely entice the world with its top notch high end features and the security to keep you assured.


Luxury cars are growing traditional and clichéd. With a lot of money at stake, the buyer has certainly a hangar of cars to choose from. The buying decision lies in the most intricate details [Wife for those who are married 😉 ] Apart from the design aesthetics, Technology is also essential when it comes to buying a car.

Hyundai Genesis 2015
Hyundai Genesis 2015
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With the word safety being thrown around, I am “safely” going to cut to the chase and analyze all the features that Hyundai proudly flaunts.

Hyundai Genesis-Other Word for Safety! Check the Video below:


Auto Braking System:

With unreliable traffic and uncertain roads, the chances of colliding your car with another seem probable. However, Hyundai has equipped the new Genesis with an Automatic braking feature that works in coordination with inbuilt cameras as well as the radar sensors that detect any obstacle. You might not be able to view anything while driving your car during foggy conditions, but the genesis works with its “spidey like senses” that detect any obstacle. Even if the driver shows signs of giving up before a catastrophic accident, as a last resort the Genesis applies its full braking force to stop the car.

Lane Departure Warning & Lane Keep Assist feature:

Moving on and crossing lanes in a traffic-flooded road can definitely require trained hands and judgment skills. The Genesis features its Lane Assist Feature that comes in handy by automatically detecting the driver’s difficulty while trying to shift to another lane and provides gentle handling capability to the driver. If the vehicle slips out of the current lane, the Haptic Feedback System will take care of such hassles and allows the vehicle to get back on track.

Blind Spot Detector and Rear Cross Traffic Alert System:

With its radar system, the Genesis easily detects blind spots that are very dangerous and it notifies the driver with its audio and video

Cruise Control:

Cruise worry free with the all-new cruise control system that automatically adjusts your cruising speed. It also adapts to the speed of the car going in front of you. What’s cool is that the car will completely come to a halt and start again even with the absence of a driver.

LCD Safety Display

The Genesis also comes with a heads up display and another 7-inch LCD color Display, providing vital information like the driver’s line of sight, the navigation speed, the Blind spot detection etc.

Hyundai Genesis camera safety
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HID Headlight assist feature:

One major cause of verbal abuse on Indian roads is the usage of the “dimmer-dipper” while driving at night. However careless you are or the other driver might be, the Genesis shows its road safety manners quite amicably. The dimmer and dipper are adjusted automatically when a car is detected in front of you.

Air Bags:

Hyundai has been quite magnanimous with its Air bag facility in the Genesis, gracing all the passengers with an Air bag each, providing a breath taking 9- Air bags. What’s really cool in addition is that the driver is provided with a knee airbag too.

Hyundai Genesis Air bags safety
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Smart Trunk:

The car might have seemed as smart as your phone but Hyundai took the safety features to newer levels. Even the trunk of the Genesis is smart. Imagine you are out with your wife or girlfriend (irrespective) after a thrilling shopping experience; odds are that both your hands would be full (with shopping bags)and the Hyundai Genesis is one friend that you can rely on. Once you are done shopping and move close to the car’s trunk (approx 3 ft) and stay for 3 seconds or so, the trunk would automatically open. Quite a relief isn’t it ?(Don’t get your hopes high, I was talking about placing only the shopping bags in the trunk and not the reason for those bags 😛 )

Hyundai Genesis boot trunk
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C02 Sensor:

No other car has this technology. The genesis is the world’s first car that has an inbuilt C02 sensor. While driving, any car would absorb Carbon Dioxide. The sensors built in the Hyundai Genesis detect the Carbon Dioxide and thereby activates the car’s ventilation to intake ample amount of fresh air.

Tyre Pressure Sensor:

Hyundai Genesis indicates which tyre is running low on air and needs refilling.


Hyundai Genesis comes in variants such as:

Genesis 3.8 and 5.0

The 3.8 Ltr V6 engine model has 311-horse power at 6000RPM and has a Gasoline Direct Injection System. It comes with an 8-speed auto transmission system with an all wheel drive option. The 5.0 L v8 Engine model comes with a 420 hp engine at 6000 RPM with a Gasoline Direct Injection System and a Tuned Intake System. The 5.0 L also comes with an 8-speed auto transmission.  Built with 18-inch premium alloy wheels, Hyundai Genesis comes equipped with 13.6-in power assisted ventilated disc (4 piston) front brakes, and 12.4 –in solid disc (1 piston) rear brakes. The 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels are a tad sturdier in the 5.o L model. The rear view mirror comes with compass and auto dimming capability. Also, the Genesis comforts the driver with ventilated seats that come with power bolsters and cushion extenders for that extended comfort.The Lexicon Surround sound that is supposedly one of the most premier brands is locked and loaded in the Hyundai Genesis, with 7, 14 and 17 speakers.

The exteriors include projector headlights with LED light accents, Automatic rain sensors, automatic defogging windshields with humidity sensors, proximity key entry and water repellent glass acoustic laminated windshields . Steering wheel mounted cruise controls, Audio controls, paddle shifters forms the nice interior of the car.

Hyundai Genesis interiors

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The Hyundai Genesis comes at a price ranging between US$ 37,825-51,500 (Rs.22lakhs-31lakhs) However, the expected price in India is around 35 lakhs.

Bottom Line:

“Safety is the new Luxury”

Sure, it might not hold the luxury tag like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. But, the new Hyundai Genesis surely defeats these luxury rivals with its own class and distinctive features!

Visit Hyundai Genesis Website:

Lamborghini Huracan – HURRICANE ON THE ROADS!

Lamborghini is probably the first  “L” word that comes out of super car lovers (me included) when asked about their favorite super car brand.  I am pretty sure many hearts must have been broken post the “Delhi Valet Parking incident”

The respectable brand that is owned by Audi is known for its legendary super cars. We might have had the chance to drive one of these cars in a game and yes definitely in our dream. Some of us might have heard a Lamborghini roar away to glory and a few of us might have even had a chance to sit behind the wheels and take this mighty bull for a spin.

Lamborghini Commercial:

Headquartered at Sant Agata, Lamborghini is known to always accentuate its luxury on wheels. Some cars that have been rolled out include: Gallardo, Murcielago, Diablo, Miura, Countach etc. Each and every name that has been engraved in Lamborghini’s history has always exuded sheer flamboyance. Simply revving the engine reinforces raw brutal power prepared to conquer roads.

Indian’s have greeted Lamborghini and Murcielago with pride. If you have deep pockets and you’re looking for something cutting edge. There is certainly good news for you.

August 2014 is going to be a happy month for Indian Lamborghini fans. The newly designed car “Huracan” is all set to storm the Indian roads. India is becoming a super-car hub with ever increasing enthusiasts burning their pockets deep just to get the taste of speed.

Lamborghini Huracan
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According to Stephan Wilkelmann (global CEO Lamborghini), Lamborghini sales was quite good during 2013. A total of 22 cars were sold in India [We’ve all seen one in Delhi ;)] and the global sales was quite lucrative too. A total of 2121 cars were sold globally in the year 2013.

Gallardo has set a benchmark in Indian super car history after being labeled the most successful super car. Now it’s time for its successor Huracan to rage the roads.

Although the Indian sales aren’t a big achievement, India (out of four destinations) is on Lamborghini’s production radar. (Let’s hope that happens)

Lamborghini Huracan review
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Making its first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show, the Huracan has had various love struck eyes glued on to its unique design and more so, its raging power. The Gallardo has been quite successful all over the world, the Lamborghini Huracan carried on the legacy with 1000 pre-orders globally even before the car’s official debut.


The Lamborghini Hurracan is definitely a speed demon covering 0-100km/h in a mere 3.2 seconds with the help of its smart 7-speed automatic gearbox riveted to its 5.2 liter V10 engine that is hand built.

Lamborghini Huracan engine
Lamborghini Huracan
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Power comes in 2 versions with the Lamborghini Aventador taking the lead with massive raging bulls under its hood followed by the Huracan (a worthy replacement of the Gallardo)


The Lamborghini Huracan is nimble, and comfortable than the previous members of the Lamborghini family. The Huracan is all about being modish. The chassis in the Huracan is about 10% lighter than the Gallardo. The materials used such as Carbon-fibre, Light weight aluminum, and reinforced plastic make the hybrid chassis a stunner. At the heart of the Huracan is a massive 5204cc engine waiting to prance.

Lamborghini  Huracan Colors
Huracan Colors
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Being a smaller member of the Lamborghini family, the Huracan has a 10-cylinder unit, which is smaller than 12 cylinders on the Aventador.  The Huracan’s full name is Huracan LP 610-4 – meaning the 620 Bhp beast has the power on all the four wheels but, the rear wheels get more power. The Huracan produces 560 Nm torque at 6500 RPM. The beast gets thirsty for fuel every 5.68 km (approx 5.68 km per litre)

The Lamborghini Huracan is thus your everyday car. It is built for your everyday dose of fun. Be it a racetrack or your friend’s residence. Be it your business or a driving to be at the life of a party. The Huracan is always your companion on the go. It is definitely a Lamborghini, but it is unlike any Lamborghini that has ever rolled out.


The most essential model by Lamborghini is the Huracan. Lamborghini is trying to crunch some serious numbers by rolling as many Huracans as possible. Although, in comparison it is cheaper and less powerful than the Aventador.

Lamborghini Huracan price
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The Huracan will be made available in India from a price ranging from 3-3.50 Crores (only 🙂 )


The friendly bull might face competition from Aston Martin V12 Vantage Coupe (2013) ferrari 458 Italia (2013) or the new Mc Laren 12C (2014)


Lamborghini Huracan is allegedly the least pricey of all Lamborghini’s.  India might host the production of these mini bulls. Let’s hope we see them on our streets soon  🙂

こんにちは Kon’nichiwa DEMIO-Mazda 2

Japanese automaker Mazda has always presented its cars with dexterity. Well, India has an ickle presence of Mazda cars. However, the Japanese Manufacturer has rolled out some significant show stoppers in the recent past.

Mazda 2 Image
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Ok, Am just going to cut to the chase and be precise (just like the Japanese) and present my take on the mini yet note worthy, Demio (or Mazda 2) . This is a sub compact car that is now in its third generation and drives with a different name plate “Mazda 2”. Prior to which the names were even different : “Mazda 121 & Mazda Metro” . But, don’t let that fool you, because this car carries Japanese Technology and it is certainly an interesting XUV.

The major factor when it comes to driving small and powerful cars is what the Demio (3rd Generation) tries to offer : FUN. It has somehow plaintively avenged its predecessors, but coined the title” World Car of the Year” in 2008.


As advertised, the Mazda Demio (or the mazda-2) had  green and slick characteristics endorsed with a few external makeovers. The Grille has certainly managed to capture a few grins, the new grille that has a trapezoidal design, looks much better than the previously designed grilles.


Let’s go a bit further with the in-depth review of the Mazda-2:


For what it’s worth, the Mazda-2 (2014) has been accused of being under-powered. It lacks expectations pertaining to the Mazda standards. The 1.5 liter four cylinder engine is as powerful as 100 horses, which is quite less considering competitor cars offering better horse powered vehicles. Sadly, the 100 horsepower engine produces only 98 Nm torque. However, that’s not disappointing news because once the car spurs up over 3000 RPM, the somewhat powerful car delivers a satisfactory show.

Both automatic and manual versions are available. Yet, you might want to consider buying the five speed manual car which is far too nimble than the four speed automatic transmission version. Unfortunately, the gear shifting ratios get a bit curious and the car tends to shift gears quite early (i’m sure you know how that feels!!) Sadly, the automatic version does not have a manual mode.

2014 Mazda MAZDA2
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That being said, the sporty driving characteristics imbibed in the Mazda-2 along with road holding capabilities would give the driver a joyous thrill( thanks to the perfect equilibrium between the suspension tuning and chassis ). The power steering is quite satisfactory and helps you have fun 🙂

The mini Mazda helps you nibble around crowded places and offers a fair amount of driving pleasure. Despite the tyres are a little narrow (195/50), the grip over your Mazda is commendable. It is built to perform well on the highways, but the real challenge lies on the hills where, the Mazda Huffs and Puffs on Steeps. That’s also where the grumbling sound of the engine comes into play.


Offered in two versions, i.e. Sport and Touring, the Mazda-2 is offered in three different colors. Mazda has put certain efforts to promote the Mazda-2, however, the competitors have put in more efficient efforts. It doesn’t offer too many features to go “gaga” over. But, sometimes simplicity might be good, for a few.

If you are opting for the Sport model, the car would come equipped with power locks, power mirrors and windows. The Steering wheel can be tilt adjusted according to your convenience. Key-less entry into the A/c car, rear window wiper, an audio system with four speakers and a CD slot, Audio jack are present. What hammers the appearance and the image of the Sport model, is the plastic wheel covers over painted steel wheels.

The Touring model is a bit pricier and offers alloy wheels (15″) and a few classier upgrades such as a trip computer, 6 speaker audio system, roof spoiler, lavish upholstery, even the steering wheel is dressed up with leather and gets audio controls. To top it all up, the car comes with a chrome exhaust tip.


The environmental friendly Mazda-2 manages your fuel efficiently.  Being a light weight car ( weighing in at a mere 2300 pounds ), the grad strategy adopted by Mazda has certainly gone lighter on the environment. The five door car accommodates four passengers and is a cute pick. It also has the Sky Active Technology that isn’t too impressive, but is noticeable.

The manual Mazda-2 offers 13.6 kpl, whereas the four speed automatic transmission model offers 12.75 kpl (automatically drops down 😉 )

Fuel consumption is reduced and hence, the Mazda-2 goes a little easy on the environment.


The Mazda 2 comes in 2 options, the 1300cc offering both 2 and 4 wheel drive variants or the 1500 cc offering only a 2 wheel drive option. The 2 wheel drive options are available in both auto and Manual transmission models, where as the 4 wheel drive is available with the Auto transmission model. The price of a 1300 cc 2 wheel drive model would cost you 15,300 US$ (or 9.18 lakhs) where as the 1300 cc 4 wheel drive option is available for US$ 18,300 ( Rs. 10.98 lakhs) and finally the 1500 cc 2 wheel drive variant is available for US$ 19,300 (Rs. 11.58 Lakhs)


The Mazda 2 has tough competitors such as the Nissan Versa Note, Toyota Yaris, and the upcoming Honda Fit (2015)


The Mazda 2 has made a few impressive attempts by offering good fuel efficiency, good handling and an efficient car. However, the drawbacks need to be considered too. The under-powered Mazda-2 might be disappointing and as mentioned earlier, the manual mode calibrates a better offer. Rival cars go a bit more on the luxurious side at nearly the same price.  The handling is shockingly abysmal.

However, the Demio (Mazda-2) is a decent buy for the well built quality and its commodious interiors.

Ducati -Demystifying The Diavel


Exhilarated just by the looks? Read on and cruise though the darkest side of power.

The Ducati Diavel is definitely sexier than any super hot model! Innovative curves that evoke your senses, the wicked LED lights that glare into your very soul, and a brutish force that just wouldn’t stop. Although the Ducati Diavel has the looks of a cruiser, its sporty looks would leave you bewildered.

The Demon on Wheels:

The posture permeates supremacy and a confident prowling force. The Diavel’s wide sinewy shoulders caress the engine and lead towards the belly-fairing oil cooler, adding masculinity to the bike.

After unveiling the 2015 Ducati Diavel at the 84th Geneva Motor Show held at Switzerland, The Italian Motorcycle Manufacturer emphasized on the striking features, a meaner design and charged with more power than ever, making it a noteworthy cruiser that is going to “top” the cruiser bike list soon.


The Diavel 2015 is going to sport evolutionary changes.  Although, the existing design might seem just about same to the untrained eye, the design has undergone functional upgrades, making Diavel more desirable. The headlight has got a whole new look with the newly installed sports all LED illumination, the indicators carry the same LED design. The rider can derive the benefits of the new dual seat that provides better comfort to the seated duo.

WHAT'S NEW:Beside the functional upgrades, the 2015 Ducati Diavel is going to roar louder than ever, with an updated 1198 cc Testastretta-11° Dual Spark Engine.

[caption id="attachment_874" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]TESTASTRETTA 110DUAL SPARK ENGINE TESTASTRETTA 110DUAL SPARK ENGINE Image Source:[/caption]The completely new and upgraded engine will have combined intake and exhaust ports, the cam timing is also going to face complete changes. Diavel is also going to be graced with new pistons that would ensure a better compression ratio than the previous versions and the fuel spraying is also going to be taken care of by installing new fuel injectors.The new engine has enhanced power and improved performance. You can expect a vigorous 162 Horse power from the new engine with 9250 RPM producing 130.5 Nm of torque at 8000 RPM. The new engine is paired up with a 6-speed transmission.Ducati has added Marzocchi forks to the Diavel along with monoblock Brembo ABS Brakes to calm the beast. The tires on the Diavel are as Legendary as the bike. The 120 mm front tyre and the 240-section rear tyre is built to handle you like a baby (made by Pirelli Diablo Rosso II) taking you closer to a safely handled prodigious ride.[caption id="attachment_875" align="aligncenter" width="275"]Ducati Diavel tyres Image Source:[/caption]The bar risers in Diavel are certainly a prominent upgrade, you might also be impressed by the TFT screen that has been smartly straddled upon the fuel tank which also features three different riding modes that the rider can choose from; The Sport mode, The Touring mode and the Urban mode that are pretty much self explanatory.  Other featured displays include side-stand warning light, LCD that displays speed, RPM etc.VERSIONS:The Ducati Diavel is going to be made available in two versions. You can choose between the standard Dark Stealth version which has a black theme embracing the entire bike or you could choose the Red Diavel Carbon version that has more offerings such as stainless steel silencers, carbon finish, and black wheels paired with red trellis frame. You can also opt for the Star White Carbon I. One of the accessory that would make you fall in love with the Diavel is the black ceramic coated header pipes which look marvelous, they help lowering about a third of  the surface temperature of the exhaust.
[caption id="attachment_878" align="aligncenter" width="639"]Termignoni silencers on Ducati Diavel Carbon Termignoni silencers on Ducati Diavel Carbon. Image Source:[/caption]As an option you might also upgrade your Diavel with Termignioni silencers. What else would one expect? Diavel costumed with carbon fiber finish and Marchesini forged aluminum wheels. Makes you want to spend valentines day with this 205 kg engineered critter.  The Diavel carbon embodies peculiar styling with a frolic soul that keeps the rider thrilled.Booking One: Who says you cannot own the Diavel? You can own the  Diavel Dark Stealth for $ 17,995 (Approx Rs. 11 lakhs +) or if you want to go into the extremes, you can get the 2015 Red/Star White Diavel Carbon which costs $ 20,995 (12.60 lakhs +) only 🙂Bottom Line:The 2015 Ducati Diavel has revolutionized the belief about cruiser bikes. "With great power comes greater competition". The Diavel 2015 is certain to contend with bikes such as the KTM 1290 Super Duke or the Honda Valkyrie.The Diavel 2015 certainly seems to have the Ducati DNA running in it. The design speaks of a legacy that comes from passionate motorcycling wrapped with a stunning design.If you are a Ducati fan, You wouldn't want to miss the Diavel.  Happy Riding!!!Visit the Ducati Website————————————————————————————————-Like this post?  Please share generously 🙂

VW Beetle and Mini Cooper – Are they really GIRLY Rides?

Every Car ever built has always rolled out with a unique persona. While some cars (or their drivers) made a very mean and muscular appearance, some looked like wheels with attitude while the other had a very small voice that was ruled by the middle classes. Seemingly enough came gender specific cars that were somehow considered a myth.

Let us mull over the myth to uncover the truth.

“Chick’s” no matter where you see them, on a two wheeler or a car. You might either keep your distance or follow them for obvious reasons. The “Chick Cars” blossomed up in the automobile industry with a gender label. Cars that looked cute and tiny were usually considered chick cars. However, the recent facts negate such erroneous statements. Let us look at two cars that have unfathomably created a Girly Status in the Automobile Market.VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE:THEN:It started off with not such a smooth beginning. Ideated by Adolt Hitler in 1924 (uncanny connection right?) While in prison, conceived the idea of giving German’s a relief from unemployment, which gave rise to a mass production of the people’s car (Volkswagen; that means peoples car in German) The idea of building a car started way back in 1933, was supposed to be designed for the average man. However, the problems had only begun, because till the year 1938, the car designs were not finalized. During 1939, post war, the rear engine, rear wheel drive, economy cars that could accommodate two adults and three kids that could hit a speed of 100 kmph with much regard to the costs (£86) came into existence. Initially the car was named Type I soon after which, the car was named “Beetle

[caption id="attachment_785" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]Adolf Hitler with His beetle. Adolf Hitler with His beetle. Image Source:[/caption]People disregarded the looks during the 1960-70’s. Beetle’s were very durable and considered very cheap (cost and service). It was during the 90’s when the beetle went feminine. The bug shaped car was the talk (well, gossip to be more girly and specific) of the entire girly community. The gender based cars were much more evident and the men developed taste for muscle, sporty and mean looking cars, leaving the frivolous beetle to the (then) other gender.It was generally noted that girls in various movies belonging to sororities had beetles and that might have been the reason behind the entire girly build-up.NOW:Males like sport cars and muscles that roar. Men generally like cars like the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Pagani etc.  The New Beetle’s had however, broken the perception chain that men had over the bug shaped car. With the Volkswagen group’s primary focus hooked onto sales and their eyes glued onto men, the 2012 beetle model looked sporty (unlike the previous cute and sexy girly version)
[caption id="attachment_794" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Volkswagen Beetle India Volkswagen Beetle India
Image Source:[/caption] Volkswagen’s strategy had completely changed, the ads were manly, and the looks of the car were masculine. Surprisingly, beetle had male buyers. Out of the total beetle sales since September 2011, the new (2012) beetle had a massive 49% masculine buyers list. Volkswagen was smart enough to understand the psychology of men. Masculinity was advertised through the turbocharged models (men drool over turbo charged models)THE CAR:Stretching 168.4 inches in length and 71.2 inches in width, the New Beetle (2012) had its engine adopted from small cars such as the VW Golf. The vehicle had a powerful engine (170 horse power) than most of the cars, delivered 177Nm torque. There were optional variants introduced too, there were turbo charged models like; the 2 liter turbocharged, 4 cylinder model that had 200 hp and delivered 207 Nm torque whereas the 2 liter turbo-diesel model that came in later as yet another option had 140 hp and delivered 236 Nm torque.
[caption id="attachment_786" align="aligncenter" width="1035"]Evolution of Beetle Evolution of Beetle
Image Source:[/caption]WHEN THE BUG BECAME DESI:Although Volkswagen stated that its New Beetle model would stick onto the base on which these cars were built. “Remain affordable to a large portion of the population”. India somehow remained indifferent to this fact.Most of the Indian sport car lovers would stop whatever they do for a while just to witness a sports car roar by. The Volkswagen beetle was treated in the same manner. Well, who wouldn’t stare at this exorbitantly priced bug right?.
[caption id="attachment_788" align="aligncenter" width="800"]India Welcomes VW Beetle. Image Source India Welcomes VW Beetle
Image Source:[/caption]The Volkswagen Beetle, India starts at Rs. 21.23 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Price Delhi) No matter who drives the beetle (man or woman) the bug is certain to gain attention over the bumpy Indian roads.A “MINI”CONTENDER:THEN:Termed as one of the most iconic vehicles of the 1960’s belonging to a racing car origin, Mini Cooper was taken over by BMW (Bayerische Motor Works) and re-launched in the year 2000, by rolling out 2 variants; the Cooper and the Cooper S.The Mini Cooper was originally developed by the British Motor Company (BMC) and designed by Sir Alex Issigonis in the 1950’5. Fuel crisis was reaching an all time high and the demand for fuel-efficient cars was soaring up. Hence, the mini came into action. The mini was developed as a two door, 4-cylinder engine car. Mini or otherwise known as Mark I was associated with other prevailing brands such as Morris Minor and Austin. 1960 proved to be a fruitful year for Mini, which launched a new member in the mini family, the Mini II, that featured a new grille and classier looks.
[caption id="attachment_789" align="aligncenter" width="433"]Old Mini Old Mini
Image Source:[/caption]It was later that John Cooper of the Cooper Car Company, who put the potential of the Mini’s at best use. Hence, the motor sports versions namely; Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S were launched in 1961 and 1963 respectively. These racing machines sported 848 and 1071 cc engines respectively. The mini’s kept their cool ever since and were considered sporty.The popular movie Ïtalian Job” relied on Mini Coopers to successfully pull off a heist, creating a special place in the minds of men.It was during the 1980’s when the brand license was sold to Spanish and Italian Car manufacturers. This resulted in newer and better-looking models. Soon after, Rover Group (currently under TATA) owned the rights of Mini, sold them off to the German manufacturer popularly known as BMW. Ever since, the mini has been a mini part of BMW Group. 
[caption id="attachment_790" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Old & New mini Cooper Old & New Mini
Image Source:[/caption]NOW:The mini looks a tad better than the beetle. Although even the mini is labeled a girly car, it had a reputation of being a sports car and the racing DNA still exists. Currently Mini has many variants of the hatchback available in various countries. In fact, even special edition classic cooper and cooper sports cars were rolled out. The mini still holds a retro chick design, which may or may not be desirable by a few men.
[caption id="attachment_791" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Mini Cooper India Mini Cooper India
Image Source: www.[/caption]The engine of the cooper has undergone a major overhaul, running on a Toyota diesel engine and bringing out new variants such as the convertibles and hatch models have expanded horizons for Mini.THE CAR:The car might seem mini and chick friendly, with all the girly colored cars seen on roads and seen on the Internet. However, a look under the hood would change your perspective. Although, being considered chick friendly, the driving experience is more towards the fun loving side over the racing and drifting kind. The mini has push interiors and a cool look, to top it all up the mini is safe (Youtube has various lady driver videos; if you know what I mean J) with 6 ABS airbags and a Brake Assist, safety is ensured (phew)The Cooper S is a sporting hit that comes with a 1.6- liter four cylinder engine that has been turbo charged proudly boasting its 184 BHP high performance engine that produces 240 Nm torque. The racing machine can cover 0-100 in 6.8 seconds*. However, the manual transmission models aren’t available in India.WHEN MINI WENT MAXI:The Mini carries a cute and girly image. However, this ride just like the Volkswagen Beetle; comes at a hefty price tag too. With a starting range of Rs. 23.70 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi), the Mini (available and priced according to variants in India) goes as heavy as 36.50 Lakhs on your pocket or purse.BOTTOM LINE:
[caption id="attachment_792" align="aligncenter" width="898"]Mini & Beetle Mini & Beetle
Image Source:[/caption]Beetle Commercial: Mini Commercial: For a price ranging from 23- 36.50 lakhs + margin, it doesn’t really matter if you are a man or a woman. The price certainly removes the gender bias. These cars certainly managed to create awe in the Indian market through their looks. However, both the companies need to reconsider the pricing 🙂Bottom Line: Although the looks and the general belief might have deceived you, The Volkswagen Beetle and the Mini Cooper aren’t girly cars. They are powerful machines that come in small packages.Visit the Volkswagen Website: the Mini Website: